In Massachusetts

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Adams - Plunkett Hospital- -aka "Old Adam's Hospital" - Update: Is being considered to be renovated into condo's for senior citizens. - Screams can be heard along with sightings of ghosts that usually resemble patients that may have died there. This buildings windows and doors are boarded up partially due to the fact that people have reported seeing ghosts in the windows looking outside.

Adams - Turn Hall - Turn Hall is located on Turners Avenue in Adams, Massachusetts. Downstairs, there is a gym, bar, and bowling alley for members and residents of the Adams area. Upstairs, there is an appartment, that is occupied. Two friends were reported to have been looking out a bedroom window into the gym and seeing unusual things. There are a few people associated with Turn Hall that were members that have passed away that have also been reported to have been seen dowstairs in the bar room. There was a coach for gymnastics that commited suicide a few years ago that has been known to answer people's calls and still be wathing over her workplace. All these spirits aren't out to scare, though, they are all nice.

Allston - West End House Boys and Girls Club - Originally Built in the 1930's it was primarily a Jewish club for older men to come and exercise. Ghosts of these elder men still exercise with the teens from today. Unknown splashes and bubbles in the pool, showers in the locker room turning on by themselves and lockers opening and closing by themselves.

Andover - Harold Parker State Forest - Beyond the old stone walls if you look out around 3 am you will see a green light and hear footsteps. Also there are a number of unmarked graves out in those woods, as well as the ruins of old houses.

Arlington - Robbins Cottage - Right next to the cemetery it is said that there is an apparition of an older woman dressed in servant’s clothing who walks from the back room and through the walls.

Amesbury - Lake Gardner - you can see and hear sounds of children and elders who have drowned or been drowned to death on the sand and woods of this area.

Ashland - office building behind john stones - back in the mid seventies there was a janitor working late, he was a kind man in mid summer he would turn A/Cs on so the offices would be cool in the mornings, he was on the top floor working in an office on the sprinkler system when he fell from his step ladder and onto the counter flipping him over making him land on his head, breaking his neck. to this day in the office building fire alarms can be tripped, lights go out in the elevator, strange noises are heard on the top floor, A/Cs are turned on and apparitions are seen wandering the up-stairs lobby.

Ashland - Stones Public House - Formerly: John Stone Tavern - Believed to be haunted by a little girl & a man, believed to be John Stone himself. Strange feelings when you turn your back to an old picture on the second floor. Glasses fly off shelf across room. one of the most haunted restaurants. Psychics who have been there say there are seven spirits in the restaurant. There are rumors of a body in the basement somewhere.

Assonet - Old Village House - The first selectman of the town pushed his daughter out of a second story bedroom window, killing her. Footsteps have been heard on the staircase, doors open and close suddenly, and candles are reported to be seen by passers-by on certain nights. Scratch marks found on the window of the room the daughter was murdered in.

Athol - Adams Cemetery - Now little more than an abandoned lot, this site was once known as the infamous Adams dumping ground. It was here that mad Dr. Adams disposed of his more 'unusual' experiments concerning the treatment of domestic animals. Even now, late at night, can be seen the ghostly forms of the legendary 'canary-pigs' frolicking beneath the twisted skeletons of the dead willow trees. To the sounds of ghostly laughter, they dance.

Athol - "Gates of Hell" or the Seven Gates - It's located off of Pleasant Hill Road in Athol, MA. Apparently this cult lived in a clearing 400 yards off the road, they did sacrifices and killed animals and people. There are seven gates that lead into the clearing where there is an alter and an abandoned house. (Now defaced with grafiti) There is said to be blood on the walls. If you go at night you hear whispering, can see animals hanging from trees and if you scream from inside the clearing, you can't hear it from the road!

Athol - Lucky Lanes Bowling - The Rotundra - This bowling alley that is still open used to be a movie theatre. It used to be called The York Theatre. A long time ago someone planted a bomb in the theatre, which blew up and killed a lot of people. At night when closing the bowling alley you can hear the children that were killed laughing. You can also hear footsteps upstairs where the old theatres where.

Athol - The Rotunda Bowling Ally - This was once a theater, Then converted to a bowling ally and bar. At night when everyone is gone. Closing you can hear people moving upstairs where the old theater was. It was said a woman hung herself up there.

Attleboro - Bristol Nursing Home - Many People Have reported seeing small persons or children darting about. You can feel a foreboding presence in many locations. Some claim that it is not a haunting but Demons. One unconfirmed report was of hearing strange music of unidentified type playing.

Attleboro - St. Stephen's Cemetery - There are many reports of a ghost named Doris, who was a 2 year old girl, her mother, Albertine, and her father, Eugene. Children's footsteps on the pavement apparitions appear and disappear.

Auburn - Hope Cemetery - Around this huge cemetery there are many other smaller cemeteries. Ghosts have been sighted at the statue of Jesus being held up by an angel. Sounds of children laughing and other ghostly sounds.

Auburn - Stone Tavern - is haunted by the ghost of an unknown child.

Ayer - Fort Devens - Lights flash in buildings that have been un used for many years. Also in the old movie house a piano is heard by the police who watch the area and it is said that the dogs stay away from the building that they are to scared.

Baldwinville - Otter River State Forest Cemetery - Off New Boston Road. a rather large cemetery with stone posts and chain, large religious figure on wall.  if backed up to certain tree a figure is seen hanging from tree limb. Supposedly angry.   Rumors of saying "Rudy give me a sign" being key words in this area.  Strange feelings on one's self even when passing.

Becket - Becket Quarry - Over 200 people died there in the early 1900s when it was being built. Sensation of being watched and feelings of someone brushing up against you have been felt. Flashlights will go dead and then will work again once you’re at the bottom. One person reported being chased out of there by a ghost.

Bedford - Groton - Dudley Rd. - This Road has had very frightening acts since early 1800's. And is known to send you home feeling frightened. This is where nuns where hung after practicing witchcraft in the mid 1800's. Nuns have been seen at night. When seen in the fog they look like Demons in the night.

Bedford - Hanscom AFB - Odd lights and shadow figures have been seen on the ridge and in some of the base houses. Base Police have also found evidence of a satanic group operating in the area. It is patrolled by police.

Belchertown - Belchertown State School - Doors unlocked and propped open slam shut and lock. Running footsteps, screams and cries can be heard throughout the building. Temperatures fluctuate between extremes in a matter of minutes. There is also a part of the property near the woods that surrounds the school where nothing grows. There are now no trespassing signs around the property.

Belchertown - State School - the state school used to be a mental institution that often had very unfair and cruel treatment to it's inhabitants. there’s an old story of how two people, who were not mentally retarded, but only had low intelligence, fell very deeply in love, but were kept away from each other because back then, it was considered to be wrong for people with mental disorders to marry or date or have children. they would sneak to each other in the night and leave love notes and whisper to each other through windows. it's said that during the night, you can see them run between their dormitories. there are many ghosts haunting the state schools, and up until a few years ago, 3 of the buildings were used as elementary schools. now only one remains open, and another building has been converted into a teen center with a skate park outside. at night, if you sneak into the skate park, you can see the ghosts out roaming between the buildings. even walking through that place in the daylight is enough to give you the shivers, windows will break, doors slam open and shut, you can hear screaming and crying and moaning near the men's sleeping quarters, and the tunnel system that runs below the state schools often has lights flickering on and off, although power to the buildings was cut off years ago. the swings on the playground will swing when no ones in them, and just walking near the place, gives you a very sick feeling.

Belchertown - Tadgell Primary school (made on state school grounds) - Mirrors vibrate and fall off walls. Blood trails found in cellar bathrooms. Odd feelings come over you when you set foot in there. Feelings of being watched in class. Things like pencils move around. Stall doors slam shut and lock in all bathrooms. Pictures and other things fall off walls. Papers hung are found on the floors, looking like they had been ripped off the wall. Woods on the edge of school grounds are haunted by the ghost of a man. ::This is an ACTUAL school, still open and running, only for another year though. For first and second grade.

Bellingham - Jo-Anne's Restaurant - Customers and employees have seen the ghost of young man dressed in old civil war era clothing. The restaurant used to be an old stable house or something like that. There are also cold spots, but the ghost seems very friendly. - March 2007 Update: Has been torn down

Beverly - Cavendish Square - there have been rumors that a dark, cold woman who once lived nearby slit her own throat on the street. There have been reports of her from some of the residents of Cavendish opening, faint voices, faces in the mirror, blue glow.

Beverly - Conant street cemetery - when outside in the cemetery you can hear weird noises not from squirrels or any lively sounds. Visitors have caught orbs in photos.

Beverly - Endicott College - Brindle Hall - Reports of noises being heard throughout the hall. Shades often going up without anyone near them, sounds of marbles rolling across the roof, and hissing noises that travel throughout each room. Trees outside forming the letters to spell out the name Julie, a girl who mysteriously disappeared from the 4th floor. Hand prints found on the outside part of a 3rd floor window. Keyboard letters going up and down as though someone was typing when no one was near the computer. Banging on headboards until someone yelled stop and the noise went away.

Beverly - Endicott College - Reynolds Hall - Reports of seeing a ghost of a little girl reflected in mirrors, pool balls moving , Pictures been found upside down on the wall, heard the piano playing by itself, furniture moving, Faint knocks on the door of the top quad, Shades fly up in the middle of the night.

Beverly - Endicott College - Winthrop Hall - The old mansion by the water is haunted by a younger looking woman wearing a flowing white gown. She is a ghost supposedly waiting for her husband to come back from sea. On the third floor of the building there is a staircase that goes up into the wall and mysteriously ends. The staircase leads to a widow's walk on the roof where supposedly the woman jumped to her death when finding out her husband was not coming home. Witnesses have seen her numerous times walking around the yard by the water and cliffs.

Beverly - Ocean View at Ellis Square- Formerly the Old Brisco School. Staff reports seeing fleeting images on the top penthouse floor, and staff have also reported seeing images in the upstairs mirrors near the dining hall. Many staff refuses to go up there alone at night when the floor is empty.

Billerica - Billerica High School- At the high school in billerica there have been reports of dead war veterans breathing on you and looking over you and following you on the first floor near a band room. Also around 9:pm you can see a man walkings the halls of the 3rd floor in old suspenders and rags with a deformed face and glowing dark red.

Billerica - Dudley road - Reports of being followed home & haunted by these spirits. November 2003 Update: The story behind Dudley Rd is that there was a Nunnery on the Rd and 3 Nuns were hung for practicing witch craft. And you can now see them haunting the Rd. There is a house that was built on the Rd where the witches were hung and had to be abandoned months later because the house began to sink. The house is still there and in oddly in the ground up to the second floor windows. Every year it sinks a little more. -
Febuary 2005 Update: The Convent is called Daughters of Saint Paul and is still up and running. Some of the nuns were hung, some escaped then were later found and got there throats slit by the same man who hung the other nuns. if you drive down the road a little you see the field where some of the nuns went to hide. This was also a mixed monastery And remember, just because it's not there doesn't mean the hauntings don't exist.

Boston - Berklee College of Music - The Massachusetts Ave Dorms - were once a hotel where there was a fire. people have seen apparitions in hallways and students have had victims of the fire living in their rooms. talk to any Berklee alumni and chances are they will have some story to tell or know another student who has a story.

Boston - The Boston Common - has been know to be the site of two ghostly women, dressed in nineteenth century tea dresses, who smile at passers-by kindly, but vanish when approached.

Boston - Boston Conservatory Dorms - footsteps ,slamming doors, audible voices, missing items, doors mysteriously not unlocking then flying open, used to be a hospital in the 1800's

Boston - Boston University - Shelton Hall, - which is now a residence hall, was once a Sheraton Hotel. Playwright Eugene O'Neill lived in room 401 and supposedly died in his room in 1953 and now haunts that floor. The floor is now reserved for students majoring in writing.

Boston - Catholic Memorial - A Christian Brother that passed away has been heard talking in the halls to a teacher during classes.

Boston - Charlesgate - Originally a hotel of ill repute, then a dorm for Emerson College, is currently selling condos. Haunted by persistent flappers, drug-addicted dandies, and an old man with a beard. Parapsychologists filmed ghostly horses in lower basement, which once served as the stables.

Boston - Emerson Majestic Theatre - Built in 1903, the Majestic has been noted as one of the most haunted theatres in the district. A mayor of the city died in the theatre during a performance and today he is still seen in his seat. There is also a little girl and a married couple dressed in turn of the century clothes that haunt the now un-used balcony.

Boston - The Everett Theatre - In the 1700's The Everett Theatre on Fairmount Ave. People on the balcony were all slaughtered on the balcony. Story is that that the further stage lights above the balcony were cut down by two murderers. They killed a whole sold-out audience in the balcony. Today the theatre is closed because the people who owned it ran out of money. Still today the people who were killed are seen screaming and crying up there.

Boston - Fort Warren - haunted by a lady in black believed to be the wife of Lt. Andrew Lanier. Fort Warren was a prison during the civil war, and the Lt. was confined there. The story is that his wife came to Boston. She dressed as a man, and snuck onto the island one moonless night to try and help her husband escape. They were cornered however, and when her gun misfired her husband was killed. She was sentenced to be hanged, and her only request was that she be allowed to be dressed as a woman. Someone found a black dress that had been used in a play the soldiers had put on and she wore it to the gallows. Its said she still walks the island. Reports for hearing gunshot and screams, and moaning.

Boston - Genova inn - Heard footsteps, TV come on in the middle of the night and stuff moved around and blankets being pulled off and saw something floating above the bed.

Boston - Parker House (hotel) - It is reported by employees that there are several ghosts that inhabit this old hotel in the heart of down town Boston. doors open and close by themselves, lights mysteriously turned on & off. several employees have left scared because they have reportedly seen these lost souls. the apparitions seem to be of older times with the attire and hair styles of the old aristocrat era there is also supposed to be voices throughout the night in the lobby, restaurant, and hall ways.

Boston Waterfront - The Pilot House - This building once served as a type of dormitory in when it was built in the 1839. It was for Pilots or Captains of ships that were on overnight stay in Boston Harbor. There have been reports on doors slamming, a women in white who haunts the kitchen on the first floor, the sounds of several men laughing an talking, clinking glasses, as if they were playing cards and drinking late at night.

Bourne - Sagamore Beach - You can see a young lady glowing blue walking at the waters edge.

Brewster - The Captain Freeman Perry House- (Now an antiques shop, but formerly a boarding house) on Route 6a on Cape Cod. It is occupied by a spirit, who it is thought is named Roberta. The house is fairly well known as an "Occupied" residence.

Brewster - The Crosby Mansion - The Crosby Mansion has only been seen by a few people, the people have said that the house has no electricity and that lights were flickering when nobody was there. The people came to see the house a second time and there lights made a face in the window. People have seen blood marks on the front step.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater State College - one of the bathrooms on the second floor is haunted. a girl hung herself. now if someone is in the bathroom alone they hear a noise of a girl choking. also the noise of a shower. when the shower isn't even on. Another thing that happens sometimes if you take a shower in there and you are alone in the bathroom all the showers turn on by themselves. another place that is haunted is the stairway. sometimes we see black object moving. they aren't shadows from other things because you see it when its darker.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater State College - Campus Centre Auditorium - A ghost named 'George' haunts the auditorium attached to the campus center. Not a malignant spirit yet will play with the stage lights and any instruments in the orchestra pit, as well as playing with lights in any back hallways in the area of the stage.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater State College - Shea-Durgin Hall - there is a poltergeist that lives in 5th floor it likes to stack chairs and coke cans on top of the TV's and set things on fire it is also famous for stopping elevators.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater State College - Shea-Durgin Hall -Room 228 - An 18 year old girl was strangled by her boyfriend. They found her with her clothes off, and bruises all over her neck. There was also a letter asking her why she cheated on him. At night people hear yelling and gagging from the girl's ghost. If you know someone who lives there say your final goodbyes because their time is coming.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater State College - Tillinghast Hall - this building was the original dorm in the 1800's and used to have a large iron fence surrounding it well the house mother went to check out a noise on the roof to find several of her charges out of bed and on the roof so she sent them back to there rooms when she was climbing down she got tangled in her petty coat and slipped plunging to her death on the fence. She still wanders the halls chasing out men in the building after dark, closing doors, turning off lights and crying in the stairwell.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater State College - Wood Hall - it has a room that a girl very long ago set herself on fire and she is still seen today running thru the hall screaming Fire and banging on doors when the students emerge from there rooms there is no one there.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater State College Apartments - In 9C of the student apartments on campus, stamping, knocking and smells arise. At night on the lower level outside of the emergency exit there is a knocking on the door that once it is opened there is no one there. In the living room of this same apartment a smell of decay and rot suddenly appears, enough to make you sick, and then disappears. The stamping emerges only in the middle of the night in the hall, but once the door is opened no one is there.

Bridgewater - Burger King - It use to be an old shoe store, the old fireplace on the back wall, Many sightings of a little girl in an old designed dress playing next to the fire place.

Bridgewater - Camp Titticut - An old Indian summer-time camp and burial ground. It is said that after King Phillip was caught by Myles Standish his body was drawn and quartered. His remains were scattered throughout Massachusetts so that his spirit could not go on to the after life. On quiet fall nights it is said that if you listen carefully what sound like leaves rustling is actually his remains crawling to get back together. Also, more recently, Camp Titticut was a boys camp in the 1930's through 1950's. It had a huge building used as a cafeteria, two story and three-story house as well as about eight cabins. A boy drowned in the small pond in the center of the camp in the 1940's and his ghost has been seen and heard wandering the woods for the past 60 years. Most of the buildings were burned down in the late 1980's so the town tore the rest of them down.

Bridgewater - The Old McElwain school - One of the bathrooms is supposed to be haunted by a ghost of a former student. One Halloween night some kids watched the door open by itself. It is now used as a Teen Center.

Bridgewater - The Nip - Stories say an old man was fishing and his boat drowned. If you go to the nip on some nights and down that street, you will see the man fishing in his boat.

Bridgewater - Ryanham (Hockomock Swamp) - Strange sounds are often heard late at night ... apparitions of a child's hands reaching out of the water have also been seen there ( apparently a child drown there many years ago ) Many sightings of old Indian canoes and the Indians themselves have also been sighted at night along the eerie water. - March 2008 additional information: The swamp is the center of a much larger area known as the Bridgewater Triangle. This is probably one of the most haunted places in the entire country. Wikipedia has a lot of good information, as the sightings reported goes a lot farther than what is listed on the entry for this place.Generally speaking, the following things have been reported in or near the swamp: glowing lights, giant hellhounds that killed a couple ponies, giant birds with 12 ft wingspans, Native American voices in the woods, mysterious graves that bubbled strange things when they were disturbed, UFOs (reports go back over 300 years), black helicopters, and even bigfoot. Here is some more information:

Brockton - Cape Cod Cafe - Sounds of a baby crying when no children are present in the restaurant. There is a story about a baby that was left alone at the table while the mother drank at the bar. The baby supposedly choked to death in the booth.

Brockton - Melrose Cemetery - This cemetery has long been rumored to be haunted. You can often hear footsteps running around at night. People have also reported hearing laughing in the far back left corner of the cemetery.

Burlington - Burlington Mall - Sears Warehouse - Footsteps heard behind you when no one is around, presence clearly felt in certain areas, objects fall from shelves when you walk by and a voice can be heard in some areas.

Burlington - Sawmill Road - Long dirt road, no street lights, old house at the end in the shape of a triangle. Been abandoned for years. Old man reportedly been seen living there, possibly a ghost.

Cambridge - YMCA - a green ghost of a man that dies there in the 1930's is seen there.

Cambridge - Cambridge Rindge and Latin School - In the War Memorial Pool Hall there is ghost in the form of an old man pushing a book cart up and down the hallway where the names of WWII soldiers are inscribed.

Cambridge - Matignon High School - June 2004 - Has been removed

Cambridge - Verna's Donut Shop - Verna's donut shop has a basement which stores supplies for both the shop and the adjacent cake decorating store. Several employees and a few customers have reported seeing shadowy figures crouching behind boxes. The granddaughter of Verna, who recently passed away, refuses to go unescorted to the basement level bathroom.

Canton - Paul Revere's old workshop - Paul Revere's old work place in Canton is now a house that is rented out.  Families now rent the house.  From time to time weird noises happen, and sometimes things (such as belongings, door, and windows) move.  Sometimes the windows open themselves.  The family living there at the moment (2007) lives with the ghosts.

Cape Cod - Barnstable Inn - Drinks get knocked over by an unseen force and doors slam.

Charlemont - The Charlemont Inn - There seems to be quite a few rather friendly spirits in this original 1787 Inn. A few of these visitors have been captured on film. Most active is "Elizabeth”, who must be a 17 year old "Brat". She likes to slam doors, stomp up and down the hallways and move or throw things to bizarre locations. She also likes to talk to young children, who always report with the same words, "I was talking to the Lady". There is also a Civil War soldier seen in the upstairs hallway, and a past innkeeper often seen in the tavern.

Chelmsford - Bainbridges - Bainbridges is a restaurant in Chelmsford that is supposedly haunted by a few different ghosts pictures have been seen moving an cries of a woman an children playing while the clean up crew was there alone.

Chelsea - Cary House - The Cary House was a mansion in the civil war. The daughter of the family had two lovers, who fought on opposing sides and ending up killing each other on the stairs inside the house. For quite a few years now, one couple would live in the house (a newer part of the house was added onto the old) and give tours. It was like a museum (but with the Cary mother's skeleton in the attic!). Once things started getting stolen, the tours stopped. It is said that one the night of the wedding anniversary of the Cary parents, you can hear laughter, mumbled conversation, and wine glasses clinking from the old kitchen. You constantly get the feeling of being followed or watched over. And this house has many secret passageways and hidden spots as well. - No trespassing - the couple that lives there now have turned it into a private property.

Chelsea - Voke Park - If you steer in to the voke park baseball field you will notice a lil'boy that got viseously attacked by 2 dogs. He seen wearing the same clothes he was on the night of his death,and bloody and asking for help ,rumor has it when you approach him he dissapears.

Chelsea - YMCA - In the pool area, a boy approximately 12 years old can be seen in his bathing suit pointing at the bottom of the pool. Story has it that in the 60's, a boy hit is head on a diving board while swimming alone and drowned. Was found later the next morning dead.

Chestnut Hill - Pine Manor College - Students have reported lights along the pathway near the Main House (administration building) turning off and on late at night as they walk by. For example, as a person approaches a light it goes out, then back on once the person has gone by it. An eerie feeling of being watched in this location has also been noted, as well as unexplained isolated mists in the surrounding wooded area.

Chinatown - Tai Tung Village (Chinese School) - They say a ghost of an old woman haunts the basement floors of the old school. She is described as a smiling, hunchbacked woman that is usually found washing her hands in the downstairs woman's bathroom. She is only see in darkness and when the lights are turned on, the immediately flees.

Chinatown - Tai Tung Village (Mural) - On special nights, especially during nights when it is uncommonly calm and quiet, you can feel a cold aura when you stare at the mural. If you stare at the right corner long enough, you could see something emerging from the painting in the form of a small child or a short man.

Clinton - Abandoned train tunnel - Tunnel is located in the middle of the woods. On some night temperature drops several degrees and if you walk into the tunnel a train can be heard coming from within.

Clinton - Abandoned train tunnel - Tunnel is located in the middle of the woods. On some night temperature drops several degrees and if you walk into the tunnel a train can be heard coming from within. - February 2005 additional info: in its time it was the second longest tunnel in Massachusetts. Weird echo vibrations, due to the length of the tunnel pass back and forth. Pigeons nest on both ends of the tunnel. Add their cooing and people talking and general noise from walking meshing into an eerie sound it is hard to figure out what you are actually hearing. when you walk down it, you get the sensation the end of the tunnel keeps getting further away from you. It could be an optical illusion.

Cohasset - Jerusalem Rd.- An outlet from the ocean runs behind Jerusalem Road in Cohasset, and there is a particular house along this road that has a statue of a little girl that faces the outlet of the ocean. The people who used to live there erected the state in memory of their little girl who fell from the small cliff behind the house and drowned in the outlet. On summer nights if you sit absolutely still and quiet, you will see the statue walk towards the outlet, if you try to approach her or talk to her she instantly disappears, but the statue is right back where it started at.

Cohasset - The Town Hall - In the cells in the basement people have heard groans and chains. Some poltergeist activity. There is also cold spots.

Concord - Colonial Inn - a gray ghost haunts room 24.

Coolidge Pointe - House of President Calvin Coolidge - Reports of a phantom woman in a wheelchair.

Chestnut Hill - Pine Manor College - Students have reported lights along the pathway near the Main House (administration building) turning off and on late at night as they walk by. For example, as a person approaches a light it goes out, then back on once the person has gone by it. An eerie feeling of being watched in this location has also been noted, as well as unexplained isolated mists in the surrounding wooded area.

Danvers - Many Have seen people walking down the street and then disappear. Also in a cemetery they have seen a young girl sit at one of the stones. That was at night. They went to see the stone the next morning and it said Abigail. 1820-1831. She was about 11 years old when she died.

Danvers - Danvers Mental State Hospital - The old buildings lay on top of a high hillside. Police monitor surrounding areas. The buildings are bare and empty. Candles are seen through the windows at night. - January 2007 Update - Danvers State Mental Hospital: Most buildings have been demolished for the building of condominiums. Only the main administration building still stands.

Danvers - Endicott Cemetery - Reports of 3 ghosts that walk the cemetery, a woman and 2 boys. Every grave stone in the cemetery is fallen over except for three, Margaret 92s and her 2 sons 91, Jeremy and Alex.

Danvers - Peabody Institute Library - Ghost of an old man sits on the third floor research area. Has been known to "shush" loud people in the area.

Danvers - Slaughter House - 2am in the morning me and my friends were video taping abandoned places and in this building we saw shadows and heard the sounds of a woman laughing and after filming my video we watched it and the vision of a woman appeared on my video and walks directly in front of me the vision of the woman is clear but is visible as a woman wearing a torn dress with long hair.

Dartmouth - Lincoln Park - After the Park closed in 1986, it lay abandoned. Strange sounds, such as carnival-type music could be heard. The Park has been the site of many deaths over its 100-year history, including a worker who fell off the roller coaster in the mid 80's. Most buildings have since burned down.

Dracut - Dracut State Forest - There are numerous accounts of ghostly visitors made by horse back riders from The Cutter Farm who take trail rides out in the forest. A Man from the Native American Reservation stalks the trails at sunset and into the night. You can hear screams and whispers from small children. Also, Native American shouts can be heard from deep within the forest.

Dracut - Village Inn - reports of a boy in the lounge area, and when workers approach him he runs. Also reports of a little girl walking through the tunnel that leads from the restaurant to the barn where functions are held.

Duxbury - Sun Tavern - (formerly listed on this site as Moonlight Inn in Pembroke)- is haunted by a specter named Lysander. Cold spots are felt and tables have been known to tip over. Waiters give you the story of the ghost on place mats.

East Boston - East Boston Public Library - Many have heard people moving and talking in the basement were the bathroom is located. If your lucky you will see the librarian who was thought to have been killed down there on a late shift.

East Bridgewater - Town Hall - Many respectable town officials and clerks have heard odd noises over the years (when the facility is empty), heard knocking sounds coming from a door that opens to a wall, heard footsteps when alone in the building, etc. Supposedly haunted by an older woman.

East Bridgewater - Washington St - Supposedly to have been a school house or small family's home. It has not been proven true but a woman and child died somehow inside and if you go close to it at night you get a very creepy feeling.

East Otis - Knox Trail Inn - A soldier in his late teens/early 20's from the Revolutionary or Civil war likes to play practical jokes on people.  He likes to turn lights on after they have been shut off.  Sometimes a person may feel as if their shirt is caught on something which is preventing them from moving but they are not caught on anything, it is just "Jake" holding you back.  People that have seen him have stated they he appears and then just disappears moments later.  He will not appear to you, though, if you go looking for him.

Easthampton - Parsons Academy - sounds of footsteps walking when no one is there. also sounds of children's laughter has been reported. also people have claimed to see a board on a boarded up window moving all by itself with no wind at all outside.

Easton - Stonehill College - A small passenger plane crashed into the pond several years ago, and on the anniversary the pond gets covered with a blue mist and goes on to become a thick fog throughout the rest of campus. As it begins to clear, some say they see the pilot struggling to get out of the cockpit and climb onto drier land.

Everett - Pope John XXIII High School - The back elevator at Pope John is certainly very creepy. The fifth floor, which is a small convent, is off limits to students and I have only been up there once in my three years here. While no nun's have been murdered up there several have died. If you get on the back elevator by your self, it will some times take you up to the fifth floor and the doors will open, staying like that for a short time. However, if you pray while this is happening, it will stop and take you to your destination. The elevator also tends to open by itself on every floor when no one is in it or has pressed the buttton. This is a well known story in this school and most people avoid that elevator at all costs.

Fairhaven - Fairhaven High School (The Castle on the Hill) - Various "cold spots" and poltergeist activity have been reported in the "Main building" which was built in the 1800's by Fairhaven town benefactor Henry Huttleston Rogers. Fairhaven High School is located on Huttleston Ave.

Fairhaven - Millicent Library - The founder of Fairhaven, Henry Huttleston Rogers, had a daughter named Millicent. She died when she was barely seventeen of heart failure. Rumor has it that he had her buried under the foundation before the foundation was finished. People who visit the library sometimes see her walking the halls, outlined in bright blue light. At night, passersby both on foot and in cars have reported seeing the girl standing in the window of the turret in front. On the upper floors, many have seen a woman dressed all in black wandering along, running her fingers along the books. No one knows who this ghostly woman could be. She often disappears too fast for anyone to get a good look.

Fairhaven - Millicent Library - Basement & Vaults - The hat of Heddy Green (a stingy old woman and mother to Colonel Green) lies within the vaults of the basement and some claim to have seen her after touching the hat. Some librarians will talk freely about the hauntings and offer information but most deny any and all accusations of paranormal activity. It’s a great place to visit. Don't bother taking pictures. They usually won't develop correctly.

Fairhaven - Millicent Library - China Room - The "China Room" boasts several paintings of Henry Rogers, his mother, his grandmother and other such relatives. Children have often said that if you speak to them, they change expressions (the emotions depend on the content). And the room is always dreadfully cold.

Fairhaven - Millicent Library - Music Room - Witnesses have claimed to hear Millicent laughter coming from what was once knawn as the "Music Room." Staff and patrons have also seen a man dressed in a tweed jacket and purple bowtie with small circular glasses mopping the floor in the basement. One librarian claimed he is the ghost of a janitor who suffered a spill and broke his neck on the wet floors he still mops relentlessly. The doors open and close by themselves and the bathroom lights will shut off seconds after being turned on by a visitor. Footsteps can be heard on the stairwell leading to the basement.

Fairhaven - Nicholas House - formerly listed as Fairhaven Nursing Home - It is said that a women who was staying in this nurisng home one day ran out of the buildng and got struck by a car and died. She loved classical music but the nursing home usually played rock. When you pass by this nursing home in your car have ( which is still in use today) have the rock station 102.9 on and it will automatically change to a classical station when you are in fromt of the building and when you pass it it changes back to rock music.

Fall River - 92 Second St. Fall River/ Bed & Breakfast - This is the house where Lizzie Borden lived and supposedly killed her father and step mother, Andrew and Abbey Borden. Cold spots are reported and doors open and close by themselves. Many ghosts have appeared and disappeared especially in the second floor bedroom where the murder occurred.

Fall River - Aldea - Mysterious noises, Mysterious blurs in left untouched.... supposedly 4 people lived there man wife two children.... and one night the youngest child died and the man lost his mind killing his wife and daughter including himself.

Fall River - Oak Grove Cemetery - Witnesses report seeing lights in the cemetery and some have even heard screaming from the Borden family plot, accompanied with bad feelings.

Falmouth - High Hill Theater - Supposedly the caretakers of the theater and mansion house located near by all killed themselves mysteriously one night. One girl killed herself on the second floor in the mansion and you can see her ghost and in the theater and caretaker house further back into the woods you can hear noises of people screaming and twigs snapping like someone is walking in the woods nearby. Along with the "creepy feeling" you get when you visit this place you can also see a blood message written by one of the people who slit their wrists and wrote on the inside of the house "my way in" and on the outside "is also my way out" The town is currently renovated this site so that the theater may be opened to the public soon again.

Falmouth - Mullen Hall - In this school children hear eerie evil laughs and many sightings of a female ghost.

Framingham - Framingham State College - Peirce Hall - A resident assistant was the only person staying in her dorm before early students moved in. When she woke up in the morning, several mirrors from the dorm rooms were placed outside of the rooms leaned up against the walls. Lights go on in rooms that no one lives in.

Framingham - Framingham State College Horace - Mann Hall - A building called Normal Hall stood on the grounds of Horace Mann, but burned down a century ago. Many residents of the hall report all sorts of hauntings.

Framingham - Learning Center for the Deaf School - There is a ghost named Max walks around the school and was told that he died there and stays on the campus people have seen him.

Feeding Hills - Robinson State Park - Reports of playful laughing and dancing & Sightings of a beautiful woman standing above the damn have been reported.

Fitchburg - "The Rev" - It's a revolutionary cemetery hence "the rev". It's on a dead end dirt road in west Fitchburg. Driving by there one can here loud screams, especially at night, and eerie feelings when in the cemetery itself, it's a creepy place surrounded by stone a stone wall, rumors of devil worshipping in the woods surrounding the place. There have been numerous deaths there, a man in his 20's killed and burned on that rd and a girl died after hitting a tree with her car. Stay out of the woods behind the cemetery, marked with no trespassing signs, there are houses around and police do patrol from time to time.

Foxboro - The Old State Hospital - The state shut the Foxboro State Hospital several years ago, some say it was because of the cruelty of the patients. The buildings still remain, and strange things do happen. For instance you could hear and see the outside doors trying to be pushed out, as if they were trying to escape. Some also say it could be homeless people in living in there. Others believe these are the spirits that have been beaten severely or have been tortured. Reported by a former employee at the hospital during the 1980s that Buildings A & B where freezing no matter what the weather was. Doors slam shut, and the feeling of being watched. - January 2007 Update: All of Foxboro State Hospital has been demolished. Some still see eerie figures walking around the construction site left there. A private company will be building offices there, and has posted NO TRESPASSING around the grounds. - October 2007 Update: The hospital has not been completely demolished. While several buildings have been completely torn down to make way for a new public safety building, strip mall, and housing developments, many of the buildings are still standing and will be converted to condos.

Gardner - Bridge Road - This is a very haunted location. If you are coming off of rte 68 the mark is on the left side of bridge Road. A red X on a tree marks where a woman died in a car accident in 1995 do to an icy road. a white figure appeared gliding down the road. She is said to follow people back down the road until past the second cemetery on Rte 68 headed into Baldinville.

Gardner - Dunn Pond State Park - A small island on Dunn Pond is said to be haunted. Occasionally bright lights are seen over the island. It is rumored that an Indian was buried on this small island that was his favorite fishing spot. - June 2008 submission debunked - the pond is man made and it was only dug in the 60's or 70's but no earlier than the 50's. If your on the other side of the ponds beach it would look as though there’s a light above the island due to the fact the park facilities building being directly behind it and it has a sodium vapor lamp on the side of the building.

Gardner - East Gardner Mental Hospital - Very Heavily Guarded because its right next to the prison. NO TRESSPASSING - It is an area where a Mental Hospital used to be. Large area with several empty buildings and remains of buildings. Strange noises and sights have been reported by people who dared to enter.

Gardner - The Old Gardner Cinemas (on Parker St.) - When the building was a play theater, there was a girl named Alice who died by having a sand bag fall on her. She has been seen roaming the lobby of the theater late at night by patrol officers and also have been seen sitting on the staircase that connects the theater to the other building next to it. This has been the ghost story of the Cinema employees for years...some of the employees that have seen traces of her still work at the new Cinema location.

Gardner - The Victorian - The former mansion (circa 1875) of chair manufacturer, S.K. Pierce in South Gardner has been "certified" haunted by six mediums and paranormal researchers. The spirits of a nineteen year old female servant from the late 19th Century, a man who perished in a fire at the house in 1963 and a little boy who often visited the mansion, but did not live there. Footsteps, Orbs, and Spirits in Shadow can often be heard and seen throughout the house's 26 rooms; and they seem to be there to protect the property. Unlike many other haunted places who's owners prefer privacy... The Victorian is open for tours. Most of the spirit activity takes place on the third floor; the former servants' quarters.

Gloucester - Hammond Castle - In the early 1900's, the house was built for an inventor and his wife, who were later buried there. It is now a museum. A janitor reports seeing the spirit of the inventor and his wife.

Gloucester - Rockport - Dog Town - Hidden in the woods off of rte 127, is a road that enters Dog Town, so called because the early fishermen hid the "village" in the woods away from the shore line to avoid detection from enemies. Many men died at sea while fishing leaving their wives and children alone, so they would acquire dogs, once the shoreline was deemed safe they abandoned the "village" leaving the dogs behind, creating wild dog packs. There are reports of a begger woman who asks for money at the entrance and curses you if you don't relent. Also a man who was dragged out by police because he went insane looking for the gold pieces the woman hid in her cellar is said to be heard ranting and raving. There are also a few unsolved murders reported to have happened there. The last one was about 20 yrs. ago.

Greenfield - Eunice Williams Covered Bridge - Back in the 1600's, Deerfield was raided by a band of French soldiers and Indians. The 200 or so captives were taken North to Canada, along the way crossing over the Green River in present-day Greenfield. Eunice Williams, wife of the town's reverend who just hours before had given birth, was hacked to death in the river by an Indian. Today, a plaque set in a stone tells the tale, and a covered bridge looms beside it connecting North Greenfield and the Meadows section of town. It is said that Eunice shows herself here, at night, when motorists stop inside the bridge, turn off their headlights, and beep once. Other sightings have been beside the dam above the bridge, and downstream in the middle of the river.

Groton - Florence Roche School - Voices are heard from the foundation of the school.

Groton - Prescott School - Foot Steps are still heard at the stairs in the school. My father, for one, has heard these steps. Lights go on all the time after people have left for the night. The security system has been downgraded since the on incident when the alarm would not shut off. Nothing was found wrong with the original alarm.

Groton - Stagecoach Inn - a witness saw things flying off the walls like some poltergeist activity.

Groveland - Groveland Cemetery - There are known ghosts to roam this cemetery on the western edge. The oldest graves had had pictures taken of them at night and in almost every picture a figure of a family had shown up on film.

Hanson - Camp Kiwanee - This place is VERY haunted. In 1905 a woman by the name of Alice Burrage got hung. No one knows who did it, but at that same time the caretaker disappeared. Also, in 1922 a boy got his leg caught in something. When they found out what it was, they found out that it was a man's ribcage, that dated back to 1905!Alice got hung upstairs. If you go up there, the rocking chair moves on its own. You also hear screaming.

Hanson - Plymouth County Hospital - This hospital was an old Tuberculosis hospital. Many have died in the hospital. When walking by, people feel like they are being watched. Also strange noises have been heard from screams to laughter. It is deserted now, but many still fear the ghostly presence that exists. - February 2004 update/ warning: As with all the other places posted on this website, DO NOT TRESPASS you are running a risk of being hurt or changed by the police. Always follow the proper avenues if you want to do an investigation. Never Trespass on any of these locations!!! Always get permission to enter abandon or private property. If you want to visit any of these locations please read this first.

Hanover - Old Hanover Town Hotel - Throughout the early 1900's till the 1930's was a mental institution on Hanover Ma, later in the 1930's the institution closed and was turned into a Hotel "Hanover Town Hotel". Many of those who roomed in the hotel would leave earlier then expected for the hotel was considered haunted by those who died in the hospital prior to the creation of the hotel. the hospital is still considered haunted and has an eerie look and feel to it just when you pass by. 

Haverhill - Haverhill Country Club - The doors of the stairwell that links the Upstairs and downstairs kitchens frequently open and close themselves, as well as the door in the main kitchen leading to the executive chef's office. In the downstairs kitchen things just fall over on their own, everything from stacks of plates to pots, pans and food. Also there have been reported sightings of a ghost of a person in a full chef's uniform wandering through the kitchen and reports of people feeling someone brush up against them, the staff has nicknamed him Mr. Z. In the upstairs kitchen staff have reported hearing voices and noises when no one else is around. Moving out of the kitchen and to the rest of the clubhouse, the power frequently goes off mysteriously, and comes back on after anywhere from a few seconds to an hour. One night after work the kitchen staff went down for a swim, this was around 10:30 at night. At around 11:00 o’clock all of the staff left except for 1. The last staff member was left waiting for a ride outside of the pool building. While waiting they heard noises coming from the inner walls, where the pool is. It sounded like voices - talking, laughing and yelling, even splashing.

Haverhill - Haverhill Graveyard - There is a graveyard in Haverhill, MA that houses the grave of Lydia Ayer. She is called "The Woman in White" and supposedly floats around the graveyard and surrounding areas.

Haverhill - Lizzie Bordens lawyers house - This is the house of murderer Lizzie Borden's' lawyers house. a family moved in 1995 doors mysteriously opened and had noises. there is a door that the family never had opened and there dog used to sit and bark at it. The family moved out that month of fright and fear

Hingham - Bear Cove Park - A series of dark winding roads leading to unlit abandoned warehouses. It is said that satanic rituals and animal sacrifices have occurred here within the warehouses. Some have seen satanic drawing on the walls inside the buildings. Sightings of ghostly robed figures in single file lines guarding the warehouses.

Hinsdale - The Walsh Camp - A woman name Helen died around 1900 while the land was still a potato farm and she can be seen walking around at night. She walks through the lot not paying attention to anyone and is visible at night if there is an outdoor fire going on.

Holyoke - Main St. - 4 years ago a kid by the name of Emilio died in a driveby on the corner of Sargeant and Main. Because he was innocent and just at the wrong place at the wrong time his presence is felt on the streets at night. Walking alone you feel his touch if your a girl but if your a guy you feel like you're being strangled for a few seconds and then it goes away.

Hull - Fort Revere - Noises and whispering can be heard. When standing in one of the many rooms there are often more than one and up to 4 doors from which you will see shadows fly by and even see shadows linger in the doorway. On the far end of forts, it has been known that sometimes if something is thrown into the doorway it comes flying back out at you. Possesses many evil-like characteristics, such as the steps of the stairs leading down to the forts are diagonal and extremely awkward to walk down.

Hull - Fort Warren on Georges Island - The Lady in Black. The wife of a confederate soldier who disguised herself as a union soldier snuck into the fort to free her husband, who was being held prisoner at there. She was discovered and captured by the union army. After being sentenced to hang, she requested to be clothed in lady's attire at her death. She was given an old black gown to wear at her execution. Her ghost haunts the fort to this day.

Hull - Nantasket Beach - Across from carousel, on the beach front; It was a very sunny clear day when all of a sudden a violent storm blew in with massive lightening and blowing sand and as everyone ran for cover, over the ocean in the fog and thick cloud cover, I saw a large, very distinct vessel moving across the horizon. The storm only lasted about 5-8 minutes and was gone and back to clear conditions, but the ship was no where to be seen. It was moving too slowly to have passed out of sight in that short span of time. It just seemed to vanish.

Hyde Park - Riverside Theater Works - Rumors talk of a spooky spirit within the walls of the old French opera house. The building once burned down but they rebuilt it. Talk of a woman named Esmeralda, who died in a chair in the house during the fire, comes back to haunt the children who participate in the theatrical productions. Her apparition is seen during every production by 1 or more participants in the plays, floating above the lighting on the stage with a red eye. She also has appeared to few students when they sit in the purple painted chair that she died in. Sometimes when one of actors/actresses sit in the chair before a performance, bad luck comes about to them during their performance. So next time you are there, watch out because she has her eye on you!!! - June 2005 Correction: The truth about Essie, as she's affectionately referred to here, is yes she did die in a fire here when the building was still known as French's Opera House. She is said to "live" in the fly loft, above the lighting instruments above the stage. There is a purple chair in the audience, on the right hand side near the stage. Flowers are placed there before performances...if the flowers are not in full bloom, she will mess around with the lights during the performances. She is, for the most part, a friendly spirit, although she does like to make noises at night.

Ipswich - Ipswich Light Company - a ghost named Mr. Finch haunts the building. he lived there 100 years ago.

Lakeville - Old Lakeville Hospital - On Rt. 105, 1 mile south of I-495. Closed due to under funding, the buildings on the grounds of The Old Lakeville Hospital are still home to some that died there. Passerby's, and the security guards out front, have seen many images in the windows, including a window spattered with blood, or many patients staring down at them. Upon exploration of the buildings to find these trespassers, there is never anyone there. During many explorations, people have seen weird lights, heard sounds of people screaming crying or walking or running, some rooms with no windows have had light coming from under the door until the door was opened, especially 3rd floor operating rooms. A private company has bought the land and posted NO TRESSPASSING, but most of the buildings are easily accessed, and the only security is a guy out front in a trailer. - February 2007 Update: Lakeville is pretty heavily patrolled by private security. It's not a great place to recommend that people ghost hunt. Get permission first.

Lancaster - Blood forest - old man blood killed many families and hung there bodies from the trees in this forest. Police eventually caught him but he escaped from a mental hospital some years later and was killed when he was found hanging more bodies. Late in the evening to early morning hours if you visit the stone entering Blood forest you can see images of bodies hanging from the trees. Shadows all around and even screams from old man blood’s victims. There have only been a few sightings of old man blood but his spirit is known to run when approached.

Lancaster - Dr. Franklin Perkin's School - This place is a private residential school for DSS and DYS children. There are several buildings on it's campus, but the building is called The Manor. It is over a hundred years old and is the size of a mansion. There is a girl about the age of 6 who runs out of one of the bedrooms at nighttime. She is in a long nightgown and wearing a nightcap. There is another girl downstairs who roams one of the units for the older girls. She just passes through...always at the same time of night. Up on the third floor, furniture is moved around, windows are opened, you can hear footsteps, and in one certain spot on the second floor, right above you, it sounds like somebody dropping something. Outside, only on certain nights...not all the time, on the third floor in one of the windows is a faint blue glow.

Lancaster - George hill - You must go up the hill to the top. Typically if you come down the hill you will be chased by some mad man with and axe. When you look back the guy typically will disappear. Or in some cases you will only hear some kids screaming and the sound of and axe. Also if you go onto the Road George Hill Rd. on the right on the side of the road you will see a Stone with a Massacre written on the stone.

Leicester - Becker College Lane House - 3 little kids turn heat up and down, play with lights, move things around, bother guests, some say they have had sightings. Ghosts don’t seem to like some guests and weird things happen... stuff flies across room.

Leicester - Spider Gates cemetery - It is said that this cemetery leads through the gates of hell. The cemetery got its name because of the spider like web patterns on the gates. There is supposedly a tree there called "The Hanging Tree" where someone had committed suicide by hanging themselves to this tree. There is a river located in the far end of the cemetery that is called "The River Stix" quoted from the bible. There is on tree near the cemetery that if you put a certain type of stone upon it you will be able to see the devil himself and he will talk to you. Children have been heard laughing in the cemetery at night and howling has been heard as well as spirits and mysterious fog.

Lenox - Cranewell Resort - An eleven year old girl, whose last name is Sloane died from a disease in a hotel room there. The building on the right, which is right next to Sloane's Tavern. A open diner place. They say people have heard squeaks, as apposed to be her own language. Even my dad did. He works as a carpenter there.

Lenox - October Mountain Cemetery - There is a cemetery onto of October Mountain that’s is supposedly haunted. There are many stories of people hearing humming noises and seeing ghostly figures of children.

Lenax - Pittsfield - High Point was built in 1910. Reports of hearing voices, lights turning on and off in the bathroom, see apparitions of people looking out the windows, feelings of being touched, and cold spots. - September 2005 Warning / Update: the Old High Point mansion has been converted into a Residential Treatment Facility for teenage boys. The facility is now owned by Hillcrest Educational Centers. It has been reported to us that through the summer and early fall during the nights kids have been caught on the property looking into the windows and walking around in the woods with flash lights. There are people working at this facility 24 hours a day 365 days a year and If any people are caught on the property without permission they WILL be PROSECUTED to the fullest extent.

Lexington - Battle Road - A walk past Captain Smith's house is the spot where one of the very first confrontation between the British Regulars and the Militia. The Militia ambushed the "Red Coats" killing eight. British soldiers are buried along the trail. Reports of fear and anguish towards sun down when the battle took place. Also children are sometimes seen around Captain Smith's house.

Lincoln - Cemetery; various houses - very strange happenings. Red lights have been seen, and screams have been heard. One particular house, now taped off and watched by security, has been said to once been occupied by a family where the two youngest girls killed themselves. The house had been torn down and when they started to rebuild it, the ghost of the girls have been seen crying and flickering lights to show they were mad about the new house.

Littleton - Beaver Brook RD - Reports of seeing a ghost appearing to be a farmer. This ghost has also been seen on neighboring Roads. A report was ran in the local newspaper and research was done to discover the past of the road and turned up that there was a farmer who was killed on this road. Reports of the sighting only occur at night.

Lowell - Daley Middle School - Downstairs (where Mrs. Moriarty Art Class is) is haunted. It is said to be haunted from some lady. It only happens in the girls' bathroom cause a girl died.

Lowell - Dr. An Wang School- There are reports of cries and missing items and a cold feeling in the library and bathrooms, some say from the spirits of the Native American burial ground the school is built on! Out back in the Dracut state forest there are reports of a b-ball hoop that’s one sided to another world and a strange man back there and also the old military hospital sunk in the ground has been used by ghosts!

Lowell - Freedom Woods - Cries of adults and children are heard

Lowell - Lowell Memorial Auditorium - The building is about 100 years old and when it is late at night, there have been numerous accounts of doors slamming when no one is in that part of that building. It is said that their is ghost occupying a consession stand and tends to walk up and down the hallways late at night when only the box office employees are working. There have been many accounts when patrons feeling someone tugging on their shirts during events!

Lowell - Lowell National Park Boot Cotton Mill Museum - Was a cotton mill along time ago. Tourists and staff have reported seeing apportions of ghosts in the museum on the second floor.

Lowell - Lowell transitional Living Center (Middlesex Shelter) - The TV in the women area changes channels and goes on & off by itself. If you’re downstairs alone you will sometimes hear your name called. While in the shower you can see a shadow walk by. Things disappear and will reappear days later in a different spot. While sleeping some have had their beds shaken and blankets pulled down. A few people, while watching TV, have had their shirts tugged at. And once in a while the lights will flicker on & off and radio dials will change on there own.

Lowell - St. Margaret School - Reports of a ghost in the girls bathroom.

Lowell - Washington Street - Once Said to be a funeral home where they wake the dead bodies, Noises are heard pictures are thrown and Mirrors smash by themselves. Sights Of vanishing spirits call out names and appear mostly atnight time.

Ludlow - Whitney Park - It is said that during the 3rd week of every month, at midnight, the swings begin to move and you can hear cries of laughter from children, but nobody's there.

Lynn - Dungeon Rock - Lynn Woods - Strange noises and visions are said to happen here deep in lynn woods. Dungeon rock is a large, hollowed out boulder where pirates used to hide, their spirits are said to haunt the area.

Lynn - English High School - the auditorium is haunted by the old drama teacher. it has been said that eerie breezes sweep through when there is no door or window open and she is there for every rehearsal and show.

Lynn - Lynn Woods - Vast woods that surrounds the city of Lynn. Legend has it that if you walk through these woods you will hear voices and hear the breaking of sticks right next to you. The woods are completely dark, so you might want to take a flashlight and a friend. There is a tree that looks like a man was sucked into it. The tree appears to have an arm and a face can be visibly seen on the side. Also there is Dungeon rock, this where cults went to sacrifice people wandering alone in the woods. Its said if you go there alone at night the ghosts of these cults can be seen. That is why they lock the door of dungeon rock.

Lynn - Pine Grove Cemetery - People Whispering Water fountains going on and off little girls skipping white orbs faces in tombstones people inside the tombs spiders crawling all over the tombstones weird looking trees with faces from the olden days this is freaky

Lynnfield - Lynnfield Middle School - there were ghosts of old students from the fifties yelling things that were unexplainable and you could see and hear these things around 12:00 and 2:00 in the morning.

Lynnfield - Summer St. - a white cloaked figure with no hands or face walks up and down this street between 3:00 am and 4:00 am

Magnolia - Hammond Castle - It is believed that the Ghost of Mr. Hammond, his wife and a Mr. Hammonds lover, are seen from time to time by workers of the museum and it's guests.

Magnolia - Roosevelt park/woods - whispers, clothing pulled at, wailing, people not acting like themselves (particularly guys). Blood showing on skin and disappearing.

Malden - Cemetery Road - Holy Cross Cemetery - when driving down Cemetery road a woman in white can be seen walking or crossing the road. It is said she died in a car crash on her wedding night and she’s looking for her husband

Mansfield - Happy Hollow Burial Grounds - Strange sense of heat when entering field. Just a sense that you aren't wanted there. Apparition of a man with a large hat was seen in the opening we came through. Approached the graveyard a second time and he was seen again, by the entrance just staring at us. Don't go out here unless you are looking for a paranormal experience.

Marblehead - Olde Burial Hill - Haunted by willmot Redd the first and only witch during The Salem Witch Trials in 1692 She was hung with 19 others. She put a curse on this town some of the Old Timers say you can hear her screaming " this town Shall Burn!"

Marblehead - The Blue Door Inn- This inn has 2 or more ghosts. one is a young man who died on the property while living in the house. The other is a woman "Rosemary" is thought to be the caretaker of the house. Both ghost are non-malevolent and have been seen and heard from many times.

Marblehead - The New High School - Built on top on top of an Ancient Burial Ground. Poltergeists, orbs and a Grey Lady and feelings of not being wanted. The Elevators don't work properly and fire Alarms go off at any given moment

Marblehead - The Middle School - In the girls' locker room there is a ghost of a young man who died in a motorcycle and now he haunts the girl room. Also there was a report of UFOs over the school it was even in the local news paper there was a photo of the UFOs. The town of Marblehead was built on a psychical portal a sort of window that lets in both negative and positive spiritual energy, a "hellmouth" as it was called in the 17th century.

Marblehead Coastline - On the Marble head Coastline a group of British Pirates robbed a wealthy woman on the beach. One ring she wore (an Emerald) would not come off. The Pirate took her back to the ship to see if the others could get it off. When that failed, they took her back to the beach where the brutally stabbed her and cut of her finger. people have heard her screaming in the late of night or the early morning.

Marlborough - Boarding House on Maple St. - Cold spots felt, apparitions seen, slamming doors heard. A dresser that was impossible to move by ones self was moved far away from the wall, drawers where open.

Marlboraugh - Michael Burke Mansion - People who have lived in the home after the last of Michael Burke's descendants left have experienced strange occurrences ranging from footsteps and other noises coming from unoccupied rooms to actual sightings of a spirit claiming to be Michael Burke. Neighbors have also reported seeing an elderly man roaming the grounds in period clothing whose description matches Michael Burke who dies in his late 80's in 1938. Burke was scion of early Irish settlers who became prominent in business, banking, charity and political affairs of Marlborough.

Marion - Tabor Academy - Lillard Hall - In the Lillard Hall Penthouse, a boy hung himself. It is said that you can hear voices and sounds coming from the attic and penthouse. The Lillard Hall Penthouse is still used today, and the rooms are still billeted in by students.

Mattapoisett /Rochester - Wolf Island Road - The Ellis Bolles Cemetery People can be seen hanging by their necks from the trees surrounding the old graveyard.

Medfield - Wheelock school - behind the school are fields, There are often spells of 'red water’ and the soft cries of children are often reported.

Medford - Rosebuds - Supposedly a pregnant woman’s body was buried there and is still to be found. At twelve o'clock on the dot we heard a baby crying and felt a breeze. The weird thing is that it is said only women can see her and she convinces them to "get rid of the men"

Medway - Holy Lands - This site used to be home to a camp for children. A young boy was said to have drowned in the pool. Sometimes you can still hear his cries for help.

Medway - Middle School - About 50 years ago when the school was being built a hairy girl by the name of Olga Svetlana fell of a ladder and rolled into the soon to be computer room were kids still see a hairy girl when the lights go out.

Medway - RJ - there is a weird feeling when you go there, there has been strange noises and doors unlocking and opening on there own.

Merrimac - Hoyt Apartment Buildings - Above a local hardware store, the owner has three apartments. Each occupied, she took over the hardware business after her good friend who owned it passed on. A friendly spirit of the previous owner wanders the rooms watching over the occupants. Sometimes things move a few inches, a friendly aura is felt in the home.

Methuen - Methuen High School - About 20 years ago a janitor hung him self in the field house ice ring. At night games and on weekends if you happened to be in the field house you can very well see the ghost of this late janitor.

Methuen - Red Tavern - Loud crashes heard from the top floor. They also have heard a young girl playing and laughing through the halls. Seen grayish figures in kitchen and have heard snarling from the basement.

Middlefield - Mack Cemetery - Follow Skyline Trail until you reach the town offices. In back of the building is a small family plot. In the far left corner next to a large tree lays a single stone. On the stone reads "IT". There are no names, dates or other information on the stone. Across the street stands a large abandoned house, the presence of evil vibes are felt through out the entire area, as though you are being watched.

Middleton - Blue Door Inn - One witness reports, "There was a bright blue light and then a shadow at the end of the hall. It was a ghost. It had screamed and shrieked. It had a long face that had been pale. It kept on saying, "I'm cold" It sounded like a young child. It sounded as if it were crying to the people of the Inn to find his jacket. It had looked as if it had the face of a young boy about the age of 8. It wasn't a peaceful ghost but it hadn't screamed that loud only small moans. It had not been a ghost that liked to destruct homes. It made everyone get shivers down their spine. I only stayed for about 10 minutes and then it all faded away with the wind saying one last time that it was cold. It had disappeared many times near the same wall and then walked into the wall and disappeared. It had done the same thing over and over again as if there used to be a door there or something."

Milford - Middle School - Reports of people seeing a person behind them and then turning your head and they are gone. Also bright lights by the gymnasium.

Milton - Fontbonne Academy - Late at night in the auditorium and 118 hallway you can hear the seats creaking and lockers slamming even when no one is there. doors can also be heard slamming. the story is that a drama student hung herself off the balcony in the auditorium.

Milton - Ghost Road - There is a side road off of a dark road leading to Blue Hills. This street used to be Indian Territory. There are some houses built on the road but only on half, while the other half is surrounded by deep woods. Reports of seeing an apparitions of a family walking on the road, feelings of being watched and chills.

Monson - the abandoned Monson state - its an old run down insane asylum, back in its days of operation many people were tortured...some even killed. when you go up there is a very eerie sensation and when standing outside of the buildings you can hear doors shutting, floors creaking and many other things that make it seem like the building is still in use.

N. Adams - Hoosac Tunnel - throughout the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel, nearly 200 workers died. it is said that the tunnel is haunted by many of these souls. there was even an alleged murder that took place, and the ghosts of the victims are said to also haunt the tunnel.

Nantucket - The Chicken Box - A former chicken coop that was used as a speakeasy during prohibition and is now a popular bar and nightspot. In the early morning hours one winter, a person reported seeing a number of people in the parking lot dragging a case about the size of a refrigerator. The police were dispatched, but as their headlamps and spotlights passed over the people, they disappeared. After the police left, the men returned and dragged the box closer to the bar. The person who had reported them before saw one in her car. The police were dispatched again and again they disappeared when the light hit them. The police left, the men reappeared and managed to get the box inside. The next morning the woman tried to start her car only to find that the battery had gone dead.

Nantucket - Coffin House - An elderly man sits in a rocking chair by the fire place.

Nantucket - Main St - near the steamship, theirs feeling that something pushes you to the water.

Nantucket - Old North Cemetery - The second oldest cemetery on the island it is haunted by a small child named Mary Abby. She has interacted with children and told them she was looking for her father. In the early 80's, the town cleared away some brush around the perimeter of the graveyard and did uncover a small headstone for a 3 year old girl named Mary Abby.

Nantucket - Unitarian Church - The town's clock tower is reportedly haunted by it's first pastor. Children are scolded by him for being too loud, and can also see him when adults standing nearby can't. There is a portrait of him in Hendrix Hall (the basement) that watches you from all spots in the room. His disembodied hand has been seen in windows waving goodbye to visitors as they leave.

Nantucket - Wauwinet Hotel - Rumored to be built on top of an Indian burial ground, there are lights that will turn on by themselves, the sound of running water in the lobby where there are no pipes or toilets, and footsteps. There is the ghost of a woman that can only be seen out of the corner of the eye and exudes a scent of gardenias or roses. Jamaican chamber maids will refuse to clean the rooms where she has recently been seen in the past.

New Bedford - Ash Street Jail - Inmates experience instant and shared feelings of dread and at times report being woken up and not being able to rise out of bed as if being held down by an invisible force.

New Bedford - J.A. Parker School - After School hours, students and staff have seen the front upstairs doors shake. After school hours staff puts a chain and lock on the doors, so when they shake (rattling) you will notice. Some people say it is the old principal (Sherman) Who died at the bubbler upstairs near the door. His shadow has been seen walking around the school and you get a weird feeling when you walk around.

New Bedford - New Bedford Free Public Library - a former employee back in 1999. Encountered an apparition of an older woman who had dark hair streaked with gray and a heavy navy blue coat on. She was in the children's picture book room on the lower level of the library. Reports of a feeling of being watched in there. in the reference room near the microfilm on the second floor, there is a presence of a tall man with reddish-brown hair and a long tan coat. And one of the janitors said something about a woman wandering the halls on the third floor. The present library building used to be the city hall, until it burned down in the 1800's or early 1900's (? unsure of exact date). The original library, which was across the street, became the city hall.

New Bedford - New Bedford High School - Built in the 1970's the high school has been home to a few deaths. When the school was being built, it is said that a man fell to his death between Blue House and the Core of the school. It is also said that someone was shot/or stabbed in the section of the school known as D-Block. A few classes have also experienced seeing the sinks in the bio lab rooms turning on all by them self's. Also at after school has ended and most of the teachers have left, you feel like someone is watching you. There have also been a few occasions when people report their lockers slamming shut all by themselves. In early 2007 a Janitor died on the grounds while he was shoveling snow and a teacher also died halfway though the school year.

New Bedford - New Bedford High School - Auditorium - There are reports of the Auditorium being haunted. If you are on stage you fell like you are being watched from the audience when no one else is in the room. There have been sightings of ghostly images of a man in the Auditorium's light/sound room. He is normally seen staring at stage watching what people are doing. Also if you are on stage, look up, and to the right, you can see the name "Fred" spray painted far away from the cat walk where no one can reach. - March 2008 Update: Its been said that a man hung himself in the projection booth in the Auditorium. A few people have reported seeing a image of a man in the projection booth and when someone goes to investigate, no one is there. Also it does not say the name Fred anymore, either someone has painted over it or it just disappeared.

New Bedford - Zieterion Theater - The original owner of the "Z" hanged himself in the projection booth of the Theater in the 1920s. He is never seen but his presence is known. There is an overpowering feeling of dejavu, and feeling of people watching you. There are also hallways and rooms that were built with no entry, and doors that do not lead to anywhere. No one, not even that staff, are allowed to go down to the basement by themselves.

New Braintree - Rt. 67 - Ghostly woman known as Elsie seen walking up and down the road in her wedding dress. Seen only on the anniversary of her death, April 21. Legend says she died in car accident on wedding night while looking for her future husband.

Newbury - Harbor schools 28 - In 1994 a boy hung himself in the attic it is said that he and many others still roam the halls in bedroom 2 upstairs you can see a pilgrim woman knitting in the corner late at night and down in the basement where the pool table is kept you can hear and sometimes see the boy who hung himself(jamie)playing pool or lifting weights. at night in the omni room you can see the lights flicker and the doors slam. a stairway not used is and where the boy hung himself is cold and you can hear footsteps all day and night long on it.

Newbury/Byfield - Triton Regional High School - A student who died in the mid 90's has been known to occupy the auditorium/theater. With lights off you can sometimes hear Joe drumming, or moving around the stage. We've had experiences of this happening when the school was locked up and only the tech crew was working in the auditorium (and all were present and accounted for)

Newburyport - Maudslay State Park - known to have had hauntings for many years.

Newburyport - Newburyport High School - An unknown ghost haunts the halls of the third floor in Newburyport High school. Janitors have reported the sounds of footsteps passing right by them late at night when no one else occupies the building. They have also reported smelling a faint scent of pipe smoke in the hall. It is believed that the ghost is friendly, possibly a former teacher or alum from NHS.

Newburyport - Old Hill Cemetery - This cemetery, the oldest in Newburyport (which rests across the street from the historic "Olde Goal" and alongside the Barlette Mall), has a history of, well, unadulterated strangeness. There are cases where visitors have been temporarily "possessed" and taken on different personalities while at the cemetery. The cemetery is infamous for an occurrence in 1984 when a bunch of drunken teenagers forced entry into the Pierce tomb one night and proceeded to desecrate the corpses found in there. There was also a homeless woman who used a particular "table-tomb" as a bed. The most famous headstone in the cemetery is the one describing the lady who died by choking to death on a pea. It's a very interesting place. While fully open to the public 24 hours a day, the cemetery is in a wretched state.

Norfolk - Caritis Southwood Hospital / Old Pondville Hospital - this cancer hospital still remains open to min employee's. There is no patient care or emergency services there. There are reports from remaining employee's that they see a little girl down the hallway or an elderly man on an elevator. Sightings of patients roaming the halls and rooms, hearing of foot steps but no one there. Strange smells, cold spots, and white fuzzy spots sightings.

North Adams - The Hoosac Tunnel - warning - The tunnel is very active - not recommend the 4-mile trip, trains do come through. And it is monitored by the local Police. 186 men were killed in a nitro blast that was unexpected. Built in the 1800s this tunnel holds a bit of a story on being haunted. Reports of seeing a lantern.

North Andover - Merrimack College - Ash Hall - There is a mysterious fire ghost who roams Ash Hall. He wears a charred and blackened fireman’s outfit, and often wields an axe. A fire alarm sounds during the night on many occasions sending students outside into the dark night. Here they may catch a glimpse of his darkened figure in various dorms windows, while they listen to the sound of the sirens rushing to the scene to secure the false alarm. Students return to a scent that is often described as being similar to that of a smoldered burnt out campfire and fire traces of ash and soot on doorknobs and handrails, though a single flame is never found.

North Andover - Ridgewood Cemetery - Legend has it that a ghost roams the cemetery and the shack that the workers use for storage. Many EVPs and Pictures can be captured. Near the back are really old graves so if you're there, go to the back and see.

North Attleboro - Elppins house - some say he died in a car accident others say he died in a boating accident, either way they believe that Elppin comes back every march 3'rd and haunts this house. A family moved in, in 1999, and they claim the presence does exist; they still live there today.

North Attleboro - Mount Hope Cemetery - May 2008 Update – The Statue of Jesus to even exist is questionable. - At Mount Hope Cemetery in North Attleboro, there exists a haunted statue of Jesus that supposedly, if you stare at from afar, it begins to perform humorous dance moves! The statue is easy to locate. It is a white statue, and it has both arms raised into the air, with it's feet covered by bushes. We have actually investigated this claim, and surprisingly, found it to be true!

Northampton - Mental Hospital - there's a whole section of northampton where the ruins of an old mental hospital lies. there are various cold spots and apparitions when dusk approaches. even in broad daylight a sense of un-easy-ness can be felt.

Northampton - Northampton Mental Hospital - Witnesses Report loud screams from the building late at night, a ghostly figure wandering around, feeling violently ill when entering certain places and voices.

Northampton - Smith College - Martha Wilson House - On the first floor, unexplained footsteps have been heard pacing back and forth, doors slamming shut all at once, and windows open when nobody is there. Sessions House Served as a passage in the Underground Railroad. Started as old farmhouse, known to be haunted before becoming part of the college. Contained secret tunnel in basement where escaping slaves were killed when it collapsed; their ghosts reported to haunt the house.

Northfield - Northfield Mount Hermon School - A student committed suicide and still haunts his room in the overtoun dorm. The ghost of D.L. Moody, the school's founder also is said to haunt the grounds.

Norton - Wheaton College - has a number of ghosts, some in dormitories, some in classroom buildings, and one in the library. The library ghost is that of a former librarian. She roams the stacks at night and though no one has ever seen the specter, people often report "feeling watched" in the stacks late at night. She supposedly would mess with the card catalog.

Norwood - Marriott Courtyard - At this nice but not so quiet hotel, many things have happened. Many people heard tapping on the desks. Loud banging or kicking on the dresser. One visitors bracelet was being pulled off their wrist while in bed. A man has been seen walking around the first floor. He is about7" tall. It turns out there was a very large man that hung himself in a room there. Even the maids do not like to enter the room.

Onset - Onset Beach- Vanishing woman seen walking along the beach.

Onset - abandoned houses behind Lopes playground - Ghostly shadows have been seen. The sound of shattering glass is often heard at night though all of the windows are broken and the houses are completely empty. A large pentagram is drawn in the center of the largest house, this indicating paranormal activity.

Orange - Old North Main Street School - This building now serves as an adult education center. At one time it was a school, then courthouse with holding cells in the basement. It has been reported by people being held at night in the basement to hear noises all night. The courthouse was moved.

Oxford - Oxford Public Library - Books thrown off shelves, can hear an organ being played at night

Oxford - Quobaug Ave - When you are alone in the house footsteps can be heard walking across the upper floors. Footsteps also can be heard coming down the stairs from the uppers floors. Thuds, like someone has dropped something upstairs, slams, bangs and crashes can be heard in the middle of the night, windy or not. Knocking on the cellar door when there is nobody on the other side. Faint screams of a woman. The feeling of a presence, that you are not alone. Neighbors say that every person who has ever lived there has complained of the same thing. Families have been forced to move because of the things heard.

Palmer - The "Hidden Cemetery", off Flynt Street - This small cemetery, no longer used, is located on a blocked-off road at the corner of Flyft Street and Route 32 in Palmer. Tombstones date back to the 1600's. A site full of paranormal activity, documented photos include orbs, images of long-deceased graveyard inhabitants, voices are heard when tape recorded. This cemetery is the home of the "Lantern Man", a cloaked figure often seen here at night, holding a lantern, walking among the tombstones. WARNING: do not visit this cemetery at night or at dusk, it is watched by a neighbor who WILL report you to the police!

Palmer - Palmer High School - an apparition of a man has been seen walking then disappears.

Paxton - Anna Maria College - The ghost of a young woman is said to haunt the theater here. A human skeleton was found under the stage, presumably hers. Plays with the lights, lets a few people see her sitting in the seats, and seems to have a fascination with modern technology. - July 2005 Update:The ghost in the theater is believed to be named Theresa.

Paxton - Anna Maria College - Music Building - There are doors that open and close on their own, curtains move on their own as well. The grand piano in the performance hall will sometimes play even when locked. People have also said they saw the two lowest notes played on some of the pianos in the practice rooms. - July 2005 Update: The ghost in the music building is believed to be a former student by the name of Betty.

Paxton - First Congregational Church -During the mid 1800's, the minister of this church died during a sermon. His ghost has haunted the church ever since. Sightings range from candles lighting spontaneously in the chapel to footsteps going up stairs that have been removed.

Paxton - Moore State Park - People have reported seeing ghostly figures that supposedly committed suicide in the millhouse down from the millpond. The sightings include a young man and young woman hanging together, and the original owner of the mill, who is also hanging in the millhouse.

Peabody - Bishop Fenwick High School - It has been said that the third floor is haunted by the ghost of a teacher who on her way home was killed in a car accident. People have heard footsteps and as it get later in the night you can feel her presence.

Peabody - Goodale St. - There is a small cemetery at the top of wildwood drive and Goodale street that dates back to the 1600's. the house built right next to it is haunted and every time someone moves in they move back out shortly after.

Peabody - North Shore Mall - Outside of Macy's, there is a grave. If you go to the mall after hours, you will see several spirits between JC Penney and Macy's. (The mall is rumored to be built on a cemetery).

Pembroke - Kings highway Inn - The house where George Washington's doctor lived.  In 1800's family lived in the house one day native Americans attacked the house the parents told there children to hide in the closet that couldn't be opened from the inside.  The children died and after the closet was opened the bodies where found and scratch marks where found on the wall.

Pittsfield - the tracks before Clapp Park - strange noises and large white silloettes have been spotted .. mysterious footsteps and blood stained almost ape like finger prints frequently occur

Plymouth - Cortage Park - Cortage park is an almost empty mall. It once was an Old Rope Factory. Strange music has been heard. The elevator operates by itself. Footsteps and moving objects. Supposedly the spirits of 2 workers who died there haunt the place.

Plymouth - Dever State School - February 2007 Correction: Formerly listed as Myles Standish State Forest - There are several reported hauntings in the state forest in Plymouth. There is a story of an old abandoned mental hospital somewhere in there. Also a certain lot in the woods is supposedly a place where murders took place back in the 1970's. - February 2007 Update: heavily patrolled and randomly alarmed in some buildings. State Police also patrol.

Plymouth - Hanson - Hanson Tuberculosis Hospital - there is a strong presence that does not want anybody there.

Plymouth - Spooner House Museum - Reports of an apparition of a little girl. She moves things around to tell you that she is there.

Princeton - Watchusett Mountain - On April 14,1755,The daughter of Robert and Martha Keyes, went to fetch some sand from the ,Wachusett Lake, but she vanished in the woods that day never to be heard for again. Robert and Martha and the towns people searched but never found her. It is said that, Martha still haunts the wooded hillsides of Wachusett Mountain calling, "Lu--cy...Lu-cy.

Provincetown - Unitarian Universalist Meeting House - Built in 1847, it was used as a morgue during one of the great plagues. Witnesses report seeing people moving form the corner of their eye and also felt their presence when they thought they where alone.

Quincy - Central Middle School - A girl who was murdered in 1968 haunts the third floor bathroom. People have reported that her ghost will turn off faucets, lights, and even flush toilets.

Quincy - The Tea Room - its were physics tell fortunes and they say that a very young women between the age 20-25 that wears a white dress and is all dressed up, calls on people and appears in front of a fire place.

Rehoboth - Anawan Rock - Large outcropping of rock in woods off route 44. It was used by Indians in the King Philip's war as a campsite. Fires can be seen burning on the rock at the top. Indian voices are often heard shouting.

Rehoboth - Cemetery off route 44 - Feelings of being unwanted. Haunted by an old man that screams and pounds on your car windows as they sped out of the cemetery. While he terrorizes visitors, calling them Catherine. A girl’s laugh was heard toward the Woods on the right.

Rehoboth - Horbine School - When you look in the window there is a teacher teaching a class of about 25 kids. They all look at you and they start to come out and they follow you around then suddenly they vanish. People that live around there hear the teacher wringing the bell; they hear noises, and voices coming from the school.

Rehoboth - Palmer's River Burying Ground - Hear and sometimes see a little boy in 19th century clothing . A few people have heard this boy crying for help.

Rehoboth - Route 44 - Haunted by a red-headed hitchhiker who terrorizes motorists who drive by on dark lonely nights. Has been known to do frightening acts.

Rehoboth - Shad Factory Mill/Pond- Man cloaked in dark clothes appears and vanishes in the woods/strange white lights in the woods at night/people have had a strange sense of terror when they walk past the stone wall ruins-like something doesn't want them there.

Rochester - Chritten Road - there are 3 different events that happen on this road all happen while people were running across this dark twisted road. The best one is the man that is upset by the deer population in is neighborhood and decides to take matters into his own hands. You can see him running across the road chasing the deer.

Rockland - House Built by Former Town Treasurer - House built in 1873 by Joshua Stetson Gray, former town treasurer. Numerous sightings of prior occupants frequent the house and voices can be heard. Josh Grey there was said to have been murderer of a young infant and the death of the builder. Sights of a mysterious guy have been spotted. Light sometimes turn off and on. Reports of beds bouncing up and down by themselves, and strange things happening in the babies bedroom.

Royalston - The Old Royalston Cemetery - Very old and very small cemetery. Surrounded by a short stoned wall. Only one way in and one way out. Feelings arrive as soon as you enter such as cold spots, light touching sensations, and that "I’m not alone" feeling. Its a very old cemetery with a stone table like gravestone not too far in. Next to it, his one wife and his three concubines. Reported seeing a black like figure moving about the cemetery really fast. Then a fog like woman with a long white dress with blonde hair swaying around the back brick wall in the cemetery towards the old shack. Most believe that the stone table is the black shadow's gravestone since he’s usually seen right there. Note: All four (4) women's deaths have the same date, and the table gravestone's date is only a few short days later. Most of the inscription on the table cant be read anymore.

Rutland - Rutland heights hospital - noises heard in halls. areas in hallway where there are unexplained "cold spots" employees that fell to there death off the water tower at Rutland Heights. The 88 acres was closed in 1991, leaving 17 buildings (which are full of asbestos and lead paint). Last time the submitter ventured here was on Halloween, they report human feces on the stairs (each of about 10 steps had a pile of human feces on it.) One of their fellow explorers fell about knee deep through the 4th floor. Overall, not a very safe place to go to. - February 2007 Update: Rutland has been demolished. All that's left is a flagpole and an old well. No activity since has been reported

Saugus - Penny Road - IF you drive into Penny Road (dirt road off of route 99) you will see a sign to your left, on the sign you will see a little boy, and supposedly if you look through you rearview mirror you will see the headlights of the truck that ran him over. A little boy was walking down this path when a truck hit him and the boy died instantly.

Salem - Gallows Hill - Many report unknown phenomena happenings. Said to be the so called witches that were hanged there in the olden days.

Salem - The Hawthorne Hotel - The elevator is believed to be haunted. The 6th floor is haunted as well. There was a double murder over a lover’s quarrel. Could spots have been felt as well as chandeliers swaying with no sound.

Salem - Joshua Ward House - This house is associated with the Salem Witch Trials. Sheriff Corwin is said to haunt this place.

Salem - Patriot Cinemas - Sometimes you can smell cigarette smoke over near the projector, but you can't smell it anywhere else. There is a room at the end of the hall which is very cold. You can see shadows moving fast out of the corner of your eye. One time there was a person reflected in the window, standing next to the projector, but no one was there. Someone had keys on a clip hanging from their pocket at hip level, and these keys somehow came unclipped, flipped around, and clipped on a wire, while this person was standing there. A little while later, they realized they were missing and after searching everywhere, found them hanging on this knee level wire. (There are at least 15 keys on this key ring, so you would have heard them if they fell off.) Another time the light upstairs was shut off, and the only way to get up there is if you have a key, someone with a key turned it back on, and then 5 minutes later when they went upstairs, the light was off again. The lights upstairs are always kept on.

Salem - Saint Mary's Cemetery - Very strange noises, like the sound of a dog jogging on cement, a strange light what seemed to be a white glow stick go by very fast, but the oddest of them all was the Unexplainable feeling of evil, the feeling of being watched, and being rushed and overwhelmed with a negative energy.

Salem - Salem Hospital - ghost of a woman that died in childbirth there is seen in the halls.

Salem - Salem Jail - Haunted by the spirits of civil war prisoners who were held there.

Salem - Salem State College - Bowditch Hall Room 222 - Known for the ghosts of all three roommates that were found murdered there in the 70's. Reports of beds shaking in the middle of the night and loud banging on the walls that can only be heard in that room.

Salem - Salem State College - Mainstage Auditorium - The ghost of a little Boy named Tommy is said by theater professors and students to haunt the auditorium. Tommy is supposedly the ghost of a child that got into the area above the auditorium one night during the '60's. He fell through a spot in the ceiling and was found dead in the seats of the auditorium by a professor the next day. Tommy still haunts the area above the auditorium, which has long been sealed up and used for storage. He is mischievous for the most part, making noises, moving things, and causing unexplainable problems in the theater. Technicians working on tall ladders swear they can feel Tommy putting a pressure on their backs. They claim that it is Tommy trying to prevent any one else from falling. December 2003 correction:The actual story is this: It was in the '70's when it happened, and the boy that fell wasn't a child, he was a teenager.The boy that died was named Tommy. Tommy and few other kids had been drinking and they snuck into the auditorium. They were fooling around, jumping on seats, rolling around on the stage, etc. When the kids where getting ready to leave, but they couldn't find Tommy. They figured that he had left and so they left. The next morning my dad got a call saying that his friend Tommy had fallen through the ceiling of the auditorium. He had fallen head first onto the floor and died on impact.

Salem - Salem YMCA - The old pool. The old pool was built above the original pool. Many lifeguards at the old pool have seen movements and heard noises by the stairwell leading to the old pool. It is rumored to be from a swimmer that died there.

Salem - The Ward House - is haunted by the ghosts of the evil Sheriff George Corwin and witchcraft victim Giles Cory. Corwin is buried in the cellar.

Sandisfield - New Boston Inn - Apparition of a little girl, misplaced items would always return where you had just looked.

Sandwich - Near Cape Cod Canal - A large ship with giant sails was drifting out near Cape Cod Canal. As the ship was sailing the sails looked old and torn. The ship sailed off into the fog and seemed to disappear.

Savoy - Windigo - this is a camp that may have been up in the 1980's and is haunted by 6 little girls and a crazy women the story is that a camp consular went crazy and hung 3 girls in a barn on the property and drowned 3 more in a tub then she went and killed herself not sure how but she did and if u go to this area in the Windsor state forest you will see things and hear things that will make you believe in ghosts or the paranormal.

Scituate - Lincoln Mill - The Mill is located right next to Hunter's Pond. It is reported that a little bloody girl sits looking out the windows, and stares at you as you walk by. There have also been reports of screams and cries coming from the Mill as you hear the sound of a jammed saw and a young child screaming and crying for help.

Scituate - Minot Lighthouse - haunted by lighthouse keepers after original lighthouse was destroyed by a storm, while main light house keeper stood on share & watched after going for provisions.

Scituate - Near First Cliff - in the spring a ghost ship is seen. It starts out robust and luxurious but right before your eyes it's sails become all torn.

Seekonk - Seekonk High school - There is a ghost that haunts that swimming pool every Friday night of June. This ghost utters eerie things.

Shrewsbury - Southgate Retirement community - objects thrown by invisible forces. sightings of former residents voices and lights flickering have all been reported by both employees and residents

Sommerville - Sacco's Bowl Haven - Weird noises from the back of the bowling alley at night, if you watch the pins in the back of the all you can see something moving behind them, usually like a shadow passing over them. Scratching on the walls and can be heard at almost all hours, and for no reason a large area of the place will suddenly become freezing. Documented case of an employee's girlfriend walking to the back to shut off the lights after hours and coming back to the front desk with grease and oil "finger" streaks rubbed into her face.

South Attleboro - St. Stephen's Cemetery - A great deal of strange occurrences happen at St. Stevens. There is a gravestone with the last name Dousette by the big iron cross that used to glow green. Scientists came into the graveyard to figure out why it glowed green, and could come up with any answer. They eventually turned the stone a little out of place and the stone turned red for several days, then stopped glowing. If you take the name apart, Dousette, you can make "do you see it." If you drive into St. Stephens graveyard, the first thing that you will see is a big iron cross (that looks creepy). Take a left and drive back towards the woods on a dark night. When you go over the small hill and are facing the woods, flash your lights twice. A strange man will sometimes come out and tell you how to find spirits. There is a strong presence there, and many things have been seen there, such as a glowing orb that followed a visitor’s car out.

South Hadley - Mount Holyoke College - In 16c gothic church, the oldest in western Massachusetts, the organ plays of it's own accord from time to time, and the apparition of a young girl walking in circles was seen by the headmistress, who soon after retired.

Spencer - Pine Grove Cemetery - This is haunting grounds for one who is known to some as the Dark Hunter, his ghostly form abides it's time there, waiting and watching as people wander past.

Spencer - Prouty Mansion - Formerly listed under Spencer - Maria Prouty was murdered here by her husband. The murder was ruled a suicide. The reason was found out years later. The story is long and complex with more twists and turns than most works of fiction. Read the book 'Deliver us From Evil' by two local couples who researched the crime for more details.

Springfield - J.C. Penney department store - Some workers have spotted dozens of rats at one time in the stockrooms and in the hallways. Numerous customer complaints about rats moving over their feet while shopping and in the fitting rooms have been logged.

Springfield - Old Technical High School Building (now demolished) - The building that once was Technical High School has been demolished but, going back a few years ago the abandoned building used to be a popular hang out for school skipping teenagers from Commerce High. From those kids myself included reports of strange happenings have been reported. Large shadows/silhouettes of an abnormal human shape have been seen appearing in windows and changing floors in a blink of an eye. Inside the building noises like footsteps are heard in the attic from the third floor and bricks and other heavy obgects fly out of nowhere. This was more than an old building with creeks there is/was something very evil and most likely harmful inside this building. the grounds are still posted with no trespassing notices and police do take notice!

Springfield - Springfield College - Alumni Hall - James Naismith, inventor of basketball (which was invented at Springfield college), though deceased, has been spotted several times over the past years lurking around Alumni Hall. Most of the sightings have been reported on the third floor, room 374 where he once lived. Room 373 is the most dreaded room on the campus.

Springfield - Van Horn Park - In the unused part of the park on the other side of Armory St. the water in the pond was much deeper. In the nineteen twenties two boys drown there. In the summer sometimes you can hear them laughing and splashing, even though nobody is in the water. Some say they have even seen the water move as though some one is swimming in it.

Springfield - Western New England College - Berkshire Hall - Room 401, the students feel that when they are getting up they cannot, like some force is holding them down. Supposedly a former student had hung himself in the room upon hearing that his girlfriend had broken up with him. The students also wake up with sound of broken glass.

Springfield - Western New England College - Windham Hall 133 Students often feel watched and the inability to get warm. The room has a constant chill around it.

Stoneham - High Street - On high street there is believed to be a witch cult. There is one larger house and then behind it smaller cottages. The main house is believed to be where the witches practiced human sacrifices.- February 2004 Correction: a submitter states -The real story for the cult house in Stoneham, MA is this. There aren't mini cottages behind the house, but a building that resembles a small church. Every night there is a candle lit in the upstairs window of the church. They would drive around the block and you could see the light shining through the trees, but it's hard to see if there is anything else back there besides the church. This is private property, and it is trespassing if you bother this poor woman. The police maybe called. Have respect.

Stoneham - Pine Street - Octagon House - PRIVATE PROPERTY - February 2004 UPDATE: This submission has been removed as it is private propery. It has been removed several times, so please do not submitt this place. the police will be called if you trespass.

Stoneham - Stoneham High School ( the auditorium) - There is a ghost of a little girl named Lucy. She died at the age of 8 in the 1800s. When Wiess farm's land spread to the high school there was a forest there and everyday Lucy used to play on this tree. one day her parents put a swing on the tree. She swung on that tree every single day. One day there was a storm, but Lucy still had to play on her tree. It was so windy that she fell off the swing and snapped her neck and died. Her parents buried her under her tree. After she was buried they were so devastated that they sold that land to Stoneham and they then built a school over the forest. Lucy's gravesite is approximately where the auditorium is. The Auditorium is now hunted by her. There have been many cases where people know that Lucy is present.

Sturbridge - Old Sturbridge Village - Strange lights reported, as well as the rocking chair at the Parsonage has often started rocking by itself. The feeling among many who worked there was that the spirits were friendly to those who respected the people of the past.

Sudbury - Wayside Inn - Room #9 - built in the 1700's is supposedly haunted by Jeshua.  Jeshua waited her whole life waiting for her love to return from England. He never did.  She seems to respond to men who stay in the room around 3:00 AM. But only if you're very quiet.  Also room #9 is home to one of the secret drawer society.

Taunton - Broadway Street Cemetery - In the cemetery, sits a rocking chair where a little girl is buried. People have reported seeing her sitting in the rocking chair while it glows.

Taunton - Goss 3 - Goss is a very secure building. Five floors, including the basement. While alot of the buildings are abandoned or in repair, they still have plenty of buildings that are in use. One of those buildings is the Goss Building. Connected to the underground tunnels that were used to transport patients before it fell into disrepair, Goss houses two floors of DYS lock up, and on the third floor is an all girl adolensent unit. The fourth floor has been cleared out for many months. Anyway, in the east end halls, doors, which are always locked, are open when the person doing checks goes to check them. If you are in the west end, you tend to see people going into rooms on the east end. In one of the rooms on the west end, towards the window, you always see a man going into the last room on the right. Even though Goss 4 has been empty with no maintainance going up there, you hear furniture and footsteps moving about. You can hear loud voices, and banging too. They  tell the kids it's maintainance, but we know the truth.

Taunton - Holiday Inn - The stairway near the "28" rooms are said to be haunted. Many employees have heard voices in that stairway and were told to "leave here now".

Taunton - Howland Detention Center - It is said that before it was a boys juvenile detention center it was a mental health institution for women! Once a women tried to escape though the air vents but got stuck and was found dead. Now you can hear clanging on the vents and a faint call of the women’s name!

Taunton - Kilmer Ave. - A three family house next to a church in second and third floor strange things have happened like lights going on and off, TV changing channels by it's self, computer mouse moving by it's self, radio turning on and off, hearing footsteps on stairs and knocking on the doors and no one there so the problem is nobody knows why these things are happening no ghosts have been seen at this point.

Taunton - Paul Dever Developmental Hospital - strange lights and cries for help reported. Apparition on a boy between the ages of 13 and 15.

Taunton - Taunton State Hospital - All of the buildings at the hospital are old and spooky. Many are abandoned. There are even rumors of underground tunnels. - Never Trespass on any of these locations!!! Always get permission to enter abandon or private property. If you want to visit any of these locations please read this first. - January 2007 Update: Severely damaged after a fire in March of 2006.

Taunton - Taunton State Hospital - The Goss Building - is definitely haunted. Staff have seen a man in white walking the halls of the third floor. Also, there is a corner room at the front of the building (third floor) that gives everyone a "creeped-out" feeling. - Never Trespass on any of these locations!!! Always get permission to enter abandon or private property. If you want to visit any of these locations please read this first.

Taunton - The woods behind Taunton State Hospital - At night through out the woods you can hear moaning, soft screaming and sometimes banging. Some people say they are homeless people that go to live in the woods and die there. Other people say that they are victims of brutal murders. Most people believe that they are ghosts of patients from the hospital. Basically don't roam in these woods after dark if you don't want a paranormal experience.

Turners Falls - Old Shefield - A man was burnt alive in the school and haunts the new foundation. He doesn't harm anyone. But he scare's people with horrible vision's of a Clown stabbing himself with a knife. Or doing other horrible things.

Tewksbury - East Street Cemetery - In the cemetery at night, there is a ghost of a woman who walks around the part of cemetery closest to the center of town. In addition, deep in the cemetery, there is a creature (probably never human) with dark leathery skin who will follow you as you walk through the cemetery. East Street runs through the cemetery. As you drive though, there will often be white apparitions through the cemetery.

Tewksbury - Holiday Inn - from the ballroom to the hall a figure has been seen out of the corner of the eye. When you turn to see, it is gone.

Tewksbury - North Street - As you turn onto North Street from East Street late at night, you can see a white apparition on the corner. As you drive further down, you will notice a little boy walking down the road. As you approach the train tracks there is a blue energy on the right side of the road.

Tyngsboro - Near Colonel Tyng's house - A ghost of a murdered wife believed to have come back and kill her husband.

Tyngsboro - The Old Church - Reported lights at night, unexplained noises from basement. Once Featured on Unsolved Mysteries.

Tewksbury - Tewksbury Memorial High School - There are plenty of reports of doors opening and closing on their own, strange noises, and moving objects. Many sightings have occurred late at night near the cafeteria, formerly the gym. This is caused by the lingering spirit of a cheerleader who died during a competition there. There is a cheerleading award named after her as well. In the D-hall corridor, the heating pipes move spontaneously, and make quite a ruckus. When passing by the cafeteria, many people have gotten cold sweats, chills, and other sorts of strange feelings.

Uxbridge - Blackstone St. - There was sightings in the early 70s of a headless biker. Would bike up and down Blackstone St. and anybody driving down the road that saw him somehow disappeared.

Uxbridge - Michael Hoyt house - when you walk up by the front door of the house you hear screams and smashing of bottles. As you walk down to the water you hear people screaming in the water like there being pulled down like something is in there like a succubus reaching out for them.

Uxbridge - Montville House - house is 350 years old and many people have died in it. People have seen figures of an old woman and things tend to turn on and off by themselves. There is an old family burial ground in the back yard. Tenants often move in and out of this house frequently. The house is currently occupied.

Uxbridge - The Old Taft Tavern - sometimes in the middle of the night people would see ghost like features standing at the foot of there bed dressed in colonial clothing. You will hear girls, laughing very distinctively coming from the forbidden living room.

Uxbridge - Woods along Blackstone River -There have been several reports of a "Ghost Mill" that appears during the night. Several how have encountered the mill have reported seeing the mill on fire and a young child in a window. Some have run into the burning mill to find no child and then the mill disappears.

Wakefield - Galvin Middle School - A young boy locked himself in the basement of the middle school. He sat in the middle of the room, in a wooden school chair. While sitting, the boy cut his own throat, and died in that basement. People say if you go into the basement at night, you will see the chair placed in the center of the room, and hear the boy whispering " get out."

Waltham - Fernald School - Waverley Hall - Lights going on and off in abandoned building, noises of metal hitting metal, feeling of someone watching you, voices heard, feelings of going numb and hearing screams. Rumors of room on second floor to be covered in blood from ceiling to floor. VERY Dangerous place, most spirits to be very evil and mad.

Waltham - Metropolitan State Hospital - REMOVED - November 24, 2006 Update: We have received the following email: The Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, Massachusetts Department of Public Safety Police Department, Massachusetts Environmental Conservation Police and Massachusetts State Police state:
Recently in the past week, there has been severe vandalism to construction equipment and one suicide on the grounds. The buildings are half gone and VERY unsafe. There is now construction workers there all day, and a uniformed Police officer (no more security) for 12 hour shifts. Please add this new information and/or remove your Met State entry. Thank You. - MA DPS Police

Ware - Aspen St. and surrounding streets and Aspen St. Cemetery - The whole are has been know to be haunted, corner of Dale and Aspen is one sight, often seen is a grayish hue of a woman standing over you, doors slam, voices are heard and the feeling of a presence is there, very much there. One report was of a 13 yr old girl who was sleeping and a black shadowed image laid with her every night, the doors to locked closets were unlocked in the morning, laughing and bluish white lights where seen atop of the stairs to the sleeping quarters, beds slammed continuously, heavy breathing and nightmares were constant, the feeling of being watched from the stair way was noted to. The cemetery which is across the street has a spot where people walk or hike by the water, orbs/ streaks of lights were seen in pictures that resembled that of a man walking with a stick, there have been many sightings in that area when homes were condemned due to the drug and poverty of the area many of the homes were boarded up from Dale St. Aspen ct. Vigent to Pleasant St. many people wrote ghosts live here on the boarded up windows, the whole area was under some very evil paranormal activity, severely evil and with out a doubt in my mind paranormal activity existed, note the house on the corner of Dale and Aspen also had a report of a girl lying in bed trying to sleep when in a woman’s voice she heard.. "shh go to sleep " in her ear.

Wareham - Main Street - Several homes along this street have long histories of haunting activity . One house called Fearing Tavern in particular Things like objects moving.

Washington - October Mountain State Forest- A ghost girl in a white dress has been seen walking near the site of the William C. Whitney Estate which is now part of October Mountain State Forest.

Watertown - Cuniff Cemetery - At the Cunnif cemetery there are the graves from people who have died because of experiments made on them. There have been reported shadows and a lot of people say they see people in wheelchairs that go away when you point the flashlight at them and hear voices and also sometimes have rocks thrown at them when there are no other people around.

Watertown - Hosmer School - There are two parts to the school. The older part of the school that has now been reconstructed into assisted living housing is believed to be haunted by Harriet Hosmer whose grave can be found down the street at Mount Auburn Cemetery. The Auditorium of the hosmer school that connects the old and new part of the school is also believed to be haunted by her.

Webster - High School - In the auditorium, if you look up near the rafters late at night, you can see a little man with a grin wearing black clothes staring at you. He disappears a few seconds after you look at him. People have had things being thrown down at them, and having no explanation.

Wellesley - Wellesley Inn on the Square, Route 16 - In the Lafayette Lounge objects have been known to move of their own accord. Hotel and restaurant staff have reported mysterious goings on with the small elevator in the lobby, among other happenings elsewhere in the building. Sense of being watched. Sometimes the scent of rosewater perfume can be detected.

West Roxbury - Lagrange St. - November 2005 removal: This has been removed as it is a private residence.

West Springfield - Springfield Country club - IT is rumored that years ago that there was a fire that had killed several people. There are numerous cold spots, Feeling of some one watching you and the feeling that someone or something brushes against you

West Springfield - Vincent's Steakhouse Piccadilly Pub - Restaurant haunted by the ghost of the original owner Vincent. Some people have reported strange happenings with the electrical equipment and lighting as well as strange odors in certain areas of the building.

West Stockbridge - Camp Kingsmont/Blueberry Hill - Campers and counselors have reported seeing apparitions walking across the large field late at night. Also, when camping on the top of blueberry hill, campers and counselors have reported seeing the same apparitions atop at the clearing.

West Yarmouth - The Irish Village - On the basement floor of the main office is where the old pub used to be. Not many people go down there, but people have seen the toilets all of a sudden start to overflow, and mysterious toys, usually a clown, sitting on top of the toilet. Most say that the clown "looks right at you" even though it is only a toy.

Westfield - Pine Hill Cemetery - Something haunts the back hill of this cemetery. During the day visitors have reported a mans voice in the woods, and the feeling of being watched. At night, the watchful feeling changes to one of absolute unreasonable terror. Even going on the public street that runs right beside the hill will cause this...even some people who live on that street have complained of feeling uneasy, as if something is watching out for that portion of the cemetery and will not tolerate ANYONE trespassing. A few reports of rocks being thrown at cars passing that area have also surfaced, but are rare.

Westfield - Westfield State College - Davis Hall - There was said that a kid hung himself over Easter break a few years back. He didn't go home for break, and his parents found out by calling the RA's on duty to see what was going on and where he was. Since then, weird sitting of this boy have been seen in all sorts of rooms throughout the dorm. In the room where he hung himself, his closet was painted black (since then it has been repainted). He generally comes at nighttime, and opens and closes closet doors, and the atmosphere in the room changes drastically. - January 2007 Update: Room F12 it was repainted. Since then there has been no reported activity.

Westford - Roudenbush Community Center - A grey ghost nicknamed "Jenny" haunts the building, which used to be a high school. Janitors and employees have occasionally seen it. No one really knows who it is. As a result, the local school's mascot is the "Grey Ghosts"

Westminster - Bourgeois Terrace - There has been reports of people walking in the sandpit late at night all alone with motorcycle helmets on. It has also been said that they moan when someone calls to them. Then they disappear

Westport - Cornell Road - At the time slavery was declared illegal in Massachusetts a sea captain chose to drown his slaves in a cistern in the cellar rather than set them free. Since then paranormal occurrences have been witnessed at this house by many people.

Westport - Ice House - Located on the far edge of the Westport town reservoir. This old stone building supplied ice to the local area until it burned down due to suspected arson. Rumor has it that there were child laborers inside during the fire but this has not been confirmed, Visitors to the site claim to have been chased off the site by unknown presences. There have also been sightings of large dogs on the property after sunset, but not a trace has been found of them during the daylight hours.

Weston - Regis College - College Hall - 4th Floor - people have heard the clanking sounds of beads, from the former sisters who still haunt there. Some witnessed seeing a lady late at night wearing the full habit, nodding and then disappearing. The elevator is supposedly where a girl committed suicide, late at night people complain of a creepy, cold feeling and of a feeling of intense pain and fear. One girl walked off the elevator crying, "Sorry, Sorry!"

Weston - Regis College - College Hall - 2nd Floor - In The Grand Foyer there have been sightings of a man, thought to be an old piano teacher. When walking by Joseph Hall people have seen a man out of the corner of their eye. Also, the doors to the porch open and close on their own. The doors were opening and closing, with no wind blowing. If you ask politely for the opening and closing to stop the door will slowly close on it's own completely and not open again.

Weston - Regis College - Walters Hall - horrible feelings of fear and dread have been reported.

Weymouth - Rindge Street - A man in black can sometimes be seen floating up and down the street late at night. He fades away when you start to stare.

Whitman - Brooks Plymouth Street Trail leading into the woods - In the early 1900's every Halloween for 5yrs straight the girl scouts had a Halloween party sleepover in first cabin from where the trail begins, with the same supervisor.. on the 5th yr the girls went into the woods to have their Halloween sleepover and the next morning none of them came out when their parents went to pick them up! Ever since then, on Halloween there has been sightings of these 5 little girls in that same cabin. People have reported seeing the 5 little girls with their pajamas on dancing around while holding hands in a circle.. others have reported seeing green smoke coming from under the cabin door, and after opening it seeing the supervisor rocking back and forth staring at the girls with a smile on her face and a bloody knife in her right hand.. nobody knows why the little girls and supervisor never came out of the woods that day.

Wilbraham - The Bishop House - This 170 year old home is located on a lonely, unlit country road. It’s haunted by several ghost, including a farmer, young boy and two females. Many visitors have experienced ghostly encounters here.

Winchendon - Lake Dennison Camp Grounds - Old Cemetery within - It is said that if you drive your car into the old cemetery and shine your back lights on a certain tree that you can see "Willy", a ghost, hanging from a long branch. He is said to be a very angry ghost.

Winchester - Stone Wall Park - About 50 years ago there were some teens out at the park hanging out. Obviously there was a murderer passing by and stopped to kill one of the teens. Now if you go on a certain night, you can hear screaming of the teen. There have been no sightings known.

Winthrop - Former Deer Island Prison - Reports of outlines of a person would be seen. Also sinks and showers would go on and off by themselves, doors would open and close, lock and unlock.

Winthrop - Fort Banks - Haunted by a ghost called Willie who died in a cannon accident.

Woburn - Horn Pond - Two Native American ghosts seen traveling through old parts of Horn Pond. Haunting Horn Pond trying to keep people out of their land.

Woburn - Winning Farm - A horsefarm which closed down in the late 1990s due to chemicals and unsafe drinking water. The main building burnt down in the early 2000s, and the family house was recently demolished. The only things that remain are the big trailers, and the smaller house. There is a playground in the field that's terribly overgrown. Many report sightings of a white figure roaming on either sides of the dirt road leading to the farm. Strange noises are heard, as well as sightings of an abandoned ice cream truck in the woods.

Woburn - Woburn High School - Reports of cries for help in the bathroom in the old building of a kid who died in the that room. People reported that they see his ghost and hear him moaning. - November 2003 update/correction: It was a girl that committed suicide in the downstairs bathroom in 7 building. It's rumored that there are still bloodstains on the walls that maintenance couldn't get out. So it’s permanently locked. Supposedly people still hear her in there.

Worcester - Spider Gates Cemetery - NO TRESSPASSING - A very dangerous cemetery. There is a spider looking design on the gate to the cemetery, hence the name, Spider Gates Cemetery. It is said that sightings of wandering ghosts the sensations of someone brushing against them have been reported. Fainting often occurs as the images and sensations become too strong to bear. It is said that some have died from massive heart attacks when they were over come with fear. Update - There are warning signs the further you get in, no one is permitted in since September 11th.

Worcester - The Old Worcester State Hospital - Has blood stains on the walls and now remains all boarded up. People have supposedly heard the screams of the patients who died there. - February 2007 Update: Worcester State is heavily patrolled by Worcester Police. Always get permission.

Yarmouth - Yarmouth Resort (formerly Flagship Inn) - Reports of sounds of doors slamming within indoor pool area when all doors are locked tight, items moved or placed in reception area within a matter of seconds, no known origins to these events, appearing to be a rather playful spirit, most likely a young little girl (left a baby hairclip on the counter as if to give clue to "what it is") several night-time employees get unnerved catching strange vibes, one house-keeper spotted an image of a small dog in hallway which then seemingly disappeared before her eyes.

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