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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Jakarta - Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital - It has a lot of scary ghost. A doctor with surgery knife and hands full of blood, a nurse who always warns the doctors if there's an emergency patients, and also the spirits of dead people. Usually they wander at night and show their form to somebody who's alone.

Jakarta - Jakarta History Museum - This place was used by the Dutch Colonials as a city hall, and the main court was used to hang a number of Chinese peoples, in the night sometimes a few ghosts can be seen there, the prison was believed to be haunted by number of ghosts, also when you enter the building you can feel a strange feeling

Jakarta - Jembatan Ancol - It is said that a young woman was rapped, she was rapped in Jembatan Ancol or Ancol bridge. She was then murdered. Until this day people have said that they see her walking around at night. I myself too have seen her.

Jakarta - Jeruk Purut Cemetery - It's an old cemetery...Well, It's been a legend here that once there was a priest/pastor that died here with his head cut off, and this priest/pastor is always accompanied by his dog wherever he goes.

Jakarta - Tarumanagara University - In the 13th Fl, there's a photocopy facilities. And the people that work there admitted that every noon about 18.00 they can see a head flying trough with out his head. Don't know what caused his/her death but it seems that his/her soul can't rest in peace yet because of some thing that is unfinished yet.

Jakarta - University of Pancasila - when you are using the lift into upstairs, for example you want to go to 3rd floor but suddenly you are already in 4th floor

Semarang - Lawang Sewu - Lawang Sewu means thousand doors. This is a building with thousand doors with the Netherlands Architecture left by the Netherlands colonialism in 19th century. If we go inside this old building, we can see many kind of ghosts, like ghost with no head, Holland young lady killed herself and hang in the door, scream, and so on. I suggest you to come to this building, be careful of getting lost, because this building has 1000 doors.

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