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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Carlow - Scraggs Alley - Reports of ghost sightings in the front bar and on the third floor and doors locking and furniture moving. Staff members have witnessed these events.

Charleville Castle - It was a dreadful castle in the late 1800s, and there have probably been more deaths in that place than you can name. As soon as you go in you experience paranormal activity. The dungeon is probably the most haunted room.

Coleraine - Whispering Pines - Whispering Pines was one of the last houses to be built on the site of Mountsandel (one of the first discovered places in Ireland).It has a lot of old antiques collected in the house such as the old grandfather clock and the old pine piano. At night the chandelier at the staircase can sway from side to side. On occasion the owners have heard the old piano playing and loud moaning and whispers coming from the utility room at night.

Cork - Commodore hotel - well in a room at the top of the hotel when u stay there at night you can hear the crying of a baby who was found in a cupboard dead years ago.

County Mayo - Cong - Cong Abbey - Cong Abbey in Cong, County Mayo, Ireland is about an hour and a half north of Galway City. Photos taken showed a strange mist that did not show up in all the pictures.

Dungannon - Scotch Street - It is said at night a large woman is said to stalk up and down the street holding a spear.

Fermanagh - Garrison - Outside of Garrison, about mile out of the town. There this field that has a small tree in it. Some locals call it a "Fairy Tree?. Apparitions, hearing your name called, and things seem to fly in your face quickly.

Galway - Maam Cross - On an old dirt road going along side a large hill at night on one of the sharp turns you can see an old man standing in the middle of the road. If you're in a car as you drive throw the road he stays there and passes right through your car and you if you're in the way. If you turn around and look back after he passed through the car and/or you he is still standing there but he's turned and looking back at you very sadly.

Kildare - Clongowes Wood College - There are a lot of different stories of hauntings in this area. Many accidents on the road outside the college have reportedly been caused by drivers swerving to avoid a young child crossing the road. This child has always mysteriously disappeared. People in the college who look out at the front gates at midnight can see a coach and four horses. There have also been many sightings of ghosts in the building, and some students have left because of this. In the history of Clongowes, before it was a school it was at one time owned by a family of one son and 2 daughters. When the parents died, the son went off to war. The sisters were in a room sewing and reading when he came in. they stood up to welcome him home but he turned and left the room and disappeared. 2 weeks later they got word that he had died in action on the day they had seen him.

Kinsale - Charles fort - Many years ago, a newly married woman plunged to her death of the battlements of Charles fort after her husband (an officer) was shot for falling asleep on duty. Her spirit now haunts the battlements of this ruined fort and is well known around the town of Kinsale, the people of which called her the white lady.

Leap - Leap Castle - Possibly up to 20 spirits haunt this 14th century castle.? The "Bloody Chapel", where a warrior reportedly slaughtered his brother over the alter, is haunted by a priest who runs past the doorway.? The basement is said to be haunted by the "Irish Elemental", which will attack if provoked.? It is seen throughout the castle and the ruins outside.? The owner is not open to investigators, although he did let TAPS in earlier this year (2006).? Their evidence included 2 EVPS.

Monaghan - Emyvale - it is known that a very old man walks up and down Emyvale street moaning and groaning and calling for his wife which her name is 'Mary?. She was butchered to death on Emyvale street 200 years ago by some bandits. Some people have seen him walking at 12 midnight.

Northern Ireland - Antrim - Mussenden temple - blood can be seen on the floor of the library, which quickly disappears in a few minutes. Also, a pentacle was laid out on the floor, but was removed by the National Trust, for some unexplained reason.

Northern Ireland - Ballymoney - main street - It is said that on certain days of the year including Friday the 13th Halloween and the anniversary of his death that George 'Bloody' Hutchinsons ghost has to walk to the bottom of main street, then back to the top between 12 midnight and 1 am with a ball and chain around his ankles and if he does not do it within the witching hour his soul will vanish off the face of the earth forever. Spooky things have been reported at his grave as well.

Northern Ireland - Ballymena - The White Gates - The Crebilly area in Ballymena is well known for being haunted. Just off the Crebilly road, is another road which will take you to The White Gates. There is an old house situated at the bottom of a lane, on the other side of the gates. Years ago, a horseman stole a large amount of money from the inhabitants of the house, and started to ride off towards the gates. When he reached the gates, some guards were waiting with wire stretched along the gates, which, when the horseman rode through, de-capitated his head. On Halloween night it is reported that at midnight, you can hear the horses hoolves, and you will see the headless horseman riding towards The White Gates.

Northern Ireland - Belfast - Vicarage Street- June 2008 ? Has been removed.

Northern Ireland - Larne - Ballyboley Forest - Local legend tells that this was an ancient Druid site. There are distinctive marks (circular trenches and stone formations) embedded into the ground towards the north east part of the forest, long grown over, but still quite obvious. During the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries there were supposed disappearances of a number of people living in the area. Even today the place sends a shiver down the spine, people are wary to venture off the tracks (you need to find the marking sites). Reports of shadowy figures walking among the trees or strange animal like noises have been had on many occasions. The place was opened as a national park by the council, with paths been laid down for walking routes, but very few people, in fact nearly no one ever goes there now. There has been a fair few modern events in the forest that have given the place a creepy reputation. Back in 1994 there was an incident were a young couple witnessed a massing of black smoke and the sounds of a screaming voices in the near distance from their position, they quickly left the forest. On another date (1997, this is actually in a news paper report!) two men say that they were in the forest when they heard a loud flapping sound. They thought nothing of it at first but as they got continued walking they started to hear other strange sounds like a lady moaning in pain. They thought someone was in trouble and left the track to enter the forest to find the distressed lady. Their horror began when they came to a place where the trees were smeared thickly with blood. They found no lady but the strange sounds started again very close to their position. As they fled in terror one man looked behind him and seen four human shaped figures in the forest behind him (standing motionless, not pursuing), where previously there had been no one there. They were clad in brown rags and had their head covered as well. In addition to the ground markings there are also rumored to be natural footpaths in parts of the forest (I cannot confirm this). It is said the forest contains a gateway to what the Celtic called "The Otherworld". It is also said by some people that they get a feeling that "something in the forest is watching me". There are many stories and superstitions about the place, how many are true you can only guess at, but something has definitely happened up there to scare local people and give the place such a reputation.

Northern Ireland - Magherafelt - Olivands Hill - Years gone by it was the highest point in the town, on top of the hill was an old farm house surrounded by 5 Large Oaks, it was here criminals were sentenced to death by hanging. The most famous was of the hanging of a young lady who was heavily pregnant at the time, this was different though because she took her own life due to the shame of being pregnant before marriage. Her ghost not only haunts the grounds but also the house itself, many families have lived in and left the house due to the continuous sightings, it was empty for some years when a family moved in, the sightings got less and less but not forgotten it is said she wanders about the grounds weeping wearing an old grey dress

Northern Ireland - Newtownards - Newtownards War Memorial - According to my grandfather, when was a boy walking home late one night in Summer, he noticed a very well dressed man standing by the War Memorial. What struck him about this gent, was his clothing as it off the Victorian era. Thinking nothing more of this he asked his mother about this well dressed man, and she said that he was a rich man (bank manager) waiting on a lift home. he never made it home, but was 'mugged' beaten and left dead. It seems that this gent waits on his lift to this day.

Northern Ireland - Sion Mills - Co. Tyrone - A man who died at a cricket match haunts the cricket field. He walks out every night wearing cricket gear and disappears.

Northern Ireland - Sion Mills - Co.Tyrone - The High Sion road - This happened years ago. A Banshee was thought to have been heard up the high sion road. This area is mostly countryside and trees. A man heard the moans of the Banshee and this scared him alot and made him hang himself from a tall tree. The rope still hangs there today.

Northern Ireland - Sion Mills - Co. Tyrone - The old Railway bridge - This bridge has been out of service for years and people who walk across it have heard train sounds from behind them. When they look behind there is nothing there. If that's not bad, people have also fallen to their death from the bridge into the river below. A person who was walking around that area at night with his dog, saw a white ghostly figure emerge from the water. He said the figure stood there and walked back into the water. His dog ran away howling. This has been seen by many people before.

Northern Ireland - Sion Mills - The Mourne River - People have experienced unexplainable things here and near a large tree the sound of chains rattling and loud footsteps.

Pirtrush - Dunluce Castle - Dunluce Castle is perched on the edge of a high cliff. When the castle was lived in there was a terrible accident one night when part of the kitchens fell into the sea, taking most of the servants with it. On certain nights you can still hear the screams of the people as they fell.

Roscre - Black Death Hospital - The black death hospital lies in a padok in Roscre Ireland it is known by locals so ask for the right location. The hospital was the children?s hospital dealing with all the suffered of the black death. About 10 years ago they were digging some sewer pipes and suddenly without warning the skulls and bones of 50 plus children fell into the ditch! Noone not even the locals will stay here at night as the children?s ghosts "or as legend goes" will lure you to your death so you can join them.

Southern Ireland- Birr - Roscrea - Leap Castle - Reports of a presence accompanied by a bad odor.

Southern Ireland - Dublin - The Dublin Hellfire Club - Built in the 1700s as a hunting lodge, it was taken over almost immediately by aristocratic upper class members of society in Northern Ireland. They started the "Hellfire Club" where they performed satanic rituals, animal and human sacrifices and many other horrific things. Locals stay away from it ant night and only a few known tourists have ever ventured inside at night. They all report seeing dark figures and shadows walking and running through rooms and behind stones outside. Once, two girls went there for a visit, put their sleeping bags inside and went for a walk around the building outside. From outside, they saw a dark shadow cross the room where they had left their things. One of the girls wanted desperately to return to the Inn where they were registered as guests, but they would have had to cross the huge forests surrounding the building, which they said they could not do. They went back inside the club and went up to the top floor where they got to the top landing. They reported feeling safe and relieved on that landing and could not bring themselves to wander back anywhere else including outside until dawn. It is rumored that when the club was active hundreds of years ago, people would sometimes get lost at night and accidentally wanders inside the club and be forced to participate in rituals. Some would not survive the night, and others spent the rest of their lives wandering in a sort of horrified blindness. The landing where the girls found refuge had reportedly been blessed by a priest in the area in the early 1800s and an exorcist was brought in the late 1800s. Nobody has ever visited the site at night and not reported being scared out of their minds.

Southern Ireland - Leap Castle - There is a devilish creature that walking the castle. It is believed that the creature was created from the spirits of all of the men and women who were killed there.

Tijuana - Old Agua Caliente Casino - The old casino now houses a High School and it is said that on rainy nights you can see the apparition of a singer who use to perform at the casino in the 40's. Its said that if you follow the woman you'll find 2 chests of money. The story goes that she poisoned her lover and he chased her for the antidote and when she wouldn't give it to him, he shot her obviously sealing his fate and that of the money.

Tipperary - Glen of Aherlow - There are many hauntings in the Glen, namely that a certain area, Ballinacourty, is cursed. The story dates back to when Massy Dawson was the English landlord, and lived in the 'Big House', Ballinacourty House. one day a tenants wife went to one of the sheriffs asking him to make her lazy son work hard for one day. The sheriff took him, but when the mother went to collect him for the day, she found him hanging from the infamous 'Hanging Tree'. There and then she cursed all those that ever lived in Ballinacourty, that at least one member of the family would die. Although the main house burned down years ago, the curse lives on, if one would just check the death records for that area...

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