In Hawaii

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Aiea - Aiea High School - This school is built over an ancient burial ground and there have been reports of strange figures in the R building area and strange noises have also been reported all over campus.

Ford Island - BEQ 51 - Witnesses have heard footsteps, the galley doors open and shut by themselves(these doors are locked at night), they have felt cold drafts of air in the same location, also, a figure walking from the mess decks wearing dungarees and a white hat has been seen.

Hamakuapoko - Hamakuapoko [former land division and town] - between Paia and Haiku - This place holds great power. Once a thriving plantation town complete with sugar tycoons' mansions now razed, the only remaining structures is the former location of Maui High School; which is now a research facility. It is said that this area has many ghosts roaming this former land division. Ranging from ancient Hawaii, to missionary and plantation days, there are many spirits that wonder through out this region. Among them are choking ghosts that target students playing 'hooky' [not in participating school session]. There are also reports of a spirit of a girl who haunts the girl’s bathroom in old Maui High. Hiding in the now boarded up restroom, you can hear sobbing and crying behind the doors.

Hauula - Pounder beach - It is said that an old foundation of a house, on top of the rock, it believed to be haunted. A lonely housewife that drowned trying to save her drowning child. She walks aggressively looking for her child angry with anyone. Late at night, you can hear the Child’s cry for his mother, as well as the pitter-patter of the child’s feet. If you look like her child, the mother would take your body to calm her restless soul.

Hilo - Babies Cry - Located in Hilo town at the site of the old hospital in Kaumana. Pass the old basketball court; take the access road around the main building to the rear parking lot. Years ago the old nursery broke out in flames burning the nurses as well as the infants. You can hear babies crying through the halls and strange noises all around you. There are definitely spirits there.

Hilo - University of Hawaii at Hilo - Hale Kanilehua - It was said that a house once stood where the dorm is now. During the demolition of the house, a boy was playing in the area and died. On the girl's side of dorm, the little boy was sighted on the ground floor. Sounds of the little boy walking up and down the hall, sounds of him talking and laughing, and the sound of his ball bouncing down the hall can be heard. There is a sound of whistling wind whipping through an unoccupied room, almost sounding like that of someone in agony, the feeling of being watched, toilets flushing by themselves, water turning on and off by themselves, things being moved, and sound of someone walking up and down hallway.

Honolulu - 842 Bethel Street - This building is now occupied by the City & County of Honolulu.  Employees have seen ghost going in the rest room; heard file cabinet doors opening & closing; typewriters typing, someone flipping a newspaper; squeaky office chair and lights flickering.

Honolulu - Barber's Point - It was reported once that a security guard at one of the gates to Barber's Point once saw a yellow Volkswagen parked off to the side of the road. He went to check out the car and found a young woman sleeping in the car. He tried to wake her but she wouldn't respond. He called in the license plate number and found out that the woman had died several years ago in that car near there. He was told that her ghost appears to greet new security guards.

Honolulu - The Dole Cannery Signature Theaters - Built over an ancient Hawaiian Heiau (place of worship and/or human sacrifice). Also in about the early 80's a school bus full of children crashed at the same area where the Heiau was located. The Manifestations in this building are that an old man in his late 50's sits watching you from a top corner seat in theater # 14. Also in the bathroom right next to the theater you can hear the voices of the children and the bus driver.

Honolulu - Farrington High School - It is said that the "green room" in the school auditorium is haunted. During World WarII that auditorium was supposedly used as a morgue. Many folks, of several generations, say that the whole school is very haunted. The school also has had a very bad reputation for many generations as well. In the past, it was considered by many to be one of the worst schools. In the late 80's, some people have heard type-writers in one of the then type-writing classrooms and have seen the silhouette of a white figure in the window above one of the doors to this classroom.

Honolulu - Hanauma Bay/Kokohead - Just at the top of the hill and the road that leads down to Hanauma Bay, reports of "fireballs" have been seen. It is said that if you are driving pass this entrance back to town (heading west and not around the curve along the eastern coast line) that on some nights "fireballs" will shoot overhead in the same direction that you are driving. People who hear about this or know about it are warned not to look back in the direction the fireballs came from, which is Hanauma Bay and Kokohead- you will get into an accident if you do.

Honolulu - Hwy 1 - It's said to be one of the most haunted places on the island. When they built H-1 digging through the mountain the worker's would see old Hawaiian worriers and would they would scare the workers off. Bones of the old Hawaiian were also found in the mountain. It took over 7 years to build H-1 because they couldn't find workers the Hawaiian people refused to dig any more. It's said that when you go through the tunnel you can hear the cries of the old Hawaiians.

Honolulu - HWY 3 - A couple was recently driving on the freeway when a policeman pulled them over. He approached the car and told the couple that the children playing in the back seat should be using their seat belts. The couple looked at him funny, because they had no children. The policeman looked in the back seat but could not see the children he saw while following them. When the couple arrived home, the checked the back seat again and found little handprints all over the back window.

Honalulu - Hilton Hawaii Village - Believed to be haunted by the volcano goddess. Visitors, house cleaners, and other staff members say that they see a woman in a red dress walk in the hallways, on the beach, and everywhere in between! Some people say that the volcano goddess shows up in other forms such as a young woman, and old woman, a hitch-hiker, and a stranger that comes to your door, among other things and never travels alone. When on the beach, she'll be accompanied by dancers.

Honolulu - Honolulu Airport - Carts move by themselves near the garden area. The women's restroom above gate 31 is supposedly haunted. Also near gate 31, a worker in the cockpit of an aircraft saw a bloody face in a gate area window near the same restroom. When the worker did a double take, the face was gone.

Honolulu - 'Iolani Palace - A smell of flowers or bubble gum can be smelt around the grounds. Unexplainable shadows and lights seen by security guards. The sounds of foot steps can also be heard. - August 2004 update: (The smell of the bubble gum is actually the blossoms from a tree that grows in the area. In fact, the bubble gum smell isn't just limited to the Iolani Palace grounds, but you can also smell the "bubble gum" over a block away)

Honolulu - Kaka'ako Fire Station - It is said that this fire station is haunted by the ghost of an old man and his dog. One story tells of a man who wanted one of the rocks outside of the fire station for his garden. They let him take it. The man later reported being haunted by an old man and his dog, who showed up at his door, both with no head. The man was told to return the rock he took. When he did, the hauntings stopped. Kaka'ako Fire Station, on Queen Street, is in downtown Honolulu near Kawaihao Church which is on the corner of King Street and Punchbowl Street, southeast and diagonally across the street from the Hawai'i State Library which is on the northwest corner of the King and Punchbowl intersection. Just west of the library, about fifty yards or less away, is I'olani Palace- the grounds of which have been reputed to be haunted. Behind the I'olani Palace, which is on King Street, is the Hawaii State Capitol Building on South Beretania Street, and is also known to be haunted. The Kawaihao Church has a lot of royalty buried in its grounds. Queen Lili'uokalani, the last queen of Hawai'i and whose ghost haunts the State Capitol Building, is buried at Kawaihao Church.

Honolulu - Kalihi Valley - There has been reported that if you drive past the bridge entering the forest that you can here a soft sound saying "come here" constantly. while driving you will see a red cross burning while driving at night. It has also been reported your gear in your vehicle will be in neutral while returning.

Honolulu - Kamehameha Schools - At night when the moon is full night marchers walk past the campus knocking on doors. You can also hear the drum beating. In the morning the computers are all on, books and papers everywhere. Princess Pauahi has said to control these spirits

Honolulu - Kamehameha Schools Dormitories - In one of the boys' dormitories, there have been sightings of a ghost of a Hawaiian lady dressed in the garb of the 1800's. Consequently, the boys who've seen her point out that it's a woman seen in a portrait in that dorm. they may be talking about Princess Pauahi Bishop- the young woman who had Kamehameha Schools built. And, in one of the girls' dormitories, one of the stairwells is haunted by the ghost of a young girl that died in that stairwell. She had very bad asthma and died from an asthma attack. They say that she can be heard wheezing and gasping for air in the stairwell.

Honolulu - Manoa - Paradise Park - Paradise Park is a trail leading into the mountains. It is surrounded by deep foliage on both sides. Many people have reported hearing a Banshee or some other specter screaming on the trail.

Honolulu - Manoa - Seven Bridges - It is said that you walk across seven bridges. It is a long and hard hike. On the way back you can only count 6 bridges.

Honolulu - Moanalua High School - There is a little boy that haunts the boys locker room. Sometimes the showers turn on by themselves and you can hear the little boy crying. Each night the P.E. teachers would leave on the light for the little boy so he won't be scared.

Honolulu - Morgan's Corner - "Fireballs" of light pop up behind boulders and a silhouette of a boy hanging from a tree by his neck. - August 2004 update: reballs, it's hard to say if those pictures are actually fireballs, or a leak in the camera, altered digitally, or even just faulty processing. As for the Morgan’s corner story, this is an urban legend. Here's a local newspaper article mentioning that this is just an urband legend. The URL is: But, the fireballs is actually a legend, there's numerous accounts of people seeing the fireballs, but like all ghost stories, none of it is a first person account. It's one of the Night Marchers, another Hawaiian Legend)

Honolulu - Nu'uanu - a condominium across the street from the O'ahu Cemetery- It is said that the ghost of an old Chinese woman haunts this condominium, particularly one specific apartment.

Honolulu - Nu'uanu - Pali Drive's Morgan's Corner - At that area in Morgan's corner, there is a trail near Morgan's corner that looks like a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there was 3 ghosts walking around there. 2 men and 1 woman. The person doesn't know what happen but at the end of the tunnel somewhere on the wall shows a metal door. And there are also tire marks on the trail. The tunnel is really dark and you need a flashlight in order to see, it is also a long tunnel.

Honolulu - Nu'uanu - The Pali Lookout - People have reported seeing the white silhouette of someone among the trees at the Pali Lookout, at night. There have also been reports of the silhouettes of ancient Hawaiian soldiers being thrown off the cliff to your right when one is standing at the actual lookout, looking down at Kaneohe. The Pali Lookout is where King Kamehameha defeated the opposing armies by throwing them off this cliff. He then united all of the Hawaiian islands. What is interesting is that there is no light source up on the cliff to the right of the lookout  to see the silhouettes of these soldiers being cast down. But, when they are seen, the cliff is somehow illuminated. The lights that illuminate the winding road leading into Kaneohe and the lights of Kaneohe itself are too far down to cast any shadows up that high. There are no lights in the parking lot or throughout the lookout area, either. The Pali Lookout is off-limits at night.

Honolulu - Nu'uanu - Old Pali Road - People have seen a huge ghostly white blob moving across the road in front of their vehicles as they drove on this old road to get to the Pali Lookout at night. Many accidents have happened on this road, for there are no street lights and the forestry is very thick, often blocking out the moonlight.

Honolulu - Nu'uanu - The Pali Highway - There is an old belief that if you are traveling on the Pali Highway, in the day or night, that you must not have pork in your car. It is believed that your car will stall and will not start again until the pork is taken out of your car. Some locals believe that is the menehune (meh-neh-hoo-neh), mischievous, elflike creatures, that stops you. Others believe it is because Kamapua'a(kah-mah-po-ah-ah), the giant, nine-eyed boar god who lives in the forests of Kaneohe, won't allow you to pass until the pork is taken out of your car. And this means going in either direction- from Honolulu to Kaneohe or Kaneohe to Honolulu. Many locals, to this day, practice this custom whether they believe or not.

Honolulu - Pioneer Plaza - a woman was murdered on the 19th floor. Some say that you can sometimes see a shadowy figure walking across the hallways.

Honolulu - Queen's Medical Center - It is said that downstairs, in the morgue area, a lady wearing a red dress can be seen in the stairwell. Sometimes only the lower half of her is seen. This hospital is on the northeast corner of the South Beretania and Punchbowl street intersection, and diagonally across from the Hawai'i State Library, which is on the southwest corner of that intersection. Just next to the library is the Hawai'i State Capitol Building, which is haunted by the ghost of Queen Lili'uokalani. The hospital was named in her honor.

Honolulu - Sacred Hearts Academy - The Bell Tower - years ago the school had a bell tower. One day the bell cracked so the faculty sent a man up to fix it. He fell from the roof and landed on the front steps of the school. Rumor says you can see him walking the grounds at night.

Honolulu - Sacred Hearts Academy - The Chapel - By the stairs behind the chapel a nun haunts the stairs where she fell down and died. It gets really cold and you can feel a hand brush against you, or breath on your face.

Honolulu - Sacred Hearts Academy - The Groundsstudents claim to have seen animals run on the school grounds and suddenly disappear into thin air.

Honolulu - Sacred Hearts Academy - The Gym - the gym is known for having a child spirit playing inside the building. She takes out balls and bounces them around. Teachers that have entered the school grounds at night claim to have heard the bouncing of balls echoing in the gym. When you open the doors balls are scattered around the room.

Honolulu - State Capitol Building - ghost of Queen Liluokalani haunts this building. & One of the offices in this building is haunted by the ghost of a little boy.

Honolulu - Stevenson middle - By the cafeteria there is a tree when you nock on it nocks back. And by the girls bathroom there is a lady that walks up the stairs to room 213

Honolulu - University of Hawaii - Mokihana Dormitory - A young man committed suicide by hanging himself in the closet in the early 1980's. People report hearing and seeing this young man roaming the halls of Mokihana Dorm.

Honolulu - Verizon Building - In 1977, during the construction of additions to the then GTE Hawaiian Tel headquarters, a worker fell down the elevator shaft and died. Since then, the elevators act erratically, taking you on "rides". Other ghosts have been seen and heard by operators on the 10th floor.

Honolulu - Wahiawa Elementary School - Wooded area around Wahiawa. This area is home to the Green Lady. The Green Lady was first reported by children at Wahiawa Elementary School, it was sometime in the 40s or 50s. The Green Lady reportedly had green scaly skin like a fish and seaweed-like hair and a really messed up face, sharp looking teeth, blood and other stuff. Several years ago a report in a local paper stating that kids "NOW" have been seeing it right by the playground. All it does is scare the kids it even came out of the woods! She has never gotten real close to the kids but who knows what she wants. and she has a real bad odor so that gives her away if she is near you.

Honolulu - Waialae - Chaminade University - A sophomore at the school was killed in a car accident a few years ago. Sometimes at night you can hear him skateboarding around the dorm room. He is most often heard on Halloween because that was his favorite holiday.

Honolulu - Waialae - Chaminade University - Hale Hoaloha - In this dorm you can hear two little kids voices. The voices sound like they are playing ball. The voices are on the even side on the 3rd. 9-16-02, Late night/early morning, every computer, light, and water fountain turned on and seemed to have a mind of their own. In the morning three students had the same exact dream of kids laughing and the sound of death coming from the earth.

Honolulu - Waialae - Chaminade University - Hale Lokelani - has had repeated instances of doors opening when they are dead-bolted and sightings of ghosts in people's rooms, and has been having complaints of noises that come in the middle of the night.

Honolulu - Waialae - Chaminade University - Hale Lokelani - Room 208 - has a crucifix that has been removed from the wall but an outline still remains. It is said that either an exorcism or somebody committed suicide in this room. From the old speakers in the walls people have heard radio static, but all of the wires have been removed. Students have woke to feeling pressure being pushed all over their body and choking feelings. It has been said that this particular dorm use to be a children's hospital during World War II

Honolulu - Waialae - Chaminade University - Hale Lokelani - Room 319 - Room number 319 was once a morgue for the soldiers during World War II. People have said to see ghosts of the death soldiers, particularly in room 319.

Honolulu - Waialae - Kahala - Behind the storage building used to be a huge graveyard. A Drive in was built over half of the graveyard. One day a woman went into the bathroom and saw a reflection of an old woman in a black dress standing behind her with no feet coming out at the bottom. When the woman turned around to look behind her no one was there. She ran out terrified and was committed to the mental hospital. There are real police reports of this incident. Eventually the drive in closed down and the other half of the graveyard next to the drive-in along with the drive-in is now a neighborhood of luxury homes.

Honolulu - Waialae - Kahala Mall - In the newspaper several years ago there was a story about a security guard working the late shift at Kahala Mall. After theaters closed, he and another security guard had to lock all the doors to the mall. One security guard went up to the parking level to check the parking lot and lock the doors that lead to this level. He saw another security guard up there, his friend, and not the one he'd just left. The guy was far away, so he called to his friend, but the guy didn't answer. He called again, this next time his friend turned and looked and him then walked away, disappearing around a corner. The security guard went to follow him and found the man gone. This was about one or two a.m. He later asked the other security guard if he had seen their co-worker, the other man said no. The next day, the security guard found out that the man he saw had died at about the same time he'd seen him.

Honolulu - Waialae - Kahala Mall - Waialae Drive-in - The faceless woman that used to haunt the women's restroom of the old Waialae Drive-in, that was built over a cemetery, is reported to have been seen at the women's restrooms near the mutli-plex theatres of the Kahala Mall. And, just like the sightings of the old drive-in, a woman with long dark hair is seen in the restroom, in front of one of the sinks. When her reflection is seen in the mirror, no face is seen. Kahala Mall is across the street from where the old drive-in used to be. There is a gated community there now in the drive-in's spot. The other half of the cemetery isn't there anymore.

Honolulu - Waikiki Parc Hotel - A worker who recently passed away apparently has been punching in for work. His magnetic punch card has been cancelled, yet the machine still records someone punching in with his card. This has happened on more than one occasion. Strangely, the records only show him punching in. Never punching out.

Honolulu - Waipahu - Waipahu St. S Turn - Waipahu St. S turn is located below the sugar mill and in the opening of Kipapa(Valley)Gulch. Legends says that when King Kamehameha invaded this island, There were so much death that he and his men lined up all the dead from the opening of this gulch all the way into this deep valley in Mililani. On moonless nights when your driving into this s turn you may hear drums beats and may see torches of the night marchers and reports of a white lady. And if you hear those drumbeats your car may die down and wont be able to start. There’s people who live in that area say that at times they can hear those drum beats on certain nights and sometimes the drum beats is so loud that sounds like the marchers went through their homes. Also above this s turn is an old sugar plantation road that was used for Oahu Sugar Plantation. When you drive in this old plantation road you may feel like you may have hit someone. When you look back in your rear view mirror, You may see and old Filipino lady stand up from where she lay and start laughing a wicked laugh then disappear. Word that goes around is that the old Filipino lady was killed by a plantation truck during the plantation days back in the early 1900's. Sad to say though that part of this plantation road is blocked off and is under construction for new housing

Kahala - Waialae Drive-in Theaters - Sights of a woman with long hair, no face and no lower half, accompanied with Doors slamming shut. - August 2004 update: (This theatre no longer exists. this may also be an urban legend. There's similar stories to this on the mainland as well. The submitter can recall one that involved a theatre, a teen aged couple, and a woman with no face.)

Kailua Kona (Big Island) - King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel - Legend says that the top floor of this hotel is haunted. People have reported hearing footsteps, chanting, and battle cries along the corridors. Some witnesses even claim seeing ancient Hawaiian warrior apparitions. The reason for this haunting seems lie in the fact that this is where King Kamehameha lived out the end of his life. His bones are buried somewhere near or under this hotel. The exact location is a secret and only known only by his descendants. On the bottom floor of the hotel, there are a row of oil paintings of past Kings and Queens of Hawaii, the last picture at the end of the hallway is a rendering of Queen Liliuokalani. The unsmiling picture appears to breathe in and out while glaring at you.

Kaneohe - King Intermediate - people say at king intermediate school there is kids who hang there self from the banion tree in front of the library and at night you flash the light on the tree you can see the bodies hanging from the tree and in e building there is people running around.

Kauai - Lihue - Once upon a time in the 1990 there was a place in  Kauai Lihue, there now its called  Chief's Kamakahella Middle School  but befor that was a train track one day when a train passed there have been reports about a lady in white waiting for the train. Before that was a woman she would always wait for the train until one day the lady accidentally went on the track so out of no were the train ran over her. and at that school every night she waits for the bus.

Kaunakakai - Wailau - Hear stones being thrown in the water. Children playing by the river & people calling your names

Keahou - The Kona Lagoon Resort - Foot steps, chanting and screams and cries in the upper levels of the hotel.

Kilo - Hale Kauanoe Room B-102 - This is a dormitory located on campus.  The dormitory in the 1980-1990s had a hard time placing resident students in this particular room.  For some reason they keep complaining of disturbances, with the wind blowing through the windows even when the windows were closed shut.  One time in 1992-1993 a girl was shown to the room and was accompanied by the Resident Assistant and her grandmother. Once left to settle in to her room, the grandmother quickly repacked the girl's stuff and left the room.  The grandmother them scolded the Resident Assistant for placing her granddaughter in an evil room.  Room B-102 has been difficult to find someone to occupy the room for the whole semester. Hale Kauanoe is located near Hale Kanilehua, which also has its stories.

Lahaina - Lahainaluna High School: David Malu/Boys Dormitory - has been said that the boys dormitory, in Lahainaluna High School, is haunted by two ghosts. One is the barking a ghost dog that walks the halls of the dormitory. The other is the ghost of a man in which one of the borders have combed their hair in the bathroom, gone off to his room to bed, and then waking up to find the man, partnered by a dog, holding out his hand to give back the strand of hair that boy had left in the bathroom.

Laie - Laie Elementary School - This school is built over a graveyard, and it is said that people tend to get stuck in the elevator often. The teachers who would come in at night to check their student's work have to close their windows and shut their doors, because they hear noises in the hallway and hear people's voices.

Makaha - Makaha Elementary - Lights flicker at night and reports of hearing screams.

Makaha - Makaha Shereton golf club - at night, there are children walking and playing around the site of the pool, where they have died. You can feel them by your side and hear footsteps behind you when you're there a night

Maui - Giggle Hill - On the way to Pukalani there is a park that has a huge hill in the middle of it. It is said that American soldiers from WWII would bring their girls here to "neck". At night you can sometimes hear the giggles of young women.

Maui - Makawow - The Iao Theater - Supposedly haunted by spirits particularly in the dressing rooms. Reports of hearing voices when people were there all alone. Sensations of being watched and doors closing, smells and items moved from one place to another.

Maui - Paea - A group of friends were driving through a residential area in Paea. Before reaching an old sugar mill, the occupants of the car saw what appeared to be a gray stone statue of the Virgin Mary swaddled in a white veil. As soon as they passed, the "statue" turned her head and looked at the car. Every other part of her remained still. The group did not bother to turn around and investigate.

Maui - Wailea Coastline - Numerous sightings of a lady dressed in a white gown roaming along the rock coastlines of Wailea. As lady "walks" around, she will occasionally stop and stare at anyone catching sight of her.

Mililani - Mililani Cemetery - If you go to this cemetery at 12 midnight, circle around this statue for 3 times and stop in front of it with your highlights on and see this statue move, dance & stare down at you. It will make you stay there and your car will not start up.

Nanakuli - Across Nanakuli Ave. - The shadow of an arrow that has no source is shown on a wall.

North Shore - The Drowning Pool, Waimea Falls Park (Oahu) - There is an old Hawaiian legend surrounding this location. It is said that there is an akua (ah-coo-wah), or god in the pond at the bottom of the falls. On occasion it requires a human sacrifice and takes a "victim", drowns them, and keeps them underwater for a few days. the body is never found before the "ceremony" is done. Then about 3 days later, the body is found floating on top of the water.

O'ahu - Honolulu - Waianae,Maili Coralsands - Across Maili 76 Gas Station - It has been told that the beach across the 76 gas station is haunted with animal spirits that were buried for many years since 1980's. You can here howling of dogs and meowing of cats...Even whispers from the ocean of people who died on the pier or in the waters. This beach is well known for a lot of ghostly and sounds activity. Waianae Coast area from Nanakuli to Makaha is also Well known for Hawaiian ancestors hauntings who had settled way back in the 1800 hundreds including the Heiau's and Makua cave in Makaha.

O'ahu - Camp H.M. Smith - It has been said that a wheelchair ghost will roll up to a window and vanish, along with hearing footsteps and pounding when the building is empty at night.

O'ahu - Honolulu - Kapolei - Honokahale - Ihilani Resort - It has been heard The 17th floor of the Ihilani Resort is haunted by a ghost who got sick on her vacation while staying there on the 17th floor, she shows up when your asleep, slide doors open & shuts, movement of her floating over you well you are sleeping in any room of the 17th floor.

O’ahu - Kaneohe - King Intermeidiate - It's known that a t king intermediate school a girl hung herself in the girls bathroom because she was pregnant. Now if you go into the bathroom you can still hear the baby crying at night.

O'ahu - Kukuiokane Temples - The construction of this controversial highway destroyed or altered dozens of sites, including family homes, sacred burial grounds, and temples. The project was plagued with accidents and claimed the lives of 2 workers.

O'ahu - Laie - Polynesian Cultural Center - Each village here seems to have its own specialty. The Fiji village drums play by themselves and the Marquesas village has a ghostly crying baby. People have also reported seeing a woman floating face in the main lagoon.

O'ahu - Mililani - all of Mililani - there is said to be a choking ghost who roams at night to find a victim. Some are said to have experienced the pressure of this choke in their sleep.

O'ahu - Mokuleia Beach Park - Reports that the Night Marchers have been seen there. Also, seen once, a rectangle of light as if from a window with the silhouette of a man sitting on a boulder outside of the first cabin across an empty field from the cafeteria. There is no boulder next to the cabin, just the empty field.

O'ahu - Schofield Barracks -People have reported hearing their name whispered and a choking sensation.

O'ahu - Waikiki / Diamond Head - Diamond Head Tennis Center - there is an angry man, he smells of rotting flesh. He walks back and forth as if he is guarding the area.

O'ahu - Waikiki / Diamond Head - Kapiolani Park - The hauntings span about a ten acre area Honolulu Police Department and have answered strange calls there. Men, Women and children were sacrificed there. There were also many warriors who died during this battle; bodies littered the land all the way to the Pali where the losing force was forced off the cliffs. Reports of smell, feel, hear and see ghosts at times, this includes feeling the attitudes of them (good-bad, angry-sad, etc.)

O'ahu - Waikiki / Diamond Head - Le Pietra School - when you walk there, it feels as if children are following you. I have had a light but gentle wind blow past me, in the wind I have heard children playing and laughing. I have worked the area for many years and there is no physical reason for this. On the back or mountainside of the school, it feels as if there is some strong willed or minded male watching, like a guard or warrior and it follow you at a distance.

O'ahu - Waikiki / Diamond Head - three houses - Reports to Police of children playing in the yards or in the houses. The first house, no one lives there longer than one year and has changed hands on a regular basis. Witnesses found children's footprints in dust on the veranda. Second house, the owner had a break down, she says that children come in to her house and play games with her. She left the water on always in her sinks and baths, she says that it scares the children away. A new owner owns the house now. The third house, 1.5 Mil dollar property, there is a shack there and the owner is a recluse with windows closed and covered keeping what ever it is out of the house.

Pearl City - Air Force Base - Building 2171 - This office building was a morgue and crematory during WWII. Late at night when most people are gone, you can hear banging around and shouting down in the basement where the furnaces were, even though there is no way people can be down there since the basement is closed early in the day.

Pearl City - Kaneohe - Kam / Kamehameha Highway - In Pearl City There is a old theater where in the woman’s bathroom there would be a woman that’s faceless lurking within. It is believed that if you see her you will die one-week later. She can have various hair colors. She would be wearing a kimono "dress”. People of Kaneohe would have also been reported a faceless woman on the streets of Kaneohe.

Pearl City - Pearl City High School - Female ghost walking down the stairs holding a baby, while running on the track you can hear someone running behind you, a black figure can be seen on the football field (supposedly an former janitor mowing the lawn), and you can hear a basket ball game going on if you listen at the gym door.

Pearl City - Signature Theatre - in a theatre room when your in there alone just after the workers finished cleaning from the last viewing of the movie you can hear someone trying to open the emergency exit door on the right and you can feel this gust of wind pass through the room when all the doors are closed and in another room when your also in there alone you can see the word help on the roof.

Pearl City - Waimano Hospital - This place has numerous hauntings. It is an old hospital and asylum. A janitor working on the first floor saw the figure of a man watching him from the end of the hallway. As he continued cleaning and looked again, he noticed the figure disappeared. When he turned around he saw the same figure behind him watching him from the other end of the hall. In one of the buildings before that there is the spirit of a woman who was killed when she was run over in the 1940's or 50's. She is said to not like females and there was a report of a girl being slapped on the hand. When she told her father he did not believe until he seen the imprint of a hand on the child's hand. There are also reports of lights turning on and off, running faucets, footsteps in various buildings items being moved, and many vehicular accidents where vehicles move and crash into buildings and some vehicles being driven with no driver.

Pearl Harbor - Hickam Air Force Base - The Pacaf Headquarters building is a historical site of WWII because of the bullets holes on outside from the bombing a Pearl Harbor. Inside many soldiers were killed. Moans of dying soldiers can be heard, and bombing sounds. Doors opening and closing on there own and ghosts of dead soldiers are known to roam the halls dressed in fatigues from that era.

Pearl Harbor - Oahu - Ford Island - This small island is in the center of Pearl Harbor and the Naval Complex. Island residents have reported strange occurrences including voices and footsteps from empty rooms, finding objects moved or stacked, lights and appliances suddenly turning on at night, a strange pale glowing "fog-like" apparition floating through the houses often accompanied with a strange odor. A few residents have reported seeing figures of people walking amid the buildings and trees on the north side of the island which would suddenly disappear.

Pupukea Heiau - Many people report hearing the sounds of ancient conch shells blowing, sightings of "night marchers" or ancient Hawaiian images walking through the temple. Go there are sundown and observe the surroundings!

Schofield Barracks - Barracks 2083 1-21 INF - a dark shadow figure lives in room # 314 the figure appears at night and walks form the kitchen area in to the restroom making itself visible for only a few seconds .

Schofield Barracks - Schofield barracks E Quad - There is an old story of a soldier who killed himself in E Quad. The MP's found the soldier in his room one night with 13 stab wounds to the belly. Blood was splattered all over the room like a horrid massacre. This soldier still lurks around the barracks taunting soldiers to kill themselves.

Schofield Barracks - J Quad Building 846 - Hearing mumbling voices, body paralyzed, and your can hear someone in the room with you laughing, pulling on your blankets. A lot of the rooms here are haunted by WWII soldiers, some ghost don't bother you but let you know they’re there by knocking on stuff walking around in the hallways, but some are evil and will show you that!

Wahiawa - Sacred Birthstones - Outside this plantation town are ancient birthing stones where royalty would come to give birth. Any attempt to move these stones will prove fruitless. The stones make their way back to the area by themselves.

Wahiawa - Wahiawa middle school - at Wahiawa Middle School there is said to be a ghost named Roberta that shuts the doors and turns on radios.she is described as a girl age 10-14 and weres a dress and has no feet

Waihee - Camp Maluhia - Many campers have spotted a white figure of a woman who roams around the campgrounds. Many believe that she walks up the trail leading from the Makamakaole gulch into the campgrounds. Sometimes she is seen with a dog.

Waikiki - Waikiki Parc Hotel - This is an update to the story of the person punching in and out for work. A new employee at the front desk (who is allegedly able to see spirits) asked the others who the person who hangs out at the time clock is. He had only been there a few days so it was unlikely he knew about the time clock incidents. He was also able to describe the ethnicity of the ghost. The same person also says there is an angry Hawaiian ghost in the electrical room, but no one at the hotel seems to know who this ghost might be. The building is relatively new, so the angry Hawaiian ghost probably pre-dates the hotel.

Waipio - Kanoelani school - Witnesses have heard a type of marching in the C building.

Wheeler - Wheeler School Area - Reports of a sinister force chasing and seemingly trying to trap people walking by.

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