Once again I am appealing to everyone in the research community and those just interested in it.  DO NOT Trespass on private property and turn in anyone you know that is trespassing.  You make all real researchers in this field look bad because the general public does not discriminate between kids trespassing looking for ghosts and real researchers doing it. 

Please read the news paper article below and if you are trespassing, then stop or you will get caught and I will be very happy when you do.  If you know of anyone who does trespass, turn them in.   I am a former police officer and the police will follow-up on an anonymous tip of this nature.   If being arrested isn't enough to deter you then maybe death is.  Many of the places that are off limits are that way because they are too dangerous to enter.   Use your head.  If you are stupid enough to risk arrest or worse to play "ghost buster, then be an ass---- but don't blame it on websites, blame it on your own stupidity and immaturity.  -  Dave Juliano

:::'Ghost hunters' arrested for trespassing:::

By Kevin Moran
North Adams Transcript

ADAMS -- Two people who ventured into the former Plunkett Hospital in search of "ghosts" in recent weeks were arrested for trespassing, the town's police chief said.

Four others also have been brought up on trespassing charges after they ventured inside the vacant Edmund Street building, according to police Chief Donald Poirot. Those four soon will be going before a court magistrate.

In some of the cases, the "ghost hunters" caused damage to the hospital by prying open the doors.

The young people told police they were inspired to visit the place because it was listed on a "ghost researchers'" Web site called "theshadowlands.com." The hospital building is one of dozens listed on the site's "Haunted Places in Massachusetts" Web page. 

But the chief issued a stern warning Thursday that anyone caught around or inside the hospital will be charged with trespassing. The hospital has been a trouble spot for years in terms of keeping it secured, the chief said. But the Web site appears to have fueled more interest.

"It may be haunted, I don't know," Poirot said. "But it is haunted by the Adams police."

Local police patrol the area several times a day and at night.   Police use spotlights at night to look around the area.

The Web site says of Plunkett Hospital: "Screams can be heard along with sightings of ghosts that usually resemble patients that may have died there. This building's windows and doors are boarded up partially due to the fact that people have reported seeing ghosts in the windows looking outside."

The boarded-up windows have little to do with staring apparitions, but are a basic security and weatherization measure.

The Web site does carry a disclaimer saying some of the haunted places on its list are on private property and "trespassers will be prosecuted."

The Plunkett Hospital soon will be renovated into condominiums, which should serve as a deterrent to people on the prowl for a ghostly encounter.

"We're just hoping this project gets up and running soon," Poirot said.


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