In West Virginia

updated Feb/2010

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Athens - Concord College - Reports of horrible nightmares, apparitions, feelings for a mischievous presence.

Barboursville - Swan Cemetery - feelings of not being alone and anomalies showing up on film.

Beckley - Beckley Junior High - It use to be a Hospital during the Civil War. There was a young woman named Hannah who worked as a nurse. There were some slaves one day that were locked up in the room. Then Hannah was killed. She moans and you can hear footsteps up and down the halls.

Beckley - Raliegh - Soldiers Memorial Theatre - There are concerts held at this location and if you go wondering off where you're not supposed to then you will see something like a silhouette of a person following you.  This building has once been a Y.M.C.A. and is now a Art Centre.  It is said to be people from the old Y.M.C.A.

Bluefield - Bluefield State College - Mahood Hall-A young girl is known to haunt the old hallways and basement of the hall.

Bluefield - Wade elementary school - Different sightings has been reported about seeing children running down the halls although this school has been closed down quite some time now. There has been a few people killed at Wade including a women getting decapitated and three kids falling over dead for no apparent reason

Bluewell - Woodlawn cemetery - there are several ghosts in this graveyard me and my friends have seen them they will tell you to leave its the old part not the new.

Buckhannon - Macedonia Road - When you go under a train bridge in a very sharp turn. It is very dark there & gives off a very weird vibe. Many people have died in that turn because you cannot see the turn until you are in it. A ghost is seen there in the road, which looks like a thin strip of fog, but there is no other fog anywhere in the area.

Ceredo - Ransdell House - Haunted by Civil War slaves and soldiers. This house was used as a stop on the Underground Railroad. You can hear chains rattling at night and can hear soldiers talking. Doors close by themselves and light go on and off.

Chapmanville - Chapmanville High School - In the band room office of Chapmanville High the ceiling has always leaked.  Maintenance workers have replaced ceiling tiles, pipes, and repeatedly checked the roof above for leaks, but the ceiling continues to leak.  PVC pipes have replaced metal piping, yet the water leaking is a reddish hue.  Stories have been told that previous to the school's construction, the bottom which it occupies was a swampy area, and it has been said that a murder occurred there on the spot that is now the office of the band room. 

Charleston - Capital High School Theater - The theater of Capital High School is haunted by an unknown specter. Students and faculty alike have reported feeling a "presence", often while working late to prepare for school productions.  If you are quite, you can hear footsteps walking across the stage leading into the workshop. The most common haunting is the mysterious dimming of lights, even when the sound booth is locked and no one is in there.  No one knows for sure who or what haunts the theater; however, many have claimed that they do not feel threatened by the occurrences.

Charleston - Capitol Plaza Theatre - This theatre was built in 1909 on the site of the old Welch Mansion that had stood there since 1798. The theatre still houses some of the family that once lived in the mansion. Capital Plaza is now a venue for artists such as Tori Amos, R.E.M., and other well-known musicians. The former theatre where "Mountain Stage" was recorded, is a place that gives people chills when they enter the area. The most prolific ghost here is that of John Welch. He was the son of the man who built the house and heir to the Welch fortune. John is very sneaky and likes to play around with peoples' minds. He is quite protective of the place and of the actors who frequent the stage. Another ghost, not quite as active, is known as Molly Welch. She was John's youngest daughter who died of pneumonia in 1840 around the age of eight. She is very shy, but sometimes when an actor is standing on stage, she can be seen sitting in the front row of the balcony.

Charleston - Charleston Train Depot and Carriage Trail - On the bank of the Kanawaha River, at the train depot, just at the bottom of the exclusive South Hills mountain drive, the Charleston Train Depot rivals any 19th century European Town Center. At the depot, flanked by the river on one side and a winding suburban mountain road also exists a carriage trail which led, in days gone by, to the Governors Mansion. The depot has a restaurant and a scenic view. The old carriage trail is barely noticeable from the train platform, but driving up the hill on the right side of the forked road motorists can see a clear wide carriage road leading to what is now Sunrise Museum. Vagrants and homeless people are said to spend some nights near the bottom of the trail waiting for a train to hop, and high school students sometimes wander the trail at the top of the trail behind the museum. No one ventures past the desecrated statue of a Our Lady. A dark spot exists in summer and winter at the second curve from the top of the trail (or the third from the bottom). West Virginia was fiercely abolitionist during the Civil War and the state seceded from Virginia because the mountain men and their Indian Wives did not believe in slavery. The Underground Railroad ran through the exclusive South

Charleston - University of Charleston - Dickinson Hall - Students have reported strange sounds, sightings, and feelings of uneasiness **Has recently been torn down.

Charleston - University of Charleston - Geary Student Union - Feelings of not being alone strange noises and shadows.

Charleston - University of Charleston - Riggleman Hall - Feelings of not being alone strange noises and shadows.

Dallas Pike - Citgo - Workers claim to have seen black shadows on the cameras, gas pumps going off without the handle being lifted, and a dot that dances around on the outside camera.

Elkins - Davis & Elkins College - Graceland House - Also known as Graceland-Halliehurst Mansion, local legends said the main haunt was a slave who was beaten to death an buried in the basement. (Which was and probably still is a dirt floor)Noises, feelings of being watched and followed. this house is so haunted that a local prom was shut down.

Elkins - Davis & Elkins College - Halliehurst Hall - Sounds Daughter of the late Stephen Benton Elkins is seen in her bedroom on the second floor which hosts the Admissions Office.  During nights when students visit, Hallie would sneak up on these students, and run up and down the stairs.  Reports have been told by counselors as well as security.

Ellenborro - Ritchie County Middle / High School around 1997-1998. - A teacher and her 2nd period class heard knocking and voices in the walls they thought it was odd because nobody was on either side of the walls, it was all 4 walls at one time, and way too loud to be another class.

Fairmont - Vinegar Hill - every 13 years on Halloween you can here two boys screaming and hear a vinegar barrel hitting the lake and the first person they see they haunt for 13 years.

Falling Waters - The Old Mill - Lights have been seen in the second and third floor windows even though the floors have long since rotted away.

Fayette County - Babcock State Park - A woman murdered in the park by her preacher husband haunts the location.

Fayette County - Plum Orchard Lake - beech bottom lady walks through late at night in search of her husband.

Glenville - Glenville State College - Clark Hall and Louis Bennett Hall - a ghost by the name of "Sis Lynn" is known to walk the halls and even visit some residents in Louis Bennett Hall. She also has been seen walking across the grounds between Clark Hall and LBH. Sis Lynn's grave is located less than 30 yards behind LBH. Glenville State College Experience

Glenville - Glenville State College - Pickens Hall - noises such as furniture moving about, balls being dropped, and marbles rolling around are heard on the ceilings in all of the dorm rooms, these noises occur whether someone is living in the room above or not. Dark shadow figures are seen walking through the main lobby.

Greenbottom - General Jenkins House - Home of Confederate General Albert G. Jenkins, State run and open to the public. Hauntings common throughout the house, including sightings of figures and swirling gray mist, feelings of not being alone or of being watched, loud footsteps, depressions as if a body was lying on unused furniture and possibly related encounters near grounds. Multiple witnesses, numbering in the dozens.

Greenbrier County - Gravesite of Zona Heaster Shue - the ghost of Zona Heaster Shue appeared to her mother about two weeks afer her death to show her the truth of her untimely death. Zona's husband was abusive and had pushed her down the stairs in a fit of rage. He told authorities that she had just fallen. However, Zona's mother never trusted her son-in-law and didn't believe his story, so she prayed that Zona would return to her and enlighten her with the truth. Zona heeded her mother's request and showed her mother what had really happened, and this manifestation brought about the arrest and conviction of the husband.

Hamlin - Isaac - Slone Cemetery - There is the presence of a strange woman. She comes up behind you and blows on your ears. Sometimes she will even whisper a request. There are also two babies named Faith and Hope. You can hear giggling and crying. Sometimes, they can even be seen.

Harper's Ferry - Hilltop Hotel - Apparitions of soldiers marching through rooms.

Harper's Ferry - Railroad - In the 1800's, a 9 year-old girl was hit and killed by a train while playing on the tracks. Apparently she got lost while wandering in the woods. Her ghost has been seen by residents that live near the railroad tracks, as the girl, clothed in a white dress, still searches for her home.

Harper's Ferry - St. Peters Catholic Church - Many people have seen the priest standing outside of the church, and several people have heard the screams of the wounded soldiers.

Harper's Ferry - the town - Home to several ghosts. Many are linked to the Civil War, but there are many that are just towns people returning home.

Harrison - Meadowbrook - Apparition of 3 men crossing the road in robes the front one was carrying a torch the other 2 had their arms in their robes. 

Harts - Piney Bottom - Piney Bottom is the location for numerous sightings of a headless man dressed in black walking the area. One account happened many years ago. At the first creek crossing there used to be a thing that jumped on the back of horses as people rode threw. It would ride with the unlucky traveler until the horse reached the other creek crossing. It would then jump off the horse.

Harts - Spry Cemetery at Dry Branch Hollow/Lambert - A woman by the name of Dixie V. Counts is buried in this cemetery beside her still born infant. The baby’s name is Charlie and he died along with his mother during labor. On a full moon, the dates of their death can be clearly seen and Dixie can be seen rocking her baby. The both of them appear in white gowns and seem to be crying. There is also a legend about the devil appearing to a man on the foot bridge of this cemetery during the 1950’s. The devil challenged the man to a fight because he was mean to his family and neighbors. The man had even claimed just the day before that he was mean enough to whip the devil himself. When he said to the devil, "Come over here to the road, and I will fight you," the devil replied, "You know who I am and I cannot cross running water." With wicked laughter, he disappeared. The next day, a boy was walking with the man who had been challenged by the devil. He went to the bridge and found cloven goat hoof prints branded into the wood of the bridge.

Hinton - Irish Mountain Catholic Church - A cold presence was witnessed to pass over in a mist and seem to sit in a pew near them.

Hodgesville - Hacker's Creek Hill - At the top of the hill you can see the old road to the Mount Lebanon Church. On late nights, if you sit near the top of the hill, you can see the ghost of a boy who was killed in the 1920's. His spirit seems to be pedaling his bicycle uphill, trying to get home. You can see him in his dark blue coat, and can hear the clank and rattle of his bicycle chain. Near the bottom of the hill, on stormy nights, you can see the ghost of a man and his wife on an old horse cart. They were believed to be bringing supplies home during a thunderstorm. The cart rolled however, killing them both.

Huntington - At the bottom of 5th Street Hill - a couple was in a wreck on prom night. The girl can be seen standing near the bridge in her prom dress as if waiting for a ride.

Huntington - Colonial Lanes - women's voice heard whispering.

Huntington - Keith Albee theater - an over whelming since of a presence on the stairway to the ladies room. As soon as you enter the stairway, you can feel it's presence. It follows you to the powder room, but it leaves you as you enter the stalls. This presence is suspicious, you will feel her!

Huntington - River Park Hospital - The ghost of a nurse, seemingly still going about her duties, has been seen for many years by the living staff of this one-time crippled children’s hospital.

Iaeger - Sandy Huff Hollow Road - There are several hauntings and ghosts in this hollow. One, in particular, is the strange appearance of an extremely large "doglike" creature that many of the hunters and ATV riders in the area have seen. Chickens, cats, and other dogs always turn up missing from their homes. Some say that they have seen the creature more than once and have also seen the creature stand up on two legs and run off into the woods. Some hunters say that they have been stalked by the creature while hunting. One lady explained that she noticed the creature outside her mobile home. Once the creature noticed her looking, it made its way to the window. The lady quickly ran through the home locking doors and turning off lights. She said that the "thing" banged and scratched on her home all night.

Jane Lew - In between Clarksburg, and Jane Lew - an apparition of a teenage boy dressed in black has been seen crossing the highway. Rumor is this boy committed suicide, by stepping out on the road in front of an eighteen wheeler. He is spotted any time during the evening, and will stand in the middle of the lane until you drive by. He stares at you with a helpless look on his face. Rumors are to be said that he was abused by his father.

Kingwood - West Point - There is an old graveyard that dates back at least one hundred years. Apparitions of a little girl have been reported.

LeSage - Green Bottom cemetery - heavy fog and clod spots have been encountered.

Lewisburg - Lewisburg courthouse - This court house has stood for many years, the court house and once town jail are linked together. Many people from murderers, to rapists, were tried in this place and sentenced to life. at night time you can hear horrifying moans coming from inside and out side of the court house. On one occasion there was a report of two teenagers that got chased down the street by a man with a knife. They said it was real misty looking but you could still make out that it was a man with a knife.

Logan - 22 Mine Road - The ghost of Mame Thurman, a lady killed on June 22,1932 by a still unknown killer, has been seen walking the woods where she was killed. Mamie Thurman

Logan County - 1915 Abandoned Mine - A Once Profitable Mine located on a Mountainside in a small community known as Ethel. Eerie presences are known to be seen near the Mine opening. Footsteps could clearly be heard echoing from deep within the cavern. A small light waving from within it's depths slowly passing back and forth.

Mannington - The withces grave on highland - They say a long time ago there was a witch and a warlock buried in the church cemetery and the tombs are turned upside down.  They say if you go up there late at night you will see glowing in the woods and here strange noises.  Many sightings of the witches have been seen.

Marshall County - State Penitentiary - This facility was once one of the most violent jails that ever existed. It was condemned and shut down in 1995, and now claims to be the most paranormal site on the East Coast. This place is haunted by former inmates, and in this place you can see lights going off, and sometimes you can hear laughing, and as well as iron doors shutting, by themselves. Witnesses have reported hearing footsteps walking up stairs in areas without stairs, the appearance of mysterious formations, and many other horrifying experiences. The spirits are believed to be those of past prisoners.

Mason County - Point Pleasant - Boys Industrial School at Lakin - It is a an old rather large house. It has 3 floors, you can feel something as soon as you enter. It has many cold spots. The feeling of not being alone. A heavy smell of smoke & death as you enter the second floor & noises as if someone is following you up and down the stairs. At times you can see a patch of a bluish fog around the place. You can hear footsteps on the second and third floors. Doors slamming with no explanation and even being touch by something. You always have the feeling of something is watching you.

Mason County - Point Pleasant - Lakin State Hospital - Believed to be haunted. - January 2007 Update: it has been torn down- We are, however still interested in the hauntings that happened. Please email Haunted Places with any information.

Mason County - Point Pleasant - T.N.T. area - Called T.N.T. area because the U.S. military used to make explosives there during World War II. There are over 100 igloos in the area, where they stored the T.N.T. This is the place where sightings of the Mothman have occurred. The first sighting was here at the old North Power Plant, now destroyed back in 1995.

Mason County - The Plumly Mansion - There was a woman in a white dress that got thrown in the well by her husband. Now she haunts the place. There was also a black guy who hung himself in the closet upstairs. If you go in the basement you can see blood on the walls you can also get lost down there. If you go in there at night you will hear the woman screaming and you will hear the black guy upstairs hang himself. Also the porch light is always on welcoming people but the place is abandoned with no electrical power.

Mcdowell County - Yukon#2 - Used to be an old coal mines here. now ghost haunt the place every night.

Milton - Mountaineer Opry House - When your on stage you can some times hear strange things and some times music "banjo" from the rehearsal room even when no ones there.

Monongalia County - West Run Road - Cemetery and woods are believed to be haunted. If you travel the road late at night you will notice that the hundred crosses sitting on the hill are illuminated and eerie. In fact, local witches have their Sabbaths up on this hill on their holy days.

Montgomery - Ratliff Hall - Various spiritual encounters have occurred in this all girls facility. On the new side of the dorm, especially the 2nd floor, noises of footsteps can be heard following you late at night. Curtains will blow and doors will slam shut -- and the windows aren't even open. One evening the power went out and a resident (for a split second) saw a fireman standing in the hallway. In the year 2000, the 2nd floor of Ratliff caught on fire.

Morgantown - West Virginia University - Beta Theta Pi - Beta Psi Chapter - Residents of the fraternity have reported clanging of chains in a lower room of the house. It was believed to be the ghost of the late butler of the house in the 1940s .And now it is believed to be that it was an old homeless person they let live in the basement of the house in the 80’s being in the room where they hear it and the little hallway the guy hung himself at.

Morgantown - West Virginia University - library - On the 10th floor of the old section of the library one gets the distinct feeling of being watched also the elevator opens and people are heard entering and exiting without being seen.  The side desk areas also seem to be heavily occupied as writing can be heard from empty desks.  Apparitions have also been seen.  In the new section one gets the same sensations occasionally as if coming from the older building. 

Morgantown - Cheat Lake - In the early 1970's, two college students were hitchhiking for a ride back to their dorms on Evansdale Campus. Apparently, they were picked up in the downtown area and not found again for months. Their decapitated bodies were later discovered near the lake, but the heads were no where to be found. The murderer and the case still remain a mystery today. It is believed however, that the two girls roam the woods near the lake, searching for their heads. Many car accidents have been reported on Route 857 North because of blurry apparitions of two girls running back and forth through the woods, distracting late night traffic.

Morgantown - E. Moore Hall - Elizabeth Moore for which the building has been dedicated too has been spotted "floating" over the pool in the basement.  Also a picture of her has been known to appear in various places of the building without anyone moving it.

Morgantown - Morgantown Public Library - The public library employees have reported a ghost. Especially when working late in the evening.

North Bend State Park - Tunnel 19 - One of several old train tunnels that runs through North End. It is said that during one of the world wars, a woman was on her way to be married, dressed in her wedding gown. She fell off the platform as a train was coming and was killed. As you approach the entrance of the tunnel, there is a very distinct drop in temperature and gusts of wind. EFS reads 'Danger' as you reach the middle of the tunnel, and wind often tends to pick up. Also, throughout the tunnel, the small archways on either side appear to be illuminated, even when all flashlights, etc. are removed from their surface.

Panther/Iaeger - Bullcreek/Long Pole - There was an old woman seen killing her husband on the side of the road...late at night you can drive by the road and see her with blood all over her body....and if you catch her at jus the right time she'll start screaming at you and running after you!! BEWARE!!

Parkersburg - The Blenner Hassett Island - The legend has it that there were 3 men camping on the island. It was about two in the morning when on of the men woke up to the smell of perfume. He woke up the other two men smelling to same smell. They looked around and didn't see anything. They looked to their left one more time and saw Margett Blennerhasset with her infant that was buried on the island as were her other 6 year old daughter. The legend says that at night Margett and her kids walk the island.

Parkersburg - Blennerhasset Hotel - The legs of a young man is said to run around the hotel and also there are tales of a young woman playing the piano and the strong smell of cigar smoke in a certain room.

Parkersburg - DeSales Heights School - Has since be torn down - Next to the Stonewall Jackson site. It is an abandoned catholic school. Many legends and ghost sites there. Has flashing lights and people walking the halls. Legend has it a young boy stole a gold cross from the priest then the boy died soon after. The cross is supposed to still be there. Also many nuns died there and are buried beneath the school in stoned-up walls. Anyone who goes there, DO NOT GO ALONE at night. It is the scariest site you will ever visit.

Parkersburg - St. Josephs Hospital - In the 4-South section of the hospital there has been reports of a ghost on the night shift. Mostly just trash cans being turned over(the most common report) but once or twice a month there may be a scream coming from one of the rooms.

Parkersburg - Marrtown - One mile south of Parkersburg, is a small farming community called Marrtown that was settled by Scottish Immigrants in the mid 1800s. They came from an area of Scotland that believed in many supernatural creatures, including witches, ghosts, elves, fairies and not the least of them, the Banshee. The Banshee is an Irish/Scottish death fairy who attaches herself to Scottish and Irish clans. She sometimes rides a white horse and hangs out at waterways washing out the grave clothes of her dead. She is dressed in a death shroud and other tattered rag and her eyes are blood red from crying for her Scottish dead. Thomas and Mary Marr survived the Civil War, but they lost a lot of property. Thomas went to work on the toll bridge in Parkersburg that went over the little Kanawha River. He would always see a figure on a white horse whenever he came home very early in the morning. On February 5th, 1873, Mary awakened with a feeling of dread. She got up and look out the window and saw someone very old riding a white horse who was coming up to her front stoop. She went outside and saw it was an old woman whose eyes had an eerie glow. Finally, the old woman screamed, "Mary Marr, Thomas Marr has just died. Say your prayers, Lady. I bid you will." Woman and horse instantly disappeared. Within the hour, a man who worked with Thomas came to deliver the dreaded news. In fact, Thomas Marr did die -- he died in the icy waters of the little Kanawha River. Some say it was an assailants bullet that brought him down, Others say it was the keening cry of his Scottish Banshee that wailed and startled him into falling and meeting his death in the river below. Many still claim the Scottish Banshee still rides her horse on clear night and she still brings death to those of Irish or Scottish blood. Even to this day, the Marr family is still visited by the Banshee's presence. It would be wise to stay away from Marrtown on cold, lonely, moonless nights.

Pax - Train Tracks - If you walk from Weirwood to the Pax City Hall at night a orb starts to follow you. After that when you start running it gets in front of you and is in front of you until you reach the bridge. Then it turns into a man (this man is headless). It is believed to be a man that got his head cut off from the train. He follows you until you get to the bridge. Then he jumps off to the stream below and splashes mud and water on you. Several people have witnessed this.

Petersburg - Van Meter's Farm - the headless ghost of Van Meter searches for his lost head.

Philippi - Hanging rock - In a little 1920's church along the road was a preacher who killed himself after killing his obessive mother. He killed his self with a cross given to him by his mother. Some see him roaming the church in his black overgown. Staring out the window like he is waiting for someone to come to his ceromony...

Philippi - Stewart's Run Rd. Cemetery - People have seen a "woman" standing on Stewart's Run Rd., pointing at them, they don't have time to stop the car & end up running through her, at which time she disappears. If you go in the cemetery gates at night, it feels like you are being touched all over by something, like you are packed into a room with a bunch of people. Very creepy feeling.

Pineville - Pineville grade school - It is said that a janitor got stuck in the boiler room of the school and he got burned alive now he haunts it at nights. When someone goes by the boiler room at night you can sometimes here him screaming for help.

Pocahontas County - Droop Mountain Battlefield - In the battlefield is a replica cannon of the ones they used in battle. On certain nights, sitting on the barrel of the cannon, is a soldier smoking a cigarette.

Point Pleasant - Former munitions dump - A monster or demon known as "the Bird-Man" or "the Moth-Man" has been spotted at various times by numerous people in this small town, usually in the vicinity of a former TNT dump along the Ohio River, once maintained by the federal government.  It has also been seen along roads around Point Pleasant.  It is described as a man with large wings; some witnesses have also said that it had horns and a tail, and big vicious teeth.  Strangely, it is usually sighted several times in rapid succession, then followed by some sort of catastrophe.  For example, it was sighted before devastating floods, and before the collapse of a traffic-laden bridge crossing the Ohio River.  Some say the creature is the manifestation of a curse placed on the town by a Native American chief who was tortured to death in Point Pleasant by British troops during the French and Indian War.

Preston - Newburg - Damon Cemetery - Well this has been in our families history for quite some time now. It appears that a woman dressed in white goes roaming around the cemetery.

Raleigh County - Beckley - Beckly Courthouse - There is believed to be a mysterious women in red, she supposedly appears in the jurors room most often.

Raleigh County - Besoco - Old Stoco Jr. High - Voices, footsteps, echoes, and people moving can be heard when walking through this school. Strange writings have appeared on the walls of witchcraft and unexplainable things. Unairing sense of eyes upon you wherever you go. Something paranormal is definitely happening there. Rumor has it one night during a game, someone pushed a boy who played basketball into the bleachers and he cracked his head open and died on the way to the hospital. You could still hear sounds of screeching tennis shoes on the gym floor, and you could hear him dribbling his ball down the court.

Randolph County - Mingo - Mingo Cemetery - about 8 years ago 2 witnesses were in the cemetery and very busy recording the graves and felt like somebody was watching them. They finished and started to have a conversation saying, "I thought I saw and heard kids playing in the cemetery". And said she thought she seen them dressed in old-fashioned clothing, 1800s. They tried some of the locals about this area and nobody wants to talk about it.

Ripley - Grasslick Road (Site of P Fost-Greene Murders) - Witnesses report hearing children’s screams, and sometimes late in the evening, you can see a small girl running through the field.

Riverton - Seneca Caverns - Tour guides and tourists have reported seeing small balls of light bounce along the floor and walls of the caverns. If the balls are approached, they move away. Also, a "ghost tour" sometimes follows unsuspecting individuals through the cave. Other strange things, such as doors slamming as tours approach, and lights flickering off and on are regular happenings.

Shrewsbury - Michigan Ave. near Ferry Lane - About 80 years ago, there was a rowdy dance hall along Michigan Avenue in Shrewsbury.  There is nothing left of the building; in fact, there is no indication that the dance hall ever existed.  However, residents of this coal town have reportedly heard the sounds of a dance hall (music, laughter, etc.) when walking along the avenue at night

Summers Co - Lowell - Old Railroad walk bridge - If you walk across the bridge at night you can here someone walking behind you. People have also reported seeing a foggy woman walking toward you. Orbs sometimes appear out of nowhere and follow you. You can here people talking sometimes.

Romney - Peterkin Religious Retreat - Gravity Hall - Back in the early 70's, a black preacher died of a heart attack in his room while getting up to use the bathroom. His wife didn't discover this until the morning. Ever since then, the piano upstairs plays music. As soon as you open the door to walk up the stairway, you can hear the stairs creaking as he comes down to greet you. When you walk up the stairs, you can hear him following you. You can hear talking behind several of the closed doors. Cold spots can be felt. Doors sometimes open and shut. You can feel his presence behind you as he watches you go about your business. (My mom used to work here, cleaning the rooms after guests stayed there. He would sometimes follow her, watch her, and sometimes play the piano while she was there.) Guests have reported odd happenings, but they do not fear him. If you ask him nicely to leave you alone, he will go about his business.

Salem - Clarksburg - RT. 50 - On foggy full moon nights, a woman is seen walking along Rt. 50 in a red hooded coat, the hood over her head. If you pull over to offer assistance, she will come to your window, however she has no face.

Salem - Clarksburg - Flinderation Tunnel - There was a train-wreck in Flinderation Rail-Road tunnel because some men were doing some work on the railroad and did not realize a train was coming, especially not as fast as it was. One of the men could not get into one of the cubbyholes in time, and the train caught him, causing it to derail. The railroad through this tunnel was shut down because people could hear train whistles and see the lights of an invisible train coming towards them. Then, the KKK also took victims there to do lynching and such. This tunnel has a lot of hidden history. Today, it is part of the Rail-Trail, but the train whistle can still be heard along with other various sounds: screaming, metal scraping on metal, sobbing.

Shepherdstown - Shepherd College - Gardiner Hall - a Home Coming Queen who slipped in the shower and died from a head wound. She usually walks across the football field at midnight on the anniversary of her death, but she has been seen in the third floor bathroom where she fell. - March 2007 Update/Correction: The homecoming queen who is said to haunt the area did not slip in the shower. It happened in 1961 and she fell from a balance beam during gym. The doctor examined her, said she was fine and she returned to the dorm. Consequently, she died in her sleep from an undiagnosed head injury. At one time, there was a plaque in the old gym, dedicated to her.

Shepherdstown - Shepherd College - Kenamond Hall - A ghost of a small boy messes with TV and electronic equipment. A ghost named George has been heard and seen in the basement of this building. Legend has it that he fell and hit one of the boulders that the building was built on during construction of the structure.

Shepherdstown - Shepherd College - Miller Hall -was a Civil War hospital and many civil war ghosts are seen, also a nursing student who was supposedly failing, hung herself in the attic (which is now locked), the staff says the attic was kept locked because the college was afraid that the students would hurt themselves on loose floorboards and/or damage the area, and as a fire problem since students would go up there and smoke. - March 2007 Update/Correction: Miller Hall was NEVER a Civil War hospital. This dorm was built in 1915. It was always a dormitory. Up to 1915, female students boarded with local residents and males lived at Ramsey Hall ( now under it's original name, The Entler Hotel.) The Entler was used as a Civil War hospital and is now a museum. A girl was indeed found hanged in the attic of Miller Hall in the early 1950s.

Shepherdstown - Shepherd College - Shaw Hall - Located behind Miller Hall. Behind Shaw Hall (and another dorm next to it) is the 'new' baseball field. Rumor has it there was a small cemetery there that ran along the edge of the school property and houses that back to it. There is a woman in a long white nightgown with long, curly red hair that stands at the windows at the ends of the dorm floors.... in both buildings. She just stands there, if you try to get close, she will disappear. No one knows who she is or why she would be in either dorm. The rumor was that she was buried in that cemetery and there were no sightings of her until the baseball field or both dorms were built. Somehow the construction disturbed her, for whatever reason.

Spencer - state hospital - In the lower level of the hospital, the mental ward, you can see figures walking, hear moaning, and chains rattling, and some even say you can feel the pain of all the dead when you are in the rooms. It is said that the doctors buried the patients in the dirt floor, and kept using the rooms, and when you enter the rooms, you can feel people breathing on your neck

Sistersville - The Wells Inn - Guests and staff report the sounds of writing in his former 2nd floor office and apartment, footsteps down the halls and through its obscure passages, occasionally a door that opens or closes, and a chill presence.

Roane County - Mountains near Spencer - Two experienced hunters have claimed to have encountered a strange beast in the mountains around Spencer, W.Va.  On a winter hunting/camping excursion, they were awakened one night when the beast wandered down the hillside and into their camp, making a blood-curdling, demonic growl.  While debating as to who would go to get a gun out of their truck, the beast moved on into the night unseen.  Tracking at daybreak, they followed the beast's path through the brush, but soon lost the trail.  They estimated by its tracks and the trail it left that it was very large and probably walked on two feet.  Many who heard the tale believed it to be untrue, until another person encountered the beast nearly 20 years later in the mountains just south of the hunters' camp.

Summersville - Foodlion - A young girl known as Sally to the many that have seen her haunts the Foodlion in Summersville .She is a young girl around the age of 8, that knocks stuff off the shelves and then returns them to there original spot. However, when Sally gets upset she is said to pick up wooden crates and smash them to the ground. After, months of research the management was told by the former owners that Sally was buried underneath the store’s location.

Talcott - Big Bend Tunnel - the ghost of John Henry haunts this tunnel where he died finishing it's construction.

Valley Grove - On National Road, by the PA border. People have heard blasts like that of cannons in the woods near the road.

Wadestown - Gobblers Knob - there is a very old graveyard in an old hollow known as Gobblers Knob. A man in the back corner of the yard in a heavy blue coat with a rifle. When the man is talked to he disappears.

Weston - Weston Lunatic Asylum - Description of Haunting: Closed in 1997.In the Civil War Wing you can hear police sirens, even thought there’s no cop’s inn the building.

Wheeling - Capitol Music Hall - The Capitol Music Hall, dtwn Wheeling has been around abt a century. I began as a movie theater. There is said to be ghost coffins in the beatiful building. Ghosts are said to haunt the theater at night, when it is pitch black. Someday, at early morning, the bldg. will probably be gone. Just remember to BEWARE!!!

Wheeling - Tunnel Green - Old train tunnel, that is said to be haunted by a man from the early 1900's who was killed by a train. Also said to be built underneath a cemetery so the corpses can ooze "slime" into the tunnel. Even in broad daylight, the tunnel is pitch black.

Wheeling - Old Fire Department - The old fire department is rented out. If your ever in there you can feel someone tap you on the shoulder, doors being shut, people walking across the floor and the sound of someone on a respirator.

White Sulphur Springs - Kates Mountain - this is the place were witnesses have encountered several unidentified lights ,and heard lots of noise on one occasion heard what sounded like an army marching, it lasted for about ten minutes and then grew faint. Reports of weird lights that hover in the sky and then shoot out of site. Also reports of a foggy looking human or animal like a panther.

Wildcat - Cleveland Wildcat Road - This area was owned by a wealthy lady from the early 1920's until the late 1980's.  She lived there her whole life.  When she passed on, her ashes were buried beside a cabin on the mountainside.  People have said that they have seen her walking the dirt road wearing a hat and long summer dress.

Wood - Parkersburg - Riverview Cemetery - A spiritually active graveyard whose first burial was in 1801, there are a number of haunts that go on, including spirits around the Weeping Woman statue that pulls hair, unbuttons clothes, unzips pants and sometimes trip, however this ghost will help grant wishes if your desires positive and sincere. Ghost orbs and other anomalies are photographed in Riverview routinely. Sometimes a woman is heard talking, she will often call your name. The ghost of a sea captain is seen crouching over his grave, wearing a formal black coat.

Wyoming County - Bud - Bud Mountain - at the bottom of the mountain on a full moon night just as you start up the first steep hill you can hear old man Burg Hammon playing his fiddle. a lot of years ago Burg Hammon was a peddler of different things mostly musical instruments. it was said that his horse and buggy went over the mountain there and killed him. all you have  to do is say BURG HAMMON let us hear your pretty music, and he will play for you.


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