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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Abercrombie - Fort Abercrombie - ghostly Indians and soldiers have been seen here.

Akra/Leroy - Road between Akra and Leroy - it's to be said that a lady has been seen with a rope around her neck in a white dress walking across the road. Back in the 1940's it's said that the lady hung herself after getting the message that her husband has been killed by a gunshot at war. She lurks around sometime at 11:00P.M-12:00A.M.

Amidon - Georgia's and the Owl - Not only a fine place to dine, Georgia's and the Owl is home to several paranormal activities.  A little boy has been reported to run around the restaurant, playing and bumping into people.  Occasionally, music and voices can be heard.  Potato chip bags clipped to a rack have been found strewn about the floor when the restaurant was opened for the day.  A local team of investigators has conducted extensive investigations here and has recorded some strange muttering voices.

Anamoose - Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast - This is now a bed and breakfast, but used to be the first school house in North Dakota, in the early 1800's. It is said that at one time there was a fire started by a coal burning stove in which the Superintendent(who smoked cigars) died in along with a young school boy. When the people that turned the old school into the bed and breakfast begin tearing down things that needed repair things started happening such as objects vanishing and moaning. Lights flickering on and off and a light would turn on in the cellar that when you used the switch to turn it off it would not go off. Also when working one day the smelled cigar smoke, neither of them being smokers went to see what it was. In the cellar there was smoke in the air, cigar smoke coming from a cigar that was still hot. Once they started putting things back things gradually got better. Witnesses report feelings of being watched and there's cold spots and sometimes the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

Belcourt - Belcourt School - It has been said that a long time ago a fire was at the school  and a couple of people had died there ,kids have said to have said to have seen a man dressed really old clothes holding his hat down and looking at the ground in a shocked sort of way, also people have said to have turned the lights off while going to the bath room and when they were done they found the lights back on and they never heard anything. 

Bismarck - Apple Creek Country Club - It has been said that about 10 years or more ago, a janitor had died of natural causes in the middle of the night while cleaning and was found the next morning. Since then, strange occurrences have happened with nobody being in control of them. At night there are weird noises and your hair on the back of your neck stands up. This especially happens when you are there alone. A woman chef that used to work there around the same time as the janitor has since passed away and has been spotted in the kitchen and could also be a part of the occurrences.

Cannonball - Kelly’s bar - people say there was a man about 6'0" feet tall wearing a black trench coat and had hoofs with a hat on he walked in and said I know you all and walked in the bathroom and around the corner there was a tail slide around the corner even though there is no windows in the cowboys bathroom he never came back out and when someone went in there, no one was in there??

Dickinson - Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic - There have been many reports of toilets flushing by themselves and the feeling of being watched/followed by workers in the early morning hours. The ghost is said to be that of a doctor who went on a fishing trip, but never returned. He is believed to have drowned on that fateful trip.

Dickinson - Praire Hills Mall - There are reports that a figure can be seen walking the mall after hours. One story goes that a police officer was making his rounds in his vehicle and saw someone inside in the mall. When he went to investigate, he could find no one.

Dickinson - St Joseph’s Hospital - It is said that the elevator door leading to the morgue often opens by itself at night. The key is that the doors can only be activated from the inside of the morgue. The area near the cafeteria is also said be haunted. A soft, eerie moan can sometimes be heard coming from the area late at night. There are reports of the nurse's call button being pressed late at night on the third floor in unoccupied rooms. The voices of children laughing and running can often be heard in the old section of the admin offices from the basement.

Dunseith - Camp Mondak - a camp once used as a reform ranch for boys, there are reports of hearing laughter in the trees where a boy hung himself after he and 4 other campers murdered the councilors/owners of the camp. there is also a feeling of being watched or chased thought the trees.

Dunseith - San Haven - There was a sound of babyies crying. Also when you go there you can sometimes even see them in the windows. It is known to be very scary around Dunseith.

Edmore - Edmore City Museum - Sightings of a male figure in the doorway and flickering lights.

Fargo - Buena Vista trailer park - it's been said that there have been 2 15 year olds walking around at night 1 boy and 1 girl that where hit by two car's racing on Santa Cruz Dr you also can here screaming and yelling

Fargo - Moorhead train tracks - There are train tracks that go through Fargo and Moorhead. A couple of years back, a woman tried jumping on to a train but instead was dragged all the way through town. Her body was later found with nothing really left. A couple of homeless guys were sleeping by the train tracks and reported seeing the woman. He woke up to see her in the distance with glowing red eyes. He thought if he was to shut his eyes and ignore her that she would go away. He opened his eyes to see if she was gone but she was only closer with her red eyes still on him. Frightened, he awoke his friend and they left to seek slumber else where.

Fargo - North Dakota State University - Ceres Hall - There have been many weird happenings on the 3rd floor of this building, most believe that it has to do with a man who hung himself from a heating pipe during WW II. In the basement: hairs stand up on the back of the neck, a strong feeling of fear forms in the stomach and the "fight or flight" instinct kicks in with most people leaving the basement in a hurry. The presence and sense of evil is much stronger in the basement than on the third floor which seems to have a separate entity occupying it.

Fargo - North Dakota State University - Minard Hall - Back in the 1920s the 4th floor attic in the building which was built in 1901 was the dance room. Nobody knows what exactly happened but in the morning the janitor found two people dead. The investigators thought that it was a double homicide. After that incident the ballroom closed and was turned into a zoology lab. And then in the 1960s it was closed off because of unstable floorboards. After that kids have snuck up there and held séances. Strange feelings of something there and not being alone.

Fargo - Northern School Supply Warehouse - This building, built around 1910, is haunted by the ghost of a small boy who fell down the elevator shaft many years ago. People working there late at night have reported hearing a child crying from inside the elevator shaft, sounds of running feet, and the apparition of a small boy who will appear and stand there staring at you.

Fargo - Riverside Cemetery - Reports of EVPs being recorded. Also reports that a cassette recorder placed on top of a particular crypt will record knocking noises coming from inside the crypt.

Fargo - Shanley High school - This building was built in 1951 as the parochial high school. There were a few strange happenings. A teacher was working late one night when she heard footsteps in the hall she looked out and saw no one. In the gymnasium an electrician was working on an air-conditioning unit that was located under the bleachers when he happened to look up and he saw a hooded figure float from one wall to another through a solid brick wall on both sides. A young lady was working at night cleaning on the third floor for two nights. And for two nights she saw a girl come out of a closed door in the hall and go right through a picture of Mary on the opposite side. For some reason all of the ghost activity has been seen around the theatre. Soon Shanley high will be torn down in November and turned into apartments.

Fargo - Trollwood Park - Trollwood is currently home to the performing arts school and has had numerous ghostly reports. It was discovered to have been the home of a pauper's cemetery and you can see the three locations where people were/are still buried. These are now marked with small stone monuments. The most common occurrences are the ghost of a lady seen dancing around a willow tree while the students are performing or music is playing. She appears blue/grey and in 19th century dress. There have also been EVPs recorded and the voice of an old farmer that used to reside there is heard telling people to get off his property. Others report the feeling of being followed, seeing people walking around that aren't there when they look again. Voices calling to them and being "touched" These are just a few of the reports heard.

Fargo - Yunker Farm - The Children's Museum - The entrance to a 2nd story terrace becomes unlocked by itself. There are two doors, both locked with deadbolts. One becomes unlocked repeatedly - when there is only one person with a key - and this person has not been near the door. The elevator sometimes goes up and down without anyone in it. There is a presence of not being alone - not malevolent. This house used to house a family with 10 children in the early 1900's. The ghost is lovingly referred to as "Vanessa" after the mother of these children. It is not known if anyone ever died there - or of who the ghost may be.

Fort Yates - Black tongue hill - 15 miles south of Fort YatesThis story goes back more then forty years. Black Tongue Hill gets it's name from Old Lady Black Tongue who used to live on that hill. She could have been walking to or from there, but whatever she was doing on that road she was hit by a car. Now people from way back and even today say that they see her walking even running by your car looking in your window wearing a long black dress and shall at night.

Fort Yates - Grant School gym - Inside the boys locker room you can hear weird sounds like lockers slamming and the showers turning on by themselves. You can also hear people talking in the locker room when you are by yourself.

Fort Yates - OLD GOVERNMENT JAIL - There is an old white building the government now uses as a storage area for facility management, when you walk by this building at night you can see someone looking at you out the barred windows. I was told by my grandmother is once was a jail in the early 1900's. My friends and I were walking around one night and seen it for our self, shadows and profile outlines of people like things looking out at us, I never realized I could run so fast.

Fort Yates - Old Luger Hotel - This very old home was built around the 1950's. Richard Luger and family live on the main floor and the rooms upstairs numbers 1-6 were either rented or just for one night stays. Luger would get complaints about room #4. They always said they saw a little girl in a white gown with long curly hair standing at the foot of the bed at night. They could also hear her giggling during various hours of the day, she'd somehow move things, make something fall, or the closet door would open! Luger didn't know what to tell his guests. His grandfather had built the place, Rich didn't know of anything like this happening in the past so he couldn't explain. His daughter sleeps in that room now and her sister, who sleeps in room #6 has claimed to see that little girl run by her room and into room 4. She'd walk in that room and see nothing except her younger sister sound asleep in her bed. It is also said to be haunted in the basement by a man, an old woman, and two women. You never really hear or see the man or old woman as much as you can hear the two women talking.

Fort Yates - Standing Rock High School - Rumor of a child being killed in the basement of the auditorium. The people always talk about it that there is a young boy about 6 years old and he is always walking around the auditorium and you could hear some voices from the down stairs of little kids.

Grafton - high school - sightings of a man walking in the hall ways and playing around with the lockers

Grand Forks - Altru Hospital - Formerly United Hospital - The staff elevator makes several runs per night, often empty. Many staff members have claimed to have seen the elevator open on their floor and caught a glimpse of a figure inside, Strange, unexplained shadows set off the door alarms in the psych ward. When seen on video camera, the shadows appear to slide under the door and reappear on the other side. - April 2007 Correction/ Update: The Altru and United Hospital submissions were combined, United Hospital became Altru sometime around 2000.

Grand Forks - Lake Agassiz Elementary School - In the auditorium of the school there have been reports of giggles and basketballs moving by themselves. There have also been strange nauseating odors, which come and go. The piano has been heard playing at night when no one else is in the building. The ghost of a little boy has been reported as being seen.

Grand Forks - St. Ann's Nursing Home - This building used to be a convent for nuns. It was left vacant for years and people have seen a figure of a woman in the bell tower windows. It has recently become a nursing home and the bell tower is sealed off from residents. The figure is presumably Sister Mary Murphy, who through herself from the tower in 1978.

Grand Forks - University of North Dakota - John C. West Hall - An apparition of a torso of a young girl accompanied by electrical problems, TVs and lights shutting off. The dorm complex (several buildings) is now connected by partially underground tunnels to a dinning center (Wilkerson). - October 2007 Update/Additional Information: The story is that during a cold North Dakota night, a girl tried to take a short cut across a parking lot only to find that the door to the dorm was locked. It is said she froze to death outside the dorm. The tunnel system was later built and connected to the door near where she died. At the time of the incident there were no tunnels.

Grand Forks - University of North Dakota - Stacher Hall (Technology Department) - Several students have witnessed an apparition of an arm laying on the floor out of a doorway in the second floor graphics darkroom. Each student described the arm as a man's arm, appearing sporadically throughout the year and visible both during day and night time. A professor conducted soundings of the building and discovered abnormalities on the second floor, tracing them back to the darkroom film developing closets. Most students, without any knowledge of the ghost's existence, report a feeling of being watched and a brooding presence. Other students have experienced a floral perfume scent wafting through the second floor computer lab during down times for the school, and experienced a sense of being watched by a young woman. This second ghost moves throughout the computer lab area, causes small breezes in a air controlled room.

Garrison - Stoney End - A man was killed who once lived in the Stoney End. It is now a restaurant and many worker claim to see him and experience unexplainable things such as (things out of place, lights turning on and off, and some even say they have seen him!) some of the small town locals have claimed to see him outside on the small road leading to and from Stoney End, and also next to Stoney end on highway 83 leading through Garrison.

Harvey - Harvey Library - It has been said that at night when no one is in the building there have been books pulled from shelves and left on the floor open. When the workers come in for work they find the books pulled out.

Horace - Horace Elementary - Several people have heard footsteps or seen ghostly figures at night.

Jamestown - Anne Carleson School for Children - Many people claim to see a little blonde girl walking through hallways and she will appear in the laundry room and sit in the corner and stare at you. There are also many reports of strange occurrences in dorm rooms.

Jamestown - Kroeze Hall - It is said that if you go to room D15 late at nights you can hear the rhythmic sounds of a click. There was a college student that use to live in this dorm room that had obsessive compulsive disorder with Rubik's Cubes. When sent to the state hospital after attacking a fellow dorm mate for stealing his Cube, he killed himself but still haunts the room for his toy of joy.

Jamestown - Watson Hall - A young girl (age 5-7) is occasionally seen walking up and down the 2nd floor hall late at night. There have also been many strange occurrences in a 1st floor room such as bottles flying off dressers, posters being ripped off the walls, and doors slamming shut.

Killdeer - Lost bridge - Highway by Killdeer - On some nights people in car's drive by and there and cars break down and then they say a hoof man comes out or you see someone on or near the road

Leroy - White Lady Road - The In the old days of traveling salesmen there was one salesman   who fell for a farmer’s daughter...   He took her for a walk on a remote road.   When they came to a bridge over a swampy area he made his move. When the Girl spurned his advances He killed her......  Now at different times when people travel over the road at night they see a woman in white standing on the road. Next thing they know she is on their vehicle looking in with glowing red eyes apparently looking for the murderer....  One group of people knocked her off the vehicle by driving away at great speed and by swerving back and forth but a few miles down the road she jumped back on the car and continued looking over each  person till she was satisfied that who she was looking for was not there. This manifestation has gone on for years and there is many who claim to have seen her

Mandan - Ft. Lincoln National Park - Custer House - Custer Haunts the recently rebuilt Custer House were she and Gen. George Custer lived before the little big horn.

Mandan - Mandan Community Center - 16 year old male was found hanging in the building during its construction, an apparent suicide. noises are heard coming from the swimming area locker room, and wet footprints have been seen on the concrete walkways in the morning, even though the building has been closed for the night.

Mandan outskirts - Custer House boardwalk - The spirit of the wives of the soldiers who were killed in the battle of the Little Big Horn remain here. On occaision a terrible moaning and wailing cry comes from a spot on the boardwalk just to the south side of the Custer mansion. It is followed by a rushing wind-like energy that shoots upward from the ground. Lights appear at night in the downstairs and upstairs windows.

Mandaree - Mandaree Public School - Some say that in the girls locker room you can hear voices and see people. Also basketballs bouncing around in the gym, people walking around, voices and other odd things. Plus all around Mandaree it is haunted with witches, spirits and little people.

Medora - Chateau Demores - Everyone that goes there experiences the feeling of always being watched and cold spots. Medora was supposed to return but she died before getting the chance to do so. I think when driving home from the Medora Musical I saw the lights on in one room.

Medora - The Fudge Depot - It is supposed to be haunted by a person (possibly a woman) who haunts only once a year. Her birthday. Even though it is an ice cream shop it is unnaturally cold in there, even in the 100-degree plus heat. The whole town is full of ghosts, ask a local and they will tell you where to look.

Medora - The Rough Rider Hotel - One of the rooms on the top floor is said to be haunted by a young boy. You can hear a child's laughter, the toilets flush when there is nobody in the room.

Menoken - A ghost has been seen in the field across the road from the cemetery there. He looks like an old time farmer running with a bucket, and is about 5 or 6 feet off the ground.

New Town - The Civic Center - In the hallways you hear whispers and where they hold funerals you can see a something there and feel something too!

New Town - Four Bears Village - In the Four Bears Village have seen little men walking around and some say they have seen BIG FOOTE in the hills and many other spirits like a little girl in the four bears gym. so beware when come to the village.

New Town - The Rail Road Tracks - Some people say that when you walk by the railroad tracks at night, that you could see bright red lights that will follow you until you get on mainstreet then they will disappear.

Solen - Solen High School - This one time when This gurl was walking in the hallway she heard some basketballs bouncing in their gym. So she walked down there to see whats up, but when she got there noone was in there. She started walking back up to her class.Then she heard them again so she ran back down there.Then she saw these two gurl playin basketball. She told her counsler and her counsler said it was her team mates that had died that year before.

Standing Rock - Standing Rock High School - In the school during basketball games the cheerleaders get ready and do cheers before the game and they hear or see a little boy running by them... one time he shut the door and turned off the time this janitor was taking pictures in the juniar high hall way and there was nothing there and when he developed the pictures there was someone standing by locker 220-221 then in the boys locker room there is a mirror when your just about to enter the lockers people always see a lil boy standing beside them gr behind them!

township - school house - old school house that had burned down in 1907 three people were killed in side two kids and one teacher there bodies were never found and we went out there we heard walking screaming our names on the black boards lake of fire pickup with no driver and a lot of unexplainable things

Valley City - Valley City High School - A teacher who fell from the roof and died has been sighted floating through the halls at night. Some say she keeps raving "how sweet is it that it's Friday that's so sweet!!!"

West Fargo - West Fargo High School - In the auditorium it is noted that a ghost "Rupert" is haunting the place. The lights flicker the sound shuts off. (When no one is at the controls.) It could be of a janitor who fell from the high lighting equipment in the early 80's.

West Fargo - West Fargo Middle School - It is said that late at night you can hear crying in the girl's locker room. The lights have been known to turn on and off by themselves, and lockers slammed shut, just to be opened and slammed shut again. There have also been reports of seeing a girl 13-14 years of age walking around in the auditorium.

Williston - The Old Armory - Mannequins move on their own. Whispering is heard, but no body knows what it's saying. In the basement there used to be and old staircase, but it got sealed up and some people have said they have seen an old soldier standing there guarding it.

Wishek - Wolf House - It is said that many people go to this location just to see what happens. There have been reports of persons feeling cold hands on there back, hearing voices, and being attacked an apparition. The apparition appears to be that of a young women who was hung in the backyard by her husband. It is said she only leaves marks on men.


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