In Maryland

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Aberdeen - Beechtree Golf Clubdown - the road from Bakersfield Elementary School. The road, the golf coarse is haunted by a black-cloaked figure who chased others at one time. This cloaked figure is evil and dangerous.

Adelphi - Paint Branch Home - This home used to be a slave home built in 1700 or 1800's. There have been numerous sightings by staff over the years.....The home is now used as an assisted living home for the elderly. You'll hear and see ghosts from the far and not so distant past.

Anne Arundel County - George Fox Middle School - It has been said that at night you can see a women walking up and down the halls of the middle school, a former principle. Sometimes she is walking by herself and sometimes she is pulling a student by his ear along with her. None of the students liked her cause she was a very mean principle. She was said to have died (year unknown) during the school year and was buried under the school because that was the only place where she liked to be. Now she still acts as the Principle while walking the school at night.

Annapolis - The barn on Howard's Grove B&B - The story is the housekeeper was mysteriously murdered. This was probably around the 1930's, and the rumors of ghosts still prevail. - Some of our readers are going to investigate the bed & breakfast and will report back to us, what they experience.

Annapolis - Bates High School - This is not to tell you about a haunting. This is to tell you that what you have listed for this location is not correct. I went to Bates in the late 1960's and it was then Bates Middle School and it was not just blacks there. I lived in Annapolis from the time I was born until 1991 when I was 38 years old and have never heard of anyone thrown from the widows of this school. I am not saying that there is not something at this school. I do have the gift, but what is reported on your site is not quite right.

Annapolis - Old Bates Middle - Has been abandoned since the 1970's a lot of strange occurrences happen he if you put your ear up to the doors you can hear moaning and scratching. Rumors that people were killed here in the 1960's. it was a segregated school where only the blacks went in before it closed down a girl was thrown to her death out the window and was never found. Reports of lights being on inside with no power at all, also 5 years ago they tried to make it into a senior center but something scared them away after 2 months.

Annapolis - Governor's Bridge Road - several reports of screams and cries being heard from the old bridge. There have been reports of cars seen hanging off of the bridge and then suddenly vanishing. Also, reports of as an old black car that suddenly appears behind your car as you are driving, quickly pulls up close to you, as if it is going to ram you, and then suddenly disappears.

Annapolis - Middleton Tavern - One of the oldest buildings in Annapolis originally built in the middle of the 1700's and purchased by Horatio Middleton, after his death it was then own and operated by his son Samuel. Many famous historical personalities have been said to of stayed at the tavern, some of which being Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the founder of our country George Washington. It is unsure to who walks the halls of the tavern, which is currently a restaurant and bar. But, there have been many many occurrences that seem to carry on in story. Whether it is the frequent plate flying across the room, to glasses falling off the bar's wall, as though they are being knocked off one by one, happenings seem to occur very often. On one occasion a table filled with empty dinner plates is unexplainably toppled over. And, on another instance, a restaurant employee witnessed a man in period clothing staring out onto the harbor, as though he was waiting for his ship to come in, and then as fast as the man appeared he disappeared. Shadows move across the rooms, and lantern mounted on the walls are turned upside down. The witnesses love to tell their stories, and almost welcome whatever it is that is there.

Annapolis - Truxton Park-Witches Grave - This is found at Truxton park in Annapolis right across from Spa Cove apts. You go in the woods past the 3rd baseball field and you'll see a slanted tree where the witch was buried and escaped in the 1800's never to be seen again now it is rumored that on Halloween if you go deep enough into the woods you can see the bodies of the people the witch got hanging from trees.

Anteitam - Anteitam Battlefield - Haunted by the ghosts of several Civil War soldiers killed in battle.

Arnold - Rugby Hall - cold spots, during renovation... things had to be replaced over and over, windows broken, & paintings falling off walls.

Baltimore - BJs Wholesale Club - Built on what once was a trailer park, the ghost of a young girl (Beth) can be seen by the overnight workers. Beth is a friendly ghost who has been known to hold open the curtain for employees entering the dock area. Many employees have also been known to talk to her.

Baltimore - Black Woods - Is said to be haunted by a witch. When you find a house and you go down to the basement the witch kills you.

Baltimore - Cardinal Gibbons School - The school used to be St. Mary's industrial school what housed the infamous Babe Ruth as a small child. Some teachers say that his ghost haunts the school from time to time. One specific ghost story happened when the Atheletic Director was in the basement of the gym late at night. He heard a ball bouncing and when he went upstairs all the lights were on. No one could have gotten into the gym and the lights would have taken at least 10 minutes to warm up. No body to this day can explain it.

Baltimore - Church Home & Hospital - Noises and things being moved, doors opening and also the death place of Edger Allen Poe.

Baltimore - Dundalk - Todds farm - dates back before the war of 1812. This home has been the site of many hauntings. And is said they are turning it into a museum. A ghostly woman can sometimes be seen in the attic window with a candle waiting for her soldier to come home from the war---he never does. Late at night you can sometimes see slaves hanging from the trees. The family cemetery is located directly behind the house. It has been said that although there is no electricity in the house, now, if an intruder enters, lights will turn on. There are so many spirits not at rest here.

Baltimore - Fells Point - Robert Long House - Reports of weird feelings are felt on the first floor, which has been restored. The 2nd floor is where noises were heard. The 3rd floor, which still had smoke damage from a fire. This was a very cold place that had worse feelings.

Baltimore - Fort McHenry - The Fort was used throughout history in guarding Baltimore Maryland. Many stories of ghosts and ghostly activity include: a shadowy figure marching along the parapets, an evil spirit in the hallway leading to the bathrooms, floating or moving furniture, tour guides during the Ghost Tour being surrounded in unearthly light, and voices heard by employees after the Fort has been closed to visitors. The stories are well known by local residents and many people who worked at the Fort or visited it can attest to these occurrences.

Baltimore - Gardens of Faith - a lady that floats at night in the cemetery she can be seen she watches over the cemetery and will scare you off and at day time if you are quite you can see a man walk out from his grave and stays there all day just like the lady dressed in gray stays all night

Baltimore - Ghost Road - When drivers go down this long dirt path leading from a small neighborhood, their headlights seem to mysteriously go out. Cars have been also been known to stall, and then start again on their own. Pounding can even be heard on the outside of the vehicle. On the right side of the path, when the moon is just right, one can see a tombstone. The stone will sometimes have a blue tinge to it with a floating figure standing behind it. No one knows the story of the tombstone in the middle of the woods, but no one dares to get close enough to investigate.

Baltimore - Greenmont Cemetery - Black Aggie - the statue of a woman over the grave of a civil war general is said to come to life if you sit on its lap at night. It's since been moved to the Annapolis courthouse.

Baltimore - Gridiron Club - an elderly woman and slaves haunted this building.

Baltimore - Lansdowne (English Consul) - The area formerly known as "English Consul" (now Lansdowne) is a very big place for haunted activity. An old Mansion that sits atop a hill from the 1700's is the center of the activity. Lansdowne was once a plantation for an apple orchard. The mansion's garage was once a slave house, also, a tree not far from the mansion was used to tie slaves, (and as legend would have it the English consul's brother) and beat them. And to this day residents still see a glimpse of someone tied to the tree.

Baltimore - Mount de Sales Academy - Coming up on their 150 anniversary. Reports of doors open and close while locked, and there are reports of a bright blue silhouette walks by the windows.

Baltimore - Mount Wilson State Hospital - Reisterstown Road to Mount Wilson Lane, go to end of road. Now called North Oakes Retirement Community. Mount Wilson State Hospital and Sanitarium closed in 1981. The buildings sat abandoned until 1990. Many high school students would visit this place. This was as they called it "A creepy sky scraper in the woods." Secluded on about 200 acres in Baltimore County, Md. Thousands of Tuberculosis patients were treated here during the 50's, 60's, and 70's. 1988 still hear patients yelling for help.

Baltimore - Notchcliff Road - Located about a mile and a half from the Loch Raven Reservoir, Notchcliff road is a long and winding dark road. The road, due to it's sharp turns and constant hills, has been the site of many accidents. One such accident stands out though. Around 11:30 p.m. coming in from the front way, double yellow lines slowly disappear and around the next turn, off in the distance you can see headlights and a mangled car. As you drive closer it slowly disappears and there is a tree with red "paint", busted up from the car.

Baltimore - Old Hutzlers - the old department store is haunted by a "merry" spirit who would ring bells around Christmas and kept good feeling all around otherwise.

Baltimore - Perry Hall Mansion - The owners died in the house on Oct 31 in the 1700's. Since then on Halloween every year people go in and get thrown out windows, lights turn (no electricity), film never shows up on TV, voices and more.

Baltimore - Poe House - Edgar Allan Poe's house is haunted by a heavyset female spirit dressed in gray.

Baltimore - University of Maryland - Davidge Hall - Davidge Hall has been host to many people and events over the years. It is the oldest medical school building in the western hemisphere and is continuously used for teaching. One of the most interesting things about Davidge Hall is the fact that there are many escape routes. These used to provide a quick escape for medical students dissecting cadavers during police raids. This was against the law in the earlier part of the twentieth century. Many people visiting Davidge Hall have expressed a feeling of uneasiness while in building. There have also been numerous reports of people hearing unexplained sounds and voices.

Baltimore - University of Maryland - Medical Center - This building used to house a morgue. Custodial and security staff have reported hearing strange noises and sensing a presence at night. People also seem to have an overall fear of the basement.

Baltimore - University of Maryland - Stamp Student Union - Lights go on and off by themselves, elevators run, doors open and close by themselves. Balloons pop, cold spots. There was a fire that burned down about a quarter of the building about 20 yrs. ago and sometimes, the smell of smoke can still be smelled.

Baltimore - USF Constitution - This ship is haunted by 3 ghosts of sailors killed aboard the ship.

Baltimore - Westminster Church - featured on "Sightings- The Ghost Report" (you can rent it at a video store near you). The graves at this church date back to the 1700's. Edgar Allen Poe is buried here. Along side his wife Virginia. Famous ghost hunters have visited this place with their ghost hunting gear such as EMF (Electronic Magnetic Field Detector) and EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon). A lot of ghost hunters have heard voices, seen, and felt the ghosts here.

Baltimore - Upper Marlboro - Six Flags America - Believed to be haunted by the Hall Family (original owners of the land.) Behind The Wild One, Hall Manor house sits partially hidden. This area is off-limits. A grave that marks the only daughter of Eleanor Hall She died on her birthday. On that day in June, rides malfunction and other problems occur more than usual.

Baltimore - Hunt Valley - Hunt Valley Town Center - Several Co-workers of mine (security gaurds) have complained about wierd noises and the sense of dread over certain areas of the place. It used to be a old shopping mall but was torn down. Other incidences include..cold chills (even on warm days)abnormal Fog..and darkness and spots of light where there should be none. also there is a masonic temple on a hill. adjacent to the complex

Baltimore - The Zodiac - An old man is sometimes spotted at table 13 and in other places in this restaurant.

Baltimore County - Baltimore/Esses - Ballestone Manor - Figures seen, objects being moved, footsteps, odd things happen in the slave's quarters in the back. George Washington stayed at this house. Family graveyard on site. Give ghost tours and Christmas tour.

Baltimore County - Reisterstown - The dead woods - Reports of a little girl calling for her teddy bear.

Baltimore County - Vine House - White and green abandoned house covered with weeds and vines. Its up by Fort Howard. Its been abandoned since 1988 and it looks like there was a fire upstairs.. You have to go in through an alley like driveway and through the garage to the back door to get in. There’s a small room in one of the rooms upstairs. There is a huge hole in he wall where it looks like someone was thrown through the wall. Negative energy is felt here, believed to be from a murder of a man and a rape of a girl.

Bel Air - KB Toy Works - workers of the store claim to hear noises and toys falling from shelves for no reason, also have claimed to hear a girls voice at night crying. their names being called out to them in a soft whisper, toys being opened and played with over night and being left out in the middle of the floor.

Bel Air - Thomas Run - Man dresses in all black with a pale white face seen by many kids in this development always seen after a rain when its wet and after dark. Seen in the woods where the neighborhood urban legend died in the 1800's.

Bel Air - W. Belcrest Rd (Riggie) - When you are in the basement you hear boxes flying across the room. When one of the current owner's kids woke up one night, she screamed at the sight of a man standing near her closet then trying to hold her hand. The other sighting was a little girl singing and spinning in circles. Footsteps heard and cold spots felt.

Bel Air - Villages of Thomas Run - Reports of a man in all black with a white face has been seen by many kids. Names can be listed but, there’s many of them to this day they still think that there is a man so called the "TRACKTER MAN". There’s has also reports of things that has belonged to him. There's many complaints that people hear there door bells ringing and no one is at the door waiting these houses are near the woods that he has been seen in.

Beltsville - Ammendale Normal Institute - This is a turn of the century building used by a Catholic organization to train their priests and also as a retirement home for priests. Many strange incidents have been reported there.

Bethesda - Old Georgetown Road - Some disturbing reports of sightings on the Road and in several houses dating back to the Civil War.

Boonsboro - South Mountain Inn - There was recently a video made that was aired on TV, and included many ghost stories about the Washington County area. The video is named "Legends," and can be ordered through Antietam Cable Television, and can sometimes be found in video rental facilities.

Boonsboro - Spook Hill Inn- Near the battle site Antietham there is a stretch of road that leads out of Boonsboro and towards several Civil War battle sites. If you drive your vehicle to the base of the steep hill and put your vehicle in neutral the Ghosts of confederate army men will push your vehicle back up the slight incline towards Boonsboro. It is said they are pushing cannons and artillery pieces. Sometimes you can hear laughter from the woods. - March 2004 update: There was recently a video made that was aired on TV, and included many ghost stories about the Washington County area. The video is named "Legends," and can be ordered through Antietam Cable Television, and can sometimes be found in video rental facilities.

Bowie - Daisy Lane - Believed to be haunted by girl who was abducted, killed and dumped on Daisy Lane in Bowie, Maryland. the articles about it dated from 1995 in The Washington Post. Just in case you're interested... APPARENT ABDUCTION, SLAYING END TEENAGER'S PROMISE Jon Jeter Washington Post Staff Writer March 22, 1995; Page B1 Section: METRO Word Count: 840 AND ALSO... POLICE SEEKING CAR POSSIBLY USED IN ABDUCTION-SLAYING – any info, please contact the police.

Bowie - Fletchertown Road - Fletchertown Road has long been the subject of the story of the "Goat Man". Said to have escaped from the nearby Dept. of Agriculture Research Center and been an experiment gone horribly wrong involving breeding of humans and animals. The Goat Man is said to have murdered and eaten it's victims in the 1950's and 60's. The Goat Man continues to be a favorite ghost story among campfires in this area. In the 1990's Fletchertown Road was widened and many new housing developments sprung up in the area. The original road was one lane and heavily wooded. There were reports in the 1970's of a half man/half animal being spotted on the sides of the road, with red eyes and tattered clothing stained with blood.

Bowie - Pausse Center - doors open and close and if you come 12.00pm you can see ghost dogs and a man.

Broomes Island - Church Rd. - There is a old cemetery and if you circle the cemetery three times on the third time fog will come rolling in and you will hear a little girls start to laugh.

Bucktown - The Legend of Big Liz - Legend has it that there was a Married couple living their and the Wife was caught cheating on her husband. He beheaded her and she roams the area in search of her head. The legend of Big Liz.

Cambridge - The Cator House - The Cator House is said to be haunted by the Spirit of it's original owner, Emily Cator, who built the house as an inn for travelers. It is now a restaurant and employees have claimed to have actually heard and felt her presence.

Catonsville - Asylum road - On the property there is an abandoned mansion closed to the public and at times when people pull up to it and stop in front if it there are whispers heard and mysterious tapping or banging heard from the inside. There are also people seen walking and as a person approaches the person walking disappears.

Catonsville - Mount de Sales Academy - Strange things are always happening. On the fourth floor (unused today) if you stand at one end and look straight through to the other end you could see movement. Also doors open and close and lock without anyone being there. Things are always changing up there, never is anything in the same place twice.

Charlotte Hall - Charlotte Hall Veterans Home - Residents of this nursing home, sees small children wandering and playing through the halls, it is said that floor 3-b is haunted, they are no residents that lives on that floor, it is completely EMPTY! but when nurses walking through on night shift can see call lights flicker on and noises heard. before Charlotte Hall Veterans Home was built, they was once a type of military school for boys that was there. some how the school was burnt down and some of the children were burnt and killed also. and it is said that the Veterans Home is now haunted by the children and the people who has died while living in the home. - July 2005 Update/Correction: The fire in Charlotte Hall was in the early 1900s. No one was killed. The veteran's center that is at the location has been there only 20 years. Charlotte Hall was a school from 1723 and a Military Academy since 1774. Yes there were several deaths at that school even up to the 1960's such as sports accidents & heart attacks. There was a student that drowned at a pond located behind the school just off the ground where students would go to swim. One boy did drown there in 1909; a cadet named Pierre, there was a plaque on the entrance of the school in his memory. A former student reports, to scare the younger students the upper classmen would tell the younger students about his ghost roaming the halls and still swimming back at Smoochers Pond.

Clinton - Surratt Tavern- This is the tavern where John Wilkes Booth plotted the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Footsteps and the sounds of glasses and conversations are reported.

Cockeysville - Almes Mansion - Faces seen around house and inside house. voices of a woman, a child and a man heard. Things being thrown and moved.

Colesville - Oak Springs Neighborhood - The townhouses around this area have been reported to have noises on levels of homes where nobody is. Noises, thumps, and shadows moving from room to room have been reported by many residents in different houses. The houses are relatively new, were built in late 1980s to early 1990s and we don't know what was there before. If you have any info, please update on this paranormal mystery.

College Park - UMCP - Easton Hall - heard strange noises, many people have seen "objects" move swiftly in peripheral vision. An RA saw a person walk through a door, while another heard the ghost (not looking). Apparently 10 years ago, a student fell out of the 7th floor window and died.

Columbia - Cedar Knolls/ Oak Hill Juvenile Facility - Reports of feeling a strange presence.

Crownsville - RT 32 towards Annapolis - If you stop on the side of the road about 2:30am there have been sightings of a woman in a car with head lights suddenly appearing behind you without a sound. She will get out and ask you if everything is all right. And then she will walk back to her car and suddenly disappear again without a sound.

Cumberland - Mary St. - A house that a witch lives in is said to attract many wandering souls, and is haunted. Residents have been known to hear footsteps when they are in the basement, or things moving in the attic.

Cumberland - old school - Apparition of a boy that hung himself has been seen.

Cumberland - St. Patrick's Catholic Church - Ghost of Civil War soldier who was executed for killing an officer is seen in the church rectory.

Cumberland - Washington St. - A lady ghost has been seen wandering the house. Noises of loud banging, children laughing and a girl crying has been heard. shades and blinds go up and things are always being lost. As though they were moved. The house has been blessed but he noises of children laughing and crying are still heard. Strange odors also come and go. Such as a garlic odor, smoke etc...

Drayden - Cartegena Manor - the Manor was also located there on the banks of a branch of the St. Mary's River. It is said that the manor simply slid into the mud one night.

Drayden - Cherryfield Rd - Drayden residents tell many ghost stories. One is about a large black dog who travels Cherryfield Road dragging a chain.

Dundalk - Government Center - blood stains on the walls. Unexplainable Movement. 4floors top floor hot cold on the 3rd floor 2nd a little warmer Basement see your breath cold. Unexplainable Figure Walking Around the hallways. Footsteps Heard Throughout the building.

Dundalk - Stansbury Quarry - At night there over by the playground down by the water you can see orbs and ghostly like images like dog clouds moving around even when there is nothing that is foggy around and some places are colder then others and some places you can feel things breathing on your back.

Easton - Gross' Coate - Aunt Molly Tilghman has been seen floating down the steps here.

Eldersburg - Henryton - An abandoned sanitarium which later was used for treatment of ill-minded African Americans. On Henryton Rd. off of Marriottsville Rd. During the night time many of the rooms feel cold, as well as during the day, you can see people out of the corner of your eye until you turn and look, they disappear.

Elkton - Old County Library - The old county library is haunted. Down main street, diagonally across from the court house is the old library that was used until sometime in the late eighties early nineties. Rumor is it’s the builder of the house to the left when looking at the library from the front. The man had went on a business trip only to return and find his pregnant wife dead. In his remorse, after his physical body died, he stayed on to live in the study of that building as well as the library. Many of library employees related that they would clean an area after locking up and move on to the next area only to return and have to straighten up again.

Elkridge - Belmont Conference Center - The Belmont house was built in 1738, and there is reported to be many different ghosts in the house and on the grounds, as well as in the family cemetery. Pictures come off the walls, knives move across tables, and glasses break by themselves. There is supposedly a man who regularly appears in the bar area, holding a beer. A daughter of a patron described in detail five ghosts that she saw, including a young girl, about 2 years old. She even said that one ghost had his hand on her parent’s shoulder, trying to get their attention.

Ellicott City - Hazelhurst - Lilburn - It has been called the most haunted location in Maryland. Instant creepy feelings even when just looking at the place.

Ellicott City - Heart beat bridge - Years ago, at the house across from the bridge, a man cut out a woman's heart and threw it into a stream by the bridge. To this day, if you go there, and turn off your engine ... you can still hear her heart beat. Off of Bonnie Branch Road

Ellicott City - Main Street - Historic District - There is a bar called the Judge's Bench and the third floor is haunted by a young woman who hung herself there.

Ellicott City - Main Street - The old firehouse - is said to be haunted by a few of the old firemen Its said that doors slam and one of the ghost has been seen its also been said to hear footsteps.

Ellicott City - The Patapsco Female institute - Is one of the most haunted in the area. Reports of screams and there is a cold spot at the top of the huge stairs.

Ellicott City - Seven Hills Road - College Road - right off main street, has seven hills. supposedly, if you hit the seventh hill at midnight, you will be chased by a demon car that appears out of nowhere.

Emmetsburg - Fraley's mansion - it sits alone and people have told stories on hearing noises but nothing there....that means there are ghosts!! it is located by the dough boy

Emittsburg - Mount Saint Mary's College - Father John DuBois is sometimes seen walking the campus. Several Ghosts have been seen in dorms Brute and DuBois. This school has a history of ghosts and it is the oldest independent Catholic college in the country. It was founded in 1808.

Fall River - Kimwell Nursing home - An old man dressed in a black suit and black top hat has been seen by most of the elderly living there, lights in basement have been known to go on and off by themselves. And also a young blond haired nurse has been seen by the residents, she is known to make them feel better then after days of seeing her they pass away.

Fort George G. Mead - Child Development Service - Once an ARMY barrack, people have reported seeing a ghost that everyone calls Elizabeth. They describe her as a female with blonde hair in a peach dress.

Fort Meade - June 2005 Warning: As with all Military property It is important to remember to follow the rules. Just because there is word of a haunting, you cannot trespass or break the law. You will run a serious risk of being arrested and charges filed. The headquarters of the National Security Agency is on the campus of Fort Meade, even though Fort Meade is an open fort. It is strongly advised anyone from exceeding the speed limit near the NSA building, especially in the middle of the night. The MPs don't have much of a sense of humor, and while the post is open, the security around NSA is first-rate, and you'd best have a reason for being there.

Fort Meade - Laurel - Oak Hill Youth Center/ The Old Portland Hospital - This Youth Center is half of what used to be an old mental hospital and insane asylum. The other half is still abandoned and is said to make clanging noises. If you go inside you can find old medical supplies and files, but beware of floating objects and ghostly appearances. Also for the Guards at the front gate with guns.

Fort Meade - NTTC DET DINFOS Navy Student Detachment - about 3 years ago, a story ran in the news paper here on Fort Meade about three buildings(between Kimbrough and the Officer's Quarters) in which experiments where being done on soldiers. (Drugs like LSD, Acid, mixed drugs, trying to make "super soldiers") the next day the buildings were destroyed, grass was put down as if the buildings were never there to begin with. these buildings here one day and literally gone the next. There is also a cold storage morgue out here on Fort Meade that they used to bring in bodies from all over the place (that had been exposed to different agents, nerve gas, diseases) that would be experimented on also. The morgue is still here. students report of hearing people talking, walking around, and banging.

Frederick - Ceresville Mansion - A young boy drowned in a bath tub in the house.  The room in which he died is now walled off and you can see the empty room from outside.  They say the boy is still there and you can here him at night.

Frederick - Fredrick Campus - Barry Hall - In the nights there are ghosts seen in the girls' dorm - Barry Hall -on the 2nd floor and 1 is reputed to be evil and was called Mary Walker and it turned out she did exist back in the 1800s as she is interred at the nearby cemetery that is up the road from the school and if the girls was in a room by herself or with another girl and they go around and around and signing "Mary Walker" 50 or 100 times, it is said that her face would appear in the mirror as you looked into the mirror and would see a face so evil and hair of snakes moving and you would get scared more by the shade being opened by itself

Frederick - Hood college - It is built on a old saloon from the civil war in one of the halls late at night you can hear hooting and hollering also in the 1970 a girl was murdered and her throat was cut open she crawled all the way up the stairs and just before she knocked on her dorm door she died strange knockings have been heard all over that hall since then the elevators have also been known to go up and down at odd times of the night

Frederick - Landon House - Built in 1754, footsteps can be heard clearly when the house is vacant, doors close without provocation, and strange noises can be heard.

Frederick - Fredrick Campus - Maryland School for the Deaf - the school was founded in 1868. There is an old barracks that was once used during the Revolutionary War to house captured Hessian soldiers and it still is there on campus -- its an old stone built building and has been converted into a museum of sorts and is not opened to the public regularly -- anyway -- story has it that you would see the spirits of those wounded in combat in the barracks moaning and the hospital equipment from that era is still in the bldg as is the furniture and such.

Frederick - Urbana - Landon House Mansion - doors open and close by themselves often, lights turn on, music comes from the ball room. It was a plantation home in the civil war, which was used to treat soldiers hurt at the monocracy battlefield. There is slave Quarters in the basement and a little church out back. For more information go to

Friendship - tribes motorcycle club cub house on deal beach rd - this is an old tobacco farm and the entire property is haunted by either slaves or workers. you can feel there presence and also here them. during get together you can here excited talking coming from the lower field. many people can verify this as well as doors slamming on there own and warm brushes of air in some rooms.

Frostburg - Center Street - This fraternity house is known to house the ghost of a sorority girl who was raped and killed after hitching a ride home from Spring Semester 1988. She used to live on adjacent Wood Street and had a boyfriend at the house. The brothers in the house used to complain that she always left her hair dryer plugged in the upstairs bathroom. In 1992, two brothers went into the bathroom after hearing a hair dryer turn on. They went to investigate but found nothing on the counter or plugged in. Mysteriously the room was steamy and the words "Hitch A Ride" were faintly etched on the mirror.

Frostburg - The Old Depot - There is this old train station in Frostburg Maryland. The Depot has an old tunnel that goes under Main Street. Reports of hearing the sounds of train whistles.

Gaithersburg - Gaithersburg High School - School was built in early nineteen hundreds. One night the boiler room started acting up and a janitor went to investigate. There was an explosion and of course the janitor died. Certain times of the day(mainly at night) you can hear the jingling of his keys in the halls.

Gaithersburg - Gaithersburg High School - C Hall - There is a hall named C-Hall in the school but little does anyone know there is a lower C-Hall, in 1976 there was a chemical spill and 9 students including one teacher died. It is said the hall was blocked off, at night you can hear the screams of those 9 people.

Gardens of Faith - maryland ghost - if you go into the chapel[mausoleum] at gardens of faith,and are very quiet it sounds like faint voices haveing a conversation.A man took his life by the creek a few years back and you get an erie feeling down there.

Germantown - The Waters House - In the late 1800's, the Waters family had recently bought and built a farm house, and they used to be the richest in there family, so they had family members living there with them. One night one of there jealous relative came down to the master bedroom and killed both of the owners. These days, neighbors have reported that you can see lights in the attic, and inside doors open and shut on their own, even though no one lives there now since it is under government protection - June 2005 Update – The house was purchased a few years ago by the Montgomery County Historical Society and is now open as a museum. It is on the historic register and is now protected (as it sits relatively in the middle of a subdivision). It has been rehabilitated and can be rented for special events.

Glen Dale - Glen Dale Hospital - This hospital had its heyday back in the early 1900’s, but was abandoned in the late 1970’s. The hospital is made up of six different buildings on opposite sides of the road. The hauntings seem to take place in the two structures closest to the road on your right. Most doors and windows have been broken out and abandoned medical equipment is scattered everywhere within the buildings. Sightings have included a large pack of ghost dogs, ghostly patients wandering the second floor, and smoke coming from the crematorium. People have also complained of noises such as banging and yelling coming from the hospital walls; hear screams and sometimes laughter...inside there is sometimes a strong odor of burning flesh and smoke coming from where they used to burn the one particular room there is said to be sightings of a man in a straightjacket who went insane after watching his family being murdered by an intruder to his home while he hid in a closet...he was so overcome with the guilt that he didn’t help his family that he went insane and eventually killed himself when he broke into the room where they kept the medication and overdosed.

Greenbelt - Greenbelt Nursing & Rehabilitation Center - This used to be an old folks home. Now it is abandoned. Every night there are new lights either turned on or off. This place is said to be haunted by the head doctor in charge. He was said to have beaten and tourtured patients. People have said they heard voices and ghosts of people still laying in their beds.

Greenbelt - Prince Georges County - NASA Building 26 - In the early days of NASA being built in Greenbelt the need for many buildings was certain. Building 26 was planned not to shortly after many others. During the construction of building 26 many human bones were found almost in a line but also in a circle. No one is sure what came of these bones but it is said to this day that that building 26 was built over an Indian burial ground. To this day guard officers and employees late at night swear to hear the sound of drums beating and lights have been known to go off and on.

Greenbelt - Prince Georges County - NASA/GSFC - B & W Parkway Gate - A man jogging early in the morning in a grey sweat suit slowly disappearing in front of you....also he has been seen on the perimeter road!(bldg #26 is the closest bldg to this gate)

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #05 - A strong sense of dread in the whole bldg! especially in the rear of the bldg. strange sounds throughout the bldg...especially on the upper floors!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #07/10/15/29 complex - late one night, there was a guard that had duty in this complex of buildings. She was watching TV in the area where her desk was! she heard some one coming up the stairs. she got up to look and no one was there. as she was watching and looking she heard the footsteps go down the stairs...she shook it off and figured it was her imagination...until it happened again...only this time when the step went down she saw the door open and a small trash can lid flip over several times and the outer most door opened...this guard refused to ever step foot in this bldg again. another guard was walking up the stairs when he passed through what appeared to be a dark spot/ or shadow...this spot was the shadow of a man he saw the shadow proceeded down the stairs past him! yet another guard was looking down into the clean room and saw what appeared to be a shadow of a man glide across the floor! This complex was the sight of a death, while the High bay was being built, a worker fell from the scaffolding and fell to his death! the rest of the building shares various sightings! And strange feelings and occurrences!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #08 Admin - statue of Robert Goddard follows you with his eyes. most issues! always feel strong dreadful feeling! always feel like someone is watching you! Basement strong feelings of sadness and dread! sixth floor directors office, and hallway outside of pictures of all the directors! they always follow your every move!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #1 - feel as if someone is following you or watching you late at night!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #11 - feel as if someone is watching you...or will pop up right around the corner if no one is around! Late one night a guard was doing his rounds, when he was waiting for an elevator. he heard voices and laughter coming from the approaching elevator when it opened no one was there...he refused to ever go in the building again! Also a extreme feel of dread falls over you if you are alone!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #12 - Extreme feeling of dread, or the feel like something will happen to you if you go into the penthouse or attic area! the third floor has a similar yet not as strong feeling! the same feeling gets worse the higher you go in the building!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #16 & 16w - Back side of w by water tower/ and mail room has the most issues! always feel strong dreadful feeling! always feel like someone is watching you!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #17 - second floor has cold spots, and feels like someone is watching you.

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #18 - second floor computer room/office area - feels though some one is watching you(BLDG if 400 yards from Bldg 26)

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #22 - feels like some one is playing games with you! Reports of a death in the early years of the center in this building!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #23 - cold spots on the loading dock, and in an office on the second floor!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #25 - strange occureances, and strange feelings throughout!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #26 - Many guards on nights and weekends have had a many strange experience at this bldg! Indian chiefs being seen in windows from the outside of the bldg. Bell being heard. Feelings as if someone was hung in a room under the loading dock of the bldg. a guard at NASA got a call one night on the radio to call the comm center, so they went in an office to do so! they heard some one typing on a computer keyboard....being there are people that work all hours of the night they figured nothing of it....when they was done they rounded the corner to find no one sitting there and only a key board no computer!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #27 Motor pool - strange feelings, feelings of people watching you from the bldg at night. Feelings of dread

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #28 - always feels like someone is watching you in the atrium! A strange fire in a trailer just outside of the bldg!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Bldg #97 health center side - feels as if someone is still in the building after it closes....feels like someone is following you! alarms going off in the building when no one is there!(right next to bldg 26)

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - recreation center - feels as if someone is watching you, feeling of dread!

Greenbelt - Prince Georges county - NASA/GSFC - Visitors center - a feeling that the statue of Goddard is always watching you, seeing shadows!

Hagerstown - Hager house - Built in the 1700's, many families have occupied this house. According to "Legends", a local television broadcast, sometimes a dark figure appears on the porch, and voices are heard within the house. The curator once heard footsteps going up the stairs, but upon investigation, found nothing. Rocking chairs move mysteriously, and a corncob doll appears in numerous places. One corner of the basement, according to a psychic, is very haunted. She feels something, like a very large animal, or someone was murdered there. Tour guides have seen apparitions of people from that time era.

Hagerstown - Millers Church - In the 1930’s, this church was believed to be used for Satanic rites. Years later, the church burnt down. One night a young couple went parking at the church. Not long afterwards, when they were ready to leave, the car would not start. The guy told his girlfriend to stay in the car and keep the doors locked while he went to get help. When he came back, she was gone and the doors were still locked. He looked up, only to find her hanging from the old oak tree in front of the church. Sometimes at night you can see a figure hanging from that same tree. Some witnesses even claim that they have been chased by a phantom hearse near the site of the old church.

Hagerstown - Rose Hill Cemetery - if you drive to the very back of the cemetery in front of the crematorium and shut off your car sometimes you can hear screams for help and smell burning hair.

Hagerstown - Stanford Hall - The woman is silk and the moon shiner haunt this building.

Harford - Bottom Road - Down in the narrow end of Bottom Road at certain times of the night you can see a little girl crying by the side of the road in a torn dress with blood all over her holding a teddy bear. She looks so real that people actually stop to see what is wrong then she disappears. The story is unclear but it is said that she was taken into the woods and raped and beaten by an older man. There is another phenomenon associated with Bottom Road other than the one with the little girl. There is a certain section of road in which you have to stop the car. Once you stop the car at this certain section all of a sudden you feel as if you are going in reverse. The section of road is a flat surface so there is no reason for this feeling. You don’t move at all, but yet there is a feeling of moving.

Harford - Joppatowne - K-Mart - every year on February 14 some people have sighted a young girl hanging in the woods behind the building. Homeless men living in the woods have also claimed to have seen it. - May 2005 update -Visitors have reported that no matter the time of year, you feel watched. Behind the shopping center on the little gunpowder there during the summer when school is out even though witnesses never saw anything they always felt like someone was behind them.

Hebron - Ghost Light Road - Before this road was paved, local people would observe large orbs of light which would remain stationary upon approach. This "Ghost Light" has been seen by many people; however, sightings ceased when the road was paved several decades ago. Various stories have circulated as to its super-natural origins, but none have been verified/confirmed.

Henryton - Henryton Sanitarium - Henryton Sanitarium is located on Henryton Road near Patapsco State Park. (Zip Code 21784) This huge facility closed in 1985 and has been abandoned ever since. Originally opened in 1920. First the facility treated tuberculosis patients then treated mentally retarded children. Many people have visited this place. You must park down the rail road tracks and walk up behind it. Never enter the front gate. It is to dangerous. Witnesses saw shadows in an old theatre inside the hospital, a women’s dress hanging at the end of one of the long hallways. When they went back, it was gone. There are hundreds of rooms and doors. Outside of one of the buildings on a hill, they saw a rocking chair on a porch (above) still rocking as if the patients were still there. As with all the other closed Maryland Hospitals, It's as if all history of the place was wiped off the map.

Indian head - NSWC BASE HOUSING - Many occupants admit feeling a strong presence in their homes. Also small objects are constantly coming up missing or moved in to strange places. Many have even heard sounds. Three occupants admit to seeing the old man on the Potomac while fishing.

Joppa - Jericho Covered Bridge - This bridge is the last covered bridge standing in Harford County, built in the early 1800's. Legend has it that several lynching occurred at this bridge during and after the Civil War, in which the captured people were hung from the upper rafters, sometimes many at a time. If you stop your car on the narrow bridge late at night, and look in your rear view mirrors, the image of a swinging body can be seen.

Kingsville - bridge - when you go on the bridge with your car and you turn it off flash the lights three times you see this girl hanging there because the story goes that this teenage girl got pregnant and her mom kicked her out since she had no where to go she went on the bridge threw the baby over the bridge and hung herself......sometimes you hear the baby crying .

Landover - Lott ford Vista Rd. - Reports of a burning man.

Malden - Jimmy O'Keefe's Restaurant - A former patron of this Irish Pub who died in a slip down the basement stairs is rumored to be seen sitting in his regular stool. The former patron was called Uncle Buck for his resemblance to John Candy's character in said movie.

Montgomery County - Silver Spring/Wheaton area - Goldmine Rd. - It is said that sometimes at night you can hear a woman crying.

Montgomery County - Walter Reed Forest Glenn Army Medical Annex- Faces seen in the windows of the facility, formerly an elite girls academy, noises, cold spots. Cries and a ball being bounced are reported to be heard. - March 2004 update/correction: formerly a double listing under Page County - Forest Haven & Silver Spring. The name of the property, which originally was developed as a DC "getaway" is called Forest Glen. A former seminary and Maryland landmark, worthy of it's metro rail designation as a stop.

Mount Savage - The Old Castle - There is a room in this castle that is haunted in a few ways. If you walk by it you hear scratching noises against the door and if you go in this room the closet door opens and shuts constantly. This castles is 160 years old.

New Market - Lake Linganore - Balls of light and strange eerie noises infest the woods along the water and air bubbles float to the surface of the water where every year, for many years now, a child has drowned.

New Windsor - Yellow Turtle Inn (formerly Windsor Castle Inn)- There is an old cemetery on the property with no headstones. Lights flicker on and off in the third story of this old house. Also, apparitions including an older woman in a white robe/gown appear occasionally on the third and second floor. Read Page 14 or Page 15 of the real ghost stories (on this website) for info on these hauntings. They may be posted in November, 2001.

Odenton - Patuxent Road - The story is told that on the old narrow bridge there late at night you can hear cries of a baby. Also on certain nights at midnight you can see a "ghostly" woman pushing a stroller. The story says that the woman and her child were killed here years ago by a passing car. It has also been said that from time to time late at night you can also see the car and it will suddenly vanish.

Olney - The Butler house - Many people say that they hear strange noises in this little abandoned home. 2 little girls were playing outside, when they saw a man dressed in all black run by them ...and they never saw his face.

Pasadena - Riviera Beach - Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company - An old Chief of the fire station named Edwin who died in a fire. Is said to walk around the Fire station at night closing doors, making loud noises and seen sometimes cleaning the fire engines and seen in mirrors and windows. The old hall above the fire station is always heard with pacing late at night loud booms and few fire fighters have been visited by this ghost and have been able to tell about it. See the picture of him in the watch desk and his eyes follow your every move.

Perryman - Perryman haunted mansion - Reports of hearing a girl screaming, and things seem to move on their own.

Pocomoke - Pocomoke Forest - Slaves are said to haunt the entire forest and surrounding swamp. 1000's of stories I have herd about the swamp. lots about slaves been beaten to death. About slave masters having affairs with slaves and then drowning the off spring.

Point Lookout - Point Lookout Lighthouse - a male ghost, dressed in Civil War attire guards the steps to the lighthouse. Pictures have recorded him leaning against the frame at the door. This spit of land was used as a union hospital and POW camp during the civil war. Several ghosts of soldiers have been reported here. Also, many people have seen the ghost of a sailor, perhaps lost at sea nearby.

Point Lookout - State Park - This park was once a Civil War prison camp named Camp Lincoln. The lighthouse, which is no longer in use, is said to be haunted. There are also stories of a woman who hunts for a grave. She has been known to ask passerby’s to help her find it. There is even a general who haunts the campground. In the fort proper, people have reported seeing figures on the walkway surrounding it, and hearing faint voices.

Poolesville - Black Rock Road - Hauntings of two teenage ghosts that were mysteriously killed in a car crash in a small lake by an old water house. Their ghostly visions are seen at night when there are no car lights and you honk your horn a few times there spirits are seen rising from the lake and then come to knock on your car door. It has also been seen that a pair of bright headlights are shown coming down the narrow road and then disappear.

Port Deposit - Rt.222-The Union Hotel - it use to be a Hotel and tavern from 1700's I've heard there is an lady in blue gown that haunts the place. It is now an eating establishment. The owner Janet lives on top floor and has had a few encounters and has some of the employees.

Port Tobacco - Port Tobacco Creek - Supposedly, there is sad that a dog haunts the grounds of the creek. The dog has been sighted since the 1920s.

Potomac - An old man has been spotted 3 times since the early 1920's standing in the middle of the Potomac River.

Potomac - Marwood Mansion - there have been strange occurrences of things like the bathroom window being raised, the toilet flushing and steam coming from the bathtub. There are also strange sounds that come from the basement. Whenever storage is put in the basement, in the morning it is ruined and ransacked. This was the house of the late relatives of the Gore family. The marble in the house always cracks, and then the cracks disappear the next day but return later. The butler has been seen walking down the steps and around the property.

Prince Georges County - Annapolis junction - Cedar knolls - Reports of pools of blood are in rooms, doors lock behind you, children scream, very cold spots, animal bodies, visions, and other random scary stuff happens.

Prince George’s County - Forest Haven - An old shut down mental hospital and insane asylum, Multiple buildings, Its almost like a full neighborhood, but with institutes everywhere. Some buildings are still in use by the army, which is odd. Many things scattered throughout the buildings, Voices heard, tracks made on floor in water or something wet, dolls hanging from ceilings that are too high to reach. Dead animals, and a strange fog that sometimes you cant even see through until you are a few floors up in the buildings, various other scary things, a famous candy maker occupied this place, This is known due to the tombstone in a cemetery there that lists everyone’s name who died there.

Randallstown - Old Court Road – Woodstock Job Corps Center - This used to be a Monastery for monks. There is a graveyard for the monks that still sits at the entrance of the center. A lot of strange things that would happen but we had one that was widely known around center he was called the black monk. Not because of the color of his skin but because he had no face and under the hood of his cloak you could only see black, he used to walk around the center at night if you woke up in the middle of the night and looked out your window you would sometime see him on the grounds.

Randallstown - Old Court Road – Job Corps Center - Columbia Hall - There used to be an extension to the dorm that you could access through a door at the back of the lounge (the entrance to that part was always kept locked) on the upstairs section of the dorm. This section of Columbia burned down sometime in the eighty's. When the dorm caught fire there was a sixteen-year-old girl who perished in the fire, she has been seen many times in the dorm lounge.

Reisterstown - Upper Melinda - Gravesite of witch who taunted townspeople in the 1800's. Before she was hanged and cut in two by an angry mob, she put a curse on Reisterstown saying if anybody visited her grave, her two halves would crawl closer to each other until one day, they would become whole. For assurance, the townspeople buried her upper half on one side of Reisterstown in a grave marked UPPER MELINDA. The other grave in unmarked and has not been found till this day. - February 2007 Additional information: A group of investigators entered several buildings nothing too strange had happened. Then on the way out they decided to go inside one last building. They found a stair case. They heard sounds of feet shuffling and people talking above us. They assumed it was other board kids but when they reached the 2nd floor, they found nobody. The only way down would have been the stairs they came up. They all decided to leave. As they started to walk away from the building, one noticed that there was a light on in a window on the 2nd floor. This was incredibly scary as there were no lights on when they had initially entered, nor is there any power in any of the old buildings. Note: Rosewood is Government property. It is illegal to trespass on these grounds and if you are caught you will be arrested.

Reliance - Patty Cannon's house/tavern - the ghosts of some of the 100's of people she and her gang murdered. She ran the reverse underground R.R. - September 2005 Update/Correction: the "Patty Cannon House" is not really the Patty Cannon House---the history behind the Patty Cannon house was exposed on the PBS show "History Detectives". The historic marker is wrong. The real Patty Cannon house is no longer standing.

Rockville - Game Preserve - The narrow bridge in the middle of the road... back at the turn of the century a woman and her child were killed my gang members. At midnight you can hear the child crying if there are no cars around and its all dark and quite.

Rockville - Meadowside Nature Center - Strange presence felt & EVPs recorded.

Scotland - Point Lookout State Park - If you go late at night and are driving out of the park, once you pass Ft. Lincoln you can feel a presence start to follow you. Sometimes the impression is so strong, you can expect to see a young man in Confederate Grays in the back seat. He stays until you pass the Confederate Cemetery, and then vanishes.

Silver Spring - Walter Reed Forest Glenn Army Medical Annex- Faces seen in the windows of the facility, formerly an elite girls academy, noises, cold spots.

Snow Hill - Snow Hill Inn - The original part of the house was built in 1790 and was enlarged in 1850. The Inn is haunted by a spirit known as JJ. Employees reported that they have the feeling a man is standing behind them. JJ likes to turn lights off and on and he likes to lock doors. Sometime employees report seeing a man standing crossed legged who just disappears. Workers were in the Barrister Room trying to get windows open, they tried everything and gave up and went on to another task when the window suddenly opened up by themselves. The workers were given lodging while they were working. The workers, after several unusual experiences, refuse to sleep at the Inn. One guest woke up to see a spirit crossing the room to the bathroom.

St. Mary's County - Hollywood - A Plantation Ever year they hold ghost tour of the plantation. It's on the Paxtent river so a few our of pirates and things like that. The tour guides said they always experiences paranormal activity. A family who used to live in the manor long ago was having trouble with money. So the husband of the house decided to invite some people of wealth over for a round of poker. Without much luck he continued to lose. In a last effort to win, he put the pink slip of the house on the table.. rolled the dice and lost. Supposeively to this day, you can hear the horses riding up, the dice rolling, and him yelling when he lost. For more info you can visit

St. Mary's County - Pt. Lookout State Park- It was once a camp for confederate prisoners and almost 4,000 died there. There have been many sightings of some of the dead soldiers.

Summit Lake - Margarite Cabin - Girls from Glenwood Middle School often get to see the Margarite Cabin during a camping trip called Outdoor Ed. Some say that the painting there is fine at first but then bleeds when they turn their backs, & the eyes on the painting seem to follow you around the room. the piano plays on its own & blood appears on it as well. You can hear and see chains when you look in the chimney if you hike to the cabin. Bloodstains on the wall and carpet. They say that a girl named Margarite died there.

Sykesville - Old forest - There is a very dense forest that separates 2 neighborhoods off of 97. you can hear a whistling, it is very random whistling and is of no song, but you can hear it plain as day. very creepy

Temple Hills - Beach Rd - Behind all of the bushes and debris is an steep hill leading to an small pond. If you notice that two trees are intertwined with each other. If you would to walk under them, you will feel a sense of pressure around your arms and shoulders. Talking to industrial workers, they said that back in the 60's, a group of teens would go fishing in the pond and they wound climb the branches to jump in the water, then one drowned and was not saved by his friends. Two of the teenagers still frequent the spot.

Towson - The Hampton Mansion - There is a book of ghost stories about this historic mansion previously owned by the Ridgely family.

Tunis Mills - Hanging Tree - It is believed that slaves were hung from the 'hanging tree'. When you sit under the tree with your car off, you will begin to hear and see the dead. It has been reported to hear the bodies drop onto your car from the branch in which they were hung by.

Westminster - Avonlea Bed and Breakfast - Owned in Civil War times by a very cruel and abusive man. Known to be haunted by the ghosts of several slaves he brutally murdered in his basement.

Westminster - Cockeys Tavern - Various sightings of a woman in green colonial dress. Pictures jumping off of walls, objects falling from the back of shelves, ghostly voices and more.

Westminster - Crybaby Bridge - An old bridge that was said in the 1800's was used by the KKK to drown black babies . If you go there after dark you can hear distinctively babies crying.

Westminster - The Old Opera House - is said to be haunted by a man who had given a performance and was murdered on the back exit after his show.

Woodsboro - Rocky Hill Cemetery - There is a tombstone in Rocky Hill Cemetery that bleeds. The woman it belongs to told her husband if he remarries and his new wife is cruel to her children her tombstone will bleed. They have changed the tombstone several times and the blood keeps coming back. They have an inscription in front of her tombstone that reads: This stone is at the grave of a mother who died leaving several small children. The husband remarried as husbands do, and tis' said that he and the stepmother were very cruel and unkind to the children, but Death could not this mother's anguish kill, when the knarled oaks groan, and the pine trees moan, in this grave yard at Rocky Hill, the tale oft told on many a lonely stretch, is that this stone breaks out in bloody sweats, in this grave yard at Rocky Hill. The cemetery is located in Woodsboro on Coppermine Road. the tombstone is located in the left hand corner 3 rows back in the middle of the row. There is a small stone on the left hand side and two on the right hand side bearing the names of George and Mary Fox.


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