In Connecticut
Last Updated: Feb 2010

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Amston - Ames Rd. - Removed. Private Property

Ansonia - Eagle Hose Co. #6 (firehouse) - to be honest just weird things but they only happen when you are the only person there whether in the basement or on the top floor there is a history here check into it.

Ansonia - Hunters Lane - Only when two of the residents in the house fight the ghost will show her rage. Only a small cat was in the room at the time. A whole dresser fell down onto the bed with on it a television and inside it lots of clothes. Another, which the treadmill turned on by in self. She is older and a white lady. Very nice, but gets angry when people fight.

Ansonia - Pine Grove Cemetery - Some have reported hearing children playing, smelled roses, heard chains rattling, hot spots where it would be warmer than the rest of the cemetery and on the way out witnesses have seen three figures which seemed to be guarding the gates, and four figures walking toward them.

Ansonia - Webster House Company #3 - Strange sounds have been heard. Feelings of not being alone. A grandfather clock that dates back many years will start to chime every 15 minutes. Chains being dragged across an upstairs floor, as well as voices, coughing and laughter have all been heard by witnesses that where alone in the building.

Avon - Avon Old Farms School - A little girl, friendly, appears early in the morning (around 3am)in one of the homes attached to the dorm. She often is looking for her mother, or playing in the 2nd floor of the house. She usually appears in the summer time.

Bara - Hack Settlement - Pomfret - The ruins of the settlement that later grew into Pomfret, along with the old cemetery used by the small settlement, hide in the CT woods but hold many surprises for those who take the time to find them. Reports include human voices, animal sounds, children's' laughter, sightings of a baby reclining in the branches of a tree, and orbs of light.

Berlin - Cedarcrest Mental Asylum - off of the Berlin turnpike there is an abandoned mental asylum surrounded by some woods.....if you go into it you can hear screaming and door slamming.

Berlin - Lamentation Mountain - At the summit of Lamentation Mountain along the Mattabesset Trail there are reports that a woman can be heard sobbing if it is quiet. The sobbing can be heard even when there is no wind. There is a legend that a woman killed herself by jumping off the cliffs and still haunts the area.

Bethel - Bethel High School - There have been sightings of apparitions on the second floor and in the basement. Cold Spots have been experienced in the basement also. There have been numerous suicides associated with the school. At one point the school was called Suicide High

Bethel - Bethel Volunteer Fire Dept. - "fire house ghost" - Sounds of someone or something falling, with nothing out of place.

Bethel - Johnson Elementary School - There has been blood on the mirrors in the gym bathrooms. There have been sightings of orbs and you could see orbs in pictures that they took in the gym of the kids. the toilets flush themselves and the lights flicker.

Bethel - Wooster St. - In a boarding house on the Danbury end of the street, there is a room where one man committed suicide and another overdosed on heroin. Former residents of the room report hearing screams in the night and the illusion that the walls are melting.

Bloomfield - St. Thomas - The grounds of St. Thomas seminary which at one time spanned a far greater area then they currently do, have had a few reports among local people. much of the original grounds have been over grown or sold off to businesses but the seminary it self is still actively used by the church of Hartford as well as the University of Hartford located down the street, as dorms. at night several people have seen shadowy figures walking through the fields. the gym has many cold spots in the old locker/shower rooms and in the basement, which is the lower gym. the ghosts are believed to be those of former priest residents and students at the seminary.

Branford - Branford Slupy Pound - as you walk into the woods you can hear gun shoots and screaming coming from behind you, you can also hear some one running and gasping for air but when you turn around to see where its coming from the noises disappear.

Bridgeport - Showcase Cinemas - rumor has it that the projection booth is haunted .sometimes film reels will start shaking by themselves or lights flickering.

Bridgeport - Old Remington Arms factory - Shadows are seen in the buildings at night although the factory has been abandoned for years and no longer in use.

Bridgeport - Warren Harding High School - Staff members in Harding High School have noticed an older gentleman running up and down the hallways screaming help. It has been said that in the early 60's a janitor was chased and later killed by a deranged student. The deranged student was never found and some even say that they both haunt the school. Till this day you can still hear and see Mike running as he pleads for his life.

Bristol - Church of Eternal Light - Formerly one of the three original churches built in Bristol by the Sessions family, church was built late 1889. It has been on national T.V. show , a ghost hunter filmed ghost balls or spirit balls. There are also reports of a former churchgoer who was struck by lightning on the front steps. There have also been reports of an apparition seen in the bell tower.

Bristol - Lake Compounce Amusement Park - The oldest running amusement park in the world. The first hauntings date back to the opening of the park in the late 1800's when the ghost of the former owner of the land, Chief Compounce, who killed himself in the lake the day before the land was to change hands. Since that time, every building on the land has experience hauntings at one time or another. As well, death has been a plague at the park. In recent years, a child died from injuries received from a near drowning it the lake, a worker was killed underneath a rotor ride, and another was decapitated by a roller coaster. Most of the hauntings have occurred in the Star Light Ball Room. It was said, but this author has not confirmed, that the head of the Norton family, who bought the land from Chief Compounce, died after mysteriously falling from a ladder. The park is now under new management, and is running successfully. However, the park still employs overnight security service people, who all, without prior knowledge of hauntings, have all disclosed their fears and sightings around the park.- June 2008 Correction: Chief Compounce died while trying to swim.

Bristol - Peacedale Cemetery - Sightings of a white wolf that walks down near the banks of the stream that runs through this cemetery are usually sought by those who have a deep emotional problem bothering them.

Bristol - Pine Lake Area - Feelings of being followed, now a high ropes course, occasionally hearing ropes tighten as if being swung from, loud footsteps in the leafy ground, whispers, and shouts, over all spookiness.

Bristol - Polish American Citizens Club - Ghost in the bingo room. Friendly. the old president was doing books at the bar one morning . The building should have been vacant, He saw a man walk out of the bingo room into the men’s room. He went into the men’s room to see who was in the building. When he entered the men’s room no one was there. Al the short guy was cleaning up in the bingo room and saw 2 eyes but no body following him around. He says he has seen it several times. Frank Jankowski once a bar tender was cleaning up late one night and heard some one moving chairs in the bingo room. He thought it was a thief went to investigate but found no one there or signs of forced entry.

Bristol - Saint Paul Catholic High School - In the G-Wing of this school it is rumored that a student once hung himself. A SPCHS teacher also died of a heart attack in this same hallway. During play rehearsals and performances, this area is used for dressing rooms/prop rooms and it is rumored that a ghost has been seen when the lights are off.

Bristol and Plymouth Town lines - Torries Den - Torries Den got it's name because while the Revolutionary War was taking place soldiers who deserted their ranks, also known as Torries hid in the caves located in these woods. Some of these Torries perished while enduring the harsh New England winters. Campers have reported strange lights and a strange heavy breathing noise.

Brooklyn - Trinity Church - An old church surrounded by a grave yard that dates back to the late 1700's, some grave markings are even older and marked only by rocks put into the ground. There is a path behind the church that leads past a pond and up a short hill-all of this is surrounded by grown-over weeds and things. Once at the top of the hill that land becomes instantly flat and only contains trees. In the middle of this there lies a flat rock. When you stand on the rock you can notice that in front and behind you are bare and to either side of you is bare. The clearing forms a complete cross. - November 2003 update correction: The serial killer of the 1980's - left a body of the young girl he had killed behind this church. It is said that this was the cause of the hauntings, which forced the church to shut down. No one uses the church today, yet it is said that from time to time you can see people in the windows.

Burlington - Green Lady Cemetery - Covey Road - Images of green mist and the "Green Lady" formerly Elisabeth who died next to the cemetery in swampland-she drown and supposedly her husband would not or could not save her. She is seen walking on the dirt road the cemetery is located on in a green mist.

Burlington - Lampson Corner Cemetery - A very old Cemetery, with some occasional orbs and lights. Incorrect info passed on about the Smallpox, it is haunted though. Hikers from nearby trails have seen apparitions and orbs of light. One hiker reported seeing a man in uniform standing near a gravestone, yelled to him for the time and the man disappeared. the hiker walked over and it was the grave of a WWII Veteran.

Burlington - Rock Rd/ Old Tory Prison - Where the prison is located, people have seen British soldiers some in chains. Some people have heard moans coming from the little prison. Its not a very big place just a little stone and cement building right near the road. Locals do not like snoopy outsiders and may call the cops.

Clinton - Town Hall/Opera Theater Of Connecticut - Reports of whispers, the feeling of someone right next to you, and feel cold gusts of air.

Colchester - Bacon Academy High School - The catwalk in the auditorium is haunted by the ghost of a man who fell to his death while the school was being built. People have witnessed lights being turned on and off when no one is up there.

Colchester - Camp Connecticut - in pictures taken there are many "orbs" near the main gate and near the large sign within the camp, examinations shown not be photo error or bad development. Witnesses have seen 40 apparitions standing in front of the gate, as they walked towards them they parted, letting them though, and they walked right in between them. as the got to their car the figures slowly disappeared.

Cornwall Bridge - Dudley Town - A deserted town that is said to have gone mad and died off, located in Cornwall, CT. After a long walk through the woods the path opens up to reveal old foundations and cellar holes from a lifetime ago. Here it is said that glowing orbs of light can be seen swirling around, and on occasion have even occurred during the day. There are many reports of odd happenings occurring to those that visit Dudley Town. Hearing faint drum sounds, feelings of dread and sadness, and feeling a presence all around you. - Update - People are not allowed in there anymore. Cops DO watch and will ticket even if you drive up there to the entrance.

Coventry - South Street - Hale Homestead - Locals have long reported ghostly activity in and around the house. Dudley Seymour, an attorney who purchased the home in 1914 and devoted himself to the popularization of Nathan Hale, claimed to have seen the ghost of Deacon Hale, the hero's father, peering out of a window. The ghost of a servant sometimes sweeps the upper hall. Nathan's ghost, on the other hand, may account for the sound of someone pacing the floors.

Danbury - On the corner of Shalvoy’s Lane and Austin St. there was a hat factory that stood there. Prior to demolition, there was an automotive machine shop. The building stood at three floors .Workers would all be in the back at ground floor and they could hear a spirit walking with work boots on. Plus, you could hear the floor creaking. This would only happen on the second floor. The third floor was very quiet. During the day, the electronic eye triggered, ringing a bell in the work area. the spirit would enter and walk up the stairway at mid point of the building. As you see, the door alarm goes off, the door was spring loaded, and you never heard the door slam shut. People would visit and you could hear the door shut.

Danbury - Tarrywile Park & Hearthstone Castle - Several hauntings are known to exist on the grounds - mainly around the area of the abandoned Hearthstone Castle. There have been reports of shadowy figures, glowing orbs or mists in the castle's windows or on the roof - as well as the surrounding land and the locations of the former servant/guest houses.. Some hikers have reported being pushed & sticks thrown at them.

Danbury - Western Connecticut State University - Berkshire Theatre - There is a ghost known by the name "Daphne" that haunts the large theatre of Berkshire Hall. Students working late at night will see her image in the light/sound booth or on the stage. She is friendly and will appear/reappear when asked politely by no more than 2 individuals.

Danbury - Western Connecticut State University - Fairfield Hall - 3rd floor haunted by soul of young girl who had committed suicide in the tower on the top of the hall. She is know for apparitions in windows n mirrors.... running showers and showing up in photographs. She is known for making mirrors become never ending ...and making screaming sounds all through the she waiting to be let free...or is she just haunting the students who live there.

Derby - Derby High School - It's not known of any deaths in the school or around, but when alone in one of the art rooms witnesses report a noise as if someone had come into the room, and yet the door was closed and there was no one inside besides themselves, a muffled voice whispered "Don't go", and the apparition of a girl.

Derby - Derby Public Library also known as Harcourt Wood Memorial Library - The Library was built in 1902 with funds given by Col. and Mrs. Wood who had it built in memory of their son Harcourt Wood. Harcourt died when he was 11 years old after a bout with meningitis, after which the entire school was quarantined. A woman and her son approached the library one snowy evening after hours to drop books in the book drop. Her son saw a light in the window and peered in. His mother said he came sliding down the steep steps on the bank of the library so fast and was so scared because he saw the figure of a young boy in the foyer of the library. Employees have also spoken of mysterious happenings in the library, such as lights turning on and off, doors closing on their own and other incidents.

Derby - Green Cemetery - If you walk in the cemetery at night you will see a green light coming from the cabin if you dare to come closer you will find a "Green Lady making dinner.  If she turns around a and sees you prepare for her company.  It is said she will appear right behind you.

Derby - Irving School - People have been known to see a little girl and a teenage boy wondering the halls and auditorium of this school. Cold flashes and spots are some of the effects to the persons investigating the school. Several police and fire fighters have also witnessed these encounters.

Derby - Lincoln School (Old Derby High School) - basement of the building believed that a staff worker used to work there died in the school. in the boys bathroom by the gym there's a metal gate where you can see the locker room. many students said that if you look into the room long enough you would see a quick flash of light then it would disappear. or you would see a figure holding a mop in his hand. there would be whistling on some days too and you never knew where it was coming from.

East Granby - Old Newgate Prison - It was originally a copper mine in the 1700s. It became a prison to hold Tories and loyalists in the Revolutionary war. It also held confederates in the civil war and is now a tourist attraction. In one area in the mine, a man's face is seen in the rock because the ceiling collapsed on top of him. The last man to be killed there was trying to escape through the well by climbing up the rope. On his way up, the rope snapped. He was either killed by impact or drowning.

East Haddam - Devils Hopyard - Have been numerous reports of strange sightings and occurrences over the years. Many locals have seen and heard apparitions.

East Hartford - Huguenot House - Haunted by a woman dressed in blue after the building was moved.

East Haven - Dear Run School - walking though the north hall you can some times hear voices and see blood coming down form the walls no one is sure who haunts this building

East Haven - Ferrara School - In the middle of the night you can see shadowy figures and hear strange noises. In the woods there you can hear scrabbling noises, like someone running though the bushes watching you or trying to catch you. Often also, you can hear like a screaming in the woods or possible crying.

East Windsor - Pasco's restaurant - movement of objects, closing doors, cold spots, etc.

Easton - Union Cemetery - Haunted by the ghost of a young woman known by locals as the "White Lady" no one knows of her past yet. Firemen and Police Officers have seen her on different occasions. It's one of the most haunted places in the country. Another haunting is "Redeyes" is also a well-known haunt. As the stories go, a man was walking along a road next to union cemetery when he noticed a pair of red eyes staring at him through the darkness. Upon this observation, he turned and ran and heard footsteps following him. The Warrens have done extensive research of the area. - February 2004 Update: This site is patrolled by police and will arrest you if you do not have the proper permission to do an investigation.

Enfield - green manor skate park - seen lights disappear and then light bulb falls. next morning the lights are there again

Fairfield - Greenfield Hill - there have been sightings of a young small figured woman dressed in white staring thru the windows of the condemned building with a glowing light behind her.

Fairfield - Greenfield Hill Mental institution - in the small Connecticut town of Newtown lies an enormous field containing more than 100 large abandoned buildings that once housed more than 4000 crazy people. Featured as the location on what is said to be the most scary episode of MTV's fear, Fairfield Hills' buildings range from the shock treatment building to the center for the criminally insane. The institution had a history of unauthorized lobotomies and mysterious deaths. The unique thing about Fairfield Hills is that it has an interconnected system of underground tunnels connecting most of the buildings to each other. WARNING: Although it has been abandoned since the mid-90's, proceed with EXTREME caution as there is almost always a cop or two there and at least 4 squad cars are guarding the location around Halloween. November 2003 Update - there are 4 heavily armed police cars circling the buildings. They attempted to interrogate any intruders and have been known to nearly arrest them. They even said that they caught people in the underground tunnels. - "Heavily guarded do not even bother attempting to enter"

Fairfield - Fairfield University - Dolan Hall - Former convent-turned-residence hall for Fairfield U. is said to have the ghosts of former nuns roaming the halls. There is one story (which probably isn't true, but you never know) of a nun who was raped by a priest, got pregnant and hung herself. More recently, a student died in one of the rooms and the room is no longer occupied due to uncontrollable temperature changes. Loud and unexplainable bangs awaken and frighten students between midnight and 4AM in rooms 231, 229, 227, and 225, yet no other rooms in that hallway can hear the noises at all. - November 2003 update/correction: A student that lived in the infamous Dolan 231, reports while they didn't hear any banging, they COULD hear people moving furniture above them. However, when the RA's went up there to tell them that it was 2AM and they were trying to sleep, they found that they TOO were sleeping and not moving furniture at all. The rumor about the nun is NOT true at all, but the room that the student died in IS true and WAS taken offline because of the uncontrollable heat. This room is Dolan 403.

Fairfield - Fairfield University - PepsiCo Theatre - Theatre Faculty and students will attest to haunting by Minerva Farrell--who was apparently a costume designer whose spirit frequently seems to visit. I've been alone in the PepsiCo, and have heard voices.

Fairfield - Ludlow Health Center - All that has been seen so far is a picture in the dining room that rocks back and forth at night.

Farmington - Farmington Riverside Cemetery - Heard voices, smell of roses, several photographs contained multiple orbs of various colors. Area surrounding cemetery (Miss Porters property) watched by spirit children and other forms. Psychic medium channeled entity on site for several minutes.

Farmington - Memento Mori Cemetery -  This cemetery is one of Connecticut’s oldest. It was first donated to the town of Farmington by a man by the name of Thomas Barnes back in 1660. Its first grave was marked as 1689. It sits right across the street from the famous Ms. Porters School for girls. It's a great place to capture EVP's most come out very clear. I once got a clear one that distinctly said "DONT STAY"

Glastonbury - Blacksmith tavern - Main Street - Reports of strange thing happening there. Such as doors closing and things moving by themselves. - Update - This place has changed it's name since about 2 years ago now it is a real estate office, It is possibly DeWolf now.

Glastonbury - Nike site - This place is great for mountain biking or driving your car through during the day. This place is very big and takes up a section in the meshomasic state forest. During the day, visitor’s will notices graffiti markings of witchcraft on the rocks, along with some racial remarks. The Nike site itself is an old abandon military site that lies behind several yellow gates. This place was once used as a missile pad during the cold war era. The buildings, silo, and pad are all plowed over or demolished but many parts of it still remain. It is believed that there is still an entrance that leads underground to tunnels of the old silo. People have already tried to find this entrance and got lost in doing so. Once night falls the Nike site turns into a very Blair witch place. Sounds of random people walking around in the woods can be heard as long with their voices. This place has been nicknamed the insane asylum by the locals.

Groton - LedgeLight (Lighthouse) - Story has it, that John "Ernie" Randolph and his wife lived at the LedgeLight, which sits out in the middle of the Ocean, just at the opening of the Thames River, no land around it what so ever. When there the wife kept telling Ernie that she was unhappy there and to secluded. Ernie made no attempt to move or find another job. So one day his wife took off with a Block Island Ferry Capt. Because of his wife’s leaving, Ernie became so depressed that he slit his throat and then jumped to the waters below from the top of the light house. Stories have it that Ernie now haunts the lighthouse. The lighthouse was turned over to the coast guard who manned it, and cadets have reported the opening and closing of doors, the decks being swabbed when they weren't the ones who did it. The lighthouse is now unmanned and run on a timer for when the light goes on and off. Project Oceanology of Groton has summer tours out to the lighthouse, but this is the only way anyone will be able to go there.

Groton - New London - Naval Submarine Base - Bldg 427 English Hall - You must have a military ID to come on base- is a building named after Rear Admiral, a dead veteran of the US. NAVY. To honor his death the building was given his name and a portrait of him stirringly hangs on the quarterdeck. His eyes appearing to watch your every move many have experienced his presence as they tour the building during their rove of inspection. A number of active duty Navy students have experience equal or deeper experiences. One prominent story raises among all others the night of the Rear-Admiral's Birthrate a classified number of students report seeing the Admiral's appearance while on separate levels of the building and being quick to share their sittings amongst them they quickly established that they had seen him at synchronized time periods exactly zero one hundred. They have yet to stand watch there and say they refuse to ever. - May 2008 Update: Bldg 426 was torn down. 427 is still standing. There was confusion on a prior update.

Groton - Woods West of town - In the woods west of town, there is a hiking trail which winds through the woods. In these woods are numerous Indian dwellings, some still not excavated. Reports of feelings of being watched.

Hamden - Sam's House - June 2008 Removed - Hoax

Hamden - Sleeping Giant - At the top of the mountain where the castle is located, it is said that a man dressed in all black has been seen wandering the area. At first he looks as if he is normal, but if you stay and watch he seems to have a white ring around his left arm. When approached, this figure slowly evaporates into the air, and those who have witnessed his appearance have only seen it once, despite efforts to find it again.

Hartford - Colt Armory - Throughout the years tenants on every floor have reported hearing a bolder drop and then roll over on floor above them...event those who live on the top floor.

Hartford - Hartford City Hall - Supposedly this ghost bangs on doors, closes doors, and opens doors that people know they've locked.

Hartford - Old State House - Built in 1796, the former State Capitol building is said to be haunted by the spirits of its' glorious past. The first witch to be hanged in the New England colonies was on this site in 1647. In the late 1970's the Warrens found the ghost of local painter and museum keeper, Joseph Steward, to be alive and well and roaming the halls of the second floor. Many reports of strange footsteps and ghostly assembly meetings have been reported.

Kensington - Chamberlain Highway (Rt.72) - Coyotes are native to this area. So every fall-spring in the houses around, you hear coyotes yelping in the late night hours, after about 5 minutes of this, you hear a trumpet. Anywhere along RT.72 (Chamberlain Hwy) you hear them.. Legend has it, that at Ragged Mountain off Rt.72 in the late 1800's a young trumpet boy had gotten lost around his new home, and he was lost with his trumpet. And coyote’s have gotten to him, So this is his call for help, Just to late.

Kensington - Southington Road Cemetery - very old, very angry ghost who seems to be the keeper of this burial ground. first trip you make he will present himself, second trip you make he will make things happen such as making electrical devices go haywire, he will also follow you. You will have feeling of great sickness, anxiety, even feelings of complete evilness surrounding you.... (Note. he haunts the graveyard to your immediate right upon entry).

Killingworth - Nineveh Falls - Located at a crossing of the Hammonasset River separating the towns of Killingworth and Madison is the former site of Nineveh Falls. It is said that the ghost of a young Indian maiden and warrior haunt this area. In pre-colonial times a young warrior went to war with the rest of the warrior in his village against another tribe leaving his love behind. Soon word was received of a great battle and the villagers were told that there were casualties, including the young warrior. The young maiden became inconsolable and wandered to the high cliffs at Nineveh where she jumped to her death. Shortly afterwards, the young warrior, unharmed arrived home only to find that his love had committed suicide. Despondent, he went to the same area and committed suicide in the same manner to be with his love for eternity.

Killingworth - North Parker Hill Road Cemetery - The ghosts of a bride and groom have been observed crossing the road both to and from this cemetery. A number of other phenomena have been seen and experienced in this cemetery.

Killingworth - The Old Inn - Since 1790 this building has been the site of taverns, restaurants, Inns, B and B's, bars or cafes. The ghosts of a man and woman have been observed and "felt" throughout this building.

Newtown - Fairfield Hills Hospital - Fairfield Hills is a former mental institution that is not vacant. It is said to be haunted by former patients.

Lampson Corner - Route 69 - An area between Burlington and Bristol CT. on rte 69, as the story goes the village was wiped out by small pox. People who have gone up there say they have seen strange apparitions.

Litchfield - Camp Columbia - This old camp of stone buildings was built in the 60's or 70's with a big stone tower. There is a very strange feeling from this place

Litchfield - The Litchfield Inn - The kitchen and dining room of the Inn are said to be haunted by an old Native American woman. Orbs can be seen in photographs. And an image of a semi-transparent Indian woman in the background of a picture taken in the dining room.

Litchfield - Old Mount Tom - On the trail of Mount Tom, there is a strangely old foundation that is boarded with creaky old stair wells and when you get to the top, you can hear moaning from the floors below. Some people gave reported seeing strange semi transparent images though the images are not clear. The ghost is said to be a high school kid who died while on the trail. The name is unknown, and some people have even had communications with this "ghost."

Manchester - Emanuel Lutheran Church - Sometimes you will walk by the nursery and the lights will be off and no one is in there but the rocking chair will be rocking by itself. 1 witness reports, “what really made us believe was when we were playing "Sardines" a hide-and-go-seek type game and we were the first ones downstairs in the church and we checked the bathroom. So we turned on the lights, checked all around no one was in there. Just before we turned off the lights all the stall doors were closed the minute I turned off the light both doors slammed.”

Manchester - Woods on Chalmers Street - In the woods many sightings of apparitions and orbs. The Legend has it that one man who was drunk drove his truck into the woods and died. Many people claim to have seen the driver lying helplessly in the truck. Also no one you can see around the woods in different sections has moved the truck door. The truck is still in the woods not being moved next to the bike jumps. Also two motorcyclists have also crashed in these woods and one man and one woman have been seen scurrying around the area. Witnesses have reported hearing ear-shattering screams. One witness reports," I woke up from a scream that I heard from a woman and after that I moved away and never went back to the house or in the woods."

Manfields - Mansfield Training Center - An abandoned asylum for the feeble minded or mentaly retarded. Part of it is apparently used for storage for old UCONN stuff but other parts have a very weird vibe to them. Many pictures have been taken with "orbs", especially outside and in the basement.

Meriden - Hubbard Park - A young girl was said to be kidnapped and brought into some woods at Hubbard Park and now haunts the park. She will save those being kidnapped of killed and kill the ones who are kidnapping or killing. She is said to look like a 7-year-old girl and she will laugh when she kills someone bad.

Meriden - The Black Dog of Meriden is said to roam the streets of Meriden. Appears as a sleek black dog, resembling a Labrador retriever, though much more menacing. The dog is said to appear extremely evil and will stare you down. If a person sees the black dog once, it is considered good luck. Seeing the Dog twice is a warning of impending death. If the dog stares you in the eye for a third time, it is said you will die very soon.

Meriden - East Side of Town - The haunting of Nancy - There is a local legend of "Naps." She is a middle-aged woman who was killed in front of her house one night a long time ago. Her real name was Nancy but everyone called her Naps because they were so frightened of her, especially the local kids. Explorers went to the place where she was supposed to have died, (and now is haunting), east road in Meriden. Many people have recently sighted the legendary ghost of "Nancy." She roams the back roads of the east side of Meriden. It is said she is looking for her dog and the people who killed her.

Meriden - Metal factory - There is an old metal factory in downtown Meriden. It has been closed for about 10 years now. There is also an electrical plant that is connected to the metal factory. There are object the get thrown across the room, Noises coming from the upper floor, and sound of people climbing the ladder going up to the third level of the building, as well as orbs in the pictures taken on all three floors of the building.

Meriden - Towne and Country Market - This small local market is the scene of many spooky things. for example, the old meat room is haunted by cows with voice boxes, and old man Ronny, a butcher who was impaled by a meat hook, is seen walking around in his bloody butchers coat. If you are the only one in the store, it is not uncommon to see things fly right off the shelf. As well as images of angry cows looking for the rest of their once full body. If you order a half pound of german bologna, it is said that upon eating it you will perish in flames.

Meriden - Undercliff Institution - Back in the early 1900's till the 30's and 40's near the Undercliff Institution there was a sanatorium made for sick children with diseases like rubella, mumps, German measles etc. Most of the children were brought there to die. The old brick building still stands near the old institution. Residents say that they can hear children crying and laughing. They are seen in the windows but only to vanish before you. Undercliff is now an abandoned building that is host to many different sightings. Reports of hearing former patients running around corners and down hallways to escape orderlies, and faint screams being heard form rooms where shock therapy was supposedly administered. Also sightings of a former patient who was murdered by a group of other patients with plastic utensils from the commissary walk the old courtyard.

Middlebury - Little Peoples Village - Located in the woods, on the side of an abandoned road (possibly old Waterbury Road), is a village of sorts, a number of very complex and detailed small stone houses standing about three to five feet high built into the hill. Some of the buildings are A framed, others are more traditional, they have the appearance that they are gutted and "condemned", inside of the little houses are elaborate room structures, staircases; pathways lead up hills through the woods to them, tiny pathways. The area is overgrown. Built into the side of a rock is a "thrown" a life sized chair of sorts with several symbols around it- the legend is that if you sit on it you will die in 7 years- this is only legend though. Next to the village itself is the ruins of an old stone house with iron bars on the window... very negative energy comes from here. In the evening the road to the village is so loaded with negative energy that it is virtually impossible to travel it... it is soundless and still. En route to the village and at the village itself several pentagrams can be seen from time to time on the ground. Overall a very eerie, very negative feeling pervades the area of this extremely mysterious village in the woods.- November 2003 Update: It is actually right off I84 exit 17 on the Middlebury/Waterbury line. All the other info is pretty accurate, there is really only one little house left and that is partly destroyed. The stone house is still there and so is the thrown. There is also a cellar that you can go down into. Place is very spooky. Legend is that there was a man and women who lived there and she was crazy and thought she was the Queen of the little people. She made her husband build her a thrown and all the little houses. Then she killed her husband and herself or he killed her and himself. There are different variations of the story.

Middletown - CVH Maintenance Building - Recent research reveals that the Cotter Building at CVH was originally the site of an Indian burial ground. Local Indians had a village overlooking the Ct. River before the arrival of white men. This explains the often heard strange noises, chanting, drumbeats, lights turning on and off, and doors opening and closing on their own accord. Mists have been reportedly seen moving about inside of the firehouse portion. - WARNING!! Trespassers WILL be arrested.

Middletown - Long Lane - across from Rushford there is a dirt road and at the end of it there is a cement building underground if you go in and be very quiet you can hear the screams of people being beaten it is apparently the place where the patients were brutally tortured and murdered. - NO TRESPASSING - you will be arrested.
January 2007 update: Long Lane juvenile detention was in existence since the early 1900's and housed females till age 16 at first before transferring them to Niantic Farms (now York Correctional, all females). Long Lane later became co-ed and was closed in 2003 after a new all male facility was built close to the original and renamed CT Juvenile Training Center. Long Lane has had a history of suicides and sightings. Some deaths have been classified as accidental and look as though they have been unintentional suicides. Many remain unsolved. There have sightings have been of children whom run through the grounds through cottages and cells. Inmates and staff speculate they are the ghosts of children whom have died in the facility.

Milford - Charles Island - located off of Silver Sands state beach has a long and mysterious history. It was a point of conflict between the English settlers and the Wepaowag Indians, who regarded the island as sacred ground, connected with spirits. Following the defeat of the tribesmen, the Chief put a curse on the island, pronouncing "Any shelter will crumble to the Earth, and he shall be cursed" About 25 years after the defeat of the Wepauwags, the notorious pirate Captain Kidd, who knew the islands reputation, is known to have buried part his treasure on the island, and treasure hunters from around the country still look for this stash today. It is told that in 1850 two men found the treasure, only to run away from the island screaming about a "screeching, flaming skeleton descending from the sky" They spent the remainder of their lives in an asylum. At the end of the 18th century, a monastery was built on the island. After the monks moved in, dismissing the curse as "pagan savagery" and "Indian folklore", a series of mysterious deaths, suicides, and bouts of insanity, and subsequent intensifying hauntings forced them to abandon the monastery. The crumbling ruins can still be seen today. In the 1950s and attempt was made to open a seaside restaurant and lodge on the desolate island. A devastating and lethal fire, still to which cause remains unknown, ended whatever building projects scheduled for the Island, and no one has built upon it since. All that is left from this is a tumbling brick wall. Today, reports from hikers abound about seeing glowing specters flitting through the trees, disembodied voices, and phantom monks making processionals through the monastic ruins. One also hears of seeing nighttime Indian festivals and hearing jazz music near the old site of the restaurant. The only access to the Island is a mysterious causeway that only surfaces from the sea at low tide. People, in the summer months, frequent the island for its beach and seclusion, as well preserved trails. The ghosts wont bother you if you respect them. Just don’t build, and DONT DIG!

Milford - St. Mary's Cemetery - Reported to seeing a lady in a long, white gown wandering around the graveyard and is looking for her long lost husband who went away to WW1 and never came home.

Monroe - Union Cemetery - There have been many sightings of different ghosts at different times. The most common sighting is of a lady in white with a white glow around her, who walks the cemetery around midnight. Many people have seen her. She appears to be looking for the grave of a loved one, but when she is approached, she slowly vanishes.

Moodus - Moodus Lake - It is said that at night, the sounds of a piano being played can be heard coming from the bottom of the lake.

Naugatuck - Guntown Cemetery - WARNING - Has become a popular spot for kids to hang out. The cops will probably usher you out. - Residents and even the Warrens attest to the ghostly activity that occurs here. Witnesses have heard children laughing far into the field behind the cemetery and as they stayed longer each time the children's laughing grew as close as behind the back wall to inside the cemetery. They also heard old ragtime music playing in the woods near the cemetery.

New Britain - haunted reservoir home - An abandoned home near the New Britain reservoir in the area of crescent lake said to have been badly burned and forgotten after a man and women were killed in a fire there. The small brick house has one main room and inside has odd-looking gages and dials in metal cases. Upon visiting, a young man beckoned the "ghosts" to make themselves known, after a few seconds of taunting, his foot fell thigh deep through the floor and nearly into the basement. Also, feelings of sadness, anxiety and feelings of being watched have been experienced - Has been torn down.

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - Several of the mansions converted to dorms are said to be haunted. One of them is haunted by a woman in a green dress and a small boy around the age of 8-10. The boy tends to be looking for a playmate, for when alive he was often locked in the attic. He moves objects, changes the orientation of other objects, and stands in the hallway watching you.

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - Dominican Hall - the former Yale Psychiatric Institution. Activities reported are knocking on walls, stereos and televisions being turned on or off (especially when there is a lot of noise, or the music is too loud), doors slamming and people running through hallways when no one is there, and voices muttering. Spirits appear in pictures, too.

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - McAuliffe Hall - Is indeed haunted by a small boy and woman in green is possibly true but she is believed to haunt the front staircase, and around midnight, if you are not holding the rail, she'll shove you. He said that when he first moved in, a woman used to begin singing every night at 10 PM. An insomniac, he found this annoying and finally asked the woman to stop.

New Haven - Albertus Magnus College - Rosary Hall - Rosary is an antique elevator that is no longer in use. Several students, faculty members, and staff have reported an evil presence around it, as well as freezing cold blasts of air and moaning sounds.

New Haven - Cemetery Blvd and Congress Ave. - Midnight Mary's Grave Inscription " and they shall pass away at mid-night. " Visitors at midnight see apparitions and pass on the next day.

New Haven - Fort Nathan Hale - Along the beach where a battle took place, there are under ground bunkers. They are blocked off with gates, but inside the bunkers there have been sightings of glowing green orbs. Along the beach and the outside of the bunkers ghostly figures of soldiers have also been seen.

New Haven - Lighthouse Park - At Lighthouse Park around midnight you can hear the carousel running and little kids giggling.

New Haven - The Old Union Trust Building - The old Union Trust building (now First Union) on the corner of Elm and Church street in New Haven, CT is the most haunted structure in the center of town. For years countless paranormal activities have been witnessed. Reports include - heard footsteps creeping down stairways late in the night when the building was empty, banging on walls, and many orbs and images captured on film. Others have seen ghosts walking in offices, heard their names being called, lights going on and off, and toilets flushing when no one was using them. The basement ghost is the most active. Witnesses have heard three loud hits to the cement wall by a human hand. This happens from week to week. The assistant property manager once heard moans within the wall along with the banging. If you’re interested in learning more about the old Union Trust building,

New Haven - Southern Connecticut State University - The Common Area - A black misty figure was seen in the common area.

New Haven - Southern Connecticut State University - North Campus dorms - One resident reported waking up to a massive black force hovering over his bed, constricting him, paralyzing him with fear. Some time later a small circle with a symbol in it appeared to be burned into the wall over his bed where none had existed before. Doors would open by themselves. Closed, locked windows would be opened every time the room was empty. Faucets would go on and off by themselves and closets would rattle. A psychic investigator is reported to have cleansed the room, she said it was a spirit of a young boy killed on the sight when it was farmlands; she also said that the spirit of the young boy had invited in several other negative spirits. Previous occupants of the room have reported similar experiences.

New London - Eugene O'Neill's childhood home - The great American play write based his classic "Long Days Journey into Night", after this childhood home in which he shared with his family. His mother, who reportedly suffered severe depression, would sneak into a small room next to Eugene O’Neill’s room, and he would hear her crying and then giggling to herself throughout the night. She supposedly would inhale methane there. There have been many reports, especially by the people who work there,(it is a museum now)of footsteps in the small room, the feeling of being followed, cold spots, and most eerie, the sounds of sobbing and giggling. You can take the tour and see the room for yourself, very creepy.

New London - Ledge Lighthouse - There have been reports of lights and strange sounds coming from Ledge Lighthouse which is now inoperable. Also believed to be haunted by a lighthouse keeper that committed suicide there.

New London - The Lighthouse Inn - Various haunted rooms, and two ghostly Victorian women who roam the hallways at night.

New London - Quaker Hill - Gallows Lane - It's been said that this is where a lot of witches were burned though there is no real record. However, if you walk down the road (even in the middle of the day) you get the ominous feeling that not only are you being watched but also followed. One person who has done a séance there reported that there was the shrill voice of an old woman that told him to go away and never come back, though there was no one in sight, the voice seemed to be all around him. Most people from that area wont walk down that road alone and especially not at night.

New London - St. Mary School - Some students have said that the basement, which used to be restrooms before about 2001, is haunted. Students who have gone down there alone have felt like they were being watched or were not alone. Also, urban legends state that the last three bathroom stalls in the basement were haunted. A janitor supposedly died in the bathroom. The basement bathrooms have been closed and the basement is no longer accessible to students.

New Milford - Bank Street Coffee House - Footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement, items moving on their own in the kitchen, shadowy figures and unexplained footsteps.

Newington - Cedar Hill Metal Institution - There is an old metal institution which is now boarded up. Many people committed suicide in this place. A man hung himself. You can see little orbs and figures glowing. You can also hearing moaning and other noises. There is now a new metal institution, which has patients in it right now, but this old institution is still there, boarded up, old and full of disturbed souls that may never leave.

Newtown - Cyrenius H. Booth Library - The only public library in Newtown on Main Street is haunted by Mary Hawley, the daughter of Booth, whom the library was named after. The building used to be her home, and her room is on the top floor, which they used to let people view, but have locked since they put an addition on. Experiences ranged from feelings to shadowy figures in the corner of one’s sight to actual encounters with what are supposedly Mary's ghost. Nothing has been said about her since the addition was put on, but then again, no one has been in her room either.

North Branford - Greystone - It can be very ugly here. A man walks with his cane dripping with blood. Screams of young ones screeching in the night. Very dark and cold out here.

North Branford - Dragonback Woods - At night you hear voices and people walking around but no one is there. Lots of orbs and in the middle of summer it gets really cold at night and names and symbols appear in the dirt.

North Haven - Grove road - water coming from the ceiling, no pipes in ceiling, seeing water drip from ceiling. But no water on floor, middle bedroom get cold and quite, cat’s hair stands up. Wife committed suicide, by carbon monoxide poison.

Norfolk - Blackberry River Inn - Reports of seeing "the White Lady" walking through the Main Inn 2nd floor and walking back to the empty house in the back of the property.

Norfolk - Botelle Elementary School - reports of hearing doors slam when they are the only ones on the floor.

North Haven - Fire Headquarters - Ghost of deceased fire fighter Albert Brunelle is said to be seen sitting in the back of Emergency 1 smoking a cigar. Upon second glance, witnesses stated seeing nothing but a quick fog followed by a small pigeon flying by the firehouse.

Norwich - Norwich State Psychiatric Hospital - While visiting this place recently you can walk thru patients rooms and still hear a woman sobbing. If you go into one building on the 3rd floor...which used to be used to perform lobotomy's years ago you can hear beeping sounds. while walking on the grounds no matter what building you are near you hear bellowing. - February 2007 Update: WARNING: No Trespassing This area is patrolled by guards that will call the police.

Norwalk - Cemetery behind Mathews Mansion - While walking home, over the I-95 Yankee doodle bridge a witness saw a grayish white mist with a woman’s face travel across the highway off ramp through the woods in to the cemetery.

Oakdale - Gardner Lake/St. Thomas More - At St. Thomas More prepatory boarding school this is a chapel on garner lake. Many years ago people had taken pictures of the chapel in which a little girl appeared but was not really there. Recently many sightings of this girl have been seen by those who did know about the picture. She would stand in people's rooms in the Edmunds Dormitory staring at corners of the room crying and tapping on the walls. As if she was in punishment. And many of those who witnessed the girl had claimed of that in which they had a strange dream that led up to it. And then the dream supposedly was coming true all day but thought nothing of it.

Oakville - Sealy’s Parking Lot & Riverside St. - Sounds of women screaming, Orbs, EVPS, Shadow people.

Old Mystic - Red Brook Inn -The north room of the Redbrook inn is haunted by a former owner, Sally Crary. Legend has it that after the death of his wife in 1979, Mr. Crary married his wife's best friend. Since then the spirit of Mrs. Crary haunts the north room of this bed and breakfast. moving cold spots and voices are the symptoms here.

Old Wethersfield - American Legion 23 - Pictures have been taken with so very many orbs, it is hard to see the actual pictures.

Orange - Edison Road - In a vacant lot where a barn and a house used to stand, the story is that several years ago, a fire burned the house down and two people died in the blaze. People in the businesses in the surrounding area report strange activities, especially at night. The feeling that someone or something is watching them and an overall feeling of dread is a common occurrence there.

Oxford - Hookman's Cemetery - Believed that in the 1900's sometime the caretaker of the cemetery had a hook in place of his hand and would sometimes kill a person who stayed later than the others to speak words to the one laid to rest. Also in the field behind the cemetery used to be a house where a family once lived and rumor\fact has it that the young son of the family killed the remaining family members including him. The house was knocked down years ago but on Halloween it appears briefly as a phantom. Anomalies have shown.

Plainfield - Plainfield High School - A student who was considered to have limitless potential was murdered and now haunts the building. The word "intrinsic" has been written on many objects in the building, most notably the wood doors. It is not confirmed, but the legend states that this student used "intrinsic" as the basis for much of his poetry. Shortness of breath is often reported, and power outages are frequent. - November 2003 update/correction: Plainfield has HUGE problems with mold in many of the rooms, which is why many students and faculty have problems with shortness of breath. One resident reports having never heard of the rumor that a student was murdered that had immense potential or about any of the weirdo things that supposedly happen there.

Pomfret - Bara Hack NO TRESPASSING (the village of voices)- Bara Hack is a lost settlement that eventually became the Township of Pomfret Connecticut, Now located on Private property. Most common signs of ghostly presences in the village are voices of farmers, mothers calling their children, laughing children, whistling, talking, orbs of light, people swinging or sitting on trees, trails of energy, sounds of farm animals, footsteps. Most of these occur with full force around 10:00 to 11:00 at night in the graveyard or at the old mill.

Portland - Spooksville - There used to be an old Insane asylum there, if you go there the building no longer stands But you can still see the layout of the building. And some say that you can here the screams of the old patients. There is also an old bombsite there where they used to make and test bombs. - December update/correction: It was and old NIKE missile site that was built in the late 50's and early 60's that protected large cities like Hartford from Russian bomber strikes coming over from Russia via the north pole. There never was an insane asylum and there are two sites. The abandoned structure is the control center and the lower site is the magazine/launch area where the missiles were stored and launched.

Preston - Captain Grant's Inn - Captain Grant's Inn is thought to be haunted. Apparently at one time before it was an inn, two sisters who did not get along lived there, and after they died, they did not leave. The New London Day newspaper ran an article on this in 2006.

Putnam - Blood cemetery - April 2007 Has been removed. There is no evidence that it exists.

Putnam - Putnam Housing - There have been many sightings of ectoplasm, and many orbs in pictures. There have also been reports of very strange happenings, objects being thrown, and even a black shadow that was apparently caught on film.

Redding - Topstone Rd - a small field on the right of the train tracks before the overpass usually at night orbs of light and a lit tent vanishing.

Salem - Gardners Lake - Reports of apparitions showing up on photographs have been made.

Salem - Salem Town Hall - The Salem Town Hall is haunted by the spirit of a man who hanged himself on the radio tower. The ghost walks the hallways, slams doors, shuts off lights, locks doors, and walks up the old steps, which have been removed. Barometers rise and cold spots have been reported.

Seymour - Carousel Gardens - haunted by a woman who used to live there. It was a mansion converted into a restaurant in the mid 60's. Now the story is, that she lived there with her brother for many years, but they rarely spoke, and they say, for this reason, she haunts this place.

Seymaur - Great Hill Road - A few years back, a man was killed on his motorcycle while going around a sharp turn down Great Hill road. Its been reported that a man was driving down this road headed for this specific turn, and he saw the ghost of the motorcycle on his motorcycle only to see the cycle raise his hand to slow down and the man's car stalled.

Shelton - East Village Cemetery - While walking in, you will often hear a young girls voice, say hello, and then later, if you stay long enough you can see a dark shadow figure run and what seems to be hiding behind the grave stones, then when you are leaving you will again hear the young girls voice but be unable to understand her.

Shelton - Indian Wells State Park - Supposedly haunted by "white lady". Some say she was killed there on her wedding day, hence, the "white lady" title. Others insist she is one of several children/young people killed by a train while playing cards on the train tracks during the '30s' - February 2007 Additional information: there were 5 kids playing cards on the tracks that day; 4 were hit by the train and killed, the other died of fright.

Shelton - White Hill Cemetery - while walking through the cemetery you hear footsteps behind you but when you turn around there’s no one there. also if you stay long you can see a white figure running around in the back of the cemetery. on your way out you can hear someone say bye see you again!

Simsbury - Chart House - Its an old restaurant that has the spirit of a woman, who is described as friendly, residing there. The employees like to tell stories about her; she does stuff like shut off lights if they've been left on, closing doors at closing time, that kind of thing.

Simsbury - Ensign Bickford - IN the north end of ensign Bickford there is a row of buildings that are reported to be haunted by an older worker of the plant. NO one is sure of his past but he makes himself Known every once in a while, cold spots and sounds ALWAYS accompany his arrival, also a white mist is seen there many times at night.

Somers - Durky Rd. - Man rumored to kill himself on water tower while on acid with friends by jumping is seen be people walking on the side of the road at 10:00 p.m. the rumored time of his death.

Somers - 145 Main ST - Several reportings from employees say that when alone in the back banquet hall, or back kitchens, lights will flicker on and off by themselves and tables and chairs will move. Some report feelings of freight and chills when in the back by themselves. Many employees refuse to go back there alone. Some swear they have seen faint figures in reflections in the banquet hall mirrors, and swear they feel someone tapping them on the shoulder only to turn around and see nothing.

Southington - Meridan Ave. - It is an old funeral home. It is said that when it closed down a family moved in to the house, strange happening started occurring. The 2 boys lived in their room in the basement, which used to be the Morgue. The boys reported seeing people working on bodies of dead people, and one boy was possessed by a demon. They had to perform an exorcism on the house. Some people claim that you can still see ghosts of the dead people. It is also said that the sign that used top have the name of the funeral home next to the door, has been washed, painted over, everything, but it is still there.

Stratford - Phelps Mansion - Before the Mansion was built a lady named Goody Basset was burned at the stake for being a witch. After the house was built, lots of people have been drawn out of it. The legend is that if you stare in a mirror in the house, you will not see your face but Goody Basset's and she will prick your arm with a needle for staring at you. - November 2005 correction: Phelps was owned by Reverend Eliakim Phelps and his family in the 1800's. But the history of Phelps still intrigues people to this day. Reverend Eliakim Phelps was returning to his home on Elm street in Stratford after Sunday service on March 14,1850. With him was his wife, two sons ages three and eleven, and two daughters ages six and sixteen. When they entered the house, they found the interior in shambles. Furniture, food and expensive china had been strewn around the downstairs rooms, the Rev. Phelps first thought was that the house was burglarized, until he entered the dining room. He then concluded that demon spirits had entered his home.
January 2007 Additional information: the house in Bridgeport on Lindley Street where in possibly 1971 even the police witnessed things such as the refrigerator hurling across the kitchen floor. It was on the TV news and newspapers and for weeks there was always a crowd gathered outside standing and waiting for something to happen that could be seen from the outside other than lights in the windows.

Stratford - Stratford Booth Memorial Park - A large area of negative energy is known to be haunted by a man who can be seen if photographed in a large white house in the top window.

Stafford Springs - Hamden Rd - Hamden Rd runs up a small mountain, ghosts like figures have been seen and felt walking through the woods (the mountain is populated but there is large areas of uninhabited forest)

Stepney - Stepney Cemetery - ghost photos have been taken there for quite some time.

Sterling/Voluntown - Pachaug State Forest - Hells Hallow – Maude’s Grave -September 2005 Update/correction: Formerly listed as 3 separate listings, Maude's Grave can be approached far more easily from the Sterling end of Hell Hallow Road, and is actually on that side, not Voluntown. The grave is a pile of rocks about ten feet from the road (on the right side if you are coming from Sterling) that can be found from a cleared path. It can easily be visited without being bothered. Sightings of a 17 foot tall black flash have been seen, about 2 feet above ground, crossing the road in front of car headlights, and then chasing the car, in addition to everything already said. - An Indian girl was killed by English soldiers in the section of the forest. Ever since, cries attributed to her have been heard there. The ghost of a little girl named Maude has been appearing for 100 years on Hell Hollow Road near her gravesite. It is located along Hells Hallow Road. When riding in a car and her name is uttered by her gravesite, the car is supposed to either stall or crash. Observers have also seen orbs. Also, a man running through the woods at the same speed of the car was seen by a passenger in a vehicle. When walking on trails a heavy ominous presence can be felt and on the driving trail there are several patches of forest that are completely dead and in one location is a perfectly round pool of water that is lifeless just pure stagnation, it is said that this area was a host to witchcraft and satanic rituals being held.

Storrs - University of CT - Eddy dorm rm 501(Alumni Quad) - Inability to breath in dorm room, cold breezes when window was closed and hands squeezing shoulder.. tapping, and door rattling when nobody was inside.

Suffield - Kent mansion - The abandoned mansion has been seen with lights on and with shadows in the windows. Even in the carriage house. Update - The Carriage house has since been torn down. It is believed to be haunted by its past benefactor Sidney Albert Kent. Many occurrences of a mischievous conduct take place. Pictures fall and break. Light fixtures fall. Dogs scared of certain areas only at certain times. Lights mysteriously go on when they were known to be checked as off. Back hall too second floor has cold chilling sensation at times.

Thomaston - St. Thomas Church - The school and the church basement is haunted. in the basement you can see an orb glowing in the hallways, footsteps downstairs yet no one else is there. Also people have seen chairs and tables move down there. In the school you can feel a presence sometimes of another person, and everyone who went there refused to go in there at night. The school is now and many believe it to be haunted by a priest who preached there but died, and he left a million dollars for it to stay open.

Thomaston - Thomaston Opera House - Firehouse - Many years ago there was a fire which damaged the entire theatre, in recent years it was restored. There are rumors of ghosts of people, which perished in the flames. Many people experience a feeling of being watched when they are alone in the theatre. The old firehouse next door is apparently haunted as well, though there is not much information on that at this time. - February 2007 Update: they now have turned the old fire station next door to the opera house into a Teen Center called "the place." They have gutted it and restored it for the local teens to hang out at.

Tolland - the Benton Homestead - Several entities have been seen, including-Jemima Barrows, betrothed to one of the Benton boys who died from smallpox, wandering the halls in her wedding dress, weeping (or just her weeping). -A Hessian soldier on the front steps -A man in Colonial-era clothes in the dining room (seen by psychics Ed and Lorraine Warren) -A malevolent presence on the second floor felt by one member of the Tolland Historical Society.

Torrington - Hill Top Inn Restaurant - witnesses have Seen a little girl there many times, in the 1800's and to this day young children still see her!

Torrington - Oak Ave haunting - Oak Ave In Torrington is haunted by a little girl whom was killed in the late 1950's in a semi wooded area about a mile from route 8- highway, she is said to walk the street holding a dog collar wearing a long white shredded dress. Locals have reported seeing her on fogy nights on a fool moon, she is said to wander this area "crying" she is best seen in early winter season. Locals have reportedly tried to approach her and she is said to vanish in to the fogy night.

Torrington - The Warner Theater - A ghost haunts this early 1900's theater in the town of Torrington, Connecticut. The ghost is said to be named Murph, and he was a homeless guy who was trying to break into the theater to spend the night. He was drunk and fell down the stairs leading to the basement. People have felt cold wind in the middle of summer with no air conditioning and performers have seen things on the balcony during rehearsals only. The lights also go on and off when no one is touching them. There is also a story of a huge control lever that controls all of the lights in the building. It takes two or three people to pull it down. One day, there were two people at the theater and they were away from the lever and all of a sudden the lights went out. They came back and the lever was switched off.

Unionville - Unionville Cemetery - This cemetery is home to multiple hauntings. One of the best known is the white lady. She is said to wander the cemetery around mid-night. Multiple orbs of light, voices, and other apparitions also accompany her. On Halloween the local police are stationed around the cemetery’s stonewall to keep kids out.

Voluntown - Breakneck Hill Road. Breakneck Hill - guard appears randomly walking back and forth at a bend in Breakneck Hill Road. It’s a soldier from the Narragansett wars of the late 1600s and early 1700s a tattered colonial soldier carries a long musket over his right shoulder marching across the road.

Wallingford - an old gas station - a gas station was built over the foundation of a house that burned down. It was later shut down due to some paranormal activities. For instance, two girls went in there to use the bathroom when suddenly they heard banging on the door and on the wall behind them. And it was so loud and hard, the mirror in there was shaking. Other encounters and sightings have also been reported.

Wallingford - Moses Y. Beach Grade School - At night, the neighbors of the school sometimes say they hear music and see the lights of the gym on. The police would go and investigate only to walk into the school and find that the music and the lights have been turned off abruptly. Some people, believe that the prom or homecoming was supposed to be the night of the tornado that destroyed the high school that was there before the elementary school. you can hear doors close and loud footprints behind you, rolling carts down the hallways, drawers opening and closing, and computers have powered up by themselves before. One encounter seen by the school janitor was of a young girl sitting in the corner of the gymnasium crying and pointing at the bleachers saying, "Look at the lady in white by the coat rack. She's crying." (There is no coat rack in the gymnasium, by the way.) Back in the earlier days of the school, a child fell through the roof of the building. Also, after a tragic event, the school was used as a morgue.

Wallingford - Shell Station on Center - Now a Texaco station. - Once a hotel that had a fire, killing most of the people inside. Then the Shell gas Station was built in its place. It is now out of business because of hauntings occurring in the station. These hauntings scared away not only the customers, but the workers too. Neighbors have also claimed to see lights in the building at night. - February 2007 Correction: Former owners state the place was never haunted. It was closed due to funding & contract problems.

Wallingford - Tilcon - haunted by a man killed while working at the plant workers report machines turning on by themselves, lanterns carried with no one there, see him standing on the catwalks, smell smoke around them while no one is there, feeling like someone is watching you, strobes of lights have been spotted floating around.

Wallingford - Tilcon of ct. quarry - employees report a man walks around plant reported to be a worker who was beheaded by the train in the early 30's ...he can be seen walking the plant and he turns on and off equipment he turns off the plant lights in the middle of shifts, you can see his flashlights beams on buildings, he calls employees names this is an active haunting with reports even up until last month 2002

Wallingford - Whirlwind Road - Lady in White back in the 1930's a woman was left at the alter on her wedding day. She was so depressed that she drowned herself. Motorists have seen her on the side of the road totally soaked and asking for a ride but when their backs would be turned she'd disappear .a few police officers have seen the woman

Wallingford - Yankee Silversmith Inn - This restaurant used to be an inn back in the 1800's. rumor has it that a man committed suicide in one of the rooms. after being changed into an eating establishment\ banquet hall, the staff has seen a ghost walking up and down the stairs after a late night, around 12:30 or 1, when all the guests have left. there is also a feeling of someone behind you as you walk up the stairs. the final piece of evidence is there is a picture of a white ghostly image in the brochure for the hall. no member of management can explain this.

Waterbury - Holy Land - In February, 1985, many witnesses observed a ghostly woman enter a phantom car about five feet above the front gate and drive away and disappear. This story could be backed up by a newspaper article, which was written the next day. There were no other known ghostly happenings since this incident.

Watertown - Leatherman's Cave - Mattituck Trail - Cave formerly inhabited by the Leatherman (thought to be Jules Borglay) who got his name from always being dressed in 60 pounds of leather. This mysterious vagabond would endlessly walk a 365-mile loop between the Connecticut and Hudson rivers. He did this 360 times between 1858 and 1889, stopping to rest in caves along the way. Local people donated extra food to him whenever he was in their town. His body was found in the Saw Mill Woods cave in Sing Sing, NY in 1889. He supposedly haunts the caves that he used to occupy. This particular cave is the most popular. It is located on the Mattituck Trail, approx. 2 miles southeast of Black Rock State Park on Rt. 6 in Watertown.

Watertown - Main Street Graveyard - On the corner of French and Main street in Watertown there's a graveyard that has been reported haunted. At night you can see small orbs of light, low to the ground floating around. If you record with a tape recorder, and play it back you hear little girls crying and telling you to leave. And you hear doctors talking. And it has even been reported to have an old solider with a dirty torn war uniform on that follows you as you walk by.

Watertown - Watertown High School - is Around 1988 to 1993 a High School football star named committed suicide by hanging himself from the bleachers of a playing field supposedly because he was drunk and depressed that his girlfriend dumped him...his father was the football coach at the high school and while on his morning jog around the fields his father found his son's lifeless body first thing in the morning before school started. After he died; his presence has been felt in the hallway of the school right near the boy's locker room where he had suited up for football games for four years. Witnesses describe the feeling as getting chills down the back of your neck every time they walked by that particular area! Football was this kid's life and the pressure on him was doubly worse because his father was the football coach. Also, his ex girlfriend seemed to vanish off the face of the earth after he died and she never came back to Watertown High again! This story can be verified by newspaper reports during that time.

West Hartford - King Phillip Middle School - RM#22 - The ghost of a long lost child who was murdered has known to roam the halls of KPM and especially room 22. They say that until his body is found he will kill a person every Halloween. The name of this kid is unknown.

West Hartford - Noah Webster House - Neighbors said to have seen ghost of women walking halls with lamp. Sometimes, orbs are seen in the side yard.

West Hartford - Norfeldt School - A ghost is heard and seen playing the piano there.

West Haven - Campell Ave. - Buckel Factory - formerly submitted as "Old Belt Factory" - Inside the building here are many ghosts. They are seen sometimes in the windows and walking around out back. If you go in, you better be careful, you might not come out. Also, you can sometimes here people talking out back, and the grass moving in certain spots when no wind is blowing. Sudden cold spots can occur too. Orbs can be seen all around and inside. This place is also known as 'Hell House'. - Septmeber 2005 uupdate: A resident of West Haven has come forward to say that this is nothing more than an urban legend.

West Haven - Savin Rock near the old "Casino" restaurant - A young lady known as "Darcy" seen in a pale yellow dress is known to haunt this area. She walks along the beach on foggy nights and disappears into the fog, also reported cold spots and hearing her sobs. - June 2008 Correction: The woman whose body washed ashore name was Jennie Cramer. In some newspapers from the time the two suspects that were charged were said to be brothers, in other papers they were said to be cousins, James Malley & Walter Malley.

West Haven - University of New Haven - There is a phantom that appears on Ruden street between Notre Dame high school and the University of New Haven. It appears between midnight and 2 AM. No one knows for sure what it is.

West Haven - University of New Haven - Maxxy Hall - use to be an orphanage where some children were abused to death. Many have said that they hear the children cry at night.

West Haven - VA Hospital - The hospital has been the scene of countless patient suicides over the years. While many have patients have hanged themselves in the trees throughout the 44 acres, some have committed suicide in the underground tunnels. It is down there that moans and groans can be clearly heard. It is not uncommon to hear footsteps either approaching you or walking away from you while in the long tunnels, however, no one can be seen. You may also hear the wheels of linen carts being pushed in the tunnels but never seen. In some areas you may feel the presence of someone or something touching you. Don't expect to visit though. the VA has its own Police Department and trespassing on federal property can get you arrested.

Westbrook - Talcott House - Old Bed and Breakfast Inn on the shoreline of Connecticut. Past innkeeper experienced activity. Beds unmade by themselves, old ragtime music in the vents, piano playing a tune by itself. A wealthy man who died in a fire originally owned the house. Townspeople claim of suspicious activities. The house recently caught on fire again during renovations in the middle of the night.

Westport - Long Lots Elementary School - In the Auditorium it is said that a lady dressed in black floats back and forth across the stage after sunset. Orbs of light can be seen glistening in the seat section

Wethersfield - First Church Cemetery - lady in white walks around at night.

Winchester - Greenlady's Graveyard - This place has an old gravesite dated back to the 1800"s. This commentary isn't even located on any maps. It has a haunting of a woman whom was deserted during the war. She also was named the green lady. Its been known for her to come out on foggy nights. She wanders the grave.

Winchester - Hindsdale Elementary - People in the 3rd grade bathrooms can see the image of a scarred lady in the mirror when the lights are off, people say she is the Ghost of Mary P. Hindsdale, a founder of the school.

Winchester - Old Civil War Cemetery - In an old Civil War centenary found 3 miles in on a dirt road through dense forest off a main road, one can find a green lady haunting the site in the upper-right corner of the cemetery. She is seen during a full moon.

Winchester - Suckerbrook dam - Voices can be heard late night and spectral images seen as well. The scariest incident was of a dam worker who drown some say pushed to his death.

Windham - Old Winham Inn - A woman who was once considered a witch at one time was killed. She now haunts the Old Windham Inn, which now are apartments. Sometimes in the hallways at night you can hear a baby crying when there are no baby's living in the apartments.

Windsor - Loomis Chaffee High School - One can expect that such an old establishment would have a history. In Founders Hall, which used to contain a dormitory on the 3rd floor, it is said that one or more students killed themselves. Late at night, the second and third floors have a significantly unsettling feeling about them, and without the lights on, one cannot see to from one side of the hallways to the other. Doors seem to open and shut on their own, and light footsteps, like someone sneaking about, can often be heard. Though these occurrences may be quite freaky, any spirits that may inhabit the area do not seem malicious. There is also a system of tunnels that runs beneath the school (this is no rumor, these tunnels EXIST). Footsteps of person sprinting can often be heard at late hours, and some have reported seeing a man with straight black hair standing motionlessly at the end of one tunnel, staring intently at the wall. Visitors are warned not to go in these tunnels alone, as whatever is there seems rather unwelcoming. Some persons who decided to go alone came out with scratches and bruises on their arms and chest. The Health Center has been known to harbor a woman in white who tends to sick students at night. One student reported waking up in the early morning (~3 AM) and being given water by a woman in white. When she woke up later, she spoke to the nurse on duty. The nurse told her that she had been the only one working all night. The woman in white could possibly have been an early headmaster's wife, who died young and spent time caring for ailing students in the health center.

Woodbury - Episcopal Church - The cemetery behind the church harbors an unwanting spirit that doesn't want people to enter the cemetery. It chased several students doing research for a paper out on Halloween night. It is a very strong spirit and projects a feeling of depression along with aggression.

Woodstock - Blood cemetery -  I have been there before, as it does exist but is very hard to find.  The first time my brother went with our friend, they got lost for an hour or two wanderings the woods before finally finding the cemetery. They went back with me and one other person and we had to take a short hike through the woods, dodge barbed wire, and people having a cookout in their back yard to get there. We went at dusk, and while you did get a much sketched feeling, nothing else happened. Lots of old gravestones, a creepy little cemetery to say the least. The whole "little boy blood killed his family" story isn't true though.

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