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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Bennington - Bennington College - Jennings Hall - Jennings Hall is now a facility for music students and was even the inspiration for the Shirley Jackson novel, The Haunting of Hill House. Students have reported hearing footsteps and voices late at night.

Bennington - Glastenberry Mountain - Native Americans called this place "cursed" and used it strictly for burying their dead.  Over the years there as been between 30-40 unexplained disappearances on this mountain.  The trails stop partially up the mountain, suggesting that no one goes up there.  When you walk into the forest of the mountain you don't hear anything living, it's as though even the animals don't dare.

Bennington - Southern Vermont College - Located on Mount Anthony. There are great photos of supernatural images, like the statues, you can see in the photo. The seminary closed and turned into a co-ed college (southern Vermont college). According to years of students/staff doing night security, this is what haunts the house: the second wife (common), Everett himself (rarely though), and a person in a black hooded robe (most seen). Common occurrence: smoke filled hallways, lights turn on in room that are locked, door/windows unlocked after being locked on the previous security round, footsteps all around the college when no one else is in the building. The 2 main haunts in this mansion is the 3rd floor: Abbey room is burning with energy. Now a classroom, was the sleeping quarters for house staff (maid hung herself.

Bennington - Southern Vermont College - The old carriage house is now one of the computer labs. Doors lock and computers shut off by themselves. It is said that you can see a man in period dress roaming around the main building.

Bomoseen - Lake Bomoseen - The town of West Castleton now sits abandoned, but it was once home to Irish immigrant slate workers who were fond of crossing Lake Bomoseen to a tavern on the east shore. One night, three men set out for a night of carousing. They never returned. The next morning, their boat was found floating empty. Their bodies were never found. Today, lakeside residents claim that sometimes during a full moon, an unfamiliar ghostly rowboat can be seen moving silently across the lake toward the West Castleton Bay. No oars disturb the otherwise glassy surface. Are these three men still trying to get home?

Brattleboro - Austine school for the deaf - a security guard at this school from [1998-2000] reports they heard their name when there was positively no one else around was the most convincing. Other staff members also said that they heard their name in that same spot, all on different occasions. Also, lots of strange noises, lots of "things" passing out of the corner of your eye only to have nothing there when looked at further, lights turning on by themselves, a sense that you are being followed, and reflections in, say, a T.V. screen and when you turn around, nothing is there. Nothing malevolent, just eerie, perhaps curious about the goings on at the school.

Brattleboro - The Country Club - Workers describe hearing voices above the dinning area of the country club. None of the waitresses like to close alone. Reports of footsteps walking overhead and other various sounds. To date, do not believe any paranormal studies have been done. No one claims to know who the ghost or ghosts are.

Brunswick - Brunswick springs - Strange burning smells, screaming heard and the feeling of being pushed.

Burlington - Carburs Restaurant - A man who once worked there killed himself in the basement. The bullet went through his head and into the wall. You can still see the bullet hole in the basement. Most encounters happen in the basement, which houses the kitchen and tapped kegs under the bar. Waitresses reported their skirts being lifted up from a cold wind. Doors always slam closed, trapping waitresses in the basement's walk-in. Waitresses were told not to even go down in the basement anymore. The basement is also connected to other old buildings in downtown Burlington by various tunnels from the prohibition era. There are a lot of reports of hearing people talking throughout the restaurant when no one is there. The ghost seems to mess mostly with women. A lot of breaking glasses, plates flying off of counters and sudden increased oven temps too. Bartender (female) reported a pyramid of water glasses appearing on the bar, right after she had put the glasses away and turned her back for a second.

Burlington - Champlain College - Aiken Hall(Dorm) - Throughout the whole dorm an uneasy feeling is common. In an upstairs bedroom noises have been heard and the television randomly turns off on it's own. People have been touched by the spirit, one girl felt her hair being played with, while another girl felt hands on her shoulders. Cold spots are common. Noises throughout the room have kept people awake at night. Hauntings are still occurring today, in 2003.

Burlington - University of Vermont - has another ghost residing in the Farm on Spear Street.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Agriculture Department AKA Bittersweet House - has a female ghost in period dress (c. late 19th century) that appears from time to time.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Center for Counseling and Testing - The former director saw the ghost of Captain Jacobs, a retired seaman who died there in the early part of the 20th century. Also, mild poltergeist activity has been reported there as recently as 1992

Burlington - University of Vermont - Center for Cultural Pluralism AKA Allen House - has a ghost on the top floor. Though it doesn't manifest visually, a cold presence can follow one around from time to time.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Converse Hall - is haunted by a former student who committed suicide there. Though never seen, he turns radios on and off and interacts with electrical equipment. The student electrocuted himself in 1998.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Coolidge Hall (dormitory) - has a few ghosts throughout, including a male presence that likes to wake up the residents by staring at them.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Grasse Mount House - has a history of voices and doors locking and slamming on the second floor when no one is up there.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Living and Learning Center - Section C - - At UVM, in the Living and Learning Dorms (Section C) there - are always strange noises coming from under the stair cases that lead into Section B., as if the dead had been lurking amongst us.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Millis Hall (dormitory) - had a female ghost on the 2nd floor during the 97-98 year.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Redstone Hall (dormitory) - has an intermittent ghost that appears in the back staircase and has been seen to run through walls. He's not fond of female students for some reason (pertaining to the circumstances of his death) and has chased people out of the area on occasion.

Burlington - University of Vermont - Simpson Hall - a spirit of a man who stalked a girl, followed her to her dorm one year. He now resides in Simpson. Late at night students wake up with a sense they are being watched, usually the room becomes icy cold when it happens. Very rarely some wake up freezing at night with the feeling that there is someone else in there bed.

Castleton - Castleton State College - Two hundred yards off of off of Castleton State College lies an abandoned building. The inside is filled untouched museum pieces that appear to have been left behind. Although there is no way to enter the building -- the objects inside seemed to get tossed around.

Castleton - Castleton State College - Dorm - Apparition of student wearing orange t-shirt and jeans waking people up in middle of night, who hung himself.

Castleton - Castleton State College - Ellis Hall - Ellis Hall has been part of Castleton State College for years. On the second floor in this building a girl student killed herself and now students here her flushing toilets running showers and the sink in the bathroom. Almost every building at Castleton State is Haunted.

Cavendish - Deacon Jonathon Wheelock's farmhouse - The house was a farmhouse in Cavendish, VT built by Deacon Jonathon Wheelock in 1789, when he founded the first Episcopalian church there. he was victim of a violent accident that took his life. Every so often encounters of classic poltergeist activity (things not where they were left, including being moved from room to room when no-one else was in the house, things falling off shelves, etc.), which eventually culminated in sightings. On rare occasions, witnesses would wake up and see a bluish form, vaguely human-shaped, either looking at them or out the window of the rooms (depending on who was encountering the ghost at the time.

Colchester - St. Michael's College - There are a couple of places on campus that seem to have ghostly visitors. 1) The theater supposedly is haunted by a nun who assists actors. There have also been incidents reported during performances of props disappearing with no explanation. 2) The men's' first year dormitory also an evil presence. in the 60s or 70s, young men were holding some sort of occult meetings One of the men insisted that he needed to close the "portal" before they left, but by that time security was there and they tossed them off campus. the door to the attic is padlocked shut. However, lights go on in the attic and footsteps are heard in the middle of the night by the residents on the top floor. The image of the pentagram still exists on the floor despite attempts to replace the wood.

Cuttingsville - Bowman House - haunted by an unidentified woman.

East Burke - The Burke Hollow Cemetery - When you drive by it at night or walk past it seems as though there is something watching you from the tree lines and movement through out the cemetery at night.

Goddard College - In the manner house there is a ghost. Last semester a perspective student walked into the manner where a man was playing the piano. The student asked the man for directions and he just continued to play she walked out frustrated and was heading into the upper garden when she turned around and the piano player was demonically laughing at her and vanished into the air the same sort of thing has happened to many students. the whole campus has spooks left and right.

Hartford - The Haunted Railroad Bridge - During the late 1800's, a fire occurred on the original railroad trestle. A train with passenger cars was involved and eight people died, including a boy and his father. The old wooden bridge was replaced with a steel structure on the original concrete footings. The bridge spans the White River and Route 14 in West Hartford. There have been numerous sightings of a little boy ghost playing in the river. Many people have even reported smelling fire in the area of the old bridge.

Hartland - Sumner Falls - For nearly a century there have been reports of logger ghosts as they float down the Connecticut River near Sumner Falls. A tall phantom dressed in black, accompanied by a black hat, has also been spotted on the nearby trails.

Johnson - Johnson Elementary School - Sightings of people have been witnessed in the school. In the windows you can see people watching you. The old tower is known to be the most haunted area of the building. The bell in the tower has been heard by many people, ringing. Janitors have heard footsteps traveling through the halls, faint laughs of children, doors shutting, and the temp dropping.

Manchester - Equninox Hotel - a man haunts room 346, and he will stack up all your things.

Manchester Center - Bromley Brooke School - a man was building a nursing home for his sick mother and before it was finished she passed away. He sold it to aspen and it is now a boarding school. the girls have reported strange occurrences including a little boy running up and down the hallways turning lights on and off, a pregnant woman seen in the dorms and strange occurrences with the air-conditioning....some reports of possession have also arisen.

Marlboro College - Dalrymple hall & Howland Dormitory - Students have reported seeing a female figure wandering the campus at night, and many have felt uneasy when alone in Howland or Dalrymple at night. Cold spots are often encountered around the campus, but this is usually attributed the fact that the school is located in Vermont.

Montgomery - Black Lantern Inn – Room # 3 - The shower in room #3 In the Burdette House turns on and off by its self. Unknown what causes it or who it might be.

Montpelier - Green Mountain Cemetery - Rumor has it that the grave marked by a green statue of a weeping lady is haunted.

Montpelier - Vermont College - College Hall Chapel - was built in the 1830's. In the late 1800's, a girl died in one of the towers. A security guard was taking a group of students up to the tower and one of the girls left side of her body went numb. They found out later that the autopsy of the girl whom was murdered, her left side of her body went numb because of getting shot behind her left ear. When you walk through the building, you can feel someone blowing behind your head. the pipe organ played three chords on its own when it was turned off.

Northfield - Norwich University - Alumni Hall - one of the dorms, a cadet hung himself a few years back. A couple years later, his brother went to Norwich, got the same room, and hung himself too. Now the room is boarded off.

Northfield - Norwich University - Chaplin Hall -Chaplin Hall is haunted by an unknown spirit visible at night by the front door. When the building was used as a library, books regularly floated off shelves and strange voices were heard when no one was there.

Northfield - Norwich University - Hawkins Hall & Ransom Hall - Cadets have reported that during the night they wake out a sound sleep unable to move, scream and find it very difficult to breathe.

Northfield - Norwich University - Sabine Field - The gate to the football field is often guarded by an unseen cadet. People have heard her haunting footsteps.

Norwich - Norwich Inn - There are stories of room twenty being haunted by the ghost of a woman who died in the room. She is also known for her occasional appearances in the dining room. She walks through the room wearing a dark formal dress, without disturbing any customers.

Pittsford - Vermont Police Academy - Years ago, the Vermont Police Academy was a state hospital for Tuberculosis patients.  The academy, to this day, is haunted by a nurse who worked at the hospital and while there, contracted the disease herself.  All of the old call buttons are still in the recruits' rooms, and it is said that if pushed, the friendly ghost of the nurse, Mary, will pay a visit during the night.

Rutland - Rutland High School - When Rutland High School was first getting built there was a man who operated the cement mixer. He was called Smokey because he smoked like 6 packs a day. Well one day he disappeared. The foreman thought he just took off and didn't give it a second thought. Once the school opened girls started smelling smoke in the girls locker room. At first everyone thought that some one was smoking before gym class. The female gym teacher then stood guard to catch anyone smoking. She never caught anyone but the smoke smell is always there.

Rutland - Shut Down Paper Company - haunted by an executive that went to the third floor, and Shot himself in the head, now he Haunts the Building. Lights will come off and On during the Night on the Third floor and there is no way to get in there unless you had a ladder and a Crowbar.

Salsbury - Shard Villa - The house was owned by this man and his family. The family ended up dieing. The house is now used as a old folks home. People who live their clam they have heard glass breaking but when they look nothing is broken. They have seen a young girl who wears a red dress and walks about and is friendly with the residents.

Saxton's River - Saxton's River Cemetery - Negative energy reported to follow people.

Shaftsbury - Tunic Road - This Road is known by many to be haunted. Some have claimed to see ghost soldiers. Pictures of orbs on this road.

Shelburne - Wake Robin - Wake Robin is a nursing home, and in room 229 there is a ghost there. There was a lady who used to stay in that room. Before she died, she told the nurses that she would come back to haunt them. She said that she would ring the bell and haunt them. There are also two more down stairs. They are a couple who occasionally hit the bell to the elevator and run up and down the hallways.

Springfield - Hartness House - In 1903 construction of the Hartness mansion began, by 1904 it was complete. There are a series of rooms under the front lawn that James Hartness had built to escape the noise every day life. In the main house the electricity randomly goes out for no obvious technical reason, it usually lasts an hour or two. Objects go missing to be placed some where else, in the basement (especially the housekeeping quarters) you can feel a presence watching you, nothing negative or malevolent, simply there to observe.

St. Albans - Old Barlowe Street School - This old schoolhouse was built before the turn of the century. It was even used as the St. Albans Haunted House Halloween Event from 1979 to 1989. During the 1920's, a janitor died from a heart attack in a girl's restroom, located in the cellar. Cold spots and odd sensations have occurred here, as well as an apparition appearing in a window in the south wing upstairs. That particular window refuses to remain closed after attempts to nail it shut. Sounds of footsteps have also been heard in that location as well as lights going off and on. People have even reported hearing eerie voices.

St. Albans - Rublee St.- its a poltergeist it captures people and can harm you and they have heard eerie voices footsteps and cold spots.

St. Albans - Welden Theatre - What is now a movie theater had had several encounters. The movie theater which used to be a jail has had several strange and unexplained encounters. Several times the projection booths have been a spot of mystery. Movies have started by them selves and voices can be heard in the old booths. The basement, which still has the remains of old jail cells, has the feeling of being watched. An old man with a white sweater has been seen walking around the basement. He is said to be an old homeless person who years ago moved into the basement and lived there. The basement door also has been know to fly open even when latched. Doors that say alarm will sound when opened have opened with out the alarm going off. Overall the theater has a very uneasy feeling to it.

St. Albans Bay - St. Albans Bay Park - There have been sightings of a ghost ship floating about in this bay. Witnesses have even claimed that ghostly pirates on the ship will yell out to the fishermen. Legend states that they are trying to capture a creature once believed to inhabit the bay, known as Champ.

St. Albans City - Bellows Free Academy - St. Albans - Reports of being tapped and apparitions seen.

Stowe - Emily's bridge - In the 19th century a girl was going to elope with the man of her dreams. (Even though her parents disliked the man entirely) He told her to meet him at the covered bridge nearest to their homes the next day at noon. When she got there no one was there. she waited for hours and he never showed. She was so desperate for his love she committed suicide. Now if you go there at night and drive your car she will sometimes call out for "help" and scratch your vehicle or do something to it as you go through. Also you can see a whitish glowing figure walk up and down the bridge.Another version is: a woman died (probably by her own hands) and haunts "her" bridge.  She died in the 1800's and people (and cars and horses) have from time to time gotten scratches on them from unseen nails.  Also lights and noises can be heard.

Streamwood - St. John's parking lot - lights, shadows, moans....of boy killed in car accident

Thetford - Camp Farnsworth - Keushk - In the theater/gathering hall called the Keushk, people have reported cold spots and feelings of unease when alone.  People have also claimed that sounds from outside sound muted when in the keushk and that the doors don't stay open.   There have been reported sightings of a woman holding a kerosene lamp who walks slowly towards lone walkers between the living units tree houses and windigo.  She has been dubbed "the lady of the lamp" and it is thought that she might be the camp's matron- Madama Farnsworth, or a camper/counselor who died on camp at some time during its history.

Waterbury - Old Stagecoach Inn - Room 2 is haunted by Margaret Spencer who died there.

Wells River - Green Mountains - The White Lights - Numerous reports of bright white orbs (a favorite story around the campfire) seen bouncing/floating through the forest near locations where massive Indian graves were located (many were massacred by new settlers who were fighting with the local tribes over hunting and land rights). Also goes hand in hand with a story about a killer bear in a "hunting lodge" in the vicinity. Horses become extremely spooked whenever coming anywhere near the well where the hasty dumping of the bodies took place. Numerous cold spats exist between the woods and the adjacent highway. Definitely what some people might call a "high-activity" area. Lots of pent-up energy.

West Thompson - Roby House - Various doors open and close, feeling of cold spots, objects have moved before. Ghost of the man who used to own the house, Otis Roby. Lately the sound of a cat meowing when there are no cats in or around the house.

White River Junction - Comfort Inn - Room 112 - seems to be haunted by a woman who committed suicide there. The electronic key entry system decides when it wants to work, sometimes will work one minute, and not the next. Inside the room, you will be taken over by an extremely creepy feeling like someone is watching you.

Williamsville - Cemetery - On the road that leads back to Brattleboro there is an old cemetery that spans both sides of the road. The story is a husband & wife died a few years apart & were buried on separate sides of the road. On their anniversary in either September or October you can see the ghosts come out of the cemetery & meet in the middle of the road.

Wilmington - Averill Stand - Averill Stand Historic Site was built in 1787, and was for many years the stagecoach stop between Bennington and Brattleboro on what is now Route 9. The Averill family managed the stagecoach stand on the site, hence the name Averill Stand, as well as the tavern and Inn. The family cemetery is on a small plot of land adjacent to the old pasture, and contains the bodies of many of the house's former occupants. One of those, Lavina Field Averill, is believed to have died in childbirth in the home, and it' is thought that she may be the spirit who has, several time, placed missing items on the kitchen counter. One visitor reports having seen a young woman in old clothing in the dining room. At night, always between 10:30 and 11:40, the current occupant's dogs run to the back door, barking, and watch someone or something, cross the back yard and walk to the old driveway. Some unseen being repeatedly rings the doorbell on snowy nights, leaving no trace of human footsteps. Perhaps it is Lavina, or perhaps it's Mrs. Brown, the wife of former lumber baron Martin Brown, who lived in the home for many years in the early 1900's, and died there. Mrs. Brown is known to visit at least one of the adjoining houses, in which she also resided. The house is noted for the repeated observations of spirit-sensitive folks for the warmth and friendliness and welcoming feel of the place, which many attribute to the spirits of the house.

Wilmington - The White House - The White House, a hotel, is said to be haunted by quite a few spirits. One is that of an old maid who used to work there. Also some say that there are hidden passages that one can find if they look hard enough.

Winooski - Winooski High School - In the 1960's, five Winooski High School students were killed in a crash coming back from Canada after a suspected night of drinking.   The local funeral home didn't have enough room in its parlors to hold all five bodies, so the others were laid out in the school gym.  A mass wake was held later held there.  Janitors have reported strange sightings since then up to present day when cleaning late at night, especially after sporting events.  Ghostly happenings include lights flicking on and off, lockers mysteriously opening and slamming shut all down the hall, echoing voices in the gym...etc.  But perhaps most frightening, the sound of wheels rolling along the gym floor, echoing the coffins being rolled into the gym for the wake.

Woodbridge - Road Off RT 1 - if you are going north you would make a right turn there is a narrow one lane under pass when you get near and drive under you get a really cold uneasy chill feeling. You feel nervous and want to lock all the car doors.


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