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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Brasillia - Brasillia City Hall - The original city hall was temporarily used as a morgue for thousands of dead bodies. Later on it burned down and a new city hall was built on the same property. Due to all the dead bodies and deaths from the fire, the building is said to be very haunted. One night an employee of city hall was working late, and to his surprise, the office door shut by itself and locked. On another night, a person working late claimed to hear file cabinet doors opening and closing. When she investigated however, no one was there.

Itanhaém - The Dream Beach - People who live near the Dream Beach have complained that, in the middle of the night, while sleeping, were awake by a strange and terrible noise, as if there was someone standing near them, breathing hard above their faces. In that beach there are rocks where people walk on by day. One night a couple in a honeymoon went there to look at the sea, when suddenly a big and strong wave hit the rocks and dragged them down. Their bodies were never found, but at night, whoever walks there will see a couple coming out of the sea, all wet and in state of decomposition.

Petropolis - Rio de Janeiro - An apparition of the Brazilian Emperor Pedro I is seen at night in the garden of the museum by a guard.

Rio de Janeiro - Campos - Road to Victoria - In the early 70's , there was a huge up growing commerce from Rio de Janeiro to The state of Espirito Santo , so many new state to state lines of trucking companies were developed . There were many accidents on these roads, living even unidentified bodies. Late at night, an unwarned driver would see, a line of five to ten people just crossing the road, with no warning, they just seem to appear out of nowhere, and just across the road. The truck driver has to be very cautious and stay awaken as he tries to stop the truck so suddenly, it would turn over and crash, it is said that this has happened to many of them.

Rio de Janeiro - Road to Petropolis from Rio de Janeiro - It is said that there is blonde woman asking for help near the road, when someone stops to help her, she points downhill to a crashed car which looks to be turned over down the hill, saying, “hey there is someone needing help down there,” when the stranger goes there to look at the scene, he or she will see a crashed car and a woman just beside the door, at trying to see the face of the suffering person, the helper will see the same woman at the road, that is she longtime after the car crash, when you look up to the hill, the lady isn't there anymore, nor is the body.

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