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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Agana Heights - The old Agana Hospital - Pictures were taken here and has said to be ghosts in the pictures. There has been music heard and faces shown in the pictures.

Agat - Old Spanish Bridge - The Old Spanish Bridge built in the late 1700's during the Spanish occupation of Guam's past is said to be haunted by a white lady. one telling is that the daughter of a spanish official was determined to marry the son of one of the indigenous natives. She met him by the bridge regularly. Hearing that they had made wedding plans, her father was not willing to see her marry a lowly native, and had him murdered on the day they were to wed. Unable to find him, she knew something has happened. In despair, she drowned herself. She is said to be seen crying by the bridge, wandering around trying to find her lover.

Agana Heights - Government House - There is a building connected to the Government House that in the middle of the night you will see and hear  the heavy double doors open so wide and sounds of wet foct steps of someone walking in the hallway from there.  And when you look at the door it will slam shut.  A legend was told that this was a fisherman's path.

Summay/Agat - Big navy/Naval station guam - the workers would experience hearing footsteps, and a child/kids voices, like kids playing inside the Store. Another story that I was told was at the warehouse connecting to this store, there was a basement room where they kept certain beverages, snack and so on, one of the workers told me of Her experience while working at the basement/cool room, She experienced while using the rest room, She heard a noise, footsteps, then the next door stall open and then close .She called out, a seeing who is there, thinking it was her friend! what ever it was in the stall next to didn't respond 1st and 2nd time. So She got up cautiously, walked out, looked at the front of the next stall and saw what looked like it was occupied! She called out for the third time, but still no answer! So She walked out to the cool room, One of the male worker's were there She continued with her work, several hour's went by, Whatever that thing was in the restroom that sat in the stall next to Her never came out. She noticed that nobody ever exited that rest room, She asked the male co-worker who else came down to help them? He said nobody! She told him that there was somebody using the restroom beside her! He went to check thinking something might of happened, there was nobody in that restroom! It's been said that the Big Navy Facility was once a Hospital and also a Morgue during and after WWII !!

Talafofo - LEO PALACE HOTEL - two soldiers from world war 2 still passes during early morning hours around 12 to 4am. it said that when you pass by going to the hotel. you won't see them. but as soon as you look into the review mirror. you see two soldiers still in there uniform walking side by side. though the other soldier has no head but holding the helmet. as soon as you glance back. you don't see nothing anymore.

Tumon - Nikko Hotel - The Hotel Nikko Guam in Tumon is said to be built over an old Chamorro burial ground. Chamorro's are the natives of Guam. The spirits can be seen and heard throughout the Hotel Nikko.

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