Red Eyes





When I was 4, I shared a room with my mother. I slept in a toddler bed that was low to the ground. If I layed on my side, I could see under her bed. One night after she turned out the lights and got into bed, I happened to look over and see these red eyes starring at me from under her bed! I was so scared that I could'nt move and just continued starring at it. The eyes were close to the ground and did not blink. I finally started to scream and cry. My mom jumped out of bed and turned on the light. She looked under the bed and so did I. There was nothing there! She turned out the light and got back in bed-the eyes were there again! This happened 3 times that night, but never happened again. This is where it gets really freaky. When my oldest daughter was 4, she was playing in her room alone when she started screaming. I ran in and asked her what was wrong.She told me that there were RED EYES looking at her from her toybox!!! I had never told her what had happened to me. Well I completely flipped out and we ran from the room. She never slept in there again. I recently asked her about this and she told me that the eyes were looking back and forth but did not blink. Since this was a different house, I wonder if this is some kind of demon or something. When my middle daughter was 4, she told me that angels talk to her at night. She's 5 now and it does't happen any more. My son is about to turn 4 next month and I'm terrified of what suppernatural thing will happen to him! My only consolation is that it should only happen while he's 4.




The Ghost and It's Companion




This is not my actual personal experience. The house that i currently live in is exteremley old and as alot of history. My aunt had once lived in this house before me and my family, she had never experienced anything out of the ordinary. She had just come back home from hospital having just given birth to her newborn daughter. The night she had returned home she had done everything as normal and had gone to bed. The babies cott stood across the room just at the end of her bed, she woke in the middle of the night terrified by what she saw. A ghost with a smal figure at its side stood looking into the cott holding a knife. My aunt at first lay frozen in her bed not knowing what to do. She finally worked up her courage after several minutes and ran to grab the new born baby and ran out of the house.

The room in which this occured is now my room i can honestly say i have never seen an apparition but i have heard many things during the night. Such as when i had once heard the banging footsteps of someone climbing the stairs. This had really frightened me, so the next day i had asked my sister if she had heard the noises, she replied "Yes". The weird noises continue up until this day but now we are used to this, so we never really get scared as we had done years ago. But just several weeks ago my sister lay in her room watching T.V, all of a sudden a black figure emerged in the corner of the room. The figure vanished and we have never heard or seen anything un-usual since.

Thanks for reading, feel free to email me with any questions.




The House I grew up In




My name is Sam, I have been interested in ghost, spirits and other unexplained phenomenon for sometime. When I was young, between the ages of 6 to about 13 I had experiences in the house I grew up in! I am now 29 years old, but I know that something happened, and that there are things we as people can’t explain. My story takes place in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, home of the Seminoles…GO NOLES! I was about 6 or 7 years old. I always heard footsteps walking down the hall of my house, and sometime it sounded like the floor was just simply creaking, like old wood. The creaking sound moved down the hall like footsteps though. On several incidents I would wake up in the middle of the night, and here steps in the hall. I never saw any apparitions, but I sure they exist.

There is a sleep paralysis where you can wake up from your sleep, but not able to move. I’ve seen many accounts of this on your web site. I personally have awoken plenty of times in my youth, and could do nothing except look around my room. I never felt as if someone was holding me down, but I’m 100% positive I was wide awake, and couldn’t move. On one occasion, a Saturday morning, I awoke to the sun shining through my window. I wasn’t scared, mainly because it was daytime, about 10am in the morning, but I was frozen solid. I tried my hardest to move my legs, arms, and talk, but could do nothing. In the past, I would just lay there and in time the paralyzing feeling went away. This morning I decided to lie in bed, and just wait. What seemed like minutes was only seconds, when I heard whispering just above and behind my head. My bed as against the wall, and my dresser was a foot or two away from the head of my bed against another wall, in the corner. The whispers came from that corner. It sounded as if two people were telling secrets just behind me. At this point I snapped free from my frozen state and immediately jumped out of bed and dashed into the kitchen where my mother was cooking breakfast. I know something was there, but I was so scared I didn’t look back. I clinched my mom’s legs, and she asked me “what’s wrong?” I explained to her what had happened, and she kind of blew it off. There is no solid evidence that anything happened, but I know what I experienced. That wasn’t the only thing to happen.

If you live in Florida, then you have experienced a hurricane, and not the Miami Hurricanes football team.  He-He! (Remember I’m a Noles fan). Hurricane Kate hit Florida in the mid 1980’s, around 84’, 85’ or 86’. My mother who was a single mom, was trapped at City Hall during the Hurricane. She worked for the city, so during the bad storm, they didn’t want to let them drive in the weather, and asked the workers to stay until the storm let up. My brother is about 5 years older than me, so my mom called and asked him to watch out for us until she could get home. The hurricane soon knocked the power out in the entire neighborhood, and probably in several parts of the city. She called again and asked my brother and I to sit in the hall, where there were no windows or doors until the storm calmed. I, being the younger of the two brothers, felt comfortable with my brother and soon dozed off to sleep. When I fell asleep, my brother said he began to hear footsteps walking up and down the hall. Sometimes the footsteps walked right passed us, he said. He also said no matter how hard he tried to wake me, I wouldn’t wake up! So he had to endure the steps and freaky sounds alone. He said it sounded as if 3 to 4 people were in the hall walking around. When I woke up, city workers were outside working on the telephone pole trying to restore electricity to the neighborhood. My brother was curled up by the front door, almost relieved to see light, even if it was just lights from the work truck, and light from the sparks of labor to the transformer on the pole. At this time my brother told me about the footsteps he heard, and how he was happy the lights might be coming back on. Other incidents happened, but nothing really worth telling about. I just wanted to share my story, because this site is very interesting. If anyone wants to E-mail me, please send to Thanks for reading my story.



Weird Happenings in Holland MI




When I was about eight years old, I was riding my bike in trails of the woods near our house. I came into some weeded area and got off to turn around. I saw some imp like creature run across the trail. It was a scraggly thing and stood three to four feet tall. I am the only person I have talked to who saw this. Today there are houses where I saw it.

Another weird thing that happened happened to my friends at school.

Between the Holland Christian middle and high schools there are some woods. Some of my friends looked into the brush and saw a pale faced man in a hood or a robe of some sort. They said that he was holding a knife but he didn't move. He was just squatting in some brush.

These do not seem to be ghosts, but they are odd. I think the one at school was just some weirdo, but the imp could be something. Today there are houses there.





Lady Passenger





hi i am not really born here in the states but currently i live in Palmdale Ca but my experinces were from my home country the Philippines.  i have been getting all these feelings and been seeing things but i dont want to admit it because i come from a very religious family and they will think im delaing with the devil or something.  so here is one of my experinces.

in the Philippines especially in the capital Manila there are a lot of gated communities where upscale families live( i also live in one of those but not in this one). My Friend Christine lives in one its huge with big houses but what makes this one unique there is a beautiful park where there are huge trees and a big club house though there are a few street lamps and its dark peopel like it because its a quiet place to live in.

we go to school together in college so some times she would ask me if i can give her a lift since my class starts in 7am and it takes an hour commute to where we go to school i would pick her up at around 5:30am (and its still dark) just to be sure we'll make it. on that day i was singing on the top of my lung on my way to her house which, by the way passes through the park, as i passed it a sudden chill passed through me i just shrug it off because it 5 am maybe it was cold my windows are up but still.

As i picked christine up she said she has a quiz for first period if i can turn the radio down i said ok. as we left i was minding my own business and she was reviewing her notes, i looked up on my rear view mirror...and i saw a girl sitting in the back facing the window she had long hair, i looked back to the road(since i was driving) at first it did not register in my head then i felt a cold chill again.  I took a quick look and she was still there in the back seat behind christine.  then i got so scared my hands we trembling and i did not want to look back again, whats sucks is there was dreading silence i was telling my self it was just my imagination.  as we exited my firend's village(gated community) and there were more lights i looked back and there was nothing i breathed a sign of relif.  i did not dare tell my friend what happen she might think i was a loone.  suddenly she said, did you see that?  i said see what? the girl in the back? she said.  i looked at her and she said, i saw her too dont worry.  we did not talk about it ever again but also i never gave her a lift again.







here is another one of my experinces.

when is was in grade school i was a new studnet in a all girl religous school.  on the buliding i go to which was for grades 1-3 there was only one rest room and it was always full.  one time i wnet in bettween classes and it was empty, i went to do my business and all of a sudden i heard singing it was so nice that i smiled and as i left my cubicle the singing stopped.  i waited i wanted to know who was singing. my cubicle was facing the only entrance and exit for the restroom so its impossible for me not to hear foots steps, but 3 minutes passed and no one came out.  i was curious so i looked over all the cubicles you know how you can look on the lower part of the door if there is someone in it.  but all of it was empty.  then i felt the cold chill passing through me, and the singing started again with this i ran.

when i got to the class room my seat mate asked why do i look like i saw a ghost as a kid i did not know better so i told he she laughed and said i had my imagination running away with me but i know i heard it......





The Hanging Bridge




my girlfriend Liz and I haven't been together very long, but we share a passion for ghosts and haunting's.  On our second date we went to a couple of sites in our county that are supposed to be haunted.  The scariest one would have to be the Jericho Covered Bridge located in either Fallston or Jarretsville depending on who you ask.  As Liz and I drove up to the bridge a heavy fog rolled in almost like the ones you see in the old movies set in places like London.  This was weird also because Liz and I had been driving around the county for the last two hours and we had only encountered the fog in this one place.  Maryland was a neutral state during the civil war but racism ran deep here.  The Jericho Covered Bridge is a grim reminder of that.  It is a well known local legend that runaway slaves were hung from the rafters of the bridge and sometimes left there for days.  A lot of local people say that if you park your car on the bridge and turn out your lights you'll be able to see the shadows of body's that still hang there today.    As we drove over the bridge we both felt a chill and a sense of terror in the air, like the bridge had in fact been the scene of unspeakable horrors.  Neither one of us really wanted to leave the safety of the vehicle to take the pictures we were so willing to take just a few minutes prior.  Eventually though we did take the pictures and when we got them developed we found only two pictures had turned out.  In the first you can see some kind of disturbance in the air moving towards the rafters, and in the second one we can definitely see an orb in the area were just a minute before the unidentified disturbance had manifested itself.  When we can scan the pictures we will definitely send them. 






The Women in Jeans





A couple of months ago i was living in a house with my friends that had a history of strange sightings and stories. I personally had never seen anything there but had somewhere else. That was about to change. I was standing in the kitchen with one of my friends and we were the only 2 people in the house at this time. The kitchen door was slightly open and all of a sudden i heard what sounded like a gentle whisper in my ear. As i look towards the door i saw a lady (i think) walk past the door wearing jeans and trainers towards the front entrance of the house. At first i thought it was my friend Laura who always used to wear jeans and trainers so i popped my head round the corner to try and scare her but there was noone there. I wasnt scared because it was in the middle of the day. I actually found the experience quite exciting but also unexplainable.



Job Corp in Albuquerque New Mexico





I was a student there in 1973 (since then there has been a lot of renovation on the buildings) but when I was attending the job corp it was pretty much the same as it was when it was an orphanage. One night actually at 2:00 in the morning when I came back to the dorms after babysitting, I had to walk across the campus to get to my room at the far end of the campus, While walking down to my room all was very quiet in the dorms but I heard like children laughter, and clanging as though the steel swings were hitting the still bars. There were shout of glee and anger as little children would do on a playground, this happened behind the little chapel that was there (it is no longer) when I passed right by it it sounded so close. I thought to myself at that time why would parents allow their children play so late outside? I was cold and dark. I couldn't understand why they would allow their kids out. But, the sounds came from right there behind the old chapel, while I looked and squinted, I didn't see anybody. Meanwhile, my hair was standing on end and I tested the wind to see if the noise was carried from another place (noises can carry long distances) there was no wind at all. At the time I didn't know that the Job corp use to be an ophanage until the next morning when I was talking to my friend about hearing those children behind the chapel this service worker told me that she used to work there as a service worker for the ophanage. She told me the voices I heard were probably the little children that have died of broken hearts while she had worked there. Her faced blanched as she told me about the children that she thought were treated cruelly.





Devil's Footprint Mancester, Maine





There are 2 versions of this legend that I know, the 1st is about a construction worker that was aggravated with a boulder that would not budge. The man stepped on the boulder and said, "I will give my soul to the Devil if this boulder will move," by the next day the boulder had moved and there was a imprint of a human foot and a hoof print of the devil (?). The man was never seen again.

The other version is about a farmer that was having a terrible harvest, he said, "I would give my soul to the Devil if I had a bountiful harvest." Indeed, the farmers harvest was bountiful, and he made plenty of money. The farmer was quite pleased with himself, until the day the Devil came to collect. The farmer refused to give the Devil what he wanted and a chase ensued, they ran all around the Farmer's land, and the chase ended when they reached a cliff. And I believe the footprints happened when they had their final fight at that cliff edge.

I have heard many stories about the Devils Footprint being haunted. My fiance told me about an occurrence that happened when he was there with his brothers when he was about 13. He said that his brother was contacted by a ghost, according to him, (and his brother swears to this to this very day), he was standing in front of the church doors, and being a rebellious young man that he was, he attempted to kick the doors open. At the moment his foot hit the door, it swung open and knocked him off the steps. Now, you may be thinking that there was probably someone on the other side of the door playing a prank, but keep this in mind, the doors opened inward, not outward. I also know someone that was there very late at night and swears she saw hooded men walking in the edge of the woods.

I my self has had an experience of sorts. One night a friend and I decided to go find the place. We drove and drove and couldn't find it. When my friend was sure she had driven too far she turned back. We figured we better wait until daylight to look for it, so we turned on the road we thought would take us home and what did we see? The old cemetery, and that unmistakable white church. Of course we freaked out and my friend swerved and barely escaped going off the road. By this time we were both feeling a unsettling feeling in our chests, now whether this was due to some unwelcome presence or fear I am not certain ( i'm assuming the later, however). Needless to say we didn't stop there that night, the next day however, now that was a different story altogether.....






Hi, I'm Bobby and I was checking out your website and I decided i should send in my story. We live in Grosse Pointe Shores, MI. We live right off of Lakeshore Dr. And this happened Monday August 15, 2005

One day my brother named Vince was on the computer at about 4 o'clock when he heard a scream. He ran upstairs to find me and my other brother named Sam. Vince asked what was wrong and we asked him what he was talking about and he said he heard a scream and we said nobody screamed. we were also the only ones in the house. We got scared but eventually thought that Vince probably was hearing things and forgot about it. But a week later me and Sam saw a this website  and decided to check if something was haunting our house. We checked everywhere but found nothing. But just as we were about to give up Sam said to me that we never checked the attic. This was the first time that anyone was up in the attic in a very long time. We got to the attic door and opened up the hatch and a ladder came unfolded from on top of the door. we started climbing up the ladder and got to the attic and it was all dark. i felt the wall right behind me and found and light switch. i flipped the switch and a dim light turned on and right below it the was a old rocking chair rocking back and forth and we were freaked out. after about 2 seconds we heard a scream so loud that it knocked me backward against Sam. we climbed as fast as we could down the ladder and shut the attic door. We were so scared that we didn't tell anybody except Vince about what happened.We checked the time and is was exactly 4:06. We now know that Vince heard the scream from the attic a week earlier. All we know about the people that lived here before us is that they were the Andersons and that they were an old couple that lived here and raised his kids here. after all the kids moved out and Mrs.Anderson died. a short while after that he sold his house to us about 4 years ago.





Ghosts in the House



When I was a freshman in high school my parents moved us from the city in Central New York to a big, empty house in the country. Little did we know that the house was haunted. So many strange things happened there that even my skeptical dad began to believe that we were sharing the house with someone or something else. My best ghost encounter occurred in the middle of the day. I walked into the bathroom and saw from the corner of my eye, someone that I thought was my youngest sister. I said "Hi Laurie", but she didn't answer me. Annoyed, I turned to find out what her problem was, only to realize that it wasn't her at the sink. An old woman with grey hair up in a bun, a pink flowered dress and a white apron was drying her hands. She turned to look at me and then she disappeared!

We weren't often frightened of the ghosts and missed them when things seemed to be quiet for too long. We would lament that they didn't like us anymore. One day, I was alone in the house and I went into the shower. All of a sudden there was a huge noise! I thougt a plane hit the house..... or at least there was a terrible car accident outside. I jumped out, grabbed my robe and went to investigate. I found nothing out of order at all, so I got back in the shower. Not two minutes later, I heard that huge noise again. I jumped out, shaking this time and checked everywhere, but again there was nothing to find. I decided to skip my shower!!






Margate, Florida. Ghostly Hauntings!





I had a ghostly nightmare about this house before even moving in. My family moved into the house and from day one things were creepy. People before had moved out in a hurry and their family broke apart almost instantly in four months. They all spread to four different places. When we moved in, we all got terribly sick within the first month. My mom had a life threatening experience; my sister ran away, all the pets in the house died mysteriously with no known cause of death, my parents divorced. All of this happened in only four months! I walked into the house after school one day, and I heard my name being called. I knew no one was home because none of the cars were in the driveway. The voice calling my name sounded exactly like my mother, and I looked all around for her, even though I knew that she was presently in the hospital. Within the next few days and a few wors creepy, paranormal events, all four of us left in just as much of a hurry as the ones before us, leaving most of our personal belongings. We all split, each of us in a different car, to different places away from each other and away from the house. I will never go back to see it, nor would I wish the haunting of this house on anyone else.



Atlanta GA




Hello. I lived at this house from 97 to 99. My family, and many of my friends were witnesses to the occurences. Voices, electronics malfunctioning, dark figures. It happened day and night, but mostly at night. It is an older white home, near the river, and for a while we had a rat problem. The plumbers had left a hole under the bathroom sink. The rats, who are fond of shiny objects, left two human molars, complete with silver fillings, on the bathroom floor on two seperate occasions. The back of the home had a foul odor off and on, and the crawl space had been cemented over. I am an investigator for the state, not a hysteric, but this place made a beleiver of me, my family and a half a dozen friends. My then four year old son complained of "the man in the mirror, with a string around his neck". Voices were male and female. Also a small child. I have often felt the crawl space needed to be examined; just never could figure out a way to ask the officials to do such. I truelly think there is a body or bodies under that house. Myself and a girlfriend watched as a man shaped shadow moved across the dining room wall, into the kitchen, where the light turned on. Well worth checking out, if you can get the new owners permission. E-mail if you have questions. Rebecca




Lady on the Hill




I had an experience when I was a kid.  Thinking back on it I'm not really sure if what I saw was real or just a dream, all I know is that either way it scared the hell out of me.  My grandparents lived in a three story house in Maryland, about 20 minutes from the Washington DC line.  From the back of the house the basement was level with the yard which sloped down sharply at the back of the property and turn into a sort of rolling hill that ended at the back yard of another house.  We don't know who did it but at some point someone had put in wooden steps all the way down the hill.  I remember that wild strawberries would grow all over the hill.  One of my cousins and I were staying at my grandparents one weekend and were sleeping in a top story bedroom with a window facing the back of the house.  In the middle of the night I suddenly woke up, I don't know why but I had this compulsion to look out the window.  I tried to go back to sleep but the feeling just persisted and I started to feel like my skin was tightening or something.  I got out of bed and went to the window and my eyes were immediately drawn to something on the hill.  It as a lady.  She was wearing a flowing white gown that was billowing around her from a breeze that was not moving any of the tree branches.  I think she had blond hair because she was just slightly luminous all over, she actually seemed kind of fuzzy but not transparent.  She was still but then began to move up the hill at a walking pace and although I couldn't make out her facial features I felt that she was looking up at the window at me.  She could've been a real person but I think not....I felt not.  Suddenly she stopped and whipped her head to the side, I suddenly felt such panic that I couldn't breathe.  I looked from her face to the direction she was looking and now this I'm not sure of....there seemed to be like a small green spot of light, fuzzy like her, real indistinct, couldn't tell the shape but it seemed to be getting bigger.  I saw the lady move and looked at her, she was looking at me again, I know it and she started to raise her hand but I was drawn to the green glow again.  Suddenly I realized that the green light wasn't getting bigger at all but coming up the hill.  As soon as this realization hit me it sped up so fast, coming straight at the window that I fell back and away sobbing....the green object suddenly appeared in the window and it was a face, very angry, very terrible.  I had woken my cousin from falling over her on the floor and from my sobbing...I grabbed her hand a pulled her out of the room to the stairs.  She pulled me to a stop half way down the stairs and wouldn't let me go no matter how much I begged her to.  She  made me sit on the steps and closed the door at the top of the stairs.  I remember feeling like my heart was going to burst, it was beating so hard and fast and I was having trouble breathing.  I thought I saw a green glow at the crack at the bottom of the door out of the corner of my eye and as I turned my head more towards he door it wasn't there.  I told my cousin everything, she saw and felt nothing.  I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.  My grandparents slept on the second floor and we didn't seem to of woken them up and I didn't tell them.  I will never forget what happened and it never happened again.  I felt that the lady on the hill was benevolent and the face was's funny but the face kinda reminded me of the comic book version of the Incredible Hulk.  Sometimes I think I was just dreaming but I have never had a dream that caused such a physical or emotional reaction as that, in fact I usually don't remember my dreams at all....makes me wonder though. 









My Mom and I made a promise to each other. The one who dies first had to show the other guy they are all right, somehow. we both agreed. We did this because she worried about me out late at night.

When she got her second battle of cancer, they told her anything they could do would be an extension of life. I helped her take care of her self. she was tough, it took the cancer two years to take her. I didn't work for those years, so I could help. It is amazing how strong she was and funny. my Mom was the center of our family for sure. My Dad, brother and myself only talk to Mom about anything we needed help with or to confide in. if there is a good side to a death of someone we loved so much, it brought the three of us closer.

The night she past away, I know she was going that night and didn't want to see her last breath leave her, so I had a friend come over and take me out. Crying the whole time. two ten in the morning I screamed and said she`s  gone. Went to the phone, the nurse said she just turned over and took her last breath.

When I got home we said good bye. the funeral man came and picked her up. then we all sat around the kitchen table. about five in the morning the cordless phone rang but not the other phones in the house. this phone was the phone my Mom would use because being portable. the message was a recording that said you have dialed a number on your own line. please hang up a let the other party answer. in my town you can phone another person in the house by dialing the house number then hanging up. that's the way you hear that message. knowing nobody dialed the phone in the house, i said it was Mom. then a few minutes later it did this three or four more times. i think my dad was a little spooked because he put the phone on the base. sorry I didn't tell you this phone only did this when off the base and never did this before my Mom died. the phone did this for about two weeks.

My best friend was at my house. The cordless phone was in the basement with us. the phone rang and the message came on. I told my friend I can prove this is my Mom.  I went upstairs ask my dad if the phone rang, he said no and quit fooling around. Then I asked my friend what number should the phone dial. she replied my home. We pressed redial it dialed her house. when we called my house to hear the message then hung up. Then redialed the phone dialed my house. she was so scared she left that moment.

Since then I feel she is with me when I need her. There was the time I went to the doctors and said your coming with me Mom. I wore her diamonds in a necklace. after getting blood taken. The little girl that took it said good bye little chicly. My hole life I never hear anybody refer to anybody as little chicky other then my Mom. I smiled and left to go home. when I get in the car country music station came on and said Norma Jean dada dada da. Sorry can `t remember the song after I hear my Mom `s name . I feel it was her.

recently i was at my uncle Jerry's home he `s my Mom `s youngest brother. my husband and i were sleeping in the back part of their trailer summer place. around six in the morning i woke up looked over to the door where i thought was my aunt Lynn was standing and smiling at me. i told her this is to early to get up. i `m a very light sleeper. i was awaken by husband getting up at seven. when i got up i told my uncle i need to tell my aunt sorry for not getting up. uncle Jerry said aunt Lynn wouldn't come in the room. i said i was sure she did. so when my aunt got up i asked her she said no. they joked with me and said it was my Mom because she liked being at the trailer. and we were talking about her the night before. i `m not sure it was Mom but i know i saw a person standing there smiling at me. so here `s my ghost story. thank you for listening I've felt comforted that i feel she `s around.




Was it Someone there?




I had a creepy experience once. It´s the only time i´ve seen this kinda thing. Well here goes..

I had just taken a shower. I stood in the bathroom with my towel and was getting myself ready. I get out from the bathroom and i´m one hundred percent sure that I left the bathroom door wide open. I enter my bedroom and put on some clothes. When I return to the bathroom to leave the towel I notice that the door is closed. And on top of that, it´s locked!

I begin to get all nervous, I mean is it someone in my apartment. I try to open the door but I can´t. I continue to try to open the door with various tools but it´s stuck. Really, really stuck. I called the landlord to see if he can come up with a solution but he was busy so he said he´s gonna come over the following morning. I go to sleep with thousands of thought on how the door was locked. When I wake up in the morning to get some breakfast I freak out. The door is open. Wideopen.

Talk about some freaky stuff.






Some New Ghost Info





I grew up near Greeley Colorado in a small farming town east of Greeley. It's name is Kersey.

You called the a river that runs through the eastern part of Colorado the South Plate River it is actually called the South Platte River.

This area around the South Platte river has several ghost stories that I heard of while growing up as a teenager and into my early to mid twenty's.

There was the story of the " Arona". Se is said to be a Mexican witch who killed supposedly killed several of her babies and put their bodies in a gunny sack.

She then threw the sack into the South Platte River.

The story goes that if you go to the Kersey bridge -( the bridge that crosses the South Platte River just north of Kersey) and go at midnight. You must count the the spacings as if you were on a railroad track and count to five or ten and turn around you will see the arona. She will haunt you until she gets your soul to makeup for the lost souls of her children that she murdered.

The next ghost story is about a pair of phantom headlights. These headlights speed up when you speed up and slow down when you slow down. If you stop all the sudden they will disappear completely. These headlights are on a road known as the Keensburg cutoff to the locals. I'm glad to say that I've never experienced them but I know of at least 1 person who experienced it first hand.

I hope that I have given you some insight to the area. If you want to contact me you can email or call me at (360) 931-5754.

Hope to hear from you soon.





Nightime Visitor




A few months ago when I whas getting ready to go to bed ,I felt something following me on the stairs.I didn’t gave it much attention because I had this feeling almost every night .So I got to bed and tryed to get some sleep.i woke up around 3 am .because I had a ringing sound in my ears ,then the ringing got louder and louder .Then suddenly I felt some weight on my back [I whas laying face down]that weight got heavier and heavier ,my face whas being pushed into my pillow.I tryed to get up but I couldn’t move .Then I heard a voice say ; lay still . So I did , all the time I whas thinking how is this going to end and when!.suddenly I could feel the preasure slowely going away ,as soon as it whas gone I flew to my light switch and turned it on,there whas nobody there .I sat down on the edge of my bed thinking about what that thing could have bin .i whas realy sleepy so I got back to sleep with the lights on.then around 6 am I started to hear that ringing again.I jumped out of bed ,after I did that the ringing slowely disappeared .After this I didn’t go back to sleep .This is the only time that this has happened to me and I hope it stays that way



Haunted Farmhouse between Pardeeville and Portage





Around 1973-4 my ex-husband and I lived in a farmhouse just outside of Pardeeville, Wi.  I've forgotten the name of the road, but there are a few houses and it ends at a lake where there's a boat ramp.  If memory serves me, I think there's a tree farm on the road, as well.  When we lived there, we called the farm we lived at "Swallow Heights" because there were so many swallows. 

As you travel down the road toward the lake, the farm sits on the right-hand side of the road, up on a hill.

Anyway, the farm was old when we lived there, and only partially inhabitable.  The upstairs was in disrepair, and since it was only my ex-husband and myself, we didn't need the space, so we just kept the upstairs door shut.

On more than one evening, as we sat in the front room, we would hear footsteps upstairs, as though someone were walking around.  The first time this happened, we immediately went upstairs, thinking someone might have broken in.  However, there were no windows broken, and they were locked.  There was no other way upstairs other than the stairway we had just taken, and no one could have gotten past us without our seeing.  There was simply no one there.  Moreover, even though the floor was dirty and dusty, there were no footprints.  Perplexed, we thought it just might be our imagination.  But we were wrong.

One evening, we had company from our hometown who had stopped to see us on the way back from Madison to La Crosse.  As we were sitting in the front room, we could hear the footsteps upstairs, then heard them coming down the stairs.  We could hear the stairway door open and shut  (but could not actually "see" it), heard the footsteps cross the kitchen floor, go down the hallway, and heard the back door open and shut.  Needless to say, our guests were pretty freaked out, and never returned.

By that time, we had become accustomed to hearing the footsteps upstairs, and we jokingly referred to our house as "haunted".  We never saw anything, but many times when I was alone I felt I was being "watched", and eventually I became afraid to stay in the house alone, although as I said, I never saw anything supernatural, only heard it.

During the time we lived there, several other people other than my ex-husband and myself heard those footsteps upstairs, and usually, their descent down the stairs, across the kitchen, and out the back door.

It's too bad that websites like this didn't exist then!





My Mom




My mom past away three years ago.  Very sad was overcomed by me.  I just had a baby girl.  Certain nights she would have a blanket put over her not by me or my husband.  Christopher my son who never knew my mom would look in the living room and say hi grandma.  That always made me feel she was around.  But he would call her grandma Francine and i always told him pictures of her was grandma.  but never her first name.  But he always say its grandma Francine.  So I believe in ghosts cuz they are all around me and i have one that always follow me where ever i go.  I can see them and I can feel them all around my house.  I grew up in a haunted house so I know that feeling.




College Ghost Days




Several years ago, I was just a sophomore in college. Instead of doing the whole campus living thing, myself and a two friends decided to get a townhouse off campus together. Before we moved in, we knew the complex we were moving into was the location of a very famous kidnapping/murder of a little girl, but didn't think anything of it.

We moved in, living there for a little less than a year with no incident. One night in August I was sleeping in my room. I had the luxury of having my own room while my two friends shared the other room. At about 4 a.m. I was quickly awaken by a sharp pain at my forehead. It felt as though someone had punched me as hard as they could. I shot up in bed and immediately thought it was one of my roommates drunk, just messing around with me. I was wrong.

I looked around the room and at the foot of my bed stood a dark figure which I can best describe as having long blonde hair, no face and a long black trenchcoat. The figure stood there looking at me, then turned and disappeared into my closet. Completely frozen from fear, I sat in that same position for what seemed like an eternity. As if that wasn't strange enough, I have terrible vision when I don't have my contacts in or glasses on, and I obviously don't sleep with vision aides. The figure was very clear and apparent as if I had my contact lenses in while everything in the background was blurry as normal. When I was finally able to move to get out of the room, I went into the bathroom to look at my head. I had a welt the size of a golf ball forming where I had been hit. There was no going back to sleep. I had to be at work by 5:30 a.m. anyways.

The welt stuck around until 10 in the morning or so, but when I checked it afterward, it had completely disappeared. To this day, I still don't have an explanation. I may have passed it off as a dream that just seemed to be real if not for the very real swelling and pain on my forehead.

Several days after the incident, my roommates became witnesses to other strange events around the townhouse. We would hear the sound of a little girl laughing upstairs, but when we would go check it out, the sound would move downstairs. There were also several incidents of the oven being turned on with no one around. I moved out when the lease was up, but one of my former roommates still lives there and says weird things still happen. But none as bad as what I experienced in my bedroom.



Our Beloved Savanna




hello everyone. this story happened to me when i was about 13- 14. i live on a small farm in new mexico. i guess you could call it more of a petting zoo rather than a farm. we have dogs and cats, but we have more horses than anything else. well anyway, my first horse, Abby, was the cutest little(and fattest) pony that you ever saw. we had her until i was around 9, and then she got so old and blind that she couldn't eat and the other horses just treated her awful. so we eventually had to put her down and the was one of the most horrible things thats ever been done to me. so, anyway, here i was, horseless, and with a giant ride coming up the next week, so my mom, (unable to find a horse in that short span of time), very reluctantly let me ride savanna, a very sweet, but very high-spirited palomino tennesee walker horse. only my much older sisters had ever been able to ride her, but as soon as i got on, we clicked beautifully and we were a pair from that day forth. about 4 years went by and savanna got horribly sick with an illness called Bastard strangles. its a nasty illness that causes the animals throat to fill up with a nasty pus-like fluid. we thought she was getting better so we let her out into the arena while we were gone. my sister got home first and found her dead in the arena. they already had her buried by the time i got home, which was good.and i soon got another horse (a devil pony by the name of barbie). about a month after savanna died my sisters and i were out riding and playing a game called butt tag when each and every one of us distinctly saw savanna running with us. all the other horses were put up and we all recognized her by her signiture stop, which would throw any unexperienced rider off. we looked for her again but we couldnt see her but as we were running around my sister ran through an icy cold spot ( it was about 85 everywhere else) of course all of us had to go see for ourselvesand sure enough it was cold there. we were all happy because we felt as is savanna was trying to tell us that she was okay. we could feel her every once in a while, and still to this day (about 3 years later)we can still see her running across the propertyand we can sense abby and the other animals are out there following behind her.



My Story


I had an experience (more than one now but different ways) but this one just still freaks me out no matter how I try to forget it.  It took place towards the end of the year in 2004.  I was leaving for work like normal backing out of the driveway looking to make sure no one was walking on the sidewalk, like children or old folk since they love to walk early in the morning where I live.  Now I don't go and peel out of the driveway so it takes me a few seconds to back out.  I did like I normally do, looking, watching, so as I was like maybe 2 feet away from the sidewalk area, I looked to my left and I stopped the truck fast.  There was this man standing there with his hands in his pockets, wearing a leather jacket(waist length), thick tinted glasses, something like you would have seen a man wear in the 1970's (disco era).  He wore also some bell-bottom type pants and I kind of made a comment to myself about where the hell he came from with that outfit, the 70's are gone, man. 

He stopped walking which seem to he did so I looked right at him and he gave me this movement of his head as to say, "go ahead", so I did.  Thinking to myself as I past my truck from him thinking where did he come from?  He didn't live next door (I know the neighbors on both sides of me) and I didn't see him 4 seconds ago.  I was now in the street ready to drive away and he kept on looking at me as though he was commenting on me and how I don't pay attention driving.  I looked at him one more time, getting a good visual of him, and looking back a few seconds later he wasn't there or even down the street and I was thinking I can tell my husband what happened when I get home.  Well that never took place until maybe a week later when I finally told him because I was afraid after all that happened.  Later that day I was at work as so was my husband at his job.  He called me very sad on the phone and told me that his sister called to tell him that his dad died the night before.  I left work to be with him and see if I could help with anything, and I didn't know what was going to happen next.  Couple of days later we went for the viewing and I walked up to the casket with my husband and I almost fell in disbelief.  The man I saw that morning was his dad.  I never had a chance to meet his dad since he and my husband were not on speaking terms after he left his family for another and my husband was left as a teenager to find work to help his mom keep their home.  I waited a couple of days later and I told my husband as to what happened that morning and described to him what I saw.  He left the room and came back with a photo album of his mom's and showed me this picture of when his dad was young and I almost lost footing again because the picture he showed me which I never seen before was the exact clothes this man wore that morning.  I then told my husband that maybe his dad is coming home for the last time, somewhere he loved to be.




Mom's Experience




hello, this experience happened to my mom, but its been told to me so many times over the years that i can probably tell it just as well as her. here goes- my mom has 4 brothers and sisters and when they were little they lived in a tiny house down the road from my great-granny and grampa. they lived in a pretty nice neighbor hood full of old looky loo couples. anyway, the whole family was going to a very important dinner for my grandad, so all of the kids would have to take showers and get ready. my mom, around 15 at the time had gotten home late and wouldn't have had time to wait for the others and still get dressed in time, so my grandma told her to go ahead and go down to my granny's and get ready there. (by the way, my granny and grampa were on vacation in texas and weren't home), so my moms'  down there taking a bath, when it suddenly dawns on here that she's hearing talking, laughter, and dishes clanking loudly in the kitchen, but nobody's there with her. (the house had,we believe, 2 resident ghosts living there already and they had never done any thing to anybody). so my mom, having never liked the ghosts like everyone else, calmly steps out of the tup and steps up on the toilet to get to the towels over head,( my great grandpa being extremly tall and my granny being extremly short as with all the females in the family. this was just somthing the women did to reach the towels easier), when something icy cold reaches out and forcefully lays its hand on my moms shoulder and pulles her down off the toilet. my mom, by this time she is kind of panicky , well lets make that REALLY panicky, runs butt naked all the way home and would never go in that house alone again.

this definitaly wasnt the fist encounter, but several years later, after granny and grampa had both died, my uncle was alone there asleep in my grandpa's room when he woke up and saw my grandpa just staring at him ( my family gets really freaked out when somebodys staring at them while their asleep and i'm the same way)  i was really little when my granny died and never did meet my grandpa, but i had to go in that house and get some suff for my mom,(me being the only one able to get through the bathroom window because the house was locked and the only other person that had a key lived about 600 miles away) and i,young though i was, instantly felt all kinds of energy in that house. i wish i had been able to find out some of the history on that house but no one alive really knows anything about it. bummer!



Doolittle Park, Wallingford CT





It looked like a normal little park for young children but on one late afternoon in Febuary my thoughts for this place changed. It was a cold day and snow covered the ground and I was over my girlfriends house and we started to get bored so we went to the park down the street abit to play hide and seek.(We are 15 and 16 at this's pathetic) and we got down there and not one person there. From the second we got there I had a weird feeling and that is strange because i have been at this park since i was a little boy. We started to play and everything was going good but I was still a little uneasy there but I kept playing. To explain how the park looks, it looks like a castle with slides and picnic tables.I was it and I was counting by a railing and I peeked for a second and I saw something in the corner of my eye running in the other direction. I finished counting and I walked in that direction and all I saw was a little kids swing swinging rappidly back and fuorth. I told my girlfriend to get over here and I asked her if she hit that swing. She said she didn't, she said she didn't come over in this direction. I stoped the swing and we kept playing. Now it was her turn and I was on the other side of the park and I could see her as she was counting. When she finished she went in the direction of the swing that was swinging and all of a sudden she yelled for me. I ran over and when I got there the word push was writing in the snow in front of the swing I stoped. Then we started to get really scared. But we kept playing for some reason. I was counting and before I was done my girlfriend was screaming and crying and she kept asking if i was walking on the bridge above were she was hiding I said no and ran torwards her and told her to get out. She t d me someone was walking up there and when I looked up there there was nothing there. What i saw earlier out of the corner of my eye was a girl a little girl. Also some friends say they have seen a man with a muscit walking around there.



Grosse Ile Wildlife Sanctuary




i have recently gone to the Grosse Ile Wildlife Sanctuary in Michigan. now THAT was a very creepy experiance! it was late at night, so the gates to the trail were closed.

when i saw that i decided to just sit in my car in front of the gates just to see what will happen.

it was me and my firends steph, megan, and amanda. we sat looking into the path for about 5 minuits before i noticed a very strange looking blue light flashing in one of the trees ahead of me. i didnt think much of it, until i accidently flashed my brights on into the woods when i turned to talk to megan.

thats when things got REALLY weird.

i looked back and the blue light seemed to float down from the trees, then turning an orangeish/yellow, it seemed to come closer to my car, then it suddenly dissapeared. i was sitting thinking "wtf was that all about."

then within like one minuite the car seemed to get really hot, and the car windows started to steam up.(three of the windows were rolled down and there was a nice cool breeze outside).

we heard something in the back of my car, so we look back, and we saw what looked like a hand mark on the inside of my back window, and it started to streak down the window, as if someone was trying to like claw at my back window from the inside. when we left, the steam left the windows, but the hand prints were still there on the back window, and i know that when i left there was nothing there, i just cleaned the inside of my car. the marks are very very obvious, i will try to get a good picture of them and send them straight to you







I work In The railway industry as a signalman in the uk and as a result i often do a lot of night shifts .I was working at a place called Garsdale which is quite literally in the middle of nowhere when i saw a figure go by the signalbox . wondering who on earth it could be at 1030 at night i imediatly went outside to see who it was .Even though i took a high powered torch with me i could not see anyone . I have spoken to other people who have also had strange experiences there .I have heard of a story that says that someone was killed whille on the track although i have not been able to discover if there is any truth behind the story. All I do know is that up until i had my experience there iwas not too bothered about working there on nights now i am not too keen



The Voice on the Tape




One night a couple of nights before Halloween my dad my two uncles and their friend Kenny went to a cemetary.  They just wanted to look arround well my dad and my Uncle Ron went in the truck to drop Kenny and my Uncle Bob off at this really big tombstone ,and they set a tape recorder next to the tomb stone to see if they could hear anything. Well about 30 seconds my dad and uncle came by the tombstone to pick them up. They got in the trunck and they went to McDonalds to get something to eat then they went to Wal Mart to get somethings and when they left Wal Mart they went back to the cemetary to get the tape. Well as soon as the got the tape out the played it in the truck.

mostly the heard crickets and owls and hear and there a breeze would go bye and make the trees shake and all of a sudden the heard a deep quite voice say "I'll show these kids not to mess with us!" So then they rewound it so they could hear it again and it was gone.



The Porcelain Doll




Hi my name is Cassdiy. I just wanted to share this horrible experience with you.

When i was eleven or twelve, i went to visit my aunt Rose in Virginia. She had just moved into a new house, and was now living alone after recently devorcing my uncle Jeff. At first I thought the hose looked like something from a movie. It had a beautiful wrap around pourch, rustic shutters, and a pretty, white cathidral in the front yard.

My mother was going to stay one night but the next day she planned to return home to washington. Altough i was farely young, i didnt think i would get home sick or scared without my mother.

A few days into the week, Rose decided to start unpacking her antiques, and photo albums. Half way through unpacking, i spotted an eerie, yet pretty porcline doll.

She had long black eyelashes, pink glossy lips, sharp green eyes, and brown, pin curled hair. "What's this aunt rose?" I asked. She looked at the doll, and a very uneasy almost startled expression crossed my aunts face. "Honey, put her down", she shakily said. I could sense that my aunt had no likings for the doll, so i just set her off to the side of the boxes.

In about an hour I had completley forgotten about the doll. That night as I lay in bed, it dawned on me that i never really had put the doll away. Then a shock of fear ran through ,y body, as if the doll could read my very thoughts. I was so scared that i couldn't sleep for the next two nights. Finally i got up the courage to ask my aunt rose about the doll. "Why dont you like that doll Aunt rose?" I asked. She just gave me this terrified look as if she was about to say, "she can hear you." Later that day i found the doll sitting on the mantel of my Aunts fire place. My first thought was that my aunt had put her up there. But just the way the doll was sitting had made her look unnatural, almost alive. That night i decided to keep my bedroom door cracked just in case i needed to call for my aunt. Late into the night i herd little pitter pattering all over the hall way. Like a tiny little girl running around the house. I turned over in my bed just far enough to see straight into the hallway from the cracked door. There, as quick as a flash i saw the doll run by my bedroom door. I COULDNT BELIVE MY EYES! I was so scared that she had seen me awake that i closed my eyes tight untill i herd her go back downstairs.

That was the last time i have ever encountered that doll. I hope it stays that way too. Still to this day my Aunt will not say a word about that doll.




The Oldest Haunted House





My house is one of the oldest houses In my town. I don't know if the previous owners of that house messed with a Ouija board or if some people died in that house. Ever science we moved in there has been some weird stuff going on. I was about 5 when it all started. The first thing that happened was when we (my family) got setteled in I was sleeping in my room when I heard laughing in my room. I looked up on the top bunk where my sister slept thinking that maby she was laughing but she was sound asleep. About 30min later I herd a loud crash comeing from my little brothers room I went down the stairs to find my little brother crying I looked behind me to see my brother's hot weel moving across his dresser like somebody was pushing it! Well a few days passed with nothig happoning until January 2nd,1996 when we were all eating dinner me and my dad saw a shaddow going down the hall. Nobody was home but my dad and me. A few years have pased and nothing but the usual has been happening until this year! One night I was sleeping in my room when I got realy cold (and this was in June) I sat up and looked behind me and I saw a young boy who looked like he was a young farmer. He was standing at the end of my bed liiking down at me! I shut my eyes real tight and then opened them again and he was still there I then just shut my eyes and went to sleep. I am now 15 and I have been seeing ghost science I was 2. I still see ghost but I see them as people with unfinished work.



The Green Eyes




When I was eleven years old, at about three o clock in the morning I woke up to hear the sound of my dad plowing our driveway.  He soon left for work, and I couldn't fall back asleep.  After all was quiet I got out of my bunk bed and climbed down my stairs and walked  into the hallway.  I went to the bathroom and then back to my room. I climbed into bed and crawled over toward my pillow.  It was then that I turned around and was about to pull my blankets over me when I noticed two bright green lights in the corner of my room directly in front of me.  They were glowing and hovering in the same spot I just walked through.  I was confused and tried to think of all the possible things they could be.  Smoke alarm light?  Glow in the dark plastic stars?  Anything!? I started to get more scared as the time passed because i tried to eliminate the fact that it could be a spirit. I tried to figure out if it was my eyes playing tricks on me...perhaps i saw the lights from a clock and my eyes just needed to adjust to the darkness.  I d n't turn any lights on while I got up.  I blinked my eyes in a different spot on my wall and tried to see if the lights would follow my eyes.  They didn't.  At this point I looked back to the spot and there they were.  I was so scared. They were eyes, and they were staring at me.

I was so scared.  I couldn't move at all I was laying down resting on my elbows just staring at them.  They moved foward a foot or so, very slowly.  Then they moved back and just as slowly vanished to the left through my wall.  I was so scared they would come back. 



Strange Things Happening




When i was five my family had just built this new house in a new neighborhood about seven miles out of town on what had used to be a farm in which the family was killed when there house caught fire.  As soon as we moved in weird things began to happen.  Doors would open and close by themselves and lights would flicker.

Then about a year later is when i started seeing the figures.  During construction my parents had only enough money for the house and my mom had planned for a deck outside of our living room, so she had french doors put in, but there was no deck yet.  One night i was alone with my brother who was studying in his room and i decided to watch some t.v.  As i was watching i glanced outside the french doors and there was this figure of a little boy looking in at me now i knew it wasn't a joke because there is a six foot drop outside of the door.      I would also wake up in the middle of the night and see the figure watching me from my door.  Also lights would then flash through my window which was strange because my bedroom was in the back of the house on the second floor facing the cornfields.  A little later my family was painting the basement rec room and we all heard a loud voice saying "get out."  It was soon after that we had to move out and it was one of my friends who had bought the house and he still reports strange things happening.

Thanks for listening


Shadow Friend




when I was younger about 12 or so I used to see things all the time. I always thought that maybe I was some how making it all up and Im still not sure to this day if it truly was my imagination.  One day I had some friends over and it was late at night. We were all watching this movie and I was sitting on a small couch by myself when all of a sudden in the middle of the movie I decided to just turn around and face behinde the couch. As I did this a very strongly visible little boy clouded in a blueish smoke and old gown walked right past the couch and through the wall/window that led to the front of the house outside. I sat there looking at it wondering how I could be seeing these things. I was psyched so I turned back around and told everyone what i just saw but everyone thought i was joking. Also I used to see this very large shadow figure that hovered around the house everywhere. I was afraid of it but I never thought it was evil exactly. Well after a while of seeing these weird things I told my parents.. they both believed me right away. My father is a strong chirsitan and he told me that the ability to see and do gifted things runs in his family. My grandpa and him both had some of an ability. Well right after i told them they left to go on about their day. Once they had left the living room I turned to look out side but was blocked because a man that was very tall was standing there. he had red eyes and a buzzed sort of hair cut but was still long, also he was kinda of bloated and blue like he had drowned. He was stand in front of a scene that involved a bridge and a car. as I saw this I was freaked out but what scared me was he was looking straight ahead but suddenly looked directly at me!! I was so scared i had ran out of there as fast as I could his eyes following me the whole way. I had an idea that this one was something evil. Well after a while of seeing these things i was tired of it. One day i was walking out of my house and the shadow figured followed me but was in front of me. I stopped and screamed Go Away!!! and since then I havent seen anything since. I had regretted it and had wanted it all to come back but it hasnt.. except maybe recently. which Im still not sure of and it could be just me imagining it ..but you never know. I dont want anything to hurt me or something evil to come around .. but if i wasnt such a chicken they might still be here!




By: Anonymous







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