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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

American Falls - Hospital - The hospital is also a nursing home and many have died there. The night staff has had call buzzers go off in the nursing home; the hospital is so old that the buzzers cannot be reset at the nurses station and have to be reset in the room. The buttons have been pushed in the men?s and ladies restrooms and the patients aren?t able to go and push the button without being moved by staff, in other words they aren?t mobile. Also the doctor for whom the hospital is named visits sometimes and leaves behind a smell of cigar smoke. As well as various elderly residents who appear as a flicker from the corner of your eye or seated in a chair down a long dark hall. There is also a tall man who seems to like to stand near the entryway and monitor that everyone is doing their job.

Athol - The Brig at Farragut State Park - This location was said to be the site of a homicide and at least one suicide during World War II, when Farragut Naval Base was home to more than 300,000 servicemen. The former brig, which is the only original building remaining on what is now a state park and camping area, has been the scene of several apparitions, all described in detail by at least half a dozen state employees. These employees worked in the brig building, which was for many years used as a state parks maintenance building. All of the employees who encountered a ghostly visitor talked about a balding man who might have been in some kind of uniform - possibly prisoner's garb. Others, who did not see the apparition, talked about hair-raising experiences with large objects being mysteriously "relocated" or objects flying across the cells - which still exist in the building, bars and all.

Arco - old cafe - sometimes if you walk into the cafe in mid afternoon and find a piece of paper and a pen laying beside each other knock them off of something. Come back about fifteen minutes later and sometimes you will see writing, Write, ?what is my name? hold the piece of paper tightly to your chest and hold the pen out as far as you can in front of you. Chances are it will say your name.

Baker Creek - The Wood River Camp - is supposed to be haunted by a well known immigrant miner some call Russian John. The sightings of the apparition began in the 1920's.

Boise - Boise State University - dorm room - A young girl hung herself after finding her love with someone else. She is said to still make her presence known.

Boise - Boise State University - The Murder House - Now a Frat House - The house, located off of Broadway and Linden had a brutal murder about 30 years ago. A man cut up a number of people and dragged their mutilated body parts around the neighboring area. Bloodstains on the walls can still be seen, and blinds on the front window will open and close randomly. Sometimes if you go at night, and the blinds are open in the front window, you can see a lady standing there, looking out the window. The house is now a Frat house for Boise State University.

Boise - Centennial Golf Course -This golf course is one of the oldest in Idaho. It has been around since prohibition times. As my wife was cleaning the upstairs of the main office area there was a presence felt. There was also a shadow that would follow her around.

Boise - Cottonwood cemetery - Reports of children buried in the cemetery roaming around the area. Also the ghost of a woman has been seen in the cemetery and in the school near the cemetery.

Boise - Discovery St. and Chinden - In the area of Joplin Cemetery on Chinden rd, and the surrounding six block radius, there has been supernatural presences seen and felt around that area. some of the specters there may even be related to me. my friend used to work in that area and has also reported odd things happening after 9 o?clock.

Boise - Dry Creek Cemetery - any time past 2:15am,if you walk to the edge where the canal is on the high cliff, you can hear a horse running on the canal bank but cannot see it.

Boise - Loon Creek - ghost of Manuel Sato haunts the hills around the creek.

Boise - Night Moves Gentlemen's Club - Employees and patrons of this club have reported many sightings of apparitions, cold spots, ghostly mischief such as swinging chandeliers, thrown objects, and even appearing in photographs. Managers refuse to talk about the spirits; they have been scared too many times. It is believed several spirits haunt this club, including a little girl. Supposedly the building site is a former warehouse. The club is located at 4348 W. State Street.

Boise - Old State Penitentiary - me and my friends go out there at night and climbed under the fence so we could explore. Witnesses have felt strong feelings of uneasiness and also felt presences. And reports in a room and there was no way any light could have come in but there were flashing lights.

Boise - The Field - The Field is located on Fairveiw and Milwaukee Streets. It contains unmarked graves and people have claimed to hear strange laughing here during the night. Local myth says that the skulls of people cremated, that do not burn all the way, are stored in a room with boarded up windows. Many strange things have occurred here.

Bonner County - Colburn - Colburn Creek - Once in a while, usually during the summer nights, you can sometimes see a shadowy figure walking along the train tracks near the creek. The figure seems to be carrying a lantern. You can never get to close to him though, because he disappears.

Caldwell - Canyon Hill Cemetery - When you park between the trees facing the cemetery the midnight jogger will appear and tap on your window. She's runs around the cemetery at night but has no legs and just seems to hover there.

Caldwell - Canyon Hill Cemetery - Once you park in the middle of two trees facing the cemetery just like the midnight jogger turn your lights on high beam. Once we waited a while two of our friends decided to roam around the cemetery for fun one of them dared the other to walk forward and touch three that was a short distance away well she did and that is when we saw something black with it's arms crossed and it's head lying down like it is laying in a casket, at the very tip of the tree.

Caldwell - River Road Bridge - A long time ago a woman hung herself and if you drive out there at night, and turn off you car lights before crossing over the bridge you will see her shadow up on the side of the bridge. Also many people have jumped off the bridge and you can hear their splashes, but you wont see anything. There is also a light on the island out there that comes on at 7:00 pm every night, but there is not a house or even power lines going out there.

Caldwell/Nampa - Lake Lowell - Various shadows, sounds, and presences

Canyon County - Caldwell - Old Saratoga Hotel/Restaurant - It is said that the upper floors, the restaurant and bar areas were haunted. Reports of a chilling cold feeling upon opening doors to some of the guest rooms. Many nights, employees that were left to close up after hours experience moving chairs, swinging glass racks, and footsteps. After demolition of the ruins, a new office strip mall was built and many employees complain of strange noises.

Colburn - Colburn Cemetery - Colburn cemetery. Ghost of an old woman has been seen since the 1920s.

Couer D'Alene - The Bates Motel - Sherman Ave - Most of the rooms have shown some level some level of activity. Rooms #1 and #3 seem to be the most active with ashtrays falling off tables, lights flickering on and off and items left on tables changing positions. People have often reported "creepy feelings" in these two rooms. All activity seems to be non-threatening and somewhat benevolent. Before being turned into a motel in the early 50's it was an officers quarters for the Farragut Naval Base.

Couer D'Alene - Couer D' Alene High school - This is haunted by a strange apparition that haunt the auditorium of the school right before we turn out the lights for a play. After clean up from a production and right before; at the back of the auditorium is a ghostly figure that walks paces behind the last row of seats. The next day storage room doors are open and things are strewn about.

Coeur D'Alene - Senor Froggy - March 2008 update: Has been torn down to make way for town homes. - This favorite "Old Town" Mexican restaurant is built around an original structure that stood in the original "old town" of Coeur D'Alene near the lake. Restaurant workers often see "shadows" and feel a strange, "cold presence" while retrieving supplies in the cellar. Rumors have it that a construction worker lost his life when he fell while the foundation was being poured. His saw was left between the wall where he is said to have fallen. Last sighting was 7-06-2002. Public restrooms are across the basement hall from the stockroom where the shadows are spotted at any time of day. Guests will often be seen making a running exit up the basement stairs without any explanation. The most common remark to the restaurant manager is: "You know, that basement is really creepy!"

Emmett - Emmett Middle School - A former music teacher has, supposedly, manifested himself several times in various parts of the school.

Emmett - Plaza Bridge - Reports of strange sounds like a woman being dumped off the bridge by a mysterious old truck with no lights. Also babies crying and their mother looking for them and trying to shush them. There has also been reports of fingernails tapping and scratching on campers tents and partiers cars when they are sleeping in them down next to the bridge.

Fort Hall - The River Bottoms - Reports of hearing babies crying & report seeing a woman in white, with no face.

Genesee - Joyce Building - numerous spirits have been seen in this building.

Glens Ferry - old high school - ghost of old school-worker who died when she fell down the stairs haunts the school. There have been sightings and sometimes very late at night you can hear her screams.

Grangeville - Forest Service Building - there was a very old house on the site where the present day forest service building is. Witnesses heard footsteps, a voice singing, and someone speaking in a foreign language. Also reports of a shadow of something that walked right in front of them. It was darker than the room they were in. 1 witness swears that someone pulled his hair. Rumors that numerous Chinese slave laborers had been killed in the old days of the railroad being put into the area.

Idaho City - Boot Hill Cemetery - many of the people who met violent deaths and were buried here, still walk the grounds.

Idaho Falls - Ammon Cemetery - Many believe that it is a girl but after visiting the location several times in the last six months, there is no doubt that that is a boy in the tree. If you stop the car or get out you are not able to see him. But if you drive slow enough he will wave at you and sometimes get out of the tree and run up to the fence. We have never seen him past the fence. Legend has it that the ghost of a little girl haunts a tree in the cemetery. This tree is close to her grave and is a perfect climbing tree. The little girl reportedly sits in the tree and waves to passers-by. The little girl was an avid tree-climber and loved to play with the neighborhood kids before her death. Most accounts list her cause of death a drowning. Many people speculate that since she was so open and friendly in life, and her death was such a lonely one, she feels lonely and tries to make friends of the people who drive past on their way to or from the hills surrounding the town.

Idaho Falls - The China House - In the 1940's, a china couple moved in there. The husband found out that his wife had cancer. Later she died and it broke the husbands heart. In a rage, he lit the house on fire and hung himself on a tree next to the house. Reports of hearing footsteps and a man crying at night.

Idaho Falls - Eagle's Lounge and Rio theater - both right next to each other and part of one building more than 100 years old. The basement of the Eagle's Lounge was a mortuary and the very top floor was once a ballroom many many years ago. Many people claim that very strange things happen in both the theater and the ballroom.

Idaho Falls - The Lot - Legend has it that a house once stood on the spot where now is only a deserted lot, fenced in and hidden by the overgrowth of trees. There is no longer power or water service to this lot, but many people walking by have heard the sound of running water and seen the leaves of the trees light up as if the house were there and the rooms were lighted. Several witnesses have been inside and have reported that there are spirits of a family murdered by the father roaming around the yard. After roaming and exploring, a young man and his brother were spooked by sudden screams and tried to leave the lot, he knocked the ladder over and tried to climb the inside of the wall. He felt as if there were nails hammered through to the inside and he was being scratched. When his brother righted the ladder, they both climbed over the fence and escaped. The young man still has the scars, but there are no nails or nail holes in that fence and none of the neighbors had heard a thing. Also on several occasions that the 'apparition' of the house that stood there would appear with lighted windows. Upon further surveillance, figures could be seen passing by the windows and opening the front door. Children could be heard playing in the front yard, but could not be seen because of the high fence.

Idaho Falls - Near the falls in down town an old building next to the river - around 9-12 at night if you look toward the top of the building you can see a man jumping from the window to his death, every Wednesday of every week.

Idaho Falls - O'E Bell Jr High School - This school is the oldest school in Idaho falls that still stand's it was abandoned for a long time now it is offices and that heaven that they didn't make it into apartments like they wanted to. Before they started to fix it up. Witnesses say they could here children talking and laughing. legend has it that after the school shut down they would perform devil worshiping there. December Update: that O.E. Bell has been completely remodelled and now serves as an office building.

Idaho Falls - Rose Hill cemetery - There are two stories associated with Rose Hill cemetery, the first is in regards to a large square monument. Rumor says that if you knock on this large above ground tomb, that the inhabitant will knock back at you. The second states that there is a monument that says the name Wolf and has a large bite taken out of it. It is rumored to be the grave of a werewolf. May 2005 Update: A visitor investigated this site and reports, "concerning the tomb we only found one that matched the description of the tomb of which we knocked on but sadly there was no reply secondly after looking through the cemetery we could not find any stone with bite/scratch marks, though we didn?t look through all of it, so the wolf headstone could still be real" - April 2008 The description of the warewolf haunting comes as a result of 2 graves side by side in the Rose Hill Cemetery. One of a gentleman by the last man of Wolff and the other a gentleman by the name of Wear. The cemetery has since removed one of the headstones to a new location in the cemetery.

Kimama - old town site and desert - Late spring, summer and fall, when in the desert, you can sometimes hear whistling and singing. It sounds Russian. The desert is very quiet there. Watch out for snakes!! The old town was a water stop for Russian-Germans coming from South Dakota at the turn of the last century.

Kimberly - Stricker Ranch - Stricker Ranch was at one time part of the Oregon Trail where many people died because of the long journey. There is still today this day a small cemetery out in an open field. Where at certain times of the night people have sited ghosts running through the field. There is a particular cabin that people have sited the doors open and lights flickering inside. As soon as you are on the property you can immediately feel the presence of the people that once died there.

Lapwai - Nez Perce Head Start Program - it is a two story, red brick building, with a 100 x 50 foot courtyard in the middle. It is located on the west side of an open field, which is about the size of a football field. Directly across from this building (on the eastern-most side) used to stand an identical building, which burned down about 20 years ago. Finally, on the northern-most part of the field is another building, which was part of the other two, which has since been remodeled into the local school districts office. The point behind all of this, is that these buildings were once used as offices, dormitory's and also a TB hospital and sanitarium by the U.S. Calvary during the early settlement days. This area was called "Ft. Lapwai". The building has now been remodeled-extensively- and contains a total of 11 head start classes, with 4 of those classes for the ages of 0-3 years. it is these downstairs, baby rooms that have some of the most "activity" one particular incident occurred about a year ago, conveniently around Halloween! The last persons out of the building are usually the janitors. They usually run a check thru to make sure all of the night. early the next morning, the first person downstairs in the morning is the lead teacher. When he arrived in the morning, there was children's reading books, put into two separate lines on the floor, side-by-side, leading from one room to the office. No one had been in the building, nothing was missing, toys are often found as if they had been played with-after they had been put away, lights have been witnessed downstairs, apparitions have been seen, rocking chairs move without anyone in them, and other strange occurrences. Other rooms also have activity, but one room seems to have the most.

Lewiston - Lewiston Civic Theatre - Several years ago two girls were murdered in the theatre which used to be a church. Also that night the janitor disappeared and they still can't find him to this day. At night you can see the youngest girl climb up the stairs. She will also play tricks on you. There is also a phantasm there of a woman who was left at the altar when it was a church. You can see her roam through the seats crying. Also one of the old directors who passed away will sometimes come in late at night and sit down to watch a play. Strange feeling can be felt all around. September 2004 addition: there are, at any given time, no less than 70 spirits in the theatre. There's a trap door in the light booth that goes up to the rafters that has opened on its own. Lights turn on and off on their own. The chandelier spins in one direction for ten minutes, stops for five, and starts spinning is the same direction. Visitors lit candles on stage. Some blew out on their own. The ones that didn't blow out didn't burn when you put your hand in the flame. There was wailing that started from stage right and moved inhumanly fast to stage left. Floorboards move inexplicably. All the spirits there are harmless, of course, but it's still an exhilerating experience.

Lewitson - Waha Lake - An old Native American woman wanders around along the shore of the lake. When approached she recedes into the lake and disappears into a whirlpool.

The Malad City - Idaho Cemetery - has been know for years to have an old man walking around at night, at one time an old man had worked there for many years when released from his job he killed himself at the cemetery, some folks still see him at times pulling grass, or doing other things to make the cemetery look up kept. Also it has been known that a young woman walks around the cemetery at night, she is wearing a red dress.

Marsing - Homedale Marsing cemetery - Apon entering the cemetery at night a feeling of being closed in and severe saddness comes over you. Flashes of dancing lights appear over the headstones.There are alot of young people buried there. Eighteen years and younger.

McCall - Devil's Pond - spirits and apparitions have been reported at this site.

Meridian - Kit Kat Klub - Workers report seeing apparitions, hearing strange pounding sounds around the moments of the sightings.

Mullan - Pavilon - if you are down stars swimming you will hear people playing basketball or running when no one is there. Sometimes you can hear people from the locker rooms. some say there was a funeral held there for a kid that died from drinking and driving. some say a kid died in the pool down stars.

Murtaugh - Sidewinders Bar & Grill - Sidewinders was built in 1908.? Murtaugh, its townspeople, nearby Milner damn and irrigation workers, as well as Union Pacific workers suffered losses and unimaginable hardships back then.? For most of its existence this historic building served as the towns main gathering spot, message center, watering hole, gamblin' joint, not to mention, place of ill repute.? Through the years, many have witnessed a passing shadow, heard laughter, or tuned in to the saloon's piano playing at a distance.? These experiences most generally happen at different times, when patrons clear, leaving one sometimes two people to witness.?? Most notably and occurring frequently, the volume of the stereo or jukebox will peak to the max without warning or help from anyone close by. Rich in history and revered as a place to unwind, visit, and relax, no haunting experience at Sidewinders has ever been deemed threatening, violent, or harmful.???

Nampa - Gots Point - Lake Lowell - It is legend that a girl was killed while skiing here in the late 1970's. Many people have said to see her ghost sitting on the rocks of the shore, watching the water. Upon approaching her she disappears.

Nampa - NNU - A building now owned by the school used to be a hospital. There are some strange goings on that happen there occasionally.

Pierce - Bars and cafes - In this old mining town there seems to be a lot of spirits still stopping by for a visit, almost every one of the old bars and cafe have there own tales. some are at the Timber Inn, Cedar Inn has spirits and sounds of footsteps, Cedar used to be the Key Bar. The Flame bar has a couple ghosts also.? One of the most haunted seemed to be the Clearwater Hotel and bar, many customers have mentioned strange noises and seeing things.? The Clearwater is?now gone, but the ghosts still seem to hang around.

Pocatello - Ammon Park - The Idaho Ghost Hunters say that Ammon Park is haunted by a young girl in a blue dress that swings on the swings late at night.

Pocatello - Idaho State University - Frazier Hall - This building, which houses the speech and theatre departments, is supposedly haunted by a ghost the locals call Alex. Stories include phantom piano players, spectral audience members, and footsteps up and down the hall on the 4th floor.

Pocatello - Kraft Building - It is believed that a woman was tied up there and tortured and raped, and now in present day it is said that an occult forms there and sacrifices animals. So the city of Pocatello has closed it off to all visitors and public. - November 2003 Update: they have torn down most of it, and what was left of it has been renovated into offices.

Pocatello - Pocatello High School - while working late at night teachers have heard an alarm go of at the stroke of midnight, lasting for about 30 seconds in the vicinity of the old gymnasium. Janitors and administration have no explanation as the alarm sounds different from the modern motion detector alarms installed in the buildings. Apparitions have also been seen.

Pocatello - Stanfard Mansion - Is haunted by a girl who was locked in the tower of the mansion when she fell ill. My friends and have seen apparition of a man on the side of the front porch and a young boy in old century clothing sitting at the dining room table eating.

Potlatch - Old woman (ghost) seen walking around town lost in the middle of the night. Story- an old woman was declared missing about six or seven years ago and her body was recently discovered outside of town. They had to use a physic to find the body. She also wanders around the town park trying to find her home.

Preston - Bear river Massacre - There was a huge Indian massacre at bear river in the winter. The US Calvary killed men, women, and children as they starved to death. Now in the winter you can see footprints and hear babies crying.

Rexburg - Ricks College - Near the hart building, there was a little girl murdered. She still walks from the east door of the hart building to the Romney building, and then back to the hart again. She gets mad if you get in her path.

Roberts - B.J.'S Bayou Restaurant - Numerous spirits evidently inhabit this old building that once was a hotel. The building was flooded and abandoned after the Teton Flood of 1976. It was purchased and renovated in the 1980's and now houses a Cajun restaurant, bar, and residence of the owners. The owners report seeing and hearing evidence of haunting all of the time. They report the appearance of the spirit of a young girl, and the spirit of an old gentleman, possibly in a uniform.

Rupert - Kelly Bean Inc . - Witnesses report while they were working they saw and felt a strange presents and saw a black figure out of the corner of their eyes every night. They would see this between 7:00 and 9:30. This happened in the bean sorting room across the street from the main warehouseman other times they could smell food cooking when there was no way to cook in this room, There was nothing cooking out side our building or any other building close by.

Soda Springs - Enders Hotel - The hotel is very old but has had at least 4 million dollars put in for remodeling and such. Many go to the hotel not knowing of it's haunting history, but some people experience and others don't! The thing about the place is that there was a prostitute murdered in room 207... (women don't leave your husbands alone!), they say she wanders the halls at night looking for single men. And there is also a MEAN!!! ghost in the basement... NO BODY GOES IN THE BASEMENT!!! They say he was also murdered.

Soda Springs - Hooper Springs - There is a park with a pavilion, teeter totters, and some swings. The park use to have a set of swings on the north side of the pavilion and a swing with a big clown on. If you were to go out on certain nights the swings would be swinging so hard they would rap themselves around the top pole also if you were to drive around the pavilion three times, shut your vehicle off and flash the lights a few times and weight you would see a ghostly figure walk back and forth across a bridge

Shoshoni - Ice Caves - Employees and tourists have heard strange voices and footsteps inside the caves.

Twin Falls - River canyon near Singing Bridge - Multiple hand carved stairs down to a platform where there is a hand carved statue 0f the "devils Henchman" and carvings of 8 abducted children?s faces in the cave behind the Henchman.

Twin falls - Twin Falls Brewing Company - An old building, listed on the national historical register, now a brewery, pub and restaurant, used to be an old flour mill. Employees mentioned hearing footsteps and other strange noises. Reports of presences felt and unexplainable apparitions and disturbances also took place here. this activity has been given a the name of Flour Fred. There is a myth suggested about an occupational accident responsible for the lingering presence.

Wallace - Ghost Town - In the old mine there was a big rock fall in 1890. 78 miners died in the incident. Miners often say the rock fall was caused by a man with a load of dynamite seeking revenge with a person in the mine. After the event was over the mine was shut down for about a year. After that they figured it wouldn't happen again. Miners claim to have seen figures in windows looking out at them. They describe the figure as a middle-aged man with a trucker hat. His skin is a dark gray. In some cases miners have heard a screeching sound and then seeing flashes of gray and black and a high-pitched scream. Also, miners claim to have been hit hard across the head with a hard rock. BUT it is a good idea to go to the mine. ?  

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