In Missouri

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Adrian - Young's Mansion - Young's Mansion was known by locals as one of the most haunted mansions known. Several people have been in the old slave tunnels found under the house leading into the barn. The chains are still on the walls. There is a mans voice heard by many people, which have been yelled at to "leave" and leave they did...footsteps up the stairs and in the hallways, slamming doors, rocking chairs. High-pitched screams can be heard all over the property. The place is now being torn down to stop children from being hurt from entering the house. but even being torn down, just driving by the property will send chills up your spine.

Agency - Agency Cemetery - Haunted by many ghosts. One in particular is a child named Mary. She is blamed for unlatching the gate and leaving it open.

Albany/ New Hampton - The Cross - This is an old one room cabin that sits at the bottom of a large hill.  Cabin has been secured with an old fashioned cot, old wooden table and chair, and a large bible on the table.  At the top of the hill, an extremely old, 15 to 20ft cross.  Its has been reported that if you look into the cabin the bible will be closed, and if you go to the top of the hill and touch the cross, go back and the bible will be open.  This happens regardless of the fact that it is completely secured.    Finding this location is extremely difficult, a maze of gravel and dirt roads.  Is said to have been a cemetery site at one time, and then owned by a cult in the '60s and 70s where many animals were found sacrificed.

Alton - Sugar Shack Road - About 100 years ago on this road there was a woman that lived here by her self for many years. They accused her and two others of using witchcraft so they hung them with chains and on every Halloween around midnight you can drive down the road and hear the chains dragging on the top of your vehicle when you go under the tree.

Arcadia - Arcadia Academy - Built in 1840 as a Methodist High School and it also served as a hospital for Union forces during the Civil War. The Academy was purchased by Catholic nuns in 1877 and became a girl's school until it closed in 1971. This beautiful Academy is now a Bed and Breakfast and an antique store. Pictures taken inside the school and on the grounds surrounding it show orbs, vortexes and mists. These pictures appear on the Academy's web site. Apparently haunted by the nuns who once ran the school; door open and close at night by themselves. There is a large cemetery on the property where the sisters are buried.

ARNOLD - WHEREBERG ARNOLD 14 CINE - every since this place was built there was said to be an evil presence by everyone then and now. as the years past the most common things that have been reported are the following: during movies there are sudden bone chilling wind gusts that hit you from nowhere, people have felt an unseen thing touch them all over the movie theater, workers that come in at midnight to clean have seen shadows and ghostly figures traveling in the hallways and auditoriums, and last but not least reflections of bloody and disfigured people in the mirrors in the bathrooms.

Aurora - Nursing Home - An elder man and woman, who never seem to converse, have been seen from the hallways just as they enter rooms--but never located! The kitchen area has poltergeist activity: heavy coffee container thrown to the floor when no one was near it, stove burners turn on by themselves. Most chilling was when a small juice glass-the old green type that used to come in oatmeal boxes-appeared in midair, hovered, and then crashed to the floor. The shards were real, but no such glasses were in the kitchen! These events have been witnessed by more than one person at the time and never explained!

Auxvasse - 9 mile bridge - Supposedly, a long time ago, black women were hung there, and slave children were drown in the creek. When you shut your car off on the bridge or near the church and cemetery, and go to start it again, it makes funny noises. When you sit in the ledge of the bridge, take your shoes off, and dangle your feet above the creek, you can feel a weird tickling feeling on your feet. Myth says it's the slave children drown there tickling your feet. You can see peculiar lights like sets of eyes that blink every now and then, under the bridge, in the trees along the creek, and in the cemetery up on the hill by the creek. Also, if you go out on a dark night, when there has been no running forever, stop your car on the bridge, and roll down your windows, you can hear what sounds like water running in the creek, but also strangely, foot steps in the weeds and leaves. If you stay and hang out for a while, like an hour or more, when you come back to your car, there are what appears to be foot and hand prints on your hood and windshield. - June Update/additional Information - it's said that if you turn your engine off on the bridge that it won't start again. You'll have to push the car off the bridge onto the gravel road to get it to start. The poster tried this once and it started right back up. There's another variation to the story, but it's the same thing as what was submitted about Albino Farm Bridge in Springfield, Mo. There's also the ghost of a woman seen walking on the bridge at night. There may not be any truth in these stories about either place. Of all the people talked to about these places over the years, no one ever says that they themselves have seen anything. So it may be urban legend.

Bellefontaine - Fort Belle - The fort hauntings have raised many questions over the years. People have claimed to see, hear, and feel things constantly. The most eerie of all of the hauntings though is at the staircase. The staircase is an old WPA project consisting of about 5 tiers. Most pictures taken of the staircase reveal a dark red smoke near the first or second stairs when you shoot from the ground up. This experiment has been done many times by many different cameras and ALWAYS this red light shows up in many different places near the first or second tier of steps.

Belleview - Belleview School - In the 80's a child that was in Kindergarten fell off the swing set and was killed.  It is said that on a day when the wind is calm, the swing will swing by itself.  Also, the playful child runs the halls, as you can hear him at night. 

Benton - Bethel Campground Cemetery - At night you can hear voices coming from the cemetery and blue lights floating through it.

Berger - Mac's Cafe - This is a horrific scene of a step father who was kicked out of his home for being abusive...they lived in one of 2 apartments (street side) above the bar/restaurant. The man returned one night with a shot gun and shot out the apartments windows and through the security door leading to the apartments. When he entered the apartment , his step-son was ready for him and returned fire with his own gun at point blank range, shooting him in the neck and nearly decapitating him. The man "visits" his old bedroom and roams the building late at night "watching" people. A particular 3 year old begged his mom to tell "THAT MAN" to stop bothering him at night. The patrons of the bar reported weird noises from the apartment upstairs, and odd occurrences in the lower level. Weeks after the incident, a pencil drawn pentagram with his mothers face drawn into it was found on the backside of the step son's bedroom door. The mother was not harmed. It is said that the dead man appears in full spectral appearance, and has been mistaken for a live person, wearing hiking boots, jeans and a flannel shirt. Live snakes have also appeared in this apartment. The incident occurred around 1986 or 1987. The bar may now be closed, it is a large white building on the corner at the end of town, on the right...the old bank building is on the left.

Blue Springs - Lobb Cemetery - feeling of being watched, little boy seen, orbs of light apearing in pictures that wasnt there when visited.

Bolivar - Catholic Cemetery - Go south of Bolivar on 13Hwy turn right onto highway when you get to the tower with blinking lights you'll be at the cemetery. It's a pretty new cemetery cut into a hill but it's haunted by a black figure.

Blackwell -formerly listed in Bonne Terre - Upper Blackwell Road - Many people think this road is evil. There is a restaurant located on this road where Satanism is believed to be practiced. Disappearances have frequently occurred here. On a bridge named Black Tram, legend states that if you drive across it and flash your lights three times, a ghost car will chase you away. There is also a sign that vanishes into thin air as you drive past it and even a ghostly couple who tries to flag down cars. Whenever a car slows down however, the couple vanishes.

Boonville - Kemper Military School and College (closed down) - The ghost of the female cadet can be seen jogging around the track and disappears near where she was killed. The bridge is further back than that spot.

Boonville - Kemper Military School and College (closed down)- A barracks - can see civil war solider in door way. It was the old band barracks also known as female barracks - Ghost clad in black know as the shadow seen in hallway will open windows and slam doors. Can hear foot steps walking stairs.

Boonville - Kemper Military School and College (closed down)- C barracks - has footsteps that can be heard. During refurbishing, the footsteps could be heard, and when investigated, nothing found, even though there was dust and dirt on the floor, and foot prints would have been made, but no foot prints were found there.

Boonville - Kemper Military School and College (closed down)- D barracks - can see figure standing in window at night on the floor that was closed down is ghost of cadets that died in the infirmary during the early days (late 1800s and early 1900s) because medicine had not advanced.

Boonville - Kemper Military School and College (closed down)- old bridge leading to the golf co - Apparition of a female cadet has been spotted.

Branson - Animal Safari Rd - A wagon train once passed through here, where some of its passengers were killed. People feel cold chills at night through the valley on this road.

Branson - Dewey Bald Mountain - In the mid-90's a plane crashed on the north face of the mountain. People have seen hitchhikers near the site of the crash asking for rides to the airport where the plane was scheduled to land.

Branson - Inspiration Point - On the site of the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama, people have seen the ghost of an old Civil War spotter wandering the hill upon horseback.

Branson - Music City Centre - Many ghosts haunt this business, including a little girl employees named Amy who likes to simply play. Another old male apparition has been blamed for elevators shutting down and electrical items going bad.

Branson - Noland Road - Off Sycamore Church Road off 248 Hwy near Branson, the old trail used to pass by this road, near the old town of Garber. People have witness the imprints of saddle blankets and handprints in the dust on the backs of cars after driving this road.

Branson - Sycamore Church Road - There are the remains of a burned down house on the paved section of this road. Rumor has it that a family died in the fire, and people have felt cold chills when passing by the house. - June 2008 Update / Correction: The house was burned by some kids partying inside in the late 90's. Prior to being burned, it was rumored to have been haunted by the family. The rumor was the family's daughter was insane so they kept her locked in her room. A report from a witness to seeing the house before the fire reports that in the house prior to being burned down. The room had bars on the windows (the windows for this room were the only ones on the house with bars). Inside the room had clasps so the room could be locked from the outside of the room. The room was recessed and the steps had been removed so there was a pretty good drop from the door to the inside of the room. All the contents were still in the house, as if after the family was murdered none entered the house again. Dirty dishes in the sink, a book was opened and set upside down next to a chair in the living room area, etc. The rumor is the girl escaped and killed her mother and father then disappeared.

Braymer - Shiner's Cemetery - This is a small cemetery located outside of town, it only contains about 30 or less graves. It is said that if you see a blue light moving in the cemetery you will have a terrible accident soon after. Several people have reported this to be true.

Bridgeton - Payne-Gentry House - 23 ghosts at last count inhabit this building.

Brookfield - Old Colemine Rd. – Aka Jarboe Road - s a gravel road heading out into the country on the east side of town. Most kids were told the ghost stories of Old Colemine Road. One is that a little boy who lived in a nearby farmhouse was riding his tricycle out on the road and was hit and killed by a passing truck. It is said that when the moon is full, you can see the little boy on his tricyle for a few seconds and then he fades away. Another tale is that of a man who had been drinking and was walking home along the country road. He was beaten and robbed and left to die. His ghost haunts the old bridge where his body was found, seeking justice. The old bridge is no longer in use, it has been neglected for a newer safer bridge, but its remnants remain. there is a dead-end gravel road off of Jarboe. The submitter to this post can not remember the name of the road, but if you take that road it will lead you to an old bridge. Sometimes you get uneasy feelings like someone was watching us-always from the west side of the bridge.

Brunswick - St. Boniface Cemetery -People have claimed that late at night they have gone to the cemetery and heard voices and seen figures roaming the grounds.

Camdenton - Thunder Mountain State Park - Bridal Cave - Chanting and singing from the Osage Indians who frequented this area hundreds of years ago can be heard, along with drumbeats and the occasional appearances of Native American Apparitions.

Campbell - A young boy mysteriously hangs from a tree only on a full moon.

Cape Girardeau - apartment complex - Formerly listed as The old Cape Girardeau hospital on Morgan Oak street - It was briefly used as a dorm by the University, but the number and quality of the hauntings was so spectacular that it was soon closed for that purpose. - March 2008 Update: It has since been torn down for apartment buildings. No activity has been reported.

Cape Girardeau - Heartland Health Care Center - Some former residents that have passed on come back on nights that another resident passes on. Sometimes they can be heard and shadows seen.

Cape Girardeau - Pike Lodge - The Pi Kappa Alpha Lodge just south of Cape Girardeau, Missouri has its own little ghost. For this old school house, now a fraternity social palace, there is a resident that doesn't want to go away. Myth is that in the early 1900's a little girl was accidentally killed in the school. Not much has happened there while large groups have been present but when it is just a few people, well it is a different story. Windows shaking, doors slamming, lights swaying, figure of a little girl jumping rope in the old building late at night by the neighboring residents and sinister laughing in the furnace room. Ask any Pike at Southeast Missouri State University and they will be clad to tell you more about the "Lodge". - Febuary 2005 update: The girl’s name that died is jessica. Till recently, it was True that she only shows up to individuals or small groups, she made her present known at one of our biggest and most recent lodge parties. in the middle of the party she made all the lights go out and the music turn off, all the equipment was running for the sound but nothing came out of the speakers, there were no technical problems, so they decided to just wait it out and eventally they came back on.

Cape Girardeau - South East Missouri State University - Cheney Hall - is said to be haunted. Around finals time, a girl living on the third floor couldn't handle the stress and committed suicide in her bathtub. It is said that no matter how hard they scrubbed, the blood would not come out of the tub. Instead of pulling the bathtub out and replacing it, they just built a shelf over it. Now, strange noises are heard in that room, and the door has a habit of slamming by itself when left open.

Cape Girardeau - South East Missouri State University - The Music building - Lights and shadows have been seen, and doors have been heard slamming as well. Witnesses have seen figures walking down the hall that dissolved when they got close; and heard doors slamming hard as though they had been slung against the door frame. Investigation proved all doors locked and because of how the building is built and situated, it is easy to tell if someone else in the building.

Cape Girardeau - South East Missouri State University - The Rose Theatre - is haunted by the jilted wife of a French trader who murdered him on the grounds before the theatre was built. "Mary" (as we fondly referred to her) is very temperamental and causes mischief whenever a play with a violent theme is produced. There has also been an old man seen sitting in the house when the theatre is empty as well as an unexplainable, un-removable bloodstain on the concrete in the house.

Carl Junction - Carl Junction Primary School - Weird noises, footsteps, and voices and night. Also sounds of doors shutting. Usually and night around 12:00 p.m.

Charleston - Upper Big Lake - The ghost of an experienced fisherman haunts the lake. Because he was drowned there by the ghost of his own nephew whom he had killed with a shot gun accidentally

Chillicothe - Slagle Cemetery/Bridge - Mr. Slagle was one of the first settlers in Livingston County. He built a mill and was a wealthy man. He had several wives and several children, but most of them died mysteriously. Mr. Slagle is said to have murdered them all, but since there was no law in Livingston County yet, he was never officially charged. He was also responsible for the first reported murder in Livingston County. The body of the man he murdered is buried beneath the road that runs past the cemetery. The graves of his wives and children are still there along with his own, and the cemetery is said to be haunted. There is also a very old bridge on the property which is said to be haunted. One of the wives supposedly hung herself from the bridge after the mysterious death of one of her children. There are satanic symbols painted on the bridge, and it is very spooky. There have been several people who have been mysteriously pushed off the bridge and injured when no one was standing around. It used to be a place where teenagers hung out at night, but too many people have been injured and it is now off limits. The current owners of the property have reported hearing mysterious whispers on the bridge and sightings of Mr. Slagle are very common around the cemetery and where the mill stood. The submitter claims to have a picture that they took of the cemetery on a clear night, but on the picture it looks like it is snowing. There are dozens of small orbs and also the transparent figure of a young woman in an old fashioned dress. - December update: The bridge was torn down

Christian - Clever - Break Neck Hill - On this steep dirt road near the Christian County/Stone County Line, a headless horseman can be seen riding a specter horse. Sometimes the sound of a horse's hooves can be heard. More than one rider has been killed on that hill over the years.

Clayton - Shady Oak Theater - as the story goes, a man killed himself on the grounds before the theater was built. Film has been seen un-winding while sitting on the shelf the lobby speaker has shot off its hook only to be found 15 ft away in the middle of the floor. People cleaning up after hours have felt a weird, uneasy feeling of being watched from the curtains at either side of the stage. Balcony lights have dimmed, only to slowly gain light again. Posters in the lobby have been found off their hooks or turned around when the theater opens in the morning. Cold spots have been felt & even someone saying "tisk,tisk,tisk", sneering & even faint moaning from behind the curtains that lead to the back when no one is around. Not a place you want to be alone in after it closes.

Clinton - Community Counseling Consultants (Rehab center) - Lights turning themselves on and off... faucets on and off. Doors shutting themselves and opening themselves. A definite feeling that you are being watched in one of the rooms and the cold touches that are commonly felt with hauntings.

Clinton - Old Grain Mill - For many years people have heard strange noises coming from the building at night. The noises sound like someone is whispering. Some night’s lights are seen moving from one window to the other.

Columbia - Columbia College - St. Clair Hall - January 2007 Correction Formerly listed as Miller Hall - when the college was founded in the mid 1800's as a girl’s Christian school Miller was the main building and the students' dorm was in the attic. There was a fire in the dorm room and supposedly one of the girls died in her bed. The attic is now off limits to students behind a black steel door always kept locked and is used for storage. Janitorial staff and security have reported hearing a sound like a mewing cat or footsteps from the room, but never can find the source of the noises.

Columbia - Katy Trail - Under a bridge on the Katy Trail only on full moons you see a young man with a missing left arm walk back and forth with no facial expressions.

Columbia - St. Stephens College - Pillsbury/Roblee Dorm Hall - There are three women that will sing to you at night and tuck you in, they have been affectionately named, "The Blue Ladies." Many students residing in these dorms report hearing lullabies being sung.

Columbia - St. Stephens College - Searcy Hall - A student gave birth to a child and then for unknown reasons, left it in a locker to die. Students have heard what sounds like a baby crying at night.

Columbia - St. Stephens College - Senior Hall - A young lady watched her Confederate soldier lover that she was hiding be discovered and killed. She hung herself in the bell tower of her dorm and haunts it today, searching for her lost love. - May 2008 Correction: This is the story of Sarah, the ghost who mourns for her civil war deserter lover who was hanged. The bell tower she supposedly hung herself from wasn't even in existence at the time of her death, it was built much later. She hung herself from one of the rafters of the building.

Columbia - St. Stephens College - Tower Hall - Students were reported seeing themselves doing homework and chatting in the halls. - May 2008 Additional information: Probably the most violent haunted location on campus. The fifth floor is closed due to a fire that occurred there. The elevators and stairs are locked but one day just to see if the elevator would indeed not work some students tried to take it up to the fifth floor, and it worked. Once inside they began asking questions with their tape recorder going and they got a chill and an eerie feeling. They immediately ran out and later played the tape, only to discover there were at least 2 ghosts up there. One was a very friendly gentleman's voice and the other a very rude and violent girl's voice that named herself as "Stacy." Since then the elevators haven't worked, they have tried again and again, but if you live on the fourth floor you can hear the furniture moving among other noises, which can't be explained. Though the fire did not kill anyone there was a suicide that occurred some 20 years ago by a girl who had been raped on the fifth floor. She threw herself off the roof and landed at the stairs, as for the man's voice it is not known where he comes from.

Columbia - The Missouri Theater - This theater is haunted by the ghost of the former owner, who makes clanking noises and the curtains have been known to rise and fall without prompting.

Creve Coeur - Creve Coeur Park - Creve Coeur is French for "broken heart". In the late 1800's a beautiful daughter of an Indian chief married a strong warrior. They were madly in love but the warrior, like many of the Indian men did, had to go off in hunting parties. These hunting parties would go on for at least 6 months. When the party finally came back her husband did not come back, he had died along the way home. She, who was heartbroken, went to the top of the cliff that is right at the entrance of the park, and jumped off into the water bellow. Now the water falling from the cliff is only in little drops, like tears. At night, and on a quiet day, you can hear a woman cry, and several other people, presumed to be the crying of the loved ones she left behind. Only on full moons, whether you're standing at the bottom of the cliff, or on the lake looking on from a boat, you can see a woman at the top of the cliff looking down crying, she never seems to realize other people are around her. Often she jumps off, freighting the onlookers who think a mortal has just jumped. When people see this the go to the cliff to try and help the mysterious lady, but when the get there no one is there. Recently while 3 men were hiking at night, they claimed to see a woman walking in front of the crying. When one of the men, who was of Indian descent, went to approach her she hugged him, and started speaking to him in her native tongue. Since he could not understand her he just shook his head. She ran off crying when he did not converse with her. The 3 men, now intrigued, followed her, while she ran to the cliff and jumped off. The three men were terrified, not because she jumped but because she disappeared in mid-air.

Crocker - Cry Baby Hollow - Located off DD hwy. just outside Crocker, if you go there between 11:50P.M. and 12:20 A.M. you will see a flash of light like a door opening and hear a baby crying and screams, then hear the mother crying for her child , all the while there are sets of evil looking red eyes in various spots around you. It was rumored that the woman was pregnant and while on a hiking trip fell into a ravine and that by time her rescuers got to her that she was already dead. Also the same location is rumored to be a gateway to hell.(WARNING: most people who go there and are brave enough to stay through the whole experience have some kind of Vehicle trouble upon trying to exit the hollow.(I.E.) flat tires mysterious claw marks on the vehicle, and even wrecks!!!)

Crystal City - K-Mart - Over the years many things have happened in the parking lot at Kmart. People have been shot, robbed, Kidnapped, and even murdered.  The employees have to walk to the far end of the parking lot after leaving the closed store and say that weird and unusual events have occurred.  They say they hear gunshots, a screaming girl, and that they see headlights shining on their car.  Generally this happens late at night, and Kmart suggest that the workers there have a "walking buddy" going out to there car. 

Cuba - Cuba Middle School gym - A ghost supposedly by the name of "Joe Beisly" haunts our school. He was a very loyal janitor and he fell off a ladder and now people say that if you call his name 3 times he will appear.

Davisville - Woodlock Cemetery - located on a hill top above the small town of Davisville (really nothing more than a post office) has been the site of many unexplained events.  The cemetery, which is accessible solely via a stone stair case set in the hillside, is often the site of apparitions and strange phenomenon. On the right side of the circular cemetery is the grave adorned with the name of it's occupant and a pentagram set in the stone.  Another occupant sees his last resting place outside the cemetery’s protective circle. Apparitions of people and even a horse have been seen to walk upon the top of the hillside.


Desoto - Vineland Elementary - at night it is said that ghost roams the hallways at night! and the staff has seen weird things at night! A Grandmother tells the story of many years ago as a girl, she had snuck out of her house to see her boy friend in the middel of the night and walking past the school she saw a ghostly arm coming out of one of the windows.

Desoto - Vineland Road - If you travel down that road day or night there is said to be a house that used to be owned by a man that owned slaves. They say you can hear voices and see lights and if you walk in the house be very careful because it is very old and not in good condition. They say if you pull up to the columns entering the driveway not to go between them or past them or you will not get out.

Dexter - There is in the woods, a witch's house where supposedly she threw her husband off of the balcony and now he roams the woods looking for revenge.

Diehlstadt - Tressel - About half a mile into the woods there is a creek that an old set of train tracks used to go across, and one night a homeless man was walking down the tracks sometime around midnight and he had sat down to catch his breathe and fell asleep. The man woke up to the vibration of the tracks but didn't get up in time and the train ran over his neck and decapitated him. Now if you go out there around midnight on a certain day you can see him stumbling around looking for his head.

Dixon - Wheeler Cemetery - This is an old cemetery named Wheeler.  It is located about five miles down a county road off of DD hwy.  There are several babies and young children buried in this grave yard with at least one of a tragic death.  Also, there are several teens and individual in there early twenties who had died of beheading, drowning, car accidents, and murder.  Hauntings are very prevalent in this location.  It will always be windy inside the cemetery gates, without any wind on the outside. You can tell this without even stepping a foot into the cemetery by the flag that is seated in the middle of the yard, the flag is lit up at night so you can still check out the ghostly wind.  Activity that has been known at this location includes:  Front gate opening and closing by itself. Scratching under the ground.  Green and Red orbs visible by eye and on camera, and finally TONS OF EVP'S. 

Doniphan - Doniphan Cemetery(in the downtown district) - There's a statue of an angel (one that is a woman, not a child). The legend has it, that if you go there at midnight on a full moon only, that the statue cries bloody tears. It sometimes lasts till 1:00 A.M. And during this "witching" hour, it's said that you can walk through the graveyard, and hear the faint voices of the dead. Some people (including myself) have seen a white woman in the back of the cemetery coming out of the wall of one of the old crypts and walking along the row of headstones. She carries a white cat with no head, and cries mournfully. Legend says that she was a lady who lived in the area in the late 1920s. Her indoor cat ran outside and she ran after it. When she scooped her beloved cat up in her arms in the middle of the street, they were both run over by a beer wagon.

Drexel / Cleveland - Gravity hill - The mile marker is 327th if you take a right and go over the railroad tracks and go to the very top of the hill and turn around and go to the bottom of that hill and sit ur car there in park (DONT TURN THE engine off ) and be patient you will feel the car move forward its all on flat land with a bit of a incline so if its going forward up the incline while in park.

Dumas - In northeast Missouri there are train tracks that are haunted by a headless woman that died in a train wreck many years ago. At least every night she appears around 11:00pm every night in the tunnel below the tracks. - May 2005 Update: the train wreck that spurned the headless woman story occurred in late summer, or early fall of 1892, with sketchy fatality lists stating approx. 13-27 deaths, many being thrown into the river. Therefore, the wreck occurred near the river overpass nearly 1/2 mile from the tunnel underpass. They believe the woman's head was lost to the river and now she eternally seeks it. She walks in the fall, mostly. When she passes thru you, you will feel like a thousand icicles stabbing thru you. Also, there is a cemetery south of Dumas, mostly Catholic burials, with one being a 104 year old woman from Ireland. A visitor was "attacked" by the presence of something malicious there one night and it took a Christian psychic to remove the spirit as it was feeding off their energy. Whatever dwells outside this cemetery is neither human nor animal but something from a dark place. The tunnel underpass itself is benign, only haunted by ignorant teenagers who deface it with their graffiti. There is a small dwelling adjacent to the tunnel where a huge, mean dog lived, now dead. His ghost still roams there. It has orange, glowing eyes. There are also several dead babies buried around the area. A woman kept having miscarriages and her husband buried the corpses all around the area. In the 1950's, a man committed suicide in the forest near the river by drinking poison and his body or skeleton, rather, was found sitting under a tree.

Dunklin County - Senath - Seneth Light - It is said that a light appears and comes toward you. Cars are said to lose their power, as the light nears. If the light reaches your car, it is said that where it comes to rest, the paint will be scorched or bubbled. The Seneth light is located off HWY 412. Most anyone you ask can tell you the location of the dirt road.

East Prairie - The Light - Just right off of BB Hwy. Theres a sight where the old rail road tracks used to be. It is reported a man Fell asleep on the railroad track back in the 1930's. The man supposidly walking trying to find his light and got tired and fell asleep, after walking so far. As the story goes a train came along and before the guy could get up the wheel of the rail road engine severed his head. Thy Myth is that he walks the railroad with the light he finally found after being killed continuing to look for his head. I my self have not witnessed this, but have heard many stories about it from different people, all telling me the same story.

Eldon - Eldon High school - Supposedly when the old locker rooms under the gymnasiam collapsed or burnt down, a girl was caught and died. To this day she has been seen at night near the restrooms and in the hallways of the school. Her name is Maude not sure how to spell it. The other story is where the Ag shop is now there used to be a house that either burnt or a little girl died in there and this is where maude originates from. Don't know which one is true.

Ellisville - Zombie Road - In the mid 1980's a man was walking along the railroad tracks from one town to another when he was hit by a train. >From time to time people see the man walking by the tracks and being hit.

Elsberry - Elsberry highschool - There has been a number of sightings around the highschool including one a a little girl who was supposedly locked in back in 1972. TVs go on and off by themselves and people start bleeding for no reason there has also been sightings of a bloody man down in the basement of the school.

Elwood - railroad crossing on ab hwy. - in the warm months a woman is seen getting up from the tracks and walking then staggering off of them but nobody can be found in the area . Believed to be a bartender who was hit by a train one night a few years ago. Also a rottwiler dog can be seen chasing a rabbit just past the tracks heading north. believed to be the bradshaw family dog killed by a car 8/14/06

Emminence - Alley Spring Mill - This is a historical site with lots of parking, camping and free access. It is open year round as well.

Ethel - White Oak Cemetery - This cemetery in this little town is very haunted. It has been said that white mists float over the graves at all times of the day. Plus, mysterious people have been seen around that area and weird sounds can be heard all the time.

Etterville - Gageville road - It is known of two children running around an old church that is no longer used. The first child is a girl and the second child is a boy. These children will run and follow you on this road. This occurs at night. They will kick rocks and throw them. It is known that these two children were beat and killed by their parents in this church. Also if you go into the church at night (which the church is in the middle on no-where in the woods) the children will call your name and if you have a flash light or something that has light the lights will turn off and all you will hear are the two children calling your name and playing.

Eureka - Eureka 6 Cinema - When closing the theater at night, employees have seen a face peering at them from the projection booth window. This occurs after the theatre is locked and no one can be found in the booth. - March 2008 update – has been torn down.

Eureka - Ramada Inn - Six Flags - A witness that worked at Ramada on 3rd shift doing laundry and stocking closets for housekeepers for about 3 years, experienced some very strange things. One night they saw shadows across the dryers. They were there for about 30 sec. then they disappeared. The little girl who haunts there lived there long ago with her family. The story says that she was in the barn, which is now the banquet halls and front desk area, and she fell out one of the upper windows. They say her name is Aggie. Witnesses have seen her many times running the halls. She likes to play by peeking around the corner and as soon as you see her she takes off. You can also see her sometimes in the huge mirror in the banquet hall. There is also a room in the 300's where a man killed himself. One morning a couple of older ladies got to their room {the room where the man killed himself} and when they went into the bathroom they saw a man dead in the bath tub and they came running and screaming. When the bathroom was checked, there was nothing there. The ladies checked out and found another place to stay. These are just a few of many weird happenings at the Ramada Inn at Six Flags.

Excelsior Springs - The Elms  - The lap pool in the basement is actually haunted by a fully grown male. They've traced him back to the "speak easy" days when the mob liked to spend their time gambling in the hotel. In those days the lap pool was just a basement that consisted of blocked off rooms where the mafia could store liquor and gamble all night. The gentleman that haunts down there was supposedly killed by the mob over a disagreement of some sort. There is also a grown woman that haunts the 3rd floor of the elms. She was a maid for here in the twenties and she can still be seen in her twenties maid attire, watching the other maids to make sure they are doing their work correctly. This hotel is full of odd noises, feelings and there is a constant presence about it.

Excelsior Springs - Elms Resort and Spa - It is noted by many that the lap pool area in the basement of the hotel is haunted. It is noted that a female figure, is walking around looking for her child. She has a tendency to get a little upset, so she will pull your hair, or throw something across the room.

Excelsior Springs - Excelsior Springs Middle School - Last school year a boy named Donny passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning and had his funeral in the gym if you walk in to the gym at 2:30 You will see him playing his Guitar

Excelsior Springs - Hall of Waters - Reports of an apparition of a boy by the pool.

Excelsior Springs - Odell Sports Center - Witnesses report seeing a Male figure in the shower and then a locker slammed shut and a strange laugh.

Excelsior Springs - Roosevelt School- For decades this school's stage has said to be haunted, after "Penny" a cast member hung herself during a school play because of a pregnancy. It is said that she still haunts Roosevelt (recently shut down) and the surroundings to this day.

Excelsior Springs - Tryst Falls - Many years ago, an African American woman drowned her baby to keep it from being exposed to slavery. At night sometimes you can hear the baby crying or see the apparition of the mother.

Excelsior Springs - Wolf Hollow - there is an old abandon house that is out on an old road. When you pull up you get a sense of chills and shivers. This is the place where the KKK used to hang the African Americans that they tortured. When you walk up to the house you sometimes hear sounds and see things in the house like clothes on a line hanging there.

Excelsior Springs - the village - an old village of 8 houses back in the woods said to once of been a hotel. The so-called lobby you can see form the road is the biggest building. All the windows are boarded up. Also has been said to been their as slave houses during the civil war. One of the windows (the only one not boarded up) has a set of child’s toys and over 500 marbles lying all over the floor. At night said people hearing children crying, couples fighting or arguing, screams of people saying stop please stop and can look through the open window at night and the marbles would be dropping and rolling on the floor slowly.

Fairfax - Walkup Grove Cemetery - A little girl was seen by an old school house. Strange occurrences have taken place such as cars starting or not running in the area. Strange lights appear in photographs.

Farmington - Old Salem Church and Cemetery - It is reported that there used to be a furnace in the middle of the church and one of the servers slept in the church and the church had burned to the ground that night. The boy's body was never found but they put up a tombstone up for him in the cemetery across the bridge anyway. If you go to the fence to look at night the sky gets very hazy and you can see people walking around and when you go to leave there will be a male ghost standing at the fence watching you and your tires will get stuck on the gravel road.*The church was rebuilt in around the 30's and is now off limits because it is slanting, but it is still said to be haunted.

Farmington - Valley Mines - Go to Valley Mines and take a left on the very first road on your left. Possibly a gravel road, and it's hard to see. Awhile down, there is a sign on your right that says Valley Mines tours. Go during the day, and you can get a tour. Such things have happened as we stepped into the house that had all open doors, and it immediately turned 30 degrees colder when we got inside. Also, a gh`st woman on the top floor will pull hair and such. The tour guide has pictures of ghosts who have visited, and they even have psychics come down during Halloween.

Faucett - Mid-Buchanan High School - Locker Doors open and close on their own. In the high school art room many hear the sounds of a young girl crying. Many young high school kids from this school died in car wrecks, swimming accidents, electrical shock, and other mysterious accidents.

Ferrenburg - The Ferrenburg Light - If you go to the old railway station in Farrenburg you will see a light going down where the tracks used to be. It is said to be the ghost of a conductor who was inspecting the axles on a train and slipped and got his head cut off

Festus - Festus Middle School - A little boy was hung in the gym while doing Peter Pan. Students have gone down there when it is dark and they have been contacted by the ghost of this little boy.

Festus - railroad tracks on old a hwy - when you travel across the RR crossing, at midnight their is a man and lady that walks down the tracks holding hands. One night they were going across these tracks and a train struck their car.

Florence - Rosemary's Bridge - A woman was murdered on this bridge. Her ghost still comes back and walks on the bridge at night

Florissant - Haunted Insane Asylum - This haunted insane asylum is located on McLaran road which is off of Jenning's station road. You keep your eye on the left while driving and you'll know which house it is. Witnesses report hearing music and seeing orbs everywhere.

Florissant - Parker Roads Elementary - A lot of people might not know this, but this elementary school is an eerie place. About sixty years ago, before the school was ever built and before the neighborhood around was constructed, there was a cemetery in the area where the school is now. The state ordered the owners of Leaf Brown Cemetery to dig up the graves so that the bodies could be relocated to another cemetery. Well, the diggers stupidly forgot to remove one of the bodies. The reason they didn't notice it there before, was because the body was buried so deep. Now, the ghost of the dead body haunts the elementary school. Some children have spotted the ghost in some of the bathrooms. It is said that the ghost is a woman in a black dress with long blond wavy hair, and no eyes. She sometimes approaches the children quickly and tries to catch them. Luckily they've managed to get away. They say teachers and other faculty can't see the ghost. Only children can see her.

Fort Leonard Wood - Bravo Co.  basic training barracks - In the men’s restroom (the first one on the left) of on the third floor you can hear the sound of a girl laughing.  Also at around three in the morning in the showers there is a three foot tall apparition with ping pong sized eyes that look like an animals when you shine a light in them it wears a black robe with hood.  It ducks and weaves then breaks off into a sprint after you. 

Fort Leonard Wood - Partridge Preschool - A four-year-old girl was supposedly killed here. She swings on her favorite swing in the playground, so you will see it swinging without any wind and without any of the other swings moving. Also, if you rattle the doors and wait, she'll rattle them back at you. Late at night, she listens to music in one room near her swing. The music stops and starts as she pleases, and it's played very loudly at times. Also, the playground toys in the back are in HER particular places, so if you move them around and leave for a little while, don't be surprised if they are back in their original places when you return to them.

Fort Leonard Wood - Thayer Elementary School - Once in the early 1980's a teacher left to take a note to the office leaving a girl as a room monitor. During this time the students still sitting in their seats giggled as a chalkboard eraser scooted back and forth by itself along the little rail running along the bottom edge of the blackboard. The girl who was the room monitor had no idea what everyone thought was so funny.

Franklin County - Sullivan - Glaser Road and State Park - There was a "mist" appeared to many teenagers in the late 50's and early 60's on Glaser Road. They nicknamed it the Blob. Also on the same road starting in the 60's and goes on today but only on occasion a light appears and dances around in the sky and sometimes on the road. Another light has been seen in the State Park, which is on down past Glaser road. This light was seen as early as 1940's. It is large and round. It changes colors like a bubble. My father saw it in the early 40's while he was in the CCC camp. He and a friend were walking back to camp and it followed them. In the early 60's my science teacher at Sullivan High School went to investigate these lights that all us kids were talking about. He took a friend with him. It took all night but they did see it.

Fredericktown - old Fredericktown rd off of oo hwy. - If you drive about a half mile down this gravel road and look off into the woods on the right side, you can see where there is a cleared off place in the woods and an old tire swing hanging from a tree. It is said that an old man and his daughter lived there many years ago until she was ran over by a train (the tire swing was hers.) If you stop in front of this spot at midnight and turn off your engine and headlights, weird things will happen. There have been reports of windows fogging up, cars not restarting, and the faint sound of a little girl laughing along with the sound of a train.

Fulton - Community Hospital - The girls in lab says there is a ghost that walks the hall by surgery. Also smells of sweat in areas were there are no people.

Garber (Ghost Town) - Old Post Office- Harold Bell Wright, the author of the book (The Shepard of the Hills moved to Garber after his book grew too popular. There are many abandoned houses and buildings. The Post Office is by the railroad tracks is the haunted part. The Post office was trashed after its close. As you walk through it there are cold spots and strong winds, even on a windless day. You walk outside and you can hear hammering coming from the woods. The old town of Garber is located right by Legestone Country Club, and the Stonebridge neighborhood. Stonebridge is located outside of Branson West, Missouri down Shepard of the Hills Expressway.

Garden City - old Railroad Tracks - years ago a train has crashed killing many of the people who was on it. at times, you can hear it's whistle in the air and people screaming.

Garwood - Sanders Valley - The barn has since burnt down and been rebuilt but the apparition remains. During the Civil a family was murdered by the Union for being Confederates. The women and children were thrown in the old cistern, the slave was hung in the barn and the father was drug to death in the vally in front of the house. To this day, if the moon is full, you can see the slave swaying in the rafters. children are also heard laughing in the old house.

Hazelwood - Starlite Café and Billiards - now know as Action Cafe- Reports of feeling a prcense walk past you, seeing a shaowy figure, seeing red eyes moving through the place, cold spots felt, and an apparition of an older man have all been experienced

Higginsville - Confederate Park - There is the confederate park is across the street it is a state park and has many graves of confederate and union soldiers and you may check it out because it is rumored to be haunted as well.

Higginsville - Hwy Old 213 - 10 years ago a young women died in a car accident when she ran of the road into a light pole. It is across the street from a sign that tells you what highway you are on. The light while sitting under it will go off and as you move out from under it, It will turn on. The city has repaired the light pool many times changing the whole electrical but cant find a problem. Some say that if you stand or sit in your car under it for period of time it will turn on and you will see her figure on the side of the ride, she will then walk to your car window.

Hollister - Country Mart - well a couple of years ago a girl was shot in the parking lot and ever since then there has been complaints by the pm workers of weird sounds and appearances of a girl walking the parking lot lat at night. - January 2007 Correction: it was a teenage boy that was shot by his friends in the parking lot. Not a young girl.

Hollister - Gobbler's Knob - Warren Hardin is known as the ghost of Gobbler's Knob. People say they have seen the ghost wandering around the cemetery with a jug of whiskey in his hands and every once in a while he will take a drink and smile.

Hopewell - Hopewell Cemetery - Witnesses have heard a an inhuman howling in the woods next to the graveyard, a ghost lady, tall, w/ a long fancy gown and a big dress hat. There has been a glowing ball seen by numerous people that circles the steeple of the church at the graveyard and we have also heard the windows rattling by themselves.

Hornersville - The Old Hornersville Cemetery - Reports of 3 human ghosts and a dog ghost walking the cemetery.

Hornet - Joplin Spook light - This place has been haunted since Civil War times. A few different stories circulate. This stretch of dirt road in the country outside of town Has even been featured on Unsolved Mysteries. A mysterious light wanders the road. - September 2004 additional info: Spook Light is also known as Devil's Promenade. There are several stories about it, one was a miner with a lantern searching for his family. Some used to say it was swamp gas, but many have a strange feeling when witnessing it.
January 2006 additional info: Though it is called Joplin Spook Light it is located in Hornet Missouri (between Joplin and Seneca Missouri, very near the Oklahoma border.)
Devil's Prominade vs Spooklight - Another problem is that it is stated the Devil's Promenade is another name for the Spook Light, when actually the Devil's Promenade no longer exists, however the actual location was just a bit down the road from the spooklight. The Devil's promenade was a wooden bridge crossing Spring River, one can easily still find the spot if they look for it, but the wooden bridge has been replaced by a modern bridge(made of metal and asphalt.) Though as far as I know there have been no sighting, or incidents (or suicides) since the new bridge was erected (the wooden one was torn down in the late 80's or early 90's.)
WARNINGAlso for any visitors to the site a couple of things to note are to avoid going on the weekends (it's a popular teenage drinking area on the weekends) drive at least a mile down the road, away from state line road. Also if you keep quiet, don't toss your trash out of the car, don't drink, and don't have any drugs on you the cops will pretty much leave you alone, aside from stopping by to make sure your not doing any of the above. Above all, DO NOT TRESPASS, don't jump fences for ANY reason, some of the people who live out there HATE the fans of the spooklight aside from the regulars who they know aren't going to cause any trouble.

Horton - Oklahoma State Line - The spook light is seen by thousands of people a year and has been unexplained for over 100 years. Could be the same source as the "Joplin Spook Light."

Independence - courthouse exchange - supposedly a girl ghost haunts this restaurant and on many occasions staff members have found coins on the floor and heard strange footsteps.

Independence - Franklin Cemetery - April 2005 correction: Formerly posted as being located in Liberty - Faint lights appear during certain phases of the moon. They float from NE side of grounds and follow a certain path to the western gate.

Independence - Hill Park - there is a private historic cemetery, where Frank James is buried, along with two confederate soldiers and others. The submitter claims to have seen on one occasion what appears to be a figure, more of a light, misty glow, walk over the hill. Their neighbors claim to have seen it before and the locals say it is a soldier who was killed in battle there in 1862(63?)

Independence - Old Jackson County Jail - sounds, cold spots foot steps are observed here.

Independence - Vaille Mansion - Former insane asylum. Ghosts in the wooden room of faces. Upper part of mansion that is closed off to public is haunted by Mrs. Vaille who killed herself by overdosing on morphine after her husband Mr. Vaille went crazy and died. - January 2004 correction: Mrs. Vaille did not kill herself after her husband went crazy and died. She took fatal dose of morphine, as stated, but not because he went crazy. she did it because Mr. Vaille was in trouble for mail fraud, and was possibly facing a jail sentence, which is why she killed herself. He never went to jail, since he didn't do it, but she didn't know that. He lived five years after his wife's death and never remarried.

Jackson - Jackson Senior High School - Rumor is that long ago a janitor died in the girls bathroom on the 2nd floor of the Language/History building ( 'C' Building ). Now if you are alone in the bathroom , the old mans ghost will flush the toilet just to scare you.

Jackson - Senior high school - It is known around the school that the girls 2nd floor bathroom of the c building is haunted by a janitor that jumped out the window. He is said to flush the toilets just to scare girls. He closes the doors for the other janitors at night when they get done cleaning.

Jefferson City - Old 94 - A stretch of old highway on the outskirts of Jefferson City, Missouri, is notorious for being haunted. The road is lined by cornfields, and there is a light that follows you for approximately four-five miles. The ghost of a mischievous old man named Ofie is known to haunt the road. Several people have reported hitting a person on that road, to get out of their vehicles and search for someone to find nothing. If you turn around on the road, you'll be followed (this has happened to several people, too) by an unknown creature.

Jefferson City - Old 94 Bridge - The second bridge on Old 94 highway is hard to find, but does exist. Local rumor has it that during the Civil War, an entire family of white abolitionists were hung on the bridge, including their young twin son and daughter, who were no more than 7 or 8. Sounds of screaming can be heard, as well as children laughing, and wet footprints have been reported appearing in front of cars on the bridge.

Jefferson City - end of St. Mary’s Rd - the sound of a horse and buggy driving by, noise would repeat three to five times. you would hear the horse hooves with metal shoes hitting what sounded like stone and the wheels going around bumping and squeaking coming toward you going past and then down the road.

Jefferson City - Wainwright Bridge - If you park on Wainwright bridge at midnight and turn your car off, your car will (reportedly) slowly roll of the bridge. Also, odd noises can be heard below the bridge, as if someone is beating on it or scratching the steal support beams. There have been bloody footprints spotted leading out of the water into the mud, only to stop abruptly, as if the person leaving the footprints simply disappeared. A dozen missing persons have been reported as having been last seen near or on the bridge, and no less than three farmer's bodies have been found below it. A car drove off one side of the bridge, and landed a dozen or so yards on the other side.

Jericho springs - the Jericho cemetery - Reports of strange glowing lights.

Joplin - Joplin High School - The Gym - a janitor that had died on the floor and now when you walk across the floor you can hear this sound in the distance that says don't walk on me.

Joplin - Joplin High School - The Band Room - Its is said that one night someone heard drums playing and when they walked into the band room there was no one there. People have also claimed to see strange glowing lights, and there's even one report about a janitor who saw a young boy in the band room....but then disappeared.

Joplin - Main St. (private residence) - an ex-tenant reports faucets turning on by themselves in the bathroom when she was alone in the house, only to turn back on when she would shut them off. Hearing her record player playing.

Joplin - Old Freeman Hospital Bldg. - Feelings of dread, and not being alone and watched. None of the maintenance crew wanted to go to that floor by themselves.

Joplin - Peace Church Cemetery - April 2008 Has been removed. No Trespassing. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Kansas City - Berry Road - Grave yard near Metro North Mall - towards the back lot were the oldest graves are. Cold spots felt, feeling something moving around you, seeing a sort of movement all around you, Apparitions seen.

Kansas City - The Boat - on a back road in Kansas City there’s a huge boat and it is like hidden in the woods you can hear people crying at night time.

Kansas City - Donaldson House/ Kansas City Art Institute- Eight spirits haunt this beautiful but dilapidated turn of the century house. Reportedly, only one of the spirits is friendly. A strong light orb was sighted on the second floor, a toolbox was reportedly thrown from one end of the living room to the other on it's own after a wild party in the house/studio. footsteps are heard on the second floor at night when no-one is up there, and the second floor telephone rings around 3 or 4 in the morning, every morning.

Kansas City - Elmwood Cemetery - Apparitions have been reported. They both appear to be girls in long white dresses playing together. They are usually there on cloudy days and nights.

Kansas City - Forrest Hill Cemetery - There is a mausoleum on the mid south end of the cemetery and if you go there towards the beginning of sunset, you can sometimes hear rock-n-roll music coming from the inside. And you get a very uneasy feeling when you get close to it.**If you decide to visit this or any other cemetery, make sure you have respect for the families and the ones resting there. Vandals give true paranormal seekers a bad name.

Kansas City - George Brett Bridge - On the night the Royals won the world series a drunk driver ran over a man and if you stand on the bridge after a game you can see him wearing his KC Royals hat

Kansas City - Hotel Savoy - the ghost of Betsy Ward haunts room 505 where she died in the bath tub.

Kansas City - Houston Lake - All around Houston Lake, especially the beach on by lake, at night you get these weird vibes like someone is watching you.

Kansas City - The Humphrey's Access Conservation Area - Platte River Access - Strange This had an old bridge on it up until about 6 years ago when the state tore it down. The frame of it is still standing, however the part that you could drive on is completely gone. The bridge was too old to support traffic anymore. There is still to this day an old car that is partially buried in the riverbank that you can easily see that fell through it a long time ago. There have been reports of unusual noises, including muffled screams, footsteps in the leaves in the fall, gunshots, and voices talking from various locations on the riverbank. Platte County doesn't really have a major significance in the Civil War, however there is a history of skirmishes.

Kansas City - Hyatt Regency - Ghosts of a woman dressed in her "tea gown' can be seen in the main lobby of the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Kansas City, MO. This unknown lady was killed in the July 17, 1981 skywalk collapse that killed 114 people and injured 200.  It is unknown who the woman is, but it said to be of Kathryn Sullivan - who's son has been an advocate for creation of a monument to all those effected by the tragedy.

Kansas City - Kansas City arena / Kemper Arena - There is said to be sightings, sounds, and lights flickering on and off in the arena late at night from a former WWF wrestler named Owen Hart who died 3 years ago by falling 50 feet to his death from the ceiling of the arena . There are also sightings of him still in his Owen Hart suit at the top of the arena looking down with the cable hooked up to him.

Kansas City - Kaw River - On a rainy night there is a headless woman that walks the river bank. It is said she was in a covered wagon that turned over and rolled down the hill and she was decapitated.

Kansas City - KCI Airport - Family graveyard behind the Airport - Strange noises, cold spots, warm spots, strange uneasy feelings and apparitions have been reported. The location is off of K highway past the Tiffany Springs playing fields. At the end of thee road the airport will be in front of you fenced off, to the right will be another road for about thirty feet which is barricaded. Turn left for about 1/4 of a mile and it will be on your right.- December 2005 Update/Additional Information: There used to be a house next to it, as to this day the stone/brick fireplace is still standing, although the rest of the house is completely gone. Information about this place is tied up with the airport purchasing the land so info was hard to come by. Since the property is now owned entirely by the airport, caution should be used. It is very possible you will be arrested if you are there with out permission. Since 9/11, airport security is out there usually within ten minutes of any cars parked stationary either on K HWY or on the road that leads to the cemetery. They are very serious. It's not barricaded and the land that surrounds the cemetery is farmland, usually only for corn/soybeans.

Kansas City - The Music Hall - there have been reports of many ghosts haunting this historic building.

Kansas City - Power and Light building - A former security guard the Power and Light Building, downtown Kansas City, reports, that place is very spooky. There have been numerous suicides from people jumping off the top of the building over the years. There is a lot of history there. They would hear lots of strange noises, and feel like someone or something was watching them while making their rounds at night on the various floors in the building.

Kansas City - Sauer Castle - A little boy haunts this national landmark.

Kansas City - Strawberry Hill Museum - the museum was built as a mansion and was later turned into an orphanage and is now a museum. It is haunted by the spirits of the man and woman who lived there when it was first built. the woman has been seen on a couple occasions. once walking down the isle of the church witnessed by two nuns at the alter, and another time appeared outside a window of the museum and asked the person inside where the priests house is. I only know of one time the man has been seen. there was a person staying at the museum and was on the third floor just casually looking around, she had opened a closet in the room and in the back of the closet on the floor was a man sitting there waving his hands in front of his face(as if saying nooooo). The woman screamed and ran downstairs and the whole way down was being tapped on the shoulder by the man. she later identified the man in one of the old pictures as the man who she had saw in the closet.

Kansas City - University of Missouri at Kansas City - Epperson Hall - This house, now the architecture school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, has been haunted by a young woman for many years. The house was formerly owned by a local businessman and his daughter-in-law killed herself in the attic when she was banned from dating a man who worked on the docks. Police and students experience cold spots, apparitions, and lights coming off and on, among other things. The house has been on Unsolved Mysteries and is on the National Register of Haunted Houses.

Kansas City - Worlds of Fun - there was a young little girl about 12 years old she was on the Timber wolf ride. She died on that ride because she unbuckled her seat belt to sit by her friend then she fell off. Some people say that if you sit in that sit where she died at you will see her trying to unbuckle her seat belt.

Kansas City - Worlds of Fun - cemetery near by -A cemetery by the theme park worlds of fun. At night you will sometimes see shadows moving very fast across one side of the graveyard to the other. Moans are also heard. Some say a man committed suicide in the cemetery some years back.

Kearney - Claybrook Plantation - This is an old plantation that recently burnt down. Witnesses have seen a door open and then slam shut and heard strange noises (someone screaming). - April 2004 Update: they have since torn the whole house down.

Kimberling City - Arrowhead Estates - A young girl haunts this neighborhood by touching people and teasing men who live around there.

Kirksville - Kirksville Cemetery - The submitter of this places claims to have a picture of a friend posing next to a headstone that is shaped like a chair, similar to the one you mention from IA. They do not remember what cemetery it is in, but they do know that it was in the Kirksville area. This chair also had rumors about people who had died after sitting in it. - October 2007 Update – The Chair that was mentioned is called The Devil’s Chair Located on Jamison St. in Kirksville.

Kirksville - Kirksville Collage of Osteopathy Medicine - The Ghost of A.T. Still is reputed to walk the halls of the Collage and the Hospital it is connected to.

Kirksville - Truman State University - Campbell Apartments - The ghost of an elderly lady has been seen in these apartments.

Kirksville - Truman State University - Library - back when Truman University was Northeast Missouri State, there was supposedly a ghost in what was once Laughlin Hall. Residents remember hearing sounds when there was no one else in the building. Laughlin Hall was torn down in 1986 and it's bricks were used in the building of the new library in 1988. We have not heard if any hauntings have been reported.

Kirkwood - Manor Grove Nursing Home - Residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's sometimes complain to staff about a little boy playing in their room at night, disturbing their sleep.  It's rumored this is the spirit of a little boy who was killed in the 1950's or 60's on the nearby railroad tracks.   These sightings occur in clusters.  Nothing will be mentioned for quite awhile; then several residents in their beds, upstairs and down, will mention seeing him on the same night.  These people are NOT alert and oriented, and most assuredly not capable of coordinating among themselves a hoax or trick upon the staff. While working midnight shift on second floor A nurse reports seeing from the hallway, a 'dark shadow' leaning over a residents' bed, smoothing the bedcovers.  Assuming it was an aide giving care, they flipped on the light, and it was gone. 

Knob Noster - The traveler of Knob - during a stormy night, on the Knob there can be seen a ghostly light that seems to travel up and down the bluff. It spawns from and old legend of a hermit that lived on the Knob, who was struck by lightning carrying a lantern. Its said that he still roams the hill.

Lamar - Bluff cemetery - nine miles out of town is this cemetery it is known to have many ghost haunting it.

Lebanon - Atchley Park - August 2004 correction: formerly posted as Ashley Park- There was a young man who committed suicide here on a Saturday night. People say that when you go out there on Saturday nights that you can see his ghostly figure haunting the park. He usually hangs around the old gazebo. That is where is ended his life.

Lebanon - KK highway - massive amounts of spirit energy documented by pictures.

Lebanon - Lonesome Hill Graveyard - Blue mists coming out of the woods following you. - February 2007 Additional Information;Warning: Visiting this place after dark is prohibited.

Lebanon - Wilson Cemetery - When you go out there late at night you will here voices and sometimes even see white figures floating around some of the graves. The Cemetery is over 200 years old and most of the people who are buries there are named Wilson. I advise you not to go into the cemetery, very bad luck, trust me. The Cemetery is located 25 miles east of Lebanon on back country roads.

Leeper - Leeper Mansion (was known as) - Has a very morbid history. Capt. Leeper who was a Carpet Bagger in the Civil War times used to beat, shoot, and hang the African Americans or just people he didn't like who came in on the new railroad that was being built. When he was on his deathbed he was tied down because he kept yelling that demons were trying to get him. He was buried in his back yard in the family cemetery. At nights he has been seen walking up Leeper Hollar and there have been several reports of lights coming on and off doors being shut, and strange noises coming from his old bedroom.

Lemons - County Farm - It is a three story building that looks like something straight out of a horror movie. It is positioned in a hay field on a rock road just past the local cemetery, and you'll have to be very careful not to be caught trespassing by the owner who lives directly across the road. Once you find your way in, after fighting the thorn bushes at the basement window entrance, you are overcome by a sense of unwelcome and constant following throughout the asylum. Adventurers have taken digital pics and digital videos claiming to have come up with some pretty strange footage. If you decide to go, be careful of the floors and please be respectful. ENJOY DON'T DESTROY!

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - There are massive amounts of stories of hauntings there. the Bell Tower, that was said to be haunted was closed down due to reconstruction, so it was closed at the time the submitter was there. There have been reports of a little boy who would come out late at night and salute the helicopter on the grounds then disappear. Also, in the scholastic building, the dark room on the lower level is boarded up because a little boy hung himself trying to escape being beaten and hazed, as they did back then.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - The Barracks - The barracks on the far edge of the campus are also said to be haunted. loud footsteps have been heard coming down the hall in the staff hall of the cafeteria building, and open and shut the bathroom door.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - The Bell Tower - is haunted. An apparition with a pale face pacing the bell tower has been reported. No lights where on in the bell tower.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Groendyke Hall - The basement of Groendyke Hall is off-limits, and many of the rooms down there are boarded up. - April 2007 Additional information - the basement had a cadet dressed in spats, and was said to walk up and down the old JROTC hall without making noises. I was at the top of the building one night when 3 cadets came bolting up the stairs pale, and scared. They all spoke at once, and told me that they saw a “old style” cadet walking toward them, and they could see right through him.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Hickman Hall - residents have seen apparitions at night in Hickman Hall, gray and seemingly floating through doors. One door slammed shut and it was only after they noticed that the door was PADLOCKED that they realized the door could not have possibly slammed because it couldn't open. - April 2007 Update: A visitor to our site reports in 95 or 96 One year every room door in Hickman hall slammed open in the whole barracks. It was in the middle of the night, and no one could explain how all the doors did that all at once. The company that lived in there at the time was Golf Company. It was made up of all the RAT (recruits at training) cadet. New kids who knew nothing of the school. The only ones that had been there for a while were the cadre officers put there to train the new kids. a dark shadow in the stairwell and it stopped turned and looked at him and all he saw was red eyes on a shadow. It took forever to calm him down.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Marine Hall - The showers come on by themselves and hear footsteps coming down the hall but nobody was there. Marine Hall is said to be haunted, but it was also off-limits to the cadets. A little boy is said to come out at night sometimes and salute the helicopter then disappear. - April 2007 Update: it has been demolished

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Practice parade field - said to have a single figure of a solider who would appear in the middle of the parade field, and then turn and walk into the woods behind the field house and disappear.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Sanford Sellers hallthere were stories of the “Ghost TAC” a former TAC officer who would enter rooms, when cadets were sleeping to check in on them, and would also roam the 2nd floor halls to make sure all was well. He only wore a trench coat, and officers hat. No face or legs were seen.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Scholastic BuildingThe dark room in the downstairs of the Scholastic Building is boarded up to this day because of a student who committed suicide by hanging himself there back when hazing was perfectly legal. - April 2007 Additional information - it is said that lights in the top right floor near the lab would come on all by themselves even after rounds have been made, and the building was secure, and locked. When it was investigated, there was nothing there, and the lights would be off. Also footsteps would be heard in the night when rounds were being made to make sure the building was secure. If you were on the bottom floor, you could hear footsteps on the second floor. The library there was home to a civil war officer who would protect it.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Soccer field behind East barracksthere have always been reports of a band company seen there in the middle of the night, and if you saw it, you could hear cadence being played softly. The band would be in there barracks asleep every time this happened. And the instruments were all locked up the band room.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Marine Hall - ghosts inhabit one of the barracks for the cadets. A student accidentally committed suicide by hanging himself. Ever since reports of strange noises, showers turning on by themselves and strange apparitions have appeared.

Liberty - Odd Fellows Insane Asylum - This is an old insane asylum, hospital, and old folks home operating since the early 1900's. Witnesses have seen bloody handprints on bathtubs and bathroom walls, and heard old bed's squeaking. They have also claimed to have a video tape with evidence of a ghost running in front of the camera.

Liberty - The old Mill - The old mill that is off of 291 hwy in Liberty Missouri is haunted. Reports of hearing footsteps, tools missing, strange noises, in pictures...there have been unexplained splotches on them, most paranormal investigators call them "orbs" these "orbs" have also reportedly be seen, at times, floating down from the elevator shaft when watched through a live camera lens.

Malden - An unknown person's tombstone mysteriously glows at night for no reason. Several have claimed it is a long lost soldier.

Manchester - John F Kennedy Catholic High School - Reports of cold spots, noises, doors locking, & lockers open and shut.

Marceline - RT 36 - Just east of Marceline there is a railroad bridge that crosses highway 36. Witnesses have often seen a misty white figure hovering above the road there. Sometimes under the bridge, sometimes just before the bridge. It sometimes vanishes before arriving at the bridge but most times they have driven right through it, and it appeared most every night they drove by.

Marceline - Mom's Restaurant - Over the years, customers and employees have felt strange drafts of cold air, plates have "jumped" from shelves, and furniture and other objects have been found tipped over or placed upside down. There have been occasional reports of an apparition of a young woman, and the ghost is known to the townspeople as "The Lady in White."

Macon - Macon high school - a woman was murdered by a janitor back in the 80's and ever since than there have been sightings of her roaming the hallways late at night saying. You have the wrong man. The janitor who confessed may be innocent.

Macon - National Guard Armory - The armory used to be an Insane Asylum, and soldiers who have had to stay there say they here foot steps down the halls, here doors slamming and often times here faint moans and cries.

Maryville - Northwest Missouri State University - Roberta Hall - haunted by the same ghost, Roberta Steel for nearly 40 years. South Third of Hudson hall was closed for years because of strange occurrences. While closed, there were strange noises, like golf balls being rolled down the hall, and strange green lights coming from the bathroom. Since it has been reopened, there have been occurrences of things such as hairbrushes flying across the dorm rooms.

Maryville - Workman's Chapel - There is a presence felt at this church. It has been engulfed in flames before and no damage has occurred. There is a story about someone seeing some old cars around there like a funeral was going on and the roof of the vehicle that this person was in started to crush in until they left. A voice told someone where a knife was located under a part of the floor that was used by the priest to kill someone. A tree right by the chapel was used to hang people. You can sometimes see figures hanging from the trees. Also when you look just right you can see a figure hanging inside the church itself. Also rumors of a man that walks a horse. Supposedly if you leave your car underneath the tree that people were hung from you can hear feet as if trying to stand on your car to stop them from dying. Hoofs and many strange sounds come from the woods and sometimes noises from he chapel while in the cemetery are heard.

Milan - Milan C-2 School - In about the fall of 1969 or the spring of 1970, a group of students and the school's basketball coach who were arriving at the schoolhouse gym for a practice of the school play, entered the gym, turned on the lights, and witnessed a figure of a woman dressed in black lying on the couch that was part of the scenery on the stage for the play. After a few seconds, the woman got up from the couch and disappeared into thin air! It is said that the coach was so upset by the event that he fainted. All of the students and the coach verified seeing this event, which may be related to stories of a "Woman in Black" that tell of her being a school teacher from Milan many years ago that was killed and is now seen around the town, especially the area of the school, from time to time. Also, there are historical records that show that the County Courthouse is built on top of an ancient Indian burial mound, and that during the excavation for the courthouse basementseveral skeletons were unearthed, one of which was reported to have been approx. 7-8 feet tall and was buried in a seated position facing due north.

Millersburg - Little Dixie Lake - on the north side where the parking lot is all gravel there are two trails that eventually merge at a thick tree line. There are then two continuing trails running parallel to one another. Following the lakeside trail will eventually take you to a huge tree just past a green pond on the side of the trail choked with algae and little frogs. The tree is at least two hundred years old, they left it intact when they dug the lake and marked the trails back in the day. A residence’s dog goes crazy around the tree, when trying to contain the dog, their flashlight died. They have heard groaning noises late at night and weird clanking, visions a man hanging from a thick, long length of rope swung over the limb. Description is a male, in dark slacks, a white sort of tattered, dirty shirt and barefooted. Upon leaving the area of the tree, the flashlight came back on.

Montgomery - Minneola rock - A rock on I-70 was the slaves were traded and believed to be haunted by their ghosts.

Mount Vernon - Spanish Fort Cemetery - Has had a lot of activity. Glowing red lights have been seen floating in the cemetery.

Mountain View - At nights on County road 3080 west of mountain view you can hear the old train of the mountain view rail road go down the tracks, even though the tracks are long gone.

Neosho - Owl Rd - Small Cemetery on Owl Rd at night you many wondering ghost and if listen closely in far you here the baby cry. The baby grave was or still is marked baby girl. But be careful what lurk at the ground keeper's shack.

Nevada - 1st Baptist Church on Walnut Street - It is considered one of the oldest structures in Nevada and it is in very poor condition. But, a few years ago it was used as the "Red Brick Playhouse" for community plays. It seems to be haunted by a former Janitor who wasn’t happy to share the place with the actors. While using the bathroom lights would flicker and shut off and sinks would turn on and you'd be sitting there all by yourself! It was not unusual during a play to have a door on the set swing wide open and everyone would hear feet tromping across the stage and back again and then the door would slam shut!

Nevada - Blanche Skiff Ross Memorial Library - They say that the Cottey Library sits on top of an old civil war field hospital and then in the 1880's a home was built for the Cottey Family. Either way there is loads of activity in this library with books falling and carts rolling and music coming from the back stairs. Various people have reported seeing an old man in a smoking jacket and cap in the balcony. They have also reported 2 little girls in Victorian dress playing on the stairs and a mysterious younger woman in a long white gown reading a book.

Nevada - Cottey College - is haunted by 2 ghosts: (1) Vera: a student from long ago that was making candy in Rosemary Hall when her nightgown caught fire, and resulted in burning down the hall. Now she haunts the entire college, comforting some girls and tricking others (2) a man in black (or a black man) that haunts the college from slavery days, as the story goes, possibly looking for Vera.

Nevada - Old Jail - It is said that there are at least 2 ghosts haunting the old Jail. One is of the sheriff's young bride often seen wearing a white dress and holding a lit candle near the 2nd story window facing Main Street. The other is of a black man who was lynched on the side lawn facing onto Walnut Street. You can hear weeping even outside the building and often you can hear the wood from the gallows creaking. There are often weird and unusual lights moving around inside the building.

Nevada - Unmarked Grave - Legend says that a woman was thrown off the train and drug on the railroad tracks. Somebody found the body and buried her there. The area is mowed down today and there is flowers on the grave. Orbs have been spotted.

New Haven - Boondocker Inn - Object levitate, lights flicker, strange noises eerie feelings and cold spots reported.

New Haven - Enocks knob road - A very creepy old bridge sits near the end of this road. The lake below is haunted by the spirit of the little boy who fell off the bridge a long time ago. It is said that late at night if you go on the bridge and look down you can see something swimming in the murky waters, some say he appears as a serpent. There have also been many stories of a man committing suicide by diving off the bridge. A lot of people who drive down this road will hear dogs barking while nearing the bridge...only there are no dogs in the area! An old man lives not far from the bridge but and he claims he does not own any dogs. Legend also has it that on Friday the 13th you can see an apparition of a gnome with glowing red eyes climbing up an old dead tree near the bridge. A very spooky place indeed.

New Madrid - The Hunter Dawson Home - Several strange stories of hauntings going on at this house by those who are on staff there as well as residents living around the house.

Noel - All Star Pizza - strange things happen at dark the ovens make weird noises, the walk-in freezer door opens when no one is around, lights flicker on when its close up time, if you drive by at night and look in you can see a white blure that looks like a person standing.

Ozark - Green Bridge on Green bridge road- You normally see a man walking under or on top of the bridge. You hear voices all around you like whispers. Also you can hear doors slamming and footsteps walking in the water.

Ozark - River Side Inn - Old man, Howard, built the restaurant in the early 1900's. He appears late at night in dark rooms [green glow smoking a cigar]. Also there has been times when glasses were suddenly thrown up against the wall, but no one was around.

Palmer - Palmer - an old civil war town that is haunted by the palmer ghost she died in the 1850 supposedly if you say her name three times she will appear and terrorize you.

Parkville - Park University - During WWII a couple of young women hung themselves in Herr House, a dorm on campus. The room is still being used, but the closet is blocked off. Now, you can hear people walking in empty rooms and other weird things happening.

Parkville - Park University - The Jenkin and Barbara David Theater - on the Park University campus is haunted by the ghost of Jenkin David. He mostly appears two young girls in the stairwells and hallways, dressed in a gray suit.

Patterson - Old Fort Benton/ Old Patterson school - you get some really weird feelings around that area it was used by the Confederates back when the war between the states was going on.

Peculiar - Feed mill - On hot summer nights you can occasionally hear the train whistle blowing they tore the tracks out and there has not been a train through there for at least five years if not more.

Pevely - Girl Scout camp - As you first enter the gate to the camp, The fist set of tents you come to is to the left. Many years ago it was storming very bad one night one of the girls needed to a shower. So she walked to the shower house about 6 or 7 yards from the tents. In girl scouts you have to use the buddy system and she didn’t. She was told to wait till morning and chose not to. She was struck by lightning in the shower house. She was found the next morning burned so badly it was hard to identify her. They don’t use the old shower house any more. Late at night if you sit outside you tent you can see a girl wraped in a towel walking back from the shower house. - March 2008 Update: This is a possible urban legend. there is no shower house by the tents described. Nor has there ever been.

Pevely - The Rock House - It is said that slaves were taken through an underground tunnel to that house. The house sits on top of a hill, and it is rumored that the slaves were buried at the bottom of the hill. Now homes sit at the bottom of the hill, and weird noises and incidents occur in some of those homes.

Platte city - Pc cemetery - The grave yard has been said that if you go during the bewitching hour, you can see dead people, actual dead people in the ground.. NOt moving, just laying there. Under ground about 6 or so ft.

Plattsburg - C Highway - This highway is haunted by the ghost of a young boy on crutches. He appears in front of a car, passes through it, then disappears. A ranch house nearby has also had numerous paranormal occurrences such as books flying off shelves and doors opening and slamming.

Plattsburg - Lake concord - Every once in a while, the ghost of Lake Concord haunts the area. Long ago a boy drowned in the lake, and not discovered until the early 1950's. People have said that  they can here a little boy screaming and yelling for help. He did this because no one was around when he was walking on the frozen lake. He fell in and never came back up. So if you live near Lake Concord, you will soon here him.

Plattsburg - Plattsburg High School - The spirit of former star athlete haunts this high school. On random nights, people in the building have heard basketballs bouncing in the gym when no one is there. There are also reports of strange whisperings, eerie lights, and other strange occurrences.

Pleasant Hill - Katy Trail - There is a listing on this site for the Katy Trail near Pleasant Hill. The only thing about this is that the Katy trail Runs from Sedalia to St Charles Sedalia is at least 30 miles from Pleasant Hill and the Katy trail is probably 35 so it is impossible for the Katy Trail near Pleasant Hill to be haunted, because there is no Katy trail near Pleasant Hill.

Point Lookout - College of the Ozarks - Numercus hauntings of the campus. Ghost have been seen in the Theatre, in the steam tunnels and power plant, and in the older dorms. One ghost is known to had migrated from the former little theater to the New theater on campus, when the old theater was destroyed for safety reasons.

Poplar Bluff - Overby's Furniture Store - It is said a ghost haunts the fourth floor of the old Overby's Furniture store (now a music store) at the corner of Vine and Broadway. According to accounts after the tornado of 1927 the Butler County Courthouse was destroyed and a temporary courtroom was established on the fourth floor of the building. It is rumored a woman in the jail cells in back of the same floor hanged herself and still walks that floor.

Poplar Bluff - Railroad Tracks - Eye witness reports of an apparition of a beautiful girl with long brown flowing hair was walking toward them wearing a long white sleeveless wedding dress and carrying a water bucket, she is said to have looked part Indian. When she passed him she bumped him and spilt water down his leg. He turned around to ask her what she was doing out late at night but she was gone. He knew it was a ghost and hurried home to show his wife that his clothes were wet and told her not to repeat the story. It issaid it was the Spirit of Charity takeing a drink of water to the thirsty, that others had seen her with a bible.

Poplar Bluff - Wilcox Rd. Railroad Tracks - Once you turn on Wilcox road, after about 1/4 of a mile the road will fork and you need to go left at the fork. The road is curvy and paved, but after a few miles it turns into gravel. Once the road turns to gravel go forward for about another mile till you come to a railroad crossing. Most people do this at midnight, but people have reported seeing spirits as early as 10 pm. The story goes that in the early 1900's a train de-railed killing most of it's passengers. But many odd things turned up once they began to investigate the wreck. A few things were that a woman had been pregnant when she was killed in the wreck and once they found her, the baby was missing out of her womb. Another man had become decapitated during the wreck and the police could never find his head. So once you get to the railroad track you pull onto the tracks and shut off your car. Your windows start to fog up very quickly and you can hear a train whistle in the background, it gets louder...then stops. You will often also see a light when you look down the train tracks. While sitting in the car you will hear something tap on your window and if your brave enough to look outside a woman will be standing there asking you where her baby is. And for the extremely brave, if you decide to get out of you car you will see a decapitated man in the ditch searching for his head, many people have saw this (including myself).

Poplar Bluff - Woodlawn Cemetery - A mans voice yelling about midnight in the summertime. "What do you want, Who are you looking for?" It's so loud it sounds like a loud speaker, then lots of voices can be heard whispering at the same time, it sounds like a crowded room full of people.

Raytown - The Insane Asylum - Update: The Asylum as been torn down and it is very dangerous! No Trespassing - Old burnt down building. Claims to have heard footsteps and moaning inside the building. Also blood has been seen on the floor. An elderly man is said to haunt the place.

Raytown - Rickey Road - This road has constant twists and turns throughout it. There are no street lights but woods on both sides lining the edge of the road. It has a age-worn brick wall along the side that looks like a old, overgrown cemetery. A valuable source has said they saw a cemetery on either side of the road the first time they had driven on it. Just as they had went around a curve, they said they had seen a woman in it stretching her arms toward the road-or possibly them and standing still. They described her as wearing a wedding dress and a veil. They were going to return at sunrise to look around (they liked to photograph cemeteries). When they had returned to the location, there was no cemetery, but a house under construction, and a wide open field, and on the other side, some trees on a small cliff. They said that the cemetery couldn't have been their imagination, they weren't even thinking about anything to do with it, or scared for any reason. Another resident described seeing a head with a terrified expression on its face roll out of the woods and under the front of the car, again not finding anything when he went back to find out if his mind was just playing tricks on him. There is a old run down wood bridge about half way down the road, and a series of chevron signs before it. Somebody has spray-painted with red paint a letter on each of these signs. Oddly enough there was a perfect number of signs for them to spell M-U-R-D-E-R D-I-E and the last sign which is directly beside the beginning of the bridge says "Back & Here" (whatever that means). You have to slow down for the bridge and go about 5 mph over it because the wood is so warped, and numerous people have said when they do this they notice lots of movement on both sides of the bridge and sounds of something walking (on two legs not 4). All reports have been said to have been during the night and one during the day, and for some reason if you bring up Rickey Road all the locals voices change and they all know of it and have their own stories to tell. Though most of them wont utter details only that they have been there and something had happened to them that has made them never want to return. Kids from the area go there for an adrenaline rush and turn their headlights off.

Reedsprings - on a back road of reedsprings - heres how the story goes.... a old guy owned a plantation and he had slaves work for him and all of his slaves died (he killed them) and these group of kids burned down the house and the next day they went back to the house and it was rebuilt (go off dd highway down a dirt road and go look for a old house with stuff growing around it) and also go up the hill around the corner and youll find it right there you cant miss it! please dont destroy enjoy!

Rich Hill - Ryder Cemetery - Reports of yelling and no one around.

Richland - "Joe's Cave" - In the early 1900's a black man named Joe was accused of raping a young white girl. He protested his innocence saying, "God would prove I didn't do it". Legend has it that he survived the electric chair but a group of vigilantes took him to the cave where he was tarred and feathered and then hung with barbed wired in one of the larger back rooms of the cave. Joe had been a fiddle player and each night after supper would sit on his front porch and play the fiddle. Now if you go to the cave just around dark you can hear his fiddle music echoing though out it. - May 2005 clarification/ correction: This is a historical incident, so there are records that provide the date (1839), the name and age of the girl (Amanda Fulbright, age 10), the name of the man who killed Joe (Thomas Rafferty shot him). Joe's dead body was taken from the Fulbright property in Laclede County, MO, to the cave in Camden County, MO (about 10 miles), a medical doctor dissected the body, boiled the flesh off the bones, and rearticulated the skeleton. The doctor’s motive was knowledge of anatomy. Also, the cave does not have any "larger back rooms." The first room goes about 75 feet, then tapers down to a hole only large enough for a modest stream of water. No human could enter the hole. And, of course, there was no electric chair in 1839, and barbed wire wasn't invented until about 1876.

Rolla - "Goat Mans Grave" - Is supposedly haunted by the "Goat Man" and others, reported policeman have been spotted appearing out of no-where and then disappearing out of nowhere. There are a lot of scary stories about this place that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!! It is pretty freaky! take it from the experienced!

Russellville - Old Elementary School Caboose - On Halloween nights it is known for an old guy who lived in the caboose years ago and died there. Appears to be seen whittling things with a knife. He also throws it at you. He opens and closes the door to the caboose a lot too even at daytime.

Salem - Casey's General Store on McArthur - The Casey's on McArthur was built on the site of an old home. The elderly people who had owned the home had died there. Ever since Casey's has been built, the employees have reported the walk-in doors opening and shutting, things in the back room falling off of shelves. Things taken off of shelves and being stacked neatly on the floor in the middle of the night after the store is closed. The smell of perfume is smelled often when it is just the opening crew early in the morning. Footsteps, sighs, and cold places are also very frequent.

Salem - Subway - Over 60 Years ago a old woman and her little girl used to live here until it burned down. Around 2 at night if you wait by the front of subway you can hear small Cries of the child and screams of the woman. - June 2008 Update: The Subway burned to the ground about a couple of years ago. It was built back up again in the same spot but while the fire was burning they heard screams inside the building but couldn't get in because the structure was collapsing. Later when they inspected the building (basically looking for a body) they found nothing.

Savannah - Shady Lawn Nursing Home - Formerly a mental facility, there have been many sightings and sounds blames on a ghost they call "Oscar". Oscar was a patient in the mental facility and before he died he swore to never leave and to make everyone's lives there hell. My fiance worked as a CMT (med-tech) there, she didn't believe in ghosts until Oscar made a bunch of noise and scared her out of the basement one night.

Seanath - "Crybaby's Bridge." - There is a bridge over the river over on a road there. A long time ago, a farmer, his wife and his kid lived there. The dad was gone to town, and the mother was doing laundry. Her child had wandered out into the river. The mother heard her child crying and she herself couldn’t swim, but she jumped in anyways. They both drown. Today, if you park on the bridge, you'll get this terrifying feeling. The chills, the shakes. really cold. and legend has it, that if you read the lords prayer backwards while on the bridge, you'll see the mother walking towards you with her waterlogged child in her arms, asking for help. then, the bridge will collapse, and you'll join them in watery death. no ones ever been brave enough to try it.

Sedalia - Bothwell Hotel - I stayed there with a friend and heard knocking on our door multiple times...each time we checked and nothing was there. Spoke with the staff and they said only one floor is haunted and that was the one we were staying on. Other stories of doors slamming and knocking have been reported we are told.

Sibley - Jackson County- "Bone Hill"- There is a legend around parts of Jackson County now that is referred to as "Bone Hill and the 7-year Light".

Sikeston - Hart Cemetery - Strange lights have been seen floating in this old graveyard.

Sikeston - Sewer by Lee Hunter - Some people say that if you go on the famous day of Halloween at midnight and shut off your car,.. and in a bit you can hear a baby crying. This story is similar to the Hart Cemetery.

Smithville - Smithville Lake - There are several places upon this lake that are supposed to be haunted. In one of the places, there are road signs that appear to bleed and have bullet holes in them. They disappear though when people get close. There have also been reports of strange occurrences at a place called Devil's Bridge. Devils bridge is located off of 92 HWY East outside of Smithville. It is where there are five roads that use to meet and make a pentagram. - The bridge may have since been destroyed.

Sparta - Jenkins Road - when approaching Jenkins road from the north heading south one can stop and see the road and trees surrounding it moving away like running water. Mysterious lights appearing out of nowhere coming towards you, as soon as one stops on Jenkins road and gets out of car. It is said that an old farmer who owned the property had a tractor flip on top of him and crushed him on the road when he was pulling someone out of the ditch in the winter back in the 70's.

Springfield - Bass Country Inn (old Howard Johnson's) - Carl a former bus person, still haunts the grounds. He has been seen in the kitchen and in the halls. Things fall off the shelves. You see legs on the other side of the work table, but when you crouch down to see who it is and no one is there. Out of the corner of your eye you see someone go into the office, but the door is locked and no one is inside, you can be walking down the hall and see someone coming towards you and then they are not there. Also, a female haunts the site but nothing is known about her except that her spirit isn't as nice as Carl's.

Springfield - Bloody Hill - Cold spots and apparitions have been reported.

Springfield - Brooks Phelps Grove Park Bridge - Off of National on Bennett is Phelps Grove Park under the third bridge late at night you can see a woman in a wedding dress known as "Bride under the Bridge" that was killed on her wedding day. This is a bridge made out of concrete and medium to small sized rocks. At night, it was somewhat cloudy and when the moon would break through the clouds and hit the rocks, you can definitely see the shape of bride's head and veil in the rocks.

Springfield - Central High School - The first high school in Springfield was built in the late 1800s. Old room 311 is supposedly haunted by sounds and a door that locks itself, but renovations of the school have renumbered the rooms and straightened out the hallway. Many places in the basement have been said to be haunted as well as the fourth floor attic. Again, renovations have made these places harder to find. There are also tunnels under the school that are said to have a presence occupying them.

Springfield - Drury University - Clara Thompson Hall - The origin is not known of this ghost, but many people have seen pianos playing by themselves and doors closing.

Springfield - Drury University - Soccer Field - The soccer field off of Bennett street was built over sacred Native American ground. There have been reports of a presence there.

Springfield - Drury University - Smith Hall - Before Smith Hall was built, there used to be lots of old Victorian houses. One house had a little girl in it. That house caught on fire one day, but the girl stayed in the house so she could retrieve her teddy bear. Some days the girls that live in Smith Hall find their locked doors opened, all their drawers opened, and a teddy bear sitting in the center of their room because the little girl is looking for hers. She has been seen roaming the halls and photos of her have been taken.

Springfield - Drury University - Wilhoit Theatre - Light flickered at night. Some said it was the ghost of "Bob". Strangely the theatre was dedicated to Bob Wilhoit

Springfield - Old "houn dawg" rendering plant - A former employee of the plant who was killed in a workplace accident is known to turn lights on and off, and is a nuisance to the businesses that occupy the building now by tossing paper and rubbish around.

Springfield - Landers Theatre - Little Theatre - Along with the spirit of the stage manager who comitted suicide and the baby, there are, in addition, some 100 other ghosts haunting the theatre. For example, there are the spirits of two secretaries in the box office that like to throw things. There is even the spirit of a little dog that is rarely seen. Lander's Theatre is by far the most haunted spot in Springfield.

Springfield - Little Theater - A janitor is believed to have died in this theater during a fire in the early twentieth century. His ghost has been seen in the upper balcony by lone actors on the stage. There is also a story about a baby that was accidentally dropped from the upper balcony one evening. It is said to repeat its fall for actors while they are practicing.

Springfield - Phelps Grove Park Bridge - Off of National on Bennett is Phelps Grove Park under the third bridge late at night you can see a woman in a wedding dress known as "Bride under the Bridge" that was killed on her wedding day

Springfield - Reed Middle School - On the 4th floor balcony, if you are very quiet and still you can hear footsteps. And even low murmurs sometimes.

Springfield - Springlawn Farm - aka - Albino Farm Bridge - March 2008 has been removed.

Springfield - State Offices Buildings - In the main building, at night, a presence can be felt following you. Also, there is an elevator shaft no longer in use where one can feel cold spots and a presence watching them. Presence can be felt in the basement and also on the roof. The building was once a bank and there is an old vault in the basement and a blocked off tunnel that runs between buildings under the entire square. Hangings were once done in the square. Also, at night in the Department of Family Services building, a presence can be felt throughout the building, particularly in the basement where strange noises can be heard.

Springfield - Winoka Lodge - May 2005 correction: Formerly stated as a Girl Scout Camp. it is Belived to be haunted due to the sounds heard and such but it's not by girl scouts. Now due to trespassing the property is watched by the police. It was the site of an old hunting Club located just outside of Springfield Mo next to the old hwy 65 bridge.March 2008 Update: reports are pointing to this being an urban legend.

Springfield - Wilson's Creek - People have seen ghosts and heard strange noises like guns and cannons. Apparitions of Confederate soldiers are seen more often.

Springfield - Wilson's Creek Battle field - Site of the civil war battle in south west Missouri. At nighttime you can hear solders walking and talking in the woods at the site.

Springfield - University Plaza Hotel - "The Colonel" has been seen by almost all the hotel staff that works in the Convention Center. He is seen late at night between midnight and 4am. Staff will see him in the ballroom and in the back hallways. He is an older man dressed all in black. The most infamous sighting was by a new employee that asked another employee who the man dressed all in black was that he just saw walking down the hall. The Colonel is thought to have been a well-decorated civil war hero and the owner of a large plantation that once stood on the ground where the University Plaza Hotel now stands. These sightings have not been made public because of the hotel not wanting it to hurt business.

St. Charles - St. Charles Nursing Home - The sounds of footsteps from an unoccupied floor can be heard.

St. Charles - Lindenwood University - This campus is haunted by the spirit of Mary Sibley, founder of the college. Students have seen her image and heard piano music, which Mrs. Sibley was so fond of. Also, the campus theatre and library is said to be haunted.

St. Charles - Lindenwood University - Sibley hall - students on the top floor have reported to wake up in mid-air with their mattress below them. There is one hallway that no students are allowed to enter, because it is haunted. It has been boarded shut.

Ste. Genevieve - downtown Ste. Genevieve - a lot of the places in the downtown area are claimed to be haunted by people who lived in all of the old houses. (Ste. Gen was the 1st settlement west of the Mississippi, so it is really old) the Valle house across from Valle School and the Catholic Church is claimed to be haunted by the 1st owners of the house and their dogs. There have been reported cold spots and sometimes in storms or late at night you can hear the dogs running up and down the halls of the house.

St. James - Spook Hollow - The legend goes that if you go down Spook Hollow road that you will end up at a cemetery. If you go into the cemetery at night that no matter what time of year it is the weather is nice and cozy. The legend also says that there were a group of children that were going to the cemetery to perform some kind of sacrifice. Some of the children can be heard from some of the sacrifices that were done. There is also a little house on that road that people say house some of the adults that were involved.

St. Joseph - Benton High School - It is said that if you go to the third floor at night and try to walk down the 200 foot hallway, you will get books thrown at is also said that if u walk down the hall and yell, lockers will start opening and you will here people on the intercom talking from the main office in the building...the school is built on top of an old indian burial, when u walk into the main entrance of the school building, and as soon as you enter the door, you are stepping on the leader of the Indian tribe leader. And about 10-15 years ago a secretary died and now and days when you walk into the office you can smell the perfume she wore, and the chair that she sat in will always be lowered and comforted how she had it when she was a secretary at the school. Also on the third floor when you walk down it and look into classrooms through the door you can see people sitting in a room doing homework, the people doing homework there is sum old students who died in a car crash.

St. Joseph - Benton High School - AnnexThe annex of the school is haunted by a mysterious ghost. One night a woman reported seeing it enter a room, only to turn on the television set and sat down to watch. People have also claimed to see a red glowing light floating down the halls.

St. Joseph - Central High School - A couple ghost dwell here. One whom particularly likes the Auditorium. And another one who plays pranks and resides mostly on the bathrooms. A group of girls have reported (as has many other students and faculty members) that they will flood the bathrooms. Especially on the main, 2nd and 3rd floors. The Theater Arts Teacher and classes have affectionately named the ghost that haunts the Auditorium.

St. Joseph - The Old Park Floral Building - After the floral shop shut down they tried to sell it but no one wants to buy it do to its weird happenings. There is a very eerie feeling when you enter the building. Plus it kind of looks like a castle. People have heard a beautiful sound of piano playing from the upper floors, they hear foot steps, noises in the fire place.

St. Joseph - The Death Cellar - It's the house of the resident C.W. Farquhar. It has been known by many people that have stayed in the basement long enough. The doors will lock. The lights will turn a light red color. Screams of many young girls. And full figured ghosts seen laying on the ground screaming. In 1975 a man brought many young girls to the basement and slowly killed them.

St. Joseph - Glore Psychiatric Museum - Strange noises and sightening have been reported and the 3rd floor is said to be haunted by a man in dress pants. An old patient is said to be seen wandering the halls through out the building. The most haunted part of the building is the Basement where the Morgue is located. Strange things such as the motion detecter going off rapidly when no one is around, the sewing machine starting, cries of help, sounds of whimpering and crying, and a man's shadow and muttering have been heard. Ten groups, (four groups of 1, two groups of 2, two groups of 3, a group of 4, and a group of half of a schooling college class), have reported hearing a woman's voice whisper "Help Me." at seperate times. And six groups, (two groups of one, three groups of three, and one family tour), have reported a man running towards the elevator bellowing "Why are you here? Get out!".

St. Joseph - St. Joeseph's Foods - at night some of the guards have said to see the door of the guard shack open and the sound of footsteps as if someone was coming in the guard shack, one guard said he was doing his rounds and saw someone walking outback by the back fence, sounds come from the basement when no one is in the building.

St. Joseph - The St. Joseph School District offices - are reported to be haunted. Doors open and close by themselves.

St. Joseph - The Social Parlor - The building is an old furrier, and you can sometimes see the old man who ran it back in the day.

St. Louis - Alexian Brothers Hospital Site - This is the actual site of an exorcism, the event the movie is based on. The original building was torn down some years ago. The exorcism was performed on a young (perhaps 11) year old boy. After a vision of St. Michael the spirit was vanquished. The site is part of the parking lot now. It has a reoccurring crack in the pavement directly under the room the exorcism was held in. On a side note, the boy was transferred back and forth from Alexian Bros to White house estates (A catholic retreat)

St. Louis - The Book House - The old house is now used as a book house and a little girl known as Valerie lives there there's a newspaper article and her favorite room is the poetry room though she stay in the basement a lot! It is said that she fell into the well years ago.

St. Louis - Christopher Rd. - Reports of seeing the ghost of Christopher covered in blood screaming and shouting.

St. Louis - Delor St. & Alaska Ave - Apartment Building - Reports of strange feelings of being watched cold spots, rancid smells that disappear as soon as the appeared, footsteps of children running & playing sounding like they where on the roof at 2 or 3 in the morning.

St. Louis - downtown - Powell Symphony Hall - The Powell ghost (dubbed "George" by stagehands) makes noises, plays with the lights and elevator, and is sometimes seen as a man in a white suit and white hat. He is thought to be a former vaudevillian.

St. Louis - downtown - the Sheldon Concert Hall - The Sheldon is thought to be haunted by its architect, who died before the place was finished; he also plays with the lights, has been known to change the levels on sound equipment, and makes strange noises. Sometimes he plays with the lights even during performances.

St. Louis - Drury Inn & Suites 270 &OLIVE - A housekeeper on the 5th floor reports: sightings of people walking down the hall but when you get close enough to touch they disappear. Others report hearing the elevator door ding, a presence, voices and footsteps walking towards them, when no one is there.

St. Louis - Edgewood Children's Center - ghost of a 10 year old girl is seen floating near a tree here.

St. Louis - Lemp Mansion - One of the most haunted buildings in the city. Cold spots, electrical anomalies, feelings of being watched, a piano that plays a note in the night, vibration from the floors, feelings of sadness, tapping on shoulders, and many photographic anomalies, film and digital. - March 2008 update: This is a Bed and Breakfast anyone who wants to stay can reserve a room

St. Louis - Old City Hospital - Has been closed since the 1985. Reports of people in the non-boarded windows. Reports of screams nearby. Feelings of being watched.WARNING - No Trespassing - The building is being renovated into codos the name will be The Georgian Condominiums.

St. Louis - Our Lady Of Sorrows School - 1 person got killed in a fire. He would be in a room and doors would closed, hear footsteps when he is the only one in there. Had radio on and turned off by it self. Desk fell over in the room while he was cleaning.

St. Louis - Ralston Purina - parking lot - This site was formerly the Gratiot Street Prison. Here is a bit of history on the place. The building had been McDowell's College, a medical college owned and operated by Joseph Nash McDowell. It was confiscated by the Federal authorities in the spring of 1861. In December 1861 the building was converted into a prison and later renamed. Even early Federal records often call the place "McDowell's College." It was right in the midst of some of the wealthiest homes in St. Louis. General Fremont's headquarters in the Brant Mansion were only a block away. Right across the street was the home of the wealthy Harrison family. Attached to Gratiot on the north was the Christian Brothers Academy. Unlike other Civil War prisons, Gratiot was used to hold just about anyone and everyone. Along with Confederate prisoners of war were also held civilians ("citizens"), women, children, confiscated slaves ("contrabands"), spies, saboteurs, political prisoners, guerrillas and bushwhackers, and even Federal soldiers who had committed crimes or had misbehaved. Of Confederate soldiers held at Gratiot, the most likely ones came from battles and states in the Mississippi River region as far south as New Orleans. They were sent north for processing at Gratiot then moved on to Alton and other eastern prisons. Also soldiers fighting in Missouri and Arkansas would be sent to St. Louis. There is more information here: 

St. Louis - Ronnie's 20 Cine - In the largest theatre a man died of a heart attack. The doors to this theatre will not stay open after 11 pm and an eerie presence can be felt inside.April 2008 Correction - This theatre was not on the site of the Old Ronnie's Drive in.

St. Louis - Rose Hill - A long time ago a girl name Rose was driving along when here car stalled out going up a hill. The car rolled back to the bottom of the hill. After trying to restart the car she got out to look under the hood. That was when she was grabbed by a man and murdered by her car. Now people say that if you go to where she was killed you should dust the trunk of your car with flour and place a rose on the trunk. Then when you drive up the hill and check the trunk there will be handprints on the trunk and the rose will be gone. They say that her ghost helps every car get up the hill.

St. Louis - Roosevelt High School - Rumors of the school being built on a cemetery, the forth floor is off limits, when they built it, they did so over a cemetery and only moved the headstones. Bones surface on the football field and a grave collapsed in the front lawn and they had to fill it in. - May 2008 Additional information: One of the football players practicing football and tripped over what turned out to be a coffin that was resurfacing. His father was also present when a femur bone was excavated and determined to be a human bone. Two of his cousins who attended this high school went to the 4th floor with some of their friends and reported actually being able to hear what sounded like people banging on the door as if trying to escape. There was a fire that killed everyone on the 4th floor, which is why it is blocked off. No one knows how the fire got started and - (according to local legend****) the nearest 3 fire stations that could have been there and probably saved the lives of some of the people on that floor, could not get their station doors to open for the trucks to get out. A station about 5 miles away had to respond and by the time they got there, it was too late. - Talking to a local retired fireman, he hadn’t heard of this local legend, but did report of a fire that happened at Roosevelt when the school was having the floors stripped. 3 off-duty firemen lost their lives while helping with the fire.

St. Louis - Six Flags Theme Park - There are three known ghosts that haunt this famous theme park. The first one is the ghost of a little girl that has been seen around various areas of the park running around and laughing. The second spirit is a girl named Stella who haunts several of the parks theaters, giving off cold spots and speaking to people. The last ghost to haunt this park is known as The Pigman. He has been spotted on the back service roads late at night and some of the employees have claimed to hear the echoes of pigs squealing in the distance.

St. Louis - St. Louis Job Corps - Witnesses have reported something jumping on them and jumping on beds to fin a figure run straight through the door into the hallway .

St. Louis - St. Louis University - Old residence hall - locked up now, but there is no electricity to it, yet every night a light shines. Electricians have tried to find a power source, and never have. - May 2004 Update: A graduate from SLU reports to have no recollection or any unused residence halls or buildings on campus. The post may either be outdated or just not true.
June 2008 Update: It's not a residence hall anymore. It was remodeled into a classroom building but the top floor is still as is. The top floor is the one that is actually haunted. Lights do flick on at night and you can see someone standing in the upper window and during the day you can hear this awful nails on a chalkboard sound.

St. Louis - St. Lukes Hospital - Children’s ward is haunted. A patient stayed there and has seen a few strange things. The pen container on the nurses desk will slide to the other side. Children’s bedroom doors will close on by there selves, slamming shut. Late at night there is crying of children and laughing in the play room.

St. Louis - University of Missouri - St. Louis - Seton Hall - During odd hours of the days, footsteps can be heard running down the hall on the third floor. Knocks on doors, and unlocking door sounds can be heard, all while no one is around. This used to be the location of a hospital and then a "nun home"(cant remember the word). There are tunnels that connect this building with other buildings on that side of campus, although they are blocked off. Some have also said they had problems with waking up in the air.

St. Louis - Sunset Hills - Lynstone park - foot steps through the leaves are heard. Feelings of being watched and reports of apparitions.

St. Louis - Webster Groves Theatre Guild - Believed to be haunted by a little girl in the upper part of the theatre, who is playful and likes to play tricks on people during rehearsals. Another spirit of an old lady whom the little girl is said to be terrified of, is in the basement of the theatre.

St. Louis - Webster University - Loretto-Hilton Theater - The Loretto-Hilton is haunted by a tech guy who died there; he once saved someone who had leaned too far over the edge of a catwalk: the man was falling, and then felt someone pull him back -- only no one else was there.

St. Louis - University of Missouri - St. Louis - Seton Hall - During odd hours of the days, footsteps can be heard running down the hall on the third floor. Knocks on doors, and unlocking door sounds can be heard, all while no one is around. This used to be the location of a hospital and then a convent. There are tunnels that connect this building with other buildings on that side of campus, although they are blocked off. Some have also said they had problems with waking up in the air.

Stanberry - Coopers cemetery - babies crying, an old man appearing out of no where by the forest line coming towards you swinging a lantern, then disappearing. Sticks breaking in the woods constantly like someone is walking out in the woods.

Stone - Reeds Spring - Middle School Gym - Late at night a basketball can be heard as if the person who used to play for the school team was still there. Many years ago he was killed when a group of buddies skipped school to run around. His funeral was held in the gym with his coffin located underneath the goal that the ghost plays his basketball.

Sullivan - Gates of Hell - A long time a go a man owned this property, he hung people out in his feild the tale is if you park down by the gate.. turn off your car you can see people walking out in the field, a little boy lurks around the gate. and you can hear odd noises. It's been known for your car not to start back up. It's a very freaky place. People own the property now they have horses but if you go down there on a full moon you can't see the horses anywhere... you can search the fields up and down and wont find any kind of sigh of a horse.

Sullivan - Old Pea ridge Mine - 16 men died in the Pea Ridge Mine during it's 40 years of operation from 1961 to 2001. Why this place closed down is still unclear. 80% of the richest Iron Are deposit in North America is still under the ground at this location. It is like everyone just left the place for no reason. Strange sounds can be heard coming out of the mineshaft late at night. What did those miners uncover digging so deep in the earth. Was it a secret passage to hell? - September 2004 update/correction. A reader did some research on the Mine in regard to why it shut down. Several newspaper clipping at the two local newspapers and other documents found on-line dealing with economics, Prices, etc., state that due to a huge decrease in Iron prices, the Mine was shut down in 2002 because of operational costs. (which took me almost two months to find out. Nothing was found about Mine on the town's main web pages. Really makes it look like they were hiding something. But it looks like all they were hiding was a big money and job loss to the town.)

Susquehanna - Backroads' lake - Witnesses report a green orb rising from the water and coming towards them. The area had a general feeling of uneasiness as well. It is completely secluded and takes about an hour to reach from town.

Tarkio - Rankin Hall - People have seen mop buckets roll down the hall on their own. Some people have heard scratching coming out of a janitors closet.

Tipton - Tipton Correctional Center - In the recreation yard inside the prison walls there exists three large oak trees, it is a well known fact that when the moon is full the outline of an inmate perched atop the trees can be seen.

Troy - Kemper-Marsh funeral home - Witnesses have claimed many different things happening. Doors open or shut without reason, things will be "misplaced", and voices have been heard on occasions.

Truxton - Haunted house - This abandoned haunted house you can see off of highway 70. Take the Truxton exit and get off at the service road. Follow the service road and watch on the right. You'll know when you've found the house. No history is known. But witnesses report hearing a chilling women's scream echoing throughout the empty rooms. Footsteps have been heard on the steps, banging has been heard in the basement. And a dark shadow figure has been seen in the top left window. There’s always an overpowering sense that someone is watching you from that top window, and it's a horrible feeling. NO TRESSPASSING This is house is PRIVATE, and the owners who live down the road do not like visitors. - December 2005 Update/Additional Information: there was a family who lived there. The husband died in 1940, in 1963 the women died - killed herself by slitting her wrists. The submitter of this additional information reports they own property in Herman, which they have passed this house for many years. Their father went up to the house in 1975 because he was curious on buying the property. At this time the house looked, as it had been standing vacant for many years. He thought it was abandoned. So when he made his way to the back porch and looked in side, there was a women gray hair rocking back in forth in a rocking chair. - who was this woman? The women that owned the place killed herself in 1963 this is 12 years later - there wasn't suppose to be anyone there - no other relatives. The house is in unsafe conditions.

Union - The Union Covered Bridge - It is said there was a death there in the mid- 1800's of a boy falling and drowning in the River. At night one can see the boy, and he will try to touch anyone who attempts to walk across the bridge in the dark. To get there Get on Hwy 15 and follow to Paris until the big brown signs say "Union Covered bridge." The brown signs will take you all the way to the correct spot

Valle Mines - Tunnel Bill's - An old railroad tunnel which still exist today just south of Valle Mines MO. near the old slave graveyard, is haunted. I've been there many times both by myself and with others. Each time Tunnel Bill makes himself known and always "escorts" you out... The story goes, that years ago a man named Bill died at the tunnel. Several stories exist on how and why he died, but the important part is he is very jealous of his tunnel (home)and will treat you with the same respect that you treat him.

Van Buren - M hwy - down M hwy where the pavement ends and gravel begins, the weird things start happening. Pictures reveal that out of the tombstones there is a white swish with a face. Coming out of the head stone. Also pictures taken down this way are indicating a lot of activity . A lot of people have died down this way. Mostly tourist who are drinking and driving and not used to the roads. Green eyes have been reported at the last house on M Hwy. Waymeyer has had a lot of sightings of figures in the woods. Where these people have died.

Van Buren - Riverways Nursing Home - Built on a battlefield graveyard, many strange things happen on 3rd shift. Nurses report feeling that they have been touched on their backs. Also on some nights several things happen at once. Such as lights blink, and the fire sprinkler by the nurses desk pours water for only a few moments. Also doors close on their own. All through the night voices are heard through the halls. Apparitions seen.

Verona - Lees Cemetery - A ghost truck has been seen chasing people from the graveyard. The truck speeds at the cars getting right up on the bumper then is just gone as if it were never there. Strange sounds have been heard in the cemetery as well as a fog that is there one minute and gone the next.

Villa Ridge - (Old Hwy 100) - When Driving along old hwy 100, going towards Villa Ridge from Washington Mo. There is a mysterious hitchhiker, wearing a hiking pack, when picked up, he will talk to you and ask to be taken to the truck stop about 5 miles ahead, but before reaching the truck stop, he always vanishes, rumor had it that he was killed by a driver that picked him up, and all he wants is to get to the truck stop, but can't.

Warrensburg - University of Central Missouri - Diemer Hall - It was on the second floor, was a private room with a private bath on the south end of the hall. Feelings of being watched. Two witnesses experienced the bathroom sink turning itself on and filled up with hot water.

Warrensburg - University of Central Missouri - Hawkins Hall - Residence hall where a student hung himself.

Warrensburg - University of Central Missouri - Houts/Hosey Hall - is supposedly haunted by a girl who killed herself while she was pregnant. Her ghost is said to walk the halls, knocking on doors, and calling for her baby- asking where it is. Shadows are seen under the doors when no one is walking by. During a séance 2 different room numbers where given and one of them was a room that was not used, the other room of a suite used by a community advisor (like an RA). This room’s door looked very different from the rest of the doors, had a sort of- darkness above it. And was very obviously off-limits to residents. Rumor is that the numbers of the rooms in that building had been reassigned so that no one would hear about the room the suicide victim lived in and not want to live in it. This could be just a rumor, though. - October Update: This is the legend of Sarah. An eye witness to both the séances reports the findings were fake – that nothing happened.

Warrensburg - University of Central Missouri - North Ellis - first floor, north end of the hall, feelings of being watched, One witnesses alarm clock fell off the dresser and skidded into the far wall, and another time it flew from the dresser shattering, they also say they witnessed an apparition appear in the mirror.

Warrensburg - University of Central Missouri - Osborne/Phillips Hall - a residence hall that is shut for an undisclosed reason. Rumors of it being haunted, - October Update: The hall was shut down for financial reasons and low resident numbers, not for anything supernatural. Though an orb has been reported.

Warrensburg - University of Central Missouri - Yeater Hall - the oldest resident hall on campus, there is a long history of mysterious happenings. Residents have reported lights coming on in rooms unoccupied and locked, curtains opening on their own. One set of residents reported a commotion at their door one evening and footsteps above their room in a room that was vacant and locked, in fact the entire floor was padlocked and no one was allowed on that floor. Other residents have reported cold spots during the summer in this un-air-conditioned hall. A shadow of just a woman's head was seen by two women during a summer cleanup when the hall was supposed to be empty. Men, in this Women's only hall, feel like they are being watched and male campus maintenance workers have complained of drawers opening and closing in rooms they are working in, when no one else is present. The third floor is padlocked shut, as is the attic. It has been said that if you knock twice on the attic door someone will knock back. Witnesses claim that this is indeed true. Third floor of Yeater hall was used in 2001, it was not until spring semester of 2002 that it was padlocked. The ghosts are believed to be those of Laura Yeater (the dorm mother when the dorm was new, and whom the dorm was named after), and of a man who served in the military at a time when the dorm was *for sure* used as housing for the military (there is a base nearby as well). - October Update The most famous and most blown out of whack. An investigator investigated 3 known entities in this hall. The story of the shadow seen by 2 workers was solely investigated by the ghost hunter. There have been times kids state they see things and once a boy was petrified on the stairwell saying he saw something and it took a very long time to get him out of his trance. Most of the information that was originally posted was taken from lectures the ghost hunter gave at the college, and the above updates where reported by him. If interested in talking to him, the staff would probably give you information if they check with him first.

Washington - Thias House B&B - This historic 1888 home has left more than one person with the feeling that something supernatural is in the house. Customers coming in for lunch and touring the home have seen the apparition of a lady combing her hair at the dresser in the master bedroom, someone touching their shoulder in the attic, and the lady with the long hair and Victorian clothing has been seen coming down the grand staircase. The spirit of a cat also roams the house and has been seen jumping across the furniture and scurrying around the corner. The sound of a cat crying has been heard on more than one occasion when there are no cats anywhere to be seen. Bed & Breakfast guests have been visited by the invisible bat flying around them in the evening. On searching for it, the bat seems to have vanished in to thin air.

Waynesville - Hunter's Point - Screams and an apparition of a hanging man witnessed.

Webb City - Jane Chin Hospital - Update: Currently Being remodeled as a retirement home for the elderly. - This Hospital was built in the early 1900's. However, it has been abandoned since the late 1960's. People have reported seeing strange lights and hearing the sound of gurneys being pushed down the hall. Ethereal voices have been heard as well, along with eerie footsteps. On Halloween one year, the hospital was used as a spook house. A man was checking the building to make sure everyone was gone after the event. As the man and his dog made their way to the top floor, the dog suddenly freaked out and would not go any farther. Many other experiences have also been reported.

Webb City - Mt. Hope Cemetery - As you drive into the cemetery there is a road that turns north towards the bulk of the cemetery. After a drive of approximately 300 feet there is a large statue of an Angel. At nights, especially when it is overcast or little moonlight, you can hear the sound of weeping, it is the sound of an adult female, as you face the Angel statue ask the Angel "What is wrong?" and the Angel will say "Nothing." Some have seen an old man in an old overcoat that is there one minute and gone the next in the center of the cemetery.

Webster Grooves - Steiger Childrens Home - There was a little girl that died in a fire. On every halloween you can see her swinging on a tree in front of the school. The room the girl died in always stays red at night, you can even see it red in the day time sometimes.

West Plains - Avenue Theatre - The old Avenue theatre downtown has been host to many strange events. It was first built in the early twentieth century, as a movie theatre. This theatre has a second floor of seats that were a colored section only. Sometimes, if you are there and it is quiet, you can hear a baby crying upstairs, where the projection booth used to be. Also, objects can appear missing at times, only to reappear somewhere totally different than where they were last placed. The curtains on the stage can be seen moving sometimes, as though someone is walking backstage even when no one is there. And no, it's not the AC or anything because the place doesn't have any. It is quite a scary place to be at night alone, one can't really describe it, but the theater gives off an unsettling feeling, like you are being watched.

West Plains - Old D.W. Reese Primary School - Now an abandoned school building, sounds have been reported and the area around the building is surrounded by a cold spot.

West Plains - Elk Creek Presbyterian Church - If there is someone there and you look in the graveyard you will see glowing grave and some ghosts walking.

West Plains - N. 17 highway - A small bridge located north of West Plains is said to be haunted. If crossing the bridge at night during a rainstorm you stop your car and turn off your lights a child's head will appear next to your car asking for help to find his mother. Another place would be the Haunted Stop sign, said to have been the place of death for a young girl who had gotten in a argument with her boyfriend and was told to get out of the car and walk home, but as she crossed the street was struck by an oncoming truck and killed. On Halloween she is spotted crossing the same part of the road that she died on.


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