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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Babenhausen - Babenhausen Kaserne - Cannoneer club - Feelings of someone touching you, hands seen moving through sheets.

Babenhausen - Babenhausen Kaserne - Museum - lights turning off and on by themselves, voices in the basement. Training area- soldiers in Nazi uniforms have been seen. Barracks- footsteps when no one is there, phone calls of a woman "talking backwards", toilets flush by themselves. A witch was hung in the local town during the 1800's. It is thought her ghost seduced and killed 5 soldiers in the early 1900's for they were never seen again. Also present day soldiers say a woman’s voice is heard talking backwards on some of the phones in the barracks.

Belgium - Chiny - La Ferme Noir (The Black Farm) - The farm is part of the Belgian Boy scouts' Hostel Ring and is regularly occupied by visiting scout troops. People sleeping in the third floor dormitory (the former hayloft) are woken up at night by a figure in full boy scout uniform that asks them for a "light to guide my way". The figure looks solid enough but its face is always in shadow. When somebody provides a light as asked, the ghost walks towards the staircase and disappears. It seems that, some years ago, a boy scout missed the stairs in the dark and plunged to his death. I have met the ghost myself and the innkeeper told me that it appears once or twice a year.

Bernkastel-Kues - Cemetery - The White Lady of Bernkastel-Kues - Several witnesses told about a ghost on the local cemetery : a lady with long white dress gliding from one grave to another without touching the ground. Sometimes she is crying. A hunter, terrified about the creature, shot on it. The next day he was brought to military hospital in Koblenz with swelled legs and fever. He died always murmuring things about a white lady who attacked him.

Bitburg - Bitburg Air Force Base - Near the French Cassern. The French Cassern was a place with old buildings that the Nazis would meet at. This may be a possible reason for these hauntings. Doors shutting and locking, furniture moving in front of doors so that you could not enter the room.

Bitburg - Bitburg Middle School - Sometime during the night there is a room where lights will flicker and you can hear people screaming and the window moves up and down.

Butzbach - Butzbach and the Butzbach Woods - Sightings of Roman soilders on horseback in the woods behind the housing in butzbach. Ghost of all kinds sighted in the housing area.

Cölbe - Lückenstrasse - strange noises which sound like footsteps have been heard in house no 8 since an old lady who had been living there died

Dachau - Concentration Camp - Located near Munich. Odd shapes in red and black on 18 pictures taken in and outside of the buildings, including living quarters and (never used) gas chambers. No problems on same rolls of film taken in camp parking lot, gift shop, hotel nearby, or restaurant nearby. All pictures taken same day, same camera, same roll of film, etc.

Darmstadt - Kelly Barracks - In one of the old barracks buildings, ghost turns water faucets on and off and you can feel something following you in the hallway.

Dresden - several streets - Reports of hearing screaming and moaning around an area that used to be a hospital where many children and woman died during the Dresden disaster during World War II.

Hanau - Underwood Barracks - A girl had mysterious scratches appear on her arm and thigh. You can see the ghost of a solider who fell out of a window wandering the hallways.

Heidelberg - Witches Tower/Nazi Amphitheater - A Harmonic Convergence Zone (spiritual gathering place)located across the Neckar river from the Heidelberg Castle. This area has been a religious magnet since the Celtic era. There are Celtic ruins, early roman ruins (600 ad) monastery ruins, and a Nazi Amphitheater built in the 30's for youth rallies (recruiting). Stories in the region range from apparitions to wailings and everything in between. Reports of having strange "electric" feeling on moonless nights and the feeling of wanting to leave, quick!

Keansburg - Kranzberg Castle - Apparitions, orbs, oddities of all kinds have been seen and pictured here. It was also used in WWII as Hitler 92s headquarters.

Kirchlengern - Great Cliff in the woods - The haunted place is a great cliff in the woods. Uneasy feelings, feeling of being watched, vivid daydreams, lots and lots of torn animals appear over night, neither the forester nor the police found an explanation for the animals so far, people may panic without knowing or having heard of the place, Dead animals disappearing, including old blood, hair, etc.

Kaiserslautern - Panzer Kaserne - Heavy Footsteps, stair climbing footstep sounds, and paper crumbling can be heard in the halls at night when all lights are off. A feeling of dread and multiple cold spots inhabit this building that is still used through the day as an office. Specifically the third floor seems to have the most sounds.

Mannheim - Turley barracks - 4th & 1st Floors - A witness who lived on the fourth and first floors on Turley Barracks and reports they heard many stories of seeing someone in the hall at first he thought it was someone’s girlfriend but she moved wrong and it scared him so bad he asked to be moved to another barracks . A couple living there at the time had to bed and just as they were falling asleep something fell on the sheet between them, it felt like the size of a small rubber ball but it was defiantly there, they sat up quick and they turned the lights on but there was nothing there. Lots of people told about seeing a girl walking around , around six or seven years old & a girl that was about eighteen.

Mannheim - Turley barracks - room 303 - it is said to be that the ghost of sandy wonders lost looking for her parents where they were murdered and wont rest till they are found. those to have said to live their well feel cold at night and has been known that the ghost of sandy will appear at the foot of the bed and stare at the person.

Osnabrueck-Haste - Karlsteine / Charlemagne's Stones - Ancient pagan place of worship. Several large tumuli and menhirs (standing stones). When Emperor Charlemagne brought the Christian faith to this part of Germany he single-handedly smote and destroyed one of the biggest altar stones, thus proving the supremacy of Christ over the "old gods". The place has remained a spot of witchcraft activity and strange rituals, especially around winter solstice and summer equinox. Several sightings of strange orbs, disembodied howls, and stains on the stones. There are reports of the "wild hunt" going by around midnight. This ghostly army rides the night sky, led by the spirit of Charlemagne himself. Legend says that anybody accidentally witnessing them rush by should cover his eyes and step aside in a gesture of humility. Nasty things are said to have happened to those who did not make way or tried to sneak a look.

Ramstein AFB - Security Forces Dorm Room - Spirit opens and closes windows and locks residents in closet. Commited suicide in closet.

Reichenburg - Downtown - Early in the morning, rumors and sightings of a headless woman occurred. She wore a white dress and she walks very awkwardly.

Scwheinfurt - Conn Barracks - Site of an old Nazi hospital, psyche ward, and Nazi dining facilities that are used as barracks for U.S. Army soldiers. Two seperate occasions occured at least two years apart where two people unknown to each other used the same room and had the same haunting dream.The soldiers were asleep in their beds,in a room right above what they at the time did not know was a drainage room (what they used to do with the bodies before there was embalming) A Nazi soldier standing over their bed looking down at them and making comments to a nurse that is standing beside him covered in blood. She has a sad face. The Nazi orders the nurse to do something which is spoken in German so the soldiers did not know what was said and the nurse then chokes the us soldier who then wakes out of the dream. These two soldiers never met before they confessed their story and swear the truth behind the stories. Other rumors are of an anti-abortionist woman who carries around a fetus in the hallway.

Worms - Taukkunen Barracks - Taukkunen Barracks was a U.S. Army installation during the Cold War. Today it is privately owned. It is located on Mainzer Strasse. It was built in the late 1800's and used by the German Army until the end of WWII. It is known to have a network of underground tunnels and bunkers, but this has been sealed off. It is apparently haunted by the ghosts of WWII German soldiers. these ghosts do not understand English but they do understand German. They like to party at night and make a lot of noise.

Wurzburg - Leighton Barracks Guest House - at 5 am, if you look down the street that winds through and around the guest house, you can see an apparition of a dog running up and down the street. at first, from a distance, it looks like a real dog. but as it gets closer, you can clearly see threw it. some nights, you can see the ghost of a middle aged woman walking around, with a dog leash in her hands. its quite a fright the first time.

Zweibrucken - Zweibrucken Air Base - Tab-V (a hardened aircraft hangar). During the 1960's, the Canadians owned the base. During refueling, a jet caught fire inside the tab-v, everyone inside was killed. Years later, after the American's took the base over, many sightings were reported from this tab-v. The entire tab-v was colder than normal inside, weird electrical problems persisted inside and outside the vicinty of the tab-v. Dash-60 electrical units (used to apply power to a jet aircraft during maintenance) would mysteriously start up or shut down. The USAF coincidentally stopped using the tab-V in 1988 due to 'strange occurrences'. The US sold the base back to the Germans in 1991.

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