I don't like sharing my House

By: piccadilly_crazy@yahoo.com

I need start with a rather lame beginning by saying
that, of course, I've never done something like this
before.  I've never had a paranormal experience before
this, or seen ghosts throughout my entire life,
believed in ghoest before, etc.  My story starts like
My fiance and I bought a small house in a small suburb
out side of St. Louis four months before our wedding.
Since my parents are very religious and don't live
near us we decided not to tell them that we that we
moved in together.  We figured we wouldn't start an
arguement with them since we were getting married soon
anyway.  My sister, Liz, lived near us and knew that
we were living together.  She would come over to the
house when we were fixing it up and tease me by saying
stuff like, "You are going to hell for lying to our
parents and living in sin!"  She was always joking and
I would tell her to stop being mean to me.  One
afternoon she and I were at the house together and my
fiance, Dave, was out buying supplies to paint our
living room the next day.  Of course Liz was still
teasing me and I was laughing about it.  She soon said
she had to leave but would be back the next morning to
help us paint the living room.  When she left I was in
the living room getting everything ready to paint the
next day and I saw something written on the wall in
pencil.  I went over to look at it and it said, "You
are a sinner."  The pencil was laying on the floor
next to the wall.  I figured it was my sister's idea
for a joke since we were going to paint and it would
be covered up.  I decided to respond to her and wrote
under it in pencil, "You're not funny."  I was
laughing to myself about it and went on putting tape
around the bottom of the wall.  After I was done I
went back to the wall with the writing and saw that
what I had written was gone!  I was so shocked that I
stood there for a minute not moving.  Nothing, I mean
NOTHING, had ever happened to me like this.  I was
trying to rationalize it in my mind (with little
success) when I noticed the pencil was gone too.  I
found it on the kitchen counter 20 feet away.  I
called my sister on her cell phone and asked her if
she had written it.  She said she didn't know what I
was talking about.  My sister and I are very close in
age and I know when she is trying to pull something
over on me. My fiance came home soon after that and I
told him what had happened.  He didn't quite believe
me, but could tell that I was really shaken by the
whole experience.  That night when we went to bed my
fiance got up in the night to use the bathroom.  The
next morning he told me that I forgot to turn the
living room light off when we went to bed and I know
that I had turned it off.  The next morning my sister
came to help us paint and I told her the weird things
that had happened.  She believed me a little more than
my fiance, but they were both skeptical. While we were
painting the living room I was very edgy.  My sister
was still making jokes, but I didn't think they were
quite as funny this time.  When we took a break for
lunch we put our brushes and rollers in the pans on
the living room floor and went out for lunch.  When we
came back all of the brushes and rollers that we had
been using were laying on the kitchen table.  The
paint on them ruined the table and my fiance and
sister and I became believers in ghost. We were all
pretty scared and didn't want to be in the house
anymore.  A friend of ours from highschool recently
graduated from the seminary and was a priest.  I
decided to call him, but he was busy and couldn't take
our call right away.  None of us wanted to continue
painting, but my fiance convinced to stay by saying
with three of us there it wouldn't be too scary.
Nothing else happened the rest of the day.  My sister
stayed the night with us because we didn't want to be
scared of our new home. She slept with me in the bed
and Dave slept on the floor. That night we heard
movement in the living room so the three us (looking
ridiculous) held hands and crept to the living room.
Dave turned on the light, Liz and I screamed, and
there was absolutely nothing there.  It was empty
except for a ladder we had used, and it had been moved
to the other side of the room.  We went back to the
bedroom and debated whether to spend the rest of the
night there or go to my sister's apartment.  We
decided to stay.  None of us slept well, but we didn't
hear anything else.  The next day my sister and I
decided to meet my neighbors.  We didn't want them to
think we were insane by telling them we had ghost, but
we wanted to find out who had lived in the house
before us.  The woman across the street told us that
an older woman lived there and mentioned that the was
really religious and kept religious nicnacs all over
the house, but she died (in the house) five years ago.
 Since then there have been some renters, but no one
had bought the place since her death until us.  We
decided that she was the one haunting us.  My friend,
the priest, finally called me back and I told him what
was happening.  He agreed to come over and bless the
house and give us some comfort.  When he got there he
said he could tell something different about the
house, but he didn't think she was trying to do us
harm.  He blessed the house and the rest of the day
went with out incident.  That night I had a dream that
an old woman was in our living room crying and saying
that she didn't want her house to belong to people who
weren't married.  I remember trying to argue with her
telling her we were getting married soon. Then all of
a sudden she vanished. I know there was more to the
dream, but I can't remember it all.  It was a very
surreal dream.  I don't know if I was actually arguing
with the woman who had lived here, or if I was feeling
guilty for lying to my parents. I woke up and I
realized I was crying.  I think that the woman must
have loved the house and didn't want to leave, but
realized she had too.  I feel bad that I made her
leave, but since the dream we have not had a single
occurance.  I sincerely hope she doesn't come back.  I
may be a coward, but I don't like sharing a house with
a ghost.

My Okinawan Ghost


i am in the military, stationed in okinawa japan. my wife, child and i live
in an apartment complex on base.
the housing is built over a large battle sight which took place during the
my wife is very sensitive to ghost and aparitions, they have followed her
since she was a child in Texas. well she and i were sitting in the living
room watching t.v. one night when a figure walked out from the hall stopped
and turned back towards the hallway and disappeared. this wa my first time
ever seeing a ghost. on several occaisions a bright ball of white light has
been seen moving throughout the house, especially in my son`s room. it seems
to like him a lot. it also turns his toys on whenever it feels like it,
which is quite often. the most unbelievable night of my life was experienced
recently while my wife an i were sleeping. i woke to a shadowy figure
standing next to the bed. i was uncovered at the time and the figure seemed
to be reaching for me, i tryed to scream but nothing came out. this happened
three times that night. on ther third time i just layed still and watched
the figure grab for me, reach the covers and pull them back over me. it
seems that this ghost is very friendly and means no harm in any way, it has
always been prone to my wife, it frequently calls her name or watches her do
the dishes. she tells me at least 1 new story a week about something strange
in the house or things being moved.
i was not a believer in ghosts in anyway but now it seems impossible not to

My Mother's Haunted House

By: GOUDY24@aol.com
I didn't think anything much of all I experienced in my mother's house until some years later, and when i think of it now, I can look back, and realize that some really disturbing things went on there when I was living there. First, I would like to shed some light on the history of the house. The house was built sometime in the 1920's, maybe a little bit before that. It was owned by a very prominent family in town at the time, the Hazeltine's, who owned a jewelry store downtown. Their daughter, Frieda, was somewhat of a recluse, who never married, and from what I know, never left home. I found some letters, and photos, along with period clothing, which the letters were from Frieda's travels. Although she never married, being wealthy, she traveled to Rome, Greece, and other places.
>From what I know, she died suddenly, and violently one day. In my mother's house, there is a big wooden staircase which curved very sharply.
Frieda evidently tripped on the stairs, and fell to the bottom step, breaking her neck. I've heard she died instantly, and I've heard she died en route to the hospital.
There was one occasion when I was little (I don't remember how old), that I remember sitting at the top of the stairs, and feeling a pushing sensation on my back, and I fell down the stairs, and landed on the BOTTOM step. I was unhurt, but I still get cold chills thinking about the eerie similarities.  I always felt a weird feeling going up and down those stairs, so much so , that many times my sister would have to carry me up them at night, and I would close my eyes the whole way. It always felt like someone was behind us. Things fell off bookshelves sometimes, you could just feel a presence there sometimes, watching you. Nothing really violent happened, other than the stair episode. My sister said that once, she looked out into the narrow hallway, across it to my brother's room, and his whole doorway was covered with what looked like a white, cloudy weblike substance. Also, one night, my sister awoke from sleep , to find three, cloudlike forms standing at the end of the bed. She was so scared she couldThings like this continued to happen until I left home. I never saw any forms or persons myself, but I am convince that Frieda was still clinging to her home, and resented us living there somewhat.


My Mother

By: Marilynvel73@aol.com

My name is marilyn, my mother died in January 24, 2001.  Even though she has passed I still feel her presence in my apartment, wether its an image from the corner of my eye, or just the feel of her hands touching me, even a noise or the sound of her voice late at night.  I often think that she is trying to tell me something.  Sometimes I even think that she is haunting me.  I find myself complaining to feel cold and tired like she would feel when she was alive.  Also, I keep believing that she has not found peace yet.  Some how me and my sisters have failed her as daughters in the religious sence.

Haunted House

By: Christina.Meyn@gecapital.com

I was 18 and ready to get out on my own, but had a very small income so I wasnt able to afford much.  My mom found an apartment in the paper which happened to be an old house made
into 4 apartments.  Mine was on the bottome in the back of the house.  It was  a very nice apartment so I decided it fit my budget and started moving in a little while later.  One
night, before I was fully moved in, I took a friend over to see the place it was about 11:30 at night and the door was wide open.  Someone had obviously broken into the apartment,
but they didnt take anything that I noticed.  That kind of creeped me out so When my boyfriend was getting ready to move I offered for him to move in with me.  Everything was fine
for awhile and I started to feel more and more comfortable at the apartment until about 4 months later when I was in a deep sleep and awakened and I to this day dont even know why
I woke up, but I looked into the hall right outside of the bedroom, I had a desk for a computer and some other papers and things there, and I saw a figure with its back to me and
it appeared to be looking through my things.  I thought it was my boyfriend so I called his name and asked him what he was doing.  The figure turned and at that time my boyfriend
woke up and said "What?"  I had woken him up when I said his name and I realized he was right next to me in the bed and it wasnt him out in the hall.  It shook me up pretty good.
I was too scared to sleep so I just cuddled up to my boyfriend, but the funny thing is that when my boyfriend woke up it was gone.  A couple of weeks went by and I still remembered
the incident, but I figured it was all a dream no matter how real the figure looked to me because I didnt really know if I believed in ghosts.  I decided to just dismiss it as a
dream and then a few days later, again I was awakened from a deep sleep.  this time, the same exact figure, which I could tell was a person but couldnt see the features too well
other than the fact that it had long hair just like my boyfriend, was standing at the foot of my bed just staring at me.  That really creeped me out and I woke my boyfriend up and
it was gone.  I think he thought I was crazy or something until the next night, again I was awakened and this time the figure was kneeling on the bed right beside me looking over
me.  I nudged Angel and he could tell I was scared to death the figure stayed a little longer this time, but of course Angel couldnt see it after a few minutes it went away.  He
then believed me because he saw how frightened I had been and we moved out shortly after.  It was the creepiest thing.  I spoke to my mom about it because she has seen ghosts
before as well and she said it didnt sound like it was trying to harm me.  I dont think it was either, but I reacted the way any person who had never seen a ghost before would react.

My Home

By: Stezyg@aol.com

It all started when i was 11 years old living with my mother sister and step dad in the house i lived in from birth.  It was an old council estate established in the early 1900's about 5 minutes walk away from a coal mining site that was destroyed around 1920 with a blast from inside killing hundreds trapped inside.  This is what i used as an excuse to explain many of the weird occurrences around the town.  Anyway back to the story, when i was 11 in the early hours of one saturday morning i awoke to see a small boy a couple of years younger that me stood at the sid of my bed starring down at me, i say starring even though he had no eyes just black hollows, he seemed to be on the chubby side and wearing a grey outfit.  Thinking it was my nephew, as it was common for him to stay over at the weekends, that had just startled me i grabbed my pillow and swung at him only he wasn't there anymore and my nephew was asleep on the blow up bed at the foothe living room i looked down the corridor to the bathroom and saw a man peering round the door, thinking someone had come through the front door, as it was left open to relieve the smell of paint, i ran to confront the man only no one was there.

My Grandmother

By: Mharper29@aol.com

I am 15 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. My parents told me this story.
My house is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of my greatgrandmother who died in my home sitting in her rocking chair. This happened before I was born.  (my dad was about 10).  Nobody was home.  A man came to the door. Knocked and of course no body answered.  But he didn't inderstand why because, he saw an old lady sitting in a rocking chair.  He came back to the house days later.  He asked my grandfather about the lady in the rocking chair.  He descrbed her exactly as my great grandmother was. It was years after her death.  Could it have been her???
Another true story:
I was 2 years old.  My mom and dad came home from some kind of formal dinner. My mother was wearing her good earings.  Before she went to bed she took them out and set them on the bathroom counter.  When she woke up they were gone.  Since they were so expensive she looked everywhere for them .  My dad even looked inside the drains. Nothing showed up.  A few days later the earrings showed up exactly as my mother had left them.  It looked like grandma went out and needed something to go with her necklace!!!!


My Friends Old House

By: Mark_Fuller15@hotmail.com

Hi my name is mark im 17 years old and i have been interested in ghosts since i was around 7, my friend, who's name is james, bought this old nursing house when he moved to england a few years back from canada.

I have spent many night at his house and it is very big and also very old he has a lot of old pictures and stuff and its kinda freaky when your are walking around at night.
One night i stayed at his house his mum and dad were not there they had gone away for the weekend thats why i was staying coz he dosnt like staying with his sister and her friends, so i came over and we were just like mucking about listening to music, we were up stairs in his room and we heard a really big thud, we just looked at eachother and waved it by not taking any notice and then a little while later his sister and her friend came running in REALLY shook up they were mumbling and practically crying (they are about 3 years younger then us) and we asked them what the matter was, they said they had seen a woman upstairs (they have three floors, we were on th second) thinking this we thought that someone had broken in to the house so we decided to go upstairs and have a look around.
when we got upstairs the imediate thing that caught my attention was that there was a strange smell and an eerie atmosphere and me being interested in ghosts and all i thought to myself that they are some signs it got a little colder too aswe went into his rooms upstairs and we searched the upstairs very weel and we found nothing, we went back down sairs and told his sister that we didnt see anyone, they were adiment they did and they stayed downstairs with us that night because they were scared.
That all happend around 10 o clock, a little further on into the night me and james were still awake, and we sometimes go onto his roof at night its liek a flat roof on the top of his house and we sit up there we were sat up there just chatting and we heard another thud, at this point i got really freaked out because i saw a shadow in a window below and we were upstairs!
james went really quiet and we got down onto a little slope to get back in through the window and we saw middle aged woman stood at the closet folding sheets, we froze, i couldnt believe what i was seeing we didnt know this woman and i dont think she saw us but she walked around the corner of the hallway and disapered, at this point we got in through the window went downstairs turned on just about every light along the way and stayed up all night, its the most frightening thing i have ever experienced

My Fathers Funeral

By: johnkyla@sbcglobal.net

My father passed away in september of 2001, he had been suffering from severe emphysema for about 5 years. We were all torn up over him dying. We were all at the cemetary for the grave side service. As soon as the service was over, everyone heard this loud clop clop clop sound and the sound over something dragging on the ground. I turned around to see what was the commotion, There was a man wearing golf shoes( they have metal cleats on them) carrying his golf bag and dragging another larger bag on the ground, This was in the middle of a cemetary, there was no golf course anywere near by,it was such a strange sight, My husband came up to me and said that is a sign from your dad, ( belives there are always a sign at a funeral) . My dad loved to play golf, when he got really sick he couldnt play any more , he would play only on his pc. I Think he was letting everyone know he was ok now.

Overseas Hauntings

By: tiger_angel81@hotmail.com

 I have already had quite a few experiences with ghosts and things of that kind. I strongly believe in ghosts so I believe that all of my experiences are 100% true.
When I was around 5 years old we lived in Bangkok, Thailand. We had a great big apartment but my room always gave me the spooks. I would never play by myself in it and if I ever wanted to do something in there I would drag my mum in with me.
One of our friends was very spiritual and was sort of a medium, so my mother asked her to come into our house and tell us maybe what the problem was (as she too - my mum - was a little frightened herself!). The moment our friend stepped in she said she could sense something but it wasn't going to do any harm to us. All we had to do was to tell it to go to the light.
Well I was too young to do it, my brothers and dad couldn't sense it and my mum was too scared so we didn't do anything!
Then one day, by chance, I was getting something from my room and I could feel something. So, I looked up and there in front of me I saw the back of a lady. She was wearing a pink dress and, as crazy as it sounds, green skin. Her hand was placed on the light switch. Then all of a sudden she just walked out and completly disappeared! I ran to my mum but she was busy talking to a friend so didn't hear what I had said.
After this event the feelings weren't as strong although they still remained.
Around  6 months later we moved to Bahrain (in the Middle East) and when we were there I was drawing this picture of the family. I showed it to my parents and I pointed out all the family members. Then they came to this lady and they say
"Whose that Sarah?"  to which I replied
"Oh thats the lady who lived in my bedroom."
That was quite scary. Also when I lived in the UAE (Middle East) the ghost who lived there would play games with me. It would hide a pen which was positively there or close the curtains when I had just opened them.
When my uncle visited us he actually saw a small boy aat the end of his bed, although I never saw anything.
I have had various experiences where I can sense something there.
Take the time I was at my mothers friends house and I needed to go to the bathroom (I was about 8 or 9 years). So off I went, but I could not for whatever reason go do my "buisness." So i ended up not going as I kept getting that feeling someone was watching me.
Later that evening we were talking about paranormal experiences and the lady mentioned that the spirit of some family member of hers lived in the house with them!
So, those are basically my stories and there are probably many more to come. Who knows...maybe I'm partially a sort of medium!!

Gym full of People

By: puppy@attbi.com

    I wanted to share my experience with you because I feel like my experience was real, but my friends don't think so. I went to an abandoned building with a group of my friends. They said that it was an old asilim but for mentaly retarded kids. Anyways, we traveled through the halls, and I was a bit scared. We made our way into a gym. We turned off our flash lights, then I felt the "people". When the lights went off I felt like the whole gym filled with people. I felt closter -phobic because of all the "people" I felt. I started to panic and had everyone turn on their lights. Of course when the lights went on, my feeling of the "people' was gone. I tried to explain why I flipped out, but all I got was disbeliefe. I believe that what I felt wasn't in my mind, but rather something else that I couldn't explain.

Paranormal Experience

By: danielfz@islandnet.com

I'd like to share my own experience with the paranormal.
When I was a Boy Scout way back in 1964 in Malaysia where I was living at
that time, a group of us kids were camping in the school field. Our school
was far away from the small town of Kluang in the state of Johore and the
field was beside a jungle and there were a few houses some distance from the
school. At around midnight, a few of us walked over to the school buildings
which was atop a hill, to coolect water. As we were collecting the water in
the pails, some of us sensed some activity in the hall facing us. The lights
were and fans were going on and off and there eerie human sounds in it. I
did not see or hear anything though I remember the others being very silent
as they collected the water. Later in the huge tent, they talked about it
and I just dismissed it as a figment of the imagination.
Later that night, I was sleeping and then turned and faced the long row of
classrooms. Our tent was open at the sides as we were in the tropics where
nights are quite warm. Suddenly I realised that I was witnessing something
unusual. There were about twelve classrooms and all the lights were going on
and off like some one was playing with the switches from a central
switchboard, though there was nothing like that. Each classroom had its
individual switch and it's impossible for anyone to be playing with all the
switches at the same time!
Our school was requisitioned by the Japanese army during the Second World
War and some grisly executions took place there. Some bodies were excavated
when a new playing field was being built in the 50s.
Thank you.


My Aunt and Grandad's Story

By: DarkWolf7083@aol.com

This story isnt really mine but some things that have happened to my aunt and
my grandad.
the earlist one happened to her when she was really little her granny was
sick and one night she was awake in bed and saw the door open and a shadowy
figure walk over to her. she was so scared she couldnt move or speak. The
figure came over to her sat down by her bed and put an arm round her. As soon
as it put an arm round her she knew it was her granny coz they had been
really close. The figure soon faded away and her dad had come in and told her
her granny had just died in hospital.
 this happened to my aunt when she was a tennager she worked at this hospital
ward for the summer. So one night her and her friends are outside after clean
up and suddenly a doctor comes round and starts shouting at them for knocking
the doors to the doctor on call house. They of course said they werent so the
doctor brings them inside the house. Nothing happened for a few minutes and
someone went to the window to look at the door when suddenly the whole room
shakes and a banging starts on the walls floors and ceiling. They all freak
out and run home. It turned out the doctors building used to be a convent and
in convents they bless the seal on the baptistmal font, But when the new
house had been built they knocked it down and so broke the seal. Its now a
new chapel and the knocking has stopped.
Another thing that happened to her was when she was staying at this old ward
(she was a trainee nurse) her sister (who was staying there with her) came
running into her room middle of the night and started saying she had this
really freaky dream about all these monks standing round her. My aunt thought
someone had told her a story because the ward used to be an old monastry and
so agreed to sleep with her to make sure she was safe. That night she had the
same dream that her sister had had and they both woke at the same time. An
old story said that a monk had died in that bed and it was custom for the
rest for the monks to gather round the death bed and chant.
Freaky isnt it maybe my aunt is just more atuned to the paranormal  and isnt
it strange that the last two happened on holy gorund but the next one
happened to my granda about 4 years ago just after my granny died.
It was up in donegal and my granda was alone in the living room when suddenly
he felt this persence there at first he was alarmed but the presence was
familiar and he realised it was his wife. The presence stayed there for a
while as if it was saying goodbye then left. Now my granda used to make up
ghost stories to scare us when we were little but he would never joke about
something like this.
I just wanted to share these stories with you maybe it will help you
understand a little more about your experiences

More of the Pere Cheney Cemetary

By: nycki@bikinikill.com

I had sent in one of my experiences about the cemetary in Pere Cheney and I have yet another one. My friend and I decided to drive out to the cemetary after being bored with watching mindless babble on the TV. We took her Jeep because it handles better in the snow and because I feel safer in her vehicle. Anyway, we pulled into the clearing and noticed that the gate was chained and locked so no motor vehicles could get in, which I think is a good idea. There was a space that we could walk through so we decided to walk around the cemetary for a bit. Like I said before about the cemetary, there are only a few headstones left and there is a large circle drive. We were at the far end of the lot, the farthest we could be without being in the woods when the headlights of Alex's Jeep turned on and the horn started to beep repeatedly. She doesn't have a car alarm and she had the keys in her pocket. We ran pell-mell to the Jeep and got inside even though the car was still freaking out. We weren't really scared, just VERY exhilerated. Alex threw the Jeep into drive and hauled butt out of there! All the commotion stopped as soon as she and I had opened the doors. I really wish that we would have stayed out there, but who knows what would have happened next. The only other strange thing that happened when we were crossing the railroad tracks, it sounded like someone had jumped on the roof of the car. Alex floored it and we didn't hear it anymore. I think I'll stay away from the cemetary for a while :-P

More Ghosts in Florida

By: Rusty1218@msn.com

Thank you so much for adding my story to your files. Here,s more from the same House.I actually forgot to mention a lot of other things that occured. My 7 year old Daughter was sitting alone in the House, across from the sofa ,is the Garagedoor my Sis in law and me where outside of the House and all of sudden, my Daughter comes running out of the House crying and totally scared. When i asked what was wrong, she said that the Garage door opened by itself and she could see 2 legs and half of a mans body, standing halfway in the doorway and she dont want to go back in there by herself. When my two girls where younger, my Son took a photo of my then 2 year old and her older sister and me . When i looked at the photo later , I saw a skull at the corner ,like almost on the floor and something that looks like a small child standing in the closet. It looks like it is illuminated in a light. I can't find the Photo. Also, I hung a Rosary from my Lampshade for protection. This rosary was from my Holy Communion. For some reason it vanished to. Some times i can feel 2 hands pushing slightly down on my lower legs ,when i am in bed. Because i go to bed mostly at last of all people in this House.We had a dog that belonged to my sis in law ,and sometimes  the dog would stand at the end of the Stairs and bark and bark at something that I could not see. My shower wall shows now a skull with a hat on . Yes i know it sounds totally of the Rocker but it just recently formed, and it looks very real . I will take a photo of it and when I have a chance ,I will post all my Ghost photos on this Website.By the way my son went recently to the Stranahan House in Florida on a Fieldtrip, and when he came Home he said that he did not feel very comfy in that House especially at the stairs that lead to the upper rooms.There is also another interesting Story . In the Everglades is a old shack, that belonged to a man named Trapper Nelson. He lived there all alone, all that remains is the Shack and no one is allowed to go out there alone . A Story has it ,that 2 men did go out there and one of them was badly injured by "something " that the believe was Trapper Nelson telling them to get of his little island.If  I have more Happenings I keep you updated.

Mysterious Ghost of a Lost Girl

By: wskimball@alltel.net

Hello,I live in florida and ive had a ghost experience.Let me tell you it was freaky.See one day me and my friends were out side with my papa and he was digging a well out so the water would make a stream.We found out a little girl had died in that well .So the next day I was sleeping and woke up from a strange noise.I looked up at the tv and there was a little girl standing there I could see right through her.They say we released her,and that her soul was trapped inside the well.That was the freakiest expereice cause you could tell she was in there a while.Well thats my story.I hope you liked it.

Memphis Morgue

By: SgtBuk1@aol.com
Recently, I was visiting the morgue in Memphis, TN while filming a
documentary on forensics. We were on a break when one of the morgue workers
turned around and said, "Did someone call my name?" I assured her that is
wasn't me and she said, "I must be losing it." I replied, "Well, look where
you work!" Her face became serious and in a whisper she said, "That's not
funny." She went on to relate a creepy tale. While working the night shift
she began hearing doors opening and closing all over the building. Her
co-worker, the only other living person in the building, grew pale and
admitted he'd heard it too.
If you live in Memphis, please lobby your mayor to raise the budget for the
morgue. They have no janitorial services, the floor is never mopped and you
can just imagine how it smells in there. There are living folks who work
there, they deserve better.

Little Visitor

By: thehomelessturtle@hotmail.com

We moved into our new house about 8 months ago, and I decided to live in the
basement since it was roomy and private. Ever since i moved down there,
myself and my dog always kind of noticed that we weren't alone, kind of like
we were being observed or watched. My door to go upstairs would generally
remain open, suddenly closing by itself. I never thought anything of it,
thinking that someone made a small breeze as they went up the stairs beside
it. But the times this past winter that I would leave it open at night to
get some extra heat down there, it would suddenly close. Since I'm a night
owl, I started to notice that it would happen generally around 2 in the
morning when I would be watching a movie. My dog would always wake up at
this time too, staring at the stairs like something was there. I tried not
to be
freaked out about it until I started to notice a kind of cold breeze by my
ear when I would be trying to sleep. I chalked that up to the window above
my bed...until I felt it.. On one particular night, I was having a restless
night, tossing about my bed. I had my back to the stairs that led to my
door, and I think that my shirt must've riden up a bit. I have a tattoo on
my lower back of a sun, at it was at my lower back where I felt it. Since I
wasn't sleeping too well anyways, I was half awake when it started. I felt a
small pressure on my back which at first I thought was my dog since she
likes to cuddle into me on cold nights. What got me awake was the fact that
it felt
consideralby colder than the air around the room, and it started to trace
the inside circle of the sun. I was so scared I couldn't move, I could
barely think. It was a gentle pressure, like one a child would inflict. My
dog started to growl at me and the pressure stopped immediately. After a few
minutes to gather my courage I turned on
my lamp and ran upstairs. That was just the first experience. Over the
period of two weeks, I noticed that my dream catcher that a friend of mine
gave to me before we moved would start to sway on the wall. My stereo would
turn on and off, like someone was curious about it. One night i actually saw
it. I was studying for my diploma exam and out of the corner of my eye i saw
what appeared to be a little boy standing in the doorway to the cellar. He
looked like he was about 5 years old and native. Although the house is new,
it was built on fairly undeveloped land that used to be wooded and home to
the natives way back when. After having seen him I became a little less
aprehensive about the occurances in my room. I remebering that after
watching a show on spirits that were lost or didn't know that they were
dead, I
decided that maybe i should tell him that he was dead, and he needed to move
on to his Creator. It made me sad to do this, since after seeing him and
knowing that he never did cause any harm, i was going to tell him to go
away. But this past month I accepted that it was something that needed to be
done. I waited until he made his
presence known via my dreamcatcher moving, and told him that he had died and
he needed to go on to the "light", that his family was waiting for him. This
is now three weeks since and my dog is at ease and nothing has occured in
the basement. I think he's gone, but I guess time will tell. I kind of miss
him, but no way is he coming back.

Indian Girl?

By: butros446@hotmail.com

There is a piece of property that a good friend of mine now lives by. For years I had heard that people had seen an Indian girl walking around. I have always believed in ghosts because I have heard weird things in my house. But my dad told me something that made me a firm believer in this "Indian Girl". My dad is on the fire department of my town and there was an old abandoned house they were going to burn down as a practice burn. They turned their hoses on, everything was going well but suddenly all the gauges said they didn't have any water pressure. This was weird because water was shooting out of their hoses and the pumps were running fine. Right when the house was set ablaze, however, the gauges instantly started working properly.
          A couple of years after this happened, my friend moved in there. I knew there was something in those woods and I planned to find out. on October 7, 2000, they threw a Holloween party. MY mom had her Sony mavica camera with her. I had read numerous times on this site that those are good for ghost pics. A bunch of friends and I went out there. We ended up with less people than we set out with since some of them were young and insisted they come with. We started out by scanning the area with the screen trying to spot something. That didn't work. Then the batteries suddenly went dead. Knowing that was a sign of activity I suggested we leave. We ended up running away. About a hundred feet down the road, the batteries came back, as suddenly as they died. we watched the power for a second and they went dead again suggesting that the "Indian Girl" was following us. We were a little scared and went inside for awhile and ate some food and drank some pop.
            We of course went back again. This time we saw some weird stuff on the screen that wasn't there when looked at with the eye. I saw this weird looking orange glowing figure in the screen. I looked up and I couldn't see it. I looked at the screen and it was still there. My friend is yelling at me to take the picture but right as I was about to push the button, the glow disappeared. Shortly after that, we heard a girl's scream. We couldn't be sure if it was a spirit or not because there was a party not that far away with little girls there.
        The next day a DIFFERENT friend and I went to the woods. this wasn't as scary because it was in the daytime. we brought his movie camera there and we heard the same scream suggesting that the scream I heard was the Indian Girl. That was the last time I have been there, but I plan to go back.

I have Ghosts

By: tamphil@hotmail.com

Hello....my name is Tammy and we have ghosts in our house and on our property...my husband first saw one when the comp was in the back bedroom off the back porch...he said he saw one on the back porch area...he also was out in the garden late spring early summer and saw a female in a yellow floral dress looking around in the garden...he also felt the presence of one in the garage...he said it pushed him from where he was standing...and he also saw the antenna on the truck being shaken real hard back and forth...me, I've only seen 1...it was when i was 8-9 months pregnant with our little girl who is now 13 months old...I would go in the bathroom bout 2-3am to shower to relieve the back pain...i wouldn't turn the lights on either...I always saw a shadow looking in on me while I was in the shower...and then would go away when i saw him/her....our 4 year old on the other hand keeps looking at the big picture on the wall we have of geese...he looks like he's talking to it...everytime we see him doing this we just asume he's talking to his angel friends...and too the ghosts in the house don't go beyond the kitchen into the fron part of the house here...the kitchen and beyond that like the back porch,backbedroom and ect. was built in the early 30's i beleive...i can imadine why hubby saw the ghost in the garden...we live bout 6 blocks from the cemetary...I think it's pretty neat that they r here...we aren't scared of them or anything like that...it is something though...but i just thought i'd let u know bout our "friends"...thankyou for your time...

Gravity Hill and The Slaughterhouse

By: alyshaweeks@hotmail.com

My story takes place in the middle of January in Northern California at a
place called Gravity Hill. A few friends and I were at a party at my best
friend J's house. We had somehow gotten around to telling ghost stories when
J told us about a place called Gravity Hill. The legend is this: Around the
1920's Gravity Hill is where the KKK used to meet. There's an old abandoned
looking barn on top of the hill that everyone calls "The Slaughterhouse".
Supposedly, a young black couple was driving the road along the hill one
night when they were ambushed by the clan. The story says that they were
dragged from the vehicle and the young woman was raped and murdered while
the man was made to watch. Then the man was hung from the ridgepole of the
barn as a warning to others. J also told us that supposedly, if you go out
to Gravity Hill at night and drive backwards halfway up Gravity Hill and
then put your car in neutral.. you'll continue to go UP Gravity Hill.
I had to try this so I convinced my fiancee, B, and J's boyfriend and his
best friend to go with us. J refused to go. She swore that the place was
evil and begged us not to go. Like stupid teenagers from any horror movie we
ignored her and left.
J's boyfriend and his friend followed B and I to the hill. When we got there
I had this sudden feeling of foreboding. I don't know if this was because of
the way the place looked. Dark hills, low laying fog, pitch black night,
lonely, deserted road... or if there was in fact a presence there. We
continued up the road, sometimes passing each other to talk back and forth.
I remember that the air outside felt heavy.I don't know how else to describe
this other than it felt like a humidity even though it was the middle of
January and freezing outside. When we got to the hill, B and I did as we had
been told and backed up the hill slowly and then put the truck- for all who
are interested, B has a Chevy Scottsdale 1986- in neutral. I will never
forget the look on B's face when we began to steadily continue up the hill.
We managed to slide the truck back into drive and we floored it out of
there, barely waiting for J's boyfriend and friend to catch up. The last
thing I saw though was the scariest of all... I turned once to look back
through the window to see if J's boyfriends truck was behind us. I didn't
see the truck but I did see a young woman without a face and shrouded in a
dirty looking brown blanket sitting in the back of B's truck. She turned her
head to look at me and then she wasn't there anymore. I told B to go faster
and I've never gone back.


Grandma's House of Horror

By: ALVIN ROGERS [12AR@msn.com]

My grandmas house was very scary when I was a little girl and I still remember everything that went on. Well i will have to upload some pictures of me when I was little and there are lots of orbes. When I was little I remember walking in the hallway and see shadows walk by. My mom has a story too. when I was in her tummy she was laying down on a bed with my real father and she saw outside the door (the door was open) a figure standing there and it was like a shadow form( no one else was home either). then my grandma said she saw the grim reaper. my mom also heard a knock on her bedroom door so she opened it and no one was there her mom (my grandma) and dad (my grandpa) were gone and her little brother (my uncle) was outside playing with his friends and even if someone was there no one could go knock on the doors because there were lots of boxes there. but also I would feel someone watching over me and it wasn't a good present it was a present of evil. Then one time my grandma said she was walking in the kitchen and all of a sudden it felt like someone was in the ground pulling her leg. Then sometimes I would remember stuff moving in different places. my grandmas house is filled with evil but not that bad rite now. Then one time my mom played the Quiji board in her room with some friends and her room was dark and her curtains moved and her window was shut and there was no wind what so ever. That is kind of my grandmas house of horror. Is the evil still there??? Who knows.......

School Gym

By: vmsahblue@attbi.com

I don't mind telling my real name, but I would rather keep my friends privacy... So here it goes. In the letter I give you please change the names.
Me and my friends all go to the same high school, and went to the same middle school. We were at the school at about 5PM because I had to go to my little brothers soccer game. The game was outside, and me and my friends were in the 2nd story gymnasium. We were having fun, throwing basketballs in the vents, and listening to them tumble down the walls. Tony wasn't doing it, so we started making fun of him for being a wuss.
It wasn't long before he just screamed "Shut up!" at us. When he yelled, we all looked at him, and then what happened was really odd. It was like something threw him. He skid across the floor about 8 feet, and there was no possible way that he could have jumped like that. Right when he hit the floor, the double doors leading to the stairs swung open. Scared the living **** out of all of us.
I should tell you why I think this happened. When the school first opened, there was a regular faculty, consisting of janitors, teachers, etc. One of the janitors, I don't know what his name was, but he was very tall and overweight. He had a heart attack in the 2nd story gym, and died. A teacher who has been working at that school tells all her classes about it, because she tried to do CPR and save him, but she failed. If anything, it must've been the ghost or something of that janitor. Well, hope you liked my story.

Glenville State College

By: mirandanicole@rtol.net

I go to Glenville State College in a small town in central West Virginia. The two dorms on our campus are very haunted. I live in Pickens Hall and on every floor you can hear someone dropping marbles above you. I live on the 6th floor, which is the top floor, and you can still hear someone dropping marbles.Not only this, but people always hear furniture and things being moved in the room over top of them. I am an RA and the RA underneath me always says that she hears me moving furniture in my room on the weekends and I am never here. Plus, I live in a suite, which is comprised of four rooms and I am the only one in my suite, but we always hear furniture and footsteps in the room beside me and nobody lives in that room.     There is also a ghost of a woman on the steps of the dorms. I have never seen her, but one of my fellow RA's has. When he saw her, he couldn't talk for about an hour, he just sat down and shivered. People have had experiences of the doors to their rooms being opened, even though they were locked from the inside and nobody was standing in the hallway.
    The second dorm, which has recently been abandoned, is called Louis Bennet Hall. The story is that back when the college started, Sarah "Sis" Linn was a local preachers daughter and their house was located where Clark Hall is now. Anyway, supposedly Sis Linn was raped by the men who lived in Louis Bennet Hall and then killed. She haunts the halls looking for her killer. Before Louis Bennet Hall was abandoned, the dorm was a completly a mens dorm. They would wake up in the middle of the night to an apparition standing by their bed or sitting on the bed.
    While these haunting are bad, this is not the only haunting on our small campus. Our Administration Building has a clock tower in it. And, on Halloween Night, the clock will strike 13 times at midnight. I know this is true because I have witnessed it.
    These are all the hauntings on the campus that I can think of at this time.
Thank you.

Glass Breaking

By: bwolnowski@covad.net

When I was about 12 years old, I was home sick (from school), my mother had come home to take care of me. After we ate lunch we were watching T.V. when we heard the sound of our water cooler falling over and the glass bottle on top breaking. The sound was very loud and very distinguished. We went down stairs thinking we would have to clean up some broken glass (water cooler bottles used to be made of glass) and nothing was broken at all. It wasn't a frightening experience at all......untill. About seven years later a friend and my self were sharing ghost stories we have heard in the past, and he began telling me of a story one of his teachers had told him. The wife of the teacher had a hobbie of preserving fruits and veggies, she hed a huge shelf with hundreds of glass jars in her basement. One day while she was upstairs she heard the shelf fall over and months of work come crashing to the floor. Upon hearing this she grabbed a broom and cleaning supplies before she went down to her celler to check it out, so sure of what had just happened. When she got downstairs not a jar was broken and the shelf was just as she left it. I thought this was a creepy coincidence with the "glass breaking" sounds. It didn't scare me untill years after my experience


By: brown@westman.wave.ca

my grandma lived in a haunted house when she was little in carrberry Manitoba Canada. Her dad told her never to go to the basement at night she heard noises the rocking chair would rock by its self. one night her mom went to the movies and when she was walking home her neighbor was watching . the next day she went over to visit her neighbor she asked "who was that hansome young man you where walking home with yesterday" she replide " i came home alone yesterday" no you dident there was a young man walking you to the door then he was gone did u invite him in "I came home alone yesterday!" . the next couple weeks more strange things happend the table was set by its self stuff like that then they where moving so her dad went downstairs to see if they left any thing all he found where a bunck of brocken tomb stones .

Ghostly Wedding

By: Shellchic1@aol.com

When I turned 12 my dad,little sis,and I went up to this little cabin. The
night before we left,around midnight, I got up to go to the outhouse. It was
ppitch blach and no wind and in the woods, so my mind started to play games
with me. You know squirrels turn into axe murders,that sort of thing. So I
reached the outhouse without having a heart attack. Once i was done I started
the hike back to the cabin. I decided to walk through the church this time
though. That  was a big mistake. I stepped in between the last pews and there
was this little jump in the air around me. Suddenly the pews were full of
people. There was a wedding going on. I could see the bride and groom up
front. It scared me so bad I tripped and fell out of the pew line. Everything
disapeared. So I stood up and stared like a idiot. And being the stupid that
I am,I walked into it agian. Agian,little jump and all the people appeared.
This time I walked up a few rows. Suddenly all the "people" quit talking and
stared at me. Then I realized they were see through! They seemed solid but
they were clear. So try to imagine this. A 12 year old girl standing iin the
middle of a ghostly wedding in her PJ's and a jacket!!! then the Groom
started toward. This was a big bear of a guy. This time I ran out of the pew
line and up to the cabin the long way. The next morning I went out to the
church agian and nothing happened. ever agian.


By: toni [sadie@locnet.net]

My name is Toni..I rented a mobile home and one nite, my boyfriend and I and his son and my daughter were all watching tv..boyfriend got up and went to bed and his son and my daughter and I stayed up and watched more tv...I got up to go to bed and left them in the livingroom and when I went and got ready for bed,light on, I sat down on the bed and turned toward the bedroom door because I felt like someone was coming in the room, a female came straight through the room toward  the bathroom,no exit.I thought it was my daughter because she looked a lot like her, when I got up to check there was no one in my end of the trailer except us..After that, everytime I came in the room the water would come on in my garden tub.Then the water started coming on in the sink..this went on for several months...then one day it just stopped. But the woman had on a blouse with a high collar with buttons up the front, hair pulled up behind her ears, clear pale complextion and little turned up nose, she never looked at me directly but I never felt afraid. Don't know what to think of this and I no longer live in that trailer but I do believe in ghost now...Thanks for letting me tell my story...

Nursing Home

By: duh3@hotmail.com

You see in my home town there is this nursing home. It used to be a hospital. Well back in 1953 a little girl was hit and killed by a truck. The old morgue was in the basment of the hospital its still there but its a storage room now. But anyway the little girl was brought to the hospital. She had died at the scene but they still tried to revive here at the hospital. Well one day last week this lady brought the news article in so we could read it. I don't work there but my mom does. I am into ghost hunting and had heard the stories that this little girl was still haunting and all sorts of stuff had happened.
       Well the lady went into her office with two other people and they were talking. Well the lady saw something out of the corner of her eye and looked up. The mouse on her computer was moving itself and the cursor on the screen went into the start menu and something brought up the solitare game. It started to play and the lady got control of the mouse and closed out the solitar game. Then the mouse fought back and took the mouse and shut the computer down and threw the mouse on the floor. One of the residence who was sitting by the door started laughing and said You made her mad. And then the lady went away.
   I heard about this and went to talk to the resident and she said that a little girl slept above her bathroom door everynight. Then she smiled and laughed and said as i was leaving "by the way she is right behind you. And as i left i felt something walking next to me all the way to the door. I went to leave and heard a faint good bye and i got into my car and was driving away and looked up and saw the something inside the door fade away. She was letting me know she was there. And now i go back and i feel someone walking next to me.
   And in the basement i always hear footsteps as i walk towards the morgue and one time i heard a scream and in he boiler room i had a pendulum since i am wiccan i used it. ANd it began swinging in a circle and the ball began spinning and i felt a hand on my shoulder and heard something say please you cant be in here. So i left. I later asked what that room used to be and it was an old operation room. They said that a young woman's son came in after being attacked by a dog and the woman got in there and was watching as the life failed her son and the doctor came to her and said Please you cant be in here. I guess everything in that place relives it self. And everytime i am there with my friend i sit at the nurses station and the elevator will come up and down by itself and the door is always being held for someone. but also whenever i am standing at the snack maching i will feel something touch my back.
   And one time I took a resedent down the get her some fredos and she look up the hall towards the morgue and said Who is that standing there i don't recognize them. I said where? they said there in the nurses uniform she has one of those hats on and everything. Later that day i was looking at an old photo album with this same lady and she was like thats the lady who was standing at the door. I looked it up and Her name was Anna Trent and she died in 1975. So there is some pretty restless spirits here. But i never have felt fear just sadness. I also feel like i am being watched all the time down there. But i just try to act natural cause i found out if you act scared they do more to scare you. SO thanks for reading this i hope to post more..

Ghost Story

By: Gulkwagi@aol.com

This happened to me in about 1985.  I just turned 26, but I still have the
hair on the back of my neck stand on end when I think about this.  I have
always had odd things happen to me, I've been told I have a gift to see the
other side.  I see, hear, smell, feel, and dream about others that have
passed.  One night when I lived in Meridian, Mississppi, I woke up to see a
figure standing at the foot of my bed.  I remeber seeing the gray flowing
body of this "figure", but what scared me was that it had red eyes and was
staring at me.  My brother was asleep in the bed next to me, but I could not
wake him up.  I was unable to move or speak.  I was finally able to dive
under my covers and after a while I fell asleep.  I told my mom about it the
next day and she said that I had a visitor and not to be afraid because I am
special and that this would continue as I got older, which it has.  I've
never told this to anyone other than my mother, but I wanted to share this so
people are not afraid.

True Ghost Story

By: MMAGGUSS@aol.com

I was at my mothers friends dads funereal and we decided to spend the night there. Recntley her mother had died too.I knew her mother and father a little bit and knew they were friendly but the likes of a spirit with me freaks me out. That night I slept with my mother in there living room. That night I woke from a chill and sat up. There I saw her mother walking in the kitchen with her walker. I sat back down and I think I fainted, But shortly after I woke again to see her father staring at the wall walking towards it. In the morning I spoke with my mother and she said she felt the presence of someone standing over her. I will not sleep there any more now.

By: bmr48720@rogers.com

In June 1995, I was living common-law with my girlfriend in Toronto, Ontario
Canada. Before What I believe today to be a near death experience I didn't
believe in life after death or anything of that nature.
I was laying down in my bed I had just seen my girlfriend off to work on this
what seemed to be another average Sunday morning around 8am.
I had aparently fallen asleep again and suddenly I was where I grew up Just
behind my second story apartment in a park where I had lived for about the first
10yrs of my life.
I was walking in the park holding hands with a young lady about 5' 7" tall (my
height) with shoulder length curly hair.
The interesting part was she was shadowed off so I couldn't identify what she
looked like. We were walking towards a light that would be the sun above the
treeline just ahead of us. she was on my rightside and on the other side of her
was a wall about her height of roses. The scent of roses was in the air and the
unbelieable sence of comfort and peace.
This experience lasted no more than two minutes and than I awoke.
Now December 1996, I was living with a roommate in a basement apartment for
about four months. My bedroom had no windows with the door shut it was like
you're in a closet.
Again I had layed down in the afternoon for a nap and I had closed my bedroom
door for privacy.
I was suddenly woken up by someone opening my bedroom door. There standing in
the doorway was I believe was this young lady again. She was shadowed off but
light from the kitchen behind her outlined her curly Light colored hair.
We played this staring game for a moment. Without a word being said I got out of
bed and attempted to aproach her but she closed the door. By the time I made it
to the doorway where she stood she was gone again as brief a visit as before.
Since, I've seen her two more times, each time she has embrassed me with a hug.
the last time I could feel her breath as she whisped softly in my right ear but
I don't remember what she had said.
I would appreciate feedback after sharing this experience with you.

Ghost in Florida

By: Rusty1218@msn.com

This is my Story nothing is made up . My Husband and I moved to Florida about 12 years ago. The first week we lived in the House he and his Sister bought, he was the one who had the first Experience . The Bedroom Furniture did not arrive yet ,so his Sis let us stay in her Bedroom. At about 4 am,  I awoke because he pinched me in the side very hard. What is wrong with you ? I asked. What are you doing outside the bed ? The next Morning, he told me that he had seen a dark hooded Figure standing at my Bedside looking down at ,me and as he awoke it looked at him turned around and walked out of the bedroom.To make shure that i was in bed and he was not dreaming, he had to pinch me i guess.The next  night we slept with the lights on , but nothing happened. Then my Hubby got his new job and i was home alone sitting on the sofa that faced part to the outside into the Backyard, as I saw a Man walking from the Backyard fence up to the House Wall , just to vanish into it. I told my sis in law and my Husband as they came home . Nothing happened for 1 Year. Our Son was born soon after, and when he was 6 month old i had to change his clothes, we where both upstairs, when i heard a Male voice, in a really mean way "What do you really want"?. I was so shocked that i grabbed my Son and went downstairs for the rest of the Day . My Sister in law, was awaken by something shaking her on her Shoulders in the middle of the Night, when she turned on the lights there was noone.Most of the Hauntings happened to me . I believe  that I am the Source and the or it wants to talk to me . For what reason I don't know. Just recently i had a frightening  Experience. It was 5:30 am and i had to be at work by 6am, so i had a quick Snack . As I was sitting in the Rockingchair, i heard some Footsteps coming down the Stairs but there was nobody, the Footsteps kept going and my Hair stood up in my Neck. The other  Mornig when i had to go early again to work, the Ghost blew my on my Hair on the side of my Head as I was sitting on the Sofa.. This goes on for so long, that I wish that i could see" it". or at least hear " it" one more Time.  All i could find out is , that this used to be Swampland ans after they made the Swampland dry, they grew Orange groves.  My Husbands Father passed away 3 years ago . By Incident i have him or his Spirit on Camera going up the Stairs to our Bedroom. Then i have Photos with a little blue Orb and a bigger one in white color . Also i have  a Photo with me and my 2 Daughters standing in the Livingroom and a shadow like skull on the bottom of the Photo plus it looks like a litte girl in a Sailor Dress standig behind us in the Closet(the closetdoor is open).That's the Story. If anything new happened i let u know.

Ghost in Chicamauga

By: Tennzone7b@aol.com

i grew up in a house just outside the chicamauga battlefield. i had heard of
the story of green eyes, the man who jumped from wilder tower in the 1970's,
i had seen a white figure coming out of the park at night just past the
museum towards fort oglethorpe. (later that night, though-i also saw a man in
a van driving home in a kkk getup......)    no one ever wants to be in the
park at night , as if the park rangers wouldnt catch you almost before you
could even get out of your car. i spent alot of time in that house alone
growing up. a friend and i decided to use a quija board one night. i used a
small communion glass for a pointer and in some weird way , we thought it
would protect us. we faced each other in chairs with our knees touching, but
the glass flew off the board without our hands touching the board. i had also
risked being in the park at night with this friend at a location known as
snodgrass hill. this is one of those places reputed to make your car roll up
hill. though how someone could get their car up there without being arrested
is beyond me , so i cant confirm that. but i do know my friend and i heard
the sound of a chainsaw at 3o'clock in the morning. as far as my house goes,
many things happened there that i cant explain. books fell from my closet for
no reason, lights turned off and on, the stereo in the living room coming on
by itself. one night , while my sister and father were away- i sat down in
front of the tv with a sandwhich to watch (of all things) "tales from the
darkside". i had a very large cat at the time who liked to get up on my
dresser in front  of my mirror. i had a lot of trinkets on the dresser, so i
could hear the sounds of my cat hanging out on my dresser. also, the door was
warped and the lockset was damaged. i would have to pick the door up somewhat
by the knob and pull it firmly to close it. in other words, there was no way
to shut the door quietly.  after a time , i went into my room because i heard
something break. i went to check that my cat had not knocked over a ceramic
piece my mother had given me for christmas recently. everything on my dresser
was where i had left it and i did not see my cat in the room. i was a little
spooked, but i shut the door and went back to the tv. when i went into the
kitchen for more coke (if you were standing in front of the fridge-my room
would be right behind you, and the front door directly to your right)my
bedroom door was open. i walked right into the room, looked around , saw
nothing -but became even more spooked and again - shut the door , this time
turning on the light, before leaving a few choice words behind me.  i watched
the door as i went the kitchen to get a butcher knife(like that would help).
i then walked the few feet to the front door and faced it. i counted to three
and turned to look at my door. it was open and the light was off. i freaked
out, i dropped the knife- i struggled to unlock and open the front doorlike
the the idiot female victim #1 in a horror film. i got out, i  ran to my
neighbors. before i could tell them what happened- they asked me where my
sister was, as they swore they saw someone running after me right after i
knocked. the knife i dropped was not found at the door where i had dropped
it. on another occasion, i had decided to sleep in another room for the
night. when i woke up , i saw what looked like a glass bust of a man about 5
feet from the floor with dust settled on it. it did not move or speak , and
disappeared quickly.  on another occasion, i was sitting at my kitchen table
and i got the odd idea to place my fingertips on the table and concentrate as
if i were using a quija board. i closed my eyes, it seems as though i blacked
or may have lost a few minutes. what i remember most, is actually hearing and
feeling my backend hit the chair. as if i had landed in it.  on still another
occasion- i was in my room trying to sleep. now my frame was so old that i
dismantled it and laid my matress on the floor. i laid it right up aginst the
wall to save space. there was a wall at the head of the bed and on the inside
of the bed. it was directly on the floor. what woke me up that night, was the
realization that my sheets were being pulled off of me towards the wall and
under my bed. slowly. i pulled them back up (and over my head) and tried to
ignore it. it didnt happen again. after that, i moved my bedroom to another
part of the house. the door to my old room would open on its own sometimes,
and in the dead of summer- (with the air off and windows open) i could feel a
cool breeze in the room. i could crack the door and put my hand to it, and it
would feel as though someone were blowing cold air on my hand. my boyfriend
at that time( who is now my husband) is the only other witness to  that
"breeze". the final incident occured shortly before i moved out. i was alone,
it was night. i was washing my clothes . the washer machine is in the hallway
leading to my fathers room. washer machine on one side, the doors to mine and
my sisters room on the other. in other words, my door was directly across the
washer. i bent to put clothes in the dryer and heard  the classic creak of a
door being opened slowly. when i turned around- yes, my door was open. i was
spooked, and i said- "stop that! you're scaring me! dont do that again!!" . i
shut the door , and moved out not too long afterwards.  i have asked my
father and sister if they were playing a trick on me , and to this day - they
say no. ( and look at me like i'm crazy).  as for the door, i had mentioned
it could not be closed quietly, or opened quietly either for that matter.
yet, it opened three times without a sound. and i said i counted to three the
last time the door opened. it seems to me, that someone could open the door
quietly if they did it slowly and carefully enough. but in three seconds? not
likely. i saw my father and sister leave and all the doors and windows were
locked. including the front door i ran out of.  as for the quija board and
the holy communion glass, i have some kind of idea that either something
resented the object i has chosen or that God Himself disagreed. as for the
chainsaw on snodgrass hill, what can i say? who does yardwork at three in the
morning in a national park? my mother ( who lived nearby at the time) always
told me she thought it wa smy grandmother and her mother. she said sometimes
the house would become cold for no reason , and that she would sometimes
smell lemon verbena sachet.  which my grandmother wore.  she died so early in
my life that i cannot remember her. but that explaination contradicts covers
being pulled off my nude body as i slept, and the appearance of a man at the
foot of the bed i was sleeping in.  none of these things ever happened in
front of my sister or father. though my sister can recall the hallway lights
turning off and on by themselves one day while my mother was cutting grass.
all of these things happened while i was alone in the house. my husband is my
only witness, as he felt the breeze coming from my old room and heard
unexplainable sounds at night that neither of us wanted to investigate.
apparently, whatever it was- left the house when i did.  and still , anyone
with any sense- will not be caught in the  park after dark.


Ghost Experience at my House

By: sdavid113@comcast.net

 once at my house, my mother and my friend were sitting in my livivng room while i was in my room. when they were sitting there they heard a soft voice . the voice said hi......my mother thaught it was  me but when she went to look and see if i was there i was still in my room. later on that day my mother was having trouble finding my younger sisters bottle. it was left in my sisters crib but was not there so my mom and i saerched the whole room, but could not find it. we finally gave up and turned to go to the kitchen and just get another bottle . but when we turned we heard a clunk on the floor.  and when we turned around the bottle was sitting right next to my mothers foot and the ground, after we had already searched the room and it was not there before.

Somethings I would like to Share

By: tandemdisc@hotmail.com

Thank you very much for the chance to talk to you.  I dont know how I want
to go about doing this, I dont want to bore you with one long story, so I
thought I would give you some "Cliff Note" versions of them.
I cant recall at this exact moment how old I was, but i was camping at a
state park in Cleburne TX.  I had made some new friends and was sleeping at
there camp this one night.  I awoke one morning around 7, no one was
stirring but there was plenty of light out.  For some reason a sat up and
looked in this particular direction and saw a man walking towards us.  The
whole situation felt so strange that i looked away for a moment then turned
back and he was gone.  A moment meaning 2 seconds maybe, and he was in an
area that he couldnt have gone out of sight that quickly.
I was a little bit older when me and a friend were playing in the woods
behind my house.  We were up against the inside of a little ravine and we
both looked up, and eye level with us was a pair of old boots and dark pants
being worn by someone obviously doing alot of work.  We sat back down for a
second and stared at each other wondering "what the"  we looked back up
again and it was gone.  Again there was no place to go that he could have
hid, it was an open field, my friend mentioned it the next couple of times
we were together talking about how cool it was, then he never spoke of it
again, I once brought it up later and he would have nothing to do with it.
All throughout my high school years I would awaken in the night to first
hearing footsteps around the room and then later on it would be other
noises.  I would always turn on a light and sit up for awhile and it would
soon be alright, then it got to the point where i would lean over and the
lamp wouldnt turn on, I would jump up to turn the overhead light on, it
wouldn't work either, and then I was out of the house in an instant, and
spent the rest of the night at whataburger drinking coffee till daylight.
After high school I lived in Arlington Texas for a couple of years, never
had anything or felt anything strange at all.  Except for one night i was
alone in the house i was sharing with another guy and i heard whistling
coming from the other side of the door.  And of course it freaked me out,
but I recovered from rather quickly until something that happen real
recently brought it back.  I can explain that later.
Well I thought I'd continue on alittle bit longer.
I lived in Montana for a year it was during this time I had several phyiscal
experiences that i really never experienced before or after.
There were numerous times i awoke to both my legs being pulled back and
forth.  Once they were shaken very violently, I would lie in bed in the
evenings and get the feeling of someone either sitting on my back or pushing
down on it.  I have felt these sensations before and after but just not like
the frequency that i felt there.  While growing up I would awaken to the bed
being shaken on several occasions, and I have been pysically touch by some
of my deceased relatives.  And a few others I can get into later.
When I was young I once turned a corner to walk down a hallway at my house
and saw a face in front of my brother's closed bedroom door.  The face was
hard to distinguish because of a rather strong red glow surrounding it.
  I love the supernatural, it scarces me and fasicinates me all at the same
time.  I am always trying to read anything on the subject when its
available.  I guess one day I stopped to think about everything that has
happened to me and decided to share and become part of it all.  I am glad to
tell you more and more if you would like.  At the same time you may not have
any interest so I will stop here and would love to hear a reply.  Thank you
very much


By: sibbison@yahoo.co.uk

It was early 70's in Glasgow, Scotland.

Willie was then a agent for various pop groups and his wife has gone out
to one of her singing gigs along with their young daughter.
Willie was alone in his house for the first time since they'd moved in.
He had not been drinking, has never taken drugs neither was he on any
medication at that time.
At around 2-3am in the morning he went to visit the lavatory and then
obviously came back to bed. He was lying awake when he heard heavy
breathing beside him.  He thought that it must be his own breathing but
when he held his breath the 'other breathing' continued.  He then almost
immediately felt a huge heavy weight on his chest and really thought he
was going to die of suffocation.  He said over and over in his mind
'God,help me','God,help me'
The pressure eased almost immediately even though this incantation was
silent.  Willie said he rushed out of the bedroom and into the living
room where he said that he looked into a mirror and saw his
hair standing on end.   He rushed out of the house and drove around
return until it was light.
When he recounted the story to his wife it frightened her enough for
them to put their double mattress in the living room for over 6
months before they could sell the house.   However during that time
he said that his body sweated out a real stink for quite a few weeks
after this incident and he has never been able to explain any of it.
What to you think it could have been ?  Even when he recalls it today
you can see the fear in him.
He has had other things happen to him so must be sensitive to
spirits.   The house was a lovely home in a normal street nothing too
grand or expensive and not even that old.  Strange eh !!!!  We often
drive past the house and he really regrets having had to leave it -
there are people living there still so obviously they've not had
experiences themselves as far as we know.

This my experience - (lame in comparison)
I live in the old Market town of St Albans in South East England.
Our town was built by the Romans and we have a 14th century abbey and
14th century streets close to the modern city centre.  All in all a very
beautiful and ancient place to live.  One day my mother happened to
mention over lunch that our dog had refused to walk past a house in the
medieval village of St. Michaels.
I didn't believe her at all so took him down there myself.  To my
astonishment when we got to number 61 or so he stopped dead and put his
claws into the ground and wouldn't move - sounds a bit cruel but I
needed to be convinced.  He did this every single time we walked past
but was fine again literally 2 steps further down the road once we
picked him up and carried him forward.  We watched the actions of other
dogs but no other ever had the same fear.
We discovered that the house had often been bought and sold - there
seemed to always be a 'for sale' sign outside.  Anyway reading through
some history of the place we found out that there were tunnels under all
of these houses that the monks used to use to go to the abbey nearby -
not scary at all really but further investigation told us that this
particular house was built on the site of an old abbatoir.  I cannot
believe though that a dog could smell blood that was a few hundred years
old - if that indeed was the case !!!  We'll never know.

Fort Clinch Ghost

By: spage1@mediaone.net

We live near a Civil War era masonry fort (which is in Fernandina Beach, Fl,
near the Fl/Ga border) that we love to visit on a regular basis. Our
favorite events are the torchlight tours held on Saturday evenings. There is
no artificial light allowed, and the only light is provided by torches,
fires, and lanterns-and a moon, if you're lucky. This past month, my son and
I attended a torchlight tour. We were aware of the ghost stories: Yankee
soldiers, a woman in white who searches for her baby, and the cries of a
baby who died in the fort during the Great Depression. Then there are the
ghosts who are heard but not seen-footsteps are heard in the infirmary and
on the ramparts, and the latter ghost comes equipped with keys! My son and I
are interested in the paranormal, but until this night neither one of us had
seen a ghost. It was a particularly dark night-no moon, no clouds, and the
fort's buildings were barely discernable. My son was standing in the middle
of the parade ground when he heard a slight noise and saw a movement out of
the corner of his eye. Looking up at the building that once housed soldiers,
he saw a man in the third window from the left. Even though the building
itself was barely visible, this man was very bright. My son said he seemed
to be lit from the inside. The figure appeared to be a Yankee soldier.
According to my son's account, this spirit made direct eye contact with him.
The soldier tipped his hat and faded away, and the window was once again
pitch dark. My son said that during the entire episode, which lasted about 2
minutes, he felt tingles up and down his spine. When he told me his story, I
wanted to believe him. He doesn't make things up as a rule. A good test
would be to tell some of the re-enactors about it. When we began telling the
first person we could find, she asked if the ghost had appeared in the third
window. We confirmed that it did. My son described a ghost that has been
seen by over 60 people!

Happy to Share


I am so happy to have stumbled across your site on the web.  I have been searching for a site like yours for some time.
I grew up in Northern Delaware in a town called Hockessin.  There was nothing extraordinary about our neighborhood.  The houses were not terribly old (most of them built in the late 60s).  From the time we moved there in the 70s, when I was five, I can remember having a feeling as if someone was watching me.  This may sound absurd, but I was never afraid.  In fact, I always felt very safe.
My parents had known we had a ghost for years.  They had, in fact, seen her many, many times and never said a word in front of me (for obvious reasons).  It wasn’t until I was about 13 years old that I had my first experience with “Emily”.  I was having a friend spend the night.  We had just come from a school dance, and it was late when we finally got to bed.  I was just drifting of to sleep when I very clearly heard a child laugh.  At first, I didn’t even flinch-I think I worked it into my sleep somehow, as a dream.  But then my friend asked if I had heard it.  We both pulled the covers over our heads-and she kept asking me over and over what or who that was.  There were no little children living there-I was the youngest of four-so where had the laugh come from?
We both told my parents what had happened the next morning.  They made light of it-of course-and didn’t offer any kind of explanation to either of us.  That night, my father sat me down and told me all about “Emily”.  He said that for years he and my mother had seen a little girl, dressed in night clothes, walk from the bedroom at the end of the hallway (next to mine), past their bedroom, and down the hall towards the living room.  I remember my father telling me that she had even “stuck her head” in the doorway of their room once-and he had beckoned to her and told her not to be afraid.  He said she had kind of “vanished” when he talked to her.  They had both said they thought her night clothes appeared older or Victorian even-as she wore a night cap.  They had fondly called her Emily.  (The back bedroom she walked from was always very, very cool in comparison to the rest of the house.)
I have to say that although I did sometimes have an uneasy feeling if I was alone at night in the house, I still was not afraid.  I, unfortunately, never had the privilege of seeing Emily, but they never had the privilege of hearing her laugh.  She sounded so joyful.  I can’t help but wonder what happened to that little girl and why she stayed for so long behind.  I have never been able to find any history of the property-and any advice you can give me in this area would be most appreciated.
After the laugh, the only other experiences I ever had were feeling like someone was tugging on my shirt or tapping me a few times, especially downstairs when I was in the laundry room (I was not the only person in the house that this happened to in that room).  Once a can of soda slid across our entire kitchen table.  Little things like that.
When my father was dying of Cancer, at home, we had the house blessed by our priest.  We told him about Emily, and as he blessed the house, he did say that if any spirits were at unrest in our home, that it was alright to go.
My mother still lives in the house, and I still go there often.  I am never afraid, but always at ease there.  In fact, it may seem strange but when there is any kind of turmoil in my life, I love to go there for peace.  Neither my mother nor I have seen Emily since my father passed when I was 16.  My niece, however, does continue to have strange things happen when she is there.  Her last experience consisted of the television going off and on, followed by the lights.  I did not see this personally, but one of her friends was with her.  The electricity in the rest of the house was fine-and she and her friend did come running up the stairs.  I can’t help but hope that it is not Emily and that she has moved on.
I now have my own home and a two-year-old boy.  I had never had any experiences in my home until recently.  I kept catching a glimpse of something passing by me out of the corner of my eye.  I did not think anything of it and tossed it up to needing more sleep.  The other night, however, while my son was in his high chair eating dinner, he pointed past me into the living room and said “mommy, who’s that?”.  I turned but did not see anything.  We shall see…
I’m sorry to go on and on, but am delighted to finally tell someone who won’t grimace and roll their eyes at me!  Thanks for letting me share my experience.

Disney is really Haunted!!

By: 12AR@msn.com

hey u guys!! (again) I went to Disney Land  and we went on the space mountain ride. My sisters boyfriend says he saw a guy on the railings looking at us and he looked back real fast and saw nothing there and there was no way he could have been on the railings!!!!!! And also on that ride with the little girl and her ball I screamed and panicked, but this might scare you too, but I was in the line and I heard a little girl crying and I looked down in the crease right were the girl fell and I saw a little girl playing with a ball and I didn't hear bout that story yet and then I thought the girl was adorable so I went to go tell my boyfriend "Look how cute she is, but where's her daddy?"  then my boyfriend had a big fear on his face and told me the story and I freaked and I looked back down again and I saw her for one second and she vanished but before she vanished she looked rite up at me with the saddest eyes iv ever seen  and I am really scared to go back over there now. but I screamed very lowed and the manager asked me what was wrong and I told him I saw a spider so I lied to him so we wouldn't get kicked off!!!

Contact with Visitors from Beyond

By: dantalian73@hotmail.com

I would like to preface this story by telling you that I love your site and have been a regular visitor here for over a year now.  It is heartening to know that many people from around the globe have shared my confusion and fear when in the prescence of the ghostly denizens of our world.
My contact with visitors beyond our plane began when I was around 3 years old and was living with my parents in on Deer Point Lake near Panama City, Florida.  I would oftentimes awake during the night and look into the mirror attatched to my dressor at the foot of my bed to find a woman staring back at me from beneath the cowl of a sable cape that she wore.  The outside of the cape wasn't so much black as it was the complete absence of light.  The cape's lining was dark crimson, which was a violent contrast to the chalky pallor of the woman's skin.  I would always jump from my bed and run screaming into my parent's room when these sightings first began, but since my folks never seemed to take me seriously I finally got to the point where I would just hide my face under the covers anytime the lady would appear.
My parents separated when I was 5, and due to financial reasons, my mother, newborn sister, and I moved to a smaller house closer to where she worked at our local community college.  I recall being relieved at the time that I wouldn't have to worry about seeing the strange woman anymore, as I was certain she wouldn't be able to follow me to our new home.  Heh, boy was I ever wrong.
On the first night in our new home I started in my sleep to look up and find the same form staring back at me.  When I would go to my father's house to visit him, if I went to the bathroom at night without turning the lights on first, I would almost always find her there as well.
As I grew older, the sightings of the woman happened less and less frequently and I eventually got to a point where I would stop expecting to have them.  The sightings after I passed through puberty only seemed to happen when significant changes took place in my life.  Before my twin daughters were born, I saw her.  While going through my own divorce, I saw her.  Shortly after meeting my current fiance, I saw her.  I have finally grown somewhat accustomed to seeing her every so often, but the initial shock is always there upon looking up into a mirror to see her staring back at me.  It may seem childish, but I will rarely ever glance into a mirror unless the lights are on in the room.
I have no clue who the woman is, but she is the only apparition that has followed me throughout my life.  I have seen others, but never with the same frequency or mind-jarring shock that accompanies this one.  Through conversations with my mother, I learned that things like this are common among the women on her side of the family (I am a man).  All of my grandmother's sisters and daughters also have a single lock of whitish-grey hair just above thier foreheads.  I always assumed it was a family gene that bred true because I have it as well, yet my sister who was born shortly after my grandmother died doesn't have it.  What is also interesting, is that evidently my maternal grandmother was involved in the occult and she performed some sort of cabbalistic blessing upon me when I was very small.  I only heard about this through a passing remark by my father telling me that my grandmother was crazy and used to speak "in toungues" around me and that is why I was rarely taken to
It is so difficult to piece together anything rationale about my brushes with "the other side."  I would appreciate it if you have had experiances with apparitions of this nature, if you would email me at dantalian73@hotmail.com.  Please no spam and no religious conversion emails.  I am a devout athiest who doesn't feel like being converted.

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