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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Arlee - Arlee High School - Girls Locker Room - The Arlee High School has class pictures dating as far back as the 1920's. It is said that a girl during the early years of the High School committed suicide in the shower of the girls’ locker room. Several eyewitnesses have heard screams when walking the halls at night, or the sidewalks outside. Many students have also admitted to feeling cold drafts in the water that moves from shower to shower starting from the back to the front. To this day the screams can still be heard.

Bannock - This is a ghost town and the grand hotel has an old woman ghost who haunts there. There is also a house where a lot of babies died in a cholera epidemic and they say you can still here the babies crying every now and then.

Bannock - Meade Hotel - The ghost of a woman is seen. Also a baby crying can be heard in this empty ghost town even when there are no children around.

Belgrade - Quaw school - The founder of the school, Quaw is believed to have died in the bell tower. Students have seen him in the bell tower.

Billings - Antique Depot ( park of old train Depot) - In the 40's a plan crashed in Billings and there was no were to put the bodies in the funeral home fridge. So they had to put the bodies in the fridge at the old grocery store by the train depot. A WWII solider was one of the people who died in the crash. The old building now is a large 2 story antique store. People say they can see an old WWII solider walking around the store at times, but when they go near him he vanishes right before their eyes.

Billings - Beverly's House - the ghost of a girl who died here on Christmas Eve haunts this home.

Billings - Broadwater Elementary School - The school was build in early 19 hundreds and a little girl died there. Now some people say that they heard strange noises and saw the figure of a little girl.

Billings - Downtown Denny's - This downtown restaurant was built atop old railroad tracks, that can still be see behind the restaurant in the parking lot. Stories from employees, are said that late at night shadows can be seen, and strange voices are heard when no one is around.

Billings - Moss Mansion - People have seen the little girl that died there and the family. Doors open at night and there are very strange sounds.

Billings - Sheraton Hotel - One of the elevators every morning at 2:30 calls the front desk, and when the person at the front desk answers the phone no one is on the other line. The front desk clerk and the security guard look in the elevator and no one had been in it. Finally after this had been going on for many days the front desk clerk decided to call the elevator at 2:30 and someone picked up the phone, but no one was in the elevator.

Billings - Small grocery store in downtown neighborhoods - There is a large mirror above the front door along the whole wall so that employees can see customers in the store and when other employees need help. Sometimes employees can see people in the store but when they go out to the store floor to greet them, they disappear.

Bozeman - Bear Canyon - Seems to be A little girl dressed In white watching people and trying to get females to follow her.

Butte - Archives - The old fire station, if you go into the basement there have been over 200 reports of ghost sightings since the archives were started, its not just a once in awhile experience every time you go into the basement And into the far room you can and probably will see a group of old firefighters playing a game of poker on the wall along with a few other roaming spirits, experiences range from fire alarms going off with no power running to them, from rolling cases slamming together all throughout the night, to books being hurled across the room. this haunting is definitely not to be taken lightly and it needs more professional investigation. Also one of the most peculiar events ever being heard of happening more than once is an respectable elder woman walked into the reading room and the police report says " It felt like they walked into a warm pillow" But when she got into the room It was in fact not the reading room but a ball room filled with Fire fighters in there formal wear. and when the police arrived the cop said the same thing " it was like walking into a war pillow" and sure enough there was a ballroom

Butte - Copper King Mansion - Doors open and close and will be found locked when no one has touched them. And one of the rooms is always around 53 degrees, even if the rest of the mansion is warm.

Chico - Chico Hot Springs - This turn of the century hot springs resort is haunted

Colstrip - Power plant - The power plant produces massive amounts of electrical energy in which all kinds of spirits are seen. Usually seen at night around this spider web like power lines and transistors. Usually when the air is full of static electricity you can just wait and see these shadow like figures going from transistor to transistor for some weird reason. The most common things that happen are rambling voices talking next to you or just passing you like a real person. Sometimes your stuff will disappear in a place where you're all alone and you'll find it in a totally wrong place like another part of the plant just sitting there in plain site. The men that work there are so use to the encounters that it has become something that just happens once in awhile.

Deer Lodge - Old Montana Prison - The old Montana Prison, The last prisoners were taken to the new prison in 1979-1980. And had been in use through the 1800's for many brutal outlaws of the times. The gallows room has many a strange sound and a cold presence. The hole is a small sub-chambered room with intense cold and four or five small cells, one in particular, first one to the left, is very cold and has a foul odor, with a evil threatening presence, and people have been known to be pushed back up the stairs trying to leave the room as if to keep them going much faster than they are moving.

Forsyth - Devil's Dancing Ground - Ghost Native Americans have been seen dancing & chanting. Strange feelings of foreboding are also felt.

Garnet - Garnet Ghost Town - There is a full ghost town up in the hills of Montana that was originally created as a mining town. After a fire caught hold of the hotel there, many people started moving out. The houses and buildings have been wonderfully preserved and the original hotel that caught fire still stands and with little damage. Spirits can be felt all in this town and especially in the hotel on the second floor. If you go up the stairs, walk straight towards the wall without turning, and then look to your left, the open door there is where one of the spirits resides. Beware, though, because he's not nice. It's a great place if you want a sensory overload. If you can't find it... it's on the state map. It's worth going to see.

Glendive - Marsh Cemetery - Marsh Cemetery appears to be a turn of the century plot with some modern upkeep. The size is small, with many plots being occupied by local families. Several orbs have been sighted here.

Great Falls - On the highway from Great Falls to Fort Benton - there is said to be the wandering ghost of a Native American. Many people have claimed to see him. One eyewitness' account includes the story of a woman that was driving out of Great Falls one evening. She saw someone in the road and heard a thump. The woman had thought for sure to hit the person, but when she got out of the car, no one was there. Once she got back into her car and started to drive away, she looked in the rear view mirror and saw him walking along the road again.

Great Falls - The Lobby Bar - Supposedly the three floors above the old bar are home to twelve different spirits or more. Very old building. Lots of history there. Upper floors were at one time hotel, then after hotel closed, used for years by passing vagrants and drifters, some of whom supposedly died up there. Very eerie up there. Looks like something right out of a horror movie.

Harlowton - Harlowton Hotel - The old man that used to own the hotel and restaurant used to sit on one of the top floors and look at a window in his rocking chair and look at the Musselshell River. After he died they put the chair in a closet, but almost every time it would end up back at the window, even when they did lock the door. Maids have reported that when there cleaning, someone or something will pull at their hair playfully also they can hear someone walking in the hall.

Helena - Brantly House - Judge Brantly haunts his former home.

Helena - Carroll College - Legend has it that a priest committed suicide by jumping from the fourth floor bathroom window of Saint Charles Hall, which is one of the dormitories on campus. Not long after the suicide, a varsity basketball player who lived on that floor slipped and cracked his head open in the same bathroom. Needless to say, he died from the injury. The school closed the bathroom after that. Years later, there were reports of blood flowing from the sink in that bathroom, even though the pipes were disconnected from the wall. The bathroom is still locked up to this day.

Laurel - Laurel Middle School - many years ago the balcony in the school gym collapsed, killing 7 kids. Reports of feeling suddenly cold in the area and seeing white shadowy figures have been reported. these incidents happen at least once a month. a new middle school is being built and the haunted one will be evacuated next year.

Libby - Sportsman’s RV Park - During the spring of the year, when thunderstorms are rumbling overhead, and lightning flashes lighting up the dark midnight sky, a shadow of a figure looking down, wearing what looks like a hooded poncho that is blowing, and waving in the wind, can be seen drifting (floating with no feet) around the RV Park. Before the RV Park was built, in the late 1960s with anticipation, and the start of construction on the Libby Dam, this place was called the Riverside Inn. It was a steak house, gas station, mobile home park, and mobile motel (house of ill repute). Construction workers and others gathered here after work to let loose, and do who knows what else. It is said that vagrants, and squatters called the Riverside Inn home. They camped in the woods behind the Inn with hopes of landing a job on the Dam. A few years after the Libby Dam was completed, the Riverside Inn burnt, and was never rebuilt. Who knows what happened to the ones who never landed a job? How did they survive with little or no food, and the harsh winter weather in Montana? Could some poor lost soul, still be wandering, and waiting with the hopes of landing a job on the Libby Dam? Did something horrible happen to this person before their time, and they will not rest until their wrong is righted? You be the Judge!

Little Bighorn National Monument - The spirits of Native American women have been seen searching the battlefield for dead loved ones.

Lyon - The Old Mine Shafts - These old mine shafts are said to be haunted. Strange voices have been herd in various openings to the shaft. Several survivors of a mining accident have visited the site and claimed to hear their buddies scream for help.

Malmstrom - Air Force Base - Base Chapel - A young man with a long beard and fur traders' attire haunts the sanctuary of the chapel. He is often seen sitting in the seventh pew. He holds a bible and then drops it loudly. An old Piano plays on its own. It is rumored to be playing "All the ends of the Earth."

Miles City - Town Pump truck stop - Cooler Doors opening and shutting at night cold drafts in the bathrooms, equipment turning on and off by itself. The Ghost is believed to be that of an old man named Dave who had a small station on the sight years before. He died in the station of a heart attack.

Missoula - Missoula Children's theatre - Is haunted by a poltergeist named George. If he likes the production, he will prompt the actors. If he does not like it, he throws the storyboards.

Missoula - University of Montana - Brantley Hall - is haunted by a victim of the Wall Street crash of 1929. When the family ranch was lost, a female student took her own life, and her spirit has never graduated. Ask the locals about other haunted places and mysterious sites.

Missoula - University of Montana - Jeanette Rankin Hall - there is a whole class of ghostly students attending a ghostly lecture.

Missaula - University of Montana - Main Hall - unexplained occurrences include blood-curdling screams.

Missoula - University of Montana - The University Theater - is haunted by a spectral dog, as well as a murdered girl and a theatergoer.

Poplar - Poplar Schools - you can see green mist and red eyes and creepy laughing

Pryor Mountains - Crow Medicine Rock - The Crow Indians believe that these mountains are sacred, because they are the home of a race of Little People, who protect the tribe. The Little People are said to be great meat-lovers with sharp canine teeth. Rumors of ferocious dwarfs tearing the hearts out of horses kept enemies off Crow lands, and the tribe still makes offerings to the Little People at Medicine Rock. In 1932, a mummified dwarf sitting cross-legged in a cave was found here by two prospectors.

Red Lodge - The Pollard Hotel - A woman in a yellow dress haunts the thrid floor of the hotel; activity seems to revolve around Room 310.

Rocky Boy - Rocky Boy Indian Reservation - This place contains many occurrences that cannot be explained. There have been numerous reports of ghost hauntings, UFO's, and even Bigfoot. But really strikes me is report of "little people." They are often seen at night all over the reservation, but mainly around the Haystack area.

Stevensville - the Junior high school - There are three floors to the high school but one is abandoned. It’s said that this girl that went to school there hung herself in a classroom. A few years after that they reopened the floor and the janitor was cleaning, when she looked over the girl's spirit was coming towards her. A couple other janitors said they saw her and could here her crying. - March 2007 Update: Formerly listed as The High School.

Virginia City - Bonanza Inn - a ghost nun has been seen in this building that was once a hospital.

Virginia City - Costume Shop - the ghost a little girl is seen sitting on the steps of the building.

Wisdom - Fettys - Cold places late at night. Sounds of children playing even when no ones there. Objects moving on their own.


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