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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Barrington - Saint Andrews School - In the building McVickar it is said the old headmaster haunts it supposedly. He wears a red cape; he is seen walking around the building. You can feel a cold breeze and presence before you are able to see him. Many students as well as faculty members have claimed to have sighted him.

Block Island - Strange lights have been reported to appear at the south tip of this island. People have also claimed to hear the sound of a child crying. The occurrences are believed to be linked to the story of a ship that caught fire many years ago.

Block Island - Harbor Side Inn - Woman dressed in 19th century black dress on 3rd floor seen entering room 302. Desk clerks have reported a sensation on being grabbed around the waist from behind, as if someone were trying to move them out of the way.

Bristol - Colt School - It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the family that have their pictures in the auditorium. In the boys bathroom strange smells and voices are heard and at night you can sometimes see ghosts wondering the halls.

Bristol - Colt State Park - Used to be a farm until it was sold to the state in the 50's or 60's. Apparently a stable hand died in the barn (now used as the park office). staff has shut off lights and closed doors only to find them on or open when they come back a few hours later, but nothing much more than that. One witness reports he was going to his car from the beach at what is called "Suicide Hill" and saw two little girls walking up the path towards him. They vanished as he got closer. A guy who works there confirmed one of his ex-coworkers saw the same girls and heard giggling in the woods in that area. Supposedly two young sisters drowned in the waters off the point back in the 70's. The park closes at dark and is patrolled so you can't be in there late.

Bristol - Roger Williams University Theatre - The Barn - Originally two separate 19th century barns the Roger Williams theatre is home to a ghost sometimes referred to by the students as Banquo. I was told that a farm hand froze to death in the hayloft of one of the barns before it was the theatre. There have been accounts of cold spots where the temperature is significantly colder in a localized area. Also have the heavy stage 'blacks' blowing in the wind when there is no wind. Names being called by no one.

Central Falls - Cartie's health center - a nursing home that was built in the 50's. A temporary nurse working the graveyard shift reports - First night there, a well-dressed, friendly woman unlocked the door to cheerily let her in & gave her directions to the unit. Later en route to the candy machine on the ground floor, she passed the smiling, humming woman. The nurse commented to an aide that she wished that she was as "bright-eyed & bushy-tailed" as the lady downstairs. The aide said that there was no way that anyone was in the locked building & there were no employees or residents that fit that description. At the end of the shift this was confirmed.

Central Falls - Mansion Nursing Home - Report of a little girl spirit sighting. Staff, patients seeing shadows, hearing noises, reports of being touch and slapped when no one is around. Patients who normally don't speak French, are speaking French to a little girl. Nurses who walk in and ask the patient who they are speaking to and they claim a little girl, but the nurses don't see a little girl and three days later the patient would die.

Coventry - Nathaniel Greene Homestead - Feelings of cold spots, hearing doors slamming and people walking. Witnesses have reported the sensation of cannons firing and screaming.

Coventry - Phoenix (Harris) Fire Station - This fire station was built in 1887 and was used for a village meeting place as well as a fire department. Many gatherings where held within the station such as weddings and wakes in the early 1900s. Numerous people who work at this station as well as visitors have seen aberrations passing through the entrance to the stairwell on the first floor. Voices are often heard but never understood. People will often say they have the feeling of not being alone when in the dayroom. Personnel within the station openly speak of this haunting but can't say for certain who it may be.

Cranston - Park View Middle School - Reports of a male ghost haunting school after dying in pool.

Cranston - Rhode Island Prison - Guards have reported seeing a man jump off the side of the building of Maximum Security.

Cranston - Sprague Mansion - haunted by numerous ghosts in various rooms.

Cumberland - Cumberland Monastery - The ghost of a monk who has been known to move books or close books when people get up to do something. along the back trail has a phantom horse rider which will come upon you out of nowhere. A third apparition is of a child has been seen running in the swamp area and along some of the back trails.

Cumberland - Wets Wrentham Colonial House - Haunted by an old man who appears in dreams, makes rapping noises, makes appearances, and creates strange noises.

Cumberland - Tower Hill Road - Various numbers of Ghosts have been reported on this Road.  Most common is the Ghost of a little Girl whom is spitted in the front yard of one of the houses.  The road is narrow and twisting with a lot of Hills, the Deadliest curve, it's been reported that the Ghost of a little boy running with his dog.  Also, in this area sometimes a Toddler on a tricycle is spotted.  Many have spotted various, strange apparitions in the woods and fields along the road.  Often when traveling this road, people get a strange watched or haunted feeling.

Exeter - Chestnut Hill Cemetery - A young girl, Mercy Brown, died on Jan. 18, 1892. Her father later dug up her body thinking that she had become a vampire. With local help they removed her body and the medical doctor drained her organs of the remaining blood. This violation of her grave has caused Mercy to appear in the graveyard at night. Many witnesses report seeing strange blue lights moving in the graveyard.

Exeter - Vampire's Grave - A long and winding road where you go over two mini bridges and at the end there is a church and cemetery where there is a lady vampire buried. As you leave, supposedly when you go over the second bridge the vampire appears to be in front of your car. a truck comes from nowhere and follows you all the way to the highway and then disappears. .Mercy Brown and Vampire’s Grave Slide Show

Exeter - Joseph P. Ladd Center - aka: Ladd School (mental and rehabilitation hospital (1902-1982) - A compound of 10 buildings located in dank and barren meadows scattered with random sickly, creature-like trees surrounded by acres of dense coniferous woods in Exeter, RI.  Comprised of a Recreational Center containing a theatre, basketball courts, locker rooms, bowling alley, indoor swimming pools, classrooms, cafeterias and kitchens, and a sub-basement, 6 story Cylindrical Shaped Infirmary containing a padded cell, dental clinic, operating rooms, morgue, and x-ray clinic. Administration buildings, Dormitories, Classroom buildings, Crematorium, and Community building w/ greenhouse, and a room entirely filled with x-rays and incident reports of patients dating 1968 to 1987.  But the Hospital was supposedly closed in 1982. Anyway, a 400 foot elevated water tower amidst a grouping of trees overlooks the compound.  Hauntings have been orbs, streaks, and hazes of light recorded on film, both video and 35 mm print film, sounds of breathing and shuffling on tape recorders, wheelchairs and beds moved to different locations, feeling of being watched and followed throughout Infirmary and Recreational Center.  One person has had a camera smacked out of her hand and when she picked it up & smacked out of her hand a second time, music on car radio when driving into the compound even when the radio was off.  Outdoors, shadows of people move across fields in the distance into the woods; these shadows have been known to sneak up sometimes, and sort of disappear.  Leaves blow in the most mild and calm of weather.  One July 3rd, 2002 a group of explorers were in the 3rd floor nurses station at 11:30pm when from darkness of the long causeway connecting the infirmary to another building, came the sound of something slowly dragging what sounded like a piano with it's chords echoing for about 4 suddenly stopped...and all four of us suddenly looked at each other with panic written all over our faces. They all watched the color drain out of each others faces as they knew they all heard the same thing, then left immediately.

Foster - Dolly Cole's Grave Site - Dolly Cole, a suspected witch, lost her daughter to a house fire set by her neighbors thinking Dolly was in the house.  She swore revenge on them all, and is seen wondering along the dirt road near her gravesite. Hauntings also include a spirit appearing to hunters on a private sportsmanship club while hunting and upon the lake on opening day of trout season.

Kingston - Alpha Phi Sorority - A spirit named Patrick haunts the third floor and the basement floor. Water turns on and off, shelves are thrown from the walls, unexplained noises such as footsteps and loud banging against doors. Patrick, who was killed when he was very young, is rumored to be the son of the owner of the House.

Kingston - Chi Omega Sorority - A woman has appeared standing near the fire escape at the end of the third floor. Doors and windows have been known to open and close on the third floor. And the house father heard his name being called when no-one was home. The resident spirit is unknown.

Kingston - University of Rhode Island - Sigma Pi House - A few of the rooms have had TV unexpectedly turn on and off, lights have been know to just blow up at times. Occasionally there has been a figure seen through windows sitting in the chapter room when the doors have been locked all night.

Kingston - University of Rhode Island - Theta Delta Chi Fraternity - A ghost named Barbara haunts the third floor of this building. Her child has been seen bouncing a ball down the main aisle of the third floor sleeping decks.

Kingston - University of Rhode Island - Will Theatre – Theater J - There has only been one occasion of violence regarding George - a teacher who will remain nameless whom a lot of the students did not like was standing at the top of the steps leading down into Theatre J (next to Will) when she felt 2 hands shove her from behind; she fell down the stairs. Nobody else was in the vicinity.

Mapleville/Burrilville - Woods in Maureen Cir - The Swamp Bride - This true story happened during the month of august in the 1810s Katherine Donahue was a tall dirty blonde haired lady. She was in love with Jonathan Cuttle who she was to marry in September. Her life was as you could say perfect except for one thing there was one man who lived right near her he lived alone and was obsessed with Katherine. His name was David Jones. Besides him Katherine loved her life. One day Katherine and her younger brother Charles went down to a nearby swamp. Katherine went to get water for the family and Charles went hunting pheasant. At David s house David went mad. He knew Katherine would never love him and David charged out the door with a black knife. He stopped at Jonathan s farm first. Jonathan was picking hay with a pitchfork. He put it down and turned around. David slowly grabbed the fork and jabbed the fork into Jonathan s back. Katherine was sitting by the water  David saw her and threw his knife at her which went right threw her neck. She started screaming in pain as she dropped to the ground and died.Rocking chairs have been heard rocking in the halls and voices and noises are heard late at night in the halls.

Narragansett - Old Wedderburn House - the ghost of a small woman in a black veil haunts this house.

Narragansett - South County Museum - Figures seen walking from room to room in the main office building (that was once and old farm house).  Creepy feeling in the basement of the museum hall.  Things reported being moved overnight in the museum hall by the only person who had the key.  A former employee reported seeing a full apparition outside via the reflection on a computer monitor.  The apparition was thought to be a real person that was coming into the one came in, and no one was in the parking lot. The "person" was reported to have been wearing early 1900's garb, plaid/pastel blazer with kakis, a tan round flat straw/wicker? hat, with a matching breif case.  The museum is located where the beach house/mansion of former Governor Sprague used to be.  And very close to Narragansett town beach, the "it" beach to be in victorian times."

Newport - Agassiz Mansion on Castle Hill - This large home, now used as an inn, is haunted by a female spirit that is supposedly related to the house's builder, Mr. Agassiz. The ghost has appeared to various staff members over the last 25 years and has even been known to throw china in the pantry.

Newport - Belcourt Castle - Chapel - There is a statue of a monk in the chapel of the castle. Before it was placed in the chapel, it was near the stairs. A person going through the house would sometimes see a man dressed as a monk near the stairs. He hasn't been seen since he was moved to the chapel. Also, reportedly all the ghosts come from these antiques. The castle was built by Oliver Belmont in the late 1800's during the gilded age of Newport.

Newport - Belcourt Castle - Gothic Ballroom - there are 2 Chairs in the have spirits in them. Put your hand near the chairs, your hand gets cold and prickly, try to sit in one, there is resistance, try to sit in the other, it might throw you out. There is suit armor in the Gothic ballroom whose owner died when a spear went through the eye slot and out the other end. He can be heard screaming in and around March.

Newport - Bretton Point - There is an old, abandoned stable and widow's walk on a tower top in the back of the "kite-flying" field. There are noises and voices such as banging, horse trotting, and conversations. Many people have experienced a wide variety of phenomenon.

Newport - Elks Lodge - There is a portrait of a woman and her child at the top of a staircase in the building. If you look at the portrait sometimes you cant see the child as well. This supposedly means that she is walking around in the second floor of the lodge. There has also been sightings of the child and footsteps moving around upstairs. There has also been strange occurrences such as lights flicking on and off.

Newport - Le Petite Auberge - This is documented on A&E TV special. A cook was alone in the locked restaurant and passed an upstairs room. She saw a man sitting there at the table. She went to tell him the place was closed and then noticed he was dressed in an oldtime uniform. He vaporized before her eyes. Silverware often rattles on the tables and the owner’s wife saw the ghost sitting behind her when she turned while doing her books. She ran out petrified.

Newport - Porter Mansion - Richard Washburn Child haunts this building in which he died.

Newport - Salve Regina University - Carey Mansion - supposedly a nun hung herself. The room is boarded up and every month a priest has to come in and bless the house.

Newport - Salve Regina University - McAuley Hall - is haunted by a little boy who fell out of a window while watching his parents arrive by boat.

Newport - The Astors' Beechwood mansion - Candles blowing out by themselves and foot steps on a secret stair case. Strange images and sounds. Cold spots and just "knowing" that someone was watching you.

Newport - Viking Hotel - Sounds of a party coming from an abandon area above guest rooms on the back side of the hotel.

North Kingstown - Scallabrini Villa - haunted by the ghosts of children that have died there. It is presently a nursing establishment composed of two building facilities. The new building was erected in 1995. However the older building completed way back, unsure of the date, was originally a Rhode Island Hospital children's facility. It is said that children could be heard laughing, crying, or playing. Particularly, room 103 is said to be the room where many spirits stay. Keep in mind that it presently houses retired nuns and priests, and is under direction of the Scallabrini Fathers, so you may not be able to gain access.

North Kingstown - School Street - the graveyard at the beginning of school street near post road is very haunted. People have seen people walking through the graveyard at night and have seen lights flashing with no explanation

Pawtucket - Author St. - On the floor of an apartment there are hauntings. The apartment building was built over the cemetery, and at night you can see and hear a man playing the piano.

Providence - Benefit Street - Historic Benefit Street, with it's historic homes, is said to be the most haunted location in RI. There have been numerous sightings along this street. One in particular, is of a horse drawn carriage, seen by several people over the years. There have also been sightings of an old woman in the attic window of one of the historic homes that line this street. There has even been reference to the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe walking the streets of this area during the early morning hours. Apparently, Poe had been dating a woman from this area before his death.

Providence - Fairfield Inn - On the bottom floor in one the rooms closer to the front, a ghost dressed in old clothes from approx the late 1700's with a triangle shaped hat. Weathered, leathery looking face. Dressed as a farmer not military. Stands in face and mumbles no words could be made out.

Providence - Johnson and Wales University - A dormitory that used to be a monastery is supposedly haunted by a nun that went crazy nearly 60 years ago. She is seen walking on all the floors late at night. Also one of the rooms on the second floor has walls that bleed.

Providence - Johnson and Wales University - Xavier Hall - Formerly St. Xavier Rectory - Students have reported furniture moving in their dorm rooms. Some have felt tremendous cold feelings and almost audible anger coming from some rooms. This has not been documented, but it seems that a nun may have been murdered by a priest there at some time.

Providence - Providence College - Aquinas Hall - is one haunted dorm in particular that was the setting for a fire, which took place in 1977. Many girls lost their lives in this fire. 5 of the girls died of smoke inhalation and 2 by falling out the window of the fourth floor while trying to escape. The fire started near room 405. To this day things are found missing only to turn up in strange places. A number of strange occurrences happen too such as doors opening and closing, faucets turning on by themselves, cold spots, radios that turn on mysteriously, and strange forms have even turned up in photographs.

Providence - Providence College - Dore Hall - This dormitory used to be an infirmary for the fatally ill with a morgue in the basement. Strange figures have often been seen roaming the halls.

Warwick - The Aldrich Mansion - supposedly one of the Aldrich daughters killed herself by jumping off a balcony. There have been some sightings there by employees.

Providence - Rhode Island School of Design - Barstow House - -Barstow House's Tourquoise and Red rooms are said to be haunted by demonic beings that cause bouts of depression as well as extreme cold. Also, the rest of the house has rather large eerie mirrors that are Said to reflect ghosts late at night.

Providence - Rhode Island School of Design - Dexter House - -Dexter House was once an old morgue, now many spirits still roam about the building, however most of these apparitions are friendly.

Providence - Rhode Island School of Design - Dunnel House - -holds many spirits, the most menacing is in the basement. This ghost has been seen by many people and felt by almost everyone who has gone downstairs. It has been known to knock over trash cans, play with the light fixtures and television, and bring chills to anyone in the room. It occasionally appears in the form of a large shadow. In the back stairwell on the second floor, there resides a female spirit who appears to students through the window.

Providence - Rhode Island School of Design - Farnum Hall - - is the home of many spirits, some of which are troublesome, some friendly. Many students also claim to have seen these ghosts. It is reported that some students have seen apparitions standing above their beds late at night, and throughout the day and night, noises of people walking and whispers can be heard throughout the building.

Providence - Rhode Island School of Design - Homer Hall - there are two spirits that reside on the fourth floor. One is a male entity that has been known to be seen in the bathroom. He also is known for playing with people's music selections and breaking windows. It is said that a young man killed himself by jumping off of the balcony back in the 70's when the hall was new. The other Homer four ghost is a woman who has been seen in a few of the rooms. She turns on faucets in the girls bathroom, and reportedly blood has been randomly seen there late at night in the shower stalls. On the ground floor lounge, students claim the VCR and Television sometimes work on their own will, and also visible shadows move about the room. Homer two is the home of the ghost of an old man who wanders the halls at all times of the day. An angry entity haunts the ground floor of Nickerson Hall. When walking through the underground passage between Homer and Nickerson, students can hear something banging on the metal doors in one of the storage rooms. The poltergeist has been known to move about the ground floor of Nickerson on occasion.

Providence - Rhode Island School of Design - Nightengale House - has a tricky poltergeist that inhabits the basement and first floor lounge. It has been known to move furniture, and cause issues with electrical circuitry. It also has been reported that the spirit will try to push people down the stairs. Photos taken outside the home have been seen with multiple orbs.

Providence - Rhode Island School of Design - Pardon Miller House - RISD Outer Housing - is the home of two young children who have been seen by students working in the basement. Also, a young woman's voice can be heard by students on the second floor of the house. She has been seen on occasion.

Providence - Ridgeway avenue - People who live in the house around this street claim to see ghost walking around in the woods 1 house in particular is haunted by numerous spirits

Riverside - Charles Loof Carousel - The Charles Loof Carousel, also known as Crescent Park Carousel is over 100 years old and at once had an amusement park, and a ballroom. Now all that is left is the Carousel because in the 1960's the Ballroom burned to the ground. Its has been said that people were burned to death in this fire. An employee reports when she opens up in the morning, sometimes the music turns on without anyone else being there and the lights flicker. They also report seeing woman in bellhooped skirts walking around down near the water. There also used to be train tracks where now is the bike path. At night you can hear the trains and see lights flashing wildly. Not only has all of this happened in the past in this small town but at the Crescent Park beach a man murdered his wife in 1989 and buried her in the sand. Whenever you go to sit near where he had buried her, you get a feeling of anger and you feel like your freezing up because of a coldness that hits you.

Rumford - Wannamoisett country club - At night if you drive on bent road, and step out of your car and walk about 20 steps onto the 18th fairway of Wannamoisett country club you will 2 Indians riding on horses that will come chasing towards you if you are seen. They have been known to run to the people watching and disappear right before it hits you.

South Kingstown - Great Swamp - This was a place of a massacre that took place during the colonial era. There was a battle between the colonists and the Indians. This was called a massacre because the Indians were not prepared against the advanced weaponry of the colonists. Now this place has been a burial ground of the Indians at night you could still hear the war cries, and gunshots and screaming and crying that took place and see Indians dressed in war regalia walking through the swamp.

Wakefield - Allen Avenue - A protective ghost haunts the top floors of this old Victorian.  It slams doors, sometimes emits an odd stench, turns up the heat, and turns on electrical appliances.  The ghost is unknown but referred to as "Satan" because of its need for hellish temperatures.

Warren - Kickemuit River - School house roads - It is said that there are seven haunted heads there if u go at the right time u can see them. The head are seen floating above seven poles where they were posted as a warning to all English pioneers not to go on the land. this warning was put up by the Native Americans that didn’t want the English invading.

Warren - Mechanics Fire Station#2 - during the night when people sleep over a grayish blue cloud is seen in the second flomr hovering around, going through solid objects ie.. Couch pool table. There is a odor of burnt wood after a sighting, and there is cold areas located around after and during visits.

Warwick - Fairfield Marriot Inn - Apparition of a man in Farmers clothing seen at 4:00 A.M. on the fifth floor. Children have been heard running on the fourth floor when there are no children in the inn. A couple of the rooms are also known to be haunted and cold spots have been felt, and unknown voices have been caught when using a tape recorder.

Warwick - The Old Veteran Cemetery - Reports of hearing twigs snapping, shadows moving by the lake, and seeing strange shapes kneeling behind the graves have been reported.  Also, at night the is a tree in the center of the cemetery that looks like a demon. 

West Greenwich - Matteson Farm - In the 1830's farmhouse residents often hear heavy footsteps, windows that open and close, and water faucets which turn themselves on and off. The house, retaining most of its original construction materials and situated across the street from the Matteson family cemetery, is creaky, drafty and very dark in the winter evenings. While the goings-on in question may be attributed to bad water pressure, settling beams, etc., there is a charming atmosphere, which almost demands the presence of a nineteenth-century farmer's ghost.

West Warwick - Kent County Times Building - Several employees of the Times reported strange sensations and feelings of panic when working in a storage room on the third floor of the building.  The same has happened in the men's lavatory on the same floor.  One employee quit after being "followed" by someone she couldn't see.  It is rumored that a man killed himself by hanging in the third floor stairwell.

West Warwick - St. Mary's Church - This is the first Catholic church built in Rhode Island.  The building of it was met with resistance by the local Protestants who were the majority at the time.  The builder and his wife Mary completed the church anyway despite warnings that if the ground was broken for the church, the person who dug the first shovel of earth would lie beneath it.  That unfortunate person was Mary.  It is her spirit who supposedly haunts the church.  Lights have been turned on and off, candles have inexplicably gone out and items have been moved from various areas of the church.  She seems to be a benevolent spirit and the priests at the church accept her as part of the parish. 

Woonsocket - Mount St. Charles Academy - The ghost of an elderly brother (priest) is said to roam the halls of the 4th floor after dark.  Apparently he was murdered by a student way back in the early 1900's when the Academy was an all boy’s boarding school.

Woonsocket - Woonsocket High School Auditorium - It was said that 2 people got killed falling off the scaffolding during the original building of the high school. One of the two who were killed has been seen and felt in the auditorium on multiple occassions by kids in the band and chorus. It shuts down lights, turns on the spotlights, turns on the music and other audio equipment.. and it has been heard that it sometimes makes noises during nightly rehersals, etc.. It once shut the curtains half way during a senior assembly. (there is a ladder that leads to a dark tunnel near the ceiling to get to the spotlight room). The spirit has been seen in the spotlight room and everyone is now too afraid to actually go up there.


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