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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Acton - Loon Pond - a sighting of a ghost husky (dog) with threelegs roaming the shore, it has a dark and a light glow. Late mornings around 1:00 or 12:00 a.m.

Belfast - Pine wood Cemetery - orbs showing up in pictures something banging on the side of witnesses cars and footsteps in the grass.

Bellevue - Brian Senior High School - Two years ago there was a fight at this school. A kid was about to punch the other kid and fell and broke his neck. There was reported sightings of large objects being moved around, cold breezes in specific areas on hot days, and kids being shoved and pushed by an invisible force. People also say they have seen the kid. He is a dark shadowy figure with none of his features visible.

Biddeford - Bidderford's City Theatre - Seeing eye's peering down on you from ceiling the. Unexplained noises, voices. Lights flashing on and off. The face above stage eye's seem to open and shut or move.

Boothbay Harbor - Boothbay Opera House - a room on the 2nd floor is haunted by an unknown spirit.

Bowdoin - Cemetery in the pit - In the 1800's a woman was practicing witch craft. The towns people decide to hang her. After her death they buried her in a cemetery near a big stump. A star mysteriously appears it means that the witch is roaming the pit.

Brunswick - The Old Brunswick High School - There have been three people that have died on BHS grounds. Doors slamming, and moving objects. - May 2008 Update - The old Brunswick high school is reported, but not confirmed as haunted. And there was one death that did not happen in the school. Mimi, the reported spirit, died when the car she was in with her boyfriend backed into a snow bank, filling the exhaust pipe and causing carbon monoxide poisoning. So far the research has not been able to determine there have been no actual deaths within the school itself. Also, this school building is now scheduled for demolition to make way for a new elementary school within the next three years.

Brunswick - Pickard Theater Bowdoin College- One theater technician reported feeling cold and seeing a swinging lamp in a room with no outside ventilation (the scenery construction shop at the top of the theater).

Brunswick - River rd - Up and down river road there are 5 markers made out of stone. It is said that thousands of years ago Native Americans lived on this site. There have been many many surveyors that have looked over the stones and nobody knows what they are or what they were used for. that late at night on full moons strange things happen near those stones. you can hear old voices and singing.

Bucksport - Bucksport Cemetery - The grave of Jonathon Buck has a footprint cracked into the tombstone. The tombstone has been replaced many times but the foot always reappears a short time later. Jonathon Buck ordered the death of his mistress, claiming she was a witch. She promised to return and dance on his grave. It is believed to be her foot (and leg) that continues to appear on the tombstone.

Camden - Maiden's Cliff - About 100 years ago, a young, 5 year old girl went to church with her family, wearing a brand new pretty pink hat she had received as a gift. Her family and the church members climbed to the top of the mountain (maiden's cliff) to have their church service. As the wind got stronger, her pretty pink hat blew off of her head. She chased it, not paying attention and fell off of the side of the cliff, into the rocky ocean below. She died there at the bottom hitting the rocks. Today there is a VERY large white cross marking where she fell and died. Some say that when looking below on the anniversary of her death you can see her pretty pink hat good as new floating in the water below, and if your quite enough you can hear her screams. - February 2005 Additional Information: When investigating this site, please take into account: The cliff does not overlook the ocean. As a matter of fact, the ocean is about 4 miles south of the location. The cliff does overlook (to some's actually quite a distance away) Megunticook lake. She died later that night at her home. She did not have a single brokenbone (she fell over 300 FEET!). She died of internal organ damage.

Caribou - Caribou High School - Sudden drafts of cold air when windows are shut, slight moans of A 15 year old boy who was killed in a knifing fight in the parking lot. - June 2008 Correction - The boy was NOT stabbed in the school parking lot, but rather the parking lot of a small mom and pop store across the road from the school. (This was a popular hang out spot for kids) The boy then tried to get to the school seeking help. He didn't make it, and died near the flag stone when his lung collapsed from the chest wound he sustained. The myth that he died in the parking lot of the school was started by the following year's class. It's totally false.

Cumberland - Greely High School - According to legend back in the 1950's 5 young high school boys were murdered mysteriously at the school. No one knows who did it. Ever since, late at night when you’re walking the track behind the school you'll see glimpses of lights going on and off and hear strange noises if your near the school, even feel like your being watched. There is also 2 graveyards near the school, which also have many hauntings. Like the old man in the graveyard path, whom is dark, tall, you speak to him and he just stares at you, then vanishes into thin air.

Dudley - OLD Dudley Oxford road - On the side of the new Dudley oxford road, for about a mile there is the remains of the first road. At night many reporting of a mysterious man in an old colonial black alphet riding down the road on a horse. No one has been to close to really make out the man, but many reporting from people walking by.

Eliot - William Fogg Library - a transparent skull appeared floating above a stare case in a photo taken for a newspaper. Also window randomly broke while kids were playing outside.

Farmington - The University of Maine at Farmington - Auditorium - It is said that the Ghost of Lilian Nordica (a famous singer of opera) roams the auditorium that was given to the university in her name. Some evenings you are able to still hear her sing in the stage area.

Farmington - The University of Maine at Farmington - Mallet Hall Dorm - Haunted by a little girl. her name might be mary. she is harmless but she roams the halls. sometimes doors open and close when locked. No one knows why the little girl is there. she has been known to move people's things on their dressers. she has been known to move furnature into piles in the summer on the lower floors when people are staying in the upper ones. is said to be haunted by a dorm mother who hung herself. To this day, people have not been able to stay in the room that once was hers.

Farmington - The University of Maine at Farmington - Mallet Hall Dorm - Basement - something relatively dark is in the basement. even the big tough basketball boys dont like to stay in the hostals there.

Farmington - The University of Maine at Farmington - Mallet Hall Dorm – Third Floor - It seems the third floor is the most haunted. Very negative prescences are felt.

Freeport - Buttons and Things - Former employees described clearly hearing footsteps, regularly occurring, walking upstairs when nobody was up there. In what was formerly a house, now a retail store, employees describe having the feeling of being watched, and often catching a glimpse of a figure in a hanging wall mirror. Also, the bells on the door chime on their own when no breeze or person is in the room. - May 2008 Update - The building where Buttons and Things was is now gone. It was demolished to make way for more retail progress in Freeport.

Freeport - Casco Bay YMCA - Some people say that the YMCA was built on an ancient Indian burial ground, but no one knows the real truth. Sometimes the janitors on night duty see a small female-like figure walking around the pool. Nobody knows who or what it is, or what it wants.

Gorham - University of Southern Maine - Things such as cold spGts, footsteps, and objects being moved around happen occasionally, and more frequently in certain rooms than others. The most common things are stereos and TV's being turned on and off, clocks being reset right before students' eyes, and general harmless pranks like these.

Gorham - University of Southern Maine - The Robie-Andrews Dorm - Local documentation indicates that on the fourth floor of this building there was a suicide or murder in the early part of the 20th century when it was still an all-women's learning center. Students have seen the ghost on several occasions. The fourth floor also exhibits inexplicable cold spots and mild poltergeist activity. Students constantly hear footsteps moving around above them in a vacant attic. A student who lives near the attic stairwell said she felt someone grabbing her arm and her room seems to always be cold. According to legend there are 5 spirits in the building. One of which (the most active) was a female college student who lived in the 1800's. She committed suicide after her boyfriend left her when he found out she was pregnant.

Heron Island - Outer Heron Island - Supposedly there was a shipwreck here and the captain of the ship was decapitated. It's the typical story of the headless ghost wandering around, supposedly searching for his head.

Houlton - Paddy Holler - Foxcroft cemetery - Stories passed down over the years say that some older folks hooked on canned heat died in this small town after drinking poisonous canned heat, also on Hemore road there is an old green house that sits kitty cornered and has been abandoned since 66, A young woman with 9 children passed away from a misdiagnosed brain aneurysm and feelings of loneliness flood the area, as well as people sighting money flying out the windows only to see nothing at all.

Kennebunk - Wallingford Hall - Reports of doors slamming, people running up and down the old staircase, apparitions of soldiers walking on the rafters in the barn and cold spots.

Kennebunk port - Jane Morgan Home - This home used to be owned by actress Jane Morgan. It is said that the lights flicker when no one is home. In the dead of winter when the owners are away, you can see footprints all around the house in the snow.

Lancaster - Blood Town Forest - This forest got its name back in the 70s when kids used to go camping out in the forest. One night a guy and a girl went out there, and while the girl was setting up the tent, the guy went back to the car to get something, and when he got to the car, the girl's head was resting on the hood of the car. So he ran to a nearby farmer's house and called the police, and when the police got to the car, the guy's body was dead next to it. Since then the name was been changed to Blood Town Forest for obvious reasons. You can hear all kinds of messed up things if you go out there, but be careful if you do because farmers that live nearby try to chase kids away from going in the forest. There is a big rock at the entrance that tells the entire story. A few kids have said that they have seen stuff out there.

Lebanon - Old Cottage - This cottage was once an old school house. Late at night (12:00 to 1:00) you can hear children screaming and running in and out of the rooms. When these children run in the moonlight they become visible to the human eye.

Lucerne - Lucerne Inn - Shadows on the wall, footsteps, a woman and a child talking outside of the door when there is no one there, some one always watching over you.

Madawaska - Madawaska - Their have been sightings of lights in the shape of a human figure. Brooms, and janitorial objects have been seen moving on their own. People have said that a janitor died in front of the stage area. No one knows for sure what the weird sightings are though.

Manchester - Devil's Footprint - Construction people working on road, rock would not move, Man climbed onto rock and said "I will give my soul to the devil if only this rock will move." Next day, Rock was moved, guy was gone. Imprint of Devil's Footprint and Man's footprints. Try to chisel it away but it returns.

Millinocket - Brownville Road - The White Lady can often be seen walking alongside the road and the green bridge. Back in the 1940's a young couple was traveling into town, back from their honeymoon. The car went off the side of the road into a ditch and the man told his wife to stay by the car while he walked into town for help. When he came back, his wife was nowhere to be seen and now her ghost haunts the road and any passenger who travels it. Certain places will have thick pockets of fog and several townies have had spooky encounters with this young lady, who they have dubbed, "The White Lady." Her car is still located on the side of the road, down in the ditch, on its roof, untouched.

Newfield - Old Straw House - haunted by Hannah Straw who is buried under the kitchen floor.

Ogunquit - Ogunquit Playhouse - Revolutionary War soldiers seen here at times.

Orono - University of Maine - Beta Theta Pi House - The downstairs "house advisor suite" at the Beta Theta Pi House on the campus is said to be occupied by an old disgruntled brother of the fraternity. No one is sure what his name was but those who have seen him say he looks ghastly. In addition, the 3rd floor (attic) has a separate room reserved for housemothers over the years, and believed to be haunted by one of its last residents, Evelyn. She opens the door after it has been locked and bolted. She can be heard walking in the attic and along the back stairs to the kitchen. She flicks the lights off and on in the guest bathroom, and tends to leave brothers alone unless they are misbehaving.

Poland - Route 26 - The ghost of a young woman in a prom dress is seen hitch hiking down rt. 26 in Poland. When picked up she tells the driver she is going home then disappears a mile down the road.

Poland - The Poland Spring Inn - The Poland Spring Inn is haunted by the first owner, the famous Hiram Ricker (founder of the Poland Spring water company). Several employees have seen the ghost of Hiram wandering the Inn. Some workers report hearing the voice of Hiram coming from vacant rooms, and his footsteps can be heard in the early hours of the morning in the empty lobby. He has also been known to play tricks on the staff by moving various objects to unusual places.

Portland - 477 Congress Street - People's muffled voices early morning hours and the three elevators taking off by themselves.

Randolph - Randolph Forest - you see orbs and hear voices trying to talk to you. It will send cold chills down your body. It is said that Randolph was a plantation before the Missouri compromise. It is possible that the forest is one of the most haunted places in central Maine.

Rockport - Goose River Bridge - haunted by "the pitcher man", he offers passersby a pitcher of beer before he disappears before them. The man was killed there in 1783.

Rome - Pine Tree Camp - This camp is for kids under 18 who are disabled. They stay there for a week. A counselor told kids about a story, which is a legend of this camp. The legend is told that a cook named Willie who was preparing the meal for that night. He had a cabin on the other side of the camp. There is a shallow tributary that has high grass. Today that cabin is unsafe because the roof boards are misplaced. There are a bunch of wholes in the cabin. There was a big rain storm headed towards camp and a female cook ran in and said,” There is going to be a flood. Willie had a knife in his hands. He was rushing and he had cut of two fingers on one hand, his middle and his index finger. On the other hand, his thumb and pinkie off. He had run through the woods and no one ever saw him again. People have been calling him "Three fingered Willie" The counselors took the kids to go to his cabin. They told that 2 counselors drove one of the boats out there. They told them that in the morning he is grumpy, in the afternoon he is calm. At night he is friendly and likes a good book every once in a while. Willie came out and onto the boat and ripped there shirts up and you can see them in the day when floating in the water. At camp he the boat that was green magically appeared. At sun down sometimes he likes to visit. He is not a malevolent spirit. It is true.

Saco - Thornton Academy - after school hours at night strange ghostly entities lurk around the campus looking for their next victim

Salem - St Mary's Cemetery - Witnesses walking up the path from the elevated crypt belonging to the Veteran from WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam, heading toward the tall hill. Received unpleasant feelings from the forest down the hill to the left. Upon looking off to the right, noticed a grayish white human figure about 15 feet from the road walking along side of us, going the direction we had come from. Sounds of claws tapping the path. Saw a light around waist level moving around near the top of the hill.

Sandwich - The Dillinger House - This is a bed and breakfast place right now, a man hung himself there a LONG Time ago, and then his wife died a few days later and their kids were left to raise themselves...the man hung himself in the middle window on the top floor, He still haunts it. The shades in other rooms pull themselves down, and sometimes u can even see him there.......Its a Very "Evil" Place...go see for yourself. Cold chills will run down your spine over and over.

Skowhegan - Skowhegan Cinema - Handprints found frequently on movie screen. This haunting has been recorded by experts and published in books. Regarded as one of the fifty most haunted sites in the US.

Skowhegan - West side Lake - Lake George - there is a paranormal force that lurks within the cabins of the camp. A true fact: "Four kids were walking along in the woods, when they came upon an abandoned cabin with high, foggy windows. Two kids lifted the smaller kid to boast up to get a better view of what was 'concealed' inside! There in the cabin beheld a game room with chairs folded up around the room, however when the other kid wanted a look for herself, she reported something much different than that! Nevertheless, the other girl saw a folded-up game table against the wall...instead of a game room she beheld a large rectangular table with all the chairs perfectly seated around the table.

South Portland - Southern Maine Technical College - Hillside Dorm - This building has a long history. It was a funeral home, a brothel, a nursing home, and now it is a college dorm. There is an unknown man that walks around in the attic, as well as a "critter" up there that maintenance has tried multiple times to trap but the traps go off with nothing in them. However, there are strange footprints all around the trap. There is an old lady and a little boy in one of the rooms that will play tricks on the students by messing around with their blankets and windows at night. Also, there is a young lady in a long white nightgown that walks up and down the front stairs in the evenings. She has been sighted by large groups of people at a time, as well as individuals.

Standish - St. Joseph's College - There is a child that haunts the old chapel, he was the son of the family that owned the land before the college was erected, he was buried in the chapel and had to be moved, sometimes you can hear him laughing and playing. There is a small girl that haunts the pond. She drowned while playing near her little play house, her father built her. There is also a nun who haunts the old Xavier building. The ghost has been seen by two girls who don't go to the school any longer.

Union - D.R. Gaul Middle School - many pictures taken not all at once, but mysterious orbs showed up in many. Ghost reportedly named "sid", an old janitor at the school.

Vassalboro - Oak Grove Academy - Lights flicker although there is no electricity, ghosts seen on roof and tower; film appears on vehicle and will not come off until you are within a couple miles of the building.

Warren - Maine state prison - Correction officers have seen spirits of inmates in the industries building. Most of the equipment came from the old prison in Thomaston, which is had a lot of spirits. A lot of ghost stories have been reported there before it was torn down. People feel very uneasy in the industries building at night. Feel like there is someone there even though you are alone.

Waterville - Mount Saint Joseph Nursing Home - The second floor use to be the children’s hospital before it turned into a nursing home. Now the residents who live there now, or since have passed on have always talked about the little children. There is one certain room a resident lived in who talked about the little girl in the purple dress and how she would keep her up all night. Since then that woman has died. There is now a new woman in that room...who now talks about the little girl in the purple dress who keeps her up at night. These two residents never met. Also residents have talked about the "children" in their rooms or wandering the halls.

Windham - Cemetery on River Rd. - When visiting, cars (in park) will move 5-6 ft. frontward and backwards. People have come back to their cars to find the doors wide open.

Windham - The Chute Road Cemetery - In the early morning hours sometimes the locals claim to see two young girls playing in front of the old chute road cemetery. Legend has it that there are two sisters who have tombstones there but are not buried there because their bodies were never found. They believe the girls might have died in an old well or mine shaft.


Wiscasset - Water Street - There is an old house on Water Street, which is one of the oldest in town. It exhibits occasional poltergeist activity in the form of objects being in different positions than they were left. Shadow people are also seen in the area of the main stairways and attic area.

York - Old Witchtrot Road - This particular road is supposedly extremely haunted. Local legend states that this was the road that they made the people who were accused of being witches walk up and the same place where they were hung. the validity behind this legend is not known but it is a -very- scary place to be.

York - The York Village Historical Museum - Way back in the Colonial days, this building used to be the town hall for the village of York. The story goes that the village head had a young woman hung front of the building, accused of witchcraft. Doors open on there own, moving items, and cold breezes can be felt. Sometimes, locals (who have named her "The White Which") will see a woman walking around the outside of the building/along the road late at night. Across the street from the museum, there is a day care center. Some children at the center have told people that a "very nice lady in white" sometimes comes over and plays with them during there recess. A nice place to visit, the spirit does not harm anyone.

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