In Vietnam

Hanoi - BaDinh Place - Uncle Ho Masoleum - HoChiMinh appeared in Blood body.

Ho Chi Minh City - Ho Chi Minh's former residence - It was said that misanthropic beings haunt the residence of the former communist leader. Rumor has it that the beings were once humans that were just minding their own business during the Khmer Rouge battles and the Vietnam War. They were abruptly killed and eventually, turned against humanity for what they have done.

Saigon - Tao Dan Public Park - It was told that people wondering after dark see a young male floating fast in the park trying to find someone. About ten years ago, a young couple was attacked in the park while they were enjoying their privacy. The young man was killed in the attack, and his girlfriend was raped many times. People around said that the young man sometimes came back to find his lover and try to rescue her desperately.

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