Valley Rd


 There is a red house on this block many have
said that this house is haunted by a guy named Bob Clark who hung himself in
the back room in basement of this house in 1958. Some believe that the weird
noises that come out of this room are Bob struggling and hitting things with
his feet. Sometimes you will hear screams of his wife who comes and see's
Bob hanging their but she is useless. Her screams can be heard throughout
the neighborhood.

Happy Hallow Park

In 1977 in the afternoon, when I was 11 years old, me and a couple of friends were Cray fishing at Happy Hallow Park in San Jose, Ca. We were fishing on the other side of the creek away from the park, as we were walking thru heavy brush, we seen a lady with long black hair and wearing a red short dress and blouse, with a thick black belt, standing behind some bushes. She kinda looked like she was from the 60's. She was just standing there staring at us. We were going to ask her how she got across the creek because she was dress nicely and the crossing was about 10 to 20 feet, and there was no log or shallow part of the creek that she could have cross and as we got closer she just faded away. And then we just ran across the creek to the park. Me and my friends still remember this encounter. After this incident I was interested in the paranormal and collected stories from my family and friends.

Duffs Smorgasboard in Madison - Nashville, TN


I worked part time in the kitchen here from about 1985-1988. When I first
began to work there, others had told me stories of strange sounds, which I
did not believe. However, one thing all of the stories had in common was
they generally occured in either the morning or at night when the restaraunt
was closed and there were only a few employees (1-4) there. The owner's son,
who worked as a cook during the day, was usually the first person to arrive
for the day and often commented on the strange sounds he would hear coming
from kitchen's stock room. These strange sounds usually came in the form of
crashing pans or stock, as though something had fallen in the back. This was
an experience that most everyone who had been there a while and had been
there alone also claimed to have had. However, the strange experiences were
not limited to the sound of crashing pans. The assistant manager and a
couple of other employees claimed to have heard the sound women  laughing as
though they were above them in the air.
Well, being the sceptic I am, I never really took these things seriously. I
figured any of these so-called strange sounds, even the laughing women,
could be explained as either a combination of sounds you hear in a
restaraunt and overactive imaginations or just lies. However, knowing a
couple of the people to be of an upright character, I didn't believe the
latter to be true of them. But I figured perhaps some of the others, who I
didn't know as well, could have embelished on what others believed they had
heard. To put it plainly, I didn't buy it. And then it happened...
one night I was alone in the kitchen cleaning up and heard a loud crash in
the stock room. When it happened, I didn't even think about the stories I
had heard so many times; I just instictively went back to see what had
fallen. I had no doubt there would be a huge mess for me to clean up. When I
got back there, I saw nothing out of the ordinary. No pans had fallen. None
of the canned goods had fallen. I was puzzled. As ridiculous as it sounds, I
even considered looking in the washing machine and dryer back there to see
if there was something inside of them that could have caused that loud
crashing noise. And then it hit me. I recalled the stories I had heard and a
chill like no other quickly climbed up my spine. I had, for the first time,
just experienced the mysterious sound that the others had claimed to hear.
So much for overactive imaginations, huh?
After that, I had one other strange experience in which I heard my name
called out three times quickly when I was alone in the kitchen. And the
sound came from...well, you guessed it, the air around me. But it was so
faint, I'm still not sure about it.
Duff's is no longer in business at this location but there is an Asian
restaraunt there now. This place is also part of a strip mall where other
businesses such as Big Lots and a number of others are located. When I'm in
the area, I sometimes want to go into the restaraunt or even one of the
other businesses to see whether or not these strange sounds still occur.
Maybe I will soon.

Visit by Great Grandma


When i was a baby (6 mounths) i was visited by my great grandma. Mum told me
the story.
My gran was sleeping when she heard a noise at the back of her bedroom door.
She looked up and saw her mothers dressing gown being taken off the door.
She thought that it was mum taking it cause she was cold.
anyway mum woke up and saw a figure looking at me in the cot.
mum thought it was gran so she sat up the figure looked at her. it wasent
gran she could see that as the figure had a shadowed face mum smiled and the
figure left. when gran asked mum if she had used her mothers gown mum
replied no.
gran went white when mum asked if she had looked in on me in the night.
i talk to gran out lould and see if i will see her again but as an adult and
i belive that she is watching over me and keeping me safe from harm.

The School Council Room


My story isn't in any way scary, it's just spooky.
Our Student Government in my University has their own office in the school building. I've heard some rumors about ghosts in that office but I didn't pay any attention before since they were only stories.
One of my friends was elected as the representative of our organization, so she get to have her own table in the School Council Office where she leaves her things in school, sort of a free locker room because she got elected.
So, we took the evening class because we had to work during the morning, and we get dismissed in class late in the evening already. Every dismissal, she  needs to go to the S.C. office for her stuff and every night we (me and my other friends) has to go with her there because she was scared.
One time we were there, May-Ann unlocked the door took her things, closed the lights, locked the door again and we went on our way. I remember her closing the lights because I stood near the light switch and I saw that the lights were closed. When we got down near the parking lot, the lights inside the office was open again. So my friend said maybe someone else needed to go inside and get some things, she wasn't the only one with a key. And we went home.
The next day, she was scolded by the S.C. President because he said she left the lights open and the door unlocked. They knew it was her because she's always the last one to take things from the office. Of course my friend said she didn't leave it open and asked us to testify in her behalf. So, the President let her go that time.
But this happened for a couple of times and she's always blaimed for the lights turning on by themselves even though WE know that she turns off the lights whenever we leave the school council office.
Another thing is that you can actually hear moaning there when its night. Sometimes you can hear someone crying for help in there when no one is there with you.
I haven't heard anything more about the office but when I do, I'll tell you immediately.

The Man in Our House


I will try to make  a short story but wanted to share my story with your group. We purchased a home about 4 1/2 years ago. I met the lady and saw the husband only a short time when we had the inspection of the home. We were delayed on the closing because her husband passed away. Approximately 3 or 4 months after moving in I kept seeing a man by our pool. Thinking it was the neighbor who lived behind us I forgot about it. Our home sits on a couple of acres of land and eventually I started seeing this man near the woods and where they had a garden plot before. It appeared as tho this man was hiding and smoking cigerettes of all things. I met and talked to one of the neighbors and told her of the strange behavior of the neighbor and asked if he ever did that on her property. I described the man to her and what he was doing and her face went white. She told me I was describing the old owner of the house and that he died of lung cancer but refused to stop smoking and did those things while living there so as his family wouldn't catch him. Eventually he started appearing to me in the house especially in the evening hours, somtimes slaming doors to un occupied rooms or making hammering noises in the garage which is under our house. It is just my huband and I who live in the house and for almost a year and a half I was the only one to see him but other people could hear the noises. Finally my husband did see him or what he thought to be the shadow of a man behind him one day in our bedroom. As time went on he became more and more active until I started to be afraid to be in the house by myself. He was beginning to be active even during the day time. I don't know if active is the right words to describe this so I apologize if I am wrong. I finally was able to track down the previous owners and told them what was going on. These people were wonderful and belived evrything I was telling them because of things I was able to tell them about Dave that I couldn't have possibly known. They contacted us and agreed to come over to our house. They went thru the whole house and talked to Dave as tho he was their and telling him he had died. They told him we were the owners of the house now and he no longer lived their and he had to leave.Now I am surely not a ghost expert but I do know after that night I have never seen or heard him again. Did this man cross over as I have heard shows talk about ? Luckily I have wonderful friends and they believed me even tho if I hadn't been there I might not have. Thank you for listening to my story even tho you have probably heard stories like this quite often. Your Web Site is great, I enjoyed visiting.

The Girl in the Field

When I was about 11 years old, my sister was dating a man who had his
own apartment.  I spent a lot of time with my sister, including trips to
clean his apartment while he was not home.  He was just out of college
and had very little when he moved into the apartment, so when he found
portraits in the closet of the second bedroom, he decided to hang them
around the apartment.  They were rather ameteurish, but homey
looking--farm buildings, fields, flowers and such.  The apartment
building manager said the previous tenant had fancied herself and
artist, and left some with him as well when she moved back to the midwest.
One of the pictures was of a little girl in a field.  The picture was
odd in that you could not see the girl's face, her back was turned.  She
was sitting, facing away, in a large field with a barn and house in the
distance.  My sister's boyfriend chose to hang that particular picture
above his couch in the living room.  One saturday evening, my sister
left me in the apartment to run to the grocery store.  I was happy
because I had lots of junk food and could watch "Happy Days" without
interuption from my brother.  I went into the kitchen during a comercial
break to fix myself a sandwich.  When I walked back into the living
room, I found myself staring at the face of the child in the picture.
 She was not only turned toward me, she was standing and smiling.
I dropped the sandwich and ran out of the apartment.  I sat outside by
the pool until my sister returned.  I told her the story.  She didn't
tell me I was "full of it", but she didn't say much at all, which I
thought was odd at the time.  I refused to go back there, and my sister
didn't mention it again until a few years later, at her wedding to that
same man.
She asked me if I remembered seeing the girl.  I told her yes.  She
asked me what color her eyes were.  I told her they were an odd light
blue color.  My sister turned a bit white and told me the rest of the
She had seen the girl, too.  She had seen her get up and turn around on
several occaissions.  Her boyfriend laughed and said she was being
silly.  Finally, after I had seen it too, she talked him into taking the
pictures off the wall.  He put them back into the closet in the second
bedroom.   Some weeks later, he woke up to find the living room light on
and the second bedroom door open.  The pictures were scattered about on
the floor of the bedroom.   He took the pictures to the manager the next
day, and was told they were thrown away.
Later, my sister asked the manager of the apartments if he knew anything
about the woman who had painted the pictures.  He told my sister that he
tried to contact her to send her the pictures, but was told she had
died.  Her relatives wanted the pictures sent to them.  We don't know
how she died or who the girl was in the picture, but lets hope she is
somewhere safe...and content.


The Experience of a Lifetime

When I was younger I often dipised sleeping in our basement especially alone  so often times I would stay in my sisters room whenever my brother { who I shared a room with } was on a scouting adventure or something of that nature... But one night I was out of luck when it came to blessing of having some one to sleep with they were all gone either at a friends s slumber party or attending girls camp or a fishing trip... And of course being 10 years of age my mother all though loving and magnificent believed I was a little to old to sleep with her... So I came up with a plan I would invite my best friend over for the night Kristen and I had been friends forever and a day so of course is was perfect she came over and we played until finally mom said lights out... Ever since Kristen and I were 4 years old she has always hated how over our basement windows there are bars keeping out trash  well finally it was off to bed we scurried about brushing out teeth and giggling before my mom came to tuck us in... My brother and I shared  a bunk bed and I always like to sleep up top I felt safer with the concocked idea that any monsters would have to eat who evers on the bottom bunk before they could get to me therefore I could easlier get away... {hope you followed that } Anyways back to the story so we were laying there and talking and slowly drifted off to sleep I was suddenly awaken by a strange noise outside of the bared window I glanced over to see what appeared to be a woman in white staring with no expression at all at Kristen and I  from outside the window My heart began to race I had never seen her before she has dark brown hair that seemed to be ratted and a long stained torn and tattered dress she look so pale and like I said she was merely staring with NO EXPRESSION I was offically freaked out I thought I should calm down its my imagination running wild merely cause I am not with or by anyone  so I closed my eyes praying that when I opened them again she would be gone  so I then opened them she was still there this time she reached out her hands to me as though she wanted to hold me I screamed and them noticed she wasn't looking at me anymore merely placing her focus on Kristen  then I saw Kristen get up she started walking towards the window I called her name and said "What are you thinking!" Kristen ignored me and continued walking towards the window she crawled on top of our toy box and began to unlatch the window  I screamed for her to please stop she seemed as though she was in a trance or daze and couldn't hear me I struggled between staying in bed and not moving or getting up and latching the window and saving Kristen  my heart was racing I felt nauseated  then all asudden I felt like I went numb I couldn't  move then  the womans face began to trickle what seemed to be blood her face looked frozen I then got hold of myself and jumped out of bed and grabbed Kristen the lady then turned her focus onto me and me alone her eyes looked like a pale blue with a brith white liner scared out of my witts I said "GO AWAY PLEASE I BEG YOU GO AWAY" I held Kristen close and fell to the ground sobbing my eyes were blurred by my tears I closed them tightly think by chance I was just having a nightmare praying to wake up and when I opne them she was gone yet Kristen was still in my arms she was shaking uncontrollably I asked her what she was thinking  why she ignored me and she said all she could recall was a angelic voice singing to her begging her to come with her... Kristen said I felt drawn to her and I said I don't understand she said she { as in the ghost or whatever} telepathically told her not to ignore her like I always do... She felt sorry for her she said to me that she was lonely... We were both so frozen we didn't want to leave the spot on the floor that we fell upon. I looked at Kriste she was so frightened so in shock about everything I asked her if she wanted to go sleep with my mom  she replied I can't move  so I said we can sleep right here...The next day when at breakfast we both just knew this isn't a story many would belive and perhaps not one we shoudl share so we haven't not with anyone that is until now.

Playing with Dolls


When I was about 13 years old I had a dream about playing dolls.  I was playing with another young girl that I recognized to be my mother at the same age (I had seen her in pictures).  There was however another woman there that I realised part of the way through my dream was my mothers sister of whom I had never met, she was killed in a car accident.  She was playing with my mother and I (she ws an adult in the dream).  When I woke up in the morning I was curious as to why I had a dream about an aunt that I had never met.  It was only when I went to the  table where my mother and grandmother and other aunt were sitting looking awfully sad.  when I asked what was wrong my mother told me that that day would have been Maralinda's birthday had she not died.  When I told my mother about the dream she and I got chills because she said that playing dolls was one of my aunts favorite things

Old Brewery Stable Ghost

I live in Baltimore Maryland and I just wanted to share my ghost story. I am an artist and had always dreamed of living in a big warehouse space in the city. My husband found this great building and we moved in. I found out that it used to be a Stable for horses that pulled beer carts for the brewery that used to be across the street.(It was now a city firehouse). Just before I moved in it had been an underground night club with a very bad reputation(there had been two shooting there, not fatal ones though).  It was a big building and we lived on the second floor in a 4000 sq. foot loft and I workied in my studio on the first floor. At first I thought it was just the new place and the size that made it seem that I was not alone at times. I would be working down stairs and hear footsteps crossing above, then I would realize I was the only one there. My husband would say he heard noises all the time too. He's more skeptical than me so at first he would explain things away. My daughter who was two at the time would talk about flying people and stare at the ceiling. My son
(4yrs when we moved in) woke up one morning and told me  that several times he had been woken up in the night and there was the head of a bearded man floating in front of his face. At first I thought he was dreaming but it happened several times over a three year period. He was never afraid of it and said he thought it was someone who had died here.
Then things started to dissapear all of the time. My husband came in sat down on the couch and took off his shoes. I was sitting there when he came in. after a few minutes we decided to go outside in the yard. When he reached for his shoes they were gone. We had not left the couch since he took his shoes off but we searched the entire second floor looking for them. When we gave up and went back to the couch they were sitting neatly in the same place where he would have taken them off. This happened several times  but only on the second floor. The way the kitchen was set up, if you were at the sink the entry door would be on your left. There was a breakfast counter there so when you walk in the room to get all the way into the kitchen you would have walk to the end of that counter and come into the center of the kitchen. My husband had a habit of coming into the doorway and talking to me over the counter while I was working in the kitchen. Some times he would play games and come in and say something and then duck behind the counter before I could turn to answer him. He would then pop up and we would laugh. Well the ghost started to copy him. By this time I was talking to the thing all the time and when stuff would come up missing I would just ask for them back and after they were back where they should be I would talk to him for a while just figuring he wanted some attention. Well one day I was washing dishes and what I thought was my husband walked into the kitchen and just stood on the other side of the counter. But when he didn't say anything for a long time I looked over and no one was there. I started laughing and telling my husband very funny but his hiding place was well known by now. I looked over the counter and no one was ther. I went into the living area and bedrooms no one was there. I found everyone outside and they all swore that they had not been in the house.I told my husband what happened and he had not come into the kitchen. When we would eat dinner we would sometimes see someone pass the doorway and go down the stairs to the first floor. Several times guests would ask me who else was staying at our house because they would see someone go into the kitchen or down the stairs and everyone was in the the living area. My husband had had enough things disappear and reappear that he now believed there was a spirit in the building. One night while I was cooking dinner he was with me in the kitchen and he was talking when he suddenly went silent. I looked over at him and he was just standing there eyes wide and mouth hanging open. I asked him what was the matter and after he finished gasping for air and pointing he said I just saw a floating head of a bearded man. He stayed away from there for the rest of the night. The spirit never tried to hurt us he was just lonely I think.I talked to him alot. Not long after my husband saw the floating head we had to move. A church bought the whole block our building was in for developement and we moved out. The last weekend we were there we moved our stuff out and had a huge party. The place was packed with hundreds of people through out the night. The next morning when the DJ's were packing up the promoter came over and said ther was a man in the doorway a minute ago and did I know there were still party goers there. When he described the man and showed me the doorway I just said "Oh thats the ghost, he lives here." The next day before we turned in the keys I walked through and said goodbye and that I was sorry we had to leave. The building is still there. I don't know when the church is going to start working. I heard they want to turn it into a parking lot. I lived there for three years and I really miss it.

My Grandmothers Visit


As a little girl I lived in a haunted house. We had 3 spirits that lived in
our home. One of the ghost was my grandmother whom I loved very much. I
remember that she became very ill and my mother and father were bathing her,
when she took her last breath. I remember being near them and how my father
kept calling out "mom", "mom" please don't go.
  I remember how the ambulance came to try to revive her and then finally
placing her on a bed to take her out, and when they   left the room my
grandma's arm dropped down from the bed. I did not know what to feel . I
watched  as they took her away and saw my father's tears. I was 8 years old
then and thats when my extra senses kick in.
    After the furneral  it was late and everyone was a sleep but me I laid in
my bed thinking about her , when I rolled to my back she was standing there
at the foot of  my bed. She was beautiful, she flowed and she was so happy.
    I remember not being frighten and just watching her and her looking back
at me. As she brought up her finger to her lips  to shhs me. She was there
watching me for what seemed to be along time. But I am sure it was just a few
minutes, then she turned and walked away.
    And I watched how her gown flowed behind her as she walked out of the
room and stopped and looked in my brother room. It was as thou she had to say
goodbye and have one last look before leaving. My grandma was very close to
us, and I knew she watched over us. My aunt came over to dye my mothers hair
one afternoon, my aunt was talking againist my grandma. It was awhile after
my grandma passing that she did this. My mom had roses in the middled of the
table, just as my aunt said".she did not believe in ghost, the roses lifted
by themselves out of the vase and laid neetly around the vase My aunt was so
scared she barreled out the back door and would not come back inside for
nothing. She never did for get this, and was very happy when mom and dad
moved out of our home and move to a different place.
    The only thing was is that my mom got heavy into talking to the ougi
board and she had 7 different people coming out of her.
    When she had a break down, it was not long after, my dad decided to move
her to a different home and start clean

My Brothers Story


when i was a baby my brothers went to a haunted house for a scare this was really stupid  i know but they did it anyway the story of the house is that a lady who was a newly wed lived in this house and her husband died at sea the police hadnt had the heart to tell her that her beloved husband drowned so everyday she would sit up in a rockin chair at the very top of the house in the window watchin for her husband she wouldnt eat she would not sleep she would wait and wait for him she loved him very much and shee became very ill next to her was the doll that her husband had gave to her for a christmas present one year so she came weaker and weaker till one day she became so weak she fell out the front window at the top floor the story of the doll is her spirit waits at night in the doll it is still here the pretty faded doll in the window in yarmoth county nova scotia down town well anyway my brothers went in that house the youngest decided to go with them back then it was hard because my brothers are very mean then so they decide to play a trick and so they  locked youngest in the house so he wanted to scream but he didnt instead he explored the house and its wondur he started with the basement it was very cold and scary of course he walked past a stand with axes on it just as he walked by the rack fell and cutt him very slightly and he kept on walkin it dont cut him very deep or hard so he went to the second floor nothing surprizin really happened  until he went up stairs and he walked to a jamed door that had sqeekig nocies  he tryed to open it finaly he got it open the sqeekin nocie went away he shut the door and  the noice come back he was really scared now he openeed the door one more time to see what was happenin before him he opened finally the door and the rockin chair with  the lady that  used to sit in was rockin back in forth with the doll init he ran down stairs screamin in hollerin the lady come down stairs she was really young wearin a long gray dress with cookies in her hand and a sphere in the other and handed to my brother and he screamed and hollered for someone to open the door finally someone came that someone was my best friends  uncle and opened the door that was the last of it  we moved to another home in the croutry

My Aunts Visit


When my aunt died, I spent the first night trying to sleep with her voice in my head... no words, just her voice.  The next morning, I felt compelled to buy something for her...chocolates, her put into her casket.  (I have never had this urge before or since)  While in line, I felt I needed a card to go with the "Gift" so I went directly to them, directly to one that had images of the beach (her favorite place).  Surprisingly, the sentiment was appropriate to send to someone who had died.  Anyway, my aunt was very aware that I am very emotional at wakes, and I think she was concerned that I might make things harder for her children, especially since I felt almost as close to her as to my own mother.  So, while I was driving the night before her wake, she appeared to me.  Her image was full length standing at the outside of the car, on the passenger side, either it was very small (about a foot tall) standing on top of the hood, or full height (floating just in front of the car).  She was laughing, like she was the happiest being in the universe.  She was there for what seemed to be a long time, certainly more than an instant.  She was there long enough for me to look back and forth and back and forth (I continued to drive).  I can't say that I was startled, I know I wasn't afraid.  She stayed there laughing until I was laughing too.  I didn't cry at her wake or funeral.  I felt very much at peace, knowing that she was happy.

Moms Ghost Story


This is what has happened to my mom.  And I seriously
believe her, she would never lie about this.
Everything happened at her grandmother's house.  Most
of it would happen upstairs.  First of all there was
knocking on the back door (usually three knocks) and
no one would EVER be there.
Another thing was door knobs moving and no one would
be there.
Footsteps would be heard on the stairs and doors would
slam upstairs.
The most dramatic thing that happened to my mom is
that one night for no reason she woke up.  In the
darkness, she saw a figure putting on her father's
clothes (in the guest bedroom, her parents would sleep
in one bed and she and her sisters would sleep in the
other) it turned around and come towards her.  It got
right up in her face, it had holes where eyes should
be and a funky malicious grin.  She couldn't scream
and covered up her head and never told anyone.  It
scared her really badly.

Lloyd Ave.


I used to live on a street called Lloyd Ave. when i was alittle bit younger.
The street had an old ghost story to it that everyone around there knew. The
story went like this:
While the carpenter's where building the houses in the neighborhood one of
the carpenter's fell off of something and died. Whoever is telling you the
story would say that he fell while building their house, but nobody really
knows which house it was.
All of the houses around where i lived had strange occurences that nobody
could explain. So we came to beleave that the ghost was haunting the houses
around the neighborhood that he helped build.
I dont no all of the occurences that have happened around my neighborhood,
but I do  no some.
In my house one day I was watching T.V.  I decided to go upstairs into my
room so I went to turn the T.V off. We had a coffie table in the middle of
the living room where i was. Right after I walked passed the caoffie table
the T.V turned back on again. So not thinking of it that much i went back to
the couch picked up the remote and turned the T.V off again. Once more when I
walked past the coffie table the T.V had turned on again. I got really
scared, and ran upstairs to my sister and just left the T.V on. I told her
what happened and that I couldn't turn the T.V off. So she went downstairs
with me, and of course she turned the T.V off and it stayed off. I have had
other experiences with the T.V changing chanels. Also we have had the
computer and lights around the house go on or off by themselves.
This other time I was in  my living room, and my mom had asked me to take
something downstairs into the laundry room. In our house you go straight down
the steps and there is a hallway. Then there is a door that leads into the
laundry room. I went to grab the door handle to open the door, but befor my
hand tuched the door handle the handle turned and the door opened.  I  ran
back upstairs and told my mom that if she wanted to put something in the
laundry room that she would have to do it herself.
One other time I was spending the night at my friend's house. It was around
eleven o'clock at night and we decided to go to this park down the street.
Acrost the street there is an a house that has been abanded. I dont ever
remember anyone ever living there when I lived in the neighborhood. We were
climbing on this jungle gym thing when we noticed a light on at the house in
an upstairs window. Everone knew that their wernt any lights at the house,
and even if their was their wasn't anyone there to turn them on. We came to
the conclusion that the ghost was visiting that house that night.
The only other ghost experence that I can remember well was one that one of
my other friends told me. She said that she was in her bedroom one day and
this dall that was on her dresses slowly leaned over sideways and was hanging
off her dresser. The dall was so far over that it should of fell, but to her
suprise the dall just leaned their.
This ghost that was in our houses never really did any harm to us, but it
seemed to like to try and scare us.


Haunted House


I am positive that the house my mother lives in is haunted.  We moved there
in 1978, when I was only 6 months old.  As long as I can remember, a lady
dressed in white would come into the upstairs bedroom I shared with my
brother.  She would cover us up if it was cold and we had kicked off our
covers, or pick up the toys that were left in the middle of the floor.
You can't go up the stairs at night without feeling cold, or having chills
run up the back of your neck.
When I entered middle school, my appearance changed.  I cut off my long
hair, and started wearing tighter clothing.  When I did this, I could no
longer see the lady in white.  It was only when I let my hair grow back out
that I could see her again, though only out of the corner of my eye.  I
don't think she recognized me with short hair.
I'm not the only one who has seen the ghost, several of my friends who spent
the night with me growing up have also seen her.
One friend who had gone with me to the movies walked me to the door late one
evening, but refused to come into the house after seeing the lady.  To this
day, he won't come in the house after dark.
I know she is a benign, friendly spirit.  As a child she seemed to like
being motherly to my brother and myself, but as we grew up we saw less and
less of her.  We can, however, still feel her presence.
As the story goes, there was a fire in the house around 1940, but no one was
in the house according to public record.  The fire destroyed part of the
upstairs and down into the kitchen.  The papers could have been mistaken...
at least I think they were.

Grim Past


In the early 1950s I worked on a newspaper in Sydney Australia and after finishing work about 2 am would walk from a suburban railway station to my home. It was one of the few times that the area had no traffic and was silent. I used to notice that at one particular spot on Burwood Road, I would hear other footsteps as though somebody was walking with me but they would stop when I did, so I assumed that my footsteps were echoing from slightly rising ground ahead. A few years later another friend was talking about a haunted house that his aunt had briefly occuppied. It turned out to be a house in Burwood Road quite near to where I had often heard the footsteps. Later I found that a gallows had once stood quite near to that spot and that several executions had occurred there. Co-incidence, imagination or some freak in the way sound travels ? I don't know. But when I first heard the footsteps I knew nothing of the area's grim past.

Ghost Stories


Anything that has happened to me has stopped (Thank
God) or at least happens so rarely that I don't really
notice it.
Alright, I have had a few things happen to me.  Most
of it is iffy.  Anyway, the most dramatic was what
happened when  I was watching tv in my mothers room.
All of a sudden, something just fell on the bed.  I
jerked my head around to look at what it was and
nothing was there.  Everything was in order.  But, I
still run out of there quick.  This only happened
once.  I can relax in my mom's room, I even fallen
asleep in there.  Next, I have heard bumping above my
head, my mother has never heard it, and blames it on
the pipes.  Lastly, I've seen flashes of light in my
closet out of the corner of my eye or figures out of
the corner of my eye.  But, since I wear glasses it
could just be a reflection of my mom or somebody.  I
don't know.  I don't really believe in ghost, though I
do think that demons and the like exist.
Anyway this is all that has happened to me.
My sister says that she saw a spooky man out of her
window once, but I think it was just her imagination,
since nothing else has happened to her.
Well, that's my input.



  Probably not your most interesting story , but -
  Several years ago I lived in a two-story house in Southwest Michigan ,
close to the Lake. One night I couldn't sleep , so I trudged downstairs to
the kitchen and read the paper for about 1/2 hour. I walked back up the
stairs and near the top I heard my Irish Setter begin to follow me up. I
hadn't noticed the dog come down , but the sound of her paws and the creaking
stairs were unmistakeable. I could clearly hear each step she took up the
stairs. I called " C'mon " , reached the top and turned towards my bed. In
the moonlight coming thru the window , I could see my dog asleep on the bed ,
but still heard the steps coming up. I'm not ashamed to say I immediately got
goosebumps the size of baseballs. I flipped on the lights , but nothing was
there - or anywhere else in the house. Nothing like that ever happened again
I'm glad to say.



So impressed and comforted by your sight.  I had an experience at the Saur Dough Inn in Seward Alaska two years ago that I never share with people anymore because they don't believe me, and felt inspired to write after reading on your sight.
The hotel was a brothel at the turn of the century, and the inn-keeper will happily tell you the upper rooms are haunted by the spirits of the girls who lived there.  The most prevelant is The Lady in White, who was the Madame.  (I may be remembering the name wrong).  But there are a few rooms downstairs in the basement as well, an that is where I had my encounter.
My friend Ali and I decided to stay there because of the legends, and had spent two nights upstairs without a peep.  Our last night was in the basement.  I had a little headcold and sniffles, and the Innkeeper advised us to keep the windows closed due to a nasty draft.  After securing the windows shut, we went to bed. About two hours into a fitful sleep, I was awakened by the window creaking open.  I thought it was odd, since we had latched it.  The window being to my left, I was staring at it when I realised there was a woman in white standing next to the bed.  (This is typically where people stop believing me)  She noticed me notice her, and reached out to feel my forehead.  She was also holding what looked like a towel in her right hand, and was smiling in the most comforting way.  I couldn't help it though - I reached out and shook Ali awake, looked back - and she was still there!  Ali fumbled to focus and then I screamed - like nothing I have ever hear
I think she was checking and making sure I was okay, and here's the interesting thing, too - when we finally woke up, and got our bearings, we realised the room was way too hot and even smelled a little funny.  We had left our propane lantern on.  I think that's why she opened the window.
Ah.  I feel better.  It is a beautiful, magical place to stay.  If I ever return, I have every intension - there was no malice in her visit.  I only hope I can not scream at her if I ever see her again.


Warning Dream


I had a dream that I was asleep in my dream when I hear my mom calling me to come look out the living room window. I awoke in my dream and ran to see why my mom was calling me. As I looked out the window there were these little boys trying to put my boyfriend's car on fire. He had left the back window open and they kept throwing lit matches into the car but the match would burn out before it would land on the seat. All of a sudden a woman appeared and was yelling at the boys to stop. My mother and I were also screaming for the boys to stop. The last thing I did in my dream was scream for my boyfriend to wake up because some little boys were trying to put his car on fire. I awoke from my dream when the phone rang at around 6am. It was my boyfriend calling to tell me that as he was leaving for his early morning fishing trip when he noticed that someone had stabbed his tires and gave him four flats. I could not believe that my dream let me know that his car was in danger.

Very Scary...


I just wanted to write and say that i had a scary experience at Bangs,
Ohio... House of Nightmares haunted house. Well, i was on the volunteer
fire dept.for centerburg, and we went there to work and to inspect the
house. Well, one night they had me working the spider which i had to go
up on a staircase by myself..(the house once was an orphaninch,mental
hospital,and a bible college.)While i was working the spider i had to
look down to watch when the people were coming.... well, once i just
felt like someone was watching me so i looked up and saw this little
girl...who was see through.. and was wearing a white tattered
nightgown,had blonde hair,and was dragging a brown teddy bear she was
looking torwards the ground.. so i just started to freak out..ha,
i shut my eyes and opened them again and she was gone. Another
experience with the same place was... i was still working the spider and
up on the staircase there was no door or anything.. and i heard this
man's voice ask if i was okay..and it was up there.. where there is no
way anyone could have gotten up there since there wasn't a door and he
would have walked past me to get there. It was reallly cold that
night...and he asked if i was warm enough, and if i was okay or needed
anything. After all of that happened... my mom came to pick me up and
while  i was working she had went throught the haunted house i started explaining what had happened and she asked me
what he was wearing and i told her in detail...and she said that he had
followed her all through the haunted house.... and before i had
explained what he had been wearing she would finish what i was i knew he had been with her too... well, thank you for
letting me share my experience's with you... if you would like to e-mail
me... my e-mail is feel free to ask
questions or anything.. thank you.

Unsettling Presence


I have felt, until rather recently, an unsettling presence in my
apartment since my exhusband moved out last November.  It was almost as
if the dwelling itself warned me away from crossing into particular rooms
or areas of the apartment.  There had been times when I could not sleep
in my own bedroom because it was located near the rear of the
apartment--I was afraid to go past the middle hallway.  One night I came
up to get a jacket while my boyfriend was waiting outside for me in the
car.  I got as far as one foot in the doorway and felt the overwhelming
presence and some sense telling me to turn around and get out NOW.  I
forgot about the jacket and ran back downstairs and outside.
  I hadn't had one of those experiences in some time until my best friend
came over to do an in-depth tarot reading. She relies upon the power of
her spirits and her Lord Phoenix. She is a Phoenix Witch, which she
explains to me as someone who has crossed over, was offered a second
chance at life but with the cost of helping less fortunate souls find
their way back to Heaven.  My boyfriend was there at the time as well.
When she was about finished with her reading, I happened to glance over
by my computer in the dining room...and saw a small, round, blurry "ball"
floating past the computer and disappearing before it reached my living
room (where we were doing the reading).
   I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I had to use the
bathroom, which was located near the bedroom.  As I went to get up and
glanced in that direction of the apartment, I had that overwhelming
feeling to stay back away from there again!  I asked her what was over
there and she went into the middle hallway with the candle.  She came
back with an angry expression, saying that the "thing" called her an
"abomination".  She felt it referred to her being brought back and given
a second chance at life.  She felt the presence was jealous and hurt.
She called me over to join her in the "exorcism" of this spirit.  When
she asked it repeatedly to leave, we both HEARD it (in a strong, emphatic
male voice) say "NO!"  I was so scared! What scared me even more was that
my boyfriend declared out of the blue, "Someone died in your bathroom."
What?  "Yes, someone died in your shower.  I knew about it since the
first time I showered here."
 I decided it was not wise to sleep alone at my place that night, so as I
went into my bedroom with both friends to pack, we noticed that things in
my room had been disturbed, moved around.
   When we moved into the bathroom to get my toiletries, my boyfriend
proceeded to tell me how the person died (slipped and fell in the shower,
broken neck...).  I couldn't take anymore and left that night.  That was
the last time I had my bestfriend do any readings here without her spirit

Unseen Hands


Twice in my life I have been touch by someone. It was always late in the night,and it really scarred me. Whomever it was it didn't hurt me. It was a pat on the shoulder and one on my behind. I woukd really like to know who it was. Anyway, this is my story. I know it isn't much, but I wanted to tell about it.

UK Hauntings

By: Becky

My name is Becky, I am 20 and live in West Yorkshire, England. When telling my experiences to those who weren't there when they happened, it usually takes around 3 hours to tell all, so I guess I better condense it a little. Like many people on this sight, I have grown up with supernatural goings on, and, again like many people, I don't have time to tell you them all.
I'll tell you about when I was 17 and living with two friends in a dingy rented terrace in EarlsHeaton, Dewsbury. My two friends, C (female) & D (male), and I all moved into this place together. They were a couple so they shared the master room and I had the spare room. I won't bother going into explanation except for the 'spot' which I'll explain in a minute. the house was horrible, it was tiny and cramped and damp. with it being a terrace I am guessing it was around 100 years old, most terraces in west Yorkshire are all from around that period. So, the 'spot' was just outside the bathroom door. as you walked up the staircase there was a tiny, TINY landing area (only about 8ft long) which housed my bedroom door first, then the masterbedroom, which was right next to the bathroom. So the bathroom and bedroom doors made like an L shape to each other. After been in there for only a matter of days I was in by myself, on the toilet. the bathroom door didn't shut properly, and there was no lock, so I never liked going to the bathroom in that house because of privacy reasons. Anyway, so I'm on the toilet when all of a sudden someone starts dashing up the stairs and RUNS HEAVILY straight towards the bathroom door. Straight away (the bathroom was so tiny I was in arms reach of the door handle) I extended my arm to grab the door so either C & D didn't burst in. In the few seconds that these footsteps were charging towards the bathroom I thought one of them must have come home and was bursting for the toilet, that's why they were legging it. I called out "C, D, I'm in here, don't come in!" The footsteps got to the bathroom door and.... SILENCE. I called out both their names again and, when there was no reply, I knew. I'd been through haunting enough in my life to know when to get the hell out of there. So I did, then when they both arrived home I told them that someone ran up the stairs and towards the bathroom. Even though they're both believers they were insistent that it would have been next door, but because the walls are so thin it sounds like its closer. I argued that I'm not bloody def and that I know the difference between someone running up our stairs and next door's, but we agreed to disagree and the subject was closed. Until more things started happening, that is. C & D got the brunt of the action because there bedroom is right next to the bathroom and it seemed to be that area that had a lot of activity, throughout a matter of months things just began to reach new heights with them. By this point I had moved out for a while and the things I was hearing from them started to become disturbing. Both of them had nightmares that they were being held down in their beds, light bulbs would frequently smash and fall on C's head, sounds like heavy furniture could be heard moving around in the cellar, they both became constantly ill etc. and as time went on, things got worse. I got a call from D, the male, a long time friend of mine who would always be the first to look for a rational explanation. He said that he had woke up at around 2/3am to see a ball of light on the bedroom wall. His first instinct was that it was a burglar shining a torch in so he woke C. By the time that she had woken up the light had gone from the wall and not there was a bright light shining through the cracks of their closed bedroom door, coming from the 'spot' on the landing. After a short amount of time D got out of bed and opened the door, ready to bravely confront who ever it was breaking in. When he opened the door he said there was a bright light shining into their room but the landing light was off. The light then disappeared and they were both left in darkness again. Ever the sceptic D was still convinced that they had a burglar and he got C up and they went to check downstairs. Everything was as normal. By now they had turned all the lights on in the landing, bedroom etc. and decided they would try and get back to sleep and think about it in the morning. The climbed the stairs to go back to bed and saw the impossible. The bathroom door was shut. It COULDN'T shut! I used to live there, I know. It was shut and D said to C "there's someone hiding in the bathroom". he went to open the door but it WOULDN'T OPEN! They said it was like someone was holding the handle from the inside. At this point they stopped denying a break-in and realised they had to face up to the fact that there was something beyond their control going on in their house, so they had a sleepless night back in their room, holding onto each other. The next morning, they opened their bedroom door and the bathroom door was wide open, as usual. The worst, final blow happened several months after that. now THIS is impossible. C & D were getting ready for a night out and C was getting ready in the bathroom. She had brought her camera out of the bedroom and put it outside the bathroom door (on the 'spot') so that she wouldn't forget to take it out. Anyway, C being C, she did forget and went out without it. She, D, and about 5 friends all got back to their house that night to find the camera downstairs with three pictures taken. After asking everyone if they had moved it, all said no. So she got the pictures developed. What we found (I was there to view them before they got burnt) was spine-chilling. Three pictures were taken with her camera while everyone was out, they were all of their bedroom door taken from different angles, when you put the three pictures together it made one big, bitty picture of the crack in their door and the handle. at first we thought this has got to be a prank and lamely tried to think of who would do that to them, then we decided to try it out for ourselves, as one of the pictures seemed to be 'looking down' on the door from the space above the stairs. so we did an experiment. we took the camera to that area and tried to 're-take' the pictures that were taken. it was impossible. you would have had to be 'floating' above the staires to have got one of them, and the rest were in such awkward angles it was a bugger to manuvour, no-one would have got to that trouble for a joke- if there'd been anyone in, that is! to this day it still seems unreal but we were all a witness to it. C & D moved out swiftly after the photos were taken and even now, I would NEVER go back into that place by myself. I am addicted to this web-site, so no doubt i will be back on with my other experiences again soon. Take care.

3 Short Stories

A bucket of water splashing over my father.

We lived on a farm in Florida and our house was really big. I was always scared to be there by myself. Well anyway I was 8 yrs old at the time. My sisters, brother and myself was sitting in front of my father and mother. We were watching some kind of movie that night when all of suddenly a bucket of water flown over my father and tilted over him causing him to get wet. We all jump up and the bucket drop to the floor. My father was mad and thought it was one of us. So he told everyone to stay put and finding out that none of us ever got up during the movie.

My father seen his mother walking through the field with a cane.
I was outside playing with my brother and sister one day, my mother was in the house and my father was in the fields cropping. I turn to see if I could see him and I saw him running like crazy toward the house. When he got to the house I asked him what was wrong. He told us that he seen his mother walking through the field with a cane and she was wearing a white dress. I'm like ok and he told me that she still lives in Puerto Rico. We at the moment lived in Florida. So he's like something is wrong and he goes to the phone and calls her and he found out that she just past away that day. Is that weird or what.

My father coming back after death.
I was ten when my father was in a accident and pasted away. I remember a couple of  night after the accident we were trying to sleep and all we heard was things moving around. We never heard anything before until after my father past away. I remember it so clearly. I was laying down on the bed and while I heard the noises getting closer I felt someone sitting on my bed next to me. I opened my eyes slowly and no one was there but I still can feel someone there.  I just kept in mind it was my father giving me comfort and letting me know it was alright. The next morning I went to the bathroom and I found my father clothe on top of the toilet like he always had when he took a shower. I asked my mother if she took his clothe out and put it on the toilet. I though maybe she was getting rid of them.  Specially after hearing him in the house for a couple of days. She said no and that she just woke up and started breakfast for us. So she walked to the bathroom and there his clothe was on top of the toilet seat. We think it was my father that put his clothe there that night. Things like his stuff moving around the bathroom and feeling his present.  My mother call the pastor from church to spray holy water and to guide him to the light. Since that day we never heard him again. The only thing happened after that was that he was in our dreams.

(I love you daddy)
Past away Dec 25, 1988

There was Something in our House


     I lived in the same house for all of my childhood and have always
had strange, creepy, "somebody is watching me" feelings in our home.  We
lived in a nice, although small home in a quiet neighborhood in
Whittier, CA. I always wondered about the previous owners and what they
must have been like...they had the same last name as ours...Anyway,
things were always happening....faces appearing in mirrors, windows,
items were moved from one room to the next, strange noises, hissing,
talking, rattling windows and doors...
I had asked my Mom if she knew anything about the previous owners and my
maternal Grandmother said, "Yes, they died in your bedroom.." I guess
they were both alcoholics and weren't very happy people. My Mom said
they were heavily involved in the Occult and had heard that they held
séances regularly in the house. I told my Mom many times about a
recurring dream I had in which I was an infant and a strange man came
into my room went to my closet, opened it, and took a small box out from
the beneath the floor boards....My Mom stared at me for a moment and
then said, "honey, that really happened..." I guess just after my Mom
and Dad brought me home from the hospital and my Dad had gone back to
work my Mom had put me down for a nap and gone to take a nice hot
bath...While in the bathroom she decided to shave her legs and heard the
front door open, thinking it was my Father she called out to him, but a
stranger answered her...."I need to get something out of the closet in
the next room" he said..."I don't know you and my newborn daughter is
asleep in there, get what you need but if you touch her I will kill
you." my Mom replied. "I won't hurt anyone, I will just get what I need
and leave." Then he got what he came for, said thank you and left. My
Mom said she had got out of the tub and threw on some sweats and first
ran in to check on me then ran outside but there was nobody
there....Many, many things happened in our home and still do.
I moved out 10 years ago but my sister still lives there and still feels
strange things almost daily. I married and my Husband and I stayed there
during the holidays a few years back and came home from a party where he
had a few drinks. As soon as we got out of the car he lost all the color
in his face and looked up towards the corner where there is a stop sign.
It was about 1 a.m. in the morning and he said, "Do you see that little
boy riding the bike on the corner?" I said, "What the hell are you
talking about?" scared I stained to see if I could see anything...nope.
He said, "Right there a boy with blonde hair and peddle pushers riding
the bike?" I freaked out and went into the house. He came inside and we
went out to the patio to sleep and got into bed. the patio is a garden
room with lots of windows and no curtains. He was just about to lay down
when he sat upright and said, "Oh my now the boy is sitting on the fence
outside..." I went to wake up my Mom and asked her if she had ever seen
a blonde boy around she said no but that doesn't mean he is not
there....I always wonder about that neighborhood...

The Woman of the Woods

this event is true and happened when i was 9 years old. It was the night of November 12th, my birthday.  Me and my friends were walking back from the bowling alley to my house for a sleep over. {the bowling alley was only 10 minutes away.} anyway,
on the way back my friend matt dared me to go in the middle of the woods without my flashlight.  i went in and came out 10 minutes later.  all my friends had terrified looks on they're faces. "what?" i asked. matt pointed behind me. when i turned around a 5 ft. tall woman in a white dress with black hair was standing there!.  she looked really mad. we ran as fast as we could. we finally got to the house and jumped in our sleeping bags. no one moved and we all eventually fell asleep.  i awoke at 3:00 in the morning to go get a glass of water. i had totally forget about the incident until i stopped and heard very, very heavy breathing behind me.  i thought it was my dog but when i turned around, it was her!  she had the same look on her face. i screamed as loud as i could and my friends came running down the hall asking me what happened. i told them and we all went back in the room and stayed up until the next day.  i told my mom what happened but she didn't believe me. that is until she found my pet snake dead and she started seeing strands of long black hair all over the house. we moved out shortly after that and i will never go back to that house again, let alone look at it. I still find black hair in my bed sometimes. even though were at our new house and there's no one in my family with black hair. i think she is following me. maybe trying to tell me something.  on rare occasions i will be playing my drum set when all the sudden i stop and hear mumbling and groaning.
if i ever have an encounter with this ghost again i will send it asap. thank you.

The Old Cannery


I work in an old salmon cannery in Vancouver, BC.  The cannery was built in
1894 and was used in some capacity until 1979.  It's now a national historic
site and museum.
The site is definitely an industrial one.  When the cannery was in
operation, there were lots of rather dangerous machines about, and we have
many stories of injuries and a few of deaths.  We do know that where our
office building stands now was once the site of one of the mess halls, and
when it burned down there were about fifteen people trapped inside.  More
than one person has told me about strange experiences in that building, but
I've not had the chance to experience them.  Meanwhile, in the actual
cannery, the only specific death we know of is that of a four- or
five-year-old girl who fell into the acid bath used to clean oil and guts
from the outside of the salmon cans.
We close the museum to the public at 5 pm every day, and then have a list of
jobs to carry out to shut down the site for the evening.  We don't get out
of the building until 5.20 or so.  I have been on the closing crew pretty
much regularly for the last three weeks and every night at the same time,
just as we're about to set the alarm, we hear a sound from the north end of
the building.  It sounds like someone dropping a heavy box, which then
spills its contents all over the floor.  We've called out and watched the
spot where the noise comes from, without seeing anything or getting a
response.  The alarm has never been set off, and since there are motion
sensors this suggests to me the noises are not being made by anything human.
Also, at the other end of the building there is a spot about 20' square
where a number of staff have felt chills, the sensation of being watched,
hair rising on the back of the neck, and so forth.  Yesterday a mother was
carrying her three-year-old daughter through this area and the child
suddenly burst into tears, screaming and kicking.  She calmed down
immediately as soon as they were out of the area.
The noise from the north end of the building doesn't feel threatening, but
the second one feels decidedly malicious.  Lately something has also been
mysteriously causing our computers, lights, and A/V equipment to

The Man in the Street


My name is Lee, I am 30 and I live in Scotland. I want to tell you about something that happened to me and a friend when we were about 12 or 13.
There was an old man ( a good old man ) who lived in the same block as me. This man was about 75 and was always full of stories about the war and the older days.
By the way I dont think it would be right of me to mention other peoples names without their permission.
Anyway the old man was hit by a van and killed instantly and i think the driver was done with drunk driving.
This is where things get a bit strange
I dont know how much time later ( about 1 to 2 years later)
we were both walking along the road and walking towards the point where ----- had been killed when he suddenly appeared.I turned around to my mate and said"Do you see that" .
These were my exact words.
My mate turned to me and said "Its ----- ------"
He repeated the name of the person i had just seen.
We both turned round and there was nobody there and my mate jumped out his skin and ran away home.
I remember both of us later that day telling our parents and both of us getting into trouble for making up stories.
I lost touch with my old mate and have never spoken to him since(i sometimes think that we both avoided each other after what happened).
Finally i would like to say that to this day i have no idea what happened.
For one young boy to have this experience can be put down to an hallucination but for two  to share it at the same time
is creepy.
If anyone can give some insight please do.

The Girl Standing Over Me


     Hi my name is Amber Thompson. It happened a couple of months ago while I was staying at (a friends). I was sleeping on the couch and I could hear some one breathing loudly. When I opened my eyes I saw a young girl standing over me. I thought it was my friend because it was dark and I was tired. I told her to leave me alone and to go back to sleep. Then she faded away slowly. The next morning I asked my friend what she wanted when she woke me up, and she had no idea what I was talking about!!! So I even asked her mom and dad they thought I was crazy. I haven't seen her/him/it whatever it was since. But I know that what I saw was no illusion.

The Girl On the Phone


Recently I had been calling my friend mandy on th phone. I couldn't get a hold of her because  she was talking to her cousin. I was about to dial her phone number when my phone started to ring. A whole bunch of static rolled in. A little girl answered the phone in a really faint voice. " Hello?" she answered. " Hello? Is anyone there?!" I asked sarcasticly. all the static rolled out. and the phone was dead. I charged it up and called mandy. I asked that is she had a voice mail where a little girl that asweres the phone and hung up without a tone. She said no. She said that she didn't even HAVE a voice mail!" Are you sure??" Mandy asked. I said I was positive. So I believe that it was a lost girl, a ghost, a spirit, the after world.

The Followers


It all started about six months ago, my three year old son started seeing ghosts.  Not the boogie man in the closet or under the bed but real ghosts.  One day in early spring as I was packing for a weekend trip to a friends house I was about to take my son informed me that he had to go to the bathroom, ok no problem, just as he's done so many times before I told him to go down the stairs from our rooms and go to the bathroom.  I heard him thudding down the stairs as usual and the little running footsteps thru the house.  As I was finishing packing thinking of what we would do that weekend I heard the most terrifying sound I have ever heard in my entire life.  My son was screaming, not just any scream, but the kind of scream that makes your blood run cold and your heart hit the floor.  I heard him running and falling as I was hurling myself trying to get down the stairs to him.  As we reached each other at the bottom of the stairs he was hysterical, he was shaking and crying and it took me the better part of an hour for him to tell me what had happened to him.  When he had approached the bathroom he heard something, then he said someone was knocking on the basement door, and as our house is set up the entrance to the basement is right in the bathroom.I asked him to repeat what he had said and he said someone was knocking on the basement door.  He then told me that he heard a little girl talking to him thru the door and she was trying to get him to let her out.  He then said ' mommy, I know that nobody lives down there, it probably was a ghost.'  I know that I looked horrified and I was, because of what only one person knew of that had happened about ten years before.  I had heard that same thing when I was a kid in that very same house at that very same door.  A little girl had cried for help from her mother and had asked me to please let her out.  I totally freaked and told my aunt whose house it is we live in.  I think she thought I was crazy and after so many years I began to beleive it was true, and eventually all was forgotten, until now.  For months after that my son would have to be accompanied to the bathroom, he was now afraid to go on his own.  Always afraid that the little girl would come back, and to be honest even I was a bit uneasy to go in there to.  Nothing happened for awhile and I assumed that it was all over,until about a month ago.  One morning I awoke to find that my son had at some point in the night gotten into my bed.  I asked him what was the matter and he then asked me a question that still haunts me, he asked me why did the little ghost girl follow me around the house and how could she do that if she was dead.  I was to scared to answer.  How do you answer that?  Then he said something else, he told me that last night he had seen her mommy and daddy standing over the bed watching us sleep and that is what had scared him.  They wanted to know where their liitle girl was and that they needed to find her now.  I didn't know what to do, people were starting to think I was nuts.  Things went on this way a little while, there would be sightings of her and then her parents and then things started to happen.  The rooms would be cold on scorching hot days and we would both hear footsteps all around the house when nobody but us was home.  My son would not be left in any room alone or even sleep in his bed because he said that's when her parents would watch him and demand to know where she was.  Then one day it just stopped.  To afraid to ask my son for fear I would provoke his fear againg I waited it out.  And just last week he out of the blue just said the ghosts went home because they had found their little girl.  Maybe they did, I don't know, but I do know that I still hear footsteps sometimes, and the rooms still get cold.  But as long as he is no longer afraid I will leave well enough alone, maybe all they really wanted was their little girl back.

The Door


Hi My name is Alysha.  My story isn't as long as the other ones but i am only 13 so not many
things have happened to me but it happened when i was 11 so I remember it clearly. I was in
the living room of my friends home and my friend was on the floor.(we both saw the same
thing, though she tells herself it didn't happen) I was awaken by Jessica(my friend) and she
brought me into the hallway and right there the front door had been unlocked and was
opening and closing over and over again then p;
hallway, thankfully I passed out and I was awaken by my friend who was again crying she
said that she heard the noises again and when she woke up the front door was open. I didn't want to tell her of what i saw i thought it might be a  little to overwhelming for her, I will never forget what happened that night as long as I live. I have never felt terror like that and  I pray to god i never fell that way again.

The Brick Estate and Others


Hi, I am a true ghost beleiver. I've always been really interested in Ghosts, and when we moved to this huge Brick Mansion it got me wondering. About a year ago, My parents and I moved here to this Brick estate. It is beautiful. The staircase was imported from Italy, and it's huge. We have a library, and even a music room. The house is the most geourgous home you'll ever see, but one of the scariest homes you'll ever see. Long dark halls, Dark hidden stairways, dark rooms in the old maids quarters. It's scary. My whole 15 years of my life, I have been so scared of ghosts, and I still am. Everytime I'm alone I think of them. Just their looks. They stand there quie,  tall, and wide eyed! Just knowing they're dead and there walking around standing before you. I thought of Ghosts in the house because it's so old. We saw a picture of it the year it was built. It was still beautiful! Well anyways, A couple days with moving into the house, We had a House party for all of our friends to visit the new home. My aunt went up to her room, and the door was slighly open. As she went to grab the door nob, the door harshly slammed. She screamed in such horror everyone ran upstairs. You should have seen the tears running down this womans face. I was also terrified. First thing I thought. Ghosts. She had to leave with her husband she was in so much shock. I had trouble sleeping thinking of the ghosts, but nothing ended up happening. The next experience happened exactly two days later when I was walking my dog. The house is down a long driveway, and it sits alone. I walk my dog on the road my driveway starts. As I was coming back down the driveway, I seriously just stopped. It was like all the color and feeling in my face just totally dripped off of my face. I saw the perfect sillouhette of a tall man standing perfectly straight in the guestroom window. There was a slight light shining through the guestroom door from the dim lamp in the hall. I wouldn't even go in the house. I called my Mom from the cell phone in the car, but she was asleep (for it was about 9:30.) I sat outide in the car until about 11:00 until my Dad came home. I explained to him what happened and he just kind of shrugged it off. I came in, but I said I want to sleep on the floor in their room, so I did. After that night, I could really feel a pressence in the upstairs rooms. It was so strong, my Parents admitted they could feel it to. My dog would never go in any of the bedrooms except for my parents, and she wouldn't go in the basement either. It felt like someone if pushing on your chest. It feels weird. Little things started happening, like doors would slightly open and close by themselves. I got used to it but still was terrified. I actually got the courage to stay home alone at night when my Parents went to a Superbowl part down the road. I refused to go upstairs. I was watching TV when the lights started to dim and rise. That scared me alone. Then I heard light footsteps above that would walk, then stop, then take a couple more steps than stop again. I ran out of the house and went to the end of my driveway and sat there in tears. I would not go back to that house until my parents got home. I waited for hours. My parents came home, and totally beleived me. They said they were going to do something about it. My Dad came in the home and just said "Please leave this home.... etc". The events totally died down. I got used to the pressence and really didn't fear it very much. We still hear footsteps late at night every once in a while, but the spirits here don't bother us. Neighbors have told us plenty of times that many wealthy families used to live their. None of them were bad. We don't fear them anymore, because they have no where to go. If they feel comftorble here, there welcome and they can stay for as long as they want. It still is their house.

Tell Me this ain't Freaky


This is a really freaky story that my friend told me, and it's 100% fact. I live in Columbia, South Carolina, and downtown near the fairgrounds there is an abandoned mill. The legend (and fact) about this mill takes place about a hundred or so years ago, when children worked to help pay the bills. The children sent to the mill were forced to work so hard that several died of exhaustion. The owner of the mill was a truly evil man. Instead of burying the dead children, he threw them in the incinerator. The mill was shut down and abandoned, condemned to rust and dilapidate.
           One night, my friends Heather, Jessica, and Nick decided they wanted a glimpse at the spiritual world, so they went around to different places, trying to find evidence of ghosts. They eventually went to the abandoned mill. Heather immediately got a bad vibe about the place. She got sick twice, advising the others they should go. But they ignored her warning, their curiosity peaked. Nick jumped the gate with warnings signs nailed all over it, saying he wanted to touch the tower. Jessica and Heather watched him run to the tower, touch it, and rush back. At first it was all fun and games, until Heather noticed the blood on Nick's palms. He didn't have a scratch on his body.
         The three decided that this excitement wasn't enough and decided to try and go inside. They walked around the entire building, checking all the doors, but they were locked. Heather then noticed a light on inside the tower. She knew this was virtually impossible, since the power to the mill had been cut for years. Nick suggested they try the doors again after Heather pointed out the light, and this time, they were all open. They started to freak out. What was going on? Was somebody pulling a practical joke? But their suspicions were soon proven wrong, as the most impossible thing of all happened next. The incinerator suddenly came to life.
        Heather decided that enough was enough and insisted that they leave, but Nick and Jessica had not yet had their fill of excitement. They wanted to go investigate. Heather refused to go. So they asked her to stand watch, since tresspassing is illegal. She reluctantly agreed and watched them set off for the incinerator, when a shadowy figure on the bridge not far away caught her eye. She turned and cried out. It was the figure of a man, but she could see right through him! She screamed to Nick and Jessica, and they finally decided it was time to leave. As they were walking quickly back towards their car, Nick stopped short. Heather and Jessica turned to see what was wrong. Nick was looking down in surprise at his arm. There were red marks, as if someone had gripped it tightly. No one had touched him. The girls found the exact same marks in the exact same places on their arms as well, and Heather made another impossible discovery. There were bloody red scratches on her side! Heather did not remember feeling anything touch her on that part of her body. Now the three were panicked. They began running to the car. Suddenly, they heard a noise behind them. It was a large black man on a bicycle. They stopped, not knowing whether this man was a mugger or a spirit. But he simply rode by them. The only remark he made was "Good morning!". This was appropriate, as it was in the wee hours of the morning, but after the events they had experianced only moments ago, they were ready to get home. They left and vowed never to return...during the night, that is.
*A back up of facts: The story of the abandoned mill is indeed true, and can be found in most South Carolina history books. Ghosts are a frequent thing here. I know several people who have ghosts in their homes, including my ex-best friend, who's oldest brother used to play with the young toddler ghost in her grandmother's house as a child. Indeed, when I was visiting the spirit threw a temper, throwing the top of the trash can across the kitchen floor. No one was anywhere near the trash can when it happened. How do you like my story? I have plenty more, a few from the "ghost gang", as I have come to call my three friends mentioned in the story above, some involving myself, and several about the ghosts in Charleston and Columbia, including the famous hitch hiker ghost. E-mail me at if you have a story of your own, or if you would like to know about the ghosts in South Carolina. I hope you have enjoyed my story.

Strange Things in my House


        when i was about 15 we moved to a big old house in east london my mother had recently inherited it from an aunt who had just died, the house needed an awful lot of repair work carried out but mum who had recently been made redundant, sort of made the restorations a pet project.  Anyway i had always felt a bit uneasy there so i wasnt very pleased about the move but seeing mums enthusiasm about it all especially after she had been a bit depressed since losing her job i bit my lip and said nothing.
          From the moment we moved in it was obvious that something wasnt right,the
house had a cold oppressive atmosphere and ever read the amityville horror? well just like george lutz never being able to get warm, it was exactly the same even after spending thousands of pounds on a brand new heating system. Sometimes it would get so cold your hands and feet would actually hurt. Our dog point blank refused to even enter certain rooms and when the house was quiet i swear you could hear really fast gibbering and chattering, dad by now (whom i might add is a huge sceptic) was also beginning to have serious doubts about the house and tried to persuade mum to sell, after all huge old houses like that sell for an asolute fortune in london. Mum however went mental at the suggestion which was highly unusual in itself as mum was usually a very placid person.
      strange occurences were now becoming commonplace and i have to admit that i started dreading coming home from school.Friends had long since stopped visiting in fact many of them had visited just once before making their excuses and leaving and always had an excuse at the ready as to why they couldnt come over when asked.
      this went on for about 8 months before things came to a head, one evening whilst watching tv, the dog who even though only 5 years old at this point had been ailing for some time,became almost hysterical,barking at a particular spot(where i often felt unbearably cold)then he seemed to have some kind of fit his eyes were rolling and he began slavering dad rushed him to the car to the vet whilst mum and i stayed at home, big mistake!! the electricity went and we were left in almost complete darkness
the walls started rattling and there was an eerie howling reverberating around the house. i was crying and mum by now was actually smiling saying "i knew youd come"over and over this went on until dad came back and found mum in this weird trance like state and me huddled in the corner still crying.Dad dragged us both out and in the instant we were out of the house mum snapped out of her weird state and also began crying that night we stayed with gran,dad hired someone to empty the house of our belongings and we never set foot in the place again. sam our dog fully returned to his previous good health,and to this day mum doesnt know who she was talking to or what she meant during her strange trance,in fact we sold the house to a property developer and dont even talk about it any more.

Strange Encounters


I am Eighteen years old and live in Aloha, Oregon. Although Ghots and the
like have always intrigued me, I've never encountered or experienced them.
Some members of my family have though.
#1 A few years ago My Grandmother and two Aunts were driving home from a
christmas eve service late at night. They were passing by a cemetery a few
miles from my house when they saw the figure of a man standing over one of
the graves. As I've heard, they could see him clearly even though it was
dark, and he himself was very white in appearance. They have never seen
again since.
#2 I have two cousins who lived at a Youth Facility in Salem, and frequently
visiting them, they tell us about the hauntings there. On one of the girl's
dorms there is a bed that whoever sleeps in it always claims to hear a voice
telling them to kill their self. And a girl my cousin knew did try to kill
herself after staying in that bed.
#3 On another of the cottages, my younger cousin describes a black shadow
moving down the hallway outside her room, which disappears when it hits the
wall. And the staff decribe going to the basement to retrieve items and
having doors slam or hearing footsteps. The cabinents in their kitchenette
have opened and closed on their own.
#4 Just recently my aunt in Tacoma had a "guest" for a few weeks. She woke
up one night to hear noises in her kitchen. (She lives in a two-bedroom
second floor apartment) She grabbed her baseball bat and went to check them
out, only finding the stuff on her counters rearranged. A few nights later
she woke up to find a man standing over her bed looking at her. He's very
harmless and seems content with moving things around in her kitchen and
walking around her apartment at night. Although he seems to have disappeared
since July and she hasn't heard or seen him since.



I'm only 13 years old, but i've had a few experiances with the paranormal.
First off, there is, and always has been, this odd imprint on the carpet in my hallway of a person. i think a woman, because it seems as if it has hair. My family is the first to live in this house, so i don't think this is a previous owner, or resident. When i was younger, maybe around 6 or 7, i used to see things in that hallway. I always saw people, no, more just the shadows of people, walking around there. I always had to run through that hallway terrified into my parents room, and sleep on their floor the rest of the night. After a while, i realized that they normally just stay in the hallway, Rarely entering a room. The first night this did happen however, a spirit the same shape as the one on my carpet did come into my room. i just remember it walking around, never looking at me. Just seeming to be looking for something. It went toward my closet a lot during that time, and would open my laundry basket a few times. I screamed and it disappeared, and since then i keep my door closed- sometimes locked. Even today i am parranoid about my door always being closed and locked. This stopped happening for years. (Serious signs.) But i would still get subtle hints of their presence, like a knock on the door, or something randomly falling off a shelf.
So my friend was spending the night one night, and we fell asleep on the couch downstairs. It was on a Monday because we had no school, and therefore my father had work the next day, and needed his sleep. Tired and drowsy, i woke up to my dad yelling to me. "DANIELLE!" (names have been changed) "DANIELLE! BE QUIET! YOU ARE TOO LOUD AND I NEED TO WAKE UP EARLY TOMORROW!" i noticed that 'alexis' was still sleeping. Having just woke up, i had no clue what he was talking about. so i asked him. "Dad, we were sleeping." he simply said "NO I HEAR YOU BOUNCING AROUND, SLAMMING THINGS AND TALKING. DONT LIE TO ME, DANIELLE. NOW GO TO SLEEP AND TURN OFF ALL THE LIGHTS." Confused, i just turned off all the lights, woke up alexis, and we both tiredly bustled through the pitch-black rooms. We got to the hallway, and i saw a black smear go in front of me. Guessing it was my friend, i touched its back to guide me back to my room. It did, and then moved to the left into my closet. Thinking alexis was going to scare me (which she does ALL THE TIME.) i turned on the light quickly and spun around. No one was there. I kept looking around, thinking she was hiding. Without finding her, i open my door and gaze into the dark hallway. I turned on the light, and saw alexis stumble out of another room. "Oh- you already passed me. i was going to scare you."
About a week later, me and her were going to go skating. She forgot her socks, so i ran upstairs so she could borrow mine. i got to my door, and the knob turned and opened about 3 or 4 inches. thinking it was my sister, taking something from my room, i opened it really fast, but no one was there. i grabbed the socks, and ran out.
That night, she slept over again. I suddenly woke up and it was extremely cold. i was on the couch and alexis was on the other couch. i look on the floor, and i see a skinny man trying to stand. he was very tall, pale, and skinny. i freaked out, because im tired, young, and scared, so i decided to defend myself. I sat up, started screaming, and kicked it twice. it finally disappeared, and was gone.
i still hear things, and even as i type this, i hear a young child humming a song. not a song i know, but a classical one. i learned to deal with it, overall at least. i still get freaked sometimes, but im gernerally okay. good luck everyone!

Seen One


my first encounter was wen i was about 10years old we lived in a village an every night i heard footsteps up yhe stairs up yhe hall and stop out side my bedroon door one night my brother was ill with asthma so we swaped rooms and the footsteps new where i was they walked up the stairs stoped outside my brothers room we moved and i didnt have any encounter again untill i had my second son we moved in a house wen my son was about 2 years he always had an afternoon nap but he would always talk to him self he used to say go get the car and the lorry he would allso laugh to himself this went on all through the summer i didnt think nothing of it kids do these things, then one night my husband went to get some cigerettes  i can always tell wen someone is watching me i turned and there he was a little boy blond hair about 4 years of age wearing shorts and old shoes, after that my son didnt say anymore wen he went to bed, we moved about a 2min down the road on the same estatehes now nine he woke up screaming and shakeing saying there was someone in his room i calmed him down my dog went mental and my cat just sat there whinning, he would not sleep in his room it was also very cold,the lights would always flickerin the sitting roommy dog would look at the ceiling and bark one night my son was in the other bedroon with his older brother i woke up and all i heard was were is he wereis he  this in i asked him what he looked like and he discribed this boy to a t made me go prper cold wen we left the first house wen he was 3 the neighbours could here a child cry  we decided to sale our house,i was getting ready for work and there he was sat on my work top he then was,i also saw him swirling around the ceiling we moved out a couple of days after i saw a neighbour he asked me if id moved out yet,upstairs of that house was very cold iwas always hearing bumps and bangs why did he follow me,im not the only person how saw him the people who lived there before me sawhim as well,

Scottsville Cemetery



Warren’s Visits

By: anonymous

To appreciate the story I am about to tell, there are a few details you must first know.  The house I live in is about four years old. It was built by my wife and myself with the help of a few contractors.  The house sits on sixteen acres that was once part of a majestic seventy five-acre farm.  The original farmhouse still stands on an adjacent lot.  The farm was supposedly built by a solder who settled there after walking off a battlefield during the civil war.  The story goes, that the solder walked north until he was too tired to continue walking and this is where he settled.  The last owner of the farm prior to it being subdivided, is a sweet old lady named Ruth who is about ninety years old and now lives in a small mobile home on a half-acre lot just below ours and across from the old farmhouse.  The farmhouse is now occupied by a family with three young children.  They are much more equipped to maintain the old house and have kept it up quite well.  Ruth’s husband past away years ago.  Ruth told me that her husband farmed the land using only a horse drawn plow right up until the day he died.
When we first moved into our new house it was unfinished.  No carpet, no moldings and still unpainted.  We worked day and night to complete our new home.  Things were going pretty normal until one cold night in the middle winter my wife and I were awoken by the high pitched screeching of the smoke detectors.  We jumped out of bed, running through the house looking for any signs of smoke, in a complete panic thinking we may loose everything we worked so hard to build.  Our search found nothing.  No smoke, no fire, no hint what so ever that there was a problem.  This same event happened several times in the next few weeks, and I begin to notice it always happened at 11:11 pm.  We consulted the electricians that wired the house.  They told use it might be a power surge coming from the electric company.  Others suggested it was fumes from the new carpet and paint, or possibly spiders getting into the sensors.  My only thought was that it was very odd that it always happened at the exact same time.  What was even stranger is that later I moved my clock ahead by ten minutes so I could force myself to get up earlier, After I changed the clock, it still read 11:11 every time the smoke detectors went off.  After about three weeks the events finally stopped.  However, I still find myself waking up at 11:11 pm most nights for no reason that I can explain.
 After the house was complete my wife and I started to build a small barn and some fencing for the two horses we had boarded at a near by farm.  We had purchased the horses about two years earlier, and were very anxious to bring them home.  We soon had the barn finished and had our horse’s home, along with our two dogs, and we were very proud of our little farm.  From the house you could see the Dutch doors we put on the horse stalls. It was a very satisfying sight to look out and see the barn and the horses each morning.  I noticed that the horses loved to stick their heads out of the opened top door, and they always seem to be watching something move along the tree line.  I later noticed the dogs doing the same peculiar thing from their pen behind the house.  My wife and I could never see, or figure out what they were watching. Maybe a deer or other small animal, but it just seemed strange that all four animals could see something that my wife and I could not.  Their moved in unison as the watched what ever was moving past them.
  Up along the top edge of the property there are several houses just on the other side of the tree line.  It was common for our neighbors to come down through the trees and up to the fence to see and pet the horses.  Being well-tempered and curious animals the horses would always walk over to greet their visitors.  However, on several occasions I would see the horses slowly walk over to the fence side-by-side as they often did when someone was there, but when we looked to see you was waiting for them, we could see no one.  They would stand there and act just like someone was feeding them carrots, or petting their noses.  It was cute to watch but still very odd.
One afternoon in the summer I went out to the barn to feed the horses.  I found both horses wearing their halters.  I assumed I had forgot to remove them from the day before, so I just removed the halters and hung them on their hooks.  I went back out about a half an hour later to check their water, and once again I found both horses wearing their halters.  I later asked my wife if she had put them on.  She just looked at me funny and said, “No I never left the house”.  A few days later I went out and found the garden hose rolled up very neatly in the corner and the barn was spotless.  This seemed strange because it was common for my wife or me to leave the hose stretched out on the floor.  I thought, “Great, my wife decided to clean up the barn”.  I then stretched out the hose and started filling their water buckets.  I then decided to go up to the hayloft to throw down some hay bails through the trap door.  When I came back down about three minutes later I found the water turned off and the hose once again neatly rolled up in the corner.  Plus both horses were once again wearing their halters.  I knew that I hadn’t done any of this, and my wife was nowhere in sight.  This is when I started thinking about all the strange things that were happening; the smoke detectors, the halters, the hose that rolls up by itself, and the fact that the barn is always clean and horses always look groomed.   My wife and I tried to keep the horses looking good, but we had not had a lot of time recently for grooming.   It  appeared that we had a mystery visitor that was taking care of our horses.   I never gave much thought to ghosts or spokes, but I suddenly felt very uneasy.  Pretty soon my logical mind kicked in, and I started to convince myself that there was a reasonable explanation for all of these little strange events
 These little events continued.  My wife and I simply grow accustom to them.  We actually started to expect them.  Most of the events seem to revolve around the horses.  On one beautiful fall day I was out in the barn filling water buckets and sweeping up when I saw the horses walk over to the fence.  In my mind I said, “Do they see their invisible friend or is someone really there”.  When I look out I was relieved to see that there was someone standing there.  There was an older, tall, thin man wearing a white shirt, denim overalls and a small brimmed hat.  He had gray hair and a beard with no mustache, much like the way the Amish look.  I decided to go out and meet our this man assuming it was one of our neighbors.  I introduced myself, and with a thick Pennsylvania Dutch accent the man introduced himself as Warren.  He said that he really loved horses.  In fact he told me he use-to-use horses when he farmed.  I asked him where he lived.  He simply answered, “Oh close by” He then said, “don’t let me keep you from our chores, I just wanted to come up and say hi to my two friends here”.  I told him that they seemed to really like him too.  I also told him that he was welcome to come over anytime.  He said that his wife sometimes gets annoyed with him, so he goes for walks to give her some peace.  I then return to the barn to turn off the water.  When I looked back Warren had already left.  When I went back to the house I told my wife about Warren.  She told me that’s the guy she often sees down at Ruth’s house. She said, “I think he helps her around the house.  He’s there all the time”.
 Two month later we saw Ruth at her mailbox.  My wife rolled down her window to say hello.  I leaned over and told Ruth that I had met Warren, that he had come up to see the horses, but he hasn’t been around since it got cold out.  Ruth laughed and said If Warren gets to be a bother to you, just send him home.  I asked her were Warren lived.  She said he sometimes lives with her and sometimes lives in the farmhouse.  I told her that it seemed odd that the people who live in the farmhouse now never mentioned anything about Warren living with them.  Ruth very quickly answered, “Oh, they don’t know he there”.  My wife and I just looked at each other.  Ruth smiled, turned and walked back to her house.  At that point it pretty much hit me who Warren was, that the man I had been talking with two months earlier was Ruth’s husband and had been dead for over thirty years.  This gave me a feeling of total shock.  Its hard to explain how you feel when you suddenly realize that all those ghost stories you heard as a kid could actual be true.  You develop a fear that now anything is truly possible.  I kept thinking to myself “No this can’t be happening.  There’s no way that was her husband”.  But then what about all the other strange events.  A ghostly visitor was the only explanation I could come up with.  I turned and looked at my wife.  She was just sitting there staring back at me with a look of total disbelief.  The next thing we heard was a car horn.  We were both startled for a moment.  We realized that we had been sitting there in the car for several minutes just contemplating what we had just heard.  The driver behind us got tired of waiting and just went around.  My wife and I then slowly drove the last one hundred yards to our house without saying a word.   I started to say something, my wife quickly interrupted and said; I really don’t want to talk about this.  We really haven’t talked much about it since.  As time goes on, and I thing about it, all I need to do is remember how polite and happy he looked when I saw him and any fear I may have had goes away.
 Warren still comes around.  I still find the halters on the horses when I know I removed them.  He still straitens –up the barn, and the dogs and horses still watch him go for his walks along the trees.  I still wake up at 11:11 pm almost every night, and I have started having dreams about the farm the way it use to look years ago, probably before I was born.  I often times see Warren in these dreams, but the dreams are always very pleasant.  I have no idea what the significance of 11:11 pm is.  Maybe just a coincidence.  I have not talked to Ruth about this; I am not sure what I would say.  However, I did check the original proposal for the subdivision and Warren was her late husband’s name.  Ironically it was also the name of the man that originally built the farmhouse during the civil war, but I have no idea if he liked horses.

Many Hauntings


  I have experienced strange happenings (unexplained) as far back as I can remember. Rather than talk about the simple happenings I’ll tell you about the most prominent ones. I’ll begin by telling you that majority of these happenings never frightened me to the point of hysteria, but made me very aware that we are definitely not alone.
  My first encounter was when I was around 5. I was living with my grandmother in New Bedford, MA.  I remember always being afraid of the dark, and this is probably why. I was lying down to sleep and as I lay there I noticed a shadow on the other side of the room. My grandmother had an old desk and swivel chair there. It looked to be a shadow of someone sitting in the chair slowly swiveling.  I was curious to know if it was just a shadow or did someone come into the room while I was not paying attention. It began to frighten me and then I heard a low voice say “Don’t be afraid”. I jumped from bed and started to pound at the bedroom door for someone to let me out!
  When I was about 8 years of age my mother, brother and myself lived in an old farmhouse in Rehoboth, MA. The house (rental) came furnished with everything from linen to arts and crafts.  My brother one night had said that he heard someone walking up the stairs and he thought that it was my mother, so he decided to hide around the corner, jump out when she came close enough and scare her.  The foot steps came to the top of the stairs; my brother jumped out and had the scare of his life for there wasn’t anyone there. I always came home from school and things were constantly being noticeably rearranged in my bedroom. I thought it was my mother but years later she told me that everything in the house was constantly being rearranged. The house was originally owned by a Captain and while my brother and I were investigating the grounds one day, we stumbled on a gravesite (possibly a family plot) buried behind the stone wall that ran across the property. It was very overgrown.  The one stone I noticed was of a Captain (the name escapes me all these years later) and he passed away during the 18th century.
  It seemed as the years went on the happenings were getting stronger and more noticeable. We lived in Dighton, MA from the time I was 10 till I turned 18.  The house was fairly new.  One night as I was lying in my bed I heard the window rattle above my head. I then heard breathing, like an animal breathes after a long run.  I convinced myself that I was hearing things and that these strange things happen to not only me, but both my mother and my brother.
  The occurrences seemed very strong after my stepfather passed away.  My mother had known only to stay home and her finances were not stable, so she was very upset about it. As I laid in bed thinking of what I was to wear to work the next day, no sooner I heard a jingling sound like change in someone’s pocket, coming from my bedroom closet. I passed it off as one of my mothers animals playing in there.  The next day I grabbed the dress that I had thought of and ran down the stairs to take a shower. As I did this, the change rattled in the dress pocket. I shrugged it off.  That day when I arrived back home from work I went into my bedroom, looked at my closet and decided to clean the messy thing out.  I had old toys in there!  One very large game box (the tower with marbles and sticks that you pull out of it) sat at the very back.  I pulled it out thinking how long it had been since I had played the game and decided to take everything out of it. As I did this I pulled out a small waste paper bag that had been knotted to close it up.  I opened the bag and found a large amount of money in it.  I immediately called my mother (I knew she would be happy) and asked her if she had misplaced money. She said no and I told her what I had found. My stepfather had left the money there (probably figuring that I would never clean out my closet) and I believe that he was telling me just where to find it. My stepfather passed away on a date that coincided with 3 numbers that he used to play...3.6.9. He passed away on March 26, 1979.
  As I got older I found that I was able to actually see apparitions of the sort and hear voices clearly (no, I’m not on medication…).  An apartment house I lived in with my two children was very haunted.  It was in Somerset, MA and the history was that it housed a small tavern when it was built back in the 19th century.  In the dirt cellar you could smell alcohol, but not liquor alcohol, rubbing alcohol.  Upstairs the empty room, which had but a bureau in it, was the noisiest.  Someone was constantly moving furniture around. Yes furniture that wasn’t there. It got so loud at times I had to yell to ask them to quiet down (a little scared) but I knew, for some strange reason, that there was nothing harmful up there.  One afternoon in the opposite bedroom across from the noisy one, I was standing there with a friend of mine and I was complaining how my son leaves his room, messy. All of sudden one of his army tanks turned on and started making the sound of shooting.  I was stunned as was my friend, and I reached over to take the batteries out.  I continued to complain about my son and two minutes later the tank started up and began shooting again…with no batteries.  My girlfriend screamed and ran down the stairs fully aware of the goings on in the house!  For some reason, I knew what some of these ghosts were. I knew that in this house it was an older woman. Though I never saw her..I new. She was probably offended at my cursing regarding my son’s messy room.
  My grandmother passed away a few years ago and I stayed by her side until she took her last breath.  Before she passed, though she was in a comatose state, I was washing the dishes in her kitchen. As I stood there I heard “Ruthie, Ruthie!” I looked out the kitchen door figuring someone was there to see her.  No one was at the kitchen door so I walked to the front door, no one there either.  I immediately thought that she was being called and that her time on this earth was not long.  When my uncle showed up to relieve me (we took turns watching her) I asked him of who would have called Nana “Ruthie”? He said the only person that he remembers would have been her mother. Her mother died many years before. I told him what I had heard.  My Nana passed away two days later.
  A month had passed and I had a dream of her house. The house was painted tan with blue trim and the big overgrown bushes in front of the house were cut down to stumps. I walked through the front door and the little wall that sheltered the living space was gone and the room was wide open.  I walked to the kitchen and it was so terribly bright in her kitchen, almost blinding and everything was repainted.  I called my uncle and told him what I had dreamt….he paused and said “Lynn, go to the house” but he would not tell me why.  I drove to the house and sure enough…the house was tan w/blue trim, the bushes were cut to stumps, the small wall was torn down and it exposed the entire living area and most of all…he had added a sliding glass door to a porch off of the kitchen that’s why the kitchen was so blindingly bright in my dream
  I had eventually purchased a home in Somerset and immediately began to see a woman ascending the stairway.  She would only get to the third step and she would vanish. I never could see her face but she was wearing black.
  I have since moved again and in this house, which is in the historic part of Somerset, we have a cat, a dead one.  It began when I was sleeping.  I had a dream that someone or something was tugging at my foot.  I felt a searing pain in my foot and woke up. Soon after, I began to see the little creature (cat) every now and then scurrying across the room then vanishing.
  I seem to be able to witness and hear things that eventually come to fruition and anyone out there that this happens to, never think that you are without sense.  Just go with it and think of it as a gift, something you might be able to help someone out with.

I am Nuts


 This may sound crazy but it's true and it's the only time i have ever seen anything like this,i am not a crazy and i don't see stuff like this all the time or hear voices.I come from a small county full of small towns and most the surrounding county's are the same. Around here there is not much to do besides go out in the boondocks (middle of nowhere, woods) and soot guns drink beer fish or have a small party. Well, when I was in school there was a few spots we would go to hang out at. The one IM going to talk about is called the lost city. The reason it is called that is because it is what's left of an oil refinery that exploded 20 something years ago and it kinda looks like a city. It was left alone and never tore down and the woods grew up around it. We loved to hang out there because there where lots of places to climb up on tons of concert to tag and it was big enough that if you wanted to get some privacy you could. We had a lot of parties out there.
Well three of us got broke of the habit of going out there by the events of one night. Me and two friends of mine Greg and Justin went out there to mess around and just hang out and see if anyone else showed up. We where sitting in the car BSing when Justin told us to hush. He said he heard someone talking in the woods. So me and Greg shut up and listened but did not hear anything. So we just sat there BSing some more deciding what to go do when we started to hear it again. It was not exactly talking more like mumbling and hissing sounds. We where sorta spooked but I thought I was just someone messing with us so I told Greg and Justin the same and they agreed with me. so we got out of the car and started walking around acting like we where tuff guys. We yelled and cursed and said it would take more than that to scare us that we knew they where out there. It did not stop though and we did not stop because of that. We where walking slowly toward the woods with my tire tool and some sticks when Greg saw something move. He stopped and said shhh.He pointed to where he saw the movement and we watched the wood line for more. We could still hear the sound and still thought it was friends of ours. While we where watching we started to see shadows moving around in the wood line. Justin told me to go turn the light in the car on so we could see them. So I walked back to the car and hit the lights. When I did we saw nothing and the sound stopped. That scared us but we where still saying that it was somebody and not something. We decided that it might not be someone we know and that maybe we should go, so we all got in the car and as i started to turn around so we could go the sounds started back up again. They where not any louder than the first time but we could see people moving all around in the woods and grass. At this point we where scared to death and i was doing my best to get the car turned around. The lights hit one of the figures and as it did we saw noting. It was like they where there but not there.I hit the breaks thinking i was going to run over someone,but there was no one in front of the car. Now we could see large black froms moveing along the treeline and moveing some out in to the opening toward us.They where like shadows some big and some small, some looked like people and others more like animals or shapes.I could not move i was so scared i just sat there looking at them as they moved around.I finaly snaped out of it and We got the hell out of there, and have not been back.I dont think any of us ever want to go back. We told a few people not many but i have been told similar stories of what people around here call the shadow people.

Owensboro Haunts

In checking out your haunted places section, I was reading over the entries for my hometown, Owensboro, Kentucky.  Having been involved with local theaters for over twenty-five years, I have had a rather intimate history with two of the sites mentioned, and I'd like to set the record straight.
First of all, let me state that I am the Technical Director for the RiverPark Center, a performing arts center that opened in September 1992.  There may have indeed been a woman who leaped to her death in the Ohio River in 1927, but she didn't accomplish that feat from the RiverPark catwalks...they weren't there until 65 years later.  Even the nearby bridge into Indiana wasn't opened until the mid '40s, before that there was a ferry.  Don't, however, be too disappointed.  Strange things do happen at RiverPark, including a sighting of the aforementioned "Lady in White" on the Black box theater's tension wire grid (sort of like a catwalk).  This apparition was first seen in 1994 by two of the people who were working on a rehearsal of Angel Street.  The CO-director and stage manager both saw this lady at the same time, from two different vantage points in the theater.  After that, the stage manager wouldn't go backstage alone.  Several other people said t
At the Theatre Workshop of Owensboro, of which I have been actively involved since 1978, I can't honestly attest to any of the things previously reported, though TWO has it's share of strange occurrences too!
There is a bell tower, though I've never heard any ringing, and I've been there working alone both night and day many times.  The basements, both front and back, are creepy, but I've never been pushed.  I've heard the story about the suicide, but have never seen any proof to substantiate that, though it could be true.  Sometimes it does get extremely cold.  Then again, it can get excruciatingly warm.  The central air in that building is for crap.  I don't think it has anything to do with spirits.
Things that have happened, without a doubt, (since I have been witness to these things), are...several years ago, after a rehearsal, a few of us were sitting in the green room swapping stories, and sipping drinks, to unwind.  When we had been there for about ten minutes, the back door, which was closed and locked, swung open and closed.  Then, the door to the back basement, which is right next to the back door, swung open and closed.  We all laughed that "George," as we had dubbed the fellow, must have had business in the prop basement.  We went back to talking, and about ten minutes after that, the basement door swung open and closed, then the back door  swung open and closed.  George had finished his business!
One last story, though there are many more.  Several years ago I was building the set for a play called The Cemetery Club.  I was in the main part of the theatre, where I had set up my drafting table, and was making trips to and from the stage, taking measurements of flats, and making notations on my designs.  Needing another measurement, I looked on my table for my tape measure.  I moved all my notes and drawings around several times, and the tape was nowhere to be seen.  Thinking that I had left it on the stage, I went up to look for it.  After a thorough fruitless examination, I looked at my table again.  Nothing.  Back to the stage.  Ditto.  I broadened my search to include the green room, the dressing rooms, the control booth, the restrooms...nothing,  Finally, making my way back out to the main hall, I capriciously called on my friends on the "other side",  my fellow thespians who had, over the years, preceded me to the great beyond.
" Come on Sid, Rae, George, ( a different one), Jane.  Help me out here.  Someone's taken my tape measure."  With that said, I walked straight back to my table, and there, sitting on top of the papers that I had been moving around, was my tape measure.  Well,...I said "thanks" ...I still had lots of work to do... but you can believe that the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up for quite a while after that!
Anyway, if you ever get to Owensboro, visit both places.  They are each unique, and neat to see.  Each has a website, though RPC makes no mention of their eerie happenings.  TWO may even soon add a ghost cam to their menu.  Check it out at, and good hunting!

Our Haunted House


The house I grew up in has been haunted for as long as I can remember. I remember as a child being afraid of the shadow that used to pass in the hall at night. And hearing my mom tell us about the night she thought my dad was trying to get into bed with her so she scooted over and bumped into my dad, and the figure leaning over her disappeared. There were times when the heat turned off or the air turned on by themselves, my dad sat on the edge of the tub in the bathroom and watched the handle of the heater turn off one night. My mom has seen the ghost many times but he has never hurt anyone in our family. He is a little bit of a prankster though. He likes to open locked doors while everyone is in the room, and no one by the door. He likes to pinch toes in the middle of the night.
One morning, I was the first one awake. I walked into the living room and saw that the back door was wide open. I got my mom and we checked the whole house, but there was no one there. We went to the back door and before we could shut it, we had to unlock the dead bolt, for some reason he leaves the door locked when he opens it.
Another time my sister and I were in the living room, her watching tv and I listening to a walkman. We had a blanket draped over a pole in the hall to make a kind of door. For some strange reason we both looked at the doorway and saw a pair of feet and legs walk from our bedroom into the bathroom. We didn't waste any time, we ran to the hall, tore down the curtain, and there was no one in the bathroom or in our bedroom. The windows were shut and locked too. That's when we figured it out, it was our ghost.  He is not the only ghost in the house either. There is a lady who wears a long flowing gown, and a child. I one time walked into my parents bedroom and the lady was sitting in the middle of their bed, and she just disappeared before my eyes. My sister has also seen her. It was almost 2 years ago. We had just found out my dad had cancer. He was in his room telling my mom about a dream he had had about seeing his Parents in heaven and telling them he was coming home soon. Just then they heard a scream coming from the den. My sister had walked into the dark room to get to the garage, just as she reached for the light switch, a woman appeared right in front of her. She screamed and closed her eyes til my mother came to her. Needless to say, she won't go into any room alone if it's dark.
The child likes to turn the radio on at different times of the day and night. And sometimes in the middle of the night, you can hear a child's laughter. We think it's a little girl, but we're not sure. She likes to come up behind my mom's chair and shake it or bump it. And she loves to pull on toes at night or climb into my mom's bed in the middle of the night. Most of the time if you do get a chance to see her, it's out of the corner of your eye. She has never really shown herself to anyone.
My mom has never seen the lady or really seen the child, but she has had many times seen the man in our house. He always wears a white t-shirt and jeans. He has saved my family a couple of times through my life though. He has woke my mom up when someone was breaking into our house, she got up to check on her kids and saw a leg sticking in the window, and screamed. The guy ran off and my dad woke up and we were all ok. Maybe he's our guardian angle.

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