In South Korea

Osan Air Force Base - Hill 180 - The site of the first battle between american and North Korean Communist forces during the opening months of the Korean War.  A depleted American unit closed with and destroyed a Communist unit, which was entrenched on the hill.  Both sides ran out of Ammunition, and gave the area its present name, Bayonet Hill. ANY time you walk the road on the hill alone you will hear whispers very close by.  And if you stop at the top of the hill for a few moments you WILL feel warm breath on your neck/ears.  These things happen constantly to anyone going alone there.  The spirits are harmless, just like messing with people.  I take it as proof they are soldiers.

Seoul - University of Seoul - It was said by some whom have stayed in some of the older dorms in University of Seoul that it was haunted by poltergeist activity. Some entities were kind and happy while others were restless and angered. The people of the dorms either moved out due to fear or treat the entities with respect, so they won't be harmed and make the spirits feel at content.

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