In Tennessee

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Adams - John Bell Farm - The Bell Witch is the horrible spirit caused much trouble and may have killed John.

Alcoa - The Old Stone House - It is said haunted by an old man who built on the house for over 45yrs. He and his wife believed that as long as they kept on working on the stone house that they would never die. His wife died first and he just said that she lost her faith. He died about 20 yrs later but you can still see candlelight and hear him building on the house even during the day.

Antioch - Henry –Loroe Lane - One an old lady was killed by a coyote in the woods across the street from Loroe Lane. As the most realistic story yet she will come and watch you sleep at night if you live on Loroe Lane. She follows young kids around after dark She is known as the Antioch Deathkiller.

Arney Hill Cemetery - Granny February - a local legend, is said to buried there. If you go to her grave at midnight on Halloween, it is said you will hear her rocking in  her rocking chair.

Athens - Wesleyan College - is haunted as students have reported hearing strange voices and seeing dark figures moving near the spot where two trees grew side by side for 165 years. Believed to be a spot where two star-crossed lovers were buried.

Atoka - Bethel Assembly of God Church - The church has a large and fairly old cemetery (est. in the 1850's) on its grounds, these grounds are said to house a very unfriendly spirit. The spirit is said to have a dog like head, lion sized body with the coarse mane like hair, and deep red eyes. I have been told of two incidents when it was sighted and chased people out of the cemetery. On one occasion as the people cleared the fence to get away it hit the fence so hard that it shook, but it did not pursue them after they had left.

Bellwood Mansion - A deserted run down mansion, located in the middle of the woods. Supposed to be a haven for ghosts, paranormal activity, and witchcraft. Located in Dover Tennessee, near the Cumberland River

Big Sandy - Big Sandy Rail road Junction - A conductor fell off of a train, and His head was tore off by the train wheels and He searches on foggy nights and on the death date for his head with a single light that if you walk toward it, It'll stay right there , But you feel nothing at all!

Blountville - Sullivan County News - A ghost called "George" haunts this building.

Bolivar - Parran House - the ghost in a rocking chair can be seen on the front porch.

Bristol - Arnett Home - Disturbed by some kind of disgruntled spirit. Loud, very clear sounds of someone walking around are heard in both the day and the night. The house is said to have a very unnatural influence on many people. There have been reported sounds of guns being fired in the backyard, but no one being present. Also very faint whispers have been heard when being alone in the house.

Bristol - Sullivan East High school - A long time ago back in the 80's a young girl hid from the teachers in the janitors closet. The janitor raped and murdered her. He put her in the cafeteria salad bar. Now to this day everyday the lunch ladies fix salads they can hear that girl screaming for help in a low deep voice.

Bristol - Weaver Cemetery - High EMF readings, vortexes, and feelings of wooziness, and being followed.

Briceville - Train Trussel Bridge - Lower End of Briceville - The KKK used to be active in this town, and they hung a black man off this bridge named Drummond. It is said every night at midnight he walks from one end of the bridge to the other. He then disappears and you can hear the rope swinging. The dare was to at midnight, walk across the bridge and back.

Caryville - Red Ash Cemetery - There is a good 10 mile stretch in which several paranormal sightings have occurred.  Witnesses report a red half human, half goat figure that was nearly 8 feet tall with a pentagram in it's forehead. As they sped away, they had to cross a set of railroad tracks. Directly in front of them, there was a strange blue light that was hovering over the railroad tracks. It was about 10 feet wide.

Caryville - Red Ash Coal Towers - saw an apparition of a man who had fallen off of them some 50 years ago, also in the office of the depot, reports of furniture moving itself and felt a presence of someone else in the room. Even reports of a train coming, when the railroad tracks have been defunct for nearly 50 years.

Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill Light - There is a railroad crossing where many people have reported a strange, unexplainable light on the tracks. Supposedly a railroad worker was killed, becoming decapitated, many years ago. The light is said to be him swinging a lantern looking for his head. Police don't allow people to park around the tracks anymore though, you will need permission to visit.

Chattanooga - Greenwood Cemetery - Long ago at a lake across from the cemetery, a wealthy family lived in a large house. The wife was stricken with an illness and had to be put in a wheelchair. Her husband fell in love with another woman and pushed his wife into the lake killing her. Some nights she can be seen as a green mist hovering above the ground and there will be wheelchair tracks on the ground.

Chattanooga - Read House - room 311 - June 2008 - Removed. It was built in the 20th century.

Chinqapin - Bristol - Haunted Hollow - a small road  which glides to a dead end can sometimes mess with time and space coordination while a strange feeling of being watched hovers around.

Churchill - Fields - There have been numbers of reports of seeing impish like creatures best described as cows wondering the fields of church hill late on Halloween night. Most spotters describe the beast as red eyed /possessed look.

Clarksburg - Palestine Church - This is an old abandoned church that is surrounded by a cemetery. You can still go inside the church, it is not locked. If you go inside at night, you can see a person sitting on the piano stool, and hear them begin to play the very LOW notes on the piano. Also, you can see someone standing in the corner wearing a black cloak, and covering his or her face. You can hear the wood floor creaking as if someone is walking toward you, if you have the courage to STAY that long. As you start to leave you can hear the sounds of "things" running through the woods, leaves rustling, sticks breaking, etc. And you have the feeling of being "watched" the whole time you are there.

Clarksville - Amanda Dr.- October 2003 Udate: The building has been torn down - Its an abandoned building in a neighborhood built in the early 1800s. In this building you can hear moaning and groaning going on. You will hear a woman sounding like she is in pleasure. This happens at 11:00pm-12:00am every other day. Sometimes you can see a visual perspective of a young woman. I advise not to go but go at your own risk.

Clarksville - Austin Peay State University - This is in relation to the haunting of the school's Trahern theatre. last year(2002) in a production the theatre department was producing. One afternoon, a perfectly clear afternoon, with no rain, the cast was on stage rehearsing, suddenly the lights dimmed on and off three times at differing periods of length, no more than a few seconds each time. it was clear, there was no reason for the electricity to go out, and no one was in the lighting booth, the lights simply seemed to go out on there own. We all joked it was the ghost, trying to get us to leave her alone.

Clarksville - Austin Peay State University - Trahern Theater - The Third floor and stage are apparently haunted by a ghost of a young woman students call "Margaret". Messing with elevators, locking doors, banging lockers, and calling the unfortunate night owl's name.

Clarksville - Gateway Hospital - A ghost was seen walking past an opened door into a hallway on the first floor of Gateway Hospital. There were no legs below thigh level. 

Clarksville - Palmyra - Headless Statues - : There is a ghost by the name of E.T. Wickham who haunts the grounds at and around the headless statues. Strange noises and such have been heard near the cabin he used to live in across the street. The cabin still stands but is in ruin. The statues are all still standing but are in desperate need of repair. - March 2007 update: The Statues are no longer there. They have been removed by relatives and family of Wickham.

Clarksville - Reasthaven cemetery  - there's a house back behind the actual cemetery that is said to have been the house of a slave owner. As the story goes one of the slaves impregnated the slave owner's daughter by forms of rape. The slave owner killed the slave. It is said that the slave still haunts the house and neighboring cemetery looking for his unborn child. I've been there myself and me and some other people were walking up to the house and light bluish/greenish light crept up the house. so of course we fled to where we were parked on the outside road. we got in the car and as we pulled off a wind of gravel hit the back window. the weird thing was we were on a paved road with no gravel in sight.

Clarksville - Smith Trahern Mansion - The ghost of Mrs. Smith is said to be seen on the widow's walk on moonlit nights. The house overlooks the Cumberland River where her husband was a Riverboat Captain. In life, she sat on the balcony overlooking the river waiting for him to come home. He died in an accident on the river, and never returned to her. She still stands in vigil, waiting for her husband to come home.

Cleveland - Greens Cavern - On October 30th a tall shadowy figure is said to be seen roaming through the open field carrying a sickle. at 12:00 midnight he returns to the cavern if you pass by him your soul will stay with him in his cavern. it’s mystery why he's there.

Clifton - Field behind the Public Library - There is a field behind the Public Library that if you go to between 8:00pm and 5:00am then you can sometimes see a white figure of a man moving around the field.  They say that the white figure is a man by the name of Rosco Young Blood who buried his money in the field back in the 1950's and still roams the field trying to find his money that he buried there.

Collinwood - Park in the center of town - Many of the old folks in Collinwood tell of a tree in the park where slaves were hanged during the slave days. They say that if you walk through the park on stormy nights that all of the trees will be moving from the wind blowing through the branches and leaves- except one.

Columbia - Bear Creek Church - no known denomination. It has two stories, but only the first is accessible. The windows are painted blood red, even on the 2nd floor. Now abandoned, the place is still heavily guarded by pure evil, evident through spectral photos.

Columbia - The abandon cemetery - The cemetery is over 100 years old and its deep in the woods. Sometimes when you walk past the cemetery you can hear children playing or you can hear someone getting murdered.

Cookville - Old Dirt Road - A young woman who had an accident on an old dirt road by a huge rock in Cookville late at night back in the 1950's has been seen by passers at midnight on the anniversary of her death. She was seen sitting on the rock wearing white.

Cordova - Old Town Cemetery - The cemetery is very old due to the graves dating back to the early 1800's. Flashing lights can be seen from the trees at night when no source of light is even visible. And at a certain grave whose name is "Susan" reveals the shadow of a face and orbs when photographed.

Cowan - Ciwan Cemetery - At night you can see the tombstones shine and people sometimes report seeing people standing be side them.

Cragfont - Castalian Springs - Now toured during the day, at night witnesses have seen candles burning inside, heard loud screams, breathing and the feeling of being followed.

Cragfont - The Winchester house - built from 1798 and completed 1802. General James Winchester was a hero of the revolution, a Tennessee pioneer, and one of the founders of Memphis, Tennessee. Cragfont has reopened for the season. I can attest to strong energy levels in the master bedroom and the nursery, as well as a few other areas of the house. Be sure to stop by on a Sunday and ask Joanne for the "ghost tour."

Crossville - Mile Marker Ten - it has been said that if one puts their vehicle in neutral when you get to the hill your vehicle will be pushed up it. When you get out their will be handprints on the back of the vehicle.  The reason is because a bus broke down with a load of kids and a semi came over the hill and hit them killing them all. The reason you are pushed over the hill is to get you out of the way of on coming traffic.

Dandridge - Tennessee Mountain Inn - Dandridge - The spirit of a little girl can be seen walking the balcony at night. She has appeared on several occasions and one lucky person caught her on film! A gentle spirit, not malevolent at all.

Decherd - North Junior High School - There is the spirit of a girl who haunts the school. She will call out to you, calling out your name in a pleading voice, asking for help. But when you turn to see where the voice is, there will not be anyone there. Her voice is normally heard in the afternoon and early evening.

Dover - Fort Donnellson National Battlefield - Said to be dead soldiers walking at night. Gun shots fired throughout the night.

Dover - Fort Donelson National Battlefield - Cemetery - haunted by the ghost of Civil War infantryman Reuben Hammond, who is buried there. Reuben believes his job is to stand watch and make sure his dead comrades are safe. He's also very lonely and sad because no one talks to him. Even if you can't see him, just a simple greeting makes his day (or eternity, as it were). He'll follow you around for a while because he is just so glad of your company, and will wave from the top of the cemetery as you leave. His name is listed in the records at the Surrender House. We knew of him because he called out his name as we pulled up to park the car.

Dover - The Surrender House - The Surrender House in Dover, Tennessee which is part of Fort Donelson National Battlefield Park is haunted. A volunteer at site experienced some pretty odd things. A ghostly presence of a Federal Officer. 

Dover - The Crow Home - Rumors has it that this theater located in the middle of the city is haunted by a man. The theater was once some kind of army hospital way back when. It gained publicity by local radio station...Voices and even sightings have been heard there. Right next to the Fort Donnellson National Cemetery, just below the fort, this house was used as a hospital after the battle! Now a posh bed & breakfast! you can hear doors open by themselves, & soft voices crying throughout the home!

Dry Hollow - Crazy George's Bridge - It is said that an old railroad worker was working on night under the bridge and he slipped and fell and got knocked out with his head on the tracks and the train decapitated him. If you go there on a rainy, stormy night you can see him walking with a lantern looking for his head.

Dyersburg - Dyersburg Middle School - in 1977 two teachers were murdered in the gym of the school. These two people had been having an affair and the wife found out and shot them. She was sent to an insane asylum where she died a few years later. The ghosts of these two teachers haunt the gym. - October 2004 update: Dyersburg Middle School's Gym has been torn down.They have built a new school, and the remains of the old school is still standing and is the Dyersburg City School Systems office.

Elizabethton - Gwendolyn’s house - short and sweet. not really sure what went on in this early 1900's house right off of Bristol highway. Witnesses say there is heavy activity in a house not surrounded by any living occupants. Ghost dogs, what appeared to be a little girl, and a ghost that told us to leave before she disappeared is just the tip of the iceberg.

Elizabethton - The Steel Bridge - A long time ago a young man and woman were under the steel bridge on a date. The two were robbed! The girl was stabbed and died immediately. The boy was stabbed and ran from robber. He stopped a car on the bridge and jumpe dinto the back seat. Now every year on Halloween night at midnight you can drive onto the bridge and stop in the middle and someone will get into your back seat! You can see the impression of there weight on the seat. You can even try it with your doors locked and he will stilll get in!!

Elkton - Hanniwal Bridge - An abandoned 19th century bridge standing approximately 100 feet over the Elk river. Supposedly a mother and her infant child were crossing the bridge one night in their carriage, when suddenly the carriage wheel broke, flipping the carriage over into the river, killing the both of them. Local residents claim that if you go to the bridge late at night, you can hear the faint cries of the baby and the horrid screams of the terrified mother.

Eagleville / Rockvale - Dyer Cemetery - in the 1800s there was three women that was condemned has witches and buried there. u can see lights, hear voices, occasionally be touched or grabbed at and when u turn around there is nothing there. there has been reports of spirits or ghosts and hands that felt like broom straw scratching people on face and arms under the cedar tree at the main gate. there has been red balls of fire as big as soft balls seen in the center of the cemetery at the foot of cedar trees and they will go up the tree and go out. u can always go there and u will always hear voices or see lights if not more. some of the younger dyers have reported seeing full body apparitions (ghost) in the rear of the cemetery. more spirits and voices have been seen and heard during the months of spring and fall.

Englewood - Central High - One night at a central football game, a little girl was walking around the track with her friends. She was scared of many things so constantly she would turn her head and make sure everything was all right. Once, she turned her head and she saw that a group of gothic people were looking at her from the corner of the track and she saw that one of the gothic people were pointing at her as if they were going to kill her. Now if you go to the track at night and look in the left corner, you can still see people pointing at you.

Etowah - Etowah City School - Basketball Court - During a basketball game a couple of years ago some eighth graders were taking pictures of the game. It was the big, red and white game (the school colors were red and white). When the pictures were developed they saw a shadowy figure in an old Etowah High School basketball jersey. The Etowah High School was torn down about 50 years earlier, and they turned it into Etowah City School, and the high school kids in Etowah had to travel to Englewood, TN to attend McMinn Central High School. Anyway, they did some research and found out that the boy had actually committed suicide on that court when he was a senior because he lost his last high school basketball game.

Flintville - Flintville school - the Flintville light has seemed to cause many distractions. an old man carrying an lantern across Flintville elementary school where the old railroad tracks used to be.

Flintville - Off Flintville Road - The Flintville Light has been a haunt for many years. Many young lovers go there and try to see the Light. Most think it is just a way to get your sweetheart in a parked car on a dark deserted road. Many have gone there to park, to spend time alone together. While they are there, a mysterious light appears from the old railroad track. The light will appear to come towards you. The story behind the light is that a local was out walking the track and was run over by a speeding train. His body parts was scattered for 150 yards. The story of the light has been around for decades. Even though the railroad tracks are gone, you can still see the chilling light as it makes it way towards. As the light appears to be very close, it just up and disappears.

Franklin - Carnton Mansion - here is a Historic mansion in Franklin Tn called Carnton. It was used as a confederate hospital during the Civil War(battle of Franklin). Gun shots, rhythmic drum beats, voices, and running footsteps can be heard there any night. There have been recordings of sounds and pictures taken there by local investigators.

Franklin - Carnton Plantation Cemetery - on one row on the right (where the soldiers are buried) lie the graves of twin brothers. One of them delights in tickling your ankles or trying to grab your ankle as you walk by the row where they're buried. This is not the little girl's spirit, but one of the soldiers.

Franklin - Carter House - While Carnton Mansion was the site of the Civil War hospital, Carter House was the site where the Battle of Franklin actually happened. There have been reports of the Confederates being heard marching down the hill, of the eldest son of Mr. Carter being seen on the bed where he died after being wounded in the battle, of the wounded inside the house, and of the toddler son of Mr. Carter who was killed when he fell from the staircase.

Franklin - Confederate Cemetery (adjacent to Carton Mansion) - This site is haunted by a little girl who runs up and down the fence row running her hand along the fence. The noise has also been heard. A soldier guards the gave sites and follows people around until they leave the yard.

Gallatin - Oliver’s Restaurant - January 2007 Update – formerly listed on this site as "Loco Lupes" - It was built in the 1800's and before it was a restaurant in was the Sumner County Jail. If your in the restaurant late at night. Upstairs you can hear voices, knocking on walls, and slamming door's also you can hear someone walking on the stair's. If your downstairs you can hear the toilets flush and the water faucet will turn off and on.

Gatlinburg - Greenbrier Restaurant - At the Greenbrier Restaurant the ghost of a young woman who committed suicide in the restaurant can sometimes be seen.

Gatlinburg - Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort - This place is haunted by many spirits and/or demons.  Being one of the oldest hotels in Gatlinburg many events have taken place here over time. 

Gatlinburg - Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort - TOWER - First, in room 471, in the summer of 1999, a businessman was out of town staying in this room.  He was walking around the pool (next to this room) for most of the evening and into the night hours.  When the pool closed a maintenance man told him that he would have to leave the pool was closed.  This is the last anyone would see of this gentleman because, the next day when he was supposed to check out and did not, a maid went to the room to check things out.  Upon walking into the room, she found the man had committed suicide with a 357.  He had also left a $3.57 tip on the table.  Many have claimed to see a shadow walking around the pool at night in the windows of the rooms around the pool.  Next, in the early 1980's, a boy scout group had rented the entire 7th. Floor of the building.  This is hard to accurately describe, since no one who was working there at the time cares to elaborate on any details from this event, but all that was gathered is that the boy scout leader had apparently gone crazy and killed some of the scouts before being caught.  When the building was closed for the winter one year (Gatlinburg is a tourist town which is really only full for the summer and autumn months) an employee was making rounds through the building and stopped on the 7 th. Floor and heard running and screams he ran to check for intruders only to find nothing, no rooms were rented in the Tower that evening. 

Gatlinburg - Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort – HOLIDOME - 413 - in the front of the complex outside, in the late 1970's two young girls were staying there for the night.  They went downtown and picked up a guy from a local bar and brought him back to their room.  While the other girl was out smoking, the guy drowned her female friend in the bathtub and put her body under the bed.  Then while leaving he went down the back stairwell outside beside the kitchen and found the other girl smoking, then he proceeded to strangle her as well, and drug her body to the roof of the building (then easily accessible).  Maids over the years have reported hearing noises from the bathroom and objects in the room moving from one place to another, while cleaning the room. 

Gatlinburg - Mount LeCounte - At 3:33a.m. a little girl will appear at the edge of the bed and watch the people sleep.

Gatlinburg - Rocky Top Inn - In the old office located in the back of the building, a multiple murder occurred. An estranged local killed two employee's of the motel. Motif unknown. The killing's were of such a perverse nature that you can sometimes still hear them screaming for there lives. People have seen ghostly apparitions around the back parking lot, and near the fountain. These murders occurred over 15 years ago. The killer was charged convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Gatlinburg - Rumor has it that in the heart of Gatlinburg, near a place called the Mysterious Mansion, a young girl about age, 7 fell off a hotel balcony, and landed in a creek below. Every two weeks before her death's anniversary, you can see her crying and pointing up to the spot where she fell to her death.

Gatlinburg - Terror on the Parkway - Formerly Known as Hauntings this place is haunted by several ghosts. Especially one of a former manager who ran the operation in the early eighties. - February 2004 update/correction: a visitor to our site states, “These Stories are very true. However the room 413 has not been in operation since the events of the evening in your story the room was removed from operation.” They claim to have been associated with this facility for many years and the stories and events are well beyond what has been mentioned here. Of course they realize these are events reported by persons directly involved but they are very surprised there isn’t allot more of them.

Graysville - Graysville Mountain - It has been rumored for a long time now that the rock overhang on the mountain is haunted by several ghost that come out at night. Feelings of suicide have over whelmed ones visiting.

Greeneville - Old Arch Rail Road Bridge - March 2007: Has been Removed

Greeneville - Robin Hood Road - It is said that a young girl by the name of Ryan was killed in her own house by one of her parents yet nobody really knows how. It is said that her remains are still in the basement of the house and that she still roams the streets harming no one but looking for help to uncover the truth. lights going on and off in the house, things moving around, blinds opening, and sightings of Ryan.

Greeneville - Tusculum College - Doak House - This is a small building on the outskirts of Tusculum College. Several people have reported hearing an piano/organ play upstairs, but there's no one there.

Greeneville - Tusculum College - Katherine Hall - Used to be an all-girls dorm; it is an all-guys dorm now. Story is that there was a girl that had a baby but the head mother took the baby away. The girl took the baby back and supposedly killed the head mother. The baby is supposedly buried behind the dorm.

Greeneville - Tusculum College - Virginia Hall - Used to be an all-female dorm. It is mostly offices and classrooms now. The head mother's room was in the attic. The dorm caught fire but the head mother couldn't get out. The girls could hear her screaming. Classes where held on the 3rd floor. The 4th floor is the attic. The door to the 4th floor is sealed, and the elevator will not go to the 4th floor.

Harriman - Swan Pond Baptist Church - This church is supposed to be haunted by the preacher who hung himself about 17years ago. It is said if you drive around the church at midnight, you can see him hanging in the bell tower. other stuff with the surrounding cemetery

Harriman - Swan Pond Community Church - It has been heard that the pastor of this church hung himself in one of the rooms in the church. There has been a lot of people that have heard noises when no one or nothing was around. In pictures you can see different sizes and orb shapes. You can hear doors slam, and at night, it has been told that you can see red or green lights that are shaped like eyes. It has also been told that on a certain Saturday of the month, if you drive three circles around this church at a specific time, you will see nothing around you, every thing seems to disappear momentarily. All of the windows and doors are boarded, but they still have services here but only on Sunday morning. It is said that there are only a handful of people that attend, its strange because the church is enormous.

Harrison - Harrison bay - There is supposedly a cabin not far from the bay in the woods. there was a couple of people murdered in the cabin. The caretaker of the cabin was an albino man. They said that he was the murderer. It is said that you can see red eyes in the woods moving. Not like someone is walking but as if they were floating. They say that the albino is named pasty...

Harrogate - Lincoln Memorial University - Grant-Lee Dormitory In the mid 1800's,when the university was the Four Seasons Hotel, a fire broke out in the sanitarium, which is now Grant-Lee Dormitory, burning the building to the ground. All survived except for a woman, who was wearing a red dress, and her child, on the forth floor. In the 1960's a fire broke out again, and once again the building was burned to the ground. Witnesses say they saw a lady standing in a forth floor window, wearing a red dress, shouting for help. The sounds of someone up the stairs to the forth floor can sometimes be heard still, and some still claim to see the lady run down the hall to her child’s room.

Harrogate - Lincoln Memorial University - LP Dorm - A foreign exchange student reported being held down by an unknown force and talked to in a very rapid voice in English on three separate occasions. The student could not understand what was said due to the rapid speech.

Harrogate - Lincoln Memorial University - Radio Station - The apparition of the man in black has been seen.

Hendersonville - Ellis Middle School - Formerly Hendersonville High School, this school is reputed to be haunted by a phantom known as "The Colonel." A former night cleaning staff working at night have heard his footsteps walking the upstairs hall when the place was supposed to be empty and another person has seen a figure lurking in the windows of the library on the second floor. The round structure was built with a lot of steel which might account for the nature of the sounds and haunting.

Hendersonville - Hendersonville High School - Stories go that Colonel Barry (who used to own the property) haunts the high school.  Staff and custodial staff often heard extra footsteps and the fire doors would open and shut, as if somebody opened them to walk through.  A teacher was once sitting in the bleachers watching cheerleading practice below and she heard (and felt) footsteps coming up to her, but nobody was there.  She called practice off and refused to go in the bleachers at night.

Hendersonville - Trinity Broadcasting Theatre - Often a man with long black hair dressed in black can be seen walking up behind you. When you turn around you see no one is there. There are always sounds in the theatre.

Henry - Hanging Hill - this is a hill where hangings used to take place. there is a tree branch that stretches across the road where the hangings occurred. park under the branch, turn the vehicle off, and turn the light out, and you will witness a light in the distance. That is the people that are coming to watch the hanging.

Henry - Springville - This is in a small neighborhood town. It's on a side road. There is a little drive off of the side road (it is a dirt road) that goes back into fields, but on each side there is lots of tress, but now they keep it chained up. A lot of years ago, a man was hung down there and they say his spirit still haunts this place. When you drive down the road you have to go all the way until you come to a dead end. You will see a lantern swinging in the mist like as if someone has it walking towards you. Sometimes your car will not start. The owner of the property was not responsible if anything happened to anyone. Still to this day the Springville Ghost exists.

Hickory Valley - Ames Plantation - It is said that on the Ames Plantation, strange noises and visions are not uncommon. Sometimes late in the evening, you can hear what is said to be slaves singing and working. It is also the location of quiet a few suicides. A woman and a little girl dressed in old-fashioned clothes are the most common spirits there. They are said to be the owner of the plantation's wife and daughter.

Huntingdon - Huntingdon high school - in the 1980's there was a reported woman that worked in the cafeteria had chopped off another woman's head and put it in the children’s roast soup and from now on the children say every time they make roast soup you can here the woman crying in pain

Hurricane Mills - Loretta Lynn's House - This old estate had been the scene of a civil war battle. several confederate soldiers were buried here and the original owner of the house is also buried here. witness reports of people standing by a bed and doors that open and close by themselves. Sounds of footsteps and chains being dragged across the porch.

Hurricane Mills - Mills Plantation - The plantation is said to be haunted by ghosts of soldiers from the Civil War.  Apparations have been reported to have been seen, unexplanable noises have been heard, pictures have shifted by themselves.  Home is currently owned by country music star Loretta Lynn and is open for tours as part of Loretta Lynn's Rance.  The home was featured on a Travel Channel special called "Loretta Lynn's Haunted Plantation."

Jasper - East Valley Bridge - a long time ago, a man was having an affair with his babysitter and soon the wife found out, and the man got mad and took the babysitter and cut her up and put her in a duffel bag and threw her in the river that runs under it. People say that if you go to the bridge midnight on Halloween by the way when it happened) and honk the horn 3x and blink the lights 3x and you get out the car she will rise up and if you try to get in the door will be locked and she is supposed to swoop down.

Jefferson City - Old AJ Highway - Said that a girl is seen walking around the attic at night and can see her shadow.

Jefferson City - Glenmore Mansion off of old AJ Highway - Light is seen in the attic.

Jefferson City - Jefferson City Inn - Jefferson Inn is what it was last called, but now it is the home of Lisa Sczcesny and Scott Arnold. I have stayed there myself and the place is very haunted. Built during the Civil War it was called the colonial hotel. Many deaths have occurred there. One man is said to have shot his self in the kitchen, another was pushed down the stairs by his wife and killed. a slave hung herself in the basement. Sometimes at night you can hear a woman screaming on the stairs and shutters opening and closing. And once and a while you see images in mirrors and guns going off.

Jefferson City - Jefferson County High School - Rumor is a girl was raped and murdered in a closet 8 years ago, and kids in the class room constantly complain about the cool air coming from the closet and there are always scratch marks on the closet door popping up, day after day.

Jefferson City - Jefferson Middle School - Jefferson Middle School used to be known as Jefferson High School a few years back, and once a basketball player was on her way to a school dance, and she was killed in a car crash. Coaches and gym teaches have sworn to hear basketballs bouncing while alone, grading papers, in the gymnasium.

Jellico - Jellico Post Office - There has been tells of the post office in Jellico Tennessee being haunted if you go in it when it gets dark outside it is known that you can hear people walking around and talking up stairs.

Johnson City - East Tennessee State University - Burleson Hall - A professor who used to teach in Burleson had a daughter who taught there also. She supposedly killed herself and now haunts the building.

Johnson City - East Tennessee State University - Gilbreath Hall - Sidney Gilbreath started building this campus years ago. Gilbreath Hall was one of the original buildings in the beginning. Uncle Sid, as he is called, is said to haunt the building. When there is an approaching thunderstorm he has been known to shut the windows and doors that were left open.

Johnson City - East Tennessee State University - Lucille Clement Hall - Women's Residence Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy that died in the elevator. He is known as "marble boy" and can be heard dropping his marbles on the ceilings of every room in the hall. Don't yell at him to stop or he will get mad and drop ALL is marbles. he was also known to turn TV sets off and on, or change the channel, and to turn on the water faucet. 2 witnesses reported a bottle of soda went flying through the air for no reason at all.

Johnson City - East Tennessee State University - Old Library - If you go to the old library building and enter the stacks there, you might see the ghost of a former librarian. She worked there about 20 years ago and finally retired, but would go just to help put the books back in place, she had a heart attack and died down there. Whenever people were down there, they said they felt like they were being watched, and when they pulled material and left for a minute they'd come back and it was put up, that’s not strange except they were down there by themselves. She appeared to one of the workers and she swore she'd never go down there again.

Johnson City - Okolona road exit - the story goes that there was a man and a woman traveling down the exit when their car broke down. The man got out of the car and started pushing the car up the exit towards the main road so that it could be seen by passerbys. Out of nowhere a car came and killed them both. It is said that once on the Okolona exit, a person should put their car in neutral. Instead of the car traveling down the incline, like it is supposed to do, the car rolls backwards up the hill, as if someone where pushing it. Some say that if done long enough, the car windows become foggy and you can see the handprints of the man in the windows from where he was pushing the car.

Johnson City - Swingle Hospital - Swingle Hospital was the first hospital in Johnson City.  The hospital is located near Science Hill High School and Heritage Manor.  It is said that back in the 1920's, Dr. Swingle performed simple surgeries in this privately owned estate.  Dr. Swingle was a sloppy surgeon and all of his patients would die on the operating table.  If you slowly walk up the front walkway, between the row of hedges, leading to the main entrance you can hear the voices of the insane doctor and his staff, and if you walk around to the back of the house you can hear the screams of the dead patients, who are buried in the backyard.  You cannot get in to the old hospital due to boarded windows and doors.  If you decide to visit the hospital, park on the street next to it and walk over, but stay away from the road.  If caught on Swingle property, you can be charged with breaking and entering.  Be careful, cops watch that place very heavily. Interesting article

Johnson County - Mountain City - Doe Mountain - The apparition is called the Doe Mountain Fireball. It's been spotted at several locations on the mountain at different times of the day and night. It rolls along up and down the mountain and can roll across even dry leaves and never start a brushfire. It ranges in size from about a bowling ball size to upwards of three feet across. It appears as a big ball of fire rolling from place to place on Doe Mountain.

Jonesborough - There are records of several ghostly happenings in Jonesborough. It has been rated as one of the most haunted places in the country. It is Tennessee's oldest and most mysterious town.

Karns - Churchill - Reports of shadows dancing around, screams heard and the sounds of children being choked.

Kelso - Golden Hollow Road - Back in the 1950's there were two cars that hit head on. It happened during the springtime. All 7 occupants died, 4 in one car and 3 in the other. On a warm spring night when the flowers are coming out, you will see several people walking. They will appear to be injured. As you get close enough to ask them if they need help, they all disappear. All you will be left with is a chill for your trouble.

Kingsport - Bloomingdale - The Witches Grave - There was supposedly a witch buried on top of a hill in the edge of the cemetery in Timbertree. Many people have said when they are there they hear the witch beating on the top of the coffin trying to escape.

Kingsport - Ketron Middle School - it is said that a little girl was walking downstairs to the band room holding her flute and fell down the stairs. The flute then went down her throat and killed her. now sometimes you can see her at night waling around downstairs in the school. - January 2007 Correction: The girl who died collapsed in the gym and died of a heart attack. She did play the flute in the band. Assistant Principal did CPR on her but it didn't work. It is said that some nights she wanders the halls but especially the gym. She has been seen (dressed in a long white dress) walking on the gym stage. One person who claimed to have seen her thought she was a real person until she walked off the stage and just kept walking into the air.

Kingsport - Netherland Inn Road - Hugh Hamblen was killed on Netherland Inn Road in 1922, run down by a car. He had been visiting his son, who had also been in a car accident, in the hospital. On foggy nights, Hamblen stands in the road in a trench coat with outstretched hands warning oncoming cars of the fog. Over 120 people have reported seeing him.

Kingsport - Rotherwood Mansion - Sometime back, a women lived in this house, and was looking for a husband. When she found one, he drowned on a fishing trip at Holston River on the wedding day. This happened several times to this girl, and soon she murdered herself. Now on foggy, full moon nights, people have reported 2 things. 1, they said they saw a women in a wedding dress in her room window, crying. 2, they saw a women in a wedding dress rushing down Holston River.

Kingsport - Sensabaugh Tunnel - This tunnel was built in the early 1920's and is one of the most famous haunted places in our area. Mr. Sensabaugh is told to have killed his entire family in the stream that runs through the tunnel, and now it is said you can hear his baby's voice crying and legend tells you can see all types of orbs and figures, also it is said that a women and her child was in a bad storm and pulled off into the tunnel to get shelter and the next day they found the body's of the two dead and now it is said if you pull your car into the tunnel and shut the engine down it will not start. - January 2007 additional information: Most young people from the area have visited the tunnel. The one common story is that when driving through the tunnel, a woman suddenly appears in the back seat of the car. There are reports of a photo taken inside a car in the tunnel and there was the outline of a woman sitting in the backseat. The Shadowlands has not seen the photo.- March 2007 Correction: there are actually 2 tunnels, and the one you can drive through is NOT the haunted tunnel. The other has a creek flowing through it and you have to walk through the tunnel on a ledge. A family explored this tunnel a few months ago and took their 6-year-old son. When about halfway through the tunnel, their son started screaming to the top of his lungs to get out...get out. so they ran out of the tunnel and asked what was wrong...he said he heard a baby crying in the tunnel.

Knoxville - Baker Peters Jazz Club - Baker Peters Jazz Club is a known haunted site in Knoxville. Now a trendy & expensive Jazz bar, it was once a Civil War era residence. The baseline of the story goes that the house was built by a Dr. James Harvey Baker. Dr. Baker's allegiances in the war are disputed; some have him on the side of the Confederates, others have him as neutral. Either way, he did have at least one son that we know of named Abner who fought staunchly for the Confederates (other versions have Dr. Baker with TWO sons on opposing sides of the war). During an invasion by the Union army in 1864, Dr. Baker was treating wounded Confederates in his home when the Union army arrived and demanded the surrender of the men in the house. Dr. Baker refused and barricaded himself and in his bedroom. The Yankees invaded the house, raced upstairs and shot him through the door. Upon returning home, 22 yr old Abner vowed revenge on the person who informed the Yankees that his father harbored Confederates. He did kill the informer, a postmaster, but was later killed by the informer's friends in a return act of revenge. Legend has it that Abner has refused to leave the house that he and his family fought so hard to retain. The house went through several changes of hands before becoming a jazz bar, which was likely very disrupting to whatever spirits are there. Baker Peters claims to have a framed photo of what looks like Abner's ghostly reflection posted somewhere in the restaurant. Other accounts report employees experiencing chills, hearing whispering, objects moving or being thrown from shelves and breaking, and even (in the early days) discovering a hanging candelabra in a dining room with the candle holders twisted downward.

Knoxville - Bijou Theater - Rumors has it that this theater located in the middle of the city is haunted by a man. The theater was once some kind of army hospital way back when. It gained publicity by local radio station...Voices and even sightings have been heard there.

Knoxville - Halls High School - It is said that in the late 1970's a young girl was having a fight with her boyfriend at the top of the stairs by the office when he pushed her and she fell to the bottom of the stairs. He left her to bleed to death. When the boyfriend got nervous, he went back to where he had left her and she wasn't there. No one knew where the girl had went and he told no one of what he had done. She was filed under "missing persons" and no one ever found her. One year later on the day of her murder, the boyfriend was on his way home from a party when he was stabbed and killed and left for dead. No weapon was ever recovered nor was anyone ever convicted. It is said that is was his high school girlfriend that came back from the dead to avenge her murder. Supposedly, many strange things happened in that stairwell that caused the school board to close it up. The doors are locked and it now leads to nowhere cause it has been built up at the top. There are many boxes of storage in there and no student is to be allowed in there at anytime. At night it has been reported that janitors can hear arguing, and sometimes you may even hear something falling down them.

Knoxville - HillCrest-North Nursing Home - Building "B" - was built in 1951,the oldest wing of the Nursing Home was originally used as a T.B. Hospital and years later turned into a Nursing Home. The building is of the Art-Deco style and has six floors and a basement. Many who have worked here, have seen ghosts. The ghosts have been of dead people who have worked there years ago, such as Nurses and Maintenance Men who still feel compassionate towards the building and residents. Hillcrest is known for it's caring staff. Living and Deceased.

Knoxville - Lakeshore Asylum - The original structure burned down in the 1920's, but the gutted ruins remain. People have reported hearing the screams of patients being beaten and shackles being thrown around.

Knoxville - Lennox Place - Lennox subdivision - Not many of the neighbors want to talk about it but some do. The whole Lennox subdivision has experienced ghosts. It is not a house but many houses that see the same ghosts. A man with white hair, in a long nightgown. A young girl with long blonde hair. They are mischievous mostly and not mean. They like to open people's garage doors in the middle of the night. Rattle dishes. Unlock doors during daytime when the owners are away so that they come home and their house is wide open.

Knoxville - Old Grey Cemetery - Supposedly haunted by a black shape. Mainly seen late at night moving through the tombstones.

Knoxville - University of Tennessee campus - Strong Hall - The Women's Residence Hall, Strong, is said to be haunted by the ghost of one of the first female students to attend the school. It is said that she appears in the lobby mirror every year on her birthday. Students have reported strange noises at night, and Sophie, the ghost, is said to take a dislike of sexual indiscretions.December 2003 Addition: "Sophie"... One of the most popular rumors is that the 4th floor Resident Asst's room is considered to be "Sophie's" room and that anyone assigned to that room is teasingly/affectionately nicknamed "Sophie's Roommate". Some have even gone so far as to say that no one RA has lasted more than a year in that room. While Sophie is generally depicted as a benevolent spirit who wants to ensure that the women of Strong uphold their moral decency, many younger students are afraid of her still.

LaFollette - bluff springs - a local peeping tom wandered the apartment complex, every night. Until a resident caught him and called the police.  he was arrested, an on his way to the local jail a the cruiser was involved in an accident killing all three men.  And now every night at 12:03a.m. Residents claim to see red glowing eyes and hear movement outside there apartments.

Lancaster - hanging rope - There is a long rope hanging from a bluff approximately 2 miles from center hill dam. It is said that a while back a man hung himself there and the rope was so long that rescuers merely cut him down as opposed to climbing the bluff and removing the rope. Some people say that on nights when there his no moon you can drive be and see the shape of a man hanging there, but if you get out of the car it is gone.

Lavergne - Fate Sanders Recreation Area - There have been a few reports of a small boy stepping out of the woods laughing, and asking those around , if they could help him find his father. There is not much information about this little boy, but he is said to Haunt all of the local trails and even the water.

Lebanon - Cumberland University - Mary White Dormitory - Mary white is said to be haunted by a girl who was murdered. Two roommates were staying for a few days before leaving for Christmas break. In a few towns over a murderer had escaped from a prison. The girls were told to keep their door locked. One of the girls needed to use the restroom. They developed a secret knock so that the other girl would know who it was. The girl left to go to the bathroom and the door was locked behind her. The girl was gone for about 30 minutes and then the girl in the room heard two knocks on the door. She did not open the door, because it was not the secret knock, but kept it locked and made no sound. Several hours later the girl walked out into the hallway to find the hall covered in blood and her roommate dead on the floor. Apparently, the murderer broke into the hall and killed the girl. She haunts the hall and plays tricks on the residents. TVs are known to turn on and off. Doors slam, showers turn on, rooms are trashed, refrigerator doors open, doorknobs fall off, and posters are torn off of the walls.

Lebanon - Cumberland University - Memorial Hall - Memorial hall is said to be haunted by several different ghosts. A boy waiting for his class to begin was sitting on the window sill of the third floor. He leaned back on the window and the window gave way, and tragically he fell to his death. It is said that the boy wonders the third floor slamming the doors as he makes his way through the hall. Also, many years ago a science teacher who's class was on the third floor was leaving for the night. He was making his way down the many flights of stairs when he began experiencing signs of a heart attack. He drove home and died there. Rumor has it that When walking down the stairs at night you will feel someone pushing you and hurrying you down the steps.

Lewisburg - Bethbirei Church - There are several stories, Including a tombstone falling on a 3 year old girl at the cemetery.  the story is that if you steal the bible from the church that you will die.  There are some people with accounts of someone they knew stealing the bible and dying on that night.  The church was built in the 1800's and some of the graves are older than that.

Livingston - Old Union Church - Lights from inside can sometimes be seen through the cracks along the edge of the doors and windows, even though there is no one there, and the doors are padlocked from the outside. Piano playing can also sometimes been heard.

Manchester - Historic Tower House Inn - The Tower House as it is known by locals was built by the main financial contributor to the originating fund for and the First President of People's Bank and Trust Co. Around the time that John P. Adams began to build the tower house both his wife May and toddler son Marion passed away. Until 1943 Mr. Adams continued to live in his wonderful house with tower rising over the structure. He owned several lots which extended well toward the town square and a store which is still located at 210 Spring St. on the historic town square. Since 1963 a few brave individuals have admitted to hearing May weep or show fear during a storm. John is often seen strolling through the house from the men's parlor to the front room which houses a Civil War exhibit. Marion is seen upstairs in the boys' room where he and brother John Jr. would watch for kids to come down the way. Marion is seen at times toddling over to the window. He is a blonde haired boy clothed in a wonderful soft light. There are no bad spirits here. May did show great sadness the day a 1870's period garment was place on display in their master bedroom which is now the main lodging room for the current inn. Several media sources have already noted this haunting including radio and newspapers in Tennessee. The inn is owned by GhostLabs Research Society's Dan and Carol Gist. Carol conducts ghost tours each day or house tours according to visitors requests. Information about the inn can be accessed on the - website.

Manchester - Tullahoma - Concord Cemetery - This cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of Sadie Baker. Her apparition has been seen on several occasions in the cemetery. This is one of Coffee County's oldest known ghosts.

Martin - University of Tennessee - Martin Clement Hall - This is the oldest building on campus and is used as a dorm hall when needed. On the fourth floor a student killed herself and has since haunted the hall. The annual haunted house is held here, but not on the fourth floor. Students have reported strange happenings on the fourth floor, especially in the community bathroom.

Maryville - Carpenters School - people say they hear a little girl crying in the halls of the school. plus the school is built on a cemetery. When you are outside playing ghost come up to you and grab you and try to take you away but if you do not look at them they will leave you alone.

Maryville - Maryville College - Wilson Chapel - It is said that Lily, a shy woman who worked behind the scenes in the drama department, was left by her lover for the star of the show. It is said that she continues this tradition and can be seen in the catwalks above the stage in her favorite black and white dress.

Maryville - Porter Elementary School - It is said in the gym in the boy's locker room that a young man hung himself. The Toilet flushes by its self and the closet light goes on and off by its self. Also in the theater there is said to be ghosts walking around and playing the piano.

Mason - Old Trinity Church - From the 30's or 40's that has been desecrated by satanic cult. Statue of Mary that bleeds from the neck and eyes. WARNING~ trip wires, metal wires at neck height. etc. have been installed by caretaker to prevent vandals

McKenzie - Chapel Hill Cemetery - Strange lights are sometimes seen "dancing" on the graves. A nearby church, re-built on the site of a much older church (and near an old Indian mound) is said to have "shadows" appear where there are no obstructions and lights to appear.

McMinnville - Devil's Cave - It has been reported that there is a cave in Blue's Hill, that is called "Devil's Cave”. There are stories that there was 2 men going caving at Devil's Cave. One of the men hoisted the other down in the cave. After a few minutes The man at the top heard a blood curdling scream, he started shaking with fear as he was pulling his friend back up, by some unknown reason the man's hair was white as snow and his skin was icy, they said he never spoke any word of what he saw, but when you see something that horrific and it turns your hair white it had to have been something very scary.

Medina - Hope Hill Cemetery - A young girl was raped and then beaten to death by her uncle. And before he done it he built her a dollhouse---and now if you go to her grave you will see her talking and playing with her dolls in her doll house.- March 2005 update/ correction:the little girl was NOT raped by her uncle. The story is - The little girl was killed by a piano which was dropped by the mover her parents hired. Her parents put her 'dollhouse' on her grave because it was her favorite place to play. Also it is told that if you see the light on in the doll house at night she is there playing. Former caretakers of that cemetary report until the new caretaker built a house at the end of the drive. The new caretaker now has a gate up and noone is allowed down the drive from dusk til dawn. Also the story of the light didn't start until YEARS after the little girl was buried. Due to the eccessive amount of partying from teenagers and sickening graffetti as well as littering, the former care taker took a light and a car battery and placed it inside the doll house and would turn it on at night. Also he repainted the doll house. Since then there has been NO defaceing of the property, littering, or teens out partying in the graveyard. After the caretaker moved into his new home the light has been removed.

Memphis - Auburn Park - If you park your car by the lake in Auburn Park, The Blue Lady is supposed to rise out of the lake and walk towards your car.

Memphis - Egypt Baptist Church - When you drive up to the side, lights are all around. But when you look into the bottom four windows, they are completely black. It is as if there are no light poles. Supposedly an evil presence haunts in those rooms.

Memphis - Fire Church - when you walk up to the church night or day there is nothing there but as you drive past the church you see flames in the back window. This place could be haunted by and evil spirit this will only happen at night during the day you can not see the flames

Memphis - Metal Museum/Army hospital - The Metal museum of Memphis is on part of the grounds of what was the army hospital. This was ground zero for the yellow fever epidemic - and the equivalent of the CDC. Thousands died here. There are many tails of things at night. There is a lot of activity in the morgue building and the doctor’s residence.

Memphis - St. Jude's - It is said that one of the rooms on the 2nd floor is haunted by the spirit of a 17 year old female that died there. The spirit is reportedly friendly.

Memphis - The lake at Overton Park - according to several witnesses a 35ish year-old lady with a long light blue dress has been seen walking around the lake (usually on the south side) at night...she asks for help with an out stretched arm, but when approached she vanishes. It was reported that the body of a lady with a blue dress had been found near this lake raped and stabbed in the 1960's but its unknown if there is a connection.

Memphis - THE HOSPITAL - This old hospital was once a Baptist hospital but then turned into a Veterans hospital. It is said that the people that died in the operating rooms have stayed and personal accounts and pictures tell the story as well. This place has a fence around it but is not owned by anyone. The morgue in the basement is said to be the most haunted place in Memphis. The Hospital is located on Lamar.

Memphis - The Orpheum Theatre - Several definitive accounts of Mary, the ghost of the Orpheum Theatre exist in the archives of Memphis Magazine, in It Happened in Tennessee and in the published history of the Orpheum. The ghost of a little girl, Mary, haunts this theatre. She has a favorite seat during performances. Some people believe that she is the ghost of a girl who died when the original Orpheum burned, but no one was reported to have been killed, and others believe she was killed near the Orpheum on Beale Street. She is not a malicious ghost, actually very shy, and enjoys the playing of the organ (where she has appeared several times.

Memphis - University of Memphis - Old Brister Library - It is said to be a young female college student who was raped and killed in the tower of this old library. The ghost has been seen by many custodians who just recall seeing a student who appear and then vanish. The ghost would also scream help me which at times would very much scare the campus police who would go in the building to inspect the screams. Many students in the past have tried to spend the night in the library and have only heard the screams. - March 2004 Correction:Although there were a couple of rapes, no one was ever murdered. There have, however, been several suicides on campus.

Memphis - University of Memphis - UC bldg - There are reports of a presence in the building which rides the elevator. The elevator is set to automatically return to 2nd or 3rd floor if out of use for a time period. It has opened on the 4th floor or 1st for people to get in when final inspection of building is done at closing. It is believed to be ghost of construction worker who fell from 3rd floor during the building of the student center. - October 2007 Update: This building has been demolished.

Memphis - Woodruff-Fontaine House - The "Rose Room" is haunted by Molly Woodruff whose bedroom it once was. Her picture is on the wall and she wanders the house, makes a depression in the bedclothes as if she slept there, and there are cold areas. Her most famous appearance was the day the house museum opened in the 1960's when a docent saw a woman in the bedroom who said, "My bed doesn't go there." That was the first of many such stories. Strange odars like cigar smoke have also been in evidence on the house's third floor from an unnamed visitor.

Milligan - just outside of Clarksville - There's a little used road in Milligan, that goes by a Civil War battlefield. Somewhere on this road, you have to drive through a river that isn't there. You can see it and hear it, but if you stand in it, you stay perfectly dry.

Millington - Millington Central High School - The school theater is haunted by a ghost that goes by the name of "Herky", this, however is not the person's name when she was alive.

Millington - The Smoke Stacks - This used to be a gunpowder factory during the world wars. Most of it is under ground and a lot of tunnels. Rumor has it that it was used by an old crazy homeless man to kill and hide his victims. The factory is off limits but you can see the stacks for miles. rumor has it the woods are haunted by the old mans victims and the tunnels are haunted by the old man himself

Mount Juliet - Easter Seals Camp Lindahl - A man (Mr. Cropper) and his family who used to live, where killed when there house was set on fire on the land where the camp is now. He now haunts the camp grounds, looking for those who burnt the house, but only appears to the councilors.

Monteagle - Fairmont Apartments - One of the complexes at the Fairmont Apartments is haunted for unknown reasons. Many of the people living there in the past have reported hearing constant footsteps around the place at all hours. Other people have been asleep in their beds and have had the covers pulled off of their beds in the middle of the night by unseen forces. Out of all the apartments in this complex apartment 6 is believed to have the highest spiritual energies. The people that once lived in this apartment were haunted by many spirits and reported hearing their names like "the wind blowing" at late hours. Another report about this apartment was when a woman was sitting in the living room watching the TV, the room grew very cold and the numbers on the TV began to change, however the TV remained on one channel. Then shortly after she reported seeing footprints appearing in the carpet as if someone was walking across the room. Also the showers have been reported to come on by themselves.

Morristown - Bethesda Church and Cemetery - Reportedly the Church has spirits inside, as it was used as a hospital during the Civil War, it's boarded up and they seem trapped inside. Mass graves of Confederate soldiers are nearby, and the soldiers seem to not like visitors, especially ones with Northern accents. There exists in the cemetery, a family plot of a couple and their daughter who died on the day of her birth which is reportedly a highly active area; the sound of a woman weeping and physical manifestations are known at that grave site.

Murfreesboro - Stones River Battlefield - Stop no.4 is an incredible cold feeling just being there; felt cold presence at the Wilder Watch Tower..

Nashville - Belmont University - Belmont Mansion - Adelicia Hayes first marriage, to a wealthy businessman, lasted seven years, in which their four children all died by age eleven. In 1849, her second marriage resulted in the building of the Belmont mansion; it was built in the style of an Italian villa set in elaborate gardens. In fact, Adelicia opened the estate for the citizens of Nashville, as there was no public park available. Her second husband died in the Civil War, and their twin daughters died of scarlet fever. Her third marriage took place at Belmont Mansion. However, she sold Belmont in 1887 to move to Washington D.C. She died in D.C. later that year and was brought back to Nashville to be buried. The Belmont mansion is now the center of Belmont University and of course the mansion has strict security due to random acts of collegiate vandalism. Security guards have reported seeing Adelicia floating around and even setting off the motion detector a time or two. A psychic was secretly brought in once, and she reported that Adelicia was afraid her home wouldn't be there much longer due to the campus renovation and expansion. The psychic also said Adelicia was looking for her children. The psychic didn't know anything about Adelicia's many dead children. - January 2006 Update /Additional information: A 1999 Alumnus reports Adelicia is still around the mansion, but she never does or causes any harm. She has been seen numerous times at different places throughout the mansion and it's grounds. It has also been known and reported that on more than one occasion, she has set off the motion detectors in the middle of the night or other times the buildings are empty, and the security office has to go check things out and re-set the alarms. During any expansions or renovations, the trustees as well as those in charge at Belmont are very careful not to disturb or mess up anything related the Mansion, as it is a historical landmark as well as Adelicia's home. (A lot of the original furnishings and artwork are displayed in the mansion.) If you go to, you can read the history of the mansion as well as the university, which was an all girls college for many years. One of it's most famous graduates was Grand Ole Opry star Sarah Cannon, a.k.a. Minnie Pearl.

Nashville - Capitol Records Building - At the turn of the century, Jacob Schnell created the most grandiose mansion in Nashville, but his daughters were miserably snubbed by the city's elite. After his death, his daughters allowed the once great house to crumble and deteriorate into ruin while they lived inside it. After they died, the house was knocked down and capitol records built on the site. After building was completed, employees reported they thought the ghosts of the daughters were still around walking the halls, moving things, locking doors and playing with equipment. A psychic visited the place and claimed the house was full of a great sadness.

Nashville - Congress Inn - Early one Saturday morning in 1987 a visitor was awaken by someone sitting on the back of their legs at their knees, they were unable to turn over for maybe 10 to 15 seconds. They later ask some locals if they knew of any thing like that happening before, They were told that the motel office had been used for a hospital in the civil war, and that at one time the fighting was so severe that they had to bury their dead by cementing them in the walls of the basement.

Nashville - Old Donelson Hospital - The old Donelson Hospital was one of the oldest hospitals in Nashville until it closed down over a decade ago. It is now used for storage for current hospitals and doctor's offices. It has been reported by various people who have had to enter the hospital for supplies that at anytime, day or night, once the doors close behind you numerous screams and moans can be heard as well as footsteps and clanging on the walls. Once you get closer to the old psych ward high energy can be felt and extreme chills even in the middle of summer with no air conditioning running throughout the building.

Nashville - Hawkins House - a poltergeist inhabited this house for a time.

Nashville - The Hermitage - Home to President Andrew Jackson.  Several Caretakers have reported seeing slaves gathered on the front balcony of the mansion in front of Jackson's bedroom window.

Nashville - Madison - Duff's Smorgasbord - stories of strange sounds & activity, they generally occur in either the morning or at night when the restaurant is closed and there were only a few employees (1-4) there. These strange sounds usually came in the form of crashing pans or stock, as though something had fallen in the back. Other employees claimed to have heard the sound women laughing as though they were above them in the air. Duff’s Smorgasbord ExperienceOcotber 2004 update: has since been Closed down.

Nashville - Market Street Pub and Brewery - Market Street on Second Avenue in downtown Nashville is currently a restaurant and bar. when the establishment has been empty (with the exception of the eyewitness, and on occasion, two or three others). There are stories of chairs moving across the dining room floor, seemingly of their own accord, light fixtures swinging in the absence of a draft or an open window (as well as lights going off by themselves, only to come back on when commanded to do so by a human), and people just feeling eerily uncomfortable when alone in the building.

Nashville - Opryland - Hank Williams has been seen by a construction worker who got locked in and explored the building and saw Hank, and another singer was practicing one of Hank's songs and all the lights went out in the middle of the song.

Nashville - Opryland Hotel - There is said to be a ghost at the Opryland Hotel, it is a lady that will come down the corridors late at night. There has been strange things been happening there. especially on the 3rd shift. Some says they have seen her.

Nashville - Two Rivers Mansion& Golf Course - people walking in the mansion and items disappearing. Lights turning off and on. Witnesses report fellings like you are being watched, and if its really quiet you can hear foot steps following you around. It is known to be a litter of civil war bodies under the ground. Also known for a Indian burial ground. In the process of building the golf course there were Indian and civil war artifacts found underground. Rumor is that there was an old house that was at the very back of the golf course that was torn down along time ago that there was an old man that lived in it that buried his money under ground and if you go up there late at night you can hear him opening his jars of money that were found during the destruction of the house.

Nashville - Wilowen poltergeist - House is haunted buy an evil entity that is very abusive to who ever lives there for any length of time. It is said a disgruntled old man that live there is angry that someone else may be in his home. Full classical haunted house, by whom or what is still to be determined.

Neva - Neva School - There is a little boy that haunts the bathroom because he was always picked on in there. So one day he ran away and no one ever found him. So he haunts the old school that closed down 1 year ago.

Newport - Memorial Building - the memorial building was used back in the 70,s to store the remains of bodies that were left behind from a plane crash in Parrotsville, which killed about 60-70 people. In 2000, a group of college students decided to do a research paper on the building for their psychology class. the group had to return to the building 3 times because of being scared out of unexplained things. they decided to do their theme like the one on MTV so each guy had to go sit in a room by themselves for 10 min. well that night they got ran out by a scream of a women in the attic. so they waited a couple of days and went back. it got to the last guy and his mission was to go to the gym, he had only been there for 3 min and he all of a sudden starting screaming and said that a little boy appeared in front of him sitting in Indian style staring at him, he said the boy had a shaggy bole cut, which was the hair style that was in the 60's or 70's. he said when he looked at the boy he could tell that the boy was startled because he could see him, he tilted his head back and seamed also. needless to say that was by far the last trip they made to finish their project. when the boys went back to review their work, they noticed that when the 2nd guy had went to the basement for his 10 min section, they seen a shadow figure fly by, but when u pause it just right you can see that there is a figure of a man standing right behind him just staring at the guy.

North Chattanooga - The cemetery off of Memorial Drive - There is an arch in the middle of the cemetery a Masonic arch at which an apparition is supposed to appear.

Oak Ridge - Alexander Inn - When you walk in you can hear people walking up stairs.  There is blood on the walls and broken glass every where.  Out side of the hotel you can see a figure looking through the curtains of the window.

Oak Ridge - Galaher Road - George Jones Missionary Church - It has been told that several people were murdered within a 2 mile radius, and if you go there in the dark, you will not be alone. there has been a lot of unexplained activity there and it followed visitors home, be careful about what you do here, bad things has been known to happen to passerbys.

Oak Ridge - Wheat Community Church - It has been said for many years that the old Wheat Church is haunted. There have been many stories told on the church and what happened there, but the one I have heard to be true is this one. The church is a very small one with a small cemetery right beside it. Not a lot of folks went to the church even when it was still open to the public back in the 1940's. It was said that the minister of the church went mad, and hung himself by the bell tower. If you were to go there on Halloween it was said you could still see the rope swinging, and blood dripping from it. No Trespassing

Oliver Springs - Old Abandoned Barn - it is rumored that a little girl was playing in the top of a barn and fell all the way down. An hour later she died from blood loss. it was in the broken down old barn in the middle of Oliver Springs. Anyone who has ever been in it has heard strange noises, and sounds like fingernails scratching in the very back of the barn. As soon as you walk into the barn it feels like someone is staring at you. And in the very back you can see what seem to be blood red eyes staring straight at you.

Oliver Springs - Harvey Furniture - Apparitions seen. At one time in Oliver Springs history two families owned most of the land. The mansion of one of the families was there right where Harvey's is located. Well a murder was committed there. They blamed it on the little black servant boy but too many things were wrong with this. First thing the gun was actually the other families and was returned to them. Second, the boy was too short to cause the gun shot to the back of the head of the lady. The boy's apparent suicide was very suspicious too. Unfortunately the police at the time let people walk around and the whole incident was botched. Recently the police reopened the cased cause of public interest and cleared the black boy. A book was written on the case.

Ooltewah - Super 8 Motel - A girl, in her mid 20's, sitting on the edge of the bed, looks like she is undressing. May have been a murdered prostitute. Gives the feeling of terror.

Paris - Henry - Dumpling Hill Cemetery - The Ghost of A Slave hanged for a petty crime is often seen and heard here attempting to chase away any Visitors. So be wear stay away from Dumpling Hill Cemetery at night.

Paris - The Ghost In The Road - IT is said that if you sit in this certain spot in the middle of the road, turn off everything on your car, a ghost will appear and beat on your car. The legend is a man was driving down this road and his car ran into a field and hit a tree and he died and he is wandering around looking for his stuff.

Pigeon Forge - Family Inn by Dixie Stampede - It's said to be haunted by an old lady who was killed working late...They say that you can see her shadow watching you from wherever you stand, on the same day as her death.

Pikeville - Mount Crest - On a hill above the Mt Crest Church of God there is an old broken down house where it is said that if you sit in the field on a rainy day that you will hear horse carriages running down the road. Also a family of four supposedly was killed when their horse and carriage ran off the bluff above the old house on their way back from church. It is said that you can hear their screams and the wailing of the horse.  Driving past the old house you get a creepy feeling that something or someone unseen is watching you.

Powell - Copper Ridge Baptist Church - Reports of seeing black figures, moving around inside, and you can hear screams up at the old barn, about 75- 100 yards away from the church. Once a group of boys went in with a tape recorder, and left it inside, while they remained outside. On the way home they listened to the recorder, and you can distinctly hear a little girl say " help us." The boys went back and put the tape recorder in the church, overnight. Upon there return, and listening to the tape, you can hear all kinds of things moving around all night, and after the tape had been running for about 15 minutes, you can hear footsteps come up to the recorder and turn it off. - October 2007 Update – The Church has been demolished.

Purdy - Dodd House - This house is located right down the road from the Purdy Cemetery. It was the home of a confederate soldier during the civil war. He was shot by another soldier during the battle of Shiloh and died at the top of the stairs on the second floor. It is said on certain nights the blood reappears and you can hear him scream.

Purdy - Purdy Graveyard - One of the oldest cemeteries in West TN. Many apparitions seen and heard at the graveyard during the night.

Roane - Oliver springs - Colonial Hall - There is a rumor that a little girl who died years ago haunts the place. she walks up and down the stars saying she is cold. no one can explain who she is or what she wants.

Rockwood - old school house - This schoolhouse is a single room building. It’s been told that the school caught fire many years ago; there were several children that got burned to death. If you stop at this school, its been told that you can hear children screaming. If you take photos you can see a lot of unexplained things such as faces of kids, mean dogs and such. The outside of the school remains, the inside has been gutted, but is by no means empty.

Rugby - The Town - A carriage will drive through the town. The Episcopal Church is in the tour, and they still hold service there on Sundays. Kingstone Lisle is also in the tour. In the buildings on the tour you can take pictures but cannot use flash when you do. Also, unfortunately, you cannot touch any of the books in the library. All of the buildings are beautiful and there are a couple of cemeteries included in the tour. For more information on the tours go to

Rugby - The Big South Fork National Park - The newspaper, USA today did a story in 1997 on one of the houses that is haunted by the ghost of a land agent who died there waiting for his son to arrive. Rugby is a village that is the remnants of a failed Victorian attempt at a utopian settlement there in the Cumberland Mountains.

Rugby - Kingstone Lisle Inn - This is the home of "The snoring ghost", can only be entered during the tour. This is the house that Thomas Hughes, founder of Rugby, built for his mother, there are at least two. His mother and one they call "the snoring ghost". He likes to pull the blankets back on the bed and evidently you can hear him snoring.

Rugby - The Library - The Library still has the original first edition books that were brought over, including those from Thomas Hughes himself. They say that the curator is still there overlooking his books and his dog is still trying to get out the door at night.

Rugby - Newbury House Inn - there are a few. One is of a man that killed his wife thinking she had cheated on him, then killed himself. He was a nasty man.

Russellville - Morristown Block - The business known as Morristown block was originally known as The Vaughn Block Company, which formed in the 1930s. In the mid-60s, the company secretary, who was engaged in a romantic affair with the owner apparently committed suicide in the front office. Actually, it was widely assumed that Mr. Vaughn killed the secretary who was also his sister in law because of a possible pregnancy. People who have worked late in the office have been known to hear a struggle between a man and a woman and then a silence. Persons living across the street from the block company in the house formerly owned by the secretary have reported the presence of a woman who could be described as looking like Mr. Vaughn's secretary. The spirit is not said to be evil, but very watchful, especially when the seasons change.

Sale Creek - Shipley Hollow in Sale Creek - For over a hundred years, a glowing white figure has haunted the small road stretching from the Mill Dam on Daughtery Ferry Road, right off of Highway 27, and continues through Shipley Hollow Road. This white figure has been said to have uninvited joined many hay and horseback rides.

Scarce Creek - scarce creek bridge - well the story on this creepy bridge that a long time ago a women got hit by a car and she took the blow so bad it snapped her neck and her head went flying off and if you want to see her go to the bridge at midnight with a full moon and come to a complete stop and do three steps step#1 honk your horn 3 times step#2 walk around your car 5 times step#3 roll your window up and if your wondering how we came across the steps well heres the answer the people that hit her honked the horn three times and they never stopped so they hit her then they stopped and rolled the window down and looked out then they got out and walked around the car 5 time thinking about what there were going to do then they got back in the car and rolled up the window and left. 

Scott County - Scott County Hospital - The ghost of a hospital psychiatric patient who dove off the end of a bed and killed herself is said to ride the elevators to the nursery to see the newborn babies. Her name is Cora and she opens doors and knocks items off of shelves. There was a report of someone seeing a woman walking onto the elevator near the nursery. They yelled for her to hold the elevator doors and when they walked into the elevator there was no one there.

Sequatchie County - Grayson Manor - The house of General Grayson is a very hot topic in Marion County. General Grayson still walks through the halls and room upstairs. He was a doctor during the civil war. It is said that he went crazy and stabbed his wife and his children to death. While standing downstairs you can sometimes hear footsteps in the bedroom upstairs (where General Grayson hung himself after he murdered his family), and then you hear a loud thud and then a creaking sound as if you hear him swinging from the rafter.

Sevierville - Bluff Mountain Old hotel site - Apparitions and voices, a feeling of dread have been reported. - October 2003 Update - Popular in the 1920's. What few people know about is the old cemetery a couple hundred feet off the trail leading to the bluffs. Reason enough, some would say to see a few spirits. The thing dates back to the 1790's when the bluffs were used as a look out point for the continental army, watching for Indians along the trade route, from North Carolina to what was the lost state of Franklin(now Tennessee). A small post was there and they were attacked by a rouge band of the peaceful Cherokee. Most were slaughtered in there sleep.

Sevierville - The Old Eledge House - It is said that Mr. Eledge died of a heart attack in the house and has haunted the place since it had happened. The lights flicker on and off at night and noises are heard throughout the house. The noises are of Mr. Eledge and his children talking and laughing. The basement of the house is haunted by ghost of his children.

Sewanee - Dubose Conference Center - In the last room on the East hall a girl named Sidney is said to have hung herself in the closet and haunts the room to this day. Many who stay in the room have said they felt her presence. Also the previous caretaker Dr. Dubose is said to haunt the grounds.

Sewanee - The University of the South - Library - Headless Gownsman apparently appears during homecoming on certain years.

Sewanee - The University of the South - Tuckaway Dormitory - Tuckaway was an inn prior to being a dormitory. The ghost there is supposedly that of a hunter who stayed at the inn and was killed in a hunting accident. He appears to the last student to go to bed in Tuckaway each night. Since so many students there literally stay up all night for various reasons, there are few nights where someone is the last to go to bed. Reports of the victim feeling hands grab his throat and start to choke him.

Sewanee - The University of the South - Walsh-Ellet Hall - Witnesses have heard footsteps come up the staircase and continue into the corridor pause by the open door where I was studying--felt an odd chill--then the footsteps continued down the hall and down the staircase on the other side. In addition, there are two enclosed staircases on the exterior of Walsh-Ellet Building on the Quad and one is labeled 'UP' and the other is labeled 'Down' Many students have heard & seen the gownsman (different from the gownsman in the library. especially if they are going the 'wrong direction' on the stairs.

Shelby County - Shelby Forest - there has been a man seen in the woods several times known as Pigman when approached he disappears he has a pig like face and others haunt this wooded area too. its only likely that you'll see pig man at night but carry a flashlight to see other strange things.

Shelbyville - Hillcrest Cemetery - apparitions, and cold spots recorded.

Shiloh - Shiloh Battlefield - On the battlefield, there is a pond known as "The Bloody Pond" where many injured and dying soldiers went to cool their thirst during the heat of the day, during the Battle of Shiloh. It is said that, on certain days, when the sun hits just right, the water looks blood red; Just as it did during that battle. There is also the ghost of a woman in a white dress, possibly the wife of one of the soldiers or officers that helped nurse the men. She appears to women and children who become lost and become saddened or frightened by the battlefield. She is a helpful spirit who tries to calm and soothe those who are in need of comfort or help, but quickly disappears when someone else comes upon her and the person she is trying to help.

Shiloh - Shiloh National Military Park - Activity occurring in the old caretakers house. Doors open and close mysteriously. Cabinet doors open and close as well.

Shiloh National Military Park - Duncan Field - A number of shadowy soldier-like figures have been spotted in the field at night, appearing to be re-fighting the battle. They make no sound and cannat be contacted. This has been witnessed by many people on multiple occasions.

Signal Mountain - Mabit Springs - In the woods if you go camping, late at night you can see a lone campfire. If you walk towards it, you will hear a voice calling out your name. Walk closer and you’ll see a grayish, dead-looking hand reaching out from a shadowy tent. Step closer still and the hand will go in the tent. And the body attached to it will come out. It is obviously the dead body of a young boy with no legs. He will tell you his sad story and then beg and plead you to join him in the woods forever then he will creep forward on his hands and reach for your face. You can feel your body being eaten. This is when you run.

Signal Mountain - Old Signal Mountain Elementary - In a former classroom, there is a loft where I have seen a little girl in the old uniform, crying. She sobs, "My dolly! My little rag dolly! It's burning!" The building, which is now a community center, is over 100 years old.

Smith County - Billy Hollow RD - There was a small private plane crashed between Billy Hollow RD and Dean Hill Rd many years ago. There were four passengers and one pilot on board the plane. One passenger was a woman and her infant baby.  Throughout the years, several different types of people have reported hearing and seeing many strange things around those hills. The most popular tale is that if you drive down Billy Hollow RD or Dean Hill RD anytime after dark, you can hear either/or a baby crying or its mother desperately trying to locate it. Other stories include sightings of five strange-looking "people" walking alongside Billy Hollow RD. But when you turn around and go back to get a better look, there is no one around, and nowhere that they could have disappeared to so suddenly, unless they simply vanished. Another story says that when you are driving one one of the two roads, your car will suddenly die and as you try to start it back it won't start. Then just as you start to panic, your car roars to life once again. Yet another unexplained incident in Tennessee's ghostly history.

Smyrna - Fate Sanders Recreation Area - A few years back, Some fishermen were walking to their car, when a little boy came walking out of a trail. The boy told them that he got lost from his dad and asked the men for help. One man went with the boy into the woods just left of the parking lot, The other fisherman decided to stay with the car. At around 2:30 am, the man heard the little boy laughing. So he realized that the boy must have found his father. So he waited for them to get back. He got back in his truck and sat for a little while. Then he heard some rustling coming from the trail, and figured that it was his friend. he looked over and didn't see anything. And then, right beside the driver seat door he heard the little boy again, laughing. When he got out he saw the boy standing at the trail again. Then the boy told him that they found his father and that he should come and see him. The man told the boy to go get his friend. The boy just kept saying that his dad had something really neat to show him and that he should go and see. The man turned on the truck and peeled out. Just as he was leaving the area, he heard the boy laughing again off in the distance, and his friend was never seen again. Since then there have been many reports of hearing a little boy laughing coming from the bushes at night.

South Pittsburgh - The Baumgartner house - Located directly across the street from the cemetery. Built and owned by the first undertaker of the town. Haunted by three family members. A woman, probably the original owner's wife dressed in a blue dress, a dark haired attractive man, and a slender tall man with a short hair cut wearing a long john shirt and slacks. Seen frequently in rooms not being used for a period of time and then used again. Ghosts here don't seem to want to be noticed much. These ghosts interact with the surroundings and are quite visible.

Suck Creek - In the canyons of Suck Creek, there is a trail that leads up the mountain to Printice Cooper, a local nature reserve, some nights on this trail you can see and hear a man groaning, and walking aimlessly looking for the men who killed him. The folklore tells of a slave, that tried to escape to freedom, before he could get very far men on horses can and beat him then hug him in a tree, the men came back to discover him still alive. So they beat him until he died. Now he searches for vengeance.

Sumner county - Portland - the big South Tunnel train tracks - Believed to be haunted by the lady in white. She has been seen in the woods around the tunnels and in people's yards that live nearby. Seen in pictures as a bright white orb floating through the woods.

Sunbright - Burntmill bridge - People have recorded sightings of a young girl walking back and forth across the old ran down bridge(thats only about 25 feet high), looking for her father that killed her and threw her over the bridge in the early 1960's. No one ever reported her doing harm except one had said to seen her fall off the bridge and and not make a splash when entering the water.

Sumner - Hendersonville - One Man's Treasure - Former art business. Given by former owner/resident and her two children experiences. Upstairs area - a bedroom door that didn't fit, to where you had to force it shut would open and close itself shut over and over again. Middle room - Very loud knocking, scratching and a rush of leaves heard in the wall (my daughter never stayed in the room after, nor did her cat) A reflection of a women's face and a large bright "orb". Photos can be viewed on Downstairs- On the walls (made of hard plaster) through the hallway a dozen plus paintings fell all at the same time onto the floor. In the restroom a 85% full, give or take, roll of toilet paper unrolled itself completely. Additional unexplained photos of the downstairs area can be viewed also. 

Surgoinsville - New Providence Church Cemetery - The Old White Oak as its called has many strange things happen atop that mountain. Right off 11W in Surgoinsville. A Black dog seems to watch over Captain Maxwell’s grave but disappears right after sighted. Birds erupt at night if one gets within a few feet of the Revolutionary soldiers grave and many have heard footsteps in the leaves that walk along with them at night.

Sweetwater - Lost Sea Cave - Here is said to be a Ghost of a union Soldier who was killed while spying on Confederates in the cave, another is a jaguar ghost, people have felt its tail brush against them.

Tiptonville - Margaret Newton Elementary School - Some have seen in the storage room. Some in janitor’s room. She is not mean, but she will hurt you she has thrown brooms and chairs at some of the kids.

Triune - Chapel Hill - A long time ago a man was working for a railroad company. He was looking out the window to try and ascertain why the train was tilting, he fell off and was run over by the train, his head was cut off. He's still on the job. What he is doing is still trying to determine just what made the train tilt. All you can see is a mysterious light going back and forth a few feet above the ground. The light comes closer and closer then goes farther and farther away.

Tullahoma - Forest Gallery Shopping Center - Hastings entertainment store and a tsc - formerly - Old Walmart Building - Night shift crew would see black apparitions out of the corner of their eye, report being tapped on the shoulder or pinched on their backside. There where reports of seeing merchandise move off pallets, fall of shelves and items disappear to reappear nowhere near where the where to begin with. Strange music being played, seeing strange faces in the security balls that hang on the ceiling. Hearing screams and strange voices over the PA system. This store is no longer the Wal-Mart, since it moved to a Supercenter. 

Tullahoma - old burnt down orphanage - If visiting the orphanage or nearby lake, desperate cries for help are believed to be heard by the children who were either burnt or drown to death.

Unicoi County - Jobe Cemetery - Jobe Cemetery is said to be haunted by a spirit of a mean hobo that died about 100 years ago he is said to still haunt this place and scare local residence that dare visit the cemetery.

Union County - Union County court house - well they say that before today that there was a man sentenced to death and they killed him and he has been haunting the place forever the doors will open by thereselves.

Union County - Horace Maynard Middle School - Well this school is About 60 years old. But the janitors were cleaning and they heard girls laughing. Sometimes they will knock on the front door. Sometimes they can see the girls running down the oldest (6grade) hall.

Wartburg - Pettit Lane - There's a field on the right side of the road. Collin's Field. If someone drives by at Midnight when there's a full moon it is said, that there is a ghost of a slave that once worked that field who murdered his owner's daughter. He can be seen walking along waving around a pitchfork looking for his next victim.

Wartrace - Walking Horse Inn - Was the location where the Union released most of the Confederate prisoners at the end of the war. Many were very sick and malnourished, several have past away in the hotel. Also in the 70's a Vietnam vet.(during a flash-back) shot and killed four other guests in the hotel. You can hear walking and running in the hallways, gunshots, and many voices (as in a group of people) talking late at night. There are 13 rooms in the hotel; room 11 has a very eerie feel to it, as though you are being watched.

Washburn - Arnwine Cemetery - The cemetery is located about 10-15 miles on this old back road. As you go back the road gets narrow and the tree limbs start to scratch the side of your car. When you finally get back there, no one has been buried there since around 1903. That is the latest date found. Reports of cars not wanting to start and a woman appearing..

Washington - Bumpass Cove Graveyard - Bumpass Cove Graveyard is located off on a tall hill off Bumpass Cove Road way back to where the road leads. It is said that a jeep crash took place there off the side of a hill when a couple where sitting in a dirt spot beside the circular graveyard, when the man knocked the car out of gear and it tumbled down the mountain into the river. When the moon is full and at Midnight, you drive around the graveyard 3 times, the Jeeps headlights will appear and chase you a short distance. No color has been identified, just the outline. One thing is for sure, it exists.

Washington - Johnson City – Cherokee - dry creek - It has been said that if you are out after dark that something will walk up behind you. You can't see anyone but you can feel their presents. if you run it will chase you but if you stop it will stop. Some people have actually seen it. They have said that it looks like human with no face.


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