In Alabama

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Adamsville - Bottenfield Middle School - The ghost of a young man has been seen by several in the band and choir wing of the school. He appears at any hour and then vanishes just as quickly.

Adamsville - Indian Meadows - The community of Indian Meadows and its sister community Shady Grove, are both built over an ancient Cherokee Indian burial ground. The two have had several hauntings reported over the last two decades. At night, dark figures have been seen scurrying about in the woods on the outskirts of the neighborhoods. Some brave souls who dare walk the streets at night say they can feel or even hear someone following them, but turn around to find that no one is there. People have reported hearing scratching noises outside their houses late at night. One man heard scratching sounds on his front porch late at night, and each time he turned on the porch light to investigate, nothing was there. But the next morning he found claw marks down the banister of the porch. Some see the shadows of people (possibly the spirits of the restless Indians) rushing past their windows at night, but investig ate to find no one outside. In several homes, people have reported hearing footsteps late at night in hallways or on stairs, doors slamming shut by themselves, voices calling out their names, electrical equipment going on and off by itself, and even the sound of someone or something running through the house. In one house, the face of a crying man appeared on several of the doors in the house all at once. Try walking the streets of Indian Meadows or Shady Grove at night and you just might have your own creepy experience.

Alabaster - Old Buck Creek Cotton Mill - This is an old cotton mill opened in 1896. The mill is in bad shape but you can still get in. There are blood spots in some rooms, cold spots and some very scary noises.

Albertville - Alabama Avenue Middle School - At night you will hear doors slamming and see lights flickering on and off. You'll lock your locker, leave and then walk back to your locker to find it unlocked. You'll also hear kids in the hallway and no one is there.

Albertville - Albertville Public Library - Some of the workers say that the elevator will go up and down by itself. They’ll hear water running in the bathroom and it stops when they look to see where it’s coming from. They say that the library was built over a house that was torn down in the early 1900's and that the people who lived there are angry about it, so they haunt the library. Most of the things happen early in the morning, when the first person comes to work all alone.

Albertville - Down from the Exxon Station - On any night, you will hear mumbles and objects like rocks and pebbles. Wait for a minute and you'll see dark shadows.

Albertville - Off Highway 431 - It’s believed to be haunted by one of the first owners. He died while plowing his garden with a tractor. It overturned on him and killed him. Soon afterwards, the man's wife started hearing banging noises, so she moved and sold the house. The next owners heard the same noises, and left the house in the middle of the night with all of their belongings still inside. When the house was empty, neighbors would see lights turn on at night. The house has been on the market for quite some time. The price was reduced by $20,000 from when it was first bought, and no one will live there longer than a month.

Albertville - Main Street Strip - At night, you can hear footsteps and voices. In the early 1900's, a tornado ripped through the town and killed many people on what is now “The Main Street Strip”. People with businesses on the street have said that sometimes in the summer they would go outside and feel a sudden coldness. They would also hear people screaming at night and the street would be empty.

Albertville - Memory Hill Cemetery - If you ever go to this cemetery, you'll know that it's haunted. When you go to the middle of the cemetery, you always feel a cold chill down your back. A girl one time found three squirrels dead & frozen under a tree in the middle of the summer. At night you can hear a girl humming “Amazing Grace”.

Andalusia - Prestwood Bridge - When you stop on the bridge and turn your lights off, someone will come to your car and bang on it. They will beat up your car, so don't do it.

Anniston - Anniston High School Girl's Locker Room - The legend of Anniston High School's locker room is known widely throughout the school. The legend is told to all the new coming female freshmen that go to their lockers to change clothes for P.E. They are told by the upper classmen to give the freshmen a little scare by warning them of a vengeful ghost. The legend varies in detail from person to person but the main facts of the story are almost always the same… A girl is late getting changed and leaves a precious item behind. She decides to go back to get it while sending her friend to hold the bus for her. A man then tries to rape and kill her in the locker room but he ends up dead and the body never gets recovered. The obvious conclusion is never go into the girl's locker room by yourself. Always go in with one of your friends and never leave anyone alone in there. The true incident that started this legend occurred in 2001. This is what happened: There was this girl (name is unknown) who always changed for P.E. She was usually the first to change for P.E. and also the first to leave P.E. and change back. One day while coming in from playing outside, she was late in changing. It was the last period of the day and she was hurrying so that she wouldn't miss her bus. Her best friend was also late and they only had two minutes to change, instead of their normal five minutes. While they were hurrying to change, other girls who had already changed left to wait in the gym for the bell that signaled the end of the day to ring. Her friend was faster at putting on her school clothes but her friend stayed to wait with her in the locker room. They rode the same bus home, so they both knew that it was almost always one of the first buses to be there and didn't want to get left behind. So the girl finally finished putting on her clothes and they both walked out to sit with the rest of the students in the gym to wait for the bell. As the bell rang, the girl just remembered that she left her purse in her locker. She was concerned about leaving it because it contained all of her money. The girl's best friend offered to go back with her to get it, but the girl insisted that her friend should get on the bus and tell the bus driver to hold it for her until she got on. So the girl ran down the steps and entered the locker room to get her purse and her friend ran out to get on the bus. The friend relayed the message to the bus driver. As the girl got her purse and began to close her locker, she heard the door creak and thought someone had come in. Thinking it was her coach, she called her name and yelled, "Coach! Coach! It's me, I left my purse. Please don't lock the door just yet." She got no answer. She then heard footsteps that seemed to draw closer to her. She then began to grow scared. Suddenly, she heard breathing that was so loud she was sure the person w as right behind her. She panicked and dropped her purse. She ran the other way around the lockers toward the doors, but was yanked to the back of the lockers as she turned the corner. She kicked and screamed as the hands of a big strong man tore off her shirt and began to rip off the rest of her clothes. He began to strangle her and scream at her to shut up. She continued to fight back and tried to scream, but her throat closed and she couldn't scream anymore. She still didn't give up. In her last attempt, she pulled down a set of lockers on top of him. He laid there motionless and breathless... he was dead. In a fright, she ran out of the locker rooms to the bus stop. But she had taken too long and despite her friend’s desperate attempt to hold the bus, she had been left alone. She was still frightened by what had happened and called her mom to come and get her. After telling the shocking story to her mother with great trouble of reliving the incident, they called the polic e. But when they inspected the scene, they only found the pulled down lockers, the girl's purse and a pool of blood. The body was nowhere to be found. The girl was more shocked then ever. She was sure the man was dead and the amount of blood on the floor indicated that it was impossible for him to still be alive. Her fear was just too great to go back to where she had been raped and strangled, so they moved and were never heard from again. The man was never found, but many say that his ghost still lurks in the locker rooms waiting for an unsuspecting girl that's by herself to take his revenge. Many didn't take this seriously until a similar incident occurred when a girl in the band who was to play at a football game was left by herself to get dressed. The band left her in the locker room and played all night without noticing she was gone. After the game had ended, she was sitting in the parking lot crying. She wouldn't say what had happened, but appeared to have been strangl ed and her clothes were ripped and covered in blood. She then moved away without telling anyone of her dreadful story. Many girls have been known to hear footsteps drawing closer when no one's there, lockers close and shut, and the door creaks open as if to let in an unwanted stranger when no one is there. You might also feel a cold chill come over you and hear loud breathing coming from someone right behind you, but always cease when you turn around.

Anniston - Blockbuster - The store was robbed and two of the employees and 2 patrons who where brothers were killed. The killer was caught, but the store closed down and has remained standing ever since. Many years before the Blockbuster incident, the land on which the building sets was occupied by a gas station. In the late 1960's, a woman was brutally beaten, raped and murdered there. On the far right hand side is where her body was found. The murderer, on the other hand, never was. If you walk to the right side of the building, which is where the killer supposedly exited the building, you can feel the energy of the spirits. It is in the form of cold wind. – June 2008 Update: The building was partially torn down and remodeled. it is currently a doctor's office. The families of the men who were killed have left four crosses in the front of the building as a memorial. The killer was linked to multiple homicides in the surrounding areas as well as over in Georgia. The killer died a few years ago while serving his life with no parole sentence.

Anniston - Parker Memorial - Hauntings of a nun who killed herself by hanging herself in the main hallway. You can still hear her kicking the chair out from under her feet and then choking sounds late at night. The rope has been seen numerous times by many other churchgoers.

Anniston - Stringfellow Memorial Hospital - The founder of the hospital, Mary Stringfellow was an old organ player. The nurses say that if you are working the third shift, you can hear the organ being played in the chapel. But no one is there if you go and look. The other haunting is the story of a man who committed suicide in one of the rooms by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun. Patients have said on numerous occasions that they can see the body of a headless man with blood on the wall in the corner of that room.

Anniston - The Victoria - The Victoria was once a beautiful mansion. It's been adapted into a restaurant/hotel. Reports of the piano being played and footsteps in the main part of the building have scared more than a few visitors. Sometimes the glasses hanging in the bar clink, and a woman has been spotted on the upstairs landing.

Ash Land - Clairmont Springs Hotel - Built over an Indian burial ground. Back in 1972, a train hit a six year-old girl across the street. Every night at midnight trains go by every five seconds. Meanwhile, in the hotel, a ghost roams around and they say you can hear the six year-old running through the halls.

Ashland - Hudson House - It's an old house in the middle of nowhere. It is said to be haunted by a lot of ghosts. When you walk around the house, you can hear voices and footsteps, and you can even hear dogs panting. If you stand in front of the house, you can feel someone tap you on the shoulder. There is even a creepy dark figure that runs on top of the roof.

Ashville - Engle Mountain - Two tall figures have been seen walking the midst of Engle Mountain. Residents of the area have reported hearing shotguns going off in the night between 12:00AM and 2:00AM. It is often said that residents around the area have computers that turn on and off in the night with ghostly looking images popping up all over the screen....LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!

Athens - Athens State College - During the Civil War, a mysterious lady in a flowing lace dress was looking out her window when confederates bombed the place. She was so frantic, she took one last look at her room on the very top floor, and jumped out the window. She hit an open window on the way down, splattering blood down the wall of what is now a college. Every Monday morning at exactly nine o'clock, you can see the horrific scene in a ghostly, transparent sort of way. Every other day of the week, you see her, standing there, looking out of her window.

Athens - Athens State College - McCandles Hall - It’s supposedly haunted by a girl in a white dress who died in McCandles Hall. It’s also supposedly haunted by Madame Childs, who haunts the young women who stay out past curfew.

Attalla - Atalla Wood Bridge - Some people say that a school bus full a kids fell of the bridge and went into the lake for years people say that if you go there at night just put your front wheels on the bridge on the right side of the bridge and then put your car into neutral the children of the school bus accident will push you across so that you don't fall off.

Auburn - Old Train Depot - Near Auburn, there is an old abandoned train depot. It is said that if you go in there, no matter where you go, you always come back to the spot where you came in. The building is old, so enter at your own risk. And as always, make sure you are not trespassing. Many of the places listed are patrolled by the police.

Auburn - University Chapel - Haunted by a confederate soldier.

Bankhead Forrest - Lawrence & Winston CO. - A woman by the name of Aunt Jeannie Johnson lived way out there in the forest. She used a skull to do her dishes in and she would hang trespassers on an old oak tree outside her house. Her house is partly fallen in but the rope is still hanging from the oak tree. She is buried in a family graveyard close to the home. It is said that strange things happen around her house at night, especially on full moon nights and stormy nights.

Bay Minette - Old Public Library - Was the site of old city hall/morgue in the early 1900’s. Faces can be seen peering out windows, figures can be seen moving about, and books move by themselves.

Bayview - Bayview Bridge - It is said that a woman has been seen walking across the bridge in her wedding dress. She ran away from her wedding and when she was driving away, her car ran off the bridge.

Bayview/Birmingham - Mulga - Village Falls Cemetery - There have been sightings of ghostly figures hanging from a tree. Witnesses have encountered many odd feelings of a presence being close. The streetlights that are surrounding the cemetery often come off and on, one by one, all by themselves.

Bayview/Jefferson - Mulga - Bayview Bridge - Reports of a ghostly looking white dress floating in the water.

Bayou La Batre - Bayou La Batre Jail - Late at night while everyone is quiet and still, a ghostly figure can be seen leaving the cell in the middle of the jail. Also, you can hear the toilet flushing, even though no one is ever in that cell. The legend has it that the cell served as a "drunk tank" and the cops hung a man there in the early 1980s.

Bayou La Batre - Gwodz Rd. - In the early 1930s and 40s, some members of the KKK in Bayou La Batre hung some local black folks for reasons unknown. To this day, ones who were hung come back on certain nights. When you stop your car under the noose, turn off the vehicle and lights, and wait, you can hear scratches on top of the car and it will also shake. Also, you will hear screaming and sometimes laughter.

Bellville - Bush Upton's House - May 2008 Update: Burned down to the ground several years ago. - This used to be a Civil War Hospital. There are reports of ghosts of soldiers throwing things at windows and breaking them.

Birmingham - Banks Middle School - At the sixth grade section of the girls bathroom on Halloween, you can hear doors slamming shut while you are in class. Also, many years ago a teacher killed herself by jumping off the airplane that sits on top of the building. It is said that a disruptive student drove her crazy. Also, on Halloween the intercom will just click on by itself.

Birmingham - Bass Cemetery - The cemetery is just over 200 years old and is the final resting place of many Civil War soldiers and deceased slaves. There have also been reports of Occult happenings there. Along with these reports came various accounts of animal corpses around the cemetery. One crypt there has been located and the body was removed. Apparitions have been seen, the feeling of being followed and strange screams have been heard.

Birmingham - Old Public Library - They say that in the library, people see the man that first opened the building and that people have strange feelings and can see things being moved by themselves.

Birmingham - Parkwood Apartments on 4th Ave South in Birmingham - At the apartments, they say that there was a horrible homicide in the 1970's. Every year in January on the anniversary of the murders, blood appears to ooze from the upstairs foyer, the stench of burning human flesh is pungent, and one woman even reported feeling fingers caress her neck and bosom. Many believe the apparition to be that of the murderer who was never found.

Birmingham - Sicard Hollow Road - Just drive up and down this road at night and you will feel the strange energy. This road was part of the original Alabama interstate highway over 100 years ago.

Birmingham - Sloss Furnace - This used to be the Old Iron Plant, but is now a popular location for concerts. The ghost of a worker who was killed at the plant has been seen walking around the catwalks above the main floor, where the concerts are held.

Bonneville - Owsley County Elementary School - A girl was killed by another student in the gym and she still runs up and down the gym bleachers. She also haunts the bathrooms and can be seen in the mirror after school hours. The girls locker room is not used anymore on the count of odd occurrences and deaths of other students.

Boulder - Court House - It's been rumored that ghosts have been sighted walking around the courthouse grounds at night. These ghosts are said to have been the hanging victims of the death sentences carried out in the 1800's.

Brewton - County Court House - A gray orb appeared by the window of the judge’s office.

Camax - Mill Bridge - This is a very old bridge with one lane and steel overhead, located on the Country Club road north of Jasper, Al. It has been haunted by the ghost of Moon Mullins for years. She died on the bridge under strange circumstances over 75 years ago. Since her death, several people over the years have reported hearing strange noises and seeing apparitions on the bridge, as well as the nearby Black Water Creek banks.

Camp Hill - Loveladies Bridge - Twenty years ago, a woman and her baby died in a car accident on the bridge. It is said that if you go to the middle of the bridge at night and say, "Lovelady, Lovelady, I got your baby!" three times, she will appear on the other end of the bridge and walk towards you, looking for her baby.

Cardiff - Cardiff Cemetery - The older people from the area say that this is where the dead look for their loved ones. On Friday the thirteenth, if you drive your car up to the graveyard, your car dies and you can't start it for about five minutes.

Carleton - Mount Nebo & The Boardwalk - This is an old cemetery with a boardwalk right up the road. In the cemetery, there are headstones with faces on them and the faces will change to a smile, or mad face, or just move around. When you go to the cemetery, if the light on back of the old church isn't on then you won't be able to see anything. Make sure the light is on. Down the road a little ways is the boardwalk (6" wide boards on stilts that stretch a mile over swamp about 30ft high). When you walk across it, you get the feeling someone is behind you and it makes your hair stand up. You'll also hear the sound of a child screaming. They say a child got lost in the swamp during civil war times and died there.

Carrollton - Pickens County Courthouse - The original courthouse burned down and everyone blamed Henry Wells. He was a rowdy man who lived out in the county. He was arrested and locked in the attic of the new courthouse. As a thunderstorm was rolling in, a mob gathered outside demanding that Wells be turned over to them. As Wells peered through the garret window at the mob outside thirsty for his blood, a lightning bolt struck the window, killing Henry Wells. From the strong electrical discharge, Wells' face was etched into the glass. No amount of cleaning has been able to remove the face from the pane of glass. It is still there today at the Pickens County Courthouse.

Clanton - Bridge in Refuge - There's this bridge in a place called Refuge. It’s a small, one-lane bridge in the middle of nowhere. If you go there at night, you can hear strange sounds and see balls of light. Some people have said that when you get out of your car, you can hear and feel someone walking right next to you and feel a menacing presence. Lots of people have seen fog chasing them and there's one area that no trees grow and everything looks dead. People have reported that their cars will start rocking, as well as being chased by an unknown entity. You can also feel an evil presence on some nights.

Clanton - Cry Baby Bridge - Legend has it that one foggy night a very long time ago, there was a war going on. This woman had a baby and men were chasing her to kill her child, so she threw the baby in this little creek and the baby died. Now if you go over the bridge and leave an unwrapped candy bar, turn around and it will be gone. Some people say they can hear a baby crying, and sometimes you may even look into the water and see the shadow of a baby.

Capper Center - Tonseno Lodge - A man was killed in the hotel, and now he's haunting it. His ghost has been sited several times by many people. The hotel has since been closed down.

Columbiana - Old Courthouse on Main Street - Reporters have investigated and it’s said to be haunted by a ghost that occupies the top floor. It was an old courthouse, but now it’s just a museum to artifacts of a variety of old things. The blinds open and shut by themselves, and knocking can be heard in the upstairs kitchen and bathroom. A door was sealed off in the bathroom and the knocking usually comes from outside the door, only outside the door is nothing but the world. A wall was built behind the door and the knocking, noises and movement have yet to be explained.

Culavista - Highway 82: North of Prattville - This part of the interstate was built on an Indian burial ground which has caused more car wrecks than any other part of the interstate.

Cullman - St. Bernard Prep. School - A little boy in the girls’ dorm looks over you while you sleep. There is also a monk that can be seen floating across the campus late at night!

Cullman - Vinemont - Cry Baby Hollow Off Highway 31 North in Cullman County - It is said that when Cullman was being settled, a family in a wagon was crossing the small wooden bridge. A wheel broke off and the wagon turned over, throwing a small baby into the creek, killing it. Since that time, you can hear a baby crying. Also, if you put a candy bar on the bridge, leave and then come back, there will be a bite taken out of it.

Cullman - Woodland Hospital - Several employees are said to have heard strange noises of people walking around in empty rooms as well as seeing ghostly visions of deceased patients in certain rooms. Also, commodes flush by themselves on the psych unit, ice machine will pour ice out at early morning hours without prompt. In the employee lounge, it was reported that an employee was in the bathroom (an old hospital room) and heard footsteps and jingling keys in the room outside the bathroom door, as well as someone tinkering around in the room. No one was there.

Dauphin Island - Fort Gains - This old fort is haunted by soldiers that died there. Spooky figures have been reported to appear all over the premises. People have claimed that a strange figure will follow people leaving the fort, then disappear.

Dauphin Island - Shell Mounds - In the depths of Shell Mounds, there is a clear circle surrounded by trees. This circle was the ceremony pit for the natives that are buried in this Indian Cemetery. On well-lit nights, you can see the female natives dancing to the sounds of their instruments.

Decatur - Decatur High School - Apparitions and footsteps are seen and heard.

Decatur - Crybaby Hollow - A long, narrow, dark road off of Hwy 31 will bring you to an eight foot long bridge with no rails that is said to be haunted by the spirit of a crying baby. If you park on the bridge and put your car in neutral, your car will either rock back and forth or be pushed forward. Small handprints have been left on the cars afterwards.

Decatur - South Morgan Health Care Center - Pictures have been taken of ghosts looking in from the outside. Heavy breathing has been felt from behind. Cold gusts of wind blow at the bottom of the stairs inside. Ghosts have been spotted darting into rooms.

Demopolis - Gainswood Plantation - The ghost of Evelyn Carter haunts this house as well as other ghosts. Ms. Carter was the sister of a housekeeper in the late 1800's. Also, the smell of a man named Colonel Gaines' pipe is hinted near his study and the rush of skirts is heard going down the main stairs from the birthing room. Some have felt an occasional push.

Dora - Old Dora - Old Dora has a street that once, a long time ago, was the center of town. The town itself was built around the railroad tracks and depot. Many stores and businesses lined this street. There was a church and many homes in the surrounding area. A cement tunnel gave pedestrians an inlet to the town under the railroad tracks. The roads are still a remembrance of older days made of old concrete and stone. Many people met their demise in Dora, either by the tracks or other occurrences. At one time, when racism was still the norm, a black man was accused of stealing a horse from a local resident, and was sentenced to die by hanging from a nearby train trestle. It is said that the very second the man’s neck broke, the horse was found in a farm just outside of town. When the moon is full, you can just barely make out the silhouette of a man dangling from the trestle. And if you listen really close , you can still hear the mournful moans of his wife in the adjacent forest.

East Brewton - Fort Crawford Cemetery/Park - If you go in the cemetery at night at around 11:00PM - 12:00PM, you can sometimes hear children laughing and see a shadowy black figure roaming the cemetery. In the park, from around midnight to 3AM, you can see a confederate solider walking around. If you stay long enough, he will ask you if you have seen his gun.

Empire - Deer Valley Estates - A long time ago, there was a graveyard on the left side of the road. They say that all of the houses closest to the road on the left side are haunted. The older folks in the area say that at the second house on the left, if you look closely, you can see the figure of a man holding an axe through the window.

Empire - Little Vine Grave Yard - A small, greenish light in the graveyard can be seen when you pass by it.

Enterprise - The Rawls Motel - When going up the stairs to the second floor, there is said to be a faint odor of a cigar. If you climb the stairs and look over the second floor landing, you will feel like something is trying to push you over the stair rail. It is said that there was a woman who was pushed over the stair rail by her lover. She fell and was killed instantly. Employees that were working on the third floor said they heard the patter of small feet and childish laughter. They searched and found no one in the building but themselves.

Fackler - Moody Brick House - People have said that they see a woman in white carrying a candle from room to room at night through the windows.

Five Points - Over fifteen years ago, there was a school bus full of children who were on their way home. They went over some railroad tracks and a train hit them, killing every one of them. Some say that on a cold night, you can pour flour on the back of your car or use any moisture or dew that’s already on the back of your car. Then, pull up on top of the tracks, turn your car off and wait. Soon, you will feel someone trying to push your car off the tracks. Next, pull up to the street lamp just ahead, get out of your car, and take a look at the back of your car. There will be little hand prints in the flour or dew on the back of your car.

Florence - Ghost Bridge - Supposedly, a run-away slave was hung from the bridge during the civil war. There have been many sightings there.

Florence - Sweetwater Plantation - Music is played occasionally on an old piano that sits in the parlor where guests were entertained by a former Governor, back in the late 1800's. The caretaker recalls a light being turned on at night on the second floor and faucets being turned on at night when she is trying to sleep.

Florence - University of North Alabama Area - Guillot University Center - Before it was built, a dorm for girls stood in its place. What is now UNA used to be Florence State Teacher's College. In the early 1900's, a student at the college who lived in the dorms was said to have a secret that stressed her out so much, that she hung herself from the elevator shaft in the tower of the building. No one knew what her secret was or why she felt she had to kill herself. Later, security guards in the building would hear noises that sounded like a swaying body hanging from a rope. Now the Guillot Center stands in its place and noises are still heard on the second floor.

Florence - University of North Alabama Area - Norton Auditorium - Haunted by a ghost named George, who was a construction worker helping build the auditorium some time ago. He fell from a scaffold to his death. He has been heard walking on the catwalk and various other things are heard as well.

Florence - University of North Alabama Area - Off Campus Bookstore - In the late 30's or early 40's, a young girl named Molly lived in the building with her parents. For her eleventh birthday, her parents bought her a puppy. Soon, her puppy contracted rabies and bit her hand. Within a week, Molly died. Her ghost has been seen many times in the upstairs window, looking down.

Florence - University of North Alabama Area - Weslyan - Haunted by a civil war general's son. He drowned when he jumped head first into Cypress Creek from the old one lane bridge on Waterloo Road, a couple of minutes from campus. His wet footsteps can be seen at night.

Fort Defiance - Tse Ho Tso Middle School - The school gym is haunted by several children who had died in a fire. The girls' locker room is a very active place. Benches move, lockers open and close violently, and showers, faucets, and toilets turn on and off. You can also hear giggles and voices.

Fort Rucker - Lake Tohlocco -confederate army camp used to be in the woods surrounding Lake Tohlocco. Figures and sounds can be seen on moonless nights.

Fultondale - Old Walkers Chapel Cemetery - Reports of something grabbing the feet of witnesses and attempting to pull them in the grave, sometimes pulling the shoes off their feet.

Gadsden - Coosa River - In the 1950's, several well-known citizens of Gadsden reported seeing a sea serpent while they were fishing in the Coosa River.

Gadsden - Crestwood Cemetery - This location was formerly a plantation with a brutal history. Witnesses have caught glimpses of a slave hanging when visiting their family's graves. They reported they could also see the men responsible for hanging him and their dogs.

Gadsden - Gadsden Public Library - The third floor of the Gadsden Public Library is haunted by the original founder of the library.

Gadsden - General Forrest Middle School - This middle school is supposedly haunted by General Forrest. Weird things happen in the sixth grade basement.

Gadsden - Hinds Road - There was once a witch who lived on this road, which connects Noccalula Mountain and the Dwight Mill Village. Ghost investigators have taken pictures of orbs on the road.

Gadsden - Linen Service - Late at night or early in the morning, you can hear people talking and doors shutting from about midnight until about 3:00AM.

Gadsden - Mount Pisgah Cemetery - Two local ghost hunters have made pictures of orbs and numerous light strands during a recent investigation at this old cemetery. The cemetery is located approximately eight miles down Tabor Road, across from Mount Pisgah Church.

Gadsden - Mountain View Hospital - At night you can hear banging and see black shadows. You can also see people in the backyard of the hospital at night, but no one is there. There have also been odd things seen by some of the patients and staff.

Gadsden - The Haunted Bridge - The Haunted Bridge is an infamous legend in the city of Gadsden. There was a couple that had a farmhouse near Gadsden. The couple got into a heated argument, in which the woman finally ran away with her baby. Feeling sorry for his family, the man of the house got on his carriage and searched for his wife. Hiding near the bridge, the woman appeared out of the bushes and scared the horses. The horses knocked both her and the baby into Black Creek, drowning both of them. Since then, a woman can be seen walking the banks of Black Creek, carriage wheels are heard, and a baby's cry is sometimes heard. Many people have had different experiences, and one of the houses near the bridge was reported to have had an exorcism performed.

Gallant - Children's Cemetery - Ghost children come out to play sometimes.

Gardendale - Hodges Cemetery - Things bang on your car, faces and hands can be seen on your car windows, a wolf chases you, a light moves, red glowing eyes can be seen, tombstones move around, strange sounds, noises and music are heard, and shadowed creatures are seen.

Gardendale - Moncrief Cemetery - Weird screams coming from the coffins along the north side. Ghostly apparitions have been seen walking in the mortuary at 12:00AM sharp. Also, cars die when turned off.

Gardendale - Morris - New Castle House - On New Castle Road in Gardendale/Morris there is this old house that is believed to be haunted by several spirits, one in particular. Her name is Melissa, and is thought to have lived on the land before the house was built. She roams around a lot in the yard by a catfish pond that is in the front of the house. Some believe she lost a loved one in that pond. The ghost of Melissa will try to befriend anyone who has lived in the house that has children, and try to lure them to the pond at night.

Geneva - The Hangin' Tree - At the junction of the Pea River and the Choctahatchee River is the largest oak tree many have seen. It sits alone on about a half acre, but plenty of others are on its outskirts. This is where mainly unjustly accused black men were hung long ago. To this day, a fifty foot diameter is around the tree where nothing grows. Kids will play around it, but won't get on its limbs.

Geraldine - Old Powell House - The house was originally located on the opposite side of the road, but was moved in the 70's. The family who built the house would lock their children upstairs in the attic during the day. The children could be heard screaming for help. When the house was moved, pictures began to break, tables moved at random, and voices could be heard. It is said that the children haunt the house, as well as the parents.

Glenco - Hanging Wedding Dress - The story states that a couple were engaged to be married. The night before the wedding, the man was out having a party with all his buddies at a local bar. The woman's family tradition was to hang the wedding dress in a window the night before the wedding, to let people know they were getting married. The house burnt down that night and killed the woman. You can drive by at night and still see the wedding dress hanging in the top window, but it is gone during the day. The house is on the left side of the road right before the street you turn on to go to Green Valley Speedway (which is on the right side of the road). Cross the railroad tracks and follow that road for about a mile. The house will be standing on the left side of the road. Pull onto the road in front of the house and look in the top left window.

Grant - Alabama State - Becker Hall - Deceased basketball players still meet for a late night game, with fans there to cheer them on.

Greenville - Cry Baby Creek - People say that years before, a woman and her baby were in a car accident and the baby landed in the ditch. It's said that you can hear the baby crying around midnight and the mother calling out for her baby.

Gulf Shores - Fort Morgan - You get the feeling all the time that you are being watched, and you see shadows crossing the fort walls at night.

Guntersville - Bishop's Graveyard - A witness claims to have gotten photographic anomalies, like mists and orbs.

Guntersville - Whole Backstage Theater - This theater is haunted by two known ghosts. One is of an older man that has been known to set stage mattresses on fire and slam doors. The other spirit is of a little boy who can be heard laughing.

Haine's Island - Nancy Mountain - Nancy walks up and down the hill to the ferry in hopes to meet her son and husband that were in the war. She is seen walking with a lantern in one hand and a bucket of water in the other.

Hartford - Pondtown Creek - At the bottom of the hill, there sits a small wooden bridge over a creek that flows into the woods on the other side. Off to the side is an old wrecked car with scratch marks covering the driver's side door. Legend has it that a hateful man on that very same road, killed a massive German Shepard. The dog (now white and ghostly) supposedly haunts the road, looking for the man who took his life. They say on moonless nights, you can pull up to the bridge, shut your car down, and turn off all the lights. You'll hear and sometimes see this frightful apparition.

Hartselle - Cry Baby Holler - People claim that a woman was driving over this narrow bridge and wrecked her car. She lived, but the baby in her car died. Now, when you drive over that bridge at night, stop and sit there until you hear a baby crying. Leave candy on the bridge. Come back a couple of minutes later, and a piece of the candy is gone.

Hazel Green - Dale Mansion Site - A woman supposedly killed six of her husbands here. On stormy nights, you can hear men screaming. There is a family plot where her father, the first settler of DeKalb County, is buried. Teenagers have destroyed the cemetery. It’s on private property, so no trespassing!

Hueytown - Lilly Lane - Residents of the entire street have reported seeing an old man walking up and down the street late at night. He always wears jeans and a white shirt. He has even been seen in some people's houses. He has been spotted in the neighborhood for many years, and believed to be a protector spirit.

Huntsville - The Carter Mansion - Haunted by the ghost of Sally Carter, who is buried on the Carter Estate. She has been sited walking the grounds. Some say she is responsible for toppling her headstone on occasion. - December 2006 Update: The body of Sally Carter has been moved to Maple Hill Cemetery in an unmarked grave. Sally still haunts the Carter Mansion. She throws pillows and moves the furniture around. The house is now in a gated community. Unless you have an appointment, you will have trouble getting in. No trespassing!

Huntsville - Dead Children's Playground (Next to Maple Hill Cemetery) -The ghosts of children often are seen swinging on swing sets or sometimes the swings move by themselves, as if someone were on them. The children are seen very late at night, or early the next day from around 11:00PM to 3:00AM, too late for children to be out.

Huntsville - Hell's Gates (Green Mountain) - There’s a set of big black gates that stands about a mile from the bottom of the mountain that guards some huge mansion. If you sit in front of the gates for a little while, a car will come down the mountain and chase you until you get to the bottom. When you do, the car will suddenly vanish...its no myth.

Huntsville - Heritage Bible College - WHBC Frat House - Late at night, you can hear the ghost of former youth minister Anthony Stephens walking through the house, flushing the toilet. His now deceased brethren Robert Ekisbus and Adam Cooper follow him around making noises that almost sounds like the word, "cheese".

Huntsville - Huntsville High School - People have claimed to hear footsteps and laughing of teenagers through the halls at night after late softball or basketball practices.

Huntsville - Kent Robertson Park - A young boy died there one summer day. They named the park after him and made a memory stone. He still is heard in the park at night and the hunt club -woods behind it.

Huntsville - Maple Hill Cemetery - An old lady passed away and was put in the family burial house. Her family placed her antique rocking chair in the crypt with her, because it was a prized possession to her. Most anytime when you stand outside the burial house, you can hear the rocking chair moving back and forth.

Huntsville - Old Dallas Mill Site - The Dallas Mill was built in 1891 and burned down in 1992. It is haunted by a man who died while cleaning the smoke stacks shortly after the mill was built. It’s also haunted by a homeless person who lived there after the mill burned down. People have reported seeing him wandering around the ruins.

Huntsville - Space Camp - Space camp counselors tell the story about a man who was working on the sleeping quarters at the facility. One day, they were using explosives to make large holes in the ground for the below-ground quarters. The explosives went off early and the man was buried alive by dirt and rubble. Until this day in the halls and in some rooms, they can still hear his cries for help echoing through the halls and large moans late at night.

Jacksonville - Dump Road - Dump Road is an unofficial name given to a section of the old Chief Ladiga Indian trail, located at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. The modern name, “Dump Road” was given because of the trash dumped illegally up on the mountain by local people. This trail was traveled on by early settlers in the 1800's. The road is above the unmarked neighborhood called, “Brownwood Estates”. Originally, a paved section was completed going up the hill to the old road. It was supposed to be an expansion of the subdivision but was never completed in the 1980's. It hasn't been confirmed, but it’s rumored that the contractor responsible for developing the neighborhood had a bad experience on the old road, and never completed the subdivision. There are power poles set, but no lines. Since then, it is frequented by teens looking to park at night, camp, or for off-road vehicles. Many sightin gs during the day and night have included horses and wagons making their way along the old trail. Some people have claimed to see what appeared to be a black slave hanging from a tree above a clay embankment on the road, which is now used illegally as a shooting range. In the late 1980's, a couple that lived in the neighborhood below hiked into the mountain and discovered what was later found to be an old slave house near where a plantation burned in the early 1900's. Some reports from campers have claimed that while sleeping at night, they suddenly felt a very heavy presence and were woken by blood curdling screams in the forest. More reports suggest the sounds of screams and horses hurrying down the trail with an angry mob. Also reported are sightings of torches and lanterns bouncing around on the trail. It is believed that this is the event leading to the slave being hung. Residents in the neighborhood nearby have reported seeing a man walking up and down the street at ni ght, disappearing into the woods leading to the mountain.

Jacksonville - Jacksonville State University - Weatherly Hall - There have been reported instances of footsteps, message boards being torn off doors and flung down the hall, moving furniture in locked rooms, and something playing with people's clocks. - June 2008 Update: was torn down a few years ago.

Jasper - Mill Creek Bridge - The bridge collapsed when two men in an asphalt truck went over it. Their ghosts are supposed to haunt the new bridge.

Jasper - Samaria Church - There are railroads by the church and long ago a man lost his hand working on the railroad. At night, if you sit there in your car, he will tap on it with a hook. One person drove away when he heard the tapping, and when he stopped, there was a hook stuck in the car.

Jasper - Warrior River Bridge - John Monnasco died after an eighteen-wheeler hit his car on Warrior River Bridge. It is said that he haunts the bridge and throws sticks and rocks at the trucks that pass the bridge, trying to get his revenge.

Kinston - Grancer Harrison's Dance Hall - Sounds of music and dancing are heard in the abandoned dance hall of the late Grancer Harrison.

Lafayette - Hilltops Apartments - Over 15 years ago, many reporters and people found out that there were gravesites that used to be where Hilltops Apartments is now. At night, they say if you stay alone in your house for ten minutes and turn off everything in your house except for the lights, there will be a very cold chill over your body. A ghost will stare at you with a hat on and a farmer’s outfit (overalls). It will not leave that night until you boil water and hold it to keep the ghost from coming towards you.

Lauderdale - Elgin - Jazz Man - The story goes that a jazz musician was walking across the Second Creek Bridge when a car struck him. He walks up and down the bridge, still wearing his white Zoot suit, looking for a ride to Florence. If you stop to pick him up, he says something about his trumpet and disappears.

Lauderdale - Florence - Forks of Cypress Plantation - This is where the infamous Ghost Bridge is located. What many people don't know is that the ruins of the mansion that burned down are still there. The columns of the old ruins are still standing. The hauntings occur in the slave cemetery and the family cemetery as well. There have been many people that have claimed to see the ghost of a tall, stately woman in the family cemetery. The cemetery is surrounded by a ten foot high wall. If you kiss the symbol on the top of the tallest burial marker, the lady is said to appear. In the slave cemetery, low African Spiritual singing and sounds of mourning can be heard at around midnight in the cemetery.

Linden - Sally's Lane - A young woman who was beheaded on a road while riding in her wagon in the 1800s still haunts the area. The family, who owns a hunting camp next to the lane where she was killed, has experienced unexplained events. Green lights that have been linked to spiritual hauntings, seeing young children play in period clothes and disappearing, and being slapped in the middle of sleeping have all occurred without a single explanation.

Lincoln - Old Downtown - Downtown at night near the old gas station at the bar, a man haunts it. People say that in the middle of a fight, the man was killed when he was struck by a train. The person accused of pushing the man in front of the train also haunts the land in search of a battle he could not win.

Lineville/Barfield - Quick Stop Service Station - In the 1990's, a man was robbed and thrown in the freezer of a service station. In 2001, he was murdered at his home. Now it seems as though he's still at the service station, because at times you can hear voices and screams at night. The service station is up for sale, yet no one will buy it to this day.

Little River - Red Eagle Gravesite - It is reported that the site where the Indian Red Eagle and his mother are buried is haunted. Late at night if you go out there, you can see the Indian dancing around his grave and the oak tree that sprouts from his gravesite.

Livingston - Covered Bridge - A figure can be seen standing in the windows, as well as strangeness related to cold feelings and a black and white cat.

Lynn - Highway 5 - A woman was walking down the side of Highway 5 near the Winston County Drag Strip. She was run over and killed by an 18-wheeler. Her ghost now jumps onto the side of 18-wheelers looking for the driver that ran her over.

Madison - Maple Hill Cemetery - About 20 years ago, a lady died and was buried in the clubhouse of Maple Hill Cemetery. In her memory, her family made a rocking chair. People say that if you stand outside you can hear the rocker creaking back and forth.

Madison - Shelton Road Park - at the end of Shelton park late at night you can hear noises of kids first screaming like a having fun laughing type but then at the end it turns into kids screaming for there lives.

Marbury - Marbury High School - Football Field - A cheerleader was killed after falling off the goal post during pictures for homecoming. On homecoming night, it is said that if you stand on the fifty-yard line after a game and call her name, she will appear and start walking towards you.

Marion - Judson College - People get feelings of being touched, and there are rumors of marks being left on the victims.

Marion - Judson College - Building J - A female apparition can be seen along with movement from the windows. The sounds of scattering feet and whispering are heard. The bell tower is locked.

Marion - Judson College - Carlisle Hall - Believed to be haunted by an unknown female spirit.

Marion - Judson College - Kirtley Hall - Room 313 is haunted by two different ghosts. One is Anne Kirtley herself, and the other is a girl who supposedly killed herself in that room. The doors and windows shake, there are cold spots and more often than not, the entire room is a "cold spot".

Marion - Marion Military Institute - Built in the early 1800's, Marion Military Institute was used for other purposes besides schooling. During the civil war, battle victims were taken to the Chapel on campus, which was turned into a hospice. The ones that didn't survive were buried directly behind the chapel. Since then, cadets have had experiences with objects in their room being moved, unusual noises in the hallways and rooms, and experiences with paranormal activity. Some believe that the spirits that live on campus, due to their extreme mood changes, possess some of the cadets. There have been no cases of violent ghosts or apparitions, but there have been several reports made about cadets having been alone and then having a sudden rush of a presence being in the room.

Marshall - Manchester - Graveyard - A town once buried by Lake Guntersville, it has only left its mark with a Civil War era graveyard. This was a place where séances were once popular. Day or night there is a constant fog that covers the ground that surrounds the gravestones. Not an easy place to find unless you live in the area, but nonetheless SCARY!!!!!

Mentone - Desoto Falls - Story goes that a lady named Nancy Dollar lived near the falls in a little old house that can still be found today. After her death, thieves broke into her home, killed her faithful dog and stole all of her money, which she had been saving to buy her own tombstone. Mrs. Dollar was buried without any kind of marker, and shortly thereafter the apparition of an old lady was seen walking near the falls. So many sightings were reported that a collection was taken up to pay for her tombstone. After the marker was erected, the sightings decreased, but it's said that you can still see a phantom black dog running around her cabin.

Midway - Midway Baptist Church - On Highway 84 near Evergreen, lays Midway Baptist Church. On certain nights you may see balls of light come from the cemetery and go across the highway. They have been known to follow people.

Mobile - Boyington Oak - In an old cemetery behind the main branch of the Mobile library, is an oak tree that grew out of the grave of a man named Boyington. He was a black man wrongly accused and executed. His last words were that an oak tree would grow from his grave to prove his innocence. Some say that they hear strange noises coming from around the tree.

Mobile - Mobile Christian School - Students and coaches have heard people playing basketball in the gym. Games from the football field being announced when no game is taking place.

Mobile - Oak Next to Public Library - Within close range of the huge oak tree, crying and whispering can be heard.

Mobile - Seven Hills Cemetery - The apparition of a woman can be seen hanging on a cross.

Mobile - University of South Alabama - The Seaman's Bethel Chapel Theater - The Seaman's Bethel Chapel Theater - The basement is haunted by the ghost of a small child who plays in the costume shop. The ghost of a seaman in a captain's coat haunts the fly loft.

Mobile - USS Alabama Battleship - Located in Mobile Bay, the ship was brought to Mobile in 1964 as a tourist attraction and memorial for veterans in Alabama. The Alabama is a South Dakota class Battleship that was completed in 1942 for use in WWII. The "Mighty A" saw plenty of action against the Japanese in the south Pacific and is credited with shooting down 23 Japanese aircraft. Somehow, the Alabama and her crew managed to make it out of WWII without casualties or damage from enemy fire. The only deaths on board the ship were 8 people in a 5" gun mount (mount #5) that were killed by friendly fire from another gun turret (mount #9) on the ship. A safety feature that prevented the turrets from firing if they were pointed at another turret or part of the ship failed. Mount 9 fired a round into mount 5 which exploded and killed everyone inside. All that remained of the gun commander was his boots. There we re little fragments of bone and flesh plastered on the walls inside the turret where the men were vaporized by the exploding shell. There were also two other deaths while the ship was under construction at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. A former worker reports that they had to stay on the ship overnight alone quite a bit, so they got their share of scares. Their first encounter was in the Marine Compartment where the Marines slept. Footsteps were heard approaching from around the corner when there was nobody on board. All around the ship, strange footsteps and voices were heard. Heavy solid steel watertight hatches on the superstructure would slam shut with a loud thud for reasons that could not be explained. Late at night when the whole ship was very quiet, the bulkheads would seemingly come alive with popping and tapping, and at times it was concentrated in one area. Needless to say, the Mighty A was very much alive.

Montevallo - Montevallo Middle School aka The Old Prentice High School - When there was still segregation, Montevallo had two high schools. They were called Montevallo High School and Montevallo Negro High School or Prentice High School. The principle at the Negro school was called Mr. Prentice. He had a great life. He was very sweet and was known as someone who always checked on things. Time began to get tough on Mr. Prentice because of segregation. So he hung himself in the girls' locker room. He still haunts that room. You know he's there if you hear a little chuckle! A young girl recently saw him in 2001. She claimed that someone was walking out of a wall! Sometimes doors open by themselves where his office was! The students claim he's just checking on things.

Montevallo - University of Montevallo - Has several haunts. It is said to have a tunnel running under the entire campus. They were used in the civil war, and are now used as steam chassis. The theatre department in Reynolds was a civil war hospital. There was a massacre and many of the rooms were stacked with bodies. On the forth floor of Main, (one of the girls dorms) a girl burned to death while trying to cook fudge on a Bunsen burner. They have replaced the door several times, but her image is burned in the door every time the door is replaced. There are also a lot of odd occurrences as well as several ghosts that frequent the campus of Montevallo.

Montevallo - University of Montevallo - King House - Chills were felt when sitting on the bed. Also experienced a book falling to the floor and opening to a page referring to the haunting of this particular place.

Montevallo - University of Montevallo - Main Hall - Early in the 20th century, a student was cooking fudge, but she knocked over a bottle of alcohol that she and her roommate were using. The alcohol spilled on her nightgown, which got caught in the flame. Her roommate tried to use a rug to put out the fire, but it fell off of her as she ran out into the hallway and burned to death. You can still see her in the halls in a flaming nightgown. She was 16 years old.

Montgomery - Huntingdon College - The Red Lady haunts one of the old dorms here called Pratt. She always wears all red. After committing suicide, she has appeared to several people. Another ghost on the campus is called, “The Ghost on the Green”. He shot himself on the green and he still walks the green at night. You can't see him, but you can feel him. He will tug at your clothes or blow in your ear or mess with your hair.

Montgomery - Maxwell Air Force Base - Student Dorms - Officer School attendees often report an eerie presence in building 1433, which was built closest to the river of all the dorm facilities. Often, young lieutenants will wake up to a bed soaked through with water. They’ll see shadows move down the hallway, (mostly on the second floor) and also many report having vivid and horrifying nightmares. Some will continue to scream even if prompted to wake up. A burnt electrical smell also pervades the 2nd floor on occasion, as well as haywire electrical appliances. The spirits are attributed to Confederate soldiers who drowned in the Alabama River while trying to cross into the city of Montgomery. The ghosts also show a predilection for students who are from northern or western states (states which are not known for their southern accent).

Montgomery - The State Capitol Building -The architect of Capitol and Custodian reported seeing the ghost of a Confederate woman roaming the halls on the second floor offices. There have also been reports of water faucets turning on by themselves in the Governor's reception area restroom.

Montgomery - Tallapoosa Entertainment Center - Located just on the banks of the Tallapoosa River and owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, this casino is in close proximity to some very old burial mounds. Employees have reported feelings of not being alone, as well as voices whispering in their ear when no one is standing next to them. Other odd occurrences include machines seemingly playing by themselves, screens on the machines changing displays without being touched, ice jumping out of drinks by itself, and doors opening and closing by themselves. Maintenance people on the premises even reported seeing a ghost on the far side of the parking lot when the now complete main building was still under construction. - - WARNING - This is considered FEDERAL PROPERTY/RESERVATION LAND! Make sure you are cleared with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and the Tribal Police Department before walking around in re stricted areas on the premises!

Moulton - Auto Zone Off 157 - The land which the new store is built on was a cemetery. When they surveyed the land and took pictures, a ghost of an early 1900’s solider was in the picture, covering his face like he was in front of the person, taking the picture.

Moundsville - Moundsville State Park - The state park is a site where there are Indian mounds, from which the town gets its name. On occasion, a drum has been heard coming from within the park, and lights are seen on top of one of the larger mounds that resembles a Central American pyramid.

Mount Hope - Henry Hill (Gravity Hill) - If you park your car in the hole, put it in neutral and turn it off, the ghost of Henry will push you to the top, in hopes that the same thing will not happen to you. Many people have done this, and it ALWAYS works.

Moundville - The Whatley House - The home was built on an old slave quarters. It is said to have a cemetery under the house. The biggest complaints are of noises and things being moved around.

Munford - Bethlehem Methodist Church - It’s said that if you drive by the cemetery late at night, you'll see a yellow orb of light floating in the cemetery and across McElderry Road. Also, drive around the church three times, park in front facing the church, turn off your lights and the window blinds will rise up by themselves.

Munford - Chehae - The Hotel - In the 1800's, a hotel was built on the mountain during the war. The Yankees used the motel to hold rebel soldiers. The hotel was only used for a few weeks before the war was over. All the prisoners were killed and half the hotel burned down. If you go down the road at night, you can see an orange glow and hear the screams of soldiers. But if you stop to get a better look, all you’ll find is half of an old hotel.

Munford - Chehae - Gravity Hill - Gravity Hill is on Cheaha Road. When you go there, put your car in neutral and sit there and your car will be pulled. Loud screams of a woman who was murdered there can be heard.

Munford - Cemetery Mt. - Cemetery Mt. has a lot of stories. It gets its name from all the cemeteries that are on it. Some of them date back to the late 1890's and early 1900's. An old man lived alone with is dog on Cemetery Mt., and during hunting season, he took the dog out with him. It is said that other hunters thought the dog was a deer, and killed the dog. The old man never found his dog. It’s also said that the old man died soon after. Some time later, some hunters heard a shot, and came upon a black lab dog that was still alive. They stood up, looked around and saw this old man. The old man asked them if they had seen his dog. The hunters said yes and turned to point, but the dog was gone. They turned back around and the old man was gone too! Other happenings are, red eyes can be seen about one foot off of the ground. People think they are imps or goblins. Also, there is an old church in the woods w ith a book on the podium. You can pick it up, but it starts to get heavier as you try to walk out the door with it. Before you get to the door, the book gets so heavy, you can't carry it out. The book is rumored to be a copy of the devil’s bible. Satanic rituals are rumored to have been held there.

Munford - Hill Elementary School - The former principal and founder of the school, Ophilia S. Hill, haunts the school. She died outside the school by being struck by lightning. Some think she stays there to guard the school from any harm.

Munford - The Foundry - Haunted by the ghosts of children who were killed on the land in which it was built.

Nauvoo - Highway 5 - A woman was hit by a truck and killed. Now her ghost is said to jump on top of trucks to see if the trucker is the one that killed her.

Newton - Choctawhatchee Bridge - At a hanging gone wrong, a hole was scratched out beneath the feet of the victim who was too tall for the rope that was used. A witness to the hanging dug the hole with a crutch, under the dangling victim. To this day, you can fill the hole and the ghost will come and dig it out.

Newton - The Hanging Tree - During the Civil War, one of the soldiers left the war and went to visit his family. He was later found by members of the community and hanged for desertion. He was a tall man, so they had to dig out a hole so his feet would not touch the ground. To this day, no debris of any sort will remain inside the hole. People have filled up the hole, only to find it completely cleaned out upon their return.

Northport - Brownville - Brownville was a town back in the 20s. Not much remains there anymore except for the old church house. It is said that on some nights, you can hear children laughing that were in an old nursery that used to be in the church.

Northport - Old Bryce Hospital - Writings on the walls, strange noises, and cold spots are some of the phenomena that occur in this old mental institution. - September Update: Upon entering this old institution, there are strange feelings of presences watching you. Throughout the entire building(3 floors and a basement)there are writings on the walls, and lots of graffiti. It was recently burned on the first and second floors, but not severe. Reports of telephones ringing, furniture being moved, footsteps heard in the hallways, and cold and hot spots throughout. You just get an odd an eerie feeling in the building. There is no need for any high tech equipment here. You can feel everything you need to know. Patrolled on Halloween and sometimes during the week. You could be caught for trespassing.

Northport - The Northport Ghost - Just off Highway 43 outside Northport, the ghosts of two Confederate widows have been known to approach passing cars, thinking they were the wagon carrying their husbands back after the Civil War. Unfortunately, they are rarely seen nowadays because the road has been paved, the area has been developed, and it is not as rural anymore.

Notasulga - Tuskegee Area of Macon County - Tuskegee Army Airfield - During WWII, the army built Sharpe Field in 1941 to train the black pilots of America. Many of you may know the story of the Tuskegee Air Men, and that many lives were lost while training. At night, the faint sound of an explosion can be heard. Also, certain parts of the now abandoned airfield are haunted with the screams of the pilots, and voices can be heard as well. WARNING! NO TRESPASSING!!! An exclusive hunting club now owns the property. Signs are posted that read, "Anyone found here at night will be found here in the morning."

Notasulga - Tuskegee National Forest - Eye witnesses have reported strange noises. The forest was also used by devil worshipers for strange and unreal meetings in the early 1990`s. Macon County Sheriff’s Department raided an old house out in the forest after discovering bodies. The devil worshipers feared that the law would find their secret burial ground so they burned the house down, but still used the forest. To this day, if you go out in the forest at night on a full moon, beware of them. They cursed the area and made it haunted.

Notasulga - Union Camp Road - Old Confederate Graveyard - An old Confederate graveyard back off in the woods is said to be haunted by dead soldiers. Late at night, you can go there and see ghostly figures in the woods, and hear sounds and voices.

Notasulga - Notasulga Volunteer Fire Department - Now the site of a new larger station, for years the fire and police station sat side-by-side here. But in 1997, a young man driving home from a late night party fell asleep at the wheel. When he rounded the curb, he crashed into the fire and police stations, sending the two up in flames. Today, strange noises can be heard, footsteps up stairs, and even someone at the front door has been seen, but when approached he disappears.

Opelika - Double Hill Road - There is an old cemetery that was said to have been moved years ago. It was just a few feet after you cross the first bridge. If you look on the right after you cross the bridge, there is a bright green spot of grass where the cemetery used to be. Also, walk down the road late at night and cross the bridge. After a few minutes, a horseman in a carriage will start coming toward you, and then run off the road where the old cemetery was. Then, when you go back in the morning there will be carriage tracks where he ran off the road.

Opelika - Springvilla Plantation - Witnesses reported sounds of moans and chains rattling.

Owens Cross Roads - Behind Hell's Gates - Unexplainable things occur here. You hear chanting and noises, which you cannot find the origin of. Things can be thrown at you that you will never see, nor will the object ever hit the ground. You hear footsteps chasing you if you run, but there's no one ever there. Inside the mansion, behind the gates it is unnaturally cold. You can hear whispering and screaming from inside the mansion, but no one is there.

Palmerdale - Kindergarten - A strange man believed to be the groundskeeper of the first built school can be seen in the front window. He can also be seen walking the halls. He will then appear in the window. Also, the feeling of being chased is felt.

Parrish - Jacks Restaurant - There is a tale of an old Indian ghost that has been named, "Mary". She'll knock things off the shelves, slam oven doors open and then slam them closed. You could be really hot and then all of a sudden, your freezing. Also, the night crew will turn off all the grills, and in the morning they're all back on. There are constant strange whispers over the drive thru speakers and in the bathrooms. It is a true story. Not one person who works or has worked there can tell you that one day has passed without something totally creepy occurring!

Phenix City - "Old Girard" School - Girard School used to stand on the south end of Sandfort Road until it was demolished in 1994. Next to the graveyard, which butted to the school, cold spots during the summer and hot spots during the winter can be felt to observers. Also, several people reported seeing children attending class in 1930's attire during the late 1980's. Sometimes the school bell will ring during the middle of the night, but the old abandoned building has no power.

Phenix City - Shotwell Covered Bridge - A woman and her two children were in a car wreck when the bridge they were crossing over gave way, and the car fell into the ravine. The wreck killed all three. It is said that if you put candy on the side of the bridge at dusk and turn your headlights on, you can see the children get the candy off of the bridge.

Pine Ridge - Horton House - The Horton House is an abandoned house located on the outskirts of Fort Payne in a small town known as Pine Ridge. The house is the site of a vicious murder, where a father went insane and mutilated his wife and his three children, and committed suicide shortly after. Witnesses say that the entire family haunts the house. There have been stories of séances that went horribly wrong in this house. There have also been numerous accounts of people being choked when they walk into this house. Knocking can be heard on the walls and the floors, and the sounds of a bird will come through the bay window that turns into the sound of loud screams of a young girl.

Pinson - Pinson United Methodist Church - At night, in the cemetery behind the church, an apparition of a woman can be seen sweeping the graves with a broom.

Prattville - Bear Creek Swamp - In addition to the lights seen by cars, there have been apparitions of Civil War soldiers seen by a few people who lived near the swamp. The people also heard noises and there are an unusual amount of snakes and lizards around the house.

Prattville - Gurney's Manufacturing - It's the location where a little boy fell down an elevator shaft and didn't survive. It's said that his mother looks for him. -Update: According to local news, Gurney Mfg. burned down. It was a historic building and a lot of people in Prattville had ties to it.

Prattville - Main Street - It is said that if you cross the street by the Gurney building, you can see shadows going across the street. But due to recent news, the gurney building has been burnt down, though you can still see the shadows.

Prattville - The Plantation House - Haunted by the ghost of the former owner, Mr. Davis. He killed himself in the early 1920's. The ghost flirts with women mostly by blowing in their ears and touching their backs.

Prattville - The Swamp - Near Prattville, north of Montgomery, in which there are lights that move around. The lights will approach one's car if immobile.

Red Level - City Limits - Oakey Streak - Late at night, if you go there between the hours of 1AM and 3AM, stand at the gate of the cemetery and ask questions, you will hear someone running towards you and answer you. Then they will tell you to get out. If you don't leave, you will hear a woman scream bloody murder until you do leave. There is also a white building at the entrance of the cemetery. If you drive in, turn off your car and leave the headlights on, you will see a ghostly figure walk out from behind the building into the graveyard.

Red Level - Consolation Church - The church is no longer used because of Banshees. If you sit inside of the gates you can hear Confederate soldiers marching. There is an outhouse in the back of the church, and if you go inside by yourself, the door will shut behind you and lock. You can only get out if someone comes and lets you out. There have also been tales of possession. When you are leaving, there is a tale that says that a little boy will appear, playing with a ball. If he rolls it to you and you pick it up and give it back, you are going to die. Also, while you are driving back out the driveway, there is a little girl that is skipping down the road. Your car will not go past her. If you try to go past her, your car will stop and you have to wait for her to get ahead of you to go. Also, if you overstay your welcome, there is a 1960's model black ford truck that will come speeding down the road, and i f it catches you, then you will get into a car wreck with no survivors. There have also been sightings of hellhounds around that cemetery.

Rehobeth - Old Rehobeth High School - If you ride by the front of the school at midnight, you will always see a janitor ghost that died there while cleaning bathrooms. He waves at you when you drive by.

River Falls - River Falls Slave Prison - If you go down River Falls Road away from Andalusia, you cross a bridge. Turn to the right, as if you were going to Point A. Go to the boat ramp and look to the left. There is a road that goes beside a field. Walk down the road. The road goes to the prison. Walk down the road late at night and sing the gospel song, "I'll Fly Away" loud. You supposedly can see three black guys hanging from a tree in front of the prison. If you walk to the back of the prison, where you can look out over the water, you can see something dragging something else underneath. It is falling apart though, so if you go, be careful.

Rockford - Old Jail - A man who committed suicide in this old brick building is said to walk its halls.

Rogersville - Lauderdale County High School - March 2005 Correction - No children died in the fire. - In 1959, the elementary building caught fire and a third grade class was trapped inside and burned to death.

Saraland - Kali Oka Road Plantation - Story has it that an old lady lived in the old home with her seven foot tall black bodyguard and housekeeper. There are reports of seeing the guard standing by the front porch, as if he was still guarding her.

Saraland - Oak Grove Road – a.k.a. Kali Oka Road - Formerly listed in Mobile, Satsuma - This is less than a mile from the Plantation listed above. The real road the Plantation is on is Oak Grove Road as I have been there many times. The story of Crybaby bridge is a woman killed her young child by drowning it in the creek below. It is said that you can hear the sound of a baby crying late at night.

Seale - A Church - In slavery times, whites went to church here. The story is that someone was hung behind the church, but no one knows for sure. It is said that the church lights up in the middle of the night and deep monstrous voices could be heard. On the same street, there is said to be a man (ghost), maybe in his lower 30s, who walks the street in the middle of the night and will try to run you off the road. The church is near a cemetery.

Selma - Morgan Church - If you cross the church's gate, you feel a strange presence that falls over you. It has been said that late at night, if you cross the gate, you see what appears to be people standing in front of the church. Reports of people being hit, and not remembering what happened the next morning.

Selma - Sturdivant Hall - People often state they have seen people wandering the building. It is a very old historic building built in the early 1800's. It is the site of tours in Selma and a historic landmark.

Sheffield - Palmer Mansion - During the Civil War Era, a black man and his wife burned to death on the location of the huge Southern Mansion owned by the Palmer Family. The current residents have seen a figure of the black man standing in the doorways. They also hear him making noises all through the night. The mansion also has a small round window to a room that has no access from the inside of the house! Guests have seen objects move by themselves in the house.

Silverhill - Woodhaven Dairy - Reports of fires starting by themselves. A tall black figure is seen in one of the barns, with red lit eyes. Things also move on their own. The well in the deep part of the property had two children thrown into it over 50 years ago. There’s a faint smell of blood in the old dairy. A child can be heard running through the hallways. Sometimes it makes its exit by busting through a window while someone is in the room. Other footsteps are heard in the house, candles and precious things go missing, and animals turn up dead.

Smiths Station - Shotwell Covered Bridge - The bridge is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two children who were killed there in a car accident. The bridge is closed, and out in the middle of the woods. Supposedly, if you put candy on the bridge after dusk, the kids will come and take it.

Society Hill - Holt Cemetery - Lots of strange noises can be heard. If you take pictures, nine times out of ten you will see strange and unexplained things. If you leave a tape recorder, you can almost always hear someone singing.

Steele - Flatwoods - This stretch of forest is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a settlement of freed slaves. The people set up a small settlement in the flat-forested region shortly after the civil war. It is said that the KKK burned the little town one night and killed a large number of the residents. A few buildings still stand out there, and lights have been seen among them at dusk. There are also reports of the smell of burning meat on foggy nights.

Sunflower - Railroad Crossing - A railroad worker by the name of Jake, not sure of the date, fell asleep on the tracks one night and was decapitated when the train came through. Every night after midnight he appears. Lights can be seen down the tracks (there is no other crossing), you will hear a train but there is none, and he'll walk towards you with his lantern.

Tallapoosa - Alexander City - Oakachoy Covered Bridge - There used to be a covered bridge down the dirt road off Highway 259. If you go there at night and turn your car off, at 12:05AM exactly, your doors will lock themselves and your car will start. It has been said that a slave was lynched there for allegedly messing around with the landowner's wife. He's trying to get people to leave by his actions. He was hung in semi-secret on the bridge at 12:05AM.

Tallapoosa - Alexander City - Sturdivant Mansion - This is an old mansion in which you can see people standing in the upper windows, as well as lights at a distance, even though there are no floors or roof in the place. It was once a place where people would get off the train and stay for the night. That is, until one night someone got off and killed every occupant of the house.

Tallapoosa - Dadeville - Liberty Graveyard - You will feel an eerie presence as you top the hill and see the tombstones. Walk down the trail if you dare, and you will hear the crying of a baby for his father who perished in the Civil War.

Tallapoosa - Harper Hill - On Prospect Road Off of Hwy 49 - It's an old church and cemetery. You can feel the presence of something near you, even though you are alone. Sometimes in the upper front window you can see a misty substance in the form of a body. You can feel what's left of the floor vibrate. The tombstones are interesting also.

Thomasville - White Lion Inn - If you go upstairs or to the bathroom at night, cold feelings come over you, and strange figures sometimes appear. They will then instantly disappear when you take notice of them. If the figures don't appear, you strangely have the sudden urge to run downstairs, or get out as fast as possible.

Talladega - Cemetery Road - The road is located in the national forest. It's a road with people buried under the ground. Every house is at least five minutes apart. It's said that at night, the ghosts of the people buried can be seen. So if you drive down this road at night, keep your eyes open and windows shut. Watch and you will see the ghosts of the dead.

Townley - Easley Cemetery - Some say a ball of fire is seen floating through the air, and it comes up the road towards you.

Townley - Old Townley Jail House - This jail house is haunted by the ghosts of people once incarcerated there. Legend has it that their screams can be heard as they were being burned to death, and you can hear the laugher of the guards that stood by watching.

Troy - Troy State University - Pace Hall - Noises can be heard, as well as sightings of a female figure. Also, items shake and move by themselves.

Troy - Troy State University - Shackelford Hall - CONDEMNED - A girl named Sally hung herself in third floor stairwell, due to depression. She now haunts the third floor where her room was.

Tuscaloosa - Drish Mansion - This is an old plantation home, now in the midst of Tuscaloosa. It was built by Dr. John Drish, for his wife Sarah. When Dr. Drish died, Sarah burned candles while he lay in state. After the ceremony, Sarah locked away the candles and asked that they be burned at her funeral. As Sarah's health declined, she became somewhat obsessed with the candle burning. Then, after her death, her friends and family were too busy to look for the candles, and Sarah was buried without the ceremony. Shortly after, the tower where Sarah burned the candles for her husband, caught fire. But as fire crews arrived, the fire was gone. There was no evidence of burned wood, not even a wisp of smoke. The ghostly fire happened a few times more and people began wondering who was starting the ghostly fires. Then, one night after one of the fires mysteriously vanished, the ghost of Sarah Drish appeared.

Tuscaloosa - Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House - The name or origin of the ghost is not known for sure, but the legend has it that before sorority row was built, there was a home for children on that site. It is said that a small boy by the name of Adam was accidentally scalded to death in a bathtub. There have been numerous incidents of faucets cutting on and off without explanation, as well as doors slamming down the halls of the house. The spirit is more noticeable at around 8PM, when not many people are present in the house. Several have reported having a "creeped out feeling" and then seeing faucets or televisions turn on without explanation.

Tuscaloosa - Maxwell Crossing - Confederate soldiers still roam the grounds.

Tuscaloosa - The Old Bryce Mental Institution - The ghosts of mental patients that were tortured, beaten, and killed in the institution still roam the halls. There is a foul odor as you descend into the basement, but there is no longer access to the basement. WARNING: You can be charged with trespassing.

Tuscaloosa - Old Public Library on Greensboro Avenue - A presence is felt in the round room on the left side of building, as if something is watching over you and protecting you. Upstairs, leading to the top turret, a black evil presence is felt, trying to make you fall down the stairs. There’s the sensation of something against your back, and the feeling that whatever is up there wants to do you harm. Another presence is felt in the main room at the window. There’s the sensation of someone looking out and waiting. In the lower basement level there were tunnels where soldiers hid during the Civil War, and presences can be felt there as well.

Tuscaloosa - Stillman College - Hay Hall - On the second floor, there have been reports of one of the rooms being haunted by a girl who use to live there. Also, you can hear voices and loud sounds coming from the third floor of this hall. It’s strange that noises come from there, because nobody has occupied the third floor in years.

Tuscaloosa - University of Alabama - The Quad - This is said to be haunted by the ghosts of four Civil War soldiers. A man who hung himself there haunts the guard shack next to Amelia Gorgas Library. The Amelia Gorgas Library is also believed to be haunted by Amelia Gorgas herself, because she was so dedicated to her work.

Tuscumbia - Bellemont Mansion - The Antebellum House sits on an old plantation. There have been many sightings of the spirits of the slaves. It is a tourist attraction now and the shackles still remain on the cellar walls.

Wagerville - The White Lady of Wagerville - There is a small place called Wagerville, between Chatom and Leroy. Behind the Texaco Gas Station, there is a dirt road by a cemetery that is haunted by a woman who was raped and killed there. Around midnight until about 3AM, you can park on the road along the cemetery gate, turn everything off and put your car in neutral. The white lady will push you along the road out of harms way. It is NOT downhill. The car rocks back and forth like someone is pushing it. Some have seen the lady as a white light or form, and others have seen her walking in the cemetery. Sometimes you don't see her but you can hear her footsteps outside, as she pushes the vehicle.

Walker - Sumiton - Sumiton Elementary Middle School - There is a man that died there who worked in the boiler room. He has been seen there, wondering the school several times a day.

Warrior - Corner High School - There was this old cemetery in the early 1800's, and workers tore the tombstones down and built Corner High School over the old cemetery. At night, if you look very close, you can see spirits walking up and down the halls.

Wetumpka - State Building - Several spirits haunt this building. They usually will whisper things like, “Get Out!” in your ear. This remains a problem, because they cannot get any janitors to clean the building in the morning.

Wetumpka - Wetumpka JR High - Gym - The old pool under the floor was closed down. At certain times, you can hear voices and see flashing lights. You can also hear the sound of water sloshing around and someone drowning.

White Plains - Camp Cottaquilla - This girl scout camp is known for the legend of the one-armed girl scout who goes door-to-door every year during the week of Halloween.

Wilcox County - Coy - Rail Road Tracks - Believed to be the site of where a school bus accident occurred in the 1950's. There are reports of the ghosts of children playing on the tracks late at night or very early in the morning.

Wilcox County - Coy - The Carstarphen Cemetery - This is the final resting place for prominent black families. It is known for a light that shines over the graves. People have searched and cannot find the source of the light. It is also said that visitors can hear people speaking and calling them by their name.

Woodville - Union Cemetery - If you go there late at night, you can hear the screams of all the old Confederate and Union soldiers from the Civil War.

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