In Ohio

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Aberdeen - Aberdeen Baptist Church - There is an uneasy feeling when you walk or drive past the church late in the evenings. Apparitions of 3 children can be seen; 2 girls and a boy standing outside the church. They seem to vanish when you look at them. Large black birds have been seen flying out of the church windows and vanish. Screams can be heard coming from inside the church at night.

Adams - Blue Creek - Mt. Unger Cemetery - It is known to be that if you go there at night you can see a guy that hung himself so that he could be with his wife, that he killed.

Akron - Archbishop Hoban High School - The new art rooms, tutoring center and admissions office and the school was built in the remodeled building were the old Brothers dormitories had been (The school is run by the Brothers Of Holy Cross) and it has been reported that on the feast of St. Joseph (the Brothers patron saint) a line of men in dark priest robe can be seen walking through out the wing of the school looking for their old rooms. They have never been seen anywhere else in the school. The men’s locker rooms are haunted by a boy believed to have played basketball for the school, but was killed in a car crash in the late 1980's.

Akron - The Akron Civic Theatre - Well-known story still told by some of the theatre's tour guides is the story of Fred the janitor. Fred was a life-long employee of the Civic, back in the days when it was called the "Loews Theatre". He died on the premises, but his ghost still tends to duties, namely keeping vandals at bay in the bathrooms. The Civic has been the site of many high school proms, and several sightings have been reported of a figure that "attacks" would-be vandals. Another ghost reported many times is that of a young woman that weeps by the canal that still runs under the theatre and through parts of the city underground. This same canal was the lifeline of the city in the early 1800's, so many think she is a "shade" that remains from the early canal days.

Akron - Hower House and TKE House - The Hower House, currently owned by the University of Akron, has a well-known female ghost purported to be one of the Howers. She apparently is angry due to husband's infidelity and likes to scare male workers and guests. There are also reports that one of the fraternity houses nearby is also haunted, and this ghost has been seen by students. The ghost is that of a young girl servant who died in the home when it was still used as a residence and is buried in a hard to find grave located behind the house. She has been seen both in the house itself and on the grounds outside.

Akron - Litchfield Middle School - There is a ghost that haunts Litchfield, supposedly Mr. Litchfield himself. The janitor that works there told my teacher (who told me) that at night doors open and shut, lockers open and shut, and he hears footsteps and laughter. I myself have had experiences when I was sitting in class, not paying attention, and the door was swinging back and forth when no one was in front of it or behind it. My teacher heard footsteps and an old janitor haunts the school too.

Akron - Norton - Cry Baby Bridge - There is a bride over in Norton That has been the talk of Akron for a haunting for years. The story is that a lady was pregnant and had her baby in the Lodge house next to the bridge. The woman didn't want her baby so she threw it over the bride into the creek at midnight. The story is \, if you go to the bridge at 12, then you can here the baby cry and watch the lady throw the baby into the creek. There is a rumor that some type of animal guards the creek and it is said to be bigger than a man.

Akron - Rogues Hollow - Cry Baby Bridge - Same Bridge as above/different story - There is a little bridge near a vacant house called Cry Baby Bridge. Legend states that in the early 1900's, there was a supposed witch that was impregnated by a married man. The towns' people decided to take the baby away from her, and she would have none of this. Rather than her child be taken, the woman threw it off the bridge. People claim that you can sometimes hear the baby crying in the middle of the night while standing on the bridge.

Akron - Rose Hill Burial Park - The back of this sprawling cemetery faces several acres of forest, and many people claim to have seen a "lady in white" back there. Sometimes a mist will cover the grounds at night, limiting visibility.

Akron - Summit County Juvenile Detention Home - a ghost of a matron that worked and was killed here is seen.

Akron - University of Akron - Sigma Nu House - The Sigma Nu House in Akron has been haunted for many years. The house was purchased by Sigma Nu from a sorority on the campus. Legend has it, one of the sorority members hung herself in the boiler room at the house. Many of the Sigma Nu members have had run-ins with her spirit. Still today, no member of Sigma Nu will go into the boiler room by themselves.

Akron - University of Akron - Sorority house - Sisters who live in the sorority house have had plates thrown at them in the kitchen and break when they hit the wall. Closet doors in the attic fly open and slam shut when there is no one up there. From the first floor, you can hear people walking around and moving furniture upstairs when no one else is home.

Alliance - Glamorgan castle­ - William Morgan built the Castle at Alliance Ohio in 1902 and 1903.Today The Glamorgan Castle is haunted the ghosts is William H. Morgan have been seen to this day.

Alliance - The Old Orphanage - There is an old orphanage owned by a local family that sets right off a side street. Several of my friends were given a tour of the orphanage by it's past owners. They were told that many of the orphans that died were buried in the basement. Also, there were rooms located in the house that were used for shock treatment sessions. They took a self-guided tour through the house and reported that they saw sparks coming out of the room where the shock therapy took place. Also, they saw a baby doll in one room; the doll was also in the next room that they went to. They went back to the first room and found that the doll was missing from it. There were cold spots throughout the house.- November 2003 update - burned down summer of 2002.

Amanda - Amanda Elementary School - Located near Crystal Tissue Factory the Children whom have attended Amanda Elementary school always have an interesting story or two. Right next to the current school is a much larger but condemned school. Kids report few weird occurrences, such as looking at the school and seeing a small child run real quick in front of the window, or hearing a noise come from the building at recess. Or ever seeing a mist at the treetops of the woods directly behind the school. Kids have a few stories about the school. Here are a few, one is that a teacher was to be fire, he flipped out and killed many students and teachers with a gun. The other is that for a while it was an insane asylum, and the last is that the kids teased a girl saying her mother was a witch, so her mother put a curse on the school, and the school caught fire trapping many people inside, they say it is her ghost that causes the fog in the woods. - September 2004 update: Has since been torn down.
June 2008 additional info/correction: There was never a fire there while it was a school, there was never a teacher who shot anyone, nor a witch that put a curse on anyone. The only incident there was in the mid 1970s, when someone was shooting a gun in the woods behind the school. A bullet struck a child who was playing behind the school. The child lived.

Amelia - formerly submitted as Columbus - Dead Man's Curve - a car full of teenagers going at 100-150 mph then stroke a car all teenagers were killed one survived a guy named Rick the story says that he has no head cars have went by and saw the man they say he has killed more than 100 people he walks with his thump up. - April 2007 Additional information/ correction - formerly submitted as Columbus - This was a dangerous turning intersection where many people had lost their live. It was once part of the Ohio Turnpike built in 1831, until the state rebuilt the road into a straight four-lane road in 1969. In October of that year, five teens were killed when their 1968 Impala was hit by a 1969 Roadrunner going more than 100 miles per hour. Only one guy survived. Since that day, the intersection has been haunted by a faceless hitchhiker, who the survivor has personally seen at least five times. The ghost is described as a shadowy figure in three dimensions. Psychics with no knowledge of the site have described it as very evil. A driverless Impala and a ghostly green Roadrunner have been seen in the area as well.

Amherst - Gore Orphanage - little girl and boy died because they were homeless and had no food or water for weeks TVs turn on and off of kid's channels.

Arrville - Mt. Eaton Road - When you go down mt. Eaton Road, there is a haunted cemetery hidden down a long driveway. When you go there at night, there are these huge gravestones that glow bright green. If you touch them and they turn blue, they are at your house murdering you family. If it turns pink, they are right behind you and are very dangerous. If you run they will chase you until you pee your pants. Literally.

Ashland - Brookside Park - by the pond there is an old brown bridge that a girl somewhere around 1990 hung herself, due to her boyfriend cheating on her, or liking another girl, they say she may have been helped, and can be seen at night running by the pond.

Ashland - The Haunted Tunnel -rte 42 going towards Mansfield - The road directly to the right of Corathers Exterminating, follow that road till you come to a bridge. Stop just inside the bride and turn your lights off, then put the car in neutral and your car will be pushed or pulled through the tunnel even though the ground is totally flat.

Ashtabula - Chestnut Grove Cemetery - On Dec. 29th, 1876 the Pacific Express traveled over a bridge, carrying about 159 passengers. Only the first engine made it to the other side just as the bridge began to collapse. The remainder of the train broke away and fell to the bottom of the ravine. About 90 people died; most of them burned alive while trapped inside the crushed cars. Legend says that the ghosts of the victims return to the bottom of the bridge on the anniversary of the disaster.

Athens - Ohio University - the most haunted building on campus is Wilson Hall on West Green. County records show that the dorm was built over an old, Indian burial mound. Most of the Wilson Hall hauntings seem to be centered around the fourth floor. Students have reported seeing apparitions, hearing voices, mysterious slamming doors and flying objects.

Athens - Ohio University - Washington hall - there was a girls basketball team staying in the dorms at Washington hall for a basketball camp, and they were killed on the way home ad since they had a such a good time the haunt the arch of Washington hall. if you stand under it long enough you can hear the girls bouncing the balls and giggling.

Athens - Ohio University - Wilson Hall - Reports of banging, cold spots, blood would appear on the walls no mater how many times it was painted. And other strange phenomena such as the face of a demon showing up in the wood grain on a dorm room door, where a girl believed to be possessed killed herself.

Athens - The Ridges - Old State Mental Hospital - after being closed in the 1980's rumored to be haunted by the locals.

Athens - Strouds Run - They say that if you go to Strouds Run, at any time of night, you can see a buffalo drinking from the stream. The buffalo was the last buffalo of the area and it was made a law not to kill it. Later locals named the buffalo Stroud. Then one day the British or French, not sure which army it was, killed the buffalo. Well, the U.S got really mad and started killing all the soldiers in the camp. One of the soldiers took the skull of the buffalo and hid all of the army’s money in it then buried it... and it has never been found.

Aurua - Cedar Fair Inc. - formerly Six Flags Worlds of Adventure - One day a little boy went on the ride "Superman" and he was too small. While on the ride he flew out of his seat and landed on his head. He died shortly after. Some say if you sit in seat 2 in the last row at 5:26 PM you can hear the screaming and the thud of the little boy's head hitting the pavement. - March 2004 additional info/correction: there has never been a boy who has died on the superman ride. although the submitter to the correction do belives the park is haunted. one ride is called the Hay Bayler is frequently visited by a ghosts and there are other areas of the park that are haunted. their have only been 2 deaths sence the park changed the name from geauga lake to six flags. one of the deaths was a girl who had drown in the wave pool. the other was a girl who worked there. she was on the batman ride,(she wasnt riding it, but she was working on something) and she fell. - June 2008 Update: They have closed down the ride side of the park and is now just a warterpark.

Austintown - Austin Log Cabin - January 2004 correction and update: A local paranormal group Zerotime Paranormal - went to check this story out and found that there was no accident of this nature. You can check out the Ohio department of agriculture to look up the incident report. They investigate all ride accidents and deaths.- The Austin log cabin was built in the late 1700's by the township's founder, John Austin. The cabin is now a historic building in the community and is said to be guarded by a headless solider. The curator of the cabin has said she has seen him numerous times while working their. Residents have also reported to see a headless figure in the upstairs windows as they drive past.

Avon Lake - Avon Lake High School - A figure of a ghost was seen in the auditorium of the school. Many students have heard loud banging noises and have seen mysterious lights. An old janitor, by the name of Clark Danbury died a terrible death in the early 1900's and he comes here to take care of his place.

Bainbridge - Chagrin Valley Athletic Club - Library Guests complain of feeling somebody watching them, hearing a whip hitting someone and a little girl crying. The library was an old schoolhouse from the eighteen hundreds and a little girl was hit to death by her teacher.

Batavia - Hells Church - On the entrance ramp to state route 32 leaving Batavia there is an access road to the left where an old car dealership used to be follow that road to its end take a left and follow the trail to the old chimney standing by itself in the field this is where the church used to be 20 years ago it stood painted red with stained glass windows it stands no more because of a bolt of lightning burned it to the ground one night during a blood ritual on all hallows eve this was at one time a heavy party spot to hang around until strange and unusual things happened like floating orbs and shrill screams ,vehicles driving up behind you that aren’t really there. Today all that stands is the chimney of the old church and grass will not grow on the old areas of the altar.

Bay Village - High School - Students hear bangs and see knobs turning in the light booth of the auditorium and he is unknown. The spirit messes with the sound switches and makes light flicker at times during practices. Also students hear foot steps.

Bay Village - Huntington Playhouse - There are 2 ghosts one is of the owner of the land Mr. Huntington(but he sold it to the theatre owners)and the second is an old electrician(not sure of his name)he will turn the lights on and off while there is a play practice going on.

Beaver Creek - Carpenter Road - In the mid 70's a man hung himself from one of the trees near the bend. On foggy nights you can see a shadow walking and hear moaning. - June 2008 Update: they have changed Carpenter Road. It doesn't bend anymore, they have turned the bend into a 3-way intersection leading into an apartment complex or condominiums or something. The have also built a giant middle school in one of the fields near carpenter road, so you may not actually be able to see hanged man anymore.

Bellefontaine - Camp Wilson - This is a camp over 100 years old, there are numerous ghosts that are said to roam the camp at night, the most haunted area is known as the Y tree. there are hundreds of sightings every year, the most occurring ghosts are "Abe" a ghost said to be seen on trails roaming the grounds with a stove pipe hat and "Timmy" a ghost that is heard giggling and running around by the rail road tracks.

Berea - Baldwin-Wallace - Kohler Hall - A current dormitory for Baldwin-Wallace College, this building was built in the mid 1800s, and used as a hospital during the civil war. It has been (among other things), a part of the Underground Railroad, a psychiatric institution, an orphanage, and a morgue. The basement is where the most people have died, as it was where the most critical soldiers were taken, slaves hid, and then bodies were taken to the morgue in later years. The college has blocked off an old tunnel connecting the basement to the college chapel, due to 'student complaints', and the door to that section of the basement has been locked. Noises have been heard by most residents, along with footsteps. The doors also open occasionally, for no apparent reason.

Bexley - Capital University - There is said to be a ghost of one of the Biology Professors roaming the halls of the science building. He appears to be in his sixties and walks through the labs wearing a white lab coat and carrying a beaker and apothecary bottle. He has also been known to put away glassware and models used in the labs by students when they are done. Animals in the lab have been mysteriously released from their locked cages and microscopes have flown across the room, smashing into walls.

Bexley - Capital University - Kerns Relgious Life Center - the basement of the oldest building on campus, Witnesses have felt an extremely cold feeling and had difficult time breathing. They have also reported experiencing an instant feeling of dread. It is rumored that the tower is haunted. When maintance turns of the lights in the tower, before they even get to the bottom of the staircase the lights are back on.

Bowling Green - BGSU's Joe E. Brown Theatre - rumored to be haunted by a ghost known as "Alice". The Hat Room in the theatre is also known to have a strange presence and has sent many a student running out for no explainable reason.

Bowling Green - Bowling Green State University - Chi Omega sorority house is haunted by a former pledge from the 1940'or 1950's that got killed by train on the near by train tracks.

Bowling Green area - Holcomb Road - the story is that a bunch of kids where on a Catholic field trip and the driver lost control and every one disappeared and they say at night if you shut off your car some one will push it and no one will be there also at night this white thing goes past and there are red eyes far into the woods and in the day time you can see people made out of sticks hanging out from the tree and there is cloths scattered every where and dead cats in the ditches and writing in the stones

Bowling Green - State University - There are two ghosts on campus. 1. Alice, a ghost who is suppose to haunt the Joe E. Brown theater on campus. 2. Amanda, a ghost who is suppose to haunt the Chi Omega Sorority house on campus.

Bowling Green Area - Holcomb Woods - The Holcomb Woods are located on Holcomb Road, just off of 199 near Bowling Green. As the legend goes, a bus full of children was traveling down Holcomb Road when the driver grew incredibly angry and steered the bus into the woods, taking out a bunch of small trees and coming to rest at a large one. The driver was killed on impact. It is on this tree that the driver's face is seen. The bus burst into flames, killing all onboard. If you take Holcomb Road from 199 just past the edge of the woods, you'll need to turn your vehicle to face 199. Shortly after you turn off your headlights, radio stations will scramble and cell phones will lose signals. A single headlight will come straight at you and suddenly disappear when it reaches the tree.

Bowling Green - Wood County Historical Museum - Bowling Green, Ohio Wood County Historical Museum, County Home Road. The museum was one an infirmary and nursing home. Ghostly noises have been heard in and near the shed where insanepatients were locked long ago. Also, a padlock on a door was once seen to spin without being touched.

Bradford - Bradford Sanitarium - The Bradford Sanitarium was Built in the late 1920's and was burned down in 1935 Late at night around where it was built people have said to have seen Orbs floating in the air.

Brooklyn - Brooklyn High School - In the high school's auditorium there is a believed ghost named Clarence. Before concerts & plays someone must ask the ghost's permission to use the auditorium. If someone does not ask permission many things go wrong. One year during a musical play performance all lights went out except the house lights. After the audience had left it was determined that nothing at all was wrong with the lights, then they came back on. It is rumored that Clarence was on the second level in the auditorium and fell off and died.

Brooklyn - Brooklyn High School - Dark Room - Many students that have the photography class here at Brooklyn High School say that when the go in the room to develop film that they hear noises and it feels like there's someone in the room with them. They report hearing laughing and giggling. Also they hear a young (child boy or girl) crying.

Brooklyn - Brooklyn Middle School - This school is known to be haunted. Many students believe there is a ghost named Clarence haunting the halls and a ghost named John haunting the lower floors. John was a student at Brooklyn Middle School seventy-five years ago. After his graduation ceremony, John died in a car wreck. He was a rather shy student that was frequently picked on. People say that he watches out for students who are bullied. The origin of Clarence is unknown.

Brown County/Fincastle - Old School House - Located off State rt.62 is what is left of an old school house that was closed in the1960s even though the 2nd floor has fell to the 1st, lights can still be seen in the 2nd floor windows and other rooms as well. Local people years ago used to enter the school at night with flash lights to watch groups of ghost children walking in single file up and down the halls. they have also said that a man with a lantern can be seen walking around the school with a little girls screams in the background "No daddy no please stop!"

Brunswick - Brunswick Haunted Mansion - There is a mansion set off the road in Brunswick, that is said to be haunted in the bay windows at the front of the house there have been sightings of figures moving to and from the window. Any one who dares to go there will in some cases be chased out by a ghost who legend has it hung himself from the old metal spiral staircase in the corner of his destroyed house. In areas of the house at night you can feel icy-cold spots and here glass breaking in the parts of the house and no one else is there. If you dare to get in and get out it is a highly patrolled area by police and you will be arrested. - June 2005 Update: It has since been torn down

Brunswick - Johnny's Pub and Grill - Salt shakers will smash against the wall. The freezer door will open and close for no reason. Food left unattended will have things added to them upon return.

Cable - crybaby bridge - It has been said that a young woman threw her baby off the bridge and then jumped to her own death as a train was on the tracks below in mid November. it is also said that if you go across the bridge at midnight your car stalls on the bridge and you can hear a train whistle blow a baby cry and a woman scream after everything happens your car will start and you can go on your way. - June 2008 Update: torn down in early 2004. It has since been filled with dirt and turned into a road instead.

Calcutta - East Liverpool - Beaver Creek Canal systemA reporter once took a picture and when it was developed there was some figures of Native Americans in it. And one particular ghost is that of Gretchen, who as a child died of unknown reasons and you can still hear her cries coming from the park.

Calcutta - East Liverpool - Beaver Creek State Park - Esther Hale has allegedly been haunting the bridge over Beaver Creek for nearly 165 years, since she was stood up at her own wedding in 1837. Four months after her wedding date, Esther was found dead in her home, her bridle veil still over her face. Some say she is still dressed in white looking for her groom, and if you travel over the Beaver Creek bridge on August 12th each year, you'll see her. Don't let her get too close-her touch will kill you.

Calcutta - East Liverpool - Gretchen’s Lock - Gretchen was the daughter of a wealthy man, who possibly came from England. Gretchen drowned as a small child in the creek, as many have done over the years. (Swimming is now prohibited in the creek as is canoeing). Gretchen was buried in an actual "lock".... one that was previously used in the canal at the creek in earlier days. Her father moved back to England and was so broken-hearted over the loss of his daughter that he had her body exhumed and moved back to England. The lock remains, but the hauntings do not take place there, but instead, at the place where she drowned, which is now named "Gretchen's Lock" (another smaller part of the Beaver Creek park). It is said by many that Gretchen actually helped others, mostly small children, who found themselves in danger in the creek when swimming was still allowed, and that she can still be seen and heard today. She has been seen by so many that the story is easy to believe. It is also told that you can hear Gretchen crying for all of the other's that had drowned in the creek. She is a very helpful ghost and the most popular here in the Tri-State area.

Cambridge - Northwood Cemetery - A woman in a white formal gown haunts the cemetery on clear summer nights, she will appear and the dissolve in a short time. Looks to be in a dress from the 20s.

Cambridge - The Colonel Taylor Bed & Breakfast Inn - the 9,000 sq ft Colonel Taylor & his lady haunt Victorian Mansion built in 1878. Guests have seen them. They are quite friendly and seem to be watching over us like angels. He walks the stairs and she seams to float down them. They shake our bed on occasion and you will get a cold chill when they are present!

Canal Fulton - Lock 4 - Information is hard to find on this place but there is some out there and I have found it. Back when the canal started construction in 1857 many men worked on it complex structure. The man who was head of this operation caught wind of the government shutting down the Canal Fulton operation. He was angered and while working burned many of the workers and him self with acid. His hateful spirit still haunts the building and waterways of lock four along with many of the poor souls he killed

Canal Fulton - Warehouse on the Canal - This is a brick building that was built in 1906 and was the home of Finnefrock Furniture for many years. There have been reports of apparitions in period clothing, unexplained footsteps, lights turning on and off, radio stations changing and unexplained noises. This was also home to a mortuary in the lower basement from 1916-1936. There have been high EMF readings and temp drops noted at the same time. Spirit energy has produced orbs in photographs and also caused someone with physic abilities to feel "bombarded" on a recent visit. the submitter claims to have dowsed this building several times and found many spirits present and moving. This building now houses a antique mall and shops along with a wonderful teahouse. Canal Fulton is a very historic town located on the Ohio Erie Canal and was a boom town for miners and canalers back in the mid 19th century. Not everything is so quaint in this town though after experiencing this building energies! Haunted Rogues Hollow, Cry Baby Bridge and Lock 4 are not far away.

Canton - Hercules Engine Factory - A physical presence has been felt by many who enter the buildings that date to the 1800's. A hand on the shoulder or someone pulling at you from behind. Strange smoky apparitions have been seen in the same buildings. Voices are often heard when nobody is around. "Cold spots" also move around in the old factory.

Canton - Stark County - Hercules Engine Plant - In the old buildings of the Hercules Engine Plant visitors and workers have been grabbed or pushed in the stairwell that leads to what used to be an army training facility in World War I and II. Part of the plant was built in 1845 and the basement of these buildings has energy orbs and a strange haze that travels through the rooms.

Carlisle - Carlisle park apts. - There are woods right across the street that has trails made by bike riders. There is a tree called The Demon Tree IT IS A DEAD TREE BUT STILL SEEMS TO GET TALLER AND STRONGER. Witnesses report to have heard voices, and being chased out of there by something.

Carlisle - Miamisburg - Zech road - half erect barn that burnt down in the 60's and 2 small children were burned alive in it. To this day you can still hear them laughing and playing in the area around the barn.

Castalia - Cemetery - when your driving through the cemetery at night, your car stalls and you hear a yelling noise from the center of the cemetery. It’s said if you see smoke from the center of the cemetery after the yelling/screaming noises, you will see your own gravestone on the way out.

Cedar Point - Amusement Park - The carousel in the park is an old one, with hand carved horses. Legend has it that the man who carved the horses for the carousel caught his wife cheating on him with a jockey from the local horse track. He shot and killed them both for their infidelity. There is a black horse on the carousel with bones carved into his mane, and the image of a jockey is carved into the saddle of another horse. Employees have reported hearing the music of the carousel at night while it spins backwards. They have also reported leaving it at night and arriving the next morning to find the horses in different positions.- November 2003 update: The carousel did not originate in Ohio it is actually from Michigan, near Lake Lansing. The locals there believe that Al Capone used to torture people on the carousel and then dump their bodies into the lake, which is where the haunting actual begins.

Centerville - Town Hall Theatre - the lots that are used for the stage seem to go on and off a lot. The downstairs and basement area are very spooky, it's always dark down there, and it's always extremely cold down there too. in the top bedroom there have been stories told of Abraham Lincoln's spirit in the window and in the room. People aren't sure if it's Abe, but a tall man that looks much like him.

Champaign County - Cedar Bog- formerly listed in Clark County - The road to Cedar Bog is enclosed on both sides by a very tall chain link fence. Some say that this is here to protect visitors from a big foot type of creature that killed a few people many years ago. Others say that it was put up to prevent deer from wondering into the road. Either way, at night some have heard screams and reported an eerie feeling, as if being watched.

Champion - Elementary School - students claim that there was a pool under the girls bathroom and 2 kids died in it there spirits still apparently haunt the school. Also 2 girls have been seen in the girls bathroom laughing and then disappear.

Chardon - Heather Hill Hospital - A young boy is seen constantly by nurses, and nursing assistants on area C of the hospital (Usually at night). He is always by himself running into rooms. Workers have followed it into a room and looked all over to find nothing. I have been in rooms working with patients and heard knocking on the walls. Only to find no one awake in the rooms beside or below. Other workers talk of hearing strange knockings too. Some older patients will begin talking this boy while workers are in the room seeing nothing. But when asked for a description the patients describe the little boy dressed in old knickers. Workers at the hospital call him the knicker boy.

Chardon - Squire's Castle - Squire's wife that died in the castle from breaking her neck, walks around the castle at night, always cold, and you sometimes hear screams.

Chillicothe - Cross Keys Tavern - The tavern is said to be haunted by a spirit who was murdered in the ally behind the tavern years ago. It is said he still likes to stir up a little trouble in the bar by throwing wine glass's off there rack.

Chillicothe - Crybaby's Tunnel - A mother and a newborn were crossing a bridge on a train track. While in the middle of the bridge, a train came which led the mother to toss the baby into the creek. The mother died along with the baby. At night you can see the mother's spirit and hear the baby crying.

Chillicothe - Elizabeth's grave - Elizabeth is said to have hanged herself from a tree in the cemetery. Her actual gravesite is at the very front of the graveyard, but her tombstone is always located at the rear of the cemetery. It is said that if you move the tombstone to it's original position it will move itself back to the place where she was believed to have died.

Chillicothe - Majestic theater - Reports of hearing screams.

Chillicothe - Schrader Road Tunnel - It is said that if you drive through the tunnel with your windows down you can hear the cries of a baby that was killed there. The story says a mother and her daughter died there years ago. The fashion in which they were killed varies on who you ask. There was also a woman that hung herself (or was murdered, then hung) from the north end of the tunnel.

Cincinnati - Anderson - Anderson high school - voices are heard by janitors at night and students belongings are moved to different classrooms after school hours.

Cincinnati - Buffalo Ridge - There are many reports of hauntings on this road. One is of a car that was doing a gang initiation where you can here a car with stereo blasting, speeding up and down the hills. After a few times of them going down the hill you can hear the screams and the crash of the car. There are also reports of a woman who was killed while trying on her wedding dress, the reports state that she is seen walking around on Buffalo Ridge and East Miami River Road on the anniversary of her death searching for her head that was never found.

Cincinnati - Cincinnati Job Corps Center - This building at 1409 Western Avenue was constructed in the late 1800s and formerly served as a convent and later, as an armory.  It currently houses this trade school and dormitories for the students.  The hauntings take place on the second, third and fourth floors, as well as the attic.  There have been sightings of an apparition described as a nun, but more commonly, students report hearing footsteps in the hallways when no one is around.  They routinely report seeing water faucets turn themselves on and off.  Legend has it that the ghost is that of a nun who killed herself there many generations ago.

Cincinnati - Cincinnati Museum of Art - Security guards have reported seeing a 7-foot-tall specter which has no features and merely looks like a huge black "blur" that rises up from a mummy sarcophagus exhibit straight through the ceiling. Another time when the security guards would sneak and take their "catnaps" in the storage room, there was a glowing face hovering inches away from them as the woke. They would proceed to try to evade the spirit but it would block their was as they would maneuver around the room. It would then just simply disappear.

Cincinnati - Cincinnati Zoo - Believed to be haunted by a lioness, the sound of soft feet following you. You look back and there is nothing. If you speed up your pace, so do the footsteps a pair of green eyes at the end of the hallway.

Cincinnati - Cornell Place Apartments - footsteps and voices are observed here.

Cincinnati - Country Hearth Hotel - Strange occurrences noted in room 331. At night it gets ICY cold even when heat is on full blast. Curtain opens and closes on its own and a loud pounding noise can be heard against the wall on the outside of the building near that room and 431 above it. Also, personal items are moved about the room without knowledge. Hotel personnel admits there have been some complaints by guests in the past.

Cincinnati - downtown - the Cincinnati Subway was built in the 1920's and in 1924 was put on hold due to budget problems. After the great depression the project was scrapped due due high cost and shortages of stell. the subway tunnels and platform are said top be haunted by the many workers that where killed during construction of the tunnels

Cincinnati - Eden Park - Apparition of a woman wearing a black silk dress has been witnessed standing by the gazebo. - June 2008 Update – A Paranormal group got permission from park board, conduct an investigation there on May 6th, 2008 investigating the claims of seeing woman in black dress, well, they found newspaper articles, that in 1927, a famous Cincinnati lawyer/bootlegger named George Remus, ran his wife off the road there on way to divorce court and she got out to run and he shot and killed her, her name was Immogene Remus and upon reading all this because there is a lot about it, she did in fact have on a black dress at time of shooting, so thought that was interesting, but upon investigating, they did not catch any video or pictures of anything, however, they say they did catch a couple evp's, 1 is unclear as to what its saying, but 1 clearly says 'help me.'

Cincinnati - Hamilton County - Cincinnati Museum Center - In the early 1990s, the Museum Center was experiencing theft. Apparently, computers were being stolen, and the only security guard to catch them was Shirley. Shirley caught them on the 4th floor, but was shot dead on the spot. Her body was later dumped in Northern Kentucky. She still roams the halls of Union Terminal. Many house keeping women will not walk alone after closing. Doors can be heard locking and footsteps are heard in hallways, when no one is there. One piece of the collection in the Cincinnati History Museum is an airplane from WWII. A pilot is seen inside the plane at night. People crying or welcoming back soldiers can also be heard on the train tracks. (Since Union Terminal was a great railroad station during WWII)

Cincinnati - King's Island theme park - A little girl's spirit is said to haunt King's Island along with several other ghosts. The girl has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a pretty blue dress. She has been seen playing around in Water Works and scares tram drivers by playing hide-and-seek with them after the park is closed. She is thought to be buried in the cemetery that is located between the parking lot and the campgrounds which is on King's Island property. Another ghost haunted the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. This ghost is thought to be the spirit of a young man who in a drunken stupor tried to climb the tower and fell to his death. It seems though that he has left. There is the ghost known as "the Beast" which haunts the roller coaster with the same name. Several guests have seen this ghost. There is a ghost that supposedly died on the ride "the Octopus". There are many other spirits that roam this Paramount theme park.

Cincinnati - Lick Road - A ghost named Amy haunts this road. Amy was murdered by her boyfriend. If you go down to the dead end of the road you can hear screams.

Cincinnati - Mother of Mercy High School -This high school was built in the 1920's and is home to a ghost named Sister Mary Carlos. She has been known to haunt the school's auditorium that is named after her. People have reported the lights flickering and things being mysteriously moved about in the theater. Most of these strange occurrences seem to occur during a show. It is now a tradition for the drama teacher to invite her to every performance. Otherwise, something will go wrong.

Cincinnati - Mount Notre Dame High School - A girl attending the school who killed herself in the early 40's has been known to haunt the 3rd floor of the school. She opens up all the lockers on the 3rd floor. Also every light has been seen on in the building at night after the school has been locked up.

Cincinnati - Music Hall - Many workers who clean the building at night have seen and heard many strange things. One maintenance man was going in the maintenance elevator in the back of the building when he heard people whispering very angrily at him. As a historical note I should tell you that Music Hall was built over a pauper's cemetery and in the 80's when they were renovating they found many graves. Anyway one worker was in the building at night by himself and he heard laughter coming from one of the ballrooms, when he investigated he saw several men and women dressed in 1800's clothing. This next event took place during the day and several women witnessed it. Several women were preparing for an event that was to be held there when they all heard a beautiful female voice. They searched the whole building but they found nothing. None of them felt threaten because the voice was so beautiful.

Cincinnati - Oak Hills High School - A short woman haunts the auditorium, rumor is it is the woman the auditorium is named after. She turns off lights, shuts doors, appears up in the crow's nest, the cat walk above the stage, seated towards the back of the auditorium and wandering around stage.

Cincinnati - Old Western Wood Mall - During renovation in 1998-99, a security guard reported to his supervisor that when he passed through a doorway back to where fitting rooms used to be, the ambient air temperature dropped about 20 degrees and there was a definite presence. The supervisor mentioned that she'd noticed this herself and not to repeat this information to anyone. Being a practicing witch, the guard returned the next night and attempted to contact the presence. Using a pendulum, he tracked the "source" to a sub-basement containing a water heater and meters. SOMETHING had happened there, but he was unable to a certain exactly what. Nicknaming the presence "Charlie", he became accustomed to being "escorted" on his rounds through that section of the building.

Cincinnati - Rapid Run Middle School - Its haunted by the guy who died in the auditorium while building it. He had fallen off a ladder. The lights have gone off, chairs were missing during the concert.

Cincinnati - Satan's Hollow - Located in Blue Ash, a suburb of Cincinnati, Satan's Hollow is and old sewer system that used to house the infamous "alter room" in a mysteriously dry tunnel. This is where a group of Satanists made animal sacrifices and opened a door into hell. Female screams can be heard at night and there have been many sightings of various apparitions, including floating skulls and the demon YG, commonly known as the Shadow Man.

Cincinnati - Spring Grove Cemetery - located on the outskirts of St. Bernard it has a nice history of weird and unexplained stuff. One of the most unusual is at lot 100, it is a bronze face about 7 feet off the ground when its raining the eyes do very weird things rumor has it contains his real eyes. Witnesses claim that the head will turn and look at you as you pass by. the Mitchell memorial a huge gothic style castle in the front of the cemetery on the front lakes if you sit on the porch high off the ground 2 white dogs will run by sometimes they stop and look at you they seem to shine. - WARNING - As with any of the places mentioned here, it is best to see if you need permission to visit these places, but above all RESPECT these places. This particular place seems to have a history of persons not respecting it receiving streaks of bad luck.

Cincinnati - St. Xavier High School - There is a ghost here that was once a janitor working for the high school when one night, unexpectedly, he hung himself with a dishrag in a Men's bathroom stall. He reportedly haunts the hallways and Men's bathrooms throughout the school to this day.

Cincinnati - Taft Museum - This ghost will lock a room that's filled with art works using a chair under the doorknob, especially if you re-arrange it the night before.

Cincinnati - Taylor High School - A while back a janitor was working in a small room between two science classrooms on a ladder. Alone. The man suddenly had a heart attack and was found by the secretary the next morning when she called for him and no reply she went up and found during class there are doors opening and closing with no one nearby and at night janitors recall doors all being opened perfectly at 90 degree angle Also when the schools pool was first put in, a student wandered down there without even hearing about it yet talking on the cell phone tripped, and right into the pool drowning. Now when you go into the boys locker rooms you can hear toilets flush by themselves and splashing in the pool even when it’s not filled.

Cincinnati - Texas Roadhouse - People have said to have seen a man dressed in a cowboy uniform walking around at night after the restaurant has closed. He is said to be looking for his lost love and his arm that was lost in a cattle drive.

Cincinnati - Western Hills High School - There are adjoining doors to the now-empty swimming pool from the boys and girls locker rooms. One day, a foreign exchange student decided to skip gym class. He opened the first door, and the area was very dark. He heard a noise, and began running, stumbling right into the swimming pool. A janitor heard screaming, opened the door and turned on the light. The student was being pushed under water by something invisible. To this day, at 1:24 in the afternoon, you can hear screaming and splashing.

Cincinnati - The Westwood Town Hall - is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former security guard who was employed there when Westwood was an independent town before merging with others. He was relieved of his position and hanged himself in a room close to the apartment that he lived in on the premises. He is known as "Willy". Several people have reported stage sets, costumes and orderly things found is disarray that were used in performances.

Circleville - Jenkins Sunoco - located near the west side of town right b4 u get out is the gas station. the owner of the gas stations husband died of a brain aneurysm while working in the beer cooler... at night when your working by yourself it feels as if you’re being watched and when all the lights are off you can see things moving in the cooler.

Circleville - The Roundtown Theater - This theater is home to several playful poltergeists. There have been numerous reports of mysterious sights and sounds such as eerie footsteps on the balcony. On one account, a dog responded in such terror to the ghost that it had to be removed from the building. The ghost has also been seen peering out of the mirrors into the eyes of horrified witnesses. The ghost is known as Charlie.

Clark County - George Rogers Clark Park in - This was the site of a battle between the Piqua tribe and the Kentuckians. There is an old house in the park where people claim to have seen a figure appearing in the window. This window can be viewed from Highway SR4. Some witnesses have even claimed to have seen ghosts of Indians and soldiers, including George Rogers Clark and Daniel Boone.

Clark County - Mercy Hospital - an apparition of a transparent small boy in a jacket and a pair of blue jeans leaning on the hall way wall looking at patients.

Clayton - Clayton Fire station 84 - There have been sightings of a little boy running up and down the main hall of the fire station. Noises have also been heard in the main bay at Night when only one person is on duty. Upon investigation of the noises, bolts and tools are found lying out. Doors have also been reported opening and closing.

Cleveland - Beachwood - Highland View Hospital - Reports that the shades get pulled buy unseen hands, there are strange sounds and even doors locking and unlocking.

Cleveland - Davron Cemetery - At night tombstones can be seen broken when in the day they were not! Bright lights at all times of the night can be seen. Also strange sounds can be heard such as water, screaming, and howls. It's a very small cemetery that was closed in 1886 because of poor maintenance.

Cleveland - Franklin Castle - A haunted castle located in downtown Cleveland has said to be haunted by a ghost that roams the hallways at night. Reporters who toured the house reported cold rooms and heard a child crying from the carriage house and heard music coming from the third floor ballroom. The family that lived there reportedly said that their child's toys were missing and they would find clothing from the early 1900s.

Cleveland - Hamlin hall - This place is rumored to be haunted by a young man who died in the building. People have reported to have seen a young man around and have him disappear. Also cold spots round stairwell, where he died.

Cleveland - Middlesbrough - Poole Hospital - Feelings of being watched, and anomalies have shown up on film.

Cleveland - Mound Elementary School - Believed to be built on an Indian Burial grcund and cursed.

Cleveland - Mt Sinai Hospital - The old school that is attached to the hospital is haunted. Footsteps can be heard, lights go on and off. Figures are seen out of the corner of your eye.

Cleveland - Punderson hotel - Reports of hauntings on the third floor blasting music from empty rooms, the second floor loud bangs on the door , an apparition of an old maid.

Cleveland - Puratis Hill - In the 1960's, a roller coaster at Puritas Amusement Park derailed, killing everyone on the ride. At night, when driving up the hill, the screams of the dead can be heard. The local apartment complex also complains about strange noises that sound like a roller coaster.

Cleveland - The Tree Bridge Hotel - Reports of feelings of being watched and sightings of the gray lady wandering through the halls.

Cleveland - Variety Theater, Loraine Ave - A figure in white has been seen on the first floor by the old water fountain. A man has been seen with red eyes in upper balcony. Noises have been heard on stage like workers. The stage noise is rumored to be a man that fell off lighting scaffold and died on stage.

Cleves - Bridgetown Road past Zion Rd in the direction of Cleves - A tall shadow person was reportedly sighted in low-beam headlights crossing the road at the listed point. Nothing showed in high beams, and when the car was switched back to low-beams the apparition had continued its travel across the road and was now on other side.

Clyde - out skirts of Clyde - If you take 101 out by a place named green hills golf coarse. Right after you drive past it there is railroad tracks. It's said to be haunted be four teenagers. In the early 60's a group of teenagers had a old Chrysler & you know how teen's are when the get their very first car. These teen's were going about 60-65 when they were heading towards the tracks. It is said that their car staled on the tracks when the tried to get it started. Then by that time it was to late. The train hit them and demolished the car. It is said if u head out that way alone at midnight and stop at the tracks you will see their decapitated heads on the ground along with the remains of the car. (note)it is said that the heads were never found.

Coal Grove - Monitor School - The school closed about 10 years ago, and to this day, the lights flicker on and off.

Coal grove - Woodland Cemetery - at this cemetery there are many weird and unusual things that go on all though out many nights. There is one walking tomb kind of thing that the picture bleeds on certain nights because the ballerina that is buried there - got shot 2 times in the head and every time the picture is replaced the bullet holes and the bleeding come again. - This part of the story is untrue.a descendent of the ballerina would like to say that She was killed in a car accident in Illinois. We are not sure if there is even activity there.

Columbiana County - Little Beaver Creek - the bridge over Little Beaver Creek, in Lisbon is haunted. There is said to be strange sounds and ghosts seen. Not too far from there, On Church Hill Road there is another bridge, which is said to be haunted.

Columbia Station - Columbia Cemetery - There are two parts to this cemetery on West River Rd. A new part and an old part, in the new, pretty much any time after dark, there is a little girl that will skip to a tombstone and then stop and kneel down at it and disappear.

Columbia Station - Old cemetery on Myrtle Hill contains a old tomb stone where witches were buried its a large marble ball that has a warm feel and gives off a weird mist all year long…

Columbus - Alpha Omicron Pi House - Legend has it that years ago, when the house was owned by another sorority, a sister jumped into Mirror Lake as an Ohio State tradition for Michigan Weekend. She was intoxicated and broke her neck. Her sisters took her back to the sorority house and placed her in her bed, afraid they would get in trouble for being drunk if they took her to the hospital. She died in the room and is said to open the closet doors and move things in the room. In other rooms, girls have said that they have heard the sound of bed springs, but no one will be sitting or laying on the bed. Her name is believe to be Mary-Ellen.

Columbus - The Air and Space Museum - Haunted by the pilots of the old planes. Security guards hear planes start up at night and some have seen ghosts lurking around the museum during their night shift.

Columbus - Berlinner bike path- this bike path is haunted by a few ghosts the 6 kids that drowned this year 2001 and another one a man 6 ft tall and the other ghosts that haunt this bike path are one's who got murdered here. at night when you walk along the bike path you can feel someone behind you and there will not be anyone there. Down by the water where the kids drowned you can hear a little boy and kids talking or too men talking but no one is there. Also a strange flash of light will light up the forest as if someone is taking a picture but the flash only last for 2 to 3 secs. But most of the hauntings here are the kids that dead here

Columbus - Briggs High School - Teachers claim to hear weird noises coming from the music room in the school. Apparitions walk through the halls at after school hours. Sometimes classroom desks moved without any explanation.

Columbus - Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery - Many of these soldiers who died were buried in the prison cemetery and it is here that the "Lady in Gray" still walks and leaves gifts of flowers behind usually on the grave of a unknown soldier. She is said to be a young woman who wears a gray suit in the style of the Civil War era. She walks through the cemetery with her head bowed and appears to be weeping. She has been seen walking directly through trees and through the iron cemetery gates. In the summer of 1988, during a Civil War re-enactment, many of the people present heard the sounds of a woman crying. There was no woman present but the weeping sounds were unmistakable. It was believed to have been Lady in Gray, still grieving over the loss of some forgotten soldier.

Columbus - Children's Hospital - The hospital is belived to be built over a grave yard, and if you go to the park at night time, you can feel things and you might see something.

Columbus - Columbus State Community College - The ghosts that haunt it are there because the school was built directly on top of a Catholic cemetery. It is a few blocks away from Kelton house, mentioned above.

Columbus - Fort Hayes Metropolitan High School - The school is partly built in remaining buildings of a civil war camp. Many of the old buildings still remain and are used for classes. One building was a hospital and it is home to many roaming spirits! People have heard the cries of dying and injured, spirits have been seen walking the halls dressed in old nurses uniforms and some soldiers roam it too. Another building is called "The Shot Tower" and it is home to numerous spirits. It was a tower to make ammunition during the Civil War. Many people lost their lives in the building, by accident, suicide, murder. Some students report they can not go to the top floor out of fear of what they feel is up there. The science building was once the mess hall and students have said one foggy mornings soldiers can be seen carrying their chow from the building and fading out of sight in the field across from the building. In the new buildings of the school, lockers have been said to open and close while the halls are empty. Footsteps are often heard in the stairwells at odd times. Many students say if they are in the halls during classes when the halls are empty, they feel like they are being followed or watched. There is more to the buildings and the fields at Ft Hayes.

Columbus - Greenlawn Cemetery - is a site of multiple hauntings. The main mausoleum is haunted, as are a lot of the graves in the main cemetery.

Columbus - Kelton House - the ghost of Grace Bird Kelton is seen in this house.

Columbus - Mirror Lake - There is a ghost of a jogger who was killed there. If you sit on the east side and face west a cold breeze comes through and the lake goes perfectly calm and then on the northwest side you see the apparition of a spirit in a jogging suit who keeps turning around as though he was followed.

Columbus - Mirror Lake - Ohio State - There was a student who drowned in Mirror Lake at Ohio State University back in the sixties. Every once in a while at night, there are sounds of water splashing and a guy screaming...but there is no one there.

Columbus - Nationwide Arena - Site of the Ohio State Pen - built where the old pen used to be when the pen was there many people sighted & heard things that were not meant to be seen or heard examples: 1. old cafeteria used to be place where hangings occurred before it was cafeteria, even though there were broken windows to let in traffic noise upon entering the building was dead silent 2. the electro shock therapy room has noises and is extremely cold now it seems as the nationwide arena area is cursed - 12 yr. old girl hit in head by hockey puck at game dies as well as other freak accidents resulting in deaths.

Columbus - Old Governor's Mansion - the ghost of a black woman dress in old fashion type clothes has been seen here.

Columbus - Ohio State University - Alpha Delta Pi Sorority - According to some girls in that house, a girl in another sorority got sick and died in the house years ago. Since then the ADPi sorority moved into the house and the hauntings began. The girls claim to see a girl walking down hallways, looking out windows, and looking back at them in reflections in the mirrors. Visitors to the house claim to have seen chandeliers mysteriously moving and have heard strange sounds.

Columbus - St. Pius X School - The men’s restroom is very cold in the left stall. The feel of being watched is present.

Columbus - Wallahalla - It's said that years ago [I've heard both the 1800's and the 1960's] a man murdered his wife and daughter in a house on Wallahalla. If you drive down the road at night and go under the bridge, you can see the reflection of the wife and daughter in the water [to the right of the road]. After you go under the bridge, the road very VERY gradually but if you take your foot off of the gas and break, not only do you not slow down, you don’t even keep even. You speed up. - November 2003 update:In addition to what is already posted, he then committed suicide by hanging himself off the bridge, and supposedly, if you drive under the bridge at midnight, you'll see the shadow or apparition of his ghost swinging from the bridge.

Columbus - Walnut Knolls - There have been stories of a woman getting decapitated on the 3rd floor, children drowning in the pool (now filled in), and hearing people walking in the attic (has been blocked off for years). This apartment was a Mental Hospital back in the 40's and 50's. Many see lights on, in vacant apartments. And one specific ghost "George" who likes to throw shampoo bottles at the residents, stories say that this ghost was an old patient.

Columbus - The old COSI building on broad street downtown is supposed to be haunted. A custodian is supposed to roam the halls.

Corning - Beach Grove Cemetery - Reports of glowing tombstones and bells in the tower are heard - there are no bells in the tower.

Corning - Weaver Cave - A group of KKK members killed many people in the cave can hear them screaming.

Cortland - 5 Points - 5 roads, all of which have some kind of mysterious things happen. On one road there is a haunted farm house. On Another, people were hung and the ropes are still there. On another, there is an underpass, 2 men got killed because their car had stalled, they went to push the car up the hill through the underpass, the car rolled back on them, crushing them. So now its said if you put your car in Neutral and roll back down the hill, the boys push your car up the hill. For more information check out - June 2008 Update - No longer there.

Cortland - Debra Place - Many different hauntings happen here. Most notable are people who live here are awakened at night by feeling a presence in the room. Along with the feeling objects are said to move across the room in mid-air. The objects seem to follow a long white tail of a dress.

Cortland - Pauni Apartments - Doors slamming, objects moving, a man walking the halls with a very large weird hat, chilly & uncomfortable feeling in the bedrooms. Has been told the Apartment Complexes are built on an old Indian Burial ground. You get the goose bumps and your hair stands up on your body. Several tenants have complained and described different ghostly activities in their apartments.

Crawford - New Washington - Union - there is a gravestone of a woman's picture on it. she is wearing a necklace and if you go there late at night and look at it close enough the necklace will move and the lady's facial expression changes. There is also abig staure of Mrs. Kline as you come into the cemetary that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up day or night. New washington is located in between Clevelend and columbus. 45 minutes away from mansfield ohio. it is off of rt. 602. The founder of the town george washington carver is also buried in the cemetary.

Cridersville - Dixie Lee Restaurant - It is haunted by a ghost the staff calls Hector. He has been known to make appearances and be very loud.

Crown City (South of town) - Route 7 "the narrows" - Cold blasts of air, phantom boulders falling from cliffs, and phantom headlights show up in the rear view mirrors.

Cuba - it is said on some nights when it starts to get cold. The spirit of a white horse can be seen. Sometimes it is running sometimes it is walking, through the little town of Cuba. But it never makes any sound. And it leaves no tracks.

Dalton - Dalton Cemetery - A cemetery that people say is haunted by two men and a woman. One of the men is supposed to be the founder of Dalton and the women is his wife. Nobody knows who the other man is.

Dayton - Air force base - The P.O.W exhibit and Lady Be Good and the Hop along are haunted. In the Hop Along there is a blood stain which the janitors cant remove.

Dayton - Air Force Museum - Little Vietnamese boy who walks the museum at night. He was said to have died in one of the helicopters. Another haunting I have seen is a nazi fighter plane the pilot who had crashed and died, the plane was restored and the pilot waves out the window to visitors

Dayton - Dayton Heart Hospital - formerly listed as St. Elizabeth Medical Center - Haunted hospital. Cold spots Self-motivated elevators. Moans and groans. Doors open and close when locked.

Dayton - Hospice of Dayton (inpatient unit) - Numerous sightings of children reported by patients.  The staff refers to them as "The Kids."

Dayton - Oakwood High School - In the city's south suburbs, has long been the sight of two hauntings. One is said to be that of a young man who hung himself in the junior hallway some time in the sixties or seventies. Fleeting glimpses of a male figure as well as footsteps are heard throughout the high school. The second haunting, which I unfortunately do not have background information on, is that of a young girl. Oakwood high school is very old, Built in the early Twenties directly over the sight of a house on a previous estate, so there is really no telling how far back this one goes. Anyway, the girl is said to be seen pretty specifically in the junior hallway. People have even reported walking buy a well dressed young girl seated on one of the benches in the hallway late at night.

Dayton - Patterson Homestead Historic Museum - Apparently the Patterson's are still there. Staff report rocking chairs rocking on their own, items moved about, cold spots in certain rooms, one room that is always cold (Mrs. Patterson's bedroom, and the aroma of a good home cooked meal (it isn't really there. But Mrs. Patterson liked to cook and entertain. We figure she is still cooking.

Dayton - Sinclair Community College - Blair Hall - The old Dayton hanging field was right under the cafeteria. They hung thieves and cattle rustlers there, apparently some are still hanging around. In Blair Hall you’ll feel people tugging on you, or they’d smother you, they’d press down on your chest. Staff would hear people laughing when they knew nobody is around. Elevators would work by themselves and the doors would open up. You’d hear people talking, and hear cats meowing in the walls. Sometimes the workers would hear two dancers dancing across the stage. In building seven on the third floor, even when no one’s around, doors would open and slam shut, and you’d hear people talking. Sometimes you can get just a passing glimpse of the ghosts. More or less people would hear talking, laughing, and babies crying. Sometimes the big heavy fire doors in the cafeteria would slam shut.

Dayton - Stivers Middle School - Stivers Middle School is said to be haunted by a teacher who had an affair with one of her students. The teacher mysteriously disappeared one day along with the student. The following day, the teacher was found floating dead in the swimming pool. The boy was never seen again. A while later, the pool was shut down and a new classroom was built over the site. People have claimed that the television turns on by itself along with doors shutting and lights cutting off.

Dayton - The tracks by Keifer Street - Reports of an apparition that looks like a red headed woman with a construction hat.

Dayton - University of Dayton - The Theta Phi Alpha House - Is supposedly hunted by a young man. Many of the girls who have lived in the home report heavy items that are moves around and lights turning on or off on their own. Often the girls say they can feel a presence and that often when they go to bed at night it is cold and when they wake up they have less energy then they did the night before.

Dayton - The Victoria Theater - The ghost is a former actress from the 20's. After one of her many performances, she went up to her dressing room, locked the door, and was never heard from again. No one knows exactly what happened to her. Over time, people had forgotten about her, until the theater was being re-decorated. That is when the strange occurrences began. When people were there late at night by themselves, they would see her or they'd hear her. The lights would go off and on and there were odd sounds. Rose perfume is what she had been wearing the night she disappeared. That is how you can tell it is her by the scent of rose perfume.

Dayton - Webster Elementary School - The newly abandoned school has many beliefs about its hauntings. In and area around the bottom level girls bathroom their is a door that has remains of a boy that was playing around near the boys bathroom on the other side. He weirdly slipped and hit his head on the wet floor. He died instantly. Someone but no one is sure who, moved his body to the little strange door. This may or may not be true.

Dayton - Witches Tower - It is a tower about 6 stories high, which was built on top of a burial ground in the time of the Civil War. The legend is that a woman climbed to the top of it one night and committed suicide. and actually see her standing up there, in a long black robe walking around on the top, and looking over the edge.

Dayton - Woodland Cemetery - There is a tombstone in there that a young girl sits on. When she is sitting on her grave there is a glow to it at night. A college student spotted her while doing a report. He tried to talk to her but no response. She looks normal and clear like anybody else. She is wearing tennis shoes, a sweatshirt and jeans.

Delaware - Blue Limestone Park - The back two quarries and especially the tunnel leading to them are home to literally dozens of ghosts/spirits. The place is know for cult activity and violent deaths, and supposedly during the 20's was the site of a railroad accident.

Dover - Stone Quarry - The haunting of the local Stone Quarry also known as the lights of the Stone Quarry. Legend has it that when a settler had come to our town over 100 years ago, he had an affair with an Indian maiden. His wife found out about the affair and went after the husband and his mistress. As the wife was chasing them, they came to a cliff. So instead of suffering the wrath of the wife, the man and the Indian maiden jumped to their deaths. After the bodies were found, They were refused a Christian burial. But from that day forward if you look at where the cliff once stood, you can see the death lights of the two lovers. The Stone Quarry now stands where the cliff once stood over 100 years ago.

Dublin - Muirfield Village Golf Club - 1976 - Was the start of the Memorial Tournament Jack Nicklaus - built the golf course on an Indian burial or sacred grounds. The legend has it - Chief Leatherlips makes it rain every year on Tournament. In 24 years it has been affected by rain 14 times. Twice it has been shortened to 54 holes. One year they move the tournament a week a head. It still rained.

Dundas - Beard's cemetery - Witnesses report to see some glowing grave stones and a dog with glowing red eyes and vicious teeth.

East Cleveland- Collinwood Elementery School - ghosts of 176 children seen there since the school burned down.

East Liverpool - Beaver Creek State Park - Part of an 1830s canal system, known as Grethen's Lock, is named for the ghost of a young Dutch girl. She died of malaria on August 12, 1838, and on the anniversary of her death he ghost is said to walk the towpath of this lock. Jack's Lock is haunted by the charred phantom of a lock keeper who was struck by lighting while patrolling the canal. A ghastly ghost walks the ruins of Spruceville, a deserted settlement within the park. Esther Hale was to be married in August, 1837, but her lover never showed up. Her badly decomposed body was found in her cabin four months later, still dressed in her wedding gown. Ever since, her white skeleton, wearing a dirty wedding gown, is seen darting in front of cars or jumping out to touch the living.

Eastgate - Tealtown Road - at night you see two people arguing in the woods and you periodically hear gun shots. This really happen as two friends went hunting one afternoon and both failed to return. it was a murder suicide. this is Really freaky

Eastlake - Washington Elementary School - Late at night when the janitors are gone, little boys and girls from the school come out of the cracks like ghosts. They dance around and go to gym.

Eaton - Cry Baby Bridge - June 2008 Removed. There have been ZERO occurrences of any fatalities on or near any bridges in the town of Eaton.

Eaton - Lexington Road - June 2008 Removed due to vandalism. There have been additions of barbed wire fences and huge padlocked gates surrounding the grounds. NO Trespassing in the cemetery.

Elmore - "Spook Light" - There is a place just outside of Elmore, where a man lost his live after wrecking into a small ravine on his motorcycle. A light will appear behind you and chase you down the road, when you reach the end of the road, you hit the brakes and the light disappears!

Elmore - There are reports of a headless motorcycle rider. As the story goes, there's an old bridge in the country that is haunted by the spirit of a jilted lover. A soldier during WWI returned to surprise his fiancée only to find her with another man. He was furious. He jumped on his motorcycle and peeled out. There is a bridge at the end of the driveway and he lost control and flew off the bridge. They never found his head or the spotlight from the bike. Since then, his ghost returns when a single car parks on the far side of the bridge from the farmhouse.

Elyria - Cascade - They say at night if you go up in the rocks you can see fire and people around it. You can hear howling and screaming by the falls. They have reported a shadow figure on the swings.

Elyria - Elyria high school - It is said that the tunnels under the school have ghosts. There is also activity in the Washington building. The really big hot spot is the auditorium.

Elyria - Westwood Jr. High School - Night shift custodians have claimed to see a tall figure of a well dressed black man wandering the halls in the building. They have also heard locker doors slamming shut, voices of children, chairs being pushed off the tables, weird knocking sounds and the feeling of being watched. Strangely enough on rare occasions money was found in places after they were cleaned. The highest places of activities are in the learning center(library), locker rooms and the auditorium.

Evansport - Buck Cemetery -This cemetery is located 500 yards off a dirt road and no one has been buried there since 1955. The entrance is shrouded with a dense tunnel of overhanging trees. People have claimed that while walking this tree lined path, a strange light has appeared at the end. It disappears however after getting to the actual entrance. Witnesses have also reported seeing an eerie apparition hovering above them upon first arrival in the cemetery. This ghost is believed to be the spirit of a former guard named Mr. Buck.

Fairfield - Fairfield Middle School - at the middle school it is said to be that there is a little boy that was about 12 had gotten into trouble with the principle and was scared of his parents. So right after school in the 200 wing by the Spanish room he had broken the mirror that is in the bathrooms and had killed himself. The next day they had found him in one of the stalls cut up but they don't if he really did it to himself or someone else did because he was cut up in like 5 pieces. Some teachers had said after school when there is only 5 or 6 teachers in the building they can here sounds as in screaming coming from the boys bathroom. Now if you go in there you can see bloodstains in the last bathroom stall. And sometimes if your in there alone maybe you should get out because he's still looking for the principle that made this horrible thing that had happened. And this is true.

Fairfield - Haunted Creek - Behind Fairfield Bowling Lanes – The creek is haunted by a mother and her child. The woman looks as if she is in her mid- twenties and the child is around three or four. She wears a long, white dress probably from around the early 1800's or late 1700's. The little boy wears brown pants, a white shirt and a cap. It is believed that a woman and child were most brutally killed, in a mass murder spree.

Fairfield - Hammacher Schlemmer - The 2nd floor, which is the Call Center. Typing can be heard, but if the desk at which it types is brought into view, it stops abruptly. Numerous people have heard it for years in this building. It usually occurs when one half of the Call Center is dark. Although the sound is sometimes rather faint/slow typing. Others times it's fast and very noticeable. As a note to anyone interested in hearing it for themselves:: The Call Center is NOT open to the public, only to employees.

Fairfield - Mudhouse Mansion - Abandoned haunted mansion where doors creaked and outside there are old buildings which slaves are said to have been kept in, it's said that the slaves dug out from under one of the buildings with their fingernails and then killed the owners of the house, it's easy to find, If you do go keep in mind that it is private property and you have to park a good distance away, and the owners have been known to fire guns into the air to scare people away. There are also ground wells in the yard somewhere be careful and also lots of pretty deep holes. For more information, check out - WARNING: As with many of the haunted places there are dangerous areas and no trespassing. Please be careful when exploring.

Fairfield - YMCA - the YMCA is known to be haunted because there was this little six year old girl that had drowned in the pool when a life guard wasn't watching.

Fairport - Fairport Light House - the Fairport light house is known for being haunted by a gray cat rubbing against anyone who goes in the lighthouse. One day investigators found a dead gray cat in the wall. Also other people say that 2 girls were riding on a tram and it broke. The 2 girls drown and are now found running around in the lighthouse.

Findlay - Old Hancock County Retirement Home - currently Known as the R.O.C. (Rehabilitation and Opportunity Center) a work release branch of the Hancock County Jail. Maintenance workers, Security officers, Secretaries and residents (prisoners) have reported seeing and unknown old Man in coveralls in different parts of the building or on the grounds outside.  Also a young girl has been spotted in the basement near what was once the morgue. Smoking is not permitted in the building but usually after spotting the old man the smell of cigar or pipe smoke is noticed. A private security firm patrols this building 24 hours a day. Sometimes after a weekend where their office doors are locked secretaries will return to find old pennies laying in plain sight on their desks or inside of locked desk drawers or on the seats of their chairs. But mostly lights in will come on at night in offices that are locked and extremely cold drafts are felt on the warmest of nights.

Fort Recovery - Homestead- a restaurant - Reports of an apparition of a woman & hear the lady's room door to open and close by itself.

Franklin - Morningstar Road - Large scary road, has several J turns and if you look out into the field you can see orbs, and before you hit Chamberlain Road you will see a tall shadowy figure that walks slowly, and disappears as you pass it

Gahanna - Gahanna - Jefferson High School - Following basketball games where the local team loses (a not unusual occurrence) when the lights are turn out a basketball can be heard dribbling and occasionally the backboard on the West end of the gym vibrates as if a score had been made

Gallia - Chimney Rock - You can hear a woman scream as she jumps off of the rock. She kill her self by jumping off of the rock

Gallipolis - The Our House Museum - An old tavern/inn. This spot was named the Our House by an 1800's owner who invited people from the many boats docking at the Ohio River city of Gallipolis with the words "come on over to our house". There are many sightings and sounds in this beautiful old inn. This author attended a re-enactment of an opera with an actress playing the famed Ginny Lind only to watch a candle-opera sway far and wide with the music. The swaying so hard it should have fallen.

Garfield Heights - Garfield Park Bridge - On this bridge is the ghost of a man who fishes off the bridge. People have reported him whispering in their ears while fishing.

Geauga - Kings Island - International Restaurant, above the main entrance to the park is haunted by the ghost of a former chef who killed himself with a knife while working by himself late one night at the restaurant. International Restaurant has not been opened for years, apparently for financial reasons. However, despite its inactivity, lights are still seen in the back of the restaurant late at nights after close, witnesses have seen silhouettes of some human moving about in the faint light. The silhouette is unusually tall and carries something in his hand, which we are attributing to a chef's hat and the knife he killed himself with.

Geneva - The Step Above Bar - This bar is located on the second floor of a restaurant. At nine the restaurant is closed for business but the bar remains open until late at night. Many patrons have seen shadows of people in the restaurant part of the building late at night, when no one should have been down there, even though all entrances to the restaurant are locked after closing.

Germantown - steal bridge - A little girl died on this bridge when her brother threw her off. No people go under the bridge to hear her singing the same song she did the day she died. Another story is a long time ago a truck driver went off the road into the creek and died. Sometimes at night you can see his lights.

Gibsonburg - Gibsonburg High School - Lights in the upper room come on and off for no reason. Janitors report locking doors with chains and having the chains unlocked. Strange footsteps heard through small gym, like someone walking on old floorboards. It is told by many students that there has been a haunting in the janitors closet. Some students got locked in for days. No food or no water. In 1949 3 well fed students were locked in after cleaning off paintbrushes in the closet. They were found by the janitor 5 days later all very thin almost looking anorexic, 2 were dead. Many say they still haunt the school to this day and want revenge by whoever decided to lock them in. - December 2006 Update: Gibsonburg has torn down the old school and a new one has been built.

Glenville - 736 Lakeview Ave - It used to be an old nursing home but had been vacant for 10 years before the school moved in. The school is the Virtual Schoolhouse. Staff hears loud screaming and footsteps before school. The basement doors close for no reason and voices can be heard when no one is around.

Granville - Buxton Inn - The innkeepers from the 1800's haunt the place.

Granville - Denison University - On the 7th tier of the Denison University library, students who have fallen asleep reported being woken up by a shadowy woman in old dress. This woman evidently has a serious problem with male students, and will wake them by hitting them on the back of the head with some type of rod.

Gratis - Brubaker Bridge - on Brubaker Rd. A lady and her baby died on this covered bridge many years ago. At night you can sometimes hear a lady’s screams and a baby crying.

Gratis - Fudge Road - April 2008 Correction: Formerly listed in Germantown - Late at night if you travel through the road your car will suddenly die and will not start for a period of time. its bin said that you can see what looks like floating lamps in the distance off to the side of the road.

Green Springs - GS elementary - AT the only school in Green Springs, Ohio there is herd to be ghosts at the school. In the late 1800's the school burnt down and supposedly there was some high schoolers in it that never got out. In 1939 they rebuilt the school and it's still there today. When your in some classrooms on the 2nd floor like the rooms 6c or 6g in 6c when the door is open & when it's real quiet the door will close for no reason at all. when in 6g once or twice a week everyone will be doing their work when you have a feeling that someone is behind you. your almost positive until you turn around and look but the teacher is not behind you

Greenfield - Edward McClain High School - The high school was built in the late 1800's. Mr. McClain wanted the Marble Senior Staircase. Mrs. McClain wanted to add a chandelier. He never put a chandelier there. So after her death, the image of a big, beautiful, chandelier can be seen at nighttime through the window of the second floor. There is no chandelier in this room, but it can be seen. It is above the front entrance on the Sixth Street side of the school.

Greenfield - out in the country - right outside of Greenfield is a bridge called crybaby bridge. the old story is that a mother believed to be a witch was being chased by the town's people. She was carrying her baby and was running in a hurry. as soon as she reached this bridge she hit the side to try to stop and dropped her baby in the water. she was killed by the people and he baby drowned. at night if you go there. you're car will stop on the bridge and you can hear people running and screaming "stop". then you can hear the mother screaming "help". and you also could hear the baby cry.

Greenville - McMecham road - it is said to be old burial grounds now newly built on it is said that many houses have hauntings as well as dark black figures will follow you down the road when walking late at night when you start to run from the figure behind you one will come from the front and they will try to chase you off there grounds

Greenville - Memorial Hall - This place for plays and musicals is haunted by an old man who once fell to his death changing one of the high light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Hamilton - Butler County Fairgrounds - It is known that there was a man who has shot himself in the head at a local bathroom at the fairgrounds who walks around with blood dripping from his head as people have said and comes around only at night.

Hamilton - Fort Hamilton hospital - it was been said that Mr. Hughs the man the hospital is named after walks the floor of the hospital. Nurses report seeing a image of the man in the monitors of the hospital. Also reported that one night a man was looking in the icu doors and a nurse stated hi to the man the man then turned away and when the nurse looked back he was gone. Also in the icu linen rooms it was stated that when a cna entered the room she heard a man moaning very loud, came out noticing that there was no man in the unit or on staff that night it frightened her.  she went back into room to hear it again and left the hospital never to return back to work there.

Harrison - Big Green Castle - There is a big green house in Harrison which sits in the middle of a subdivision called the "Meadows." It is said to be haunted such as: lights coming on when no one lived there, shadows and silhouettes being seen through the blinds when no one lived there. The house is now occupied but it stood empty for a very long time. It was built by the richest man of the town at the time, maybe even the founder of Harrison. The house is huge and castle like. It has a carriage house which is said to be haunted also.

Hilliard - Cemetery Road - Pizza hut - At this location a store manager died of a heart attack in the walk in freezer, employees sometimes see a ghostly man walking around in the back after closing. Items in the store are often thrown around.

Hilliard - The Odd Lots Department Store - This department store used to be a Big Bear Food Store. A man supposedly killed himself in the store room. It has since been turned into Odd Lots. Employees have claimed that at night when closing, the door will come open when it is locked and strange footsteps can be heard in the store room. There have been reports of cold chills and the ghost actually running through people. Toys have even been known to be off the shelves when opening in the morning.

Hillsboro - Cry Baby Bridge - off 138 - turn on black rabbit road stop on cry baby bridge in your car and you hear a baby crying because a woman threw her baby off the bridge.

Hinckley - Hinckley Library - a young woman in a old fashion dress has been seen on the stairs.

Huron County - Bluebridge - Near the village of Monroeville Lamereaux road crosses the Huron river on a blue-painted bridge that is nestled in a tiny valley. Not far from the bridge, Seymour Creek empties into the river. The creek is named for an Ohio militia scout who was killed on one of the bluffs above the creek by Indians during the War of 1812. Another scout who was with Seymour was captured and ransomed at Detroit at the war's end. People have reported seeing strange lights, shadowy forms, and crawling mists around the creek. A few people have reported actually seeing the apparitions of Indians moving in the valley.

Indian Lake - O'Conners Hotel - An old hotel that was burned down and now the ghost of the attendants that stayed there haunt it.

Indian Lake - Shawnee Island - When you go on Shawnee Island there is a church on the first road to the left. If you go there Halloween night at midnight you will see an old lady in the first row she will look at you then the room will fill up with smoke from candles and when it clears seconds later she is gone.

Ironton - Cement Factory - In the 1970's the wall of the basement of the cement factory broke and flooding killing several people. Ever since then the place has been closed for business. Several people have clamed to hear and see the ghost of these people, many of who's bodies were never recovered. This is only about a quarter of a mile from Woodland Cemetery.

Ironton - Lake Vesuvius - Many people have said that 3 ghosts haunt this place. A man who wears a cowboy hat and is seen walking along the road, a woman that looks like she has been beaten to death that has been seen down by the boat docks, and a strange white figure that floats in the trees.

Ironton - - Woodland Cemetery - Ironton is the home of Woodland Cemetery, where several hauntings take place. A statue of a woman has a handprint on its face, as the woman died of being slapped and falling down the stairs. The statue is sandblasted, but the handprint once again resurfaces days later. Another story is that of Dr. Lowry, who haunts the cemetery and the town library, where his house formerly was. Several older houses in the town are haunted, including the John Campbell building. More stories surface each day in this fascinating town on the southern tip of Ohio.

Ironton - River Valley Health System - The third and fourth floors of the old county hospital, which is now closed, is haunted by the ghost of a doctor. Many eyewitnesses can account for that. Patients, in the past, had reported seeing a figure at the foot of their beds, staring at them. There have been many unusual occurrences there, when it was open, and most certainly now that "they" have the place to themselves.

Johnstown - Union Lake - The lake was re-named by locals in the 1960's to Hell Lake because of the numerous sighting of a the apparition of a young boy that appears just before sunset floating from one end of the lake to the other.

Kelly 92s Island - 4-H Camp - Things move around the cabin when no one was around, voices are hear by the deaf, and people sometimes see dark figures walking on the beach only to disappear in a heartbeat.

Kent - Kent University - Stuart Hall - This Vacant dorm located on Kent State's campus, not far from the student center has several rumors of hauntings. There are broken windows and bars against the doors urging you not to even try and trespass. Vines have grown all along the walls as well. Noises are heard and every now and then you can see a light from the window, even though "no one" has been in there for several years. - October 2007 Update: Stuart Hall is no longer abandoned.

Kent - Masonic Temple - Marvin Kent home- Masonic Temple former mansion of Marvin Kent. Bessie Kent was burned alive while working with fire in one of the rooms. (Either a kerosene lamp, candle, or lighting a stove) Anyway, this is a well known ghost in Kent. The Kent Free Library also has the ghost of Nellie Dingley, the first librarian to work there. She died as a nurse in WWI.

Kent - University Plaza Theatre - The older part of the University Plaza Theatre off the campus of Kent State University, is home to haunting. After hours, the manager has seen what appears to be the back of a patron's head in the seats. Mysterious things have occurred in the projection room and footsteps can often be heard but there is no one there.

Kenton - Rebel Bridge - In Hardin County on CR 125, a cemetery located next to Rebel Bridge, holds the remains of 16 unknown soldiers.  At night on occasions, you can drive by and see white glowing figures in the yard.  Located about 100 yards south of the cemetery, is Rebel Bridge, where it is said you can still see to this day an image of a Rebel flag flying above the bridge. 

Kettering - Boggy Creek - there’s a huge open field there but if you go across the field and up the hill at the end of the field there’s a creek and supposedly sometime in the 50's some kids slept over by the creek and never were seen again and when the parents went to go get them they found no campsite except for a still going fire, and the legend is that the "boggy creek monster" ate them and that boggy creek which by the way has no end or start and that it comes from the creek and takes you back down in the creek with you before it eats you so that you suffer. Reports of noises like something big and fast moving through the brush as if chasing something or someone.

Kettering - Candelwood Park - It is said that in one of the restrooms a boy hung himself in the late '80 and haunts the area at night. There was also a brutal murder of three small kids. The murderer haunts the area and sound of kids screaming can be heard. This last part doesn't happen as often as the first. Some say that a person needs to sit on the concrete behind the restrooms, draw a circle around them with chalk in order to draw the murdering spirit out.

Kettering - Normandy Church - This particular building was an old mansion back in about the 1920's or so, and was later turned into a church. They put some additions onto the house, like the chapel and the music room to make it into the church. But the original owner of the house/church is thought to still live there on the main floor. Janitor's that are working late at night have reported smelling her perfume as they clean the church.

Kettering - Swango Drive - A man committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in the early 90's.On foggy nights you can hear him moan.

Kirtland - East Branch Of The Chagrin River. - Noises heard, logs falling, chills, red orbs seen.

LaGrande - Hot Lake Hotel - There has been many hauntings reported by many......a lot of people died in this place a long time ago.

Lake - Mentor - James A. Garfield House - Witnesses report having uneasy feeling about the upstairs.

Lakewood - Abandoned fire station used by Great Lakes Theater Company. Supposedly this station is haunted by a firefighter who died in the line of duty.

Lakewood - Bozak Bridge - A young female girl with light hair is said to patrol the bridge at night, jeering and throwing things at passing pedestrians. If you anger this spirit which locals have come to call Jessica she will cut you in the night.

Lancaster - Mudhouse Mansion - There are two tales to the story. One tale is that back in the civil war times that there was a general there that had kept slaves in the outhouse at night and one night they had dug there way out and went in the house and slaughtered the family. And the second tale is that it is the original home of Bloody Mary. Where you look in the mirror and say her name five times and she is supposed to appear behind you.

Leavittsburg - the New Labrae High School - On the opening day of the new complex, a library helper was electrocuted while copying papers. And her ghost has been seen in the library reading. And in the girls restroom humming a melody.3 janitors have quit because of it.

Lebanon - Golden Lamb - Workers hear a young girl bouncing a ball, she was supposedly left there by her parents. There are many ghosts in the lamb.

Lebanon - Mary Haven's boys group home - The home was once an orphanage, which is now said to be haunted by some of the kids and faculty, that once lived there. On the third floor and in the attic, small children have been seen in recent years looking out into the yard and driveway from windows. As well as children and adults are seen in the recreation room, on the stairways and in some of the bedrooms.

Lima - Cry Baby Bridge - The Cry Baby Bridge out side of Lima about a couple miles back in the back roads. The story of it is a mom and her baby died in a car wreck on Halloween night mid night. And if you go to the same bridge on Halloween night at mid night you can hear the baby crying and it's rattle.

Lima - Irving Elementary - Reports of a ghost child that plays with a basketball. - February 2004 Update: This school has been torn down.

Lima - Lima Tuberculosis Hospital - Strange voices have been heard. - June 2008 Correction - Formerly listed as Lima Correctional Institution. For information and pictures check out -

Lorain - G Street Park - A railroad spike was removed from a hole and ever since strangely odd things have been occurring. A figure of a ghostly woman has been seen around midnight near the spot of the hole. Screams and yells have been heard since the removal of the spike and extremely severe storms have since swept the area.

Lorain - Oberlin - New Union Center for the Arts - strange voices when building is empty, ghost appear from thin air, objects moving from one room to another. There are all just some of the things that happen in this old building.

Lordstown - Lordstown Elementary - Inside of the school auditorium there seems to be a shadowy figure of a three or four year old girl. Witnesses report hearing a little girl cry and sometimes scream.

Loudonville - Mohican State Park - Haunted by Indian looking to kill his next victim. An asylum was here in the 1800's and a mysterious light has appeared over 20 years.

Loveland - The Loveland Castle - aka Chateau LaRoche never completed - (which is 30 min from downtown Cincinnati) - Loveland Castle was built by Sir Harry Delos Andrews. It is haunted by many different ghosts. They actually have a picture of a young page on a king’s lap. They obtained it by using a camera that detects heat. The reason they took the picture was that they imported a throne from Europe and noticed it would start rocking back and forth. There have been other strange events that have occurred; the castle has a dungeon that people claim has cold spots. The man who built the castle was named Harry he died due to natural causes. It is said that he too Haunts the Castle. Also reported, reports of hearing strange things, electrical malfunctions (battery operated) and get the feeling of not being alone. More info on Loveland Castle

Lucas - Toledo - West Toledo Branch Library - Odd noises and bumps are heard in the area near a fireplace on the west wall. The ghost of a man wearing clothing from the late 1930s or early 40s has been seen there.

Lucasville - Edge Wood Nursing Home - One night we were sitting in the hallway a lady and gentleman came down the hall. We got up to ask who they were and the just floated into the wall we were told that they were former owners.

Lucasville - Southern Ohio Correctional Facility - Since the riot many correction officers has seen strange things such as shadows passing by them and hearing doors slamming shut in the blocks where the riot occurred. One correction officer had even seen a inmate walking the ranges and then disappear, after midnight after all inmates were locked up for the night

Madison County - State Route 29 - Near the intersection of Route 29 and Route 38 is a small plot of land between two cornfields. The area to the plot is lined with trees that lead back to a circle of trees that used to encompass a house. The house burnt down many years ago, killing the family as they slept. Supposedly at midnight on a full moon, you are able to see the outline of the old house standing in the circle of trees.

Manchester - Presbyterian Church - The Church bell of the Presbyterian Church in the steeple used to be rung every Sunday morning, 30 minutes before church began to let the townspeople know they needed to clean up their breakfast and head on over to church. There was only one man who ever rang the bell in the entire 100-year plus history of the church. The bell is no longer used. The man that rang the bell has long been gone, but passersby can look up into the lit steeple glass late at night, and see the shadow of the man's ghost walking around the bell as if fixing it.

Mansfield - Ceely Rose House - In 1896 Ceely Rose murdered her whole family with rat poison for her true love who really was not. She has been seen in the house and haunts it. From 30 west take route 603 to Malabar Farm Inn.

Mansfield - crybaby bridge- Crybaby Bridge is commonly heard of in the small town of Mansfield. This is where Mary Jane or (Bloody Mary) her infant son was killed. Rumor is if you go there the night of the murder which is Halloween night you will hear the cries of a baby.

Mansfield - Lucas Cemetery - It is haunted by Mary Jane. Everyone calls her "Bloody Mary". She was burnt at the stake in the 1800's because she was claimed a witch. The tree she was buried under still stands with her name carved in it. If you go there on the night she was buried then the tree will bleed. If you go back where her house once stood you will notice a sudden drop in temperature about 20 Degrees). I highly advise you not to say her name in the mirror five times if you ever visit the town of Mansfield. -

Mansfield - Lucas Cemetery - It is haunted by Mary Jane. Everyone calls her "Bloody Mary". She was burnt at the stake in the 1800's because she was claimed a witch. The tree she was buried under still stands with her name carved in it. If you go there on the night she was buried then the tree will bleed. If you go back where her house once stood you will notice a sudden drop in temperature about 20 Degrees). I highly advise you not to say her name in the mirror five times if you ever visit the town of Mansfield. - June 2008 Correction - No Trespassing - No one calls her Bloody Mary, just Mary Jane. The story is published in "Haunted Ohio". She was not burned at the stake; she lived to a ripe old age. She was a Native American medicine woman and as time went on younger generations saw her as a witch and as such she was harassed. But there are a lot of similarities between the two. She lived on land that a young farmer took care of and he looked out for her, as she was his father’s friend. She died at an old age and did put a "curse," of sorts, on the farmland and the land around. There is a marker where she is supposedly buried but she is not there. There are several hills that surround the property and she is buried on one of those, no one knows which, because she wanted to always be able to see the sun set. The farmer would always chase kids off trying to ghost hunt and even shoot at them.

Mansfield - Mansfield Prison - The warden's wife was supposedly killed in front of his office. Reports of feeling light headed and not being alone.

Mansfield - Pleasant Valley Cemetery - Many orbs and spirit strings appeared in photographs. This is the cemetery where Ceely Rose's parents and her brother are buried. (Rebecca, David and Walter Rose). She murdered them in 1896 by poisoning them with rat poison.

Mansfield - The Reformatory - Once an old prison, the Reformatory has been turned into a ghost hunting site and tourist attraction. Movies, such as the Shawshank Redemption have been filmed there. Anyway, during Halloween, the Reformatory is opened as a Haunted House and it is indeed haunted. Many, many ghosts still reside within its walls. Inside, at night, you can sometimes see the formations of the spirits. At anytime, day or night, if you go through certain parts of it, you can feel a definite chill. There is a lingering feeling of sadness and if you walk into some of the cells, you can definitely feel the spirits in there with you. There are some very dangerous vortexes you have to watch for in there. After all of the years of negative energy, they have built up into these vortexes that are capable of doing rather nasty things to you. You can hear the voices of the spirits in the hallways near the mess hall. Heed a psychic's warning- if you ever go to this place, prepare yourself and DO NOT INVOKE THESE SPIRITS!!! They are very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Mantua - Streeter Rd. Forest - The Woods Of Streeter Rd are haunted or something’s in them. You can hear screams inside all through the night, many different times. And the sounds of things squealing. Witnesses report being chased out by something they could not see, and it was a low pitch and high pitch screaming. They have seen red eyes in the woods, then they vanish.

Marblehead - "Old Stone House Bed and Breakfast"- Toilets have been heard flushing upstairs on the third floor. A TV that is located on the third floor repeatedly is being turned down after the volume is turned up. Room 11 is suppose to be haunted by a little girl who fell out of the window and fell three floors to her death. The fireplace on the first floor has known to burn embers after a period of time when no one was home. In the basement you can feel some kind of strange feeling of like people behind you.

Marblehead - Johnson's Island Cemetery - This is a site where many soldiers died and were buried. It has been rumored that you can hear the gunshots followed by the screams of agony from the soldiers. Every other year, the memorial day parade is held on the island, and it has been said that the soldiers join us in our march around the island.

Marietta - The Castle - Currently a Historic House Museum. This Victorian mansion has been the setting for numerous ghost stories. It has changed hands several times and many of its owners have died in the house (at least 3). A true ghost story accompanies every single room in the house, ranging from odd sounds, a haunted clock, temperature changes, to sightings of ghosts. In October, the museum hosts ghost tours where the stories are told.

Marietta - Comfort Inn - doors open, TV's turn on all by themselves curtains close. And some times your shoulders get touched!!!

Marietta - The Levee House Café - This building was once a whorehouse. In the mid 19th century a wealthy man was having an affair with one of the women in the house. His eldest son was so upset with the way people were talking about his family and with the way his mother was being treated that he followed his father to the Levee House one night. He killed both his father and his father's lover. To this day very early in the morning on certain days the man can be seen entering the back door to the building.

Marietta - Marietta College - The Alpha Xi Delta house - is a historic house located on Fifth St. William P. Skinner, successful early merchant, second sheriff, bank board member and civic leader, built this house in 1855. His daughter, Sarah, married Nahum Ward. In 1908 it was purchased by George White, an oilman and banker who was elected Governor of Ohio in 1930. He is the third Marietta native to achieve this honor. Since 1955 it has served as the Alpha Xi Delta sorority house. The house is currently haunted by the spirit of "George". He has been known to knock things off the walls, open doors, turn on faucets, and turn on and off appliances. He also protects the girls of the house. It is rumored that if a girl brings a guy up stairs he will trip them going up the front stairs if his intentions are not true.

Marietta - M.O.V.P. Theatre - Things in the prop room move all by themselves, when you walk down to the basement, you feel an icy breeze rush past your head or an icy hand grabs your shoulder. A grown man will not go down there alone. They say its owner haunts it. There isn't any proof that there are tunnels under the theatre, but it's said the pipes are big enough for a grown man to crawl through. The owner also owned its' sister, The Colony Theatre, across the street. It's said that at night he travels through the pipes in between the theatres to see how they're being held up. After the young thespians and the audience leaves you can see a phantom like figure in the ticket booth.

Marion - East Lawn Manor Nursing Home - At night at midnight shift footsteps from a mentally unstable lady that had died before are seen coming down the hall and the familiar scuffling of her slippers can be heard. Then she goes to the door that is across the room where she was at and slams the door as she always did when she heard the lady screaming in the room. The people in the room are unable to get up and do so. The nurse aides would go to the room and the patient in the room would be staring wide eyed at the door. - March 2007 Update: recently torn down

Marion - Harding Home - The people working the shift on the same date and time as President Harding died, the antique clock will stop and for a while and re-start, also, in his "office" on top of a tall wooden chest with glass doors sets a model ship....the sails move back and forward. - June 2008 Correction: The clock has been known to stop only three times on the date Workers have to re-start it. In reference to the story that the sails blow on the ship is completely false.

Marion - Marion Cemetery - Mysterious Revolving Ball - For more than 100 years, a 5,200 pound ball of polished black granite has been slowly rotating on a pedestal in the Marion Cemetery. This mystery was featured in "Ripley's Believe It or Not' in 1929.

Marion - Marion Country Club - A young girl worked there in the 70's or 60's. A cook also working there had grown fond of her and later obsessed. One night, while she was walking to her car, he attacked her, raped her, and murdered her and left he out on the golf course. He was just recently caught and put in jail for his crime, but she still wonders the country club.

Marysville - The Castle, Bed and Breakfast - reports of seeing a black shadowy figure, & eerie feelings.

Mason - Mason Montgomery and US 42 - a woman was killed in the building on the corner 100 years ago and has been seen walking around on the upper floors.

Mason - Peter's Cartridge Factory - formerly listed as Old Powder Factory - It is an old factory on the way to kings Island, they use to have haunted houses in there for Halloween attractions, but they quit having it there because its an old abandon warehouse. It is said that many cultic things happen there, and people have said that they hear people whispering and they get "cold chills" and they see a man in all black.

Mason - Rose Hill Cemetery - When you drive by the cemetery, you can sometimes see her hitch-hiking for a ride. If you pick her up, She will not be there when you stop to let her out. Some people say that she is still trying to get to the prom to see her boyfriend!

Massillion - Massillion State Mental Institution - It is an old abandoned mental institution. Witness have heard a door slam open and have seen a shadow of a tall man came walking out.

Maumee - Maumee Children's Home, River Road - The old orphanage has 18 buildings, 16 of which are connected by catacombs. Legend has it that children were abused and beaten and sent down to the boiler room for punishment. The orphanage has been closed down for some time now. Some explorers found a door leading to a basement of one of the buildings that was left ajar and entered. they found the tunnel that led to the boiler room with another tunnel leading out of it. Other very small rooms were attached to the tunnels, possibly for solitary confinement. It was creepy and cold spots and cool breezes were felt every once in a while. Up in one of the rooms must have been a girl's dorm, dolls and lunch boxes, books, etc. scattered over the floor, they all had very weird sensations that they were being watched. The attic of the main building is said to be the most haunted. Also reports of seeing children watching you from the windows. The whole place was vacant and abandoned at that time.- October 2004 update: this area is being renovated into housing development.
- End of March 2005 - construction crews found a shallow grave containing human bones ...after several weeks of investigating...they found 50 unmarked graves. County officials researched with the help of Bowling Green University to find records of cemetery belonging to the children's home. no cemetery existed!! They even went back through the Lucas County Coroners records - could not find anything about the deaths. The City of Maumee, Lucas County Commissioners and The Developer each donated $16,000 to have the bodies laid to rest at the Riverside Cemetery in Maumee.

Mendon - Palmer Cemetery - Old cemetery has a large monument that has a green glow to it. Can only be seen from a certain point of the road.

Medina - The Medina Steakhouse & Saloon - There have been a number of people who have seen 2 women and a man walking around through the restaurant.

Medina - County Jail - Often a ghost or a figure of a small person has been seen, and felt to be the presence of a very calm, sad, lonely, non-hostile woman, possibly a native. As a lot of Cherokee Indians Reside there.

Medina - Light & Hope Orphanage - Formerly listed as Gore Orphanage - ghosts of orphan children seen there since the old orphanage burned down.- This is an urban myth. While the orphanage did burn down soon after 1916, it happened long after the place was abandoned. Please see the following submission of "Swift Mansion. For more information, please visit'sHollow.htm

Medina - Swift's Hallow - Swift Mansion - A.K.A. Known as , "The Old Swift Place." Burned down in 1926 - There have been many deaths here (most of which were children due to illness). there is accually a whole book about it.

Miamisburg - Arby's - Employees that go into the basement feel like they are being watched. Several employees have heard children laughing after hours, have seen shadows, backed up in to something large but nothing is there, and had their hair pulled in the basement. A bald man has been seen upstairs in the kitchen staring at the oven when only employees were in the store and plants have been seen swinging in the dining room when there is no air circulating.

Miamisburg - Hill Grove Cemetery - The Cemetery is very old and has grave stones going back to the late 1800s/early 1900's and is very haunted But one of many is there is a family grave site where many people have said to have witnessed a young girl sitting over a grave crying(believed to be her mother) . Many people have tried to give their assistance to the girl but she only looks at them and disappears . Another site is of a 19 year old girls grave from the late 1800s , she is said to have been a preachers daughter but betrayed him in not believing the religion he taught, so her family disowned her and she killed herself . The bible on top of her grave is said to be broken in half sometimes and sometimes appears perfectly normal.

Miamisburg - Medlar View Elementary - The girls bathroom by the 4th grade hall are haunted by a young girl who was murdered by one of the workers that had helped build the school, she was supposed to be a 4th grader now, two girls see her every time they go into the bathroom. If you look into the mirror for 5 seconds without blinking you will see blood running down the mirror, and you will see a girl with blond hair. WARNING: DON'T TRY TO TALK TO HER

Middletown - Jefferson Elementary - People say that a young girl haunts Jefferson. Jefferson has been known to be built on an old ancient burial ground. Janitors and the gym teachers have reported hearing balls bouncing in the gym and little children laughing and playing about on the gym stage. - June 2005 Update: The school was torn down in the Summer of 2003.

Middletown - Sorg Mansion and Opera House - Some that have stayed there say every night you can see and hear the old residents still walking through the tunnel and about the mansion, an actress that use to work there supposedly disappeared one night never to be seen again but she left her red dress. Some janitors have reported hearing a woman singing back where the dressing rooms are and when they go back there is a lady wearing a red dress putting on makeup but when she sees them staring she looks frightened and disappears just like in real life.

Middletown - Stephen Vail middle school - At Vail in the 60's or 70's a gay gym teacher killed her self in the girls locker room to get away from the taunting other female gym teachers she broke a mirror and slit her wrists in the 4 locker stall they say that if you go down there during gym or after school hours you can hear locker doors slamming shut and here basketballs bouncing and there have also been sightings of her running on the track on top of the gym.

Middletown - Woodside Cemetery - The story goes that back in the mid 1800s 5 men were hung for a robbery of a bank in another state. If you go there late at night you will see the glimmers of 5 men hanging from a tree that no longer stands. The tree was removed when the cemetery was being put in because people claimed they seen these ghosts and thought removing the tree might stop.

Milan - Milan cemetery - is rumored to be the stomping grounds of many an restless specter. Lights have been reported to float around the grounds and most bizarre of all is a crucifix - shaped tombstone which seems to "glow" occasionally at night.

Milan - Milan Cemetery & Edison Park-The cemetery is semi-active with various orbs and specters on the grounds. Abbot's Tomb is considered to be one of the centers of activity here. One point of interest is that the "glowing cross" cannot actually be seen very well from the cemetery. It is in a ditch passed a drop off at the edge of the graveyard. To see it you must go to Edison park, which can be reached from S. Edison, and you will be able to find a place that you can see it from there (near the pavilion).

Milan - Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum - People have heard strange noises and mysterious music. They have also seen angel like figures. One little boy said, "Who's that pretty lady?" When there was no one there.

Millfield - Old Millfield Inn - Built in 1811, this abandoned inn is haunted by two ghosts. One is the ghost of a slave named Luther who died while the house was part of the Underground Railroad. After he died of an infected wound, his spirit was seen wandering the ground and dragging his damaged leg. The other ghost is the spirit of a bootlegger named Sam who was killed while in a drunken stupor when his illegal still exploded. Witnesses still hear his drunken laughter in the house.

Millfield - Old Millfield Mine - Earlier in this century, the Millfield mine in Southeast Ohio was the scene of a series of explosions. The cemetery opened the week before in Chauncey was filled in one day's time from this. On the disaster's anniversary, if you know where to stand, you can feel the ground shiver underfoot, followed by the muffled sound of hoof beats. Legend has it that the mine ponies are fleeing, terrified, from the boiling hell coming up behind them. Listen closely and you will hear them scream as the explosion and fire catches up with them, then ... silence ...

Milford - Historic covered bridge - If you go to this bridge, turn off your car and flash your lights three times, and look out a window on the bridge you will see a man hanging in a tree, until you see this your car is not supposed to start up again. Also a Satanic church is near by. If you are caught hanging down there a black truck will chase you away and try to run you off the road.

Millville - Millville Cemetery 127 - Those that live around Millville have seen many apparitions in the cemetery. One of an elderly gentleman walking around the cemetery. Another of a young girl, she is just standing there by a tree looking off into the field. Witnesses have also have seen a ball of light and ran into several cold spots in the cemetery.

Monroe - Lake Monroe - People claim when you go to the lake at night, you can see the reflection of light on the water and hear children screaming for help. The origin of this occurrence is unknown.

Montgomery - Gratis - Fudge Road - Scary Old Road Located Just Outside Of Gratis... On The Road There Is The Site Of A Huge Drug Bust Where 2 Men Died.. They Still Haunt The Road... There is The Dwarf Home.. An old house with everything undersized rooms doors windows etc. The Fudge Best- White Human like beast that's been sighted on road... the drug house has been fenced off u cant get in... The bridge haunted by ghost of baby that was thrown off side by mother & truck driver that has driven off side.

Moonville - Civil War Graveyard - If you are driving down Lawrence Road as you get into Moonville, you will see a path in the woods to your right that leads to a Civil War graveyard. If you walk through the graveyard at night, you can hear screams, drums playing, loud breathing, and other strange noises.

Moonville - deserted railroad tunnel - was once a life for people living in the sparsely populated area of southeastern Ohio; legend has it that a railway worker was having an affair with the engineer's wife, he found out about it and ran the railroad worker over, decapitating him; you can see a headless figure walking where the tracks used to be, at night carrying a lantern, looking for his head (also be careful not to go out there by yourself, the locals do not want you around and may be aggressive in protecting their area)

Morristown - Lady Binn Hill - A long time ago way back in the early 1800's, a young woman (Lady Binn) was supposed to get married in the nearby town called Morristown, but her husband had to leave and she went racing down the hill in her carriage after him, but her veil managed to somehow get caught in the spokes of the wheel, which caused the carriage to wreck, and therefore decapitated her head but the story goes that if the conditions are right, if you go down there at night, you can see her ghost looking for her head!

Morristown - Old Salem Cemetery - Supposedly People were hung from the old oak in the Cemetery. The old oak still stands, and supposedly holds the souls of those hung there.

Mt. Blanchard - New cemetery by CR 4, farming equipment is in front of cemetery. Statue of a lady who looks like Mary. If touched and then walked away you will hear footsteps behind you, but don't be alarmed its a nice ghost and wont hurt you. In the night the eyes glow red.

Muamee - The Link Inn - There are 2 ghost that walk all around that restaurant one is the lilac lady she smells real strong of lilacs and the other smells like B.O.

Munroe Falls - the one lane bridge on river road - it is supposedly haunted by a man that likes to jump out in front of cars on certain nights and when you stop to talk to him he vanishes in to the trees.

Napoleon - Bernickes Grocery on Woodlawn - When ever it's quiet in the store you can hear the beer cooler doors in the front by the registers open and close but the door never actually moves, or at least has never been seen moving. You can be standing right next to it and hear it, but not see a thing.

Napoleon - The Scott House - Built in the mid 1800's by Gen Robert Scott, the house has many incidents of paranormal. Gen Scott can be seen walking down the steps in his suit and top hat, levitation of people sleeping on the 3rd floor bedrooms, sounds of people walking through the hallways, cold spots, and infants waking in the middle of the night, then giggling at a misty figure above their crib. Supposedly haunted by the General and at least one female servant of his.

Nelsonville - Airplane Hollow - In the 50s or 60s a small plane with a man, his wife and child crashed in a hollow North of Nelsonville. The plane was not found for a couple of weeks. The man and his wife died on impact. The baby lived, only to starve to death. You can go some nights and park near the woods where they crashed and still hear a baby crying.

Nelsonville - Old Mount St. Mary's Hospital - It was staffed for years by a group of nuns. One of them, beloved by all who met her, loved her roses; she grew the loveliest rose gardens about the hospital, and when she died in the fullness of her years, her room was filled with roses, gifts from a grieving community. To this day if you step into that administration office that used to be her quarters, you will catch a whiff of roses. The nuns used to march at night, every evening; all patient rooms had to have their doors shut before this ritual was performed. It is said that the nuns march again before a patient dies.

Nelsonville - Zaleski State Forest - On a remote backpacking loop in the Zaleski State Forest, hikers have reported seeing what appears to be a swinging lantern at night along an abandoned stretch of train tracks, in an area formerly known as Moonville.  Legend has it that the lantern is carried by the ghost of a man who got hit by a train there.  The lantern has also been spotted in an adjacent train tunnel.

New Carlisle - Blacks Cemetery - It is a cemetery about 4 miles outside of the town it is called Blacks Cemetery. At night you can hear voices and see what looks like people walking around.

New Carlisle - Staley's Road - There is a road in New Carlisle that runs past an old mill to the right and an old mansion to the left. Rumor has it Old Staley went crazy and murdered his family and servants, killing himself. Now, whenever you drive down the road at night, your car stalls and your vehicle goes crazy, lights flashing, horn honking, wheels braking all on their own. Every now and then you can see Old Staley pacing around in the mansion.

New Middletown - State Route 170 - A young man wrecked his car on the bend on this road. He supposedly still walks the road and can be seen wearing a flannel shirt and is around 6ft tall. His figure appears to cross the road, is transparent and if you look close enough he is floating and not really walking!

New Middletown (Youngstown) - Locust Grove - Old summer picnic area/swimming hole. Children kept drowning so it was shut down in the late 70's. Swimmers can feel hands pulling at their legs while swimming.

New Philadelphia - Stone Quarry - At night in three ghostly lights can be seen two of them red, and one white. In the late 1700's a Mingo Indian chief had a white wife, and another Indian whom he loved. The Indian pushed the chief and his white wife over the cliff, but fell in with them. They were refused a Christian burial, and now, you can see the three lights struggle on the top and fall, disappearing near the Tuscarawas River.

New Waterford - Hisey Road - A little boy is said to have committed suicide in the 1990's by hanging himself in what is now a burned down house on Hisey Road. His ghost has bee seen at the house. The house burned down a few years after the suicide.

Newark - Cedar Hill Cemetery - There is an asylum that when you put your ear up to the door you can hear screams and knocking. There is also a stone with a baby on it and when you look at it, then turn and look back, it faces a new direction.

Newark - Newark Earthworks - orbs are seen and photographed, this is an ancient Native American holy site built by the Adena Indians.

Newark - Newark high school - B Building - There was this janitor accidentally hung himself and on the night he was known to die you can hear footsteps and him whistling his favorite tune.

Newbury - Punderson Manor House - Children heard running in hallways, spirits of children seen, one room got so violent that management had to close off room with a fake wall covering the door, man seen hanging by a rope in the lounge area, and much more.

Newlebenin - Forney Rd - Forney road is hunted by want some say a ghost that killed his family some even think he slowly killed them. There have been reports of a man walking around this road along with screams of children. Some even think his youngest daughter had escaped from him. He was executed in what is now the cafeteria of Saint Clair Community Collage. Some say he hunts that to looking for his daughter.

Newton Falls - Sam's Pizza Place - In the upstairs part of the pizza place or the attic employees say they hear voices and unexplained sounds when no one else is working. Also telephone constantly ringing and no one talks. It is said that it is haunted by the ghost of a 13 year old boy who past away on the premises before it was a pizza shop.

North Olmsted - Candlewood Suites Hotel - Lights turn on and off by themselves. Cool breezes can be felt in the hallways when there are no windows or doors open. People have reported seeing a shadowy figure out of the corner of their eye but when they turn to look nothing is there. One employee reports feeling what seemed like icy cold fingers brush against the back of her neck but when she turned around no one was there. Supposedly when they were clearing the woods to build the hotel the body of a woman who committed suicide was found. She had shot herself in the head. They say she now haunts the building and grounds.

North Ridgeville - St. Peters Church - when it's quiet enough or not too many people you can hear footsteps walking up and down the isles.

North Royalton - North Royalton High School - At 4:25 every Friday in the hallway near the old gym, you can hear the sounds of a boy coming down the hall dribbling a basketball. Shortly following you can hear the screams of the boy and banging on the lockers as if being attacked. Legend has it that in the 1970's a 9th grader was killed there before a big football game against rival Brecksville as a prank by 2 seniors.

Northfield Village - City Hall - The Council Chambers has been haunted for many years. Officers finishing paperwork late at night, have heard loud footsteps and banging above their heads usually very late at night when the building is deserted.  On one occasion, an officer heard something say, "pssst!" from the hallway.  On turning around, there was nothing there.  Fleeting apparitions have also been seen.       

Norwich - Siesta Motel - In 1994, a man who lived about ten miles away got in a heated argument with his mother. The man was known to be very ignitable and he stormed out of their house and booked a room at the Siesta Motel. Later that night his mother found out where he was and called him, making him even angrier. A short while after the man went to sleep, he was awaken by the sound of someone in his room. Assuming it was his mother stepping out of bounds, and enraged, he attacked the figure in the dark. When a struggle broke out, the robber accidentally killed the man. The ghost roams over the entire building, slamming doors, turning lights off, whispering vulgarities, a few reports of crying and laughter combined, taking things and putting them in odd places, and people have reported being hit by the dark haired man.

Oak Hill - Central School Building - Believed to be haunted by a little girl, witnesses report hearing her laugh, seeing her as a whit misty figure, & feeling of being followed.

Oak Hill - A wraith haunts an old, isolated cemetery, knocking over tombstones and appearing in front of people at night.

Oberlin - Green Acres Childrens Home - Where to begin... No one knows exactly what the cause of nature of the haunting is. A former resident claims while they stayed there during their parents divorce and custody battles alot of strange happenings took place. Keep in mind this is a childrens home. The windows are bolted shut to prevent run aways. There was a spirt of a little boy no more then 5 or 6 years old that would be seen sitting on the edge of various beds as well as running from room to room slamming doors as he left a room. The basement of the place was inhabited by another spirit one that was much darker. A young girl was on laundry detail one night and she was making her way into the basement to go and change the clothes from the washer to the dryers. But before she could make it to the laundry room she was attacked by the spirit. She was thrown from wall to wall. You could see her head being pushed into the wall and the whole time she was screaming for help. *she survived the incident with a few bumps and bruises.

Ohio Summit - peninsula - Old Boston township - Reports of hearing a battle that starts at the road and work its way up the hill screaming yelling and shooting until thy reached the clearing about one hundred yards from the house then all would stop.

Olmsted Falls - Witches' Hill - There is a cemetery in Olmsted Falls that is said to be haunted every Halloween by people who were accused of being witches and put to death. supposedly they come out after dark.

Ostrander - Ostrander road - The old school house on this road is haunted by a little girl who was pushed down the stairs. She can be heard playing the piano, bouncing basketballs in the gym, and typing on the old typewriter in the gym office. At night you can also see a lady dressed in a white dress dancing on the front lawn.

Overton - Leroy's bridge - is haunted by a man that was killed by falling of the side.

Oxford - Hopewell cemetery - the light- Near oxford their is a place called hueston woods, go through it until you find the Hopewell cemetery. It is one of the best ghost hunting sites in southern Ohio. And I saw the light in oxford also mentioned on here, if you want to be safe don't go to it. It has caused me very bad luck every time I go near it. But up the street from it their is a barn you can't miss it, go their and search around, when you get back to your car their will be a little surprise. I went once and haven't ever been back the surprise caused us to wreck the car we were in trying to get away.

Oxford - Heuston Woods - The Adina Indian Mound - This is very easy to get to all you need is a flash light because it does require a bit of walking. This Medina Indian mound is dated back to sometime in the BC’s there is a little plaque before you get to it that tells you the dates so you can find that out if you go check it. you might feel this strong sensation of being held back. Witnesses claim to have taken pictures from the top and had strange glowing figures, and ectomist. Go to the Heuston woods campground. You don't have to pay just go straight thru. its at the end of row b just park on the road. you have to walk through a big field but if you just go straight you'll run smack into it. The Adena Indians were "Mound Builders" of prehistoric time date estimating from approximately 1000 B.C.-700 A.D. along with the Hopewell Indians whose appearance is estimated at approximately 400 B.C. The name came from Adena, the Chillicothe, Ohio estate of Thomas Worthington, governor of Ohio from 1814-1818. (The Mound Builders by Robert Silverberg, Ohio University Press, Athens)

Oxford - Miami University - Peabody Hall - This hall has been known to have many sightings along with the sighting of a Ms. Helen Peabody. There have been sightings mainly in just individual rooms in the dorm. There has been documentation of a girl hanging herself in room 210, and then another person hanging themselves in that same room years later. In other rooms, there have been times where the window shades of only a couple of rooms would flap frantically, but there's now evidence of any wind and no person standing by the windows.

Oxford - Miami University - Reid Hall - is haunted due to a murder that occurred many years ago. There was shooting spree after a boy thought his girlfriend was cheating on him and the bloody handprints on the door in the second floor will not go away. - June 2008 Update: Reid Hall was torn down in the summer of 2006 to make room for the new business school, but the door with the bloody handprint is currently housed in the University Archives.

Oxford - Miami University - Wilson Hall - Doors unlock by themselves. Alarm clocks go off at wrong times. Chairs move around by themselves and other paranormal experiences.There is a tunnel that is caved in. Students say that they can still feel a presence, and many have seen an apparition roaming the halls. The tunnel entry is still in the basement, and you can see where it has caved in.

Oxford - Miami University, Oxford College - Reports of a girl dressed in a long black dress by the dish line. The girl looked really sad and was dressed like someone from the early 1900's. Others had sightings of different things but the girl seems to be the main one. One of the Residence Hall Advisors saw the girl my mother described. An electrician quit when he was working upstairs at Oxford College. He wouldn't say what he saw just that he had seen something and that he wasn't ever going to risk going back into that building.

Oxford - Milford Road - The way to get there is to keep going out Oxford road which takes you past Wehr road (but that is another story) and keep driving till you get closer to the campus off to the right is Oxford Milford road. Drive all the way down the road until the end take the curve and pull into the first yard on the right, turn around and pull back onto the main road. Flash your bright lights 3 times, first you should see small flashing red lights, then see the motorcycle headlight coming down the road. The story is there was a guy and a girl whose love was forbidden so they would sneak out to see each other, the girl would take her fathers car and pull out to the end of the road and flash her lights 3 times to signal to her boyfriend to come see her, well one night she signaled him and he began down the road to see her, supposedly a young boy was riding! his bicycle in the road, the guy on the motorcycle didn’t see him until it was too late wrecked into him and they both died, (the red lights are the reflectors off the bicycle) when the girl saw this she hung herself from the barn in her yard (which is the same yard you turn around in) the barn is still there but only remains.

Oxford - Oxford state road - If you are parked at the top of the hill and flash your lights three times you will see a motorcycle come toward you. Legend has it a guy and a girl were not allowed to see each other so the girl would sneak out at night and flash a light three times. To the her boyfriend waiting at the top of the road. But one night she flashed the lights and he started toward her house, but wrecked on the way and died. So now when you flash you lights he thinks that it is his girlfriend and he starts to come down the road.

Oxford - Wal-Mart Store - reports from Wal-Mart employees that their keys disappear to reappear again later in the same spot. Electric doors stick and won't shut. Computer's have weird drawings on the screen in the morning like a child has been drawing. - January 2007 Update: The store is now all closed up, due to a brand new Wal-Mart super center being built down the road.

Oxford - (Miami University) - on an old country road just outside of the university the lights of a ghost can be summoned by flashing your car lights 3 times. Forbidden lovers once used this sign when they would meet at night. But one night the guy coming on his motorcycle died. You can see red lights, a concentrated white light (like the light of a motorcycle), and then many lights (like an ambulance.

Painesville - Lake Erie College - College Hall - There's a ghost named Stephanie who haunts mostly the 4th floor, which is closed off now, but they say she can get downstairs through a mirror in the social parlor. She roams everywhere and many people have seen her. She is said to be a student from the 1800's when it used to be an all girl college and later she killed herself in the belfry. She is very nice though. Non- threatening.

Painesville - Lake Erie College - Fine Art Center - Green Room - where the girls have encounters while in the room alone. Cold spots, a figure appearing in the mirror, the door opening and closing when everyone else was on stage. And papers move on their own with no breeze.

Painesville - Lake Erie College - Morley Music Hall - It is said that Mrs. Morley and maybe even Mr. Morley still visit. Sometimes even Stephanie. Mostly Mrs. Morley. One time she yelled at the security guard to get out really loud. Others have heard footsteps and even a piano playing downstairs, but when they go investigate no one is there. Others have felt hot or chilling drafts or spots.

Painesville - Painesville fairgrounds - on occasion you can see the old school children that got caught in the fire dancing and playing. once in a while playing tricks on those who go in there.

Painesville - Riders Inn - The story about Riders Inn is that there is a ghost from the civil war. People have said that they have seen him, standing by the windows waving. - July 2004 update/additional info: The owners report a former Innkeepers wife, Suzanne, haunts the inn. That once they went out to a ball game all day and late into the night and totally forgot that they had a honeymooning couple coming that night! They didnt remember until the couple showed up for Breakfast! The couple said that they arrived the night before and found the inn locked and dark. They banged on the door and a woman in a nightgown came to the door and opened it, putting her finger to her lips as in "SShhhh" and only pointed upstairs! They knew which room they had reserved and went to bed kind of ticked!! There was no one in the inn that night when the couple arrived! The currant innkeeper is very nice and will be happy to give tours andthey even have a ghost cam on a local news site!

Painesville - Rite Aid Pharmacy - An old theater used to occupy this site and was torn down so they could build an office building with the pharmacy on the ground floor.

Parma - Normandy High School - The cheerleaders were hazing the new recruits in the 80's when a tile from the gym ceiling fell and struck one of the girls in the head killing her. The cheerleaders didn't want to get in trouble so they threw her body in the woods behind the baseball diamonds. It is said that if you walk in the woods late and night, you can still hear her practicing her cheers.

Parma - Pleasant Lake Nursing Home - Reported by residents and staff of a little girl in rooms and the hallways. Apparently in the lake behind the building a 7-year-old girl drowned.

Paulding - Coffin Road - The story is very similar to the Gore Orphanage legend. A man is said to have killed a lot of children here and then hung himself from a nearby tree. Numerous people have seen various things out there.

Paulding - County Jail - While working on the third floor an electrician notice someone watching him. When the electrician made eye contact the individual turned and walked out the door. When the electrician described the individual to the deputies on duty he was told that his description fit the old Sheriff, John Keeler, who had been dead for at least ten years.

Paulding - Paulding Carnage Library - Its said that the library is suppose to be haunted but know one knows who the ghost that haunt the library really are. One day a couple of workers were working late and they saw someone that wasn’t suppose to be there standing and looking at the workers so the workers ran across the street to the police station and the police searched the library and nobody was there. All that is known is that a man and a little girl haunts the building

Peebles - Wickerhamm Inn - In the 1800's a man stayed in the Inn and in the morning he didn't show up for breakfast and the person who owned the Inn went to find him and when she got in his room there were bloodstains on the floor (which are still there) but they didn't find the body. Years later they were remodeling and pulled up a floor board in that room and found a skeleton with out a skull. It was the man's, the man that died haunts the house looking for his head. ( Things that were reported are sounds of footsteps going up the stairs and piano playing bye itself )

Peninsula - Old Boston Township - This place is often called Mutane Town. The entire area is haunted. It's said if you look in the window of the old slaughterhouse you can see faces. The cemetery is haunted. The church is haunted. There is a crybaby bridge there and it's said that if you bring an extra set of keys, park on the bridge, turn your car off, lock the doors and walk away with the keys just sitting inside when you come back the car will be covered in dust with little footprints all over it and the car will be running, but still locked.

Pickaway - Circleville - Pickaway Manor - It is said that a woman that once worked there as an aide still does her duty when a resident is near death.

Piqua - Old Fort Piqua Hotel - Downtown Piqua, haunted hotel.

Plattsburg - old school house w/ of rt. 54 - supposed to be haunted by a little girl hung there.

Point Place/Toledo - Haunted Rocky Shore - A haunted rocky shore line. A young female ghost appears almost every night at sundown. She walks across the rocky shoreline barefooted in a bright white evening dress. Legend has it that her love sailed out to the lake at dusk, and she went out to look for him. He never came home. - June 2008 Update: It's a remote section of Reno Beach. To get to it, you have to park in the last lot and walk over a short bridge and go through a path in the wooded areas. On the left side of the path you'll see the refinery, and on the right is a section of rocky ledges that lead down to a flat area about 7X8ft. At times you can see the woman in white, but we've also observed a young boy (about 6 or 7 years old) who tends to follow you on the water though the woods and over the bridge. He seems friendly, and smiles so it's almost like he's trying to play with you. He stops at the waters edge by the bridge though, looking forlorn like he can't pass there.

Prospect - North Street House of Terror - Feelings of being watched from the street. A witness reports seeing a face pressed against the second story window of the house. Although the face seemed somewhat darkened and hard to make out, the eyes appeared to be bleeding and the blood was running down the inside of the window. Locals say that a boy named Christopher was attacked by an unknown perpetrator and murdered. Christopher's eyes were said to have been found ripped out of the sockets.

Portage - Suffield - Stairway to Heaven Cemetery - The cemetery off Waterloo rd is said to be haunted. If you walk up the long old stairway Right at the top something will surprise you. when you reach the top close your eyes and turn around and then see what followed you up.

Portage County - Kent - Kent State University - One the first floor of Allyn hall, a small girl named Sarah walks the halls. She likes to tug on bed sheets and ask people to play with her.

Portsmouth - Hallmark Care Center - Residents on the second floor complain of being kept up at night by the "little black children sitting on my bed". Water faucets turn off and on by themselves, doors open and close on their own, children laughing and playing in the attic can be heard almost anytime.

Portsmouth - Mitchellace - 830 Murray - It is said that two brothers owned this building, formerly a shoe company. They went bankrupt and the one brother jumped to his death from a window on the fifth floor. Also rumors say it could have been the elevator shaft he jumped down. His brother was so devastated having lost his brother that he, in turn, killed himself. The 2 stories circulating are he threw himself off the roof, or jumped on the tracks in front of a train, which runs right next to the building. It is rumored that you can hear screams on the 5th floor and a breeze blowing, sometimes you might even see or feel the presence of a ghost. They don't have anyone work directly on the fifth floor anymore because people will not stay. One woman working there refuses to go past the third floor. It's definitely a scary place.

Republic - The Train Bridge - Right below the bridge is the small town cemetery. There at night people have reported seeing a light and the train going by from nowhere and then disappearing.

Richmond Heights - Richmond Heights High School - Every home football game, shimmers of mysterious light can be seen by the concession stand. You can also hear a young girl crying when passing by the bathrooms.

Rocky River - Tunnel of death - There is a tunnel in Rocky River that begins behind the Giant Eagle on Center Ridge, this tunnel goes under ground under Center Ridge and under the city into Fairview, it is about 3 1/2 miles long. People have reported seeing large growing eyes, like some from a person looking at them then turn around and run the opposite direction, hearing the things splash its feet in the water. Also people have reported walking by extreme cold spots in the tunnel.

Rogers - Lusk's Lock - Lusks lock is part of the beaver creek canal system that was the lifeline of the area in the 1800 & 1900's. Lusk's lock is said to be haunted by a worker of the lock who died there. You can see him walking along the lock in his work clothes.

Roseville - Roseville Prison - The old abandoned Prison in Roseville, just south of Zanesville and East of Columbus is rumored to be haunted. On some nights it is said that the ghost of a woman dressed in white can be seen falling from the roof of the building in a re-enactment of her suicide. Also, ghostly shadowy images are said to be seen peering out of the guard tower.

Rossford - Helen Dr - A lady in white appears in the right back corner in the back bedroom. Rumors have it when they were adding an addition to the house a worker fell from the roof and died...during thunderstorms she appears in the doorway and watches the child who sleeps in the bedroom kind of watching over them.

Rudolph - Libert High School - Cold spots felt. You can hear people walking when no one is there. Bathroom stall doors have been seen swinging when no one is in there.

Salem - Egypt Road- Crybaby Bridge - There is a story of a mother who lost her baby while the mother and father were fighting, the baby was found at the bottom of the driveway where a bridge was, as the mother was running to save her baby, the baby fell over the bridge, to this day you can hear the scream of the baby and it's mother coming to save it.

Samantha - Black Rabbit Road - You travel down the twisted lane until you reach a small bridge. It is said that once you arrive you are to pull onto the bridge, shut off your car engine and roll down your windows. It is then that you will hear the cries of a baby that was hung there by her mother. Some have even said that they got out and looked over the bridge and saw the rope with a noose that was actually used to hang the baby. Strange animals also appear as you go down the road.

Sandusky - Cedar Point - a young woman walking past CJ's Provisions in the Frontier Trail. Anyone working in that stand has reportedly felt someone there or has apparently seen someone walking by the doors when they are closed before the season begins. Legend has it that a young woman walks up and down frontier trail looking for her boyfriend / husband in that area. Strange things have happened in CJ's. If you leave a sponge on the sink in the fudge area and leave to go and do something, like take your break or go outside to get something and you come back and your sponge is gone. No one else has taken it or even seen where it went to. Then when you go back, sometimes the sponge reappears in the same place that you last left and there are only 2 of you in the stand. (I have first hand experience with this since I've worked there this past 2003 season).

Sandusky - "Hotel Breakers - To get the story straight on Hotel Breakers (it was probably a seasonal employee making something up about Fridays) There are two known reoccurring instances of hauntings in Hotel Breakers. Hotel Breakers has now four sections all of which were built at different places in time, the oldest and still central being of the hotel is "The Rotunda" which is named so for its circular five floored circular structure of which live it's majority of rooms. "The Lobby" is a two story structure in which contain offices and old meeting rooms on the first floor of such, second floor has rooms that were once guest rooms, now employee dwellings. this is that which we are most interested in for in one of the two second floor hallways is room #169. The very room in which during the early 1900's when the park was still just a beach resort, a guest by the name of Mary hung herself in dismay (supposed to that of a lover), hung herself in her room. Since then, Employee and guest alike have had odd occurrences, disturbances, violent unseen actions, noises, problems with electronics occur. The third oldest portion of the hotel "Breakers East" Which in itself wasn't built until the mid 90's and is portioned into three and four floors. The occurrences in this section were sightings of "Faceless apparitions" in a small combination of number. All other sightings and instances are not known as re-occurring and random. The whole park is rumored to be haunted, and also rumored to have been built on a native burial ground.

Sandusky - River Well House - In the 1800's, the McGreen was given money as a gift. they argued among each other what they should do with it. They left the money in their wagon until the morning so they would have time to decide. When the family awoke, the money was gone. Mr. McGreen was so mad that he killed everyone and hung himself in the well. Strange things happened in the house for almost 200 years later. Doors would open by themselves. Pets refused to go into the dining room nor would plants ever live in it. Small fires would start in the fireplace on their own. Door handles would be witnessed as wiggled when no one was on the other side to do so. Shadows are seen and images are seen outside a huge picture window that looks over a river. the well is still there and nothing will grow with in a 10 feet radius of it. In 1979, the house mysteriously burned down without any indication of a cause.

Sandusky - Sleep Inn - When employees walk the halls of the third floor at night, there is an uncanny feeling that they are not alone. The television in 317 will turn on and flip channels all by itself. A laundry attendant was trapped in 315 (the locks are on the inside, and the door opens to the inside, but the door would not open from the inside.) Housekeepers cleaning room 324 have seen the curtains in 312 fluttering/opening, but when the room was checked, the AC unit was off and the room was vacant. Doors slamming and footsteps can be heard when employees are up there alone, but when they call out or go to see who's there, the halls are empty.

Scioto - Portsmouth - Dry Run pond Creek Road - A small child with brown hair in a pony tail has been seen, pacing up and down the pond creek hill, and running into the woodsy area when a car comes by. Legend has it she died in the house by the hill many years ago due to a fire. You can hear her laughing and playing at night.

Scioto - Portsmouth - Shawnee State University - Advance Technology Center - The Automatic Doors and Elevators open and shut by themselves, as well as cold spots, and the feeling of being watched.

Scioto - Portsmouth - Shawnee State University - Massie Hall - the main building on campus. Cold spots, shadows, and strange noises, usually at night, and mainly in the basement, 2nd, and 3rd floors. On, the second floor, reports of seeing shadows on the wall, as if a student set down at a desk, complete with sounds of the books hitting the desk. On the third floor, you will hear footsteps and occasional whispers when no one else is on the floor.

Scioto - Portsmouth - Shawnee State University - University Library - Built on the site where many of Portsmouth's older homes once stood on 2nd and 3rd streets.  Said to carry the hauntings from the older houses. Info for this one is on -

Scioto - Portsmouth - Shawnee State University - Vern Riffe Center for the Arts - The Art building sits along 3rd street where many more old homes once stood, and the hauntings are said to originate from there.  The halls between the main lobby and the main hallways for the classrooms (a.k.a. The Connector Hall) seems to be where the most occurrences are. Shadows, footsteps, sounds, shadows all are seen or heard. Some, have, apparently, even seem the spirit of a young girl roam the hallways, as well as the sounds of child like or girl like laughing coming from the connector hallway, and performance hall when no one is that area late at night. 

Scottown - Lawrence Chapel Graveyard - Rumors of a strange "shadow" that follows people upon entering the graveyard at night. Dead bodies of men and slaughtered animals have been found there and a long belief in witchcraft rituals being held at the ruins of the church. The shadow is described as "a black looking thing that follows you from a distance at night."

Shadyside - Shadyside High School - Several students setting up for a haunted house sponsored by the band were, making a spoof of the Blair Witch project around 1am right before Halloween. On the film there were blue orbs and you could hear lockers shutting and people talking. None of these things were happening at the time. There was also a new night janitor who was changing a fuse on the 3rd floor. She guessed as to which one it was, when she went to pull out the fuse a hand touched her on the shoulder and told her that it is the one next to her. She told the man thank you, turned around to ask him a question and the man was gone. It turned out that there was only one other person on duty that night, and he was on the other side of the building.

Sheffield Lake - Sheffield Middle School - January 2007 Removal of false entry.

Shelby - Crying Bridge - At night if you stand quietly on the bridge you will hear a baby cry. A family of Omish were said to be killed here. The bridge has since been remodeled but still the baby cries on.

Shelby - Green Eyes Cemetery - Green eyes is known as green eyes because back in the 1940's there was a hospital. Not just any hospital, it is known as St. Pauls Psychiatric Reformed Cemetery. The hospital was burned down by a group of vandals. If you go near the cemetery, a huge dog will chase your car, and green eyes will appear in the gravesite, except when you get closer the dog stops and the eyes stop and you can hear people screaming for there lives.

Shelby - The Sugar Shack - known as the sugar shack, they tapped trees for maple syrup, one day 3 people went out there into the woods in the middle of the night looking for mischief, and never returned, if you travel down shelby ganges, and pass the stop sign, you will find the s curve surrounded by woods, if you st`p your car on the side of the road, follow the screams and you will find the sugar shack, as it was in the early 1800's, but if you go in the day, the only thing standing is the foundation, which once was the site of a bloody massacre.

Shunk - Turkeyfoot Creek Bridge - It is said that if you cross the bridge coming from Malinta at night, a ghostly Indian warrior can be seen riding a white stallion along the creek to the right of the bridge. He protects $40,000 in gold that is supposedly buried along the south bank of the creek. Those who look for the treasure have reported being trampled by the specter horse.

Sidney - Bridgeview Middle School - It is said a custodian was sent down to the basement to check the furnace. He never came back. Students have reported hearing jingling of keys.3 students went down to the basement to explore. They reported tunnels leading all through out the school. They reported to hear key jingling and saw a shadowy figure. - July 2005 Update: Recently torn down.

Sidney - Tri-County Community Action Commission - 230 E. Court St - A former worker reports While working there in 2000-2006 they encountered many things. It is said that a man had died in the building while repairing things. It had been a grocery store and then turned into a business office. One day a big toy metal fire truck flew across the waiting room and hit the wall with such force that it damaged the drywall. Files out of the filing cabinet would come up missing and then they would find them in our hall closet with the sweeper. Every now and then they would come in to find the calculators turned on and all 0000000's on them. One time a worker had calculations on hers. Strange sounds would happen also. Defiantly haunted and scary place to work.

Smith Township - Mahoning County - Located between Alliance and Sebring, is Lexington Rd. It is more commonly known as "Jewish Cemetery Road". An elderly caretaker was hit by a car and killed while walking to the cemetery with his dog, to lock up the Cemetery for the night. A short time later, the dog was also hit and killed, supposedly walking the road looking for "Zeke" his master. The ghost of the dog is still seen around dusk close to the cemetery.

Somerset - Otterbein Cemetery - A mysterious bloody horseshoe type mark showed up on the back of one of the gravestones. There's a long story to it, but on some nights you can hear horses coming down the road towards the cemetery.

Spencerville - West Of Lima - Bloody Bridge - A residual episode of a scuffle between men, the woman screaming and falling into the water.

Springboro - Salem Cemetery - numerous ghosts sightings and even more strange presence's heard and felt there.

Springfield - Gunn Road - Young boy hit late at night years ago. It was a hit and run and his spirit still haunts the spot. Legend says that if you pull over the spot, which is marked on the road with a leave sign, turn off your car wait for 5 seconds and try to start your car. The car isn't supposed to start. You must get out and push your car off the spot and then it will start.

Springfield - Myes Hall, Wittenberg - Myers Hall was a Civil War hospital. A soldier was dying and demanded to see his horse. The horse was brought in but refused to go down the stairs to leave so he was shot. The horse's spirit still roams the halls.

Springied - North High School - The Stage in the auditorium is haunted by the ghosts of two children, a boy, and a girl. Before the school was built there, it was a graveyard to the children's home across the field. All of the graves were moved to not to far away, to accommodate the school, but somehow, two tombstones were lost, maybe even the graves themselves. These graves were located where the stage is now, that is all that is known. Legend says, and it is commonly believed that the graves were left there, but this is not 100% known. Today, there has been sightings, (even by me) of a boy playing on the catwalk, and you can here little footsteps and laughs like children playing there; a boy and a girl.

St. Paris - Lonesome Road - This road used to be a trail through this farm, the guy who owned the land had hung himself. The government had made it a road. The guy never liked people on his property, so when you go down this road the guy will appear and hit the hood of your car or be standing in the middle of the road. At night his eyes are red but during the day they look like black holes. TX

Willis - Lynn Lucas Middle School - During a play, a kid fell of the catwalk over the auditorium. Now, during school you can hear him moaning for help but only in the auditorium.

St. Paris - trestle bridge - there was the lady who walked theses train tracks and while she was walking over the bridge a train was coming, so she had two choices either to jump and kill herself or get hit by the train and die. Well she got hit by the train and died. If you go to the bridge day or night it doesn’t matter, you can hear footsteps coming from the top from the bridge and you can even hear her scream. Cold spots and fog have been reported on the bridge, but when you get off the bridge there is nothing but the bridge.

Stark county - Alliance - Fairmount Children's Home - On Route 183 heading towards Minerva, behind the Fairmount Greenhouse is an old beat down Orphanage. 3 stories off the ground and with a humongous basement that has tunnels leading all over. Going inside the house you will frequently hear voices, footsteps, see people outside while you are inside, feelings of being watched, and see shadows on walls. You just get an overall creepy feeling just by looking at the place.

Stark County - Massillon - Regency Inn - people would go to the elevator they would get off the elevator and the ghost of Jody who was stabbed to death while on duties as desk clerk appears right in front of there eye's and disappears in front of there eye's and there is the ghost of Larry who died in the civil war where the Regency Inn is today.- January 2005 Update: Has been torn down to make room for a Target and Giant Eagle Grocery Store.

Stark County - Massillon - YMCA - The Third and Fourth floors of the YMCA used to be a homeless shelter, there were multiple suicides and murders on these floors, Maids working at the YMCA have reported keys being moved from one room to another, a feeling of not being alone, screams, knocks, creeks. Rooms that were clean become dirty with trash. Bloodstains can still be seen on the old wooden floors of some of the rooms. Screams and yells can be heard from the second floor basketball court coming from the above floors when nobody is on these floors. More than half of the staff of the YMCA refuses to go to these floors because of paranormal activities.

Stark County - Massillon - Perry Twp. - Calvary Cemetery - Lincoln Way East - Voices caught on EVP tape. The man said "This is Kirk". There was a gravestone with the name "Kirk" one gravestone over.

Sterling - RU tower - Two trains collided head of on Jan. 17, 1969. Five men were kill, as a B&O Extra past and absolute stop signal and headed directed into the path of an on coming Erie freight killing the engineer, firemen, and headed brakemen of the Erie, and engineer and firemen of the B&O. Haunting occurs cold clear nights when air is still. You can hear two different trains but nothing comes, and crossing gates at Kauffman Ave. go up and down for no reason.

Steubenville - Harding Middle School - There is said to be A teacher of music who got killed back in 1983 by one of his students he walks around in the school at around midnight some students claim to see his face appear in the windows through out the building, some people also claim to hear unexplained music that's seems to be coming from room 200,Which was renovated 5 years after the incident.- April 2005 Update: The school has been torn down.

Sugar Grove - Hansley Rd. - There is a long story of the blue flame ghost a girl who decapitated her fiancé then slit her own throat, but supposedly if you go to the bridge at night and call out her name, Anna, the figure of a person holding a lantern will appear.

Summit - Norton - Loyal Oak Tavern - Tavern is an old Inn. A bartender hanged himself in the bar. He is buried in the church cemetery next door. A new bar was built.( the old one is downstairs an is now a wine cellar) His spirit manifests itself in the restaurant to employees and patrons later at night. Temperature drops, Putting his hands on you or moving objects. Throwing pans etc. Not supposedly malicious. Well known throughout the area.

Sylvan - Gibbs bridge - Reports of noises like cars slamming there brakes or even worse

Thackery - a small cemetery - It is in a small cemetary just north of town on creek road. In the 70's a young girl was brutally raped and murdered there in the back right side of the cemetary. One day last summer me and a 2 friends took a bike ride up to the cemetary and were walking around to see if anything wierd was going on there. when we got to the back my friend had to use the restroom so he walked over to the fence and said a small girl was at the bottom of the hill hovering toward him.

Tiffin - Heidelberg - There are a number of ghosts that haunt Heidelberg's campus. The first ghost resides in France Hall. Ellen is the specter here. She roams the halls, locking residence out of their rooms. Noises can be heard coming from the attic and there is even a cold spot in the basement, as well as various cold spots throughout the building. Things have been known to mysteriously move around, especially in the kitchen. A dark headed female has been seen in the attic believed to be Ellen. In the summer, the smoke detectors go off for no reason. The second ghost resides in Willard Hall. Reports of a ghostly apparition have been sighted in the basement. The last haunt known on Heidelburg's campus occurs in the catacombs of Founder's Hall. The catacombs are now used as a storage area for the theater. People working down there alone have reported their radios turning off for no reason. Shadows have been seen along with various noises.

Toledo - The Collingwood Arts Center - on Collingwood Ave. has several ghosts inhabiting its rooms, stairways, attic, and auditorium. It used to be a dormitory for nuns and has several nuns that don't seem to want to leave; including one in the auditorium that walks down the aisle way from the balcony to a certain seat in the theater, sits down and is visible for a few seconds and the vanishes. She has a very negative, angry vibe about her and is not pleasant to witness. There is also a much nicer spirit in the attic who seems to be sewing when seen, who is a nun also. The west hall way in the apartment building has the spirit of a bride who was left at the alter and later killed herself. there is a male entity in one of the rooms and another in the basement.

Toledo - Commodore Perry Building - On the floors above the new apartment living areas, there is and old dance room and also an old restaurant. A young girl's ghost appears on the steps of the room where a piano still sits from years ago.

Toledo - Jefferson Jr. High school (Whitmer High School) - In the middle of the night there are sounds of the bell on the high tower of the building from beginning of classes in the 1960's but the bell is gone now but there are still the sounds of it in the middle of the night.

Toledo - Libbey Glass - V.C WareHouse - Many Years Ago A man hung himself in the Exterior of the warehouse, There have been events such as Stuff being moved around, Objects thrown, Very Cold Spots Within the building's Vicinity, And Apparitions.

Toledo - Lucas County Public Library - Female ghost has been heard walking on third floor in a non public area, especially after hours. Footsteps sounding like high heels on linoleum have been heard.

Toledo - McCord - Haunted Condo - There are many haunting stories. You will turn lights off and they come on the next time you enter the room. Happens with most electronics in the house. Doors will open and close. Tons of footsteps when no one is around. Feel a dramatic presence. Toilets will flush. As well as faucets turning on right before you. There have even been cases of apparitions. Recently there was a sitting held and the ghost appears to be a 17 year old female named Emily who supposedly committed suicide.

Toledo - Perrysburg - Columbian House - There are various supposed ghosts in the Columbian House in Waterville in Perrysburg. There are also many cold spots in the house and on the grounds. One supposed ghost is heard fiddling in the ballroom. An article on the Columbian House is in one of the "Haunted Ohio" series books.

Toledo - Perrysburg - Ft. Meigs State Memorial - This is an old fort and has many supposed ghosts including blue lights, lights coming on, cold spots, figures and others.

Toledo - The Riverview Inn - A woman committed suicide in the summit bar and grill many years ago. When the bar and grill is closed up at night she moves things around. The camera in the pool area often picked up ripples in the water when no one was up there. She knocks on the penthouse doors in the middle of the night and her image is often picked up in pictures. Reports of feeling "hands on one's back. Knocks on the penthouse doors in the middle of the night and a woman's image is often picked up in pictures. My father showed me some promotional pamphlets of the hotel and in every single one you can see a woman's facial outline and features in the pictures. Even more eerie is the window she had jumped from.

Toledo - Sherwood - The house is a three story house, and is filled with friendly spirits. It was also built on ancient burial grounds of the Indians. One of the spirits is a woman, who hung herself in a closet in one of the bedrooms on the second floor. Another spirit is a small boy, who one time got stuck in the garage while it was on fire. The doors always keep opening and closing by themselves.

Toledo - The State Hospital - The state hospital is known to have shadows of people that aren't really there - cell doors open on their own. Moans are heard from a room on the second floor. And who knows what goes on in the room on the sixth floor where lobotomies and electric shock therapy once took place years ago...

Toledo - Sylvan - Gibbs Bridge - Reports of hearing squealing brakes to a car, high pitched, giggling, & a dark figure walking towards the witnesses.

Toledo - Sylvania - Gibbs Bridge - Revving of motorcycle; yelling. Apparently, in the seventies, a male high school student drove his motorcycle home from school after football practice. A couple bullies were hiding on each side of the bridge with a fish line going across. The bullies had secured the line to trees. As the motorcycle student rode over the bridge he was decapitated. To this day, if one parks there car on the bridge at midnight, put the car keys on the roof of the car, and flash the headlights three times you'll hear a motorcycle and yelling.(The yelling is garbled.) The legend has been known as "Xanadu."

Toledo - University of Toledo - Carter West Dorm - Spirits occupy the 1st floor bathrooms. Water turns on and off in the sinks and showers with no one else around. the sink started running and the sound of washing hands filled the room. Then out of nowhere the water turned off and it was silent again.

Toledo - University of Toledo - Triangle Fraternity House - The house is around 130 years old and it used to be a funeral home before it was a fraternity house. In the house, doors will randomly open and close, sometimes lights will go out, and some of the brothers have seen people walking around the upstairs hallway and then run through the attic door and then disappear.

Toledo - Whitmer High School - Many years ago, the janitor of Whitmer High School was doing his job, when a Freak Accident occurred, and he died. Legend has it that this certain janitor loved the Performances that Whitmer puts on every year. During every Whitmer Performance, You can find his seat, which is ALWAYS down during their performances.(If you are facing the audience, it is the very last seat in the top, last row to the right...)Nobody, not even the bravest of persons, will sit there during a Whitmer Performance.

Tontogany - Tontogany Cemetery - Strange blinking lights have been seen and a blue light in the grave keeper’s shed as well. The night we went, there was no breeze and we kept seeing the door to opening and closing, as if someone was going in and out of the shed.

Trenton - Wehr Road. - There is an old cemetery on Wehr Road that is said to be haunted. Many people have driven down it at night, as it is very popular to younger kids. Once you approach the cemetery, a man, dressed in old dirty clothes will chase you away. He is said to be the old caretaker of the cemetery who was killed by a maniac with a hatchet. He now carries the hatchet and, on some nights, if you drive by you can hear the hatchet hitting a metal door on the side of the mausoleum. There are several hatchet marks on this door.

Troy - Crybaby Bridge - To the east of Troy, where LeFevre Road crosses Lost Creek, before you get to North Children’s Home Road, is Crybaby Bridge. Late at night, a baby can be heard crying beneath the bridge. Legend has it that in the 1930's a couple were crossing the bridge and had an automobile accident. Their baby was ejected from the car and never found. It cries for it's parents.

Troy - Grove Cemetery - The entrance to the cemetery is surrounded by nothing but woods and the entrance is barely wide enough for a car. After you drive or walk up two smaller hills, the cemetery is on the left. The latest burial in here is from the 1800's. There is one lonely tree in the middle. At night, you can hear footsteps all around you in the woods, footsteps, which sound like walking on concrete, in the top of the tree and what appears to be the shrieking of a woman who is often heard after an Owl. On some nights you can hear moaning from the far back left corner of the cemetery. Rumor is, a woman in the 1870's was raped and murdered here while visiting her grandfather’s grave.

Troy - Polecat Rd. - This old country road is the sight where a motorcycle accident occurred years ago. A man not wearing a helmet was killed when he veered off the road and hit a tree. On the same road about mile down there is an old roped off trail where KKK members supposedly had meetings and sometimes hangings. Driving the road at night you can sometimes see a small green glowing orb off to the side of the road in the trees.

Twinsburg - Taco Bell - Several employees have spotted figures standing in the hallways and in the back area, but when investigated no one ever could find anyone. - Septembers 2004 additional information: 2 workers, 1 working there for the past 8 months, and the other for over a year now. Every night, after they close there is a little girl, about 7 years old in a white night gown sitting in the corner of the dining room nearest the drive through towards the front of the building. Also, about a year ago, 2 employees saw a mountaineer type looking guy standing in the drive through window, the first employee mentioned saw him about a month ago. They also report they saw a boy about 18 years old in a real old uniform was cleaning the dining room. They where the only ones there that night.

Urbana - Stoney Creek Road - Reports of seeing 2 people flying towards cars at a high rate of speed, also screaming and talking have been heard

Urbana - Urbana Jr / Sr high school - they say that there is a girl that roams the schools hallways and only a few girls have seen her but they say that she just smiles at you.

Urbana - Urbana University - Brown Hall - haunted by ghost of a woman. The upper floors are said to be haunted. Strange lights, noises, and objects being moved.

Urbana - Urbana University - North Hall - train tracks - Haunted by a woman named rose for the smell that accompanies her., and on the train tracks there have been reports of a spectral train.

Urbana/West Liberty - Hell House - Supposedly, there was a man who was building a house for his wife and children, while it was being built the wife and children died in a horrible accident, (a train hit them) and though grief stricken, the husband completed the house. the husband was so distraught, that he set fire to the house then hung himself from the giant oak in front of the house. (it is said that sometimes there is a noose still hanging there)Though the entire house was set ablaze, only the back wall fell completely burnt, the rest of the house is intact, and many strange occurrences are said to happen there. the mystery of this haunting is that, no one is allowed to approach it at all. If you are seen going anywhere near it, you will be arrested. the old tree is still there, off of Clark road, dead, but still standing with the limb he hung himself on jutting out into the road. Be careful if you dare to go here. - January 2007 Update: Has been torn down

Valley City - Myrtle Hill Cemetery - In Mytrle Hill Cemetery there is a giant granite ball that is a gravestone. No matter how cold it is outside the ball is warm to the touch. The story as it goes is that a witch is buried under the gravestone. And if you go there late at night and touch the ball and its warm the witch is in her grave and if its cold she is out searching for souls. There are supposedly 5 of these across the state of Ohio that when they are connected they form a pentagram.

Valley View - Hidden cemetery - On tinkers creek road there is a hidden cemetery located up a long hill that leads to a lake and fields. Its impossible to see from the road, unless someone takes you there you would never have know it existed. Feelings of being watched and hearing things like children laughing and branches breaking.

Van Wert - Van Rue Building (Former Van Wert County Hospital) - Hauntings that have occurred here are voices, lights turning on by themselves, doors slamming shut after being open, and objects moving. This is the former hospital for Van Wert County. Several people have found various records of deaths in the building. A psychic has visited the hospital and reported feeling several entities on the different floors. Among these are an old man in the furnace room, and a little girl roaming the building, not realizing she has passed. Voices, of what seems to be nursery rhymes, have been heard following with a "cold spot" in parts of the building. Several visitors to this building, including children, have had an uneasy feeling as if something is near, watching them.

Vermilion - Deans Hollow Bridge - near gore orphanage road there is another road named Morse road. If you take this road down it will split into two different roads. Go to the road on the right and go all the way down. There is a Bridge with rafters. Supposedly a man hung himself on this bridge and was not found for months and when found his body was removed from the rope but the rope was left behind. The bridge was torn down as it got older with the rope still attached and a new one was built. Story has it if you drive across this bridge on certain nights and times you will see the rope hanging from the rafters. If you see this rope it is believed that you will die soon after.

Vermilion - Devil's Heart Beat - There is this old bridge in Vermilion. It's abandoned and dangerous to use. But, at night, if you drive your car across it, your car will stall, then you'll see a blinding blue light. Then, you here a booming sound, like a heartbeat. After about 5 minutes, it disappears and then your car will start up like nothing happen.

Vermilion - Gore Orphanage road - An orphanage burned down in the early part of the century and as the story goes, all the children died. If you drive down this road "if the conditions are right" you can hear the children crying. Many have claimed to hear the children crying. People have also claimed that there have been banging on their cars and after fleeing quickly causing them to flee in a panic from the area. Once home, if their cars were not clean at the time of the visit, they would find small hand prints on the dust of their cars.

Vermilion - Maple Grove Cemetery - There's an angel above a grave, that is haunted. Legend goes...mother killed her daughter, and then died a few years later, after the family had put angel by daughter's grave. It is said that angry spirit of mother resides in angel. Sometime after mother died, local livestock began to show up mysteriously slaughtered in cruel, sadistic manner. Blood was found on hands and mouth of angel, prompting locals to suspect the mother had possessed the angel, and was doing the vile deeds. Local officials took matters into their own hands, clipping the wings of the angels and cutting off the hands. After this, the angel was forced to remain within the cemetery, flightless and without ability to kill. Soon after, rusty streak marks developed under the angel's eyes, as though she was crying for her sins.

Vigo - Church St. - late one night there were to be said a guy killing a little boy and hid him in the church. At mid-night you can see where He hid the kid in the front of the church at the very top there is a window and if climb to the top of the church and look in the window you can see the child’s body.

Wakefield - Bigrun road - There was a school having A basketball game a fire broke out in the boiler room, several people died. To this day people still visit the burnt school building. They claim to see a cheerleader with her back turned, as she turns around the front of her is burned. Is this a wise tail or is this true.

Wapakoneta - Kohler Rd. - In 1966 there was supposedly a family that farmed and lived in a 5 room farmhouse. Times were getting tough and the family was tight pressed for money, rumor has it that the family kept getting poorer and poorer and they all got sick and died except the father. After his family left he grew depressed and eventually committed suicide. It is said that his soul got trapped in the "in-between" world and stays at his old house. People claim that sometimes they see a light on upstairs in the house that had been abandoned 30 years ago. If you dare drive by and look for his light.

Warren - City Hall - It has been reported several times in the local newspaper that Warren's City Hall building is haunted. A cleaning lady with in the last two years ran from the building after seeing a figure walking inside while she was cleaning. There have been several reports with in the past few years of sightings with this figure.

Warren - Kent State University - Trumbull County Campus - A man who worked there as a custodian. At night they would hear all kind of knocks and tapping noises. After checking everything in the building several times to make sure nothing mechanically was responsible for the noise, they were baffled. We were told that a medium was called in, who in turn told them that the campus had been built on what was formerly the grounds of an old folks home. The campus is haunted by people who passed away there. The noises heard are tapping of canes and walkers.

Warren - Kent State University - Trumbull County Campus - Theater - A witness reports seeing an apparition of a woman in blue sitting outside the theater lobby. Feeling not alone and hearing footsteps.

Warren - Mahoning River – grave yard behind Red Cross Central Office - is not but half a mile and on the same street down travel from the tunnel is the now standing central office for the Red Cross of Warren, of which even behind contains it's own graveyard along the edge of the river. The graveyard is dated and worn with only few tombstones behind it with only but thirty at most stones contained. The supposed story follows that a weary and distraught wife of a civil war officer (of himself had been killed in battle) threw herself to the river of what once drew deeper than it's current form. She is seen also annually during winter months thou in flowing white gown or white soaked in blood and haggard and drenched either matter crying can be heard sometimes.

Warren - Mahoning River - The Underground Railroad" - All too many homes in the area that still stand from that time all have secret passages, hidden doors and any trick the Railroaders could think to build. One in specific of these devices was a tunnel that led right beneath the Mahoning River itself not but two hundred yards from the Courthouse, of which is still standing in it's own eloquence. this tunnel was of about the length of a football field and is not visible form but five feet from either entrance, and now has been fortified off for danger of collapse. Apparently that is what brought about such as is a haunting. during time of escaping slaves, the tunnel had once collapsed. the river only being one third as wide as the tunnel was long still waved threat. a collapse toward an end trapped a group of slaves who moans and screams could be heard for days. The screams can still be heard on cool autumn days.

Warren - Warren Judicial Courthouse - Little known but to some employees, and those who have seen or heard the experience is the Courthouse's dark history. the courthouse is in itself old enough that at one time had it's own cells to jail those who awaited trial. the stone basement walls are sometimes heard to echo with the footsteps of prisoners or others who met ill fate.

Waterville - (South of Toledo) - The Columbian House Restaurant - It is haunted by the ghost of murdered woman. She was reportedly murdered in one of the second story rooms, which served as bedchambers. The house was a carriage inn in the last century. There is also a ghost who moves furniture in the upstairs attic and pinches people.

Waterville - Nazareth Hall - Noises and shadows are seen. also at night a figure in shape of a nun floats down the halls moaning. The bathrooms are haunted.

Waynesville - Hamelhouse - Reports of apparitions, bottles, keys and other items such as forks plates fly across the room.

WELLINGTON - OLD HOSPITAL - There is a very small hospital on the east side of town that is now office buildings.  I worked for a chiropractor who used to have his office in the building.  He and the mass therapist said that many times they would see a woman walking down the hall and up and down the stairs.

Wellston - Salem - several reports of seeing apparitions in the dark, noises and moved headstones were reported.

Gratis - formerly listed in West Alexandria - Fudge Road - June 2008 – Hoax/Rumor - not haunted and you will be charged for trespassing - The road is long and scary it's suppose to have a bridge that a lady back in the 1800's threw her baby over the bridge and you hear the baby cry in the middle of the night and if you drive down the road the only house has one light on is next to the bridge and you will get chased by a car in the middle of the night the trees even start to move.

West Chester - Liberty township - Screaming Bridge - The Screaming Bridge is located on Maud-Hughes Road in Liberty Twp. The Bridge is about 25ft above the Railroad tracks and was part of the old line C.C.C. and St. Louis back in the late 1800's and at the turn of the century it became New York Central Freight around 1900. On Sunday morning Oct 24th 1909 an Freight Train was traveling northbound from Union Twp "which is to the south" when 2 engineers where scalded to death when the steam train boiler blew. They say to this day reports of the dead trainmen in black walk the tracks between the Screaming Bridge to Gano. The bridge is a common place for car accidents as well as suicides over the years. To this day at least 36 reported people have lost their lives on or near the bridge. Ghostly figures are commonly seen on film with 110 400 speed or 35mm b/w or color 400 speed film. Other ghostly lights and spirit energy are commonly reported on film too. The rarely seen Invisible Bridge and train may be also captured on film too. Other things not as commonly are ghostly fogs appearing on the tracks below "even that you seen no fog on the tracks as you took the pic" Black hooded figures are also seen. Another story is that a bus driver lost control of the bus and all the children in it died. If you are coming up the road, there is a sign that says "school bus stop ahead." And if you drive across the bridge, it sounds like children are screaming. Another is there was a murder near that bridge also. And if you park on the bridge, turn your car off, roll your windows down and flash your lights three times, you will see a man with an axe walking toward your car. And yet another is of a woman threw her baby off the bridge and hung herself afterwards. People go there in the middle of the night and say they hear screams.

West Milton - Horseshoe Bend Road - On night there were a few children playing hide and go seek out in the woods located by the river of this road. When the others were searching for this boy they found him hung. As the legend believes, if you are out on this road at night, stop your car on the bridge and get out peering over the side, you will see the figure of this boy coming out of the water and will come towards you.

Westlake - St. John Westshore Hospital - Rumors of hauntings on the second floor. Things moving unexplainably... seeing a ghostly, white, man in a hospital gown in patients with heart-related injuries. Little girl seen in patients [mostly newborns] eyes and in the mirrors in their bathrooms.

Westerville - Otterbein Cemetery - It is known for figures to pop up and vanish. And their is a house across the street from the cemetery that is haunted by the spirit of their loved grandmother, but it is a friendly ghost.

Williamsburg - The old Williamsburg High School - The county's last hanging tree was where the library is, three students jumped out of the third floor window, a janitor hung himself in the closet on the third floor, and a teacher also shot herself on the third floor. People have seen lights going from room to room at night.

Willoughby Hills - Squire's Castle - In early 1800's, Mr. Squire was to build a castle for his wife in the country. When the gatehouse was finished, he took his wife to stay the night so she could see how life in the country was. She awoke in the middle of the night to sounds of wild animals and wandered the house, terrified. She tripped down the basement stairs and was hung on a rope from the raptors. The basement was sealed up and construction was ended. Apparently Mr. Squires was so upset over the shock of his wife's death that he never removed her body from the basement. When at the castle at night, you can hear Mrs. Squires screaming and roaming from room to room. You can also see her dimly in the room the basement used to lead off from.

Wilmington - Haw Chapel Cemetery - Outside of Wilmington, Ohio on Haw Chapel Road a small cemetery has a tombstone that glows from the road. Standing underneath a grove of trees and looking back at the cemetery a distinct light emanates from one of the tombstones close to the road.

Wilmington - The Old Mill - The old mill was built before the civil war. A man that fought during the war brought back illegal slave children about 9 of them. The man would beat the children constantly for doing little things like laughing or having a good time. The man locked the children away from everything they once loved to do. One night while the man was sleeping the children entered his bedroom and slaughter the old man. you can see little kids at night running around, or even here screams coming for the cries of the children. Sometimes when you enter their cabin you can actually see all the little children getting there revenge on the old man. And you can sometimes see a man and two children standing in front of the cabin he will be holding one child’s hand and with the other he will be holding his hat a crossed his heart staring at you

Woodville - The Haunted tombstone - Story of a Man that murdered his wife and a terrible face keeps appearing on the stone. It has been attempted several times to remove it, only for it to reappear soon after.

Winchester - Winchester cemetery - tears flow from a statue. Arrows on the back of graves that has nothing to do with the children they point to, the children are buried in a circle with one grave of a baby in the center. Voices calling your name as you near the statue that cries.

Wooster - Beall Ave. School - Gault Learning Center - Witnesses report to hear their names being called at night and there is nobody there doors slam. It is an old building it was built in 1901

Wooster - College of Wooster - Freedlander Theatre - People dressed in clothes from the early 20th century have been seen sitting in several rows of the theatre seemingly waiting for a show begin. They could not be heard, but looked as if they were laughing and talking.

Wooster - Court House - On a trial day, a couple were getting a divorce. The man was sitting behind her in the court, and grabbed her head, then slit her throat, killing her in the courtroom. It happened in 1982. Later, workers were working on the place. Some refused to go back and work because they kept seeing a lady in a red dress. At night she walks around, and has been seen several times.

Wooster - The Olde Jaol Restaurant - The fine dining area of the restaurant, in this former Wayne County Jail in Wooster, used to actually be the cell block. The area is located in the basement of the building. The restaurant is said to be haunted by a man who was the first, and only, person to be hung in Wayne County. He was locked up in a cell on the basement floor, but was hung on the third floor. His actions are noticed most late in the evening and early morning hours. Several restaurant managers have made comments about calls being made to the tavern (a separate building that was once used as the jail garage - now used as "The Olde Jaol Tavern") from the fine dining phone when there is no-one in the fine dining area. Also, flickering lights and banging of steel bars are common occurrences.

Wooster - Taco Bell - you will here loud music that only a few people can hear. It will either be a comical kind of music or sad music. it depends what mood the ghost is in. some times she will come up and grab you because you look sad and she is lonely.

Xenia - Ohio Veterans Children 92s Home - Reports of little children laughing and playing in some of the buildings.

Xenia - Spring Hill Elementary - It is said that the ghost of a teacher brutally murdered over 100 years ago on that property roams the school searching for their murder.

Yellow Springs - Antioch - It is said that the last room on the left of Dodd Hall is haunted by a little boy that will pounce on students in the middle of the night. Sometimes people feel as though they are being pushed down in the beds. The little boy longs for a friend and may try to reach for someone’s hand. Many other places on campus our haunted as well.

Yellow springs - Glen Helen - There have been reports of many sightings there from Indians to a woman named Helen whom her father named after the park when she died.

Youngstown - Youngstown State University, Kilcawley House - Strange growling and whisperings have been heard in the back stairwell by Resident Assistants during the summer. Occupants in three person rooms at the end of the hall report hearing scratching on the ceiling and strange occurrences. The apparition of a janitor was seen on the 6th floor.

Zaleski - Moonville Tunnel - Near the Zaleski CCC Camp is an old railway tunnel named Moonville Tunnel. The tunnel is still there and many local kids swim there in the creek. In the 1800's during a thunderstorm the trestle or train bridge was washed out. With no other way to stop the train the signalman stood this side of the creek where the trestle had stood. On the opposite bank was just about 20 feet then the tunnel itself. On the other side of the tunnel was a turn in the track. It was near midnight so the story goes when the signalman was waving the lantern to warn of danger. He knew it was of little use because of the layout of the track and tunnel before the trestle. The train probably didn't even see his light before crashing into the ravine below. A lot of people died that night in the crash. People who live down in the area swear that they've been to the tunnel on the anniversary of the tragic disaster. They swear that you can clearly see the signalman lamp swinging it's warning and you can see the light of the oncoming train.

Zanesville - Moxahala Ave. - On Moxahala Ave. there are ghosts from the civil war, escaped slaves who came to Ohio to stay while trying to get their freedom. Also on Putnam Ave. too.

Zanesville - Zanesville Community Theater - During rehearsals, music and people talking can be heard coming from backstage. When someone goes to look, nobody can be found.

Zoar - Zoar Historical Village - Several ghosts have been reported in this historic village, our hunt turned up a portal type haunting in an old Nursing Home where the elderly were abused by the matrons hired to look after them.

Zanesville - Coopermill Manor - Used to be a Military base, Now Low income housing is haunted, If your outside late at night you can see a solider now and then.


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