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Taipei - Hyatt Hotel - A visitor woke up one night and saw/felt someone shaking her leg. It is said that the site of the hotel was the scene of a mass grave of over 4000 people killed by the Japanese. The lobby of the hotel features a huge inscription to ward off ghosts.

Taipei - Xinhai tunnel - Xinhai tunnel connects the central Taipei to the outer rim of Taipei called Muja.  This tunnel is built on top of a hill that serves as a huge cemetery.  Over the years, many weird things have been happening.  Drivers who drive through this tunnel experience a "gue dong chiang".  Gue dong chiang is a Chinese word that refers to the phenomena in which you are trapped in a place and can not get out of it.  For example, if you are lost in a forest and keep on coming back to the same place.  In the case of the tunnel, drivers who drive through the tunnel seem trapped inside this tunnel.  They can see the end of the tunnel, but for some reason, no matter how fast they drive, they can never reach it.  Over the years, other strange sightings have occurred.  The most common sighting is an old woman who is dusting and cleaning the road right in the middle of the tunnel.  No matter how many times the drivers honk for the old woman to stop cleaning and get out of the way, the woman will just keep on dusting the road.  When the car is only a few feet from the old woman, the old woman will suddenly disappear in the thin air. 

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