In Wisconsin

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Antigo - McMillan hotel - the McMillan hotel was built in 1887, the first owner of the McMillan had killed him self in room 21 of the hotel, there have been 18 death's from 1970 till 2003 when the hotel closed down. the hotel was first call the Vivian hotel. the owner gave us a tour of the hotel and a little history of the hotel.

Appleton - Appleton Curling Club - It is said by the owners of the club that there is footsteps upstairs constantly being heard. It is also believed that it is the ghost of an old customer. Chairs and glasses have also been known to be knocked over in the pub.

Appleton - Dairy Queen - Once a bar stood in this location. the bar is gone. Ontop of the bar is now a dairy queen. Workers of the dairy queen talk about the ghost, mostly reporting odd noises or lights doing goofy things lights do.

Appleton - Huntley Elementary - There was a kid named "Marky" who worked, or was believed to work for the Mob in the late 20's. He had a screaming fit about the color purple, and has apparently been spotted by early teen's trying to pick them up (girls and guys). There have been stories in the paper about him, nevertheless he remains a ghost to the surrounding city folk because they know of him, and his past. Neighbors won't go near his old house, because he's said to still live in the basement. Every once in a while he's seen at night throwing fits, and convulsing & muttering something about the Mob bosses that he used to work for.

Appleton - Old Catholic Cemetery - Visitors claim that they have seen strange fog and been chilled in an instant by his presence.

Appleton - Secura Insurance Company - about 150 years ago or longer, before the Secura Building was on their current land there was a pond and in the pond they were installing narrow pipes to filter the water. Well stories say that a little girl who was with her parents on a picnic fell into the pond got stuck in one of the pipes and drowned. People say that to this very day on certain nights if you walk by the pond where the little girl drowned you can hear her cries and her parent’s frantic screams.

Argonne - Old Argonne Grade School - Back in the 1950's, a janitor hung himself in the upstairs storage room. When he school finally closed in the early 1990's, kids would go up on a dare to write their name on the wall, and would see a man plain as day hanging from the rafter, and even if they didn't see him they would hear the sounds of the rose squeaking on the boards and of the janitor moaning.- January 2006 Update: The school was condemned in the early 1990's, and a few years ago it was torn down, but some people still see lights there late at night.

Ashippun - Ashippun School - closed school in Ashipunn, Wisconsin on Hwy O. School had an eerie feel when going by and playground had creepy feel as well. Was curious if any known activity at this School.

Ashland - Northland College - Memorial Hall (women’s dormitory)- Reports of ghost of a college girl who allegedly committed suicide by jumping down 3-story tall elevator shaft in 1920s - 30s. - June 2005 Update - The girl does not like the presence of men whatsoever. Some on campus theorize her boyfriend pushed her down that elevator shaft. Also, there is talk of a janitor, although no one seems to know what happened to keep him in Memorial. It is known, however, that he does not like Pagans, or anyone dabbling in Witchcraft. Black handprints are constantly found in the rooms, and computers are known to turn on in the middle of the night, and the desktop is then printed.

Ashland - Rinehart Theater - There have been many reports of footsteps heard from the upstairs costume room.  During a performance cast members reported seeing the door to the dressing room open, the downstairs toilet flush, and the door close afterwards.  A director said that she saw the ghost standing in the middle of the stage with it's back turned to her.  She could see the body but no face.  Another time cast members arrived to the theatre to find three lit candles in a triangle with a rose placed in the middle of the stage.

Aztalan - (Lake Mills) - Aztalan State park - This is a very active spirit place. Many people have a very uneasy feeling here, like they are being stalked or hunted. Many divers have had strange things happen when they are in the area of these mounds. There is a book out on the stories of the divers who looked for the pyramids on the bottom of the lake.

Baraboo - Highway 12 - Many travelers on this highway have reported seeing a male hitchhiker wearing a green jacket. He has black hair and a beard. If they pass him by they are sure to see him again about a mile later. If anyone stops to pick him up, he disappears and is not seen again.

Bayfield - Michigan Island Lighthouse - The Lighthouse on Michigan Island is haunted by the ghost of a lighthouse keeper who was killed when the heavy metal door slammed shut on him during a storm. It is said that during every bad storm, the door slams twice, even if it is firmly closed and bolted shut.

Beaver Dam - beaver dam community Theater - one night in the Theater a young girl was trying out for a play and did not make it she got really mad and went up to the loft of the Theater and made a nuse and hung herself.this young girls name is somtimes when people have gone up there they have said that light goes out and footsteps have been herd running up the stairs and crying.

Beloit - Beloit Turner School - In this building late at night when everyone has left the building, you will hear screams and people yelling at each other. But during the day and when people are present in the building, there will be no noises.

Beloit - The Manor - People have reported loud crashing noises coming from the building. People have reported seeing an old woman looking out the window. People have reported that a little girl has been seen floating on the front lawn. Workers have reported upstairs when you look in the mirror they see people but when they turn around nothing is there. 

Beloit - McNeel Middle School - In the backroom of the stage where all of the costumes are kept and sometimes students gather to discuss or do homework during free time there is said to be a man who used to live on that spot where McNeel was built who haunts it. One of the worst experiences was when the Theatre teacher Ms. Franze was sleeping on the couch and when she awoke there was blood everywhere and students soon pointed out that she had an electricity plug stuck into the back of her head. The ghost also writes in the mirror hanging on the wall and slams the door. There's a chalkboard in the room on which 666 will be scratched and no one will be able to erase it and then a few days later disappear and then reappear. It's very quiet back there and there's always a dark feeling like you're not supposed to be in there. Ceiling tiles also fall down but only if someone had been standing there just seconds before. This has happened on many occasions.

Beloit - The Trestles on Riverside - Every night at midnight if you stand on the hill before the trestle. It is reported that you will see a black man swinging in the trees.

Boltonville - 7 Bridge Road - Supposedly haunted by a women who was harassed by kids who would kill her cats. Somehow her house caught on fire and she cursed all the kids and the land and went back inside to die. When you drive down this road you can still see her cats running around and the burning remains of her home. - February 2004 addition: Also there is a story that the lady jogging also had with her a white dog, which is occasionally seen on seven bridges.

Boltonville - Jay road-"Seven Bridges Road" - There is a section of Jay road which goes thru a swamp. The area is always very dark and ominous. In the winter months this part is closed due to flooding and ice. The history is that apparently a woman was jogging down Jay road at some early part of the morning. A drunk driver, either didn't see her or was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting her. (If you travel this length of the road you will see there is no shoulder.)Her body was knocked into the swamp. Whether the incident was reported to the police is still under debate, however her body was never recovered. Persons who have traveled "Seven Bridges" have reported seeing a haze appear just outside their headlights, when your vehicle "catches up to" the entity it appears as a figure of a woman in a jogging outfit. She will jog down the road in front of your vehicle for about fifty feet, before she turns to face you, and you literally "hit" her. Some have had her vanish on their hoods while others say they have seen her head appear in their vehicles and look at the driver before disappearing. Reports also say if you go down this same length during the day vehicles(which are stopped) may not start up after being shut down. And that she is trying to stop people so that her body may be put to it's "proper rest". You could not mistake this pert of Jay road, on the brightest sunny summer day it's cold, dark and always extremely quiet. - February 2004 correction: The stop sign on the corner of Seven Bridges and Jay Road appears to be bleeding. When you are far away the blood seems to be dripping, but then as you approach the stop sign it disappears. If you step out of your car and look at it, there is nothing there.

Boscobel - Hotel Boscobel - Visions of Adam Boebel. The man who built the hotel has been seen by many employees and visitors of the historic building. It's also the birthplace of the Gideon bible.

Boulder Junction - Old Tavern - is said to be haunted by a "red lady." Employees won't talk about the subject and no one goes into the basement. The building is one of the oldest in town.

Boulder Junction - Stevenson Creek - Stevenson Creek is located far in the woods in which you can walk or bike to. All that is left of the building that once stood is a 40 ft stone chimney and the cement walls of the basement. The building that once stood in the 1920's was three stories high and was used as a bed and breakfast. One day, everybody who had been staying there, even the owners, disappeared and the house was abandoned. Nobody knows what happened to the people staying in that house. People who have paid a visit to this place have said that you can still see people walking into the basement, kids playing by the creek, sometimes running in the tall grass, and windy spots around people when everything else is calm.

Bowler - Bowler high school and middle school - There has been said and heard of small children running up and down the hall of the high school. The high school kids have had unexplainable experiences, with lockers opening and closing, books flying, and cries of small children.

Brodhead - Hell's Playground - At night, when the wind is still, you can hear children playing and the swings will be swinging. Sometimes a growl will be heard from out of nowhere. The story is, is that 2 children and an adult were murdered there. Be careful when going around the slide. That is where one of the kids were slaughtered

Brodhead - Flynn's Steak House - This steak house is one of the oldest buildings in Brodhead and along with currently being a restaurant, it also used to be a hotel. Many people in the town have had haunting experiences that they attribute to ghosts, such as unexplained noises and moving objects. In Brodhead, the rumors are well known and generally believed.

Brookfield - Dousman Dunkel Behling Inn /Dousman House - It’s an old house that ages back to the civil war. Very powerful negative feelings occur by the guest house and smithy shop. One of the doors in the window has been reported to slam with nobody present. a Dark figure walks back and forth upstairs while looking in the front door windows. The Figure sometimes rushes people and impacts them with such great force they will fly backwards off the porch. Nobody really knows too much about the history of the house.

Burlington - Burlington Public Cemetery - When walking by at any time of night you get a horrible feeling of being watched and followed there used to even be some report along a small path there leads to another small cemetery where people were chased out by some mysterious things. - September 2004 update/ correction: the smaller cemetary can not be reached by a path, and can not be seen from the road, or the cemetary. There is a large field(about the size of a football field) that is owned by the cemetary. At the end of the field, there is a wooded area. To the left, it appears to be a large path/clearing. That is where the private cemetary is. It's very shady, fenced in, and surrounded by houses. There are a handful of old graves, scattered about, so if venturing there in the dark, be careful not to trip and fall. The cemetary is closed from Sunset to Sunrise. So there is no trespassing while it is closed. And be respectful of the people living in the area.

Caledona - Oak Creek - Bridge on Boarder - In the 1970's when the bridge was being built and littl boy was walking through the woods and drowned in the creek below. It is said that late at night you can still see the little boy walking into the woods. He is not there to hurt anyone or cause trouble he is simply rewalking his final steps before his most tragic death.

Cameron - Betty's Cafe - Former worker who died of heart problems haunts restaurant where she died.  Reports of objects being hidden, or 'mis-placed' in odd places within.  Also has been reported seen by the back fryers, where she spent many days in the past working.

Canton - Bantely Graveyard - Many ghosts have been seen here. By day shadows follow you if your walking along the road by the graveyard. By night ghostly apparitions have been seen. This place is a popular place for teenagers to party at. If you go over 25 mph over the bridge next to the graveyard your brakes will go out on the vehicle that your driving. Legend has it that a man by the name of Bantley, killed his family and then hung himself in the barn next to the graveyard. There used to be a cult that used the barn for its own religious purposes. A birdbath located in the graveyard, still has bloodstains from the sacrifices that used to be done there. It is also said that too boys were playing tag at night and a hand reached up and grabbed one of the boys' ankles. Because the fright was so strong he died. He was found dead in the graveyard. His friend was found dead just outside the graveyard of reasons unknown. People have seen various ghosts, including a little girl in the tree located inside the graveyard.

Caryville - Old Caryville Church and School House - About thirty years ago, investors were going to tear down this old church and build a new one. The priest got rather upset over the notion and hanged himself in the bell tower. Since his death, many creepy things have happened. There was also was a little boy that went to school there and mysteriously died. If you sit at the desk that he died in, you will feel a really weird rush as if something is passing through your body.

Caryville - Old Cemetery - There are about twenty graves in this cemetery that are located at the top of a hill, next to a river. People have seen faint images of children running in the field and headlights shining through the river. If you stop and turn off your lights on the way to the hill, hell hounds can be seen.

Cedarburg - Founder's Park - The monument stone contains the recoverable names of the deceased which were laid to rest there. All that is left of the head stones to the original cemetery are small rocks and stones. There is a very strong negative feeling there, as well as many cold spots through out the park that will make the hair on your neck stand at lengths end on any given warm sunny day. You also don't feel "alone" when you are there.

Chetek - Highway M - While driving on Highway M between Chetek and Lake Holcombe late at night there is a ghost who suddenly appears near the side of the road and almost leans into your vehicle as you pass by.

Chippewa Falls - Sheeley House - This place use to be a boarding house when it was first built but now is a saloon/restaurant. Employees say they hear footsteps walking up and down the stairs at night when they close up. And there use to be these roses painted on the wall and when the new owners purchased the place, they painted over the walls but after a while, the roses would bleed through and they would still try to paint over the wall and still the roses bleed through the paint. This one time an employee went up to the attic where the freezer is and the employee walked in to get some wine and all of a sudden the freezer door closed behind him, then locked itself and the lights turned off. He got out a half an hour later with a pick.

Chilton - Corner of Breed St. and State St. - Witnesses report seeing a frail very white woman wearing a royal blue scarf on her head an a blue jacket only to vanish in thin air.

Chilton - Wal-Mart - since opening in september of 1996, 3rd shift workers have reported unexplained phenomenon. Merchandise flying off the shelves, stereos turning on or changing channels by themselves, trails of muddy footprints that appear on clean floors, to numerous unexplained electrical problems with the security system mainly reporting movement when the store was totally empty of people. There have been reports of cold spots, mysterious mists or fogs in the building, and many cases of workers feeling that someone was standing behind them and even seeing shadows behind them and turning and no one is there. There have been a few sightings of a black human form seen walking through the store, sometimes right through displays. The store was built on an old homestead that had on it a family cemetary. They moved the bodies when they built the store, but they say that some of the older graves were unmarked and that they missed some of them, thus the haunting of the store by restless spirits.

Clear Lake - Moe church - Moe church is haunted by a number of very angry spirits as well as is its cemetery. it is said that, in the early 1900s, the church was accidentally burned to the ground with more than 30 people inside at the time of the fire. The church was later rebuilt and has been haunted ever since. Towns people also say that in the early 1950s a young woman who had lost her infant child hung herself in the bell tower of the church. at times she is seen hanging in the bell tower as well as, seen walking through the cemetery with an infant held to her chest. These sightings have been reported to be the cause of numerous accidents on the road between the church and cemetery. Some that have been fatal.

Coon Valley - DiSciascio's - DiSciascio's is an Italian restaurant in a very old building that was a local bar for many years. Apparition of Lady has been seen. Objects have flown off shelves. Workers now call her Mary. Does not seem to be harmful, but sometimes mischievious.

Cornell - Cornell City Library at 117N 3rd - The small city library in Cornell is a location that triggers unease in most any one that enters it. As far as the history of the building, the basement, where the restroom is, used to be a jail during the earlier duration of Cornell's existace. The entire building has a heavy sort of a feeling to it, but it is the basement in particular that makes all who step down there to visit the restroom uneasy. Some librarians working there would not go down to the basement to the restroom the entire time they worked there because of the uncomfortable feeling that overwhelms visitors to the basement. The entire basement area has had virtually no remodeling and is for lack of better description "rugged". To my knowledge there has been no sightings of any kind, just the feeling of an overbearing presence of some kind.

Cottage Grove - Woods on Church street off of Rinden road - Many sightings of a ghostly cat figure is said to be roaming those woods. My boyfriend's cat was killed in the woods mysteriously. There isn't any evidence of the death. it’s unexplained. Some think the creature called "Ames" killed the cat. Also you can hear a man calling for his dog at night and if you look out a window you can see a dog running from his owner. The dog will look at you and rumor has it if you chase the dog, the dog will disappear and reappear behind you and take you down by the neck. No one has been brave enough to do so

Crawford - Ferryville - Swing Inn - The ghost of a prostitute known as "Blue Moon" haunts this bar and can be heard walking up and down the stairs on nights when business is slow.

Crooked Lake - The Pines Bar - on the dock late at night an apparition of an old fishing boat in the middle of the lake. In the boat is an old man yelling for help. Shortly after you sight him mist surrounds him and he disappears.

Dane - Springfield hill - Apparitions seen and strange feelings.

Delafield - Nashotah - Nashotah House & Seminary - The grounds of this Episcopal seminary have been inhabited since the 1500s, and have been inhabited by a ghost since the mid-1700s. When an acolyte to the Episcopal priesthood attended this seminary, his wife had an affair with the Dean. To accommodate this affair, the woman hanged her husband; it was ruled a suicide, however. Since committing suicide is a mortal sin, the acolyte was buried in a cornfield rather than the cemetery. On her deathbed, the cheating wife confessed to her crime. The seminary wished to rightfully bury the body, so they exhumed the casket only to find that it was empty. It is said that the acolyte still haunts the grounds trying to get justice.

Delevan - Elms road - As the legend goes there was a man that used to Live on elms road he was a butcher and was the butcher for that town one night he had went crazy and chopped his family up one by one in the local butcher, Later that night he hand hung him self in the barn in the woods... it has been stated and many others who were non believers till now that if you go to were the old butcher shop was you will hear frantic screaming and loud laughing, It was also stated that he had hung him self in his barn which was located in the woods if you are going down the street toward delevan turn left onto Elms road then go straight for about 7 miles till you come to a gravel road on the left side and turn left onto the road go all the way down into the woods area then keep straight to right about were the road turns to field and make sure everyone you are with is looking straight ahead or not at all, then every one you are with turn there head to the right and you will see the man with the rope around his neck standing there then he will disappear...You can also go to wear the barn is located and still see the rope hanging there WARNING: Please for your own safety don't go alone!!

Dodgeville - Subway - If you go downstairs after 9pm all sorts of mischief begins. Things will fly off the shelves and clatter to the floor. An extreme stench will fill the building. The beepers for the doors will continuously go off. Usually that is the extent of it, but once in a while they get really restless. On those occasions you may hear your name called out though no one is there. A couple of employees have reported seeing a skinny woman in a dress about fifty or so years old standing by the register frowning at them and when they attempted to approach her she vanished.

Eagle - Rainbow Springs golf course - The previous owner was building a resort but was short a sum of money right before it was finished, the man vowed that no one would be able to run the place. He died and haunts the whole golf course.

Eagle River - railroad tracks - Lights can be seen across a railroad track.

East Troy - Cobblestone Bar - The cobblestone was originally built to be a hotel. It was constructed in the early 1800's and at one time president Lincoln even stayed there. One day the owners just up and disappeared and were never heard from again. It is said that they still haunt the bar and there have been numerous sightings in all areas of the establishment.

Eau Claire - The Opera House - The Opera House was made over and they built a customer service center on the top floor. It has been said that in the break room is where the actors would change and that a few actors died there. Sometimes late at night the doors to the break room shut by themselves and the chairs will move. There have also been sightings of two old people watching the workers and standing in corners.

Eau Claire - Rope Swing downtown Eau Claire - College students have been disappearing from the area people have seen strange figures and have heard noises of little children crying the sounds are coming clearly from down by the water. People say if you go there at 12 at the 1st of every month and swing off the rope you will get caught up in a under tow or they also say its the children pulling you under. Many have been reported missing one body was found in the water close to the shore. SO BEWARE! AND STAY AWAY! A possible link to this may be Missing

Eau Claire - Stones Throw Bar/Club - an employee there for a few years reports almost everyone that worked there had strange things happen. People would hear footsteps in the old kitchen hallways downstairs, beer bottles would mysteriously break and/or fly across the room in the basement. Bartenders would hear doors slam downstairs after the bar had closed and they were the only ones there. Once long after everyone had left, a bartender was getting ready to leave when he shouted "ok everybody out" jokingly knowing he had already cleared the bar of people. At that instance, a man stood up from his chair, shook out his coat and proceeded to walk to the door, where he disappeared completely. That bartender left and never worked again. It is one of the oldest buildings in town, and it is rumored that a man hung himself there in the early 1900's.

Eau Claire - University of Wisconsin - Kjer Theatre - Earl Kjer, founder of the theatre, often haunts the theatre by messing with the lights, props, curtains. Can also be seen sitting in his usual seat in the theatre.

Eau Claire - Vine St - Almost every night in the month of September around midnight you'll be driving and see a woman about 20 to 30 years in age jogging down the side walk, when you get almost right next to her she runs straight for your car like she wants you to hit her, and when you look back to see where she went shes gone. Some say based on her description she was a woman who was hit by a drunk driver on September 13 of 1986 while crossing vine

Edgerton - Memorial Community Hospital - For years, second and third shift workers occasionally see a former nurse in the older part of the hospital "checking" on patients. Many believe it is the spirit of an R.N. who died in the hospital.

Eleva - Rachel's field - A little girl was killed her a long time ago. She brutally murdered in the woods. No one knows what happened but they found her body pieces all over the place. If you go into the woods you'll hear a crying and a little girl run in front of you and then she will vanish. Weird things have been seen there and the 13th of every month she comes out with the knife she was killed with. it still has the blood on it from her. So if you go out there BEWARE!!!

Elkhart Lake - Lions Park - Late at night swings mysteriously swing and the merry-go-round spins and there is no wind. It is rumored that this is because a small kid fell off of the top of the big slide and dies. Now he spends his like playing at lions park.

Elkhorn - Peck station rd. - Reports of a train whistle sounding off when there is no train.

Elkmound - The Over Look Tower- noises such as screaming, howling, and very loud laughing have been heard people have been knowing to get very ill to there stomachs after been there it is a believed that someone died near buy there and haunts it. People used to be able to just go up there a mess around until the death occurred one month in the 1980's they decided to blocked it off due to the things that where happening and you can only go up there at certain times now you can see lights from the road.

Elm Grove - Sunset Theater - The ghost of "pinky" a dead actor can be heard backstage time to time during performances.

Evansville - East Side Steak House - unexplained footsteps are heard here. - March 2007 Update: Burned down

Fennimore - Hilltop Tavern MI

Dearborn - Ford Rouge Plant - Ghost of Clarence Keyes has been seen sitting at a table playing euchre "card game". Cards have been left on the table during the night and are neatly dealt the next morning.

Fifield - Fifield Cemetery - Weird feelings and voices can be heard there at night. Strange pictures have been taken there displaying orbs, and ectoplasm mist swirling around headstones. Strange shadows and orbs can also be seen.

Fifield - Fifield School - An old school was abandoned for no apparent reason. Footsteps of lost children can be heard throughout the classrooms. People are seen faintly throughout the rooms.

Fifield - Holy Cross - Ghostly woman appears over lake, near railroad tracks where she was killed by the train. She is said to be protecting everyone who comes near.

Fifield - Holy Cross Church - The legend goes that the pastor of the church, many years ago, was killed by a satanic cult and the cult then took over the church practicing satanic rituals. It is said the church is now abandoned and that you can still find black candles littering the church floors and window sills.

Fond du Lac - Galloway House - when you go on a tour of the house or you are just there by yourself it's like you can hear people moving around and talking and when you go upstairs you can sometimes hear kids giggling in the playroom. Also in the kitchen you can hear plates clattering and there also must be something else wrong to cause they won't let you see the slave quarters where the slaves lived and that makes me wonder if something very wrong happened up there....

Fond Du Lac - Octagon House - Octagon House was once used to hide slaves as part of the Underground Railroad. The souls of the slaves are believed to still haunt the hidden passages and pathways. Visitors to the house have reported talking, crying, faint yelling and scratching at the walls. One reported haunting lead to the discovery of a small room that was not known of by the current owner. The house was recently put up for sale but it hasn't sold due to "unexplained events" which have caused the house to lose value and the price to drop. Reports of a little boy’s spirit roams the house. June 2008 Correction. Formerly listed in Fond Du Lac Then in Watertown and back to Fond du Lac - There are at least 2 Octagon Houses. The one that is haunted is located in Fon du Lac.

Fond du Lac - Ramada Plaza (Old Retlaw Hotel) - Rumor has it that Walter Schoreder (Owner) was murdered on property & haunts the Hotel. He likes to turn on faucets, lights, bangs on walls, & screaming , as well as apparitions.

Fond du Lac - The Retlaw Theater - the Retlaw (Walter backwards) Theater originally owned and operated by Walter Schroeder, is believed to be haunted by Walter and the actors who performed there. The theater was remodeled to be used by Bravo Theater and was later made into Fusion Cafe. Many of the workers and volunteers have reported footsteps on the stage when there was no one on or near the stage, seats creaking and moving on their own, clapping heard at night, and figures reported to be seen off stage and in the basement storage area. There have also been reports that the hinged door on the stage floor would be left closed but would be open in the morning when the volunteers and workers returned.

Fond du Lac - St. Mary's Springs Seminary - It is said that this seminary is haunted by a former nun and her baby. When she delivered a still born baby in the elevator she killed herself with her cross. And to this day you can sometimes hear her baby crying through the seminary at dark.

Franklin - Whitnall Park - Reports of an apparition of a pale woman with no feet that seemed to float toward them saying, "go away and leave my baby alone!" Then hearing a baby crying.

Genoa - Big River Restaurant - At night the current owner of the restaurant turns off the lights, but on some nights after she leaves and locks up, the lights turn back on. People have heard footsteps from the basement stairs, and dishes have mysteriously disappeared. The man who they assume is the spirit of the ghost used to be the owner of the restaurant, and he used to drink 8 cups of coffee a day. That is the number of cups that have been missing. He also used to watch CNN all the time, and no one was allowed to change the station on the television. When the workers walk out of the room with a certain channel on the TV, they come back only to see CNN on the screen. No one that works there watches that. If the ghost is the spirit of the old owner, his name is Kenny.

Germantown - Old Mary Buth house - A woman dressed in gothic, translucent, white clothing has been seen standing in near the house. Crying sounds coming from the upstairs bedroom have been heard.

Gleason - Pratt RD - When driving down the road at night you can witness a large black figure moving into the ditch or two white eyes at the end of your head lights the eyes appear to blink twice then are gone. Also after leaving the long dirt road clean streaks were found on the back window of the vehicle

Glenbeulah - Glenbeulah Graveyard - A graveyard filled with graves that date back to the early 1800s.A man hung himself in this graveyard and is said to be found walking about after midnight you also can see a glowing grave and a pair of shows that appear on a grave. This graveyard was featured on Unsolved Mysteries a few years back and they did come up with ghost activity.

Grafton - Ferrantes Grafton Hotel - footsteps following you in the basement, music playing upstairs when no one else is around, cabinets open and shut by themselves, reports of ghostly figures in the basement.

Green Bay - Barids Creek - Children voices have been heard laughing and crying after dark. Two ghosts of children have been seen standing in the creek as well as a ghost of a man walking down the bike trails next to the creek.

Green Bay - Brewbakers Pub - when upstairs in the attic, you con hear footsteps and the lights turn on and off.

Green Bay - Downtown YMCA - Haunted by a man in his early 20’s that was murdered there.

Green Bay - Heritage Hill State Park/ Fort Howard Hospitial - Spirit of a man named Henri roams the hospital and the grounds. Some people feel panicked,as if they must leave the building, others have said that they heard footstep or thought that they were watched. Considered to be an evil entity by the staff that knows about him.

Green Bay - Shirley - West Shirley Rd. - Going West on Shirley Rd. in the Town of Shirley there is a stone covered road where a every old cemetery is. This cemetery glows of a pale green light, at times from an area of head stones located in the South-East Corner. And it is reported to have followed people.

Green County - Brodhead - Memorial Park - it is said that two young girls were raped and murdered underneath of the what is now a plat for in the park. it is now cemented it and what not but there is a bathroom underneath it all.

Green Lake - Dartford Cemetery - The Dartford Cemetery is an old cemetery located in town. Residents live all around it. It has been haunted for many years. The main activities are dark figures such as shadows, and figures. Noises can also be heard. Most often figures seen are of civil war era soldiers, an Indian chief that once ruled and lived in the Ripon/Green Lake/ Princeton area (he apparently died while drunk when he was bet he could not swim across the fox river. He didn't make it and drowned.) The other main figure is members of a family. The children died of a disease,possibly polio They have a large stone building for their graves which holds plots for all the family members. At times, a person may sit on the roof and get pushed off. Orbs can also be seen, and feelings of being followed and watched.

Greenbush - Old Wade House - This historical site, once a stop for the stagecoaches traveling through, has for years spoken to the tour guides. Whether encouraging guides down the steps of the back bedroom with a feeling of someone pushing, or when heard scuffing around at the butternut house as they make their beds, there is a gentle haunting experience here.

Greenfield - Whitnall Park - Pale woman in white dress has been seen crossing the same path night after night holding what appears to be an infant child. The woman does not respond to any interaction and disappears into the woods.

Hales Cornors - Whitnall Park- A woman wearing a flowing white glowing gown is holding what appears to be an infant child. She paces back and forth by the woods near the waterfall. You can see her perfect in the parking area. If she sees you she will walk toward you and if feels like you are being pushed away. She appears around 11 and if you are really quiet you sometimes can hear sounds of the infant crying.

Hallie - Eagles Club - In 1985 there was a wedding reception and a 65 year old woman had a heart attack and died. "BETH" has been said to haunt every wedding reception after her death.

Hartland - The Hartland Inn - The Hartland Inn operated as a hotel and restaurant in the early 1900s. Nowadays the rooms upstairs are no longer in use, but the restaurant still is open. One night after closing time in 2002 or 2003, the bussers were folding napkins around table 9 when they heard a bloodcurdling scream coming from the basement. One of them went down to the basement and it was pitch black. She asked everyone else if they had been down there, but no one had. There have also been sightings of a little girl in a Victorian-style sailor outfit in the basement.

Haugen - Train Station - In the early 1900's their was a great fire, it issaid that many people died from the great fire in the train station. So whenever you walk by you may feel a cold chill. And when you go inside you can hear the screams and cry's of people that died in the fire.

Hayward - Lac Courte Orielles Casino - This casino was actually a farm many years ago. In the past, there were stories of the farmhouse being haunted. Classic occurrences such as eerie footsteps could always be heard late at night. The house was moved about one mile down the road when the casino was built. Many workers of the casino graveyard shift have seen apparitions of people in the casino after it has been closed.

Hilbert - Hilbert Road - Reports of a man with a lantern in his hand and he only has one side of his face he will try stopping you and asking you if you see his daughter cause she was killed on that road in like the 1900's and then when driving down the road on the right side of the road there is a tree standing all alone there is a person standing under that tree and when u put light on tree it goes away but u have to drive down this road at night and has to be from 12:00am -5:00am.

Howard - Peterson House - The Peterson House located on Velp Road is said to be the site of many strange occurrences. Over the past several years, leprechauns have been seen frolicking in the surrounding woods.

Hubertus - Fox and Hounds Restaurant - Previous owner and painter Ray Fox is said to haunt the restaurant after hours. Many of Ray's paintings are on display. A painting near a fireplace shows hunting dogs with ghosts hidden in the picture. Building is partly original log hunting cabin. Basement bar is always cold and eerie. - June 2008 Update: Has been torn down

Hudson - Paschal Aldich Home - Dr. Paschal Aldich's ghost haunts his former home.

Janesville - Oak Hill Cemetery - Reports of a lady in White & many white figments float through the air. - June 2008 Investigation: The reports of a woman in white is easily dismissed because of the very lifelike statue that is illuminated by lights all around it. It's very scary, but definitely not a ghost. Also, the white lights throughout the cemetery are markers so that people don’t trip at night. Regardless, they are just lights. Also, people leave the covered candles by graves and create the same effect, only creepier, as they flicker in the wind sometimes. No paranormal activity.

Janesville - Olde Towne Mall - A local merchant was staying late one night to complete some work. He describes hearing the doors to back door of his business shake uncontrollably. When he went to investigate, the same thing happened to the front glass doors where he witnessed the doors shake, but could see right through them to find no one there. There has also been witnesses claiming doors opening in front of people to find no one in site. A student taking a late-night class in the lower level of the mall had left the classroom to use the bathroom. While he was in the stall, He looked through the crack of the stall to see the door to the bathroom open fully, stay open for about 1 minute, then close slowly. He stated he could see right out into the hallway, but no one was there! He describes the door as a heavy, wooden door with a clasp that has to be pushed in before the door can open.

Janesville - University of Wisconsin - Rock County Theater - There have been the sound of doors opening and closing, lights going on or off, the sound of someone "whispering" in the theater. Witnesses have heard the doors open and people "talking" when no one was present. It is reported to be the spirit of a theater instructor by some, a director by others.

Jefferson - Paradise Road - Witnesses report feeling an eerie presence. They have heard inhuman screams, seen short, robed shapes in the woods, and have even seen a raccoon, decapitated, with blood glistening in the headlights, but no blood on the road and no head anywhere in sight. Location is on Paradise Road, a right turn shortly after you pass Saint Colletta's. Advice is to STAY OUT OF THE WOODS ON THE LEFT-HAND SIDE.

Jefferson - St. Coletta's College - Serra Hall - St. Coletta's is a giant campus of buildings, houses, and dormitories that serves people with disabilities. one of the dormitories known as "Serra Hall" has had several occurrences where someone is heard walking up and down the hallway of the second floor, despite everyone being in their respected rooms. in addition, staff working on the first floor would sometimes have to repeatedly call the second floor staff to let them know that she (the spirit) had turned on the showers again.

Juneau - Eagle Road Cemetery - There is an old cemetery along side this road people have been seen in the cemetery all hours of the night people have gone out there and came back with blood on there hands and arms strange feelings of cold breezes on hot summer nights and strange apparitions of the virgin Mary.

Kenosha - Durkee Mansion / Kemper Hall - Sightings of nuns peering out from behind the windows. In the late 1800 and early 1900 this was used as a school for girls - which was run by the nuns.

Kenosha - Holy Rosary Catholic School - During the night, there are noises in the pipes in all the bathrooms, hot and cold spots, wierd smells down by the cafeteria that are on and off, a hearing of footsteps has been heard late at night by janitors, and in the Computer Lab/Library books have been tossed across the room laying everywhere.

Kenosha - Pleasant Prairie - Paupers Cemetery across from the police station on highway H. - The ground is giving way because the wood coffins that are unknown are buried in are rotting away. At night you can hear the moans and sighs of the unknown and un-named John and Jane Does that die alone, without anyone to claim their bodies or mark there last resting place.

Kenosha - Rhode Opera House - There are reports of noises and voices and other occurrences, accompanied by an apparition of a man.

Keshena - County Road VV - When you drive down County Road VV at night, you can see eyes watching you as you drive down the road. Also, there are children that might come up to you and ask for you to play with them, if you don't something bad will happen. If you happen to hit an animal on County Road VV, something bad will happen to a member of your family.

Keshena - Menominee Casino Bingo and Hotel - Surveillance cameras seen 3 children running around in a restricted area of the hotel and when security got there the children were still there playing tag it looked like, running around the security guard the only thing was the security guard could not see them, the cameras caught them but the man who was standing right there could not.

Keshena - Menominee Tribal Police Dept - The police department is built on an old Indian Cemetery. During the night a typewriter will type with nobody around. Janitors have seen people wearing buckskin walking the hallways.

Kewaunee - The Historic Karsten Inn - This Inn was certified haunted by Wisconsin Ghost Investigations team in March 2002. They reported orbs, ectoplasm mists and even apparitions in photos. They encountered cold and hot spots, unusual odors, sounds of breaking glass in the bar, sounds of a child running upstairs, a flute being played, undecipherable whispering, furniture moving in rooms and sounds of a woman crying on the 2nd floor. They also captured a shadow man on film with a moving object. The ghosts are that of Mr. Karsten, a young boy, a woman and another unknown male presence. Hotel rooms can still be rented here.

Kohler - The American Club - Walking through the back halls of the Hotel a witness came across a Gentleman standing there in a rather dirty Flannel Shirt and torn and faded corduroy pants , Thinking It was odd to see man in such attire at the American Club was really quite strange. They shrugged it off thinking he was a guest enjoying a cigar in the lower level. Bidding him a "Good Evening" , He was just staring there blankly at the wall with his right leg bent against the wall behind him and both hands thrust into his pockets. He just stared so blankly at the floor as though he didn't just see the witness greeting him. Well to get back to the office ,they had to pass him . After they passed him they got a really uneasy feeling... turned around and he was gone. Feeling a little stirred, they called security . And on the playback camera. On the tape it showed the witness wave and talk to someone that wasn't there.

Kohler - Old Governors Mansion- Witnesses have felt cold spots white walking through the old renovated governors mansion

La Crosse - The Bodega Brew Pub - Apparition of the original owner is reported.

La Crosse - Dells Bar - 2003 - The manager was sitting in a chair behind the bar one day before opening. The bar was empty; He was watching TV for maybe an hour and a half in that one spot when he heard a knock at the door he got up to see who was there. Before he got to the door a large iron industrial fan directly above his chair fell from the ceiling crushing his chair. No one was at the door or anywhere near the bar when he checked.

Lac du Flambeau - Bingo Hall - This one likes to push people. My mom works there, a couple of times when she was there alone with one other person she would all of a sudden be pushed by an unseen force and was also witnessed by the other person. Another time a surveillance man was in to change tapes and heard screaming and a kid talking, he was the only one there.

Ladysmith - El Rancho - Is said to be Haunted. Possibly built on a cemetery. Rumors of Ghosts. One rumor of a man in a red flannel shirt that was killed with an ax. People that live near the trailer court close by have said they have seen this man standing in their living rooms just watching them.

Lake Delton - Ringling Road - On Ringling Road there is a trail that leads to a well, sources have seen a white image of a woman visit this well every night between 12 and 3 a.m. A few yards back there is a shack, inside is a stool that a man used to hang himself. This shack has been reported haunted.

Lake Geneva - Lawrence House Bed & Breakfast - It is said that this house use to be a home for retarded children. The wealthy from the lakes area & Chicago would send their retarded children there to be raised. It is said that you can hear screams of children and children crying in the various rooms of the house.

Lake Geneva - St. Killians - St. Killians is a graveyard/church. The church was burnt down 10-20 years ago because of a priest haunting it. It is off of Townline Rd. There have been many ghost sightings there including odd noises, shadows, footsteps following you, a bell ringing, and other various noises. - March 2005 Update/Correction: the church was burned down by the lake geneva fire department because it was condemned. they used the church as training for the fire department. there were stories of devil worship going on in the church basement and the stories are TRUE. A group investigated it several times before they put up the no trespassing sign. There are sounds of a bell while you are there but the bell seems to be coming from a house in the distance. While there they report seeing mist around a tombstone that disappeared when they approached. Also repoted, a shadow that moved across the tombstones and vanished. and there are strange smells it is believed they are coming from the swamp that is behind the cemetery.

Land o lakes - Summerwind - Shadowmen walk the grounds, pin holes of light float thru the trees, and scariest of all, the foundation and the landscape change at will. you measure a doorway one minute, and the next, its a few inches larger. What’s strange is that there are beautiful flowers that grow all over the remains of Summerwind during the night, but when you return during the day, there is nothing. - December 2006 Update: Summerwind was purchased by a private party approx 20 years ago. It was under renovations to possibly reopen as a Bed & Breakfast. The owners put a gate up so you could no longer visit the property. It ended up burning down shortly after.

Langland - Antigo - McMillion Hotel - This hotel is haunted because the first owner had killed himself in the hotel back in the 1800's. Their was a psychic there that said a woman had killed herself in room 12. Black shadows have been seen and other have been pushed.

Lowell - bridge - When you drive on the bride stop in the middle of it and blood will start dripping from the side railings

Madison - Bay View Townhouses - Rumors of it built on top of a Indian burial. Said to have seen a little girl in white at the basketball court. Hear little girl crying for her mom late at night. Said to have seen shadows but nothing there.

Madison - LaFollette High School - Anyone who has been alone in the areas of the Auditorium and the classrooms behind the auditorium has had a strange feeling of not being alone. There is the feeling that someone, or something is there, watching you. Footsteps can be heard, and when in the auditorium, some have even heard the stage curtains open and close, though nobody was there to open or close them.

Madison - Maple Bluff Country Club - Sightings of ghosts by staff members.

Madison - Memorial Union - Memorial Union is supposedly built on an Indian burial ground. The 2nd floor of the building is haunted. Right before walking down the stairs to the pool hall, an old lady was seen, dressed in clothes from the 1800's, standing at the top of the stairs leading from the first to the second floor, at second glance she disappears. Also, if brave enough to venture to the 2nd floor a strange feeling of not being alone will overcome you, and clocks and watches will spin out of control.

Madison - Sanitarium Hill - The main building was an old tuberculosis sanitarium. There is a forest in the back that has a path that leads through it and goes to the graveyard. There is also two large smoke stacks that the dead were rumored to be burned in. The nurse' barracks were connected by a tunnel that was under ground and lead from the main building. Most of the sightings happen in the woods and right outside of the cemetery.

Madison - Science Hall - The Science Hall on Campus is said to be haunted on the fourth floor of the building. The floor is used mainly for storage and not many people go up there. Sightings of beakers falling off the shelves one by one have been reported numerous times.

Madison - State Capitol - The fourth floor of the south wing is said to be haunted. When members of the messenger staff have been up their completely alone doors have opened by themselves and strange footsteps have been heard.

Manitowoc - Evergreen Inn hotel - Many death by suicides and murders have happened here. Owners of a restaurant in the building and were closing up when they heard pounding on the floor above them. They went to see but nothing was there, they checked the stairs and heard noises, which all 4 of them went to investigate and found nothing!!! They even had the police come through with a k-9 unit and they found nothing.

Manitowoc - Evergreen Inn Hotel - 8th Floor - a woman killed herself and you can still see her blood on the floor and in the hallway. If you can get into the room she will appear but the door only opens if she opens it for you.

Manitowoc - Evergreen Inn Hotel - Lounge - sometimes you can see people from the early 1900's dancing and eating. If you are on the elevator it will stop on unexpected floors.

Manitowoc - Manitowoc Lincoln High School - Tower - Students are forbidden to go into the tower and in fact the top floor was padlocked and no one seemed to know where the key was. The tower was once used to house the school newspaper and yearbook offices. However, it is rumored that it is haunted by the sprit of a student whom jumped to their death from the top of the tower. General uneasiness, cold spots and apparitions have been rumored.

Manitowoc - St. Mary's Nursing Home - It is said that this home for the elderly is built on what used to be a orphanage back in the early 1900's. There are many witnesses of children seen running through the towers and sounds of children playing and screaming. Also a man has been seeing walking his dog in the building, when asked what he is doing there, he vanishes. Many of our residents complain about the barking dog and to tell the children to settle down.

Manitowoc - St. Nazianz - JFK Prep - Reports of apparitions of nuns and the sounds of children screaming.

Maribel - Maribel Caves/ Maribell Hotel "Motel Hell" - An old abandoned building owned by Al Capone close to the Maribel Caves. This hotel was inflames in the 1920's, and it 'GLOWS' when the new moon is out. From the road, you can see every detail of that hotel. This hotel is surrounded by woods and across the street is also wooded. Its a three story hotel, all but abandoned, you can't get to the third floor anymore because of holes in the stairway. Third floor has reported to have cold hands applying pressure to their back. If you flash your light at a second floor window they flash back at you. In the basement, feelings of being threatened. The name "Hotel Hell" came from the blood on the walls and the yelling from the basement, the ring of the bell and the sound of wheels. The smell of sewer gas is still there in the bathrooms. Old books were in one of the rooms upstairs, burst into flames.- January 2004 update/correction - these caves are right below hotel hell. you will hear moaning as of creatures or monsters there. Witnesses have heard laughing, have seen a little girl in a black dress wearing no shoes on the stairs which go into the caves area. you can hear singing there day or night. near the old stables, visitors have been chased by white light which some of them have seen as a carriage drawn by white horses. also in the old stables the sounds of horses hooves have been heard. The submitter of the update has done some research into hotel hell and it may never have been owned by Al Capone. the first thing to be built there was a "resort" built in the 1800's which was one of those places where people went to be cleansed by the natural spring water which still runs pure and clear there today. when you walk the trails there (it's still open to the public) there is one cave door which has been partially opened due to a rockslide, spring water still runs there.

Meridian - Pavilion - Pavilion In the pavilion net to the Meridian river there newspaper clippings of a women who killed herself in the river. After that happened there were ferry boats disappearing from the river there were about three. after the third one they closed the boat landings down and it is now a place where teens go to swim. A few have died and were reported as a suicide.

Marinette County - Mclintock Park - Many years ago people were murdered in the park and you can hear unexplained noises in the woods. People have taken pictures there and have come to see all kinds of orbs in them.

Marshfield - Old County Hospital - Two patients that were killed in the tunnel between the main building and the farm, are reported to haunt the tunnel area.

McFarland - Dyreson Road - Several reports of screams and cries being heard from the old bridge. There have been reports of cars seen hanging off of the bridge and then suddenly vanishing. Also, reports of as an old black car that suddenly appears behind your car as you are driving, quickly pulls up close to you, as if it is going to ram you, and then suddenly disappears.

Menasha - Menasha High School - It is known that tunnels were built in the 1940's connecting Buette Des Mortes school and Menasha H.S. together incase of a Nuclear Attack. During a school drill four kids got locked in the tunnel while trying to ditch school. You can hear them screaming, pounding on the doors, and yelling for help.

Menasha - Valley Road - Story goes it was about 100 years ago when a groom was thrown from the carriage on the way to his wedding and died when he was caught in a tree, strangling on his bow tie. They say on certain nights, you can still see him hanging there.

Menomonie - University of Wisconsin - W-Stout - Tainter Hall - More then one unexplained deaths, suicides and what not have occurred within this hall. And those who have died there have never left. The kitchen in Tainter is where you can experience these spirits the most. Many people who work late in the kitchen have noticed that equipment will turn on by itself, objects will be miss placed in locked freezers and the radios will mysteriously change stations. People where brought in who talked to these ghosts who claim they mean no harm, they just wish to hang around the building they previously lived in. Whether they hang around to warn others of their mistakes or whether they hang around to disturb the peace, it is unknown.

Menomonee Falls - Grace Lutheran School - There are presences in the the area that once was a stage, strange noises are heard there. - November 2005 update: Grace has purchased new property and will be building a new Church and School in Germantown.

Menomonee Falls - Main Street - It has been said that a while ago, a man got run over when the streets were first being settled. The man has been seen walking near shops, and he has also been seen wandering around North Middle School, and the schools' properties around the Menomonee Falls area. The man is tall with darker features, and has a long beard. From time to time, people say at night you can hear the man murmuring as he walks around Main Street, and he has also been known to screw around with the Main Street clock. Rumor has it that the man was also involved with the burning down of a bar several years ago right along Main Street.

Menomonee Falls - Menomonee Co Park office - Old army barracks. Ghostly sounds have been heard at night. May have been built over an old Indian Burial Mound by the US Army.

Mequon - Concordia University Wisconsin - When Concordia moved from downtown Milwaukee to its current location in Mequon (sold to them by the nuns who had lived here), it is said that a Sister named Sister Sixtoes was unwilling to move. She ended up dying near what is the chapel today. She still haunts the chapel as well as the dorms of Coburg, Catherine, and Augsburg. Students have reported sightings of an outline of a ghostly figure when walking down the stairs near the chapel late at night. Students have also reported things being moved in their rooms as well as lights, radios, TV’s, etc. Being turned on and off when no one else was around. Many strange things have occurred over the years that students have sworn was done by good ol' Sister Sixtoes.

Merrill - Scott Mansion - In the 1850's white lumbermen were welcomed by the Indians and their chief. Some time later his daughter Jenny, for whom the settlement was named for died. On how she died is speculation. One account says she fell in love with one of the lumberman, became pregnant and killed herself. Another is, she died during child birth. Another is she died from flu brought by the white man. The chief buried her on the hill, and cursed the ground that it would never do any white man any good. The curse is the legend. Nine people died after T.B. Scott bought the land for a home in 1884 and died unexpectedly in 1886 before the house was finished. Within a year his wife Ann died. Their son Walter went to see the architect to finish the house. He was stabbed to death by him. In 1893 it was sold to a man named Kuechle. He lost all his money on a gold mine and mortgaged the house to Tony Barsanti. Tony foreclosed and Kuechle went insane and died in an asylum. The same year Barsanti was stabbed to death in Chicago while waiting for a train to Merrill. In 1901, George Gibson bought the house and went to inspect it. He was never seen again. In 1906, Mary Fellhaber bought the property. Soon after fell ill and died. Popcorn Dan was the caretaker and died in 1912 after booking passage on the Titanic.The next caretaker Mr. Lloydsen died of alcoholism. In 1919 the widower of M. Fellhaber gave the property to the city. In 1923 the city gave it to the Sisters of the Holy Cross who have seemed to break the curse for now. Rumors of ghost sightings in the tower.

Merrill - Hospital next to The Scott Mansion - The Sisters run the Hospital next to the Mansion. One of the nurses reports the hospital has had many ghostly occurrences in the old portion of the building. She mentioned the city library has a file on it but you have to ask specifically for it.

Milton - Milton High School - In rooms 145-148 there are two ghostly figures of old teachers that are seen. They died when the school caught fire in the 60's. If you sit in any desks one of the women will walk past you and give you an evil look. You’ll feel very disoriented and uncomfortable. If you look at the chalkboard you'll see that the names of all the children these two punished are writing there. You can't erase them. Also, if you were to sit in the Auditorium that was just built, you will hear the curtains open slightly and then fall to the floor.

Milwaukee - Bell Middle School - If you drive past Bell Middle School , you might see on the lawn of the school, a man walking with a black book bag. Whenever a car passes by and if the man hears the car, he'll stop, look on the side and down to the grass. Then, he'll continue walking. To recognize him, look for his dark black shirt, and his dark blue jeans. He has no shoes, or feet, just legs. He's totally bald and comes out after 9:00 usually. If you're lucky, he might be walking on the playground and he'll look up, then continue walking. One more thing - good luck finding him and report back if you spot him!

Milwaukee - Cardinal Stritch University - Stritch DormsCardinal Stritch dorms used to be a place where nuns would live. In the basement of Stritch they used to keep the sickly nuns that would eventually die. Sometime after dark you can hear the nun walking around the hallways. Also in some of the rooms on 3 Center spirits will tear posters off the wall, closets will open on their own, locked doors will swing open, and random objects will be pushed off desks onto the floor. On 2 west you can hear running up and down the hall. As soon as you open your door to see who it is the running will stop. When you close your door the running will startup again.

Milwaukee - Cathedral Mayer-Krom Building - The late nineteenth century Mayer-Krom Building at S 8th and W Mitchell Streets in Milwaukee WI 53204 is were the Milton Family are said to have been murdered Oct 3, 1943, with hauntings ever since. Hence MARS Distributing created an actual haunted house there to view each October. Their official website is: - MARS = Milwaukee Area Radio Stations.

Milwaukee - Grand Avenue Mall - Three security guards on second shift noticed a small dark figure dancing on the second floor. When they arrived at the site, no one was around. All the doors were locked and all the exits were within the guards' view as they went to the area of the sighting.

Milwaukee - Holy hill cemetery - When Pictures are taken a thick mist will appear in the image. Witnesses report just hanging out at night then a mist started forming in front of the car, it drifted up and eventually formed the shape of an old man. You could see his eyes, face, clothes, hands and even his beard. But you could also see right through him and see the trees on the other side.

Milwaukee - Marquette University - Helfaer Theater - The Marquette Theater is haunted by a former Artistic Director who died in Studio 13. He mostly bangs around the catwalks, and sometimes people see him in the Studio.

Milwaukee - Marquette University - Humphrey Hall - a student dormitory for Juniors and Seniors, Humphrey used to be the former Milwaukee children's hospital, and the basement was the morgue. Many children passed on in the building, and it is said several spirits still haunt the place today. Public Safety officers have reported seeing children on the camera monitors, and students have reported hearing singing, laughing, crying, and screaming as well as seeing the ghost of children.

Milwaukee - Marquette University - Johnston Hall - which was the first building erected on the campus, a Jesuit priest (or it might have been two) threw themselves off the top floor, or the roof, and their spirits still haunt the building. Witnesses often get strange feelings whenever walking down a hall alone.

Milwaukee - Marquette University - Mashuda Hall - In one of the dorms, a girl apparently committed suicide in one of the rooms years ago, and residents who lived in the room afterwards reported poltergeist activity: sounds, flying objects, and writing on the fogged-up window. However, a priest blessed the room and performed some kind of exorcism, and the activity ceased, and hasn't returned since.

Milwaukee - Marquette University - Straz Hall - formerly East Hall & a YMCA - little boy named Petey drowned in the pool when it was a YMCA, and his ghost still haunts the basement, and you can hear him walk toward you.

Milwaukee - Marquette University - Varsity Hall - a stagehand man was apparently smoking a cigarette while taking a break, and accidentally leaned into a huge metal fan, which killed him by cutting him into pieces.

Milwaukee - Modjeca Theatre - balls of light, white lady on the stage and the "balcony man". Figures have been seen in one’s peripheral vision and balls of light have been reported. Legend says that at some point in history the balcony collapse and a lot of people died.

Milwaukee - Old Northwest General Hospital - A former worker reports On the top floor there were dozens of times that voices could be heard, women crying, ceiling tiles moved about. There was no one in the ceiling, no place to go. Often we could hear dogs barking inside the building. A security guard quit after seeing a person running and then disappearing into a wall. A doctor was murdered by his jealous wife in that area. Also, the top floor of the facility performed abortions on young un-married women. Also the ICU was on that floor. Footsteps could be heard on the main floor when they where the only one in the building, and voices from behind closed doors in the old emergency room.

Milwaukee - The Phister Hotel - on the 8th floor, in the hotel, (the storage floor) Mr. Phister is seen walking the halls with his dog. Within the hotel, consist hundreds of paintings of dogs.

Milwaukee - The Rave - Eagles Club - This building built in the late 20's was an all male athletic club. Many areas of the building are very cold even in the heat of summer. The ballroom has access to a door that leads to the dome maintenance room which also leads to the roof has many times been investigated by security after reports of someone throwing things off the roof. When investigated no one is found, when things like empty beer cups and ashtrays have been found below. The basement floor which houses access to the pool viewing porthole and also the boiler room, has a dirt floor that security doing a sweep of the building at closing time, have felt the strong urge to leave by a presence and feeling of coldness that is overwhelming, also accompanied by a strong odor of starch or bleach smell. It is said that after it was closed and reopened as a shelter, a man that ran it was abusive and very intolerable, to the young men that stayed there. His negative energy is felt and reports of his apparition and coldness in the pool area and in the boiler room. As far as his apparition is concerned, they were reported by bar staff accompanying the security during sweeps, they were most likely under the influence of alcohol at the time. A strong sense of negative energy is felt in all parts of the building. Always felt at night when the building closes. Strange noise like shuffling feet and loud bangs can be heard while sweeping the building fro people who may hideout after a show. It may be heard in one area and when looked into the noises are heard in the area that was just secured. Unexplainable feeling of negative energy exists in the building. There is also the ghost of a little girl at the Rave. A worker who worked there for a year or so, spent time in the coat check area in the basement. There are catacomb like hallways that run behind the coat check area. One night during a concert, they heard a little girl laughing coming from the rear hallway. When they got up to look, a wind blew through the room, and a feeling of dread came over them, and in an instant it was over.

Milwaukee - River Hills - Milwaukee Country Club - Spirit pats people on the shoulder at times yet is no where to be seen.

Milwaukee - South Milwaukee - Grant Park - Seven Bridges - It has be rumored that if you go to Seven Bridges and walk the paths during a full moon between the times of 9:30pm and Midnight (Don't walk alone)you will see different colors of lights dancing around in the woods and if you go farther into the woods you would hear what sounds to be laughter and screams. If you are really quiet you can hear foot steps in the woods coming towards you and with those foot steps you can hear very heavy breathing, if you wait for those foot steps to come to you, you will feel a very uneasy feeling come over you like an evil feeling. It's said that adults and children have been killed there and even suicides from the people that did the killings. (WARNING! the park closes at 10:00pm, so don't park in the park after that time, park on a side street. If you get caught by police you will get ticketed). It's also rumored that if you stand on one of the bridges that a mist or an apparition of a person would happen right in front of you. The apparition could possible be one of the victims.

Milwaukee - St. Adalbert Catholic Church/School - The school building used to be the church. Rumor has it that a boy fell to his death from the balcony. The balcony has since been walled over and converted to a room. Former teachers and students at the school attest to a strange feeling in the former balcony area. There is also a rocking chair in the attic that keeps rocking with no one around and no breeze. A strange man has been seen by staff and children in the church basement. Neighbors report that a former building on the site had a light that never went out even when the electricity was cut. Teachers also report feeling uneasy in the basement bathroom and hearing a strange “wooooooing” sound.

Milwaukee - Saint Rafael school - South Campus - this school has many haunted places included the girls bathroom where a young girl dressed in a olden day school uniform haunts it also one girl reported once that when she was alone in the building after volleyball pratice she heard people's voices coming from the gym when she went to investigate no one was there. also phantom drafts and reported noises from the upper gym when no one occupied it at the current time. this school is located on 31st and Lincoln on Milwaukee’s south side

Milwaukee - Tamorack - Reports of footsteps running up the back stairs, arguing and heard a door open and then slam shut. An old woman was also seen in the mirror of the woman's bathroom.

Milwaukee - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee - Sandburg Halls - there have been many incidents in North Tower. On the G2 level there is occasionally mysterious squeaking coming through the concrete floors, objects are known to move independently.

Milwaukee - Wisconsin Lutheran college - At least six different spirits have been witnessed repeatedly -a poltergeist, a signing nun, the mother superior, a janitor, strangely-laughing children and an malevolent presence have all been reported.

Mineral Point - Walker House - Sometime back in the 1800's, a man stole a horse from one of his neighbors. Mind you, this was a punishable by death in those days. After committing his crime he decided to go to the Walker House for a drink. The Walker House is a large restaurant/bar/hotel. While he was in the bar, a mob came, dragged him out of the bar and promptly hung him on a tree outside. Since then he has haunted the Walker House. Visitors and employees have seen floating heads, felt cold drafts, been locked in the walk-in freezers and several other mischievous things.

Minocqua - Tula's Café - On numerous occasions vaporous forms are seen in the back hallway by the bathrooms where the man died. After closing things are also moved around not as people left them. Occasionally cold spots are noticed.

Monroe - Idle Hour mansion - Old civil war mansion - was part of the Underground railroad. Matron, Lady Ludlow haunts the grounds. Have seen Flying objects, flickering lights and Cold presences. Also have personally witnessed her walking down a Back hallway. Her room on the second floor is always cold, even if the heat is on. On top of the mansion is a "Widows Walk", sometimes at night you can see her apparition or shadow walking the course of it.

Mukwonago - Heaven City Restaurant - This restaurant sits on an Indian Burial Ground. The employees said that they saw glasses crashing to the ground after hours. They saw ghostly mages wandering through the restaurant. One time a young boy went upstairs and said he didn't believe in ghosts and he broke both of his legs.

Mukwonago - Inn The Olden Days (recently changed to "Fork in the Road") - It is a restaurant that used to be a tavern. Employees have heard foot steps, and the sound of pool balls hitting and rolling across the floor. Also, in the storerooms, there have been clouds of fog seen and voices heard.

Nekoosa - Old Alexander Middle School - An old janitor haunts the third floor with a little girl by his side. You can smell cigar smoke in the hall where he used to smoke every once in awhile. Hammers have been thrown and glasses have picked themselves up off the ground and shattered. People have seen shining lights in the middle of the night on the third floor windows, when the workers are all gone.

New Richmond - Kozy Korner Restaurant - There is a ghost that appears there often. Just lately they have found a picture of what looks like the young boy. They have also found out that his name is "Carl."

Oak Creek - Bender Park - story has it about 80 years ago. A farmer went crazy and killed his family and neighbors with an ax. Since then all of the houses in that area have been removed but when you walk down the road and near the area YOU will never forget the feeling that covers over you. to find the hermit walk towards the lake on FITZSIMMOMS RD. when you get to the woods look left you will see a dirt hill that is all that is left of his road, Plevoc road. Remember do not go looking for him alone out there you are a member of the food chain. - March 2008 correction: No farmer ever went crazy in oak creek. for the houses they feel off the cliff or were removed when road workers found an Indian burial hill there.

Oak Creek - Carolville - Peter Cooper Glue Factory - this abandon factory is haunted by as many as 30 ghost of people who have been murdered here. - NO TRESPASSING March 2008 Correction: No massacre ever took place here. . it was a great factory, happy place for them until it was shut down and just became a place of sadness and despair not ghosts.

Oak Creek - Fitzsimmons Road - This is sort of covered with the Bender Park Story. It is also evident that Fitzsimmons Road was used for drag races and such back in the day. People went off the cliff at the end of the road and haunt it. The end is blocked off now, but you still get the vibe that something does not want people there.

Ojibwa - Rainbow Asylum Bar - Was an old hideout in the 1930's for the prohibition period. Reports by owners of footsteps in the night. Turned over pop and beer bottles upon cleaning after hours. Have an actual picture of ghost taken from wear of building. Picture was of a male figure's shadow on wall, but no body was visible! Had picture blown up for locals to see!!

Oconomowoc - Fowler Lake - In the year of 2003, it was told that an old man was out fishing on his boat at about sunset one evening, and it was thought that he either had a heart attack or it was something else, but he had fallen over the side of his fishing boat. It is said that he still haunts that lake every evening at sunset.

Oconomowoc - LaBelle Cemetery - There is a large statue of a young girl and a cross behind her. On some nights you can see a girl walking from the area of the statue and drowning herself in Lac La Belle. Other times, the hands of the girl will drip blood.

Oconomowoc - Oconomowoc High School - There has been rumors that a young boy hung himself in the lower gym and has been haunting the gym for years on Halloween.

Oneida - Norbert Hill Center - Apparitions of nuns are reported to be walking the halls of the 2nd and 3rd floors of Norbert Hill Center. The old school janitors have reported hearing voices and slamming doors as well as lights turning on and off.

Oostburg - Veterans Park - It is said that a drifter through town drowned in the creek that runs through the park. There have been reports of a man who walks the banks of the creek on certain nights, and when approached, he seems to walk into the creek and disappear. Strange noises also occur in sewer pipes which are on the park's north side.

Oshkosh - The Grand Opera House - During renovation work in the 1980's, workers and crew saw the ghost of Percy Keene, a stage manager who died in the 1960's. They saw his face in windows sometimes and thought it was a night watchman, but the opera house didn’t hire any night watchman. Also during the filming of a movie based on a haunted theatre, the director saw Percy's ghost in the balcony smiling down at him. Other ghosts are in the basement. Percy's the only one who can roam, apparently.

Oshkosh - Pain Art Center - The art center is a house that was built during the depression. Her and her husband were extremely wealthy, and owned most of Oshkosh. They owned the larger factories, and paid their employees with, vouchers to purchase goods at stores the couple owned. Basically keeping all the money under their tight control. When the people of Oshkosh learned of the Paine center being built, they threatened the couple that if they ever moved into it, the people of Oshkosh would kill them. The couple feared the people of Oshkosh. And never did move it. In fact NO one has ever lived in the Paine Fine Art Center. Mr. Paine did pass on first, and Mrs. Paine did out live him. She donated their house to the city, with one stipulation, no children under 18 were allowed in it. She was never able to have children, and therefore resented children. Children are allowed in the center now, but Mrs. Paine is no longer alive. It's said that you can see the woman roaming the house during tours. The couple has also been seen together "enjoying" the house they dreamed of living in together. Workers often say a lady at the back of the crowd will start to explain things in the house but when they look for who was talking the place the voice came from can not be found.

Oshkosh - Winnebago State Hospital - In Sherman Hall, a strange shadow is seen after 1 AM most nights in old seclusion suite vestibules. Most likely a former patient named Rufus, who hung himself in same vestibule.

Oulu- Abandoned Saw Mill - The It is said that since the late 1920's, red dogs have been seen coming from the floor in an old abandoned saw mill in Oulu. The mill is now in the woods and is overgrown.

Outagamie - Appleton - Huntley School - There’s a boy who wanders the streets but is never confronted. He screams about the color purple constantly!! He apparently believes that he is a distant relative to the former mob boss Lucky Luciano. He's been known to confront high school age girls and speak of his good fortune. Once swayed, most of the girls are never seen again. He has no known residence, although it's said that he still lives in his parent's basement. If a confrontation happens then he runs like a lightning bolt, and isn't seen again. To everyone that has knowledge of him... he's a ghost!

Park Falls - Nola Cemetery - It is some peoples belief that a few spirits haunt the cemetery. One is Nola, the very first person buried there. Nola was a little girl that died very young and since she was the first to be buried there, the cemetery was then named after her.

Phillips - Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park - alongside a highway in Phillips- Hwy 13, a jumbled crowd of over two hundred folk art figurines clog the landscape. It's a park that is eternally crowded with revelers, spirits and beer bottles -- if not beer -- abound. The public is invited to wander through this impressive sculptural display. This display is an eerie and strange place. As you walk threw you will experience many different feelings there are areas that make your hair stand on end on hot calm days you feel cold blasts of air that will give you goose bumps During nights of full moon its said you will see dark shapes of what have been said to look like demons dancing around the park A son of German immigrants, Fred Smith was born in 1886, and spent his working life as a north woodsman. With two other men, he built the Rock Garden Tavern in 1936, which he ultimately managed after his retirement from lumber jacking in 1949. In 1950 this self-taught sculptor began crafting his unique entourage of cowboys, miners, Indians, and soldiers. Indian. His first masterpiece was inspired by the image of a large antlered deer leaping over a log that he had noticed on a boy's sweater. He used beer bottles from his tavern to decorate the life-size concrete horde, which mostly crowds the front of the park along Hwy. 13. He built the broad-shouldered, blocky characters starting with wooden frames wrapped with mink wire, or animal skeletons.

Pipe - Club Harbor - Club Harbor was a bed and breakfast back in the early 1900's when it was built. When you look at the window on the 3rd floor, you can see a women in the window. There were 2 murders and 1 suicide were performed in the very same room that the women is standing in. The woman is known to have blond hair and also may be the woman that was raped and murdered, or the woman that committed suicide.

Plainfield - True Value Hardware Store - A former owner of the building was the last victim of a serial killer, Ed Gein. It is said that she is often seen in the store with order forms in her hands and saying something about anti-freeze (which is what killer had wanted to purchase the day before she was murdered).

Plover - hwy 54 - An old abandon house, downstairs lies an old piano. Upstairs is where the presence of a young girl who wants you to play the piano. There are other presences that roam there. A cold chill runs through your body, and footsteps are heard.

Plymouth - Yankee Hill Inn B & B - There are too old buildings that are known as the Gilbert Huson and Henry Huson houses. Three workers have reported hearing people walking around and things dropping. Workers usually refuse to work by themselves. The third floor is especially creepy and not to mention extremely cold at all times. Ex: one day three workers were waiting for laundry to get done, while the three were sitting in the basement an old mirror that sits on the wall dropped. None of the workers were near it as it shattered into hundreds of pieces.

Portage - Church Rd - The cemetery described on church road is a favorite place to visit of me and my friends. it is a quite a long drive to get to and easy to miss. the road is a dead end road, the cemetery at almost the very end. Explorers were told by locals that it used to be a dead baby (children's) cemetery but that something happened in which all the gravestones were removed to "start over." most of the stones remaining are not of children and some date back to early 1800's. one particularly disturbing experience was finding a name that was my mother's maiden name on a stone.

Prairie Du Chien - Wyalusing Academy - It has been in the news paper a lot, about a man walking around the town. The residents there believe that he is a ghost.

Portage - Church Road - It's a cemetery, when it gets dark out sources have seen a young girl hanging from a tree. They have also seen dark shadows move from headstone to headstone.

Portage - On Wisconsin St - At about 9:00 p.m., You can see a lady, about in the early 1900's, walking on the sidewalk with a stroller. But as you get closer, the image disappears.

Potosi - Downtown - Brunner Food Center - Behind Brunners Food Center is a wooded hill side where a man was shot to death in the late 1800's.  People have seen sightings of a man dressed in the style of a miner walking the hillside. These sightings all occur in the early to late evenings. The man is carrying what seems to look like a shovel or pick ax over his shoulder.

Racine - Dekoven Center - Reports of a strange figure being seen.

Racine - Elmwood Plaza - Specifically in the store (front east) that was once "Planet Video" and is now "Eye on Video". Along the back store wall at times you will feel and eerie sensation, the doorway which leads to the office will often feel breezy and cold, and late at night or early in the morning, employees opening/closing the store have reported seeing a black shadowy figure along that back wall. Office doors will close and movies will fall off of the shelf.

Racine - Microtel Inn and Suites - February 2008 Update: Removed by request of owner. It was investigated and debunked.

Racine - Northside Pick n' Save - sometimes at night when the store is dead carts will move from were you put them , can goods will be stacked 10 high , lights flick on and off - June 2008 Investigated and debunked: The faculty said they had never had anything weird happen. After investigating for a length of time, it was easily deemed not haunted, nor was there any paranormal activity whatsoever.

Racine - Pritchard Park - A man in all black will approach you. A very pale face and black eyes pierce through you. He will let out an evil growl. Then he will just fade out of sight and then you hear evil laughter. - June 2008 Investigation: While 1 of the investigators was sitting by a tree near the wooded area in the darkest portion of the park, he began asking questions with the EVP recorder and after asking many questions with no response, the question "Would you mind if we came back?" sparked a very loud growl followed by a very sinister, very dark laughter. Sounds a little far fetched, however, there was nothing visible on the Hi8 and upon listening to the EVP, the growl and laughter was audible.

Racine - The Racine Country Club - After closing, employees have heard noises, walked through cold spots, and seen shadows. The attic contains rooms that in the 20's & 30's were used as a brothel. Local legend has it that several of the prostitutes were murdered in these attic rooms.

Racine - SC Johnson Wax Building - Reported sightings of little girls playing and laughing have been sighted by janitors in a SC Johnson Wax building, which was formally the old St. Mary’s Hospital.

Racine - Westlawn cemetery - we went to roam around in our car about 12;30am and there was always talk of the place but we went inside saw a old cop car vanish car did on us and low whispers were in the far east corner something jumped in front of our car and knocked on he side of it also when you drive in a faded tombstone jumps back into the cemetery with a glow.

Racine - Winslow School - One of the three oldest school buildings in the city. It was built in 1856 on the site of Racine's first cemetery. Various Sightings reported over the years.

Readfield - Cemetery - There is a certain grave that us haunted by the spirit under it. There is a marble ball on top of a temple that turns every full moon, yet it still hasn't been to the same spot twice.

Rhinelander - Molly's Rock on Pine Lake Rd. - A ghost by the name of Molly haunts the rock and every time someone drives by the rock, there is a halo resting above. If someone were to go onto the rock and either be drinking or drunk, story has it that Molly will scream out a long screeching noise and say, "get off my rock" and the person will get pushed off.

Rhinelander - St. Josephs Cemetery - When you walk through St. Josephs cemetery there is whispering in the darkness beckoning people to come near but no one is to be seen.

Rib Lake - Rib Lake Campgrounds - In the campgrounds next to cemetery. Strange sounds and faint moans heard on quiet September night coming from cemetery. Young boy killed in car accident buried there.

Ripon - Ripon College - Brockway Hall - Ghost named Anton seems to appear on Friday nights after 11 p.m.

Ripon - Ripon College - Rodman Center for the Arts - A former student recalls being a student at Ripon 1977-1981, rumor was told by several people was: A child was killed in an accident while climbing around inside a church steeple. Years later, the congregation moved to another building, and the college used the church for a performing arts building. When Rodman was built, the spirit moved to the new building. The spirit was called Raphael. There are stories of how the spirit liked to play tricks on people. While s setting up for a performance, making copies of recordings for students, etc. On one occasion, they where in a hallway, and heard very clear footsteps walk right past them, there was no one visible there. The other occasion they where working in the recording booth at the concert hall, when one of the lights over the stage started flickering. They went into the concert hall and yelled "Stop It!", and the flickering stopped.

Rock Island - Rock Island State Park - When Walking towards the old lighthouse on the trail that goes around the Island you encounter and old cemetery. A small boy and girl have been encountered there playing with one another, along with a phantom stone house in the woods.

Rosendale - Witch Road - The road is very dark and very cold in certain spots, there is old run down house on the right side of the road where the witch used to live some 50 or 60 years ago, there have been sightings of lights flashing from the end of the road, white lights appearing on trees, and what looks like a little girl peaking her head around the side of tree's. On the way down the road there is a tree on the right side that looks exactly like a witch.

Rusk - Ladysmith - Ladysmith high school - Sometimes kids say they are followed into the school by ghosts in the morning and sometimes at sporting events Ghosts have been reported being seen in the locker rooms during a game.

St. Francis - Marian Center- theatre - This building was an old Catholic School, but now is used for community groups to use. In the theatre- voices can be heard whispering when no one is there. There is one spot backstage that is freezing, a little girl can be heard singing.

Saint Nazianz - JFK Prep - This old school/sanitarium is abandon and old. A catholic school where the nuns used to hit the boys and torture them. It was said that one of the nuns hung herself out there and it was also said that you could here the little boys voices at night. There's a church by it and a grave yard where the nuns are buried. January 2004 update: - It isn't advised to go to the Church, nor anywhere on the grounds. The people that own this place now are not allowing visitors, unlike the previous owner. You will be fined.

Saint Nazianz - Society of Divine Savior Seminary - US headquarters for Catholic mystic cult which was forced to flee Germany in the 19th century because of its secret practices. Hotbed of pedophilia, closeted homosexual love triangles, suicide, fraud, incest and even an exorcism! The patron cult leader Father Oschwald is kept in a crypt on the grounds. His followers are buried in front of his crypt. Their graves are alternately sinking and rising. Oswald is known to wander the forested perimeter of the eutrophied Lake Oswald on a white horse. His followers wander the grounds moaning. The decayed buildings are known to be haunted by the screams of the tortured souls who've spent time there. In addition, they are infested with all manner of pests including many active wasp, hornet and bee hives. Much of the village was severely damaged in a freak storm in 2000. Locals uneasily murmur about the 'Wrath of Oswald' and his fury with the townsfolk who've abandoned him...

Shawano - Chicken Alley - It is the end of the very long French Road.  For some reason the name at the end was changed to Chicken Alley.  You will be chased by what appears to be snowmobile lights, but it never gets any closer.  You'll travel through a haunted lumberyard forest on the way.  Sometimes you can see the Chicken Alley sign, and sometimes you can't.  There is also a large tree that only appears with a full moon in the background.  You will see wild chickens running around and if you get out of your car at the crossroads (the only one there, someone will yell at you!!!

Shawano - Old Sacred Heart Rectory - Was an old Rectory for a church but was them moved a few blocks away. Very strange feelings in the attic, always cold up there even in the summer. House is almost too calming when candles are lit, almost like someone hugging you from the inside. One night (The person who wrote this used to live there) there were coughing noises out in the hall, only would go away if you told them to, not out loud but in your mind. Saw people congregating in the living room very late one night. Found fingernail scratches underneath stairs after a psychic came over. When on computer in kitchen always heard someone coming in the room late at night.

Sheboygan - The First Star bank downtown - is haunted by a janitor that worked there named Duke, he worked there until the day he died. He's fond of shaking certain doors and occasionally moving things.

Sheboygan - Kohler - The American Club - The whole East Wing of the hotel is haunted. It is the oldest part of the hotel. A woman hung herself in room 209 long ago and often haunts that room. And she often stands by the fireplace in the room across from that known as the Washington room. Also, someone killed a woman in room 315 on the third floor long ago. A man can be seen walking down the hall coming from that direction. Lights will turn on by themselves. - April 2007 Update: The most often reported is the "lady in the blue hat" by room 209. Story is that she killed herself after her fiancé was killed at the plant in an industrial accident.

Sheboygan - Sheboygan yacht club - A worker there has heard stories, and shrugged them off. He has had problems with lights being turned back on after turning them off. Then he started having feelings that someone was watching him. One night he finally saw a figure of a man in the basement prior to closing up.

Sheboygan - Stop sign - Indian family used to live in a house near a stop sign.  Rumors say that the husband killed his wife and children brutally. Rumors say that if you go there late at night and stop at the stop sign then high beam the stop sign you will see blood dripping down for the sign. Then you will hear the Indian guy walk towards you and sing Indian songs. As he walks towards you, his footsteps get louder and louder. 

Sheboygan - Superior Manor a.k.a. the old St. Nicholas Hospital - evp recordings of a small girl in the basement saying "grandma"

Sheboygan Falls - Eagle River - Long ago, in the 1800's, a man worked on the railroad tracks. One day, he was on a caboose, in the back, and he fell off. He was knocked unconscious, and another train was coming. He was decapitated; his head flew 200 feet away. To this day, he uses his old railroad light, searching for his lost head.

South Milwaukee - Man Childs House - A child was said to be trying to get something from the attic and when he pried the door open a large shelf fell and crushed him.  Every time the Man Child goes upstairs there is said to be a crying of a small child. 

Spooner - Corral Bar - In the mid-1970s a bartender was murdered in while she was closing up, her body found slumped in the corner the next morning. She had been stabbed. Her murderer was eventually caught, but not convicted until years later when he committed another murder. Patrons of the bar have reported the juke box apparently starting itself, sometimes running through all the records in a blur. Workers late at night have reported seeing something, a person or a presence, standing in the shadows, passing behind them in a mirror, and walking across the floor. Never a clear look, always just a glimpse. Enough, however, to let them know that they were not alone in that bar.

Spooner - Hammill House - Railroad and newspaper man Frank Hammill is generally regarded as the ”Father of Spooner.” He arrived in 1883 on the Chicago Northwestern Railroad. He later became publisher of the Spooner Advocate, mayor of the town, and a prominent Republican politician. Hammill died suddenly in 1922 of a mysterious stomach problem. His body was displayed in the beautiful house he had built for himself and his family. His wife lived the remainder of her days there and often reported felling that Frank was still there with her. As time passed and new owners took over, the house gained a reputation of being haunted. Frank, said the owners, was still in “his” house, watching over “his” town. Most reported hearing noises, voices, and feeling that they simply were not alone in the old house -- one family even moved out. Today the apparent hauntings continue, and the current residents are absolutely certain they are not alone. They even refer to their “guest” as Frank.

Stevens Point - Hwy 66 - The Bloody Bride. On the night of their wedding a bride was killed in an auto accident. It is said that when you travel down this road you can see the bloody bride still in her wedding dress. A police officer was driving down the road and saw the bride in the middle of the road and was not able to stop in time and hit the figure. he stopped and looked behind him to see if there was anything in the road and the bloody bride figure was sitting in the back seat of his vehicle.

Stevens Point - once there has been a girl named Arrianna Bodoh that was killed by her boyfriend. After that her boyfriend eas killed by a truck.ever since people herd arrianna scream. Every time people go to investigate all they see is a girl being killed by her boyfriend.

Stevens Point - Red Bridge - A gravel road leads you to Red Bridge. Even though the bridge was recently rebuilt it is still said to be haunted. At midnight if you park on the bridge and turn off your headlights a ghost of a woman appears.

Stockbridge - Joe road - back in the early 1900's the state wanted to build a road over an old Indian burial ground. The grounds keeper called Indian Joe would not let them, so they ran him over and built the road over him. If you drive down the road which is up hill both ways and stop at the bottom, put your car in neutral Joe will push you up hill to the end of the road. If you put flour or any powder on the back of your car you will see the handprints after the push. - February 2004 Update: If traveling South on WI 55 its a quarter mile from a hotel on the right and it will be your first right on a road after Co Tk F. The submitter tried it and it is a real "Gravity Hill." They report no handprints on the back of their truck though. Thinking it was a fluke they turned around and tried to roll down the hill from midway up and i went happily rolling backwards up the hill into 30 mph headwind! The road isn’t all to tricky to find but coming from Lakeshore Drive and 55 the road ID signs have been removed, by either locals trying to keep people from trying the hill or by vandals.
March 2005 Update: (connecting lakeshore and 55) the road signs for Joe road are actually on the "T" of Lakeshore and Joe road.. but the ones on the "T" of Joe road and 55, are missing. I is reported the road is an optical illusion, it looks uphill but really it is not.

Stoughton - Weary Road - Many rumors abound, witnesses have seen a phantom train, imps in the trees, strange lights, and a green glow towards the end of the road that is said to be the ghost of Old Man Weary. The story is that he favored entertaining local children and the parents accused him of being a pedophile. Although that was never proven, they got together and burned his house down. It is said that not only was he innocent, but that several children were present when the parents set fire to the house and that they were killed in the resulting blaze, along with Weary. The house no longer exists, but out of tradition visitors park by the space in the trees where his driveway supposedly was. They report to have seen phantom cars & a phantom motorcycle that followed them to a right-hand turn and then disappeared.

Stoughton - Weary Road - The Bridge - There is a bridge whereon if you turn off your car and lights it will not restart when you turn the key. A young man died car-surfing on the road. Location is about ten miles outside of Stoughton.

Strum - Strum Cemetery - This place is messed up, late at night when the moon is full, you can see shadows moving quickly through the graveyard, you can hear voices, and little children crying, one night a you could hear a girl scream but there was no one anywhere around.

Superior - Fairlawn Mansion - This lovely mansion was once the home of the first Mayor of Superior. The family lived there for many years. The house is supposedly haunted by a former housekeeper. Legend states that she served the family for quite some time, and upon marrying, moved away. The housekeeper's husband later murdered her and her spirit returned to where she was most happy. The house is now a museum and from time to time her ghost shows up to direct lost people on tours. The building was also an orphanage until the early 1960's. People have reported seeing two little girls haunting the basement.

Tomahawk - Calvary Cemetery on hwy s - odd smells and noises.  The smell of roses, rotten flesh and others.  Sightings of orbs.  Sounds of walking, something growling, talking, whispering, and babies crying.  Certain spots get windy when there is no wind.  And other spots get cold or colder than the weather is at that time.  Also seen shadows of dark figures and could not tell whether it was a man or woman or child or adult.

Walworth - Walworth Grade School - It is said a janitor that fell down the steps to the boiler room haunts the school. He doesn't harm anyone, but doesn't know how to leave the school.

Wauwatosa - Wauwatosa West High School - In the mid 70's Wauwatosa West High school was being rebuilt on a new location. The school was more than 90 % finished, when two teenagers were messing around on the roof, while drinking, and lit the school on fire. The entire school burned down.  It was reported that an immigrant worker by the name of Hans from a European country, was in the now theatre working. Hans perished in the blaze. He never worked in shoes, and is said to haunt the theatre and he always has no shoes on. You are considered to be in most dangerous to be in the theatre without shoes on. On numerous occasions while faculty has been working in the stage, lights have gone off, stage doors slamming, guest seats creaking, and stage props disappearing.

Wascott - Hunting Lodge - Sounds of little girls voices can be heard when no one is there. Random Screaming in the middle of the night. Windows opening undetected by security system. Sightings of a young dark haired girl standing in the upper window.

Washington Island - Gretchen of Range Line Road - A quite tall milkmaid at a dairy on the island.

Washington Island - Nelsens Hall and Bitters Pub - As the oldest continuously operating Tavern In the US, This place seems to be haunted by Its founder Tom Nelsen. Objects disappear and reappear in different places. A hotel guest cut short a stay after an encounter in the back ladies bathroom, and a former employee was tapped on the shoulder when building shelves in the hand dug basement. I was alone at the time, so there is no explanation for the tapping.

Waterford - Tichigan Lake Inn - This bar/restaurant is located in a resort lake area and is know to be haunted. Long time residents have been telling us about ghostly happenings since we bought this establishment seven years ago. We ourselves have witnessed apparitions and poltergeist-like activities with customers present--margarita glasses flying horizontally off a glass rack before crashing to the floor, beer tapers all turning on at once with no one nearby, blender turning on by itself and then off by itself just as the bartender is reaching to turn it off, bell in the kitchen ringing while no one is in the kitchen, footsteps heard to the upstairs followed by an apparition of a previous regular who is no longer living, etc. This establishment was erected in the 1920's and was a known Speakeasy and place for the Chicago "bosses" to wait while barrels of whiskey were hauled by horse and wagon from their still to Highway 164 at the top of the hill for shipment to Chicago. These walls do talk! The goings-on seem playful in nature but still frightening especially if one is spending the night here alone.

Waukesha - South High School - A tall column of darkness has been seen to follow individuals around in the theatre.  Strange occurrences reported also, especially at night or when the lights have been turned out.  

Waukesha - Tabernacle Cemetery - People have seen a person standing next to a tree in the cemetery. Also, bright flashes of light have been known to be seen by the fence that surrounds the right side of the cemetery.

Waukesha - Waukesha Area Chamber of Commerce - It is an old colonial house on Wisconsin Ave. that used to be a house but is now transformed into an office. After work hours you can hear talking between people upstairs and downstairs. You also hear people walking up and down the staircases. During the day time many employees have lost belongings and weeks later find these belongings where they had left them before.

Waukesha - Whittier Elementary School - At this school sightings have been seen clocks stop and odors in libraries and classrooms swing open and water fountains spray water onto the floor. People have seen a little girl about 8 years old who had a heart attack in the girls bathroom in 1991, a 12 year old boy who drowned in freezing water in 2001, and a boy who was about 10 years old when he got hit by car when running out into the street to get his ball! Lots of spooky things happen at this school.

Waupaca - Simpson's resturante - There has been numerouse reports from the emplyoes and frequent customers that there is a family waling around at night. They are not there to hurt anyone, but they let their presence be known.

Wausau - The Grand Theatre - The former theatre manager who passed away over a decade ago has shown himself to some employees and other unexplained phenomenon have occurred.

Wausau - Rib Mountain storage plant - One foggy night in the late evening, a couple of kids reported seeing a lady with a knife in her chest. They went closer to see what was making a loud ruckus in the second story of an abandon storage building. They climbed to the second floor and to their astonishment they found blood on the walls and a lady and her kid in the bath tub soaked in a tub of blood. knives were protruding threw various body parts and the kids started to twitch uncontrollably. They looked back after trying to leave and everything was gone. So now every night at about 12:00 on the dot you can see the boys twitching profusely and the decomposed mother and her child in a bath tub of blood. The building has been torn down but you can still see them for a brief second or two or three at exactly 12:00.

Wausau - University of Wisconsin - The ghost of a female janitor roams the halls of this small two year college. Her name is Annie and she died in 1972. Janitors have reported hearing her walk the halls at night along with her distinctive laughing in the cafeteria.

Wauwatosa - Eschweiler Buildings - These former TB sanitariums are located in the Milwaukee County Grounds and are now used as labs for a small bioengineering firm. The largest of the buildings is abandoned and is the site of many frightening sightings. Several people walking through the park at dusk of later have reported feeling watched, the hairs on the backs of their necks standing up. Looking into the large picture window on the second floor, many have seen a woman in white staring down at them. The sound of coughing can also frequently be heard--undoubtedly the spirits of TB victims still coughing up blood and mucus.

Wauwatosa - Potter's Field - A mass of unmarked graves can be found in the Milwaukee County Grounds next to the soccer field. These graves belonged to the victims of TB and the residents of the "poor farm" the county ran in the twenties and thirties (possibly earlier). This site is a hot bed for restless spirits, which can be felt as well as seen. Many people have on several occasions seen figures, including children, slowly walking through the fenced off cemetery at odd hours of the night.

West Allis - Majdecki Sentry - Ghost heard whistling in the aisles and in the back room of the store. The sound of children laughing is also heard at night by the 3rd shift workers. Toys in the store get played with when the store is closed for the night. Some food also disappears. the store is said to be built on the site of an old graveyard.

West Allis - Mitchell Manor Senior Center - Part of this facility is the former summer home to Billy Mitchell's family.  Staff has heard voices and felt something brush past them.

West Bend - University of Wisconsin Washington County - Working as a custodian one would hear doors slam and things fall and upon investigating one found nothing, but the talk was that the place was haunted at night.  Lights in the library are constantly turning on. Even hearing the switch click. Also reports that witnesses could hear the desks sliding across the floor slamming into the walls and each other. 

West Bend - Old Holy Angels Building - In the old Holy Angels building which is now an apartment complex there has been footsteps heard walking around in the upstairs of one of the apartments and sometimes an old bell will ring (an electrically powered one) even though there is no electricity going to it and no wiring attached to it. If you'd try to pull the hammer back to ding the bell it is very hard to do it manually.

West De Pere - St. Lawrence cemetery - Strange noises are being heard such as growling noises, and there feels like there is a bad presence and lots of electric lights, with orbs happening there. Sometimes fogs.

Westby - Fairchilds house - Lily Fairchild heard a ghost named Roberto, talk to her. That morning she had found a bottle of cologne sitting on her desk that did not belong to any one she new. That night, Roberto contacted her. He revealed that his parents murdered him because he was seeing a girl his parents detested. He lived in the late 1800's.

Weyauwega - Marsh Road - Studies have been conducted out on the road and have found "orbs" in pictures. - October 2004 update: The local legend behind that is one of a Goatman. Yes a goatman. Legend has it that back in the 60's or 70's maybe even earlier that there used to be a "makeout" couch located halfway down the rd. While late one night after high school prom a young couple was down there and the goatman killed them and the couch was covered with thier remains. Also a myth with the road is you can travel it one was and it will be so many miles long you can turn aroung go back to the other end and the length of the road will be dramatically different As legend has it.

Whitefish Bay - Dominican High School 3rd floor and Theater - The third floor of this High School was used as a convent for the nuns that taught there. A fire broke out one night and killed one of the nuns as she slept. Stories of her floating down the halls of the third floor continue to this day. This nun was rumored to be involved in the theater productions and is said to still come and view the rehearsals and productions in the theater. Many sightings have taken place there.

Whitelaw - Maplecrest Sanitarium - this place is located 1 mile north of whitelaw, in a large patch of woods. it is a 3 story, 3 wing sanitarium that has been abandoned since the 50's. Very large building, you can see the rusty water tower from the road. Beware as there are people living next to it. It is reported that you can see people staring at you from the third floor windows, and once inside, doors slam and you hear laughing. It was used as a tuberculosis hospital in the 1930's and was re-opened as a sanitarium after.

Whitewater - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater - Center of the Arts - Lots of strange occurrences after hours reported.  Those I have heard have included hammering in the metals lab when no one is present within, reappearing ghosts, and chairs moving across the room by themselves.

Whitewater - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater - Clem hall - you can hear people running in the halls and look and no one is there. you hear a bathroom stall door slam at night and no one is in the room with you. people hear talking and laughing in the hall and no one in site. a figure is seen around homecoming week.

Whitewater - University of Wisconsin – Whitewater - Delta Zeta House- Witnesses who have lived there have heard a presence creaking as walking down the large front staircase.

Whitewater - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater - Fricker Hall - a ghost of a student is seen walking in the basement on certain nights.

Whitewater - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater - Knilans hall - Supposedly haunted by a librarian who died there years ago. A student, was walking with her hands full when two doors, that require a key to unlock, opened by themselves. When she passed through the doors the elevator doors were also being held open by an unseen person.

Wild Rose - Tuttle Lake - It has been told that before the property became a campsite for children and teenagers for summer vacations, the lot was owned by a farmer and his wife. It is known that the farmer went crazy when he found out that the wife was pregnant, so he drowned her in the lake, and the farmer was never seen again. Recently, two counselors from the campsite went to check on a missing camper out in the woods at night, and ran into what was an extremely bright light where they describe that they "couldn't see a thing." They said they had no choice, but to turn around because the light was blinding, and as they turned around they saw a woman run away from them. The counselors start running in a different direction...a direction that lead to the only tent on the campsite, but when they started running for the tent, they realized they couldn't find it. So, they both turned around to look and see where exactly they were when they noticed that the tent was in fact right behind them...the weird thing about this is, is that in order to end up in front of the tent, you have to cross a road, which the counselors themselves told me they "Never, ever crossed." One counselor said "We were running and running as fast as we could, and then we found ourselves in front of the tent which is impossible unless you cross the road...which we did not." Strange indeed, and it has been told that investigators had found the pregnant farmer's wife in the lake, and buried her underneath the campground. Still today, the lady remains underneath the site in body, but in soul she remains on earth. Watch out carefully for her as you visit this site.

Wisconsin Dells - The Showboat Saloon - The area directly above the bar upstairs is haunted by a past resident, who is believed to be named Molly. She opens and closes doors and plays with appliances while people are cooking in the upstairs kitchen. However, she does not seem threatening. The bar area has seen much supernatural activity too. Human forms in turn of the century clothing have materialized in mirrors, sometimes appearing to be walking along the bar toward the exit door. A strange voice has even been heard numerous times near the stage area. In the cellar, unusual cold spots are apparent, as well as kegs of beer being moved around. Employees have been known to experience feelings of nausea while in the cellar, as well as sudden anxiety. All of these events seem to take place sometime after 3:00 AM.

Wisconsin Rapids - Blueberry Ridge- If you make an appearance between the hours of 1am and 3am on the actual pipeline nearest the railroad tracks. Focus on your left hand side. You will see a middle aged women pacing back in forth.

Wisconsin Rapids - Forest Hill Cemetery - Employees have seen strange apparitions, and have heard babies crying in the baby section. Faint voices call your name. On the hill there is a monument that causes machine failure.

Wisconsin Rapids - Mead Hotel - Downstairs in the Shanghai room. In the 1950's this room was used as a bar in which individuals would laugh, drink, and gamble. A female bartender was stabbed to death around 1953. Today, lights flicker, doors shut by themselves, and the smell of blood is evident within 20 feet of this room. The room is unusually cold.

Wood County - Marshfield - St. Joseph's Hospital  4 West - Employees who work on  4 West have seen a dark figure in a black robe go in and out of rooms. Patients have also seen this figure, sometimes at the same time as the staff.  Other strange things have occurred such as cold sensations and strange lights.

Zoar - STH 47 - On the Northeast corner of Zoar is a church. Behind the church in the woods is an Indian Cemetery. An ambulance was running lights and siren past the cemetery and the whole ambulance shut down but kept moving. After it passed the cemetery, it started back up again. There have been reports of a man with no face walking on the highway.


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