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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Brownsville - Brownsville Cemetery (Bloody Hill) - There is a story that the cemetery is haunted by an evil spirit that lost his life in a bloody struggle. He was dating this very wealthy man's daughter and she was just using him. She told her father that her boyfriend beats her. He ordered him to die. They took it to far. They tied him down and they tortured him. They cut off his head. After his death, he haunted his former girlfriend, until she went insane. She was buried in this cemetery under the name Emily Ward. At night at exactly 12:00 midnight, you will find the man walking towards you, with his head in his hands, ordering you to leave, one man didn’t and he was found with his head chopped off the next day. There is never any blood on the ground it is all over Emily Ward's grave.

Cabo San Lucas - Finestira Hotel - Voices have been heard late at night. A maids body has been seen walking through walls.

Guadalajara - Jalisco - La Casa De Los Perros(House of the Dogs) - People who once purchased the house claim to have had their hair messed with, feet pulled, seen glass break, hear noises, and hear dog barking.

Guanajuato - Hotel San Diego - Visitors to the hotel checked in to the last available room on the top floor hidden in the corner. Twice throughout the night the doors would slam shut and ALL night they heard furniture above them moving or being dragged. When they confronted the hotel clerk he told them that there is nothing above our room besides the roof! Originally, the clerk was hesitant to give them that room.

Jalisco - Buenavista De Estipac - Entrance - In the early 90's a girl traveling in the back of a pick-up truck fell when the driver made a sharp turn. When she fell, she landed under the truck and the back tire ran over her head. To this day between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00 a.m. you see a girl wearing a white dress with a veil covering her head next to the accident site.

Monterrey - Casa de Arramberry - It is said that there has been several murders in this house. If you manage to go in the house you will be stalked by a dark shadow until you leave. The home is now closed and is patrolled by local police.

Oaxaca - Mietchulan - Jarquin (small store) - The man who owned and ran the store still walks in and out of it. You can feel his push you out of the store.

Penjamo - El Cero San Miguel - Many eyewitnesses had witness this incredible haunting on top of the hill. Many say its the devil or a demon others say its just a lost soul. many say his color is red others say its light bluish.

Playa del Carmen - Hotel opposite the Blue Parrot bar - Playa del Carmen, Mexico .The hotel nearby the Blue Parrot Inn has a long history of guests leaving in the middle of the night, sometimes forgetting all their belongings. People who have stayed there say they felt cold air, damp beds and a very malign presence. People left the hotel often pretty scared. The reception desk says that they have no vacancies, although no guests are seen. The neighbor business always goes broke. The Argentinean restaurant, then the soccer restaurant, and it’s location is for sale. There is a black cat painted on the wall, you can see it easily from the street.

Puebla - Puebla Hotel - There is a rumor that in one hotel of Puebla there was a hospital, there was a very good lady that was very old, she helped patients. But one day she was told to quit her job, she went crazy and started to poison all patients. Then she went to room #525 and killed herself in the bathroom. Nowadays in all the bathrooms in midnight you can hear the lady killing herself and they say that when the bells sound in midnight she appears at the woods.

Rosarito Beach - Rosarito Beach Hotel - old part of the hotel is definitely haunted.

San Carlos - San Carlos Plaza - Mainly all phenomena happens on the outside parts of the hotel. Eerie music on the far sides of the hotel. Not of which is played inside the main hotel itself. Hearing whispers at night in the hallways. Seeing figures in the windows of the rooms. One time, heard footsteps on the next floor, when we were on the top floor.

San Carlos - Los Estralios Mines- It is said that a demon haunts this place. The people in San Carlos never go into the mines because one day when the mine was still running. A couple of miners went in to this cave to have claimed of hearing howling noises coming from the cave. Ten hours later a search group went looking for the miners. But when they got to the cave this mining cart came out but what they found were mutilated bodies and the bones had teeth marks, but these teeth marks did not come from a dog, human, or wolf. they came form the demon named the Neuale.

San Cristobel de Las Casas - Posada Las Casas Hotel - During the night in the courtyard of this hotel you can see black spectral form flying on the wall.

San Juan - Teotihuacan - Pilar Hacienda - When the Spaniards went to Mexico in the 16th century, they build many huge ranches, Pilar ranch was one of them. There was a Spanish Hidalgo called Miguel Ariztia that lived there until his death. The hacienda is very big and very old, more than two hundred years old. On the main building, on the top floor, the wooden floor is rotten and it is possible that it would break if someone would enter. To day the hacienda is owned by a Mexican farmer. The top floor is uninhabited, but on one of the windows there is a huge scratch that was made because Ariztia was killed because he fell from the balcony, his wife, Pilar tried to save his from falling but she could not and he made with his hand, while struggling to go up, a giant scratch on the window. Today, many of the people of the ranch have claimed to have seen the reappearance of the woman on the balcony just yelling and crying "oh my husband" because he died. ON other occasions the employees have seen on the top floor the image of Mr. Ariztia hanging from the balcony ar looking out from the window. Sometimes the scratch disappears.

Tamaulipas - Laurel’s - It is said that you can hear rocks falling from a cliff and when you go check there is nothing.

Tamaulipas - Matamoros - Street Sierra Negra - La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)wandering around the street at night people says that when she is about to appear lots of strong wind come first. She is said to be looking for her kids after she kill them on the aztec times.The reason of it is that when she went to heaben she was asked by god she cannot return to heaben until she finds them.

Tijuana - Old Agua Caliente Casino - The old casino now houses a High School and it is said that on rainy nights you can see the apparition of a singer who use to perform at the casino in the 40's. Its said that if you follow the woman you'll find 2 chests of money. The story goes that she poisoned her lover and he chased her for the antidote and when she wouldn't give it to him, he shot her obviously sealing his fate and that of the money.

Tijuana - U.S./Mexican border - After dark you can see balls of light floating over the border and you might see the figure of a person swimming off the shore.

Villa de Santiago - Nuevo León - Puerto Genovevo - This "puerto" or "mountain view" can be only reached by driving in a very dangerous road at the mountains sorrounding Villa de Santiago. Crosses remembering people who died in car crashes there are common at the side of the road. About 100 meters above Puerto Genovevo there is a group of 10 crosses belonging to a family who died after the brakes of truck where they were failed, causing the truck to fall from the mountain about ten years ago. To this date if you stand near to the group of crosses you can see the truck rusting below a small pack of trees. Also it is said that if you go there around midnight you can hear the screams and yells of pain of the occupants.

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