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Dunedin - Larnach’s Castle - Mr. Larnach built a large house (referred to as a castle)in the late 1800's, on the Dunedin peninsula (bad spelling) after the house was built, for his daughters 21st birthday he built her a ballroom, a few months later she died. The people who bought and restored the castle report that often an eerie feeling is felt in the ballroom some have also reported seeing a young lady in Victorian dress dancing in the room. Also in her bedroom where she died people feel cold spots and a feeling of being watched. Witnesses have felt the cold eerie feeling in her bedroom, they were being watched.

Granity - Granity Hotel - An old hotel in a small town, this place provided accommodation upstairs for the coal-miners that worked close by in the 1890s. A fire broke out and 6 people died, at room 16, where a young man was killed, a glowing figure can be seen standing at the door, then disappears back into the room.

Napier - The Masonic Hotel - The hotel was built in the 1860s, and was 3 stories high. It was partially destroyed by fire in the 1890s, and was rebuilt 4 stories high. In 1931 there was a major earthquake, almost flattening the city and sending fire throughout the town killing 261 people. The Masonic was rebuilt again, three stories again. There is a fourth but they never completed it. The building is still a hotel, with a restaurant downstairs and an Irish bar behind the kitchen wing. Before the bar is a series of passageways that were the old staff quarters, but now isn’t used as one of the chefs died in the bath. In the hotel room there have been natural deaths as well suicides. Witnesses report music would sometimes come on by itself, in the cellar, lights would turn on ahead of them, apparitions, and cold spots.

North Island - Far North - Spirits Bay - Spirits Bay is believed to be a jump off point for spirits leaving this world. According to legend, during the night hours, groups of spirits and individuals can be seen moving down the beach to a certain point and than disappearing. These spirits are apparently very focused on reaching a particular part of the beach and will not be distracted from their goal.

Tutukaka Coast - Ngunguru - 2 years ago, august 2000, there was a man, George Marson, who killed his pregnant fiancé by leaving her inside a burning car outside his house. He is incarcerated now. The house has been the victim to constantly being set on fire, until the council had it torn down. Magnolias trees and little plants wont grow on the land now. Psychics feel a sad overwhelming energy about the place with two unknown spirits hiding in the back of the yard, for some reason. The elderly locals who have lived there 50 years do not feel much of this.

Tutukaka Coast - Wellingtons(Whangaumu)Bay - There is a pine forest that surrounds the area between Wellingtons Bay and the little village of Ngunguru and people often pass through this forest to get there when the tide is too high. For years people have gone out in the darker hours of the morning or gone to the beach fishing and feel disturbed and afraid, though nothing unusual happens. A tall golden human figure is seen now and then. It is attracted to people and it is very negative. Psychics feel the negative energy of the place though the locals do not. It is some sort of an entity and has been there hundreds of years and is very confused.

Waitomo - Waitomo Caves Hotel - Waitomo Caves Hotel was first originally called Waitomo House, then in 1905 the Tourist Department bought it and renamed it the Government Hostel. Waitomo Caves Hotel is situated on a site upon a natural point of limestone rock and there are a lot of glowworm caves below it, with a running stream. This is a very touristy part of New Zealand's North Island, with many activities available for guests from black water rafting, to touring the glow-worm caves and horse riding etc. guests report unexplained happenings during their stay at the hotel. Some people have experienced the dining room going cold, laughter, the feeling of 'something' walking through them and even the noise of a maids trolley going along the long stretch of hall in the lower part of the hotel. Late in 2001, a program called "Hauntings" was screened on TV2, this was a series on all the hauntings throughout New Zealand, Waitomo Caves Hotel being one of them. There were two presenters with all the right ghost hunting gizmos. During the initial introduction of Waitomo Caves Hotel, the presenters were speaking with a staff member in the kitchen/gully, when the male presenter went suddenly rigid when walking toward the other people and claimed that he felt 'something' walk/brush through him....he went white as a sheet and was quite shaken up. After a tour of the hotel and after installing their equipment the presenters both chose a separate place in the hotel to bed down for the night. The male presenter slept in a small cupboard room near the infamous long, dark hall in the basement and reported that he heard wheels of a trolley and footsteps and the female presenter chose to sleep in the grand dining room, she got woken up with a start as something tugged hard at her big toe. They also got in a psychic and she claimed that there was a young girl standing by the fireplace in the dining room and that she could hear music, they then went up to one of the 'problematic' rooms and they couldn't get into the room, even though they had the master key to it, the psychic said that she felt a lot of anger coming from that room and that the man in the room was yelling that he just wanted to be left alone. Some time later they were able to open the door to the room, only for the psychic to get very uncomfortable and had to leave, the door slammed hard behind them by itself, they tried the door again and it was locked.

Wellington - The Hotel intercontinental - The intercontinental hotel used to be the Old Park Royal, level two of this building and its rooms are haunted. You could feel someone is always watching you, and you can feel a certain Cold Spots and eerie feeling in Room 221. The staff reports one particular Hotel Guest committed suicide, and of few worker's being killed while the hotel was being build.

Wellington - Karori Cemetery - The Karori Cemetery is a huge rather scary cemetery even in the daylight... it is the size of a large park, and the south side of it is where all the old graves are. Witnesses have seen a orange sort of floating light drifting among the graves. it was a clear night and there was no one else around.

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