In Kansas

updated January  2010

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Alma - Alma Cemetery - The Alma Cemetery is haunted for two reasons. One is the people who are buried there and refuse to leave. Some pictures have been taken during the night up there. (It's the best time.) The pictures were unbeleivable, there were orbs and mist figures in the pictures. Reason two is the legend of the Devil's Chair. The story is that in the 1800s a real old mean farmer owned the land that is now the cemetery. About that same time Alma was being built. Towns officials had been trying to get him to sell his land so they could use it for the new town's cemetery. But he kept refusing to sell it. One day while at his well getting water someone came up from behind him and pushed him into the well. Than about a week later the town officials come out to the farm to try and to get him to sell again. And one of them noticed a smell from the well. The sheriff said it was nothing and ordered for the well to be boarded and locked and that no one is suppose to talk about. So the farmers land became the town's cemetery. Than in the 1980s some teens decided to go out there and see if they can see the ghost of the old man. One of the teens dared another to sit on top of the closed well. The teen did as he was dared, but suddenly the group heard a sound behind them and turned to see what it was and there was nothing there. So when they turned around to see if there friend was still sitting there. But he wasn't. Thinking that it was a joke he was playing they left and figured they'd see him tomorrow. But the teen was never seen again. Over the years there have been other stories of people sitting on the Devil's Chair and never being seen again. Some people say that it's the farmer reaching through the now old rotted broken boards and getting revenge on the town that took his land away from him. People call it the Devil's Chair because the man was evil when he was alive and is still evil after death.

Alma - Wabaunsee High School - Wabaunsee High School is the Haunted by past students and teachers. Most of the students groups are those of students who never got to graduate from the high school because they died while attending it. Teachers and even students have experienced strange things, which occur mostly on the third floor of the building. Things usually occur when someone is on the floor alone. One time the junior- senior class English teacher was alone in her classroom grading paper. Her door is right across the hall for the school’s auditorium and she noticed that the lights in auditorium were flickering on and off and there were voices coming from it. She thought that it was some students that had stayed in the building and were goofing off. So she went to check it but the door was locked, and the kept flickering. So she went to back to her classroom and got her key. As soon as she unlocked and opened the door the lights and the voices stopped. So she peaked in side but saw nothing. As she walked out she was stunned at what she saw, every single locker on the floor was wide open, even the ones that had padlocks on them. She slowly closed the auditorium door and locked it and as she was locking it all the locker doors slammed shut. She was so scared that she left the high school without locking her classroom door. Another time the same teacher was again grading papers by herself in her classroom. She suddenly heard music coming from the auditorium, so she grabbed her key went to the door unlocked it and opened it. She almost passed out at what she saw, she saw a ghostly looking lady playing an instrument. The figure was of a teacher who used to teacher band at the high school, she had died a few years ago of cancer. So when you walk the third floor hall of Wabaunsee High School alone beware of what you might encounter.

Arcadia - the church of Gods word - When in this church day or night you can see shadows of people things come on when they are not plugged in and the lights come on by there self

Atchison - The Globe - The local newspaper office's are said to be haunted by the ghost of an editor who died under mysterious circumstances. Several people who have been working late at night have been or heard the locked back door open and close by itself.

Atchison - Jackson Park - It is said that on the stroke of midnight the terrifying screams of "Molly" can be heard. Molly was a beautiful young woman out with her date after prom. The next day Molly was found dead, hanging by her neck in one of the park trees down in the hallow of the park, her clothes torn. Some believe that her date got to excited and killed her when she refused to go all the way with him. No one will ever know, no one was ever charged with her murder.

Barnes - Coon Creek Bridge - This bridge is located about five miles south of Barnes on All American Road. People claim to have seen the ghostly form of a young girl wandering through the woods on the east side of this bridge. There have never been any known incidents where anybody has died on or near this bridge. What her purpose for being there is unknown. She seems lost as she wanders back and forth. She is seen often but she never makes a sound. Most sightings come just before sunrise.

Beaumont - The Beaumont Hotel- The spirit of a murdered cowboy walks the top floor halls of this nineteenth century building.

Blue Rapids - Schroyer Cemetery - Upon a hill there is a cemetery. It's unlike any other cemetery; It has no real paths leading up to it. It is an area about one half of an acre where several members of the Schroyer family were buried in the late 1800's. Today only one grave remains, the grave of Mr. Schroyer himself. There have been multiple reports of Blue orbs floating around and even reports of Demonic voices and an old man walking through the cemetery. There has also been a child sited with hair all over him. This is believed to be the child, which was born with horrible deformities and dissapeared. - Like any other place on the Haunted Paces List, this is a reminder to to always get permission before you investigate and HAVE RESPECT for the places listed.

Burlingame - US 56 & 189th Street - There have been reports for years of a man dressed in black walks the highway and disappears.

Burlington - Childs Play Cemetery - go wash your vehicle to great cleanliness on the bottoms and windows. Go down this gravel road and stop and check your car. Make note of any prints or anything on your car. Then go in to the cemetery stop and sit for about five minutes. You will probably hear a loud thud on your car. Thats when you leave. When you get to the next town, grab a flashlight or whatnot and look at your car. You will have a large handprint on your back glass, and lots of little handprints on your car body.

Canton - Jones Cemetery - Supposedly on nights with a full moon you could see the shadow of a body hanging from a tree and hear the hoof beats.

Chanute - C&H lanes - a woman has died there she was bowling and her finger got shuck in the ball and the ball clobbered her in the head. it is known to be haunted. When you go there you can here foot steps and doors in the girls bathroom shudder. the pins will knock down by themselves and no one is around. the lights flicker when she's mad. IT IS LOCATED BY THE ROYSTER STADIUM.

Chanute - Wal-Mart super center - when they changed Wal-mart to a super center a man who died(1978) in the parking lot was mad. now he haunts Wal-mart. he is known to play in the children’s isle. (when he’s happy) but when he’s mad everything get cold an the power goes out on Halloween. stuff gets lost, and only children can see him. things get out of places. when children follow him they don't come back...

Clay Center - Hawks Landing Creek - It's a creek where people have died before. Sometimes you can hear little girls screaming in the distance, you might see, or feel, this completely black shape shifter, or you might just get a really bad vibe but if you go there at night, it is terrifying.

Coffeyville - Brown Mansion - This is a turn of the 20th century mansion that has had more than its share of tragedy. Despite his wealth, Mr. Brown lost all of his children but one in childhood. In the basement, employees tell of hearing bowling balls striking pins where the alley used to be. In the 3rd story ballroom, cherry tobacco smoke can sometimes be smelled in the old smoking room, as well as partygoers being heard. A dashing man in a smoking jacket is sometimes seen upstairs as well.

Coffeyville - Elmwood Cemetery - This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Coffeyville and has many graves over 100 years old, including the graves of the fallen Dalton Gang and the town's Defenders from the gun battle of October 5, 1892 that ensued when the Dalton Gang attempted to rob two banks at once in downtown Coffeyville. The cemetery is a favorite dare of the college students in town to visit after midnight. Strange noises, shadows chasing visitors, and creepy feelings are not scarce.

Cummings - Chautauqua County - Round Mound Cemetery - A witch haunts this old cemetery, the wind does not blow at the cemetery even though its on top of a round hill. This place even made TIME magazine years ago as one of the most haunted places on earth. If you go there late enough you can hear the dead scream from there graves.

Derby - Derby cemetery - you can often read the tombstones, and you'll all of a sudden feel that someone is their, it is un explainable. it is also said apparitions can be seen every once in a while

Diphtheria Hill - Clay Center - An old cemetery on a hill near Clay Center where people with diphtheria were buried alive. If you go out there and listen real carefully, you can hear babies crying and children playing.

Dodge City - Fort Dodge - still stands and in use as a retirement home for old solders. The building there is 150 years old and holds many spirits and is not for the faint of heart.

Dodge City - Ft. Dodge - Barn - This is a old barn at the edge of Ft. Dodge at 3:30 every morning all the light come on and all of the doors come open even the door at the very top of the barn the one they threw hay out of nobody new why this happened so the security guard did some research to find out this is the time the people used to milked all of the cows.

Dodge City - Old Dodge City High School - (Now Soul Intermediate Center) - An old high school built in the 1800's. The true nature of the haunting has been lost in legend and lies, but one thing still holds true, there are ghosts in the halls in the basement of the school and the library. Several spirits reside within the school, not all of them friendly. There are several passageways that have been blocked off underground the school, legend says a young man was exploring down there after hours, knocked himself out and died shortly there after. Workers were tearing down the set. One of the tear down procedures was two or three of them would walk around the school and take down the flyers promoting the play. they descended to the lowest level where the basement hallways connect with the commons area and the library. While walking into an unlit area they heard the door to the library open and slam and then a laugh. They all sprinted towards the doors, only to find them locked with no one in sight and no one in the library. All of a sudden one of the other people came around the corner, the flyer had been ripper from her hand and torn twice. Now the halls have been revamped and children attend school there, but time will only tell if that has scared away the ghosts of Dodge City Senior High School.

Dodge City - Saint Mary's - Saint Mary's is an old church (no longer used) which is connected to the college. A nun was walking down the first flight of stairs near the doors and had tripped and fallen to her death. From personal experience, (the doors usually arent locked), you can hear the moaning of an old woman a the bottom of the steps, but when you turn the corner, all sounds are ended.

Eldorado -Bela Vista Cemetery - Haunted by ghost known as Two Moons. Her bones were dug up when they built the mausoleum on the site.

Ellis - Ellis High School - Lockers slamming, The toilet in the girls bathroom flushes by itself all of the time, accompanied by chills.

Ellis - Jail Cell - In the bottom of the Railroad Museum there is an old jail cell, (used for storage.) It is said that during the flood of 58 there was still someone locked up in the cell. He drowned and died, and up to this day you can noises and see figures walk past the windows.

Emporia - Bird Bridge - There is an old one lane bridge in the country south of Empor that a preacher and his mistress had drugged his wife and pushed her car over the side into the water below. Late at night, if you are in that area, you can here the screams of a woman and see an apparition walking to shore down below. There just happens to have been a movie made of the murder in this area. It is an early 80's movie called "Murder Ordained".

Eudora - There is supposed to be a ghost of a woman who killed herself by jumping in front of a train. She did this because her boyfriend was killed in WW 2.

Fort Irwin - Community Hospital - the fire alarm often go off in this building. The alarm wires are no longer hooked up because the fire marshal and the fire department are tired of going and resetting the alarms.

Fort Leavenworth - There are several old officers houses on historic Fort Leavenworth that are haunted, faces can be seen in the back of the fireplaces and strange noises heard at night. Many believe the ghosts are spirits of inmates who were executed at the United States Disciplinary Barracks on Fort Leavenworth, and the ghost of those buried in the National Cemetery located just beyond the prison walls.

Fort Riley - The Artillery Parade Field - has a woman wrapped in chains that frequently haunts there.

Fort Riley - The Infantry Parade Field - used to be the polo field is haunted by two gentleman on horseback playing Polo and they aren't exactly the most congenial of gentlemen they get upset when they are interrupted.

Fort Riley - Main Post - Witnesses report seeing the apparition of an old nurse/caretaker.

Fort Riley - Moon Lake - There is a spot around Moon Lake that has a Chiefs Circle. If you camp any where near the circle you start seeing what looks like fire flies that are in sets of two and stay low to the ground and don't separate. If you are awake when it happens they will chase you away from the circle. If you're not awake you are woke up with hoops and howls. Then chased. It is said that the lights are the eyes of braves protecting the chief’s circle.

Fort Scott - Old Fort - There have been hundreds of sightings here of soldiers from the Civil War and fog-like apparitions sifting up the chimney in the officers' quarters. This fort was built in the 1800's during Bleeding Kansas and border wars with Missouri. People have also reported seeing ghosts in the cell block.

Galena - Witch's grave - There is a grave of a so-called-witch hidden in the back of a cemetery on a tall hill north of the town. People have stayed there overnight to see if it was haunted just to hear weird sounds like mumbling and sometimes see a strange figure walking around just to disappear next to a tree.

Garden City - Main Street's Brocken Home - In the small town of Garden City across from Stevens park. There are some very old apartments. Which were closed for disclosed reasons. Some believe a boy had a jealous uncle. Who was jealous of his brother because he stole his girlfriend and told their boy he was going to kill his older brother and his ex-girlfriend. And the boy tried to tell the police but they wouldn’t listen and later he went up to the apartments and found his parents dead. And since no one would listen he broke out some of the stairs so he would be safe from his uncle and u can still see him looking out the window for his uncle. No one knows what happened to the boy.

Gordon - Old Corn Field - Its out in the back part of Gordon. If you go to the stop sign on the dirt road right past the railroad tracks late at night and sit in your car with the lights turned off, you'll see several red-orange lights that look like running lights of a 18-wheeler. We’ve seen it personally, and tried to follow, but nothing was there...there was also no dust thrown up from what would have been a car. It's been rumored that several people have been murdered there.

Greatbend - Komarek House - - moving furniture and other items have been witnessed here.

Greatbend - Pawnee Rock - The rock - It is said that the ghost of Indians battling can be heard, Also a few years ago a man killed his wife’s lover there it is said ghosts remain from this as well.

Gypsum - Devils Washboard - The Happy Seven - Back in the 50's 7 high school kids were out raising hell while driving drunk and drove over three treacherous hills that follow in a row. Each one getting steeper and steeper and on the last one they actually hit the side of it crushing there car into a very compact box! True story. The town’s police had the car put up on a high wooden platform on the side of the road at the exact spot they died, to teach the rest of the towns teenagers from making the same mistake. Thing is don't go messing around and try even though it’s a thrill ride, you will wreck or almost lose it and it's said if you try it. You can hear the young teenagers screaming. This is very dangerous, drive with caution.

Hartner - Auchenba - it is very very haunted. In the 1st floor men’s room it is always 15 to 20 degrees cooler the rest of the building and you feel as if you are being watched. In the basement there is the old morgue and you can see bloody footprints on the floor, walls and ceiling. On the 3rd floor you will here a toilet flush with no one in the bathroom and the elevator runs up and down on it's own. You can also see the ghost of Charlie Auchenba. There are a number of cold spots and areas where you feel as though you are being watched. You can also see the shadow of a person standing on the ledge in several of the rooms on 3rd floor. I would warn people about going there now cause it was sold and the guy that owns it WILL call the cops on you if you are caught trespassing. However, if you can get permission to check it out it is well worth it. 

Hays - Old Fort Hays - In 1867, a drummer named Ephriam Polly and his wife Elizabeth, stopped at Fort Hays. While staying there, a terrible Cholera epidemic struck the fort. It is not known what happened to Ephriam, but Elizabeth Polly stayed on at the fort tirelessly nursing sick soldiers. In the late afternoon, she would take a moment to walk to her favorite spot that was an isolated hilltop west of the fort. She would rest there and enjoy the peace and quiet. Elizabeth Polly eventually contracted Cholera and died in the fall of 1867. She was given a full military funeral and was buried at her favorite spot on the hilltop. In the 1960's, a marker was erected there that read "The Lonely Grave." It is very difficult to get to by vehicle and the last hundred yards must be covered by foot. The ghost of Elizabeth Polly has been seen many times over the years haunting the lonely hilltop that she had frequented so often in life.

Hays - The Old Swinging Bridge Park Bike Trail - There was a story that said a girl went to a party at Swinging Bridge Park. She got drunk, and she wanted to go home. Her boyfriend offered to take her home, but she refused. She said that she would walk home. When crossing the highway, she was hit by a car and she died. One boy and his friend were biking down the old bike trail that is now shut down. The first time around, they were riding in tall grass, and they caught a glimpse of a pale girl walking in the grass right in front of them. One of the boys swerved to miss her. They turned and looked back, and saw nothing. They went around the trail once more and looked where they almost hit the girl. They didn't see anything. Where she was walking in the tall grass, no evidence was left - no footprints or broken grass. Stumped, the boys kept biking and then suddenly came to a stop. What they saw in frontof them was that same girl in the torn shirt wearing shorts sitting on a high tree branch. The branch was a flimsy branch and it's obvious it wouldn't be able to support more than about maybe 10 pounds. Yet stumped again, the boys took another trip around the trail and saw nothing.

Hiawatha - The Piano House - In the late 1800's, during a family well-digging get together, after the new well was dug, a pregnant woman fell into the old well, and despite efforts of many men, she was never retrieved and died. Now you can see her in a bloody white nightgown, standing in the bedroom window of the house. It is also said that the piano moves from room to room on its own.

Holcomb - Holcomb Elementary School - A janitor was cleaning a bathroom when he fell, hit his head, and died. He comes once a year at midnight and rings the school bell.

Hutchinson - City Court House - 5th Floor - Witnesses have seen and heard a ghost of a woman She seems to be all in white. Files and different items turn up missing of messed with. Also doors slamming.

Hutchinson - Hutchinson Public Library - The ghost that is reputed to haunt the Hutchinson Public library is that of former librarian, Ida Day Holzapfel.

Hutchinson - fox theatre - late at night when you are alone you will often here doors slamming shut. the seats of the theatre will often open and shut by them selves. In 2001 a custodian reported hearing glass break. when officials investigated they found a broken fire extinguisher glass broke and shattered among the floor. One official noticed one open seat that slammed shut when the other officer turned to see. Don't let the spirits among the theatre stop you from visiting.

Hutchinson - Screaming Well - A boy and a girl fell down the well and died. Now at night you can hear their screams, but if you listen up close a white hand grabs you and pulls you in. !!WARNING - the well is caving in - DONT GET CLOSE!!

Hutchinson - Trinity Catholic High School - The Ghost of a former priest has been seen walking the halls of this high school. He is said to be watching over the students as walks the halls. Most incidents occurred at night, and have been witnessed by faculty, and some students.

Independence - LeHunt - LeHunt is an old abandoned cement plant outside of Independence, now in ruins. Also onsite is an old cemetery. The ruins are said to be haunted by the ghost of a worker who died there. There is also evidence that people have gathered there to perform some sort of magic rituals.

Jetmore - There is a popular curve on a dirt road three miles west of Jetmore. In the early 1900's on Halloween night, some kids came around the curve and lost control of their vehicle. Every one of them died. If you go out there on Halloween, you will hear the kids screaming along with the sound of their car. It is also said that a farmer had his tractor parked in the field where the accident happened. The tractor disappeared without a trace. It has never been found.

Kansas city - Sauer "castle" - Now on the historical registry. The "story" goes that the owner left his wife to go off to war during the Civil war. She received a letter toward the end of the war from him stating that he would arrive on a particular ferry and to wait for him there. She went down to the river to await his arrival. When the last person departed the boat, she was so distraught, thinking that he had died, she went home and "hung" herself from what is known as the houses bell tower. It is actually just a "lookout" tower. Her husband had missed his ferry and arrived on the next. When she wasn't there waiting, he went home to find her body. He, then being so grief stricken, shot himself with his revolver and died next to her. Neighbors have spoken of many noises, laughter, crying, shouting, coming from the house. Doors opening and closing. They have witnessed strange "lights" in the bell tower, and on the grounds. - There of course is no trespassing, but you can see the house clearly from the street on Shawnee Road. - Always busy at Halloween when its been said that people have seen two "shapes" dancing in the bell tower.

Larned - Larned State Hospital - Larned State Hospital's Dillon Building is haunted by former patients. Ghostly apparitions have been seen on the East 2 unit of Dillon building.

Lawrence - Eldridge Hotel - There is an original cornerstone that was used to rebuild the hotel after Quatril's Raid burned it down. On the 5th level, room 506 contains a "portal spirit to the spirit world. There have been examples of flashing lights, breath marks on recently cleaned mirrors, and doors shutting on their own.

Lawrence - Haskell Indian school - Indian children crying and roaming about the campus looking for their parents.

Lawrence - Haskell Indian Nations University - Haskell is a know sight for countless paranormal activity. The campus itself dates back to the 1800's when the US Government built Haskell Institute to help control the Native American population and assimilate them into mainstream America. Native American children were taken from their reservations and sent to schools like Haskell to teach them how to be white Americans. All aspects of their Native American heritage was stripped from them and they were forced to act as the Government felt appropriate. Countless reports and documents held in the National Archives office in Kansas City tell stories of children beaten and abused for using their Native tongue, or for acting out of conduct. The University of Kansas forensic labs hold several remains of children found buried throughout the Haskell Campus. Many rumors are speculated about some of the Universities buildings, which are all some of the oldest in the state of Kansas. Haskell is an amazing place for those who seek an up and close experience with the paranormal. The history and horror that this campus holds is unlike any other place in the world. So, if you are daring, ask for a key to Hiawatha Hall and see if you can stand to be alone in the building for more than one evening. Haskell Indian Nations University is located at 155 Indian Avenue

Lawrence - Haskell Indian Nations University - Bell Tower - From the bell tower of the church people often will feel someone watching them while walking past the building. The building has a basement that has a section that has been sealed off, for reasons unknown. Most feel that whatever is behind those sealed off walls can explain the spirit that haunts Hiawatha Hall.

Lawrence - Haskell Indian Nations University - Haskell auditorium - is said to house a spirit that can be seen sitting in the auditorium enjoying a show. People have also heard the sound of a little girl crying in the backstage area.

Lawrence - Haskell Indian Nations University - Hiawatha Hall - is the oldest building on the campus and was built by the Methodist church in order to bring Christianity to the Native children. The church has been closed for decades and possession of the building has been assumed by the Government and is on the National record of historic places. It is said to be home of a spirit that makes no effort to hide itself. Doors will open and close for no reason, even while propped open with an object.

Lawrence - Haskell Indian Nations University - Pocahontas Hall - is the freshmen girls dormitory and has been reported to have a haunted basement. The story goes that a girl hung her self in the basement which houses the girls laundry facilities. To this day most people will not go down in the basement in fear of seeing the girl hanging there from the ceiling.

Lawrence - Haskell Indian Nations University - Just south of Taminend Hall - there is a small cemetery with about 70 markers of children who died from a smallpox epidemic that plagued the city of Lawrence for a good year. When you approach the cemetery don't be afraid if you start to hear the sound of children crying. This is a common occurrence and has been the reason for several Native ceremonies to try to bring peace to these children who died here. One medicine man says that the children will only stop crying when they have been returned to their home lands.

Lawrence - The Lawrence Community Theatre - Originally a church, the Lawrence Community Theatre is home to a mysterious presence. Lights habitually malfunction, set pieces and props move seemingly on their own, and many report a feeling of being watched.

Lawrence - Stull Cemetery - is said to be a gateway to the afterlife. I have been there once. It is closed off and one risks an overnight stay in the Douglas county jail if they are caught trespassing. It is an old cemetery surrounding an abandoned church. Legend holds that any object thrown into the church regardless of what it is, you will never hear it hit the ground.

Lawrence - University of Kansas - Sigma Nu Fraternity - Apparently the ghost of the mistress of a former governor who lived there. She hung herself and is now sighted every once in a while. Some ghost hunters came to town and agreed that something was there. It was Ed Warren and his wife, Lorraine.

Lawrence - Wakaruse Elementary School - Shadowy, darkly clad individual is said to roam the halls of the school in the early evening and throughout the night. This entity is reported to have been seen on many occasions by staff working late at night.  Janitors have reported having seen the shadowy figure appearing to be clad in a dark cape and hat.

Lindsborg - Old Farm near Coronado Heights - There's an old farm house in Lindsborg that no one whether it be day or night can miss the unmistakable black tarry looking mist or something that will crawl rapidly and aimlessly along the grass of the property or even in the house crawling up the walls and floors, whatever it is it doesn't want you there most of the time it will eventually start to chase you aggressively day or night. The owner even refuses to live there, no one has for years.

Louisburg - Louisburg Middle School - A young boy who attended the school years back had committed suicide due to being bullied. It is said that he roams the halls late in the night in search of revenge.

Lyons - Old Salt Mine - There is a lady in white who is said to haunt this salt mine and is looking for her child who got stolen and killed and her husband got killed in the old salt mine so if you go there at night you will see the lady in white.

Manhattan - Cedar Creek Cemetery - at this place you get a really bad feeling and you can see a one red eye on a full moon.

Manhattan - Ellinwood - Wolf House - Many weird sightings have taken place here. Like Men in top hats appearing with canes and dishes being thrown from the wall. Voices being heard, like conversations between a families. And also it was once an early whorehouse in which it was to be said that one of the women was killed there. Than many years later them man who lived there who was the town doctor committed suicide, and died a very slow and painful death. Now many years later the house is still abandoned and is used as a very interesting haunted house for the Boy Scouts of America!

Manhattan - Kansas State University -The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house -is haunted by a former frat boy, Duncan, who dies from a hazing incident.

Manhattan - Kansas State University -Gamma Phi Beta Sorority - Founded at Kansas State in 1957 the Gamma Phi’s are haunted by an old house mom who was murdered by the cook in jealous affair. it is said that when chicken nuggets are cooked inside the house blood curdling screams can be heard. needless to say, chicken nuggets are served very rarely. girls are warned to take heed and caution when entering the kitchen alone and at night during a quarter moon.

Manhattan - The Purple Masque Theater - on the k-state campus is haunted by several ghosts. nick a football player killed in a tragic accident rearranges chairs and makes loud bangings. Another ghost is that of a confederate soldier that sits in a phantom chair atop the stage.

McPherson - The Cedars - The Cedars is a retirement center, one of the past residents of the south unit used to walk up and down the halls with a funny little hat on, years after he died new residents of the facility who had never met him say during some nights the see a figure with some type of hat on roaming from room to room, the staff on the noc shift report seeing this figure too.

McPherson - McPherson Middle School- Haunted by the ghost of a WPA worker who was killed during the construction of the school. Stories vary, but he may have been killed in the auditorium. Many teachers over the years have reported hearing strange noises, footsteps and movements late at night or early in the morning when no one else should be there.

Medicine Lodge - Flowerpot Mountain - The story of this place has lived among the locals and not sure if it is fact or myth, however the story goes: In the early settlers days pioneers settled on flowertop mountain and they believed the indians were peaceful however one fateful day their opinion changed. The way this was discovered was through a riddle passed down through generations about a diary kept by a woman on that spot. The riddle was eventually solved and revealed a location of the supposed diary. The location was a gnarled tree at the top of flowertop and sure enough there stood a small dead tree that stood out from the rest. "Historians" dug up around the tree and found the diary. The woman talked about how the Indians were peaceful but the last entry out of nowhere stated. "Indians Hostile". It is along with the story that every settler was murdered and to this day that gnarled tree still stands. The odd thing about the tree is that it leans north and its branches point north while everything on the other side of it is dead, but the trees around it lean south and the north sides the dead or dieing branches. - **A few more points of interest about this place** It has been rumored that a cult was active in this very location back in the late 80s and early 90s and cows around the area were found dead with one thing wrong, their utters were sliced off, but not by animals because the cuts were too strait and clean. Those utters were then sacrificed by the cult on flowertop, a trail that no cow could have taken leads to the top.

Mission - St. Michaels and All Angels Episcopal Church - There have been sightings of a ghost haunting the choir room in the basement.

Montgomery - Coffeyville - Dale apartments - Tenants describe shadow phenomenon, as well as noises from nowhere, doors slamming, screams from nowhere, etc.

Mulvane - Pizza Hut - Late at night somebody prepares pizza crust. It has been said when the store is opened in the mornings the music is playing loud. At one table it appears that somebody has eaten a full course meal.

Ness City - Old Ness County Bank Building - In the 1960's the second floor was rented as apartments to some older women. After the passed away nobody else every lived there. To this day many people claim to hear footsteps in the hallway and when you check to see if anyone was coming there would be no one.

Newton - Old Mill Plaza - Haunted by an old lady that walks around in olden day cloths very white she is in an old gray dress when followed her she disappears.

Nickerson - Nickerson grave yard - Reports of a gaudian spirit, sometimes looking like a woman, other times a strange light or a demon. The legend is if you have famiy burried there then you will never be harmed.

Olathe - Cry Baby Bridge - There are rumors of sacrifices held at the bridge. It is said that if you go there at night, park in the middle of the bridge, turn your car off with the windows down, you will hear babies crying. Then when you go to turn your car on, it will not start!

Olathe - New Century Air Center - This location is the former Olathe Naval Air Station, a combat pilot training center from WWII through the Vietnam era. The base was turned over to the local Johnson County Government in the Early 1970s and converted into a commercial airport, industrial complex and business center. Sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s, A botched night landing in bad weather resulted in a pilot loosing his life when he missed the runway and ended up a ball of JP4 fire in the side of an aircraft hangar. This hangar complex on to which, the airport control tower is connected, is the current home to an Army Reserve Chinook helicopter unit. Paranormal events occur throughout the building. Security guards report voices, whistles, footsteps on the floor and on overhead catwalks. Locks refuse to stay locked and doors open and close without wind or human intervention. Even the occasional apparition makes an appearance. The New Century Air Center was featured last year on an A&E special, "Haunted America."

Ottawa - Municipal Auditorium - Footsteps go across the stage when no one is there. Voices carry on conversations just out of understanding range, usually downstairs. Chairs may move from where they are set in the mezzanine.

Overland Park - Stanley - Old Stanley Hotel - Old gentlemen that resided in the hotel who suffered from schizophrenia frequently saw a woman in a white dress floating over his armoire and when he would reach out to her she would disappear. Since years have passed several unexplained incidents have occurred i.e.; The 3rd floor of the old hotel caught fire on July 4th, 1983 and during the fire some say they saw the devil in the flames. Several occasions footsteps have been heard coming from the 3rd floor and one incident a person was seen on the 3rd floor, but no one was ever found. Window shades roll up and down by themselves. The original owner of the hotel was killed in front of the house, run over by a horse and buggy. His wife, Maude, never recovered and always felt George was still with her in the hotel. The hotel is now 126 years old and still today the unexplained still occurs.

Overland Park - Stonewall Inn - The pizza parlor in the old Stonewall Inn is accepted by most as no less then haunted. The manager has reported many spooky occurrences after closing time. Every night after closing time when the manager is the only one left he locks himself in. He then sets about pushing tables to the back and stacking chairs after which he retires to his office for a smoke. More times then would probably be desired he comes back to find the tables pushed back out and the chairs untracked. Both put back in their original positions by unseen hands.

Paola - Paola High School - the former head of maintenance haunts the school where he died.

Park City - The Backtrail - One of the ghost was murdered back in these woods several years ago. It was by her husband who had caught her in a deep love affair. Little did he now that she was pregnant. Now her soul can't rest. So she takes it out on the kids who travel this trail. The second tale of a different ghost is a strange one. Jacob was riding his bike down the trail. This trail is a pretty easy to ride on except for one spot. We know it as deadman's curve. We'll when he got to this spot he was picking up speed so he tried to slam on the brakes. But for some reason his brakes were not working. So he road his speeding death trap down the wrong path. His front tire hit a root sticking up from the ground and it sent him flying head first into a tree. His lifeless body floated down the creek never to be seen again. Some say it was the wife who killed him.

Parsons - Army Ammunition Plant - An explosion in the late 1980s killed two workers, a man and a woman, and closed the plant for more than two years. When work resumed in 1990, just in time for the Persian Gulf War, part of the building was closed. To prevent sympathetic detonation in case of an accident, work areas were located several hundred yards apart, connected by ramshackle, unpainted, wasp-infested wooden ramps. Inspectors, supervisors and parts managers rode old-fashioned bicycles with wire handlebar baskets between areas. They used thumb-operated bicycle bells to alert other bikers and "pedestrians" before crossing an intersection or entering an adjoining hallway. As production of the cluster bombs continued -- with 202 bombs tucked inside each one -- rumors spread that the workers killed by a single exploding bomblet was haunting the closed area of the plant. Only two of the employees who survived the explosion returned to the plant, but they each began to have nightmares about their former co-worker; one was being chased through the dark, wooden ramps by the woman, whose face was destroyed in the blast by flying shrapnel. The other survivor was plagued by visions of a male co-worker being vaporized from the waist up by the explosion, his legs, shielded by the thick steel work table, beginning to turn and run without its upper body. In the dreams, they kept running. Finally, one night two inspectors and a parts manager decided to explore the closed ramp. There were no lights in the area, and the workers hadn't thought to bring a flashlight. Still, they crept ahead into the dark. About 100 feet or so up the hall, the air cooled noticeably. The men walked a few feet further until, from around a bend ahead of them, they heard it: a metallic ringing. A bicycle bell rang twice in the pitch black, abandoned hall. Brrrng, brrrng! Then, after a pause, twice more: Brrrng, brrrng! The men, already nervous because of the dark and cold, fled back down the ramp to the light. After catching their breath, they agreed they had heard a bicycle bell, precisely the type bell used by the company's supervisors, inspectors, etc. for transportation in the labyrinthine plant. They agreed that the sound had come from ahead of them, not behind, and they agreed it wasn't likely anyone could have been in the ramp ahead of them with a bicycle.

Pittsburg - Lakeside School - In the Basement you get creepy feelings. The lights in the Auditorium will sway. Pentagrams will be scratched into the ten-foot tall ceiling. Things will fly across the room. You can see a ghost of a man with dark brown curly hair in a racecar uniform. You can also sometimes see soldiers.

Pittsburg - Pittsburg Middle School - There is many diffrent creepy things that goes on in the Pittsburg Middle School. Many people have heard stories about the toillets flush by them selves and the doors open and close by them selves. It is said that there used to be a piano up in the very top of the school that would play by it self.It is also said that someone died in the pool, and it is said that someone saw a little girl walking in the halls. These things just give you the creeps when you have to be at the school almost all day long. The school has blackouts for no reason and every one gets scared.

Pittsburg - Pittsburgh State University - McCray Hall - Music Department - Sightings of a lady in a black dress. The Pipe organ is heard playing at night. Sudden temperature variations. Strange movements from corners of eyes. If wanting to investigate, please contact the university to ask permission to investigate.

Powhattan - Kickapoo Nation School - March 2008 Has been removed.

Pratt - Lemon's Park - a man parked his car on the south end of the park and committed suicide, several kids were involved in a fatal car accident on the same end of the park, and satanic worship goes on in the woods on the south end of the park. the park is haunted, and VERY creepy at night!

Prairie Village - Homestead Country Club - In the restaurant, there have always been several reports of cold spots, especially at one specific table where there is no draft. In the kitchen, as well as the dining room, there have been reports from diners and workers of strange occurrences: voices, movement of various objects, unseen people touching them, non-specific peripheral vision sightings. Employees have seen objects fly through the air when nobody was there to throw them. 2 workers narrowly escaped injury from flying knives, one, a waiter/busser, was almost hit in the head by a large knife, and has also seen tables and chairs, etc. move by themselves. A man once died of a heart attack in the tennis court and has been seen by many people, all of which described the same man in the same area.

Rural Niotaze - The Sandhills - El Cado Cemetery - Witnesses claim to have seen a misty-white figure darting between the trees, and heard lots of strange noise such as voices, laughing, rattling and clanking. It has become a popular "party spot" for the young people, many of who have gone there with a "no fear" attitude...only to flee in fear due to an unexplainable experience they cannot justify. When asked, most said they would NEVER go back again.

Salina - Salina Central High School - The belife it is haunted teacher.(the identity is not know) Witnesses have experienced many noises, footsteps, doors closing, banging, and lights going off and on by themselves. All the 3rd shift janitors carry boomboxes so they cannot hear the noises she makes. No one has ever seen her but everyone has had pranks played on them by her. This haunting was also discussed on AM 1150 radio as one of Salina's famous hauntings. - December 2003 Update/correction: this one is rather accurate but the version that The submitter of this correction/update has heard from many is that it is haunted by a girl that was the lead in a play and killed in a car accident on the way to opening night. They would hear scratching on the office windows and pounding on the ceiling and doors, while possibly caused by a spiritual presence they believe most of the noises are caused by a living presence for the place is plagued with bats that fly through the halls all through the night. - September 2004 Update: it is actually said that the girl seen is the girl that had the lead part in a play. she was to clean the red curtains in salina central high auditorium. the night of the play she was in a horrible car accident the curtains were in her hand. the curtains were return to the school and it is said she is seen at night dancing on the stage through out the curtains. but the nights of concerts she is seen backstage with a scowl face. she had long blonde hair and considered very beautiful. she was seen behind the band dancing to the music being played. slight breeze would grow through out the stage and curtains would be moved.

Silver Lake - Barber Shop - Man who was killed "accidentally" while getting a shave is still seen inside the shop.

Stull - Stull Cemetery and abandoned church- Update: The church has since been torn down - Stull is said to be one of the six gateways to hell. The devil had a child with a local witch. The witch was hung in a tree and the boy was killed. The tree that she was hung from fell over and opened a gateway to hell. Many stories say that a large group of people went out into the cemetery on Halloween and the next day they were found all slaughtered. Witnesses report a demon like creature watching them from the doorway of the abandoned church on the hill of the cemetery. Do not go in the cemetery. Many bad things could happen.

Stull - Stull Cemetery - evil sprints and entities are said to live here.

Tescott - Tescott Grade School - There was a man that ran into the trophy case. He died. He still haunts the school. The first principal of the school died and haunts the school too. There were reports of 3 hauntings there.

Topeka - Capital Building - It is said that a woman killed herself by jumping off the staircase that leads up to the top of the dome. Sometimes in the basement you can hear footsteps and her crying.

Topeka - Dorothy Thomas School of Dance - The studio has been in the basement of a home since 1942. Dorothy passed away in 1988 and all of this started then. There have been what sounds like 150 people tap dancing at 3 am. The lights go off and on by themselves. An old broken down piano plays Sweet Georgia Brown and Tea For Two by it's self late at night. Music boxes turn on by themselves. Footsteps in the attic. Lots of whispering and the stereo will turn on by its self.

Topeka - Gardner House - this house is home to a poltergeist.

Topeka - Harrison Church - This church is one of the most haunted places in Kansas. This church was a normal church until one-day possessed by the Devil and is now abandoned. People say they hear screams and a little girl crying. Do not go there unless you are wanting a fright.

Topeka - Rochester Cemetery - The Albino Lady is seen often in the cemetery

Topeka - Kansas Department of Health and Environment - at the KDHE there are said to be two different ghosts that haunt that place. George and Sam are their names and their stories are just about all other ghosts they died a horrible death and they can go till it avenged.

Topeka - North Topeka Moose Lodge - Three spirits have tied themselves to this building-the most famous being a police officer shot by a burglar he surprised on the roof, the other two are women inexplicably tied to an armchair in the ladies' room and loveseat in the hall at the lodge.  it has been reported that a custodian cleaning the ladies room there set a trashbag on the armchair, only to see it immediately fly across the room.

Topeka - Overland station - Former ATSF train station reportedly haunted by at least three entities: One is a woman occasionally seen dressed in early 20th century apparel on the second floor of the station, another sighting is of a former ticket-clerk who is often seen at "his" ticket booth, and a small boy, possibly ten years old often appears in pictures taken outside the building, as well as in reflections in the windows of the station.

Topeka - Topeka Country Club - Apparitions have been seen and heard. Employees and security are all afraid to go upstairs alone. Sometimes if you go out late at night alone the lights will be on and loud music playing though no one is there and all was quiet earlier. The building is alarmed so it is impossible for someone to go in and play a joke. Very creepy when you are alone at night.

Topeka - Topeka High School - Topeka High School is one of the oldest schools in Topeka. There are tunnels beneath the school and is supposedly built over a graveyard. There have been witnesses of ghosts and even pictures. When said to be alone, there has been conversations between the ghosts. Also, there have been weird things that have happened to teachers and students in the halls and classrooms when they are alone. Students say “even though this school is thought to be haunted, it is still the best high school ever!!”

Topeka - Topeka State Hospital - Very large facility, opened in 1872-closed 1997, at one time the site of Kansas' hospital for criminally insane.  Orbs, apparitions in windows, voices and music heard from many of the buildings on campus.  1,157 people are buried in the cemetery on site-95 percent are in unmarked graves.  Local PD still patrol the area, although several have stated they hesitate to enter the grounds at night.

Towanda - Wilburs Grocery - It is said that this grocery used to be an orphanage and also a home for wayward woman. Truckers used to sleep in the basement of the building. This is one of the oldest buildings in Towanda. Many of the women that worked at the grocery have said to see potato chips, grocery carts moving on their own, the smell of fresh coffee, and cold air coming from no where. One lady that was closing up for the evening had put up all of the mops and brooms on hangers for the night and also checked the freezer to make sure it was closed up tight. The next morning when she opened the store the freezer door was wide open and all of the brooms and mops were lying on the floor in one little pile. Another Lady said to have something come up and touch her on her head and play with her hair. Something was always untying their aprons. Each time a person could feel the cold chill in the air and the hair rise on their arms.

Ulysses - Red Rock Elementary School - It is haunted by a little girl she walks in a certain hallway near the cafeteria

Valley Center - Theorosa's Bridge - There are several legends about this bridge but the basis of all is that a child was drowned in the creek below and her mother is calling out to her, looking for her baby. The bridge burnt down in 1974 but you can still go to the sight today. People report strange noises, lights, and the weather is never the same in the area as it is elsewhere. If you call out to Theorosa and tell her you have her baby she will come up from the water and attack you.

Wamego - Columbian Theater - Reports of lights turning on and off in the basement, and on the main theater floor, props mysteriously move from place to place sounds of moaning and climbing of stairs in utter silence. One report says the fire alarm mysteriously went off with no one around, the doors locked, and the lights turned off for the night, very disturbing to passers by, tunnels found in the basement lead to a mansion in town that lead also to the old morgue.

Wamego - Wamego's alleys - Reports of David White's ghost haunting the carnival.

Wichita - Bel Aire - when the Bel Aire water tower was being built a man snuck into the construction site and climbed the tower, he slipped and fell inside falling a horrible 183 feet to his death, when workers discovered he fell, they would have had to taken the tower apart to retrieve the body so they just built the tower over him, they say if anyone climbs the fence around the tower u can hear him inside tapping on the walls trying to have get out.

Wichita - The Broadview Hotel in Old Town - Reports of lights flickering on and off only in the rooms not in the hallway. Within seconds of leaving a room furniture would be rearranged. The doors while they shake violently only to find no one on the other side.

Wichita - Brooks Middle School - it is said that locker 303 is haunted by a little girl who got raped and killed in the auditorium, then got stuffed in the locker. if you go down that hallway by yourself, people say that you can smell her deceased body from the locker. it is also said that if you yell down that hallway, it is the only hallway that echoes.

Wichita - Henrion Gymnasium - Now housing the Sculpture/Ceramics departments. It has been said that it is haunted by an old maintenance worker who was accidentally electrocuted in the 1950's. The story goes that this worker stood up and came into contact with a live wire without his hardhat on, and was killed. Stories have it that it is him that is sometimes seen late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.

Wichita - Jesters Creek/Theorosas Bridge - for almost 150 years ghost hunters and curious people have traveled to an old crumbling bridge near Wichita known to be haunted by restless spirit of an agonized mother desperately seeking her murdered baby. the restless spirits of many of dead continue to hover around the bridge. many people have died there it is a place of great sadness

Wichita - McConnell Airforce Base - People have been known to hear strange sounds while performing maintenance on the aircraft, and lights going on and off without any explanation. They say on Halloween night if it is foggy out, a WW2 aircraft with appear to land on the runway then disappear into the fog.

Wichita - Rest Haven Cemetery - Amateur ghost hunters claim to have captured a child’s voice and capture anomalies on film.

Wichita - Robinson Middle School - There's a lady/girl that walks around the hall ways after dark. She makes the locks of the lockers clank, and bounce against them.

Wichita - Wichita State University - Many students have complained of mysterious footsteps and unknown knocking on doors, and closing and shutting of doors, televisions turning on by themselves. gray dress when followed her she disappears.

Wichita - Wichita State University - Wilner Auditorium - several accounts of voices, doors opening and closing, and lights flickering have been noticed by students. The ghost is believed to be that of building namesake.


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