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Baxterville - Myrtle Grove Cemetery - Occurrences of people walking through the cemetery when no one is there.  Feelings of dread when you are in or outside of the cemetery at night.  Strange occurrences at homes that surround the cemetery.  Graves at the cemetary date back to the mid 1800's. 

Biloxi - Former Biloxi Regional Hospital - When an active hospital, dying patients would see young girls at the end of their beds. One time there was a sighting of a tall, white figure pass through the dispatcher area, which became extremely cold. Locked doors can be heard opening and slamming shut during the night.

Biloxi - Keesler Air Force Base - 334th Training Squadron - The 334th training squadron has a haunted wing. A young airman hung himself during training in the wing. Now strange things happen in the wings surrounding that wing. The wing was closed for a year but then an overflow of students came and the wing was reopened. It was part of the male dormitories. All that had gone down that hall said that the lights flickered and it was very cold. The room was located at the end of the hall next to the window and on the right. The bed it happened in was on the right. The two male airmen that were assigned that room was not informed of what happened. Strange things started happening to the one in the right bed. He almost became possessed by this spirit. The airmen in the left bed once woke up with his roommate standing over him. Another night he awoke because he could not breath and found that his covers were wrapped around his neck. He went to the red rope for help, and shortly after the wing was once again shut down. The Chaplin came in and performed an exorcism. Then about a year to two years later the dormitory was torn down.

Biloxi - Keesler Air Force Base - 338th Training Squadron - The 338 training squadron still resides in original quarters and there were 3 spirits in the female wings alone. One was an angry man of about 27 or 28 who didn't know why females where there and wanted them all out of "him air force". This was an uncomfortable presence that would just sit three or four yards (sometimes halfway up the stairs while you were guarding the entrance) and concentrate loathing on you, also he would mess with the tuning on your radio. Also there was a boy named Jeremy who was 18. He was a sweet kid who would check on everyone in the evenings and make sure everyone was alright. He also would play pranks like opening windows at night and dropping things inside locked wall lockers when you are across the room. One soldier learned he missed his mother, he went through the school in 1967 and although he knew he had died of shrapnel wounds, he would often worry about going to 'Nam "tomorrow". Jeremy, for the record was very polite in that if you were studying with your door closed he would continue down the hall. He seems to need the encouragement of an open door for an invite to interrupt any study hall sessions.

Biloxi - Marine Resource Center - The 3rd floor has a wandering spirit that roams and occasionally makes her presence known throughout the building. No women are regularly assigned to work there at night because two women have left in total hysterics.

Bogue Chitto - Myers Creek - Something has been reported there that has the body of a four-legged animal, but a head that appears to be like a man's. It apparently has glowing red eyes, and it is about the same size as a goat.

Columbus - 3 legged lady road - The road is known as 3 legged lady road because of the sightings of a woman with 3 legs. As the legend goes your suppose to beat her across the bridge. Well, she runs beside your car trying to run you off the road by slamming her fist into the side of your car. A friend of mine took a shortcut on the road on his way home from work and meet the 3 legged lady as he drove across the bridge he could hear her fist ramming into the side of his car and as he got home there were dents in the side of his car.

Columbus - Armstrong Rd. - A young lady haunts railroad tracks. Her husband was killed on the way home from the war on the train. She was so devastated she stood on the tracks in front of a train. You have to go to the tracks and Stop on the tracks turn your vehicle off and honk your horn three times. Then you look down the tracks to see her searching for her husband you won't see her only her lantern. It will be several different colors.

Columbus - Friendship Cemetery - The ghost of a Confederate soldier can be seen at the back of the cemetery patrolling with his gun back and forth through the Civil War graves.

Columbus - Mississippi University for Women - Calloway Hall - The ghost of Mary can be seen in the top floor window looking for her lost love. Sometimes she visits the freshman girls at night and sits on the edge of their beds to weep.

Columbus - Waverly - haunted by Major John Pytchlyn riding his horse and a young girl crying.

Corinth - 22 CR 510 - The water comes on when everyone is asleep. You can hear babies crying in other rooms when no one is around. Weird things happen that is unexpected.

Crystal Springs - OK Batte Cleaners - In the bathroom around 10:45 you can sometimes hear the door open and close. In the back room there have been times when you can hear footsteps. And the lights go on and off and there have been times reported when the microwave has gone on and off by it self. When they lock up there have been odd times when the owner has come back to get something and the door has been unlooked. The employees have seen misty figures floating around then disappearing when someone come in or they hear a loud noise.

Dekalb - Bogue Chitto Swamp, - Home to a specter that roams the near bridge of the swamp late at night. Footsteps are heard here and vehicles tend to stop half way across the bridge. Tall man wearing black suit and black hat is seen walking down roads near swamp trying to stop you for a ride.

Ellisville - Deason Home - someone killed there during civil war blood stains appear when it rains, for more information, check out The Deason House

Gautier - The Old Place - It has been noted that some of the slaves still haunt the property and the graveyard across the way. The Old Place is the only plantation house still standing in Gautier and the family cemetery is across hwy 90 from the home. Some of the slave quarters are still there and the hanging tree is still there as well.

Gulfport - Grandgulf - A civil war park that has a man thats head was blown off. People claim that if you go out there at night you can see his ghost walking around looking for his head.

Hattiesburg - Burnt Bridge - The legend has it that on the old bridge there would be a young girl in a prom dress ride across the bridge on the hood of your car around midnight. Seems she and her boyfriend were killed on prom night on that bridge. There is a new bridge now and the girl no longer rides.

Heidelberg - Bogue Homa Reservation - Reports of lights turning off and on, doors slamming shut, sounds of footsteps when the church is empty at night.

Hernando - Hernando Middle School - Any time when its dark and the gym is empty you can hear someone walking on the ceiling. The music teacher has actually heard the ghost playing his piano but when he went to check nothing was there. There were a few incidents that students at after school programs have actually seen the image of a young girl. These happenings still go on to this day.

Houston - Asbury Cemetery - Asbury Cemetery is located way back on a dirt road, down in a valley between some hills. It's a really pretty place, and I have been to more than one funeral there. But it's also a place where people like to park and stargaze. On several occasions, people have described a low voice talking, or an overwhelming, almost gut-wrenching feeling that something is watching them or something is after them. More than one serious accident has occurred from people driving from it at night as fast as they can. A witness involved in a wreck reports: "A group of us were out there just hanging out when everyone in our group, which consisted of about 10 people, all stopped talking in mid-sentence and felt a horrible sense of dread. We ran to our vehicles and everyone flew from there. I'm a biologist with a minor in Physics; I don't believe in "ghosts". On top of that, my father is a minister, and I have strong convictions against ghosts. Naturally, I thought it was just a change in the wind, sudden drop in pressure, etc., so I went back one night with a girl I was dating and a friend. We were sitting in the car talking when I felt a horrible feeling that someone was right on me. At the same time the girl I was with began to scream and tell me to get out of here, start the car! We flew out of there at full speed and kept speeding down the narrow two-lane road that led to it. Even though we had left the area and were a half mile away, she continued to look out the back window and say that someone is coming, and our friend was saying "go, man, go! Don't slow down!" I felt it too, and turned to look out the back window to see what it was; I lost control on the dirt road and my car went down a steep hill into some trees. We were at the bottom of this hill and all any of us could do was yell excitedly in fear at what might be out there. To this day, neither I nor any of my many friends who used to go out there will even turn down the road that leads to it at night. Not from what I said, but because they were there and I have felt it, too. "

J.S. - Sauls Valley Cemetery - Sometimes at night lights come out of the grave, and dance around. If you are in the cemetery when it comes out they will dance around you, but if you are just entering it when they are already out they will force or scare you out.

Jackson - Old Capitol - This building was used as the state capitol from 1839-1903, and is now a museum open to the public. At one time during the 1800's, a legislator died from a heart attack in his office, and slumped from his desk, hitting the floor. To this day, sometimes around 5:15 in the afternoon, a thud is heard coming from that office. Security officers have also reported hearing doors slamming and hammering in the night.

Jackson - Chastain Middle School - One day a young boy was skipping school and decided to leave out of the top of the auditorium where a hole was. But there was also a big fan there. Reportedly the little boy got chopped to pieces and if you walk down a certain hall in the school he will chase after you.

Jackson - University Club Amsouth Building - A former employee reports hearing footsteps, automatic doors opening and shutting rapidly.

Kosciusko - City cemetery - A statue seems to weep. Several have also testified that a fresh rose could be found on her anniversary date, in her cupped hand. - March 2008 Update: An 82-year-old visitor to this cemetery reports the lady's name is Mrs. Kelly. At the time of Mrs. Kelly's death her husband had this statue made in France. The statue is said to look just like Mrs. Kelly.

Laurel - Downtown Hospital - The Spirits of two young girls haunt the hospital. - June 2008 Update: The hospital has burned down.

Laurel - Laurel Machine and Finery Rd. - When you go down this road at night you will see people run out in front of your car and if you look back they are just standing there. No one will go down that road on a full moon night the production plant on the road will not even work at night when its a full moon. Visions of seeing a girl drenched in blood and loud screams have been reported.

Madison - Episcopal Chapel of the Cross - ghost of Helen Vick still visits her fiancé's grave here.

Magee - casket hollow - This is said to be a place that has been rumored to have had caskets floating down the road on Halloween night, you can often feel a presence watching you from the woods. on this road there was a house that was said to drip blood when it rained. the house has long since been torn down.

Mantachie - Mount Pisgah Cemetery - strange lights and figures seen and sound for someone being beat.

Meridian - Grand Opera House - When the Grand Opera House, "The Lady" as it is nicknamed, is haunted by a ghostly lady who reportedly sings on the stage.

Meridian - Merrehope - This antebellum home is haunted by 2 spirits. One is of a man who committed suicide in one of the back bedrooms. His heavy footsteps can still be heard from that upstairs bedroom. The other spirit is of a young lady. Although never linked to the house, she started making appearances when an antique photo was placed in the house for display. Late at night her ghost can be seen from an upstairs bedroom either glowing or holding a candle.

Meridian - Stucky's Bridge - During about the 1800's a man named Stucky let travelers in the night stay in his house. While they slept Stucky would kill them then rob them of their valuables and then bury the bodies along the riverbank near his house. Some of the locals found out and hung Stucky on the bridge next to the riverbank where he buried all of the travelers. Late at night you can hear a splash coming from the water underneath the bridge where they cut the rope and his body hit the water and there is supposedly a spot that glows where his body can be found. Sometimes you can even see something walking on the bridge or even catch a glimpse of his body hanging from the bridge.

Monticello - Shilo Baptist Church - At midnight you can go down Nola rd. and look at the church and see something in the window glowing. There have been people go in there and see a woman in a whate dress chase them out.

MoonValley - Railroad Crossing - It is said when you go to MoonValley at night (around midnight) you'll see a light coming down the railroad track. Its not a train, nobody has ever seen what it was. OH

Brooklyn - Brooklyn Acres - There is a ghost of a young boy that haunts the Brooklyn Acres at night. It is said that many people have spotted him drinking his root beer and eating his candy cigarettes. Shawn was picked on so much as a kid he could not take it any more and now has come back searching for his friends he never had.

Natchez - John Martin's Fine Dining Restaurant - This popular restaurant is haunted by the ghost of a prostitute. She was killed by her son after discovering her profession. Employees have reported many strange occurrences on the second floor such as lights flickering on and off, doors slamming in your face, and footsteps coming down the stairs when no one is there.

Natchez - King's Tavern - Madeline haunts this building and has been witnessed by 100's.

Natchez - The Post House - The Post House used to be an old post office in Natchez. It has been the home of several restaurants since that time. Everyone swears that the second floor is haunted by a ghost named Madeline.

Ocean Springs - Aunt Jenny's Restaurant - In the upstairs part of the restaurant, it has been seen by many people strange things happen such as items being misplaced on the table and noises being heard when no one was upstairs.

Ocean Springs - Rock n Roll Graveyard - Back in the woods there is a little round graveyard. You have to enter by the gate. At night there is a lady ghost in white, rocking in a rocking chair. The gate has closed on people who were trying to leave, and the lady ghost comes closer and closer to people. It is advised to never visit this haunted site at night. The gate is closed to visitors after hours now.

Oxford - Rowan Oak - The ghost of William Faulkner has been seen writing on the wall in one of the rooms and has been spotted walking the grounds of his home.

Oxford - St. Anthony Hall Fraternity House - In the mid 1900's a member of St. Anthony Hall was killed in a car accident. Since his death members of the Fraternity report many strange instances: In his former room (the Sigma room) TV's have been reported turning on and off, unexplained noises coming from the walls and circling the room. On occasion, around 1 a.m., he has been seen in the Fraternity library. Strange footsteps and noises have been reported from employees keeping the house during the unoccupied summer months.

Pascagoula - Singing River - The Pascagoula River at I-10 in Pascagoula was the site of the drowning of the Pascagoula Indians. The Biloxi Indians and the Pascagoula Indians were to have a battle, but the Biloxi Indians were much stronger. In order to save themselves from defeat and disgrace, the Pascagoula Indians chose to walk into the river, singing and chanting, and drown themselves. At night you can hear them singing, and that is why it is called the Singing River.

Pascagoula - The Longfellow Place - The suspected haunt is a slave who was beaten near to death by his mistress. He escaped into the nearby woods and died, and has returned to the house to haunt it.

Pass Christian - The Blue Rose Restaurant and Antique Store - The now closed Blue Rose is haunted by The women who owned it in the early 1900s. She was engaged to be married but her finance broke off the wedding and ran off with another girl. As the woman was chasing after him she tripped on her dress, fell down the stairs, and broke her neck. Her ghost is seen in mirrors and in front of the building. People think it is someone doing a reenactment but it isn't.

Philadelphia - Philadelphia High School - Former Philadelphia High School superintendent Mr. J.E. Hurdle is said to haunt the school. After numerous problems resulting from integration (as well as other personal matters), Mr. Hurdle shot himself in the late sixties. His spirit is said to roam the hall near his old office, and students at the school late at night have noticed lights going on and off by themselves in the room that used to house his office and doors slamming shut.

Picayune - Palestine Graveyard - A woman wearing a white wedding gown has been spotted by numerous witnesses running through the graveyard with her arms open.

Picayune - Sycamore Cemetery - There is a stone bench at a grave plot. If you sit in it, you'll feel cold spots and someone breathing down the back of your neck.

Polkville - Piney Grove Baptist Church - It is said that on some nights you may see a young man in a tuxedo looking for his young bride who died when she fell down the staircase coming to her love. Her neck broke. Also, the graveyard is haunted. Numerous strange forms have been seen periodically in the graveyard.

Pontotoc - Sav-a-lot - There have been more than one actions where weird things have happened. Most of these events have happened in the backroom. The incident that stands out most is when two employees, saw a very bright light coming toward them. The two fled in confusion, when suddenly a loud crash happened. When they got the guts to check it out nothing had been moved. This was the first known appearance of the light, but the crash has been heard a few times. Legend has that a man or woman died in the building when it used to be Wal-Mart.

Thaxton - Pleasant Ridge Church - there is a grave beside the church if you go to it at night and stand on the grave and say the name of the women that died there, she committed suicide, after you say her name get in the vehicle and drive down the road on to a bridge and look at the steeple it will turn red then look behind you as you leave because you will see something.

Tupelo - Barnes Crossing Mall Theater - The resident ghosts, Lola, has been seen walking around a table & lifting the lid of the trash can sitting in the corner of the break room. Lola also moves money around in the cash register. She would also clang the stuff around in the back room of concessions and the doors on the poppers in front. The man upstairs in the projection room likes to follow you everywhere up there. Even to the concession storage room. The 3 haunting the theaters were also nice. You would walk into a theater that you knew nobody was in and would find a seat in the back row folded down. Especially in horror movies.

Tupelo - Theater at Barnes Crossing Mall - Female ghost (Lola) haunts the concession, arcade, and employee break room. Three others haunt the theaters. They especially like it when horror movies are playing. There is also a man haunting the upstairs and projection room.

Tupelo - The Lyric Theater - After the April 5, 1936 tornado leveled much of Tupelo, the injured and dieing were brought to the Lyric Theater. Popcorn machines were used to sterilize medical instruments. Local lore has it that the building is haunted to this day.

Vicksburg - Cedar Grove Mansion Bed and Breakfast - The Queen Victoria Room is haunted by a hazy, transparent woman who appears at night in front of the room's right window and floats past the fireplace, then her figure disappears into the area behind the bed. Her footsteps remain, pacing back and forth in the spot that she vanished. This continues for a few hours until about half an hour before the sun comes up.

Tylertown - China Grove Church - Picture of Jesus cries blood, old woman sits on bridge at 12:00 a.m., things appear and disappear, and you can hear the tractor of Jack Kook who got run over by his own tractor years ago.

Vancleave - John's Bayou Road - In the past five years there have been three similar car accidents with survivors claiming the same thing. In the reports, the drivers have said they were driving alone at night and noticed what seemed like blood on the road, being curious they stop and see what it was. After they would get back in their vehicles, before they can even start their car headlights just come from no where, and a "dark colored" van would crash into their vehicle. In that exact location (the four way crossing of John's Bayou and Mount Pleasant)there have been 5 car wrecks, three have survived and two ended with a fatality, but the three that did survived all reported the exact same story. All five vehicles were found with black paint from the vehicle that crashed into them.

Vicksburg - Duf Green Manson - The mansion was used as a hospital during the 1863 siege of Vicksburg. There have been sightings of Union and Confederate soldiers, as well as former owners.

Vicksburg - Judge Lake Home - Mrs. Lake is still seen in her garden.

Vicksburg - McRaven Tour Home - This home is one of the oldest in Vicksburg. There have been investigations by many paranormal investigators. There are more than a dozen restless spirits in the home, making it known as "The most haunted home in Mississippi" as one investigator put it. Ghosts range from Civil War soldiers, to former owners, to Native American Indians. Thousands have seen some of these ghosts.

Vicksburg - National Military Park - this is where parts of the civil war was fought. if you go around 1 o clock in the morning you can still see the soldiers battling, you can also hear the gunshots.


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