Phantom Dog


When I was about two years old, I would see a dog in our house that no one else would see. My mom and I were playing on the living room floor once and I glanced over towards the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. Suddenly, I started panicking and pointing near the doorway, saying that there was a huge dog over there. Of course, my mom saw nothing and she tried to calm me down but for almost an hour after first seeing the dog, I was very nervous while we played and kept glancing in the direction of the doorway to the kitchen. After a while, I forgot about what I had seen and went on playing like normal. My mom thought that I had just seen something out of the corner of my eye and had thought I saw a dog. She thought nothing more of it until a few weeks later when the same thing happened again, I claimed I saw a huge dog near the doorway to the kitchen. Once again my mom tried to convince me that there was nothing there and even went and stood in the spot where I told her the dog was to prove her point. I kept insisting that this dog was there and wouldn't go near the spot where I thought it was. As before, after about an hour I forgot about it and went back to playing. This happened several times over the next six months and each time my mother got more and more worried. Finall she asked me to describe the dog, thinking that I was seeing my aunt's dog. A few months before the first sighting, I had been running around in my aunt's house. She had a Great Dane that was usually kept outside. One night I was running around the house and my aunt had brought the dog in. I ran into a room and the dog was there. It scared me because I hadn't expected it to be there and my mom thought that maybe this experience was causing me to see a dog in our living room. When she had me describe the dog, it looked nothing like my aunt's dog. I saw the dog a few more times and then just abruptly as the sightings had begun, they stopped. The house we live in had been previously owned but I don't know by who or if they had a dog. I don't remember these experiences first hand because I was only two, but I don't know what reason my mom would have to make them up. If anyone has any idea what could've caused the sightings, I'd love to get feedback. Thanks!


My Spiritual Experience


Hi. my name is Greg and I have had a strange experience not too long ago. I use to meditate for relief and relaxation until this one afternoon.
My girlfriend was working and I had just finished running some Aarons. I got into my apartment took off my shoes and walked into my bedroom to check for messages.
I felt a need to meditate this one day so I went into the living room put down the blinds so it was a little dark, lit some candles after putting them on the floor. I sat in front of them and started to slow down my breathing. I fell into my meditation with in a few minutes feeling ultimate relaxation, until I felt this really slight cold breeze across my shoulder. It felt as if someone was there in the room staring at me from behind.
This feeling was cold and started feeling like it was trying to consume me. I tried to open my eyes and but couldn't. My heart rate started racing my breathing started getting faster and more shallow. I began to panic thinking something had a possession of me. In one final attempt I awoke out of my trance and sprang up on my feet. What the hell just happened to me. I asked my sister who studies these sorts of things which people can not explain. She had no idea. She is also a mediator as well and she has had the same thing happen to her. Plus a few of her friends as well. We are all fairly close and feel that there may be something that comes to visit us from time to time. Which this thing is supernatural. I wanted to share this with others in hopes that someone else has something they can relate to this.

My Childhood Imaginary Friend


I was reading the page about children and ghosts and it brought to mind my own experience.

As my mother tells me from the ages of about 3 to 5 I had an imaginary friend that I called George . I would sit in my room for hours on end playing and talking aloud to this friend. My mother saw no harm in this and thought my imagination was working overtime as most childrens do. But after about a year things started to happen. I would come running out of my room bawling that george had pulled my hair , or hit me or pichedme or even bit me . At first she thought that I had either fell or bumped myself or even gotten my hip length hair stuck on something , but after a while she began noticing bruises and when I would come to her she would actually look at where I had said I was hurt. She began finding raw red spots on my head , bite marks on areas of my body that would be impossible for me to bite as well as bruises and cuts.
The year that my mother was expecting my sister my mother and I moved into my grandparents home so as to have help from my grandmother and aunt with the new baby.
One night while I was in the basement sleeping and everyone else was upstairs they heard a loud crash and screaming sound. Figuring that I had fallen out of bed and hurt myself really badly my aunt and mother flew downstairs to see what had happened . To their amazment I was fast asleep in the middle of my bed. They checked to see if anything had fallen anywhere in  the basement and found everything safe and secure in their places.
Dumbfounded they decided to wake me and asked what had happened and I answered that I was tired of being hurt and teased and had told Gerge to go away and never come back.
To this day my mother is convinced that there was an evil spirit guised as a friend whom was following me around for those few years.

Marsh Road


I have experienced many paranormal happenings in my lifetime, this one
however was witnessed by many others, therefore its credibility is
increased.  While visiting cousins in San Jose, CA one summer and
complaining of boredom, a group of friends and myself decided to go ghost
hunting knowing that my cousin Stanley and I both had a history of being
"sensitive" to the spirit world. We did it just for fun, in search of an
adrenaline rush. We got online in search of haunted places in the area.  We
searched the city night after night, getting creeped out, but experiencing
nothing that couldn't be explained without a logical explanation.  Rumor had
it that Marsh Road was haunted by a teenage girl who had been raped and
murdered by her boyfriend on Prom night, her body being disposed of under
the bridge at near the end of the road.  It was said that if you drive over
the bridge at night one will experience electrical problems(such as the car
radio increasing with static, ect.), a foul odor will fill the car, and if
you look in your rearview mirror an image of the girl's beaten face will be
staring back.  It is also said that her murderer grew so paranoid that he
would be caught for the murder that after he died, he returned to haunt the
road as well, only to scare off anyone coming near the bridge in hopes that
her body would never be found.  His ghost is said to be driving a white pick
up truck.  This truck is said to come of the embankment and try chasing you
off of the road.  We thought it would be interesting to go check it out.
Marsh Road was actually quite a ways out.  Up a long windy road somewhere
in the rural country side.  Stanley was driving, and the 3 other's and
myself encouraged him to drive safely, anticipating to see a white truck
that was trying to get us into an accident.  As we approached the bridge we
all increasingly became scared. The road was dark and wooded.  We hadn't
seen another car for miles, and I began to think that if we did get in an
accident and were hurt that no would possibly find us for sometime as the
road wasn't often traveled. A friend thought maybe we should turn around,
and just go home because it seemed like a bad idea.  Being completely
freaked out, but not wanting to admit that I didn't want to continue because
I was too scared, said that it was lame and we weren't seeing any "white
ghost truck" and that we should just call it quits.  As Stanley began to
turn the truck around, our friend Kristen shouted, "look, headlights!" as
she pointed off into the woods a distance away.  There was no turning around
now, Stanley and another friend were too excited that we might have actually
found something real, and began driving further down the road.  We reached
the bridge without ever coming in contact with truck.  We felt extremely
creeped out.  I urged Stanley to turn around, due to the amount of fear I
was experiencing.  To no avail though, they wanted to check it out, despite
my warnings.  As we passed over the bridge we all gritted are teeth
anticipating the worst.  I took a deep breath and smelled no foul odor.  The
radio came in clearly, I glanced at the mirror from the back seat and saw
nothing out of the ordinary.  I asked if anyone else had experienced
anything odd, they all said no.  We kind of felt let down, disappointed that
once again nothing happened, yet somewhat relieved at the same time.  We all
still felt uneasy, but dismissed it because we had gotten so worked up over
seeing headlights.  We continued down the road to find a place to turn
No one said much, I was concentrating on not throwing up, I became
increasing nervous and wanted to get as far away from Marsh Road as
possible.  It was then that we turned the corner and all started screaming.
At the dead end, in the very center of the road there was a man, on his
knees with his chest and head facing the sky, with his arms out to the side.
It was almost as if he was praying. Animals of every kind, deer, rabbits,
squirrels, you name it, were flocking towards him from the surrounding
fields.  He did not respond to us, the approaching car, he just continued to
face the sky.  My friends were all screaming, and yelling at Stanley to the
truck turned around and to leave.  I couldn't help but look at the man.  I
strained my eyes and as hard as I tried I could not see a face, it was if
that part of his head was blurred out.  We got the truck turned around and
passed the bridge and began driving really fast to get out of there.  One
friend in the car was crying, the rest of us were to scared to talk.  As we
approached an upcoming corner my heart began to race and I got a terrible
feeling that something awful was about to happen.  I begged Stanley to slow
down, and announced how I was feeling.  He slowed down.  As we rounded the
corner Kristen again screamed out "Look!" as she pointed off the embankment.
There was a wrecked car, that looked as if it had went of the hillside
backwards.  Its headlights were still on, and it looked as if the car was
still running.  Although it was a fresh accident, we didn't stop to see if
everyone was okay, due to how scared we all were.  We saw no one walking
around, and decided we'd call 911 as soon our cell phones got service.  We
all began talking, wondering if the white truck had possibly ran them off of
the road.
We reached service, Kristen called to report an accident.  She left the
report anonymous, fearing they would question why we didn't stop and help.
We initially decided not to report the man at the end of the road either,
reasoning that they would take the call as a prank.  After we had all calmed
down, and sworn of ghost hunting, Stanley dropped everyone off at their
houses.  We returned back to his house, and I called to check up on the
wreck.  When I called the dispatcher gave me the number that I could do the
follow up with.  I called and a woman notified me that officers were sent
out and have located the car, which still had keys in the ignition and was
still running when found, but could not locate and driver or passengers.
They were currently searching the whereabouts for the car's occupants. I
told Stanley what she told me, and we decided we should tell them about the
man at the end of the road.  I called again, and explained the story.  She
questioned whether or not we were involved in the accident, and took down
our names and number.  Stanley and I were still freaked out and thought it
would be a good idea if we just went to bed and tried to relax.  We agreed
that we would call in the morning and follow up then.  We I woke up the
first thing I did was reach for the phone.  I called and another woman
answered the phone.  I explained why I was calling as she began to ask me
where I had gotten the phone number.  I told her, and she began yelling at
me.  She told me it was a police line and civilians were not to have access
to it.  I apologized and explained that the night prior a different woman
gave me updates on the accident that I reported.  She told me that this
simply wasn't possible because they are not to give out police investigation
information.  She refused to give me any information, and I got off the
phone, without any further information.
We all checked police reports, and watched the news, never learning
anything else about that night on Marsh Road.  It definitely creeped us all
out.  Our ghost hunting days are over.

Hauntings in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin


I have lived in Blue Mounds for almost eight years now and throughout those eight years I have experienced paranormal behavior and heard many stories from others with similar experiences. Here are a few stories and a little background on Blue Mounds itself.
Back in the 1800's Blue Mounds was called Pokerville it was what you could call a boom town. The railroad ran through it at one time but pulled out quite some time ago (no exact dates known). There were several general stores in town and I happen to live in one of them. Being as my house is around a hundred years old and being the believer that I am, I expected to encounter some sort of ghostly activity. I often do not feel alone in my home even when there are no other living beings around. I believe that there are two spirits residing in my home although why they are there and what their stories are I do not know. There is a elderly male who simply watches and is not noticeable in any other way than feeling a presence. The other is a small child, a girl I believe, who, like most small children is mischievious. I was at home alone one day (or so I thought), getting ready to go out. I was upstairs getting ready and I heard I loud noise downstairs as if a door had been slammed with great force. I went downstairs to investigate, thinking that my father or one of my brothers had come home, there was noone in the house although I checked everywhere. I continued getting ready, downstairs this time and was in the living ro when a loud thump came from above my head, which was my brothers room, I once again investigated and once again there was noone in the home with me. I was totally confused by this time, but I went back downstairs. I was standing at the table in the dining room when the most disturbing thing of all happened, I heard a noise, the laughter of a small child actually, and all of the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I was enveloped in coldness. I immediatly left the house to wait outside for my ride. Noone else has had a similar experience although my family has felt presences in the house.
My next story revolves around another home in Blue Mounds that was at the time of the story a Saloon. The home is next to the old opera house and they were at one time adjoined by a tunnel. I myself have never experienced this but I know several people who live in the home's now separate apartments that have seen the same thing. There was a woman and her small son using the tunnel to go from one building to the other when a fight broke out in the saloon and somehow moved to the tunnel. Guns were drawn, shots fired and the woman and her child were caught in the crossfire and killed. A resident of one apartment was in the basement (where the beginning of the tunnel is still evident) when they looked towards the stairs they saw a small boy in overalls, a white button up shirt and a cap walk out of the remaining piece of the tunnel and walk up the stairs. A person in another aparment hada a similar experience as well. His clothes were not of this time period.



I really havenít got to know my grandfather because he died when I was real young.
I began to hang around with the wrong crowd and begin to get on a lot of trouble.
This is also the time that I began to disrespect my mother.  He would always tell
Me to obey her and respect he. One night while I was asleep I was awaken by someone
One standing over my bed. I awoke to be looking at my grandfather, he just looked at me
He tried to tell me something but I could not understand. I tried to tell him that I miss him but he just faded away.
I awoke and told the family what had happened. No one believed me but I took it as a lesson and obeyed him after that
That I never saw him again

Ghost Room


          My first experience  with  a ghost was  when  I  first  move  in  my  new
house, which seems  to  be  really  old. I  woke  up  in  the  middle  of  the  night  to  go  to  the  bathroom. When  I  came  back  to  go  to  sleep  something  enter  my  room. I  was  so  scare  I  could  not  move, think, or  even  talk. I felt  like  something  was  wachting  me.  It  started  singing  and  then  it  left. The  next  morning  I  told  a  person  that  lives  with  me, thinking  it  was  a  dream. What  is  weird  is  that  she  told  me  that  someone  had  come  in  her  room  at  night  and  told  her  to  take  his  hand. She  said  that  he  was  wearing  a  red  jacket  and  a hat. Five  days  after  I  saw   it  came  in  my  room  againg  with  the  exact  description. Now  whe just  try  ignoring  it  and  now and then whe hear the  stairs wreak and  the  doors  open and  let  me  tell  you  is  realy  scary.

Friends House


I have sent you one other experience about the Ghost Dog which still haunts my home, and all around the woods so anyway, I have another experience to share with you.
It was December 26th and I was spending the night over my cousin Michael's house.
We were playing video games and watching the Sci-Fi channel all day, so finally his mom Bonnie hollared for us to come downstairs.
We went downstairs and she told us that she was taking Michael's brother Timmy to his Aunt Lisa's House and taking his sister Michelle to get her new car.
We were happy that we got stay at his house all alone after all it is pretty cool down there.
Michael's mom gave us some money to go down to the store to get some snacks because they wouldn't be back for two or three hours.
We got some pringles, slims jims, hot chocolate, hoagies, ice cream, and to top it all off was to get movies.
We got back to his house and they left so we started watching The Simpsons and eating some pringles and then we heard a knock on the door. Michael went to see who it was and it was a Hobo with a knife and two bottles in his hand.
We started to panic and we ran upstairs, so finally a half n' hour passed and we went into the kitchen to grab knives and to call my dad, luckilly my dad came to pick us up and Michael was allowed to stay, noone else knows about this haunting and we found out that something else like this happened in the same house but the man was killed by a shotgun blast in the face....

The Whispering in my Room


One night i was laying in my bed fixing to go to sleep. The way i was laying, i was facing my closet door. But my bed was on the other side of the room. I had closed my eyes and heard this noise coming from over there. Well, i made myself believe it was coming from a branch scracting on my window. Even though i knew it wasn't coming from that direction. It sounded like somebody whispering. Well, i opened my eyes and looked around but didn't see a thing. So i turned my back towards my closet and was about to go to sleep, when all of a sudden the noise was right in my ear and it was so loud it made my ear jump. That really freaked me out a lot. I through my covers over my head and prayed for it to go away and not to touch me or anything. Then i got this really bad feeling that it was laying right next to me in my bed. I just kept praying and finally i didn't feel it there anymore. It was a really horrible feeling. It really scared me . I don't know if it was trying to talk to me or not. But i couldn't understand it. I'm glad it left though.

The Man


  my grandfather always told me and my cozins about experiences that he had
had with ghosts. this first sparked my interest, and i became fascinated
with ghosts and other paranormal activity. however i never really wanted to
see a ghost i just liked hearing other peoples stories about strange
         our family lived in the city for most of my life and when the
decision was made to move to the country i couldn't have been happier. we
quickly moved onto an old farm. there was a ranch house and a huge barn.
both the barn and the ranch house had been rebuilt just 10 years earlier and
were in great condition. the stalls in the barn were made of cedar and oak
and the isles of the barn were made of beautiful interlocked brick. i loved
it here and for the first time in my life i loved where i i lived.
    it wasn't long before things started happenings though. the first time
that i felt something was when i  was in the barn tacking up my horse and
getting ready for a hack with a boy that i had met from down the road. well
there was a cellar entrance just below the cross ties that had bee bolted
shut. the barn was built on the old foundation so this cellar was from the
original barn that had been built over 100 years ago. my horse started to
freak out, he was rearing and trying to break free. i tried every thing i
could think of to clam him down but he continued to rear. i finally got him
off the cross ties and into his stall which was at the other end of the
isle. he quickly calmed down. i decided to take out my moms horse insted. i
put him on the same cross ties and started to tack him up. after about ten
minutes he started to freak out like my horse had done before. i was a
little rattled and put him back into his stall. he quickly calmed down. i
decided to just wait for Brian, the boy that i was going riding with and
then he could help me tack up. he was much taller and stronger then me so i
figured it would be easier for him to handle the horses if the freaked out
i sat on a tack box and ate a candy bar while i was waiting for him. i had
been sitting there for about 5 mins. when i heard a loud moaning coming from
the cellar. i knew it couldn't be an animal that had become trapped in the
cellar because there was no way of opening it. i turned off the radio and
listened for it again. it started this time louder and the cellar entrance
started to move slightly up and down. next i did something stupid, i began
to ask if anyone was in there and needed my help. the voice just kept
moaning and sounded like it was in pain. i ran up to the house to get my
cousin who had been staying with us and she came down to listen. by the time
we got back to the cellar door the voice had stopped. Brian was just
arriving and asked what we were doing. i told him  what i had heard and he
told me that that last owners had heard the same thing when they were
building the barn but it had stopped once the barn was finished. we decided
to cancel the ride and try to open the cellar. i was soon to find out that
this was not the brightest thing to do. we spent the better half of our day
getting the cellar door open and sent brian in to see what was in there.
  the only thing that we found was an old book, and a table with three
chairs around it. the weirdest thing though was the table and chairs had no
dust on them and the book was opened like someone had been reading it. there
were also foot prints in the dirt and they seemed fresh. we decided that it
would be a good idea to bolt up the cellar again and leave it alone.
whatever was down there was gone now.

  that night Brian and his friend stayed the night. we stayed up until about
2  am, and i decided to go to bed. i woke up at about 6 am to feed my rats
and then go back to sleep. it was mid-summer so when i woke up it was very
bright in my room. i looked at my clock and then got up to feed them . when
i returned i went to bed and went to turn of my light. when i rolled back
over to go to sleep. i saw a face of a man looking straight at me. he looked
like he was upset about something. i screamed and pulled the covers over my
head. Brain and his friend had heard me and ran into my room. the man wasn't
there anymore and i mention anything about it because i didn't think that
they would believe me. i just went back to sleep and didn't see anything for
a couple of weeks.
       in september the things started happening again. it was always the
same man that i had seen a couple of weeks before. i was lying one the couch
with Brian who was now my boyfriend. and we both heard a women's voice when
we looked back to see who was calling us something cold and clammy pushed
our heads down and i felt paralyzed.i couldn't
't move and it felt like something was sitting on my chest. i was lying down
and i felt something walk through me starting at my head and ending at my
feet. it felt like cold pins and needles as it went through me then it just
disappeared and i could move again. i talked to brian about it and he felt
the same thing.
   since that i have not felt the ghost that we have named fred, but i see
him every night. he wanders around the house and interacts with it like it a
different house. my parents have not seen him but brian and my cozin have
all seen him . we think that it may have something to do with the cellar.
and that that is why the horse freaked out when they were made to stand over
the cellar door. we are planning on having the house blessed and hope that
that will stop it. we have tried talking to him and asking what he wants but
he will not talk back, and h=if he does on the rare occasion we can not
understand him. he still scares me and i end up at Brian's house scared out
of my mind in the middle of the night at least once a week.





The woods behind kiester elementary school are haunted I have always suspected that they were haunted but until recently I was never quite sure first off I will give you the legend of the haunting.  Back in the 1960's a man went into the woods and was never seen again all that was found was his coat and a bloody knife was also found but that was not believed to be his.  Now almost 45 years later the mystery is still unsolved.
I have always believed that the woods are haunted but it really wasn't until 2003 that I started getting really interested in finding out if the woods are haunted in the in the winter of 2001 my friends and I started searching the woods for clues as to whether the woods were in fact haunted or just a load of crap but the first night we went into the woods we really didn't see anything but we had a feeling that we were not the only one's in there and two nights later we went back into the woods and I was the one that was the most shaken in my mind In kept seeing a white face with bright red eyes now I didn't see this in person but the thought of it kept me from going any further and my friends were also afraid to go any further as well.  In early 2002 a friend and I went in to the woods and he is one of those macho nothing can scare me type but when we went into the woods we saw a white light much like a lantern being carried by unseen hands and we followed the light to a point where the trail (that is built into the woods) ends and then there was a bright flash of light and a then we heard a demonic laugh needless to say we were out of those woods before we really knew what had just happened and as we got in my car and as I turned on the headlights they shined across an old baseball field that is just below the woods and both of us saw what appeared to be a hooded figure walking out of the woods. This is the only time that I felt threatened in the woods and what made me really think that there is an evil presense in there
We pretty much left it go until early 2003 my friend and I went in daylight and this is one place that is creepy no matter what time you go in adn the whole time we were in there we felt like we were being watched and there were times when I swore that heard foot steps following us.  In march of 2003 I went in to the woods alone and I took some photograghs and it was just before sunset and I just ramdomly took pictures and wasn't really expecting anything to show up on them and when I walked up to the point where my friend and I saw the the bright flash and heard the laugh I took a picture and then I just turn and before I knew anything I took off running and to this day I still don't know why I ran out of the woods and then two weeks later I got the pictures back and saw that many of the shots had orbs in them and after closer examination I saw that some had two or more in them and there are two pictures that had what appeared to be faces and in the photo I took just before running out of the woods had a vague form in a hood possibly the form my friend and I saw.
Most recently my friend and I went into the woods in October of 2003 and we saw a mist like appperition at the dead end trail and then the trail that we were on started to fill up with mist and my Friend started to look at me perplexed and I said lets go and just as we turned to run it got cold and I mead bone chilling cold and it was a rather warm day about 70 degrees and on that trail it was about 30 degrees we could even see our breaths it was scarywe didn't see anything and I am not sure if we wanted to.  That is my story about the haunted woods I hope you enjoyed it


The Black Dog


I was playing at this park about 100 yards from my home and I just got this feeling to go home. Well in the back of my house there is a club house and that is just a very happy place well anyway, I was walking home and I heard someone behind me and I looked and there was this tall built black man walking fast towards me and I sped up. But then he sped up practically in a jog. I got in my backyard clubhouse and looked out the window and he had turned into a huge black dog I know this sonds wierd but it is true. If you have questions or have a similar story e-mail me @

Spirit Bird


I am 27 years old and remember this day vividly. It happen back in Junior
High, my best friend Marcia and myself were walking home from school on a
Friday in June (last few weeks of class) when we found a small hurt bird.
( I am not sure what kind of bird it was ), but we brought it to my house
and my mother told us it had to stay outside on the back porch, so we put
the bird in an old hamster cage and gave it food and water. That night
Marcia was sleeping over. The bird was still alive and we said goodnight. My
mom said that the bird had to stay outdoors, so Marcia and myself put the
bird (hamster) cage up against my bedroom window. This was possible because
the pouch railing connected to the house right under my bedroom window. That
night we were up late gossiping, like many young girls. Slowly we got
sleepy, and start drifting off. My bed is located in the corner, I had my
bedroom bureau on one side and a wall on the other, then at the foot of the
bed was my double wide closet with sliding doors, which I tended to leave
one side open. As we drift to sleep (it was well past midnight) I heard an
odd sound inside my bedroom ( I am a very light sleeper) and I sat up in bed
( so I am facing the closet) inside the closet was a yellow light moving
back and forth from one side of the closet to the other, in a very rapid
motion. I was startled and scared, but also was a little disorientated
because I was sleeping, so I woke up Marcia and asked if she saw what I saw
( I whispered this) Marcia looked at the closet and said yes she did, we
both laid there and watched the yellow light for a few more minutes before
it made a jolt and shot straight up, through my ceiling and disappeared. The
next morning we both woke up to find the little bird dead in his cage ( he
died over night), this was sad, but we both knew the night before he said
thank you for taking care of him in his last hours. We buried the bird later
that day in my back yard, but I never saw his spirit again. Feel free to
email me with any questions or comments.




Hi. My name is Amy. I'm 12 years old. Once when I was nine it was thunder-storming outside and I couldn't fall asleep. I heard the sliding glass door open downstairs. At first I thought it was my brother , who had moved out earlier that summer. But then I realized he would have told my parents that he was coming. I heard a man's footsteps coming up the stairs. Next, I heard rummiging in the kitchen. Then I heard footsteps coming down the hall and I saw the shadow of a man. All of sudden he stopped and turned around and walked back. I heard more rummiging in the kitchen and the footsteps going downstairs then the sliding glass door shut. In the morning the kitchen was missing some items and was a mess. I don't know what or who it was but it was freaky.


My Mother's Stories


I have only one potential ghost encounter and it wasn't a visual one.  I was living with an uncle in Richmond, VA in an older large colonial style home.  On Thanksgiving I was waiting on him to come home because we were going to go see a movie.  The entrance we use was at the back of the house directly over the laundry room where I was doing laundry.  I heard the door open and close and I heard footsteps which sounded like they were leading to the staircase going to the upper floors of the house.  I finished what I was doing and went up to my own room which was on the third story of the house (3rd story not including basement/laundry room.)  I didn't hear anything coming from my uncle's room so I went downstairs to look out the window overlooking the driveway to make sure that he actually had come home.  The driveway was empty except my own car.  No one had been there.  Just after I noticed this, I heard beeps from the alarm keypad and I heard it say "Alarm System Off."  Since I was only 1 level above the alarm system keypad I went down to see who had operated it.  Again, no one was there.   I still don't know what had happened.  A week later a coworker of mine came home with me and said she didn't like the feeling she got from that house and she wondered aloud how I could feel safe sleeping there.  She thought she felt a distinct evil presence there.  I don't know what kind of justification that really is of my story, but that's the order in which it happened.
Now my mother has actually witnessed a few ghostly presences, visually.  When she was about 9 and her sister Tricia was 12 they lived in Massachusettes somewhere outside of Boston though I can't remember the exact name of the town.  My grandparents had gone out because it was New Year's Eve.  Before they had come home my mom woke up to the sound of Tricia's muffled screams.  She looked over (they shared a bedroom) and there was something white and floating over Tricia nearly suffocating her.  My mom was shocked of course and started screaming.  As soon as she screamed whatever it was disappeared.  At some other time my mom believes she saw someone wearing a Revolutionary Era soldier's uniform walk through the kitchen of that same house.  She couldn't say whether or not it may have been the same presence.
Another story my mom has told me is a little more recent.  She and my step dad moved into a new house in Oldfield, MO about 10 years ago.  She woke up because she thought she heard something like a plastic bag rattling around the house.  She turned over and opened her eyes to see a blue eyed baby staring back at her.  It was on level with her because they had just slept with their mattresses on the floor since it was their first night in the house..  She decided to try to go back to sleep and shake off what she had seen and decided to wait until morning before she mentioned this to my step dad.  My step dad woke up the next morning and told her he had a dream about a baby with blue eyes.  They never saw it again as far as I know after their first night in the house.
There are many more stories that I have heard from other people but these are the ones I know best.  I hope they are useful to your collection.

I Never see it Anymore


HI, I am Abby. I used to live in this apartment complex that has 2 sections to it. Britt, Katie, Kathy, and I were all just sitting in a breezeway talking about ya know girl stuff, this was 2 years ago, itís day time about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Well, Britt just gets all quiet and is staring at the ground right next to one of the buildings. We all ask her what is wrong and she told us that she can see something walking towards us in the breezeway. All of us turn and look and all I can see is footprints in the grass. Brittany got up and told us we should go. Then what ever it was just sat down in the grass and you could see it sit because the grass went down like someone was sitting there. We all got up and run up to the second floor of the building that we were sitting in and we looked down and it was still there. Then it wasnít there any more and then we heard steps coming up the stairs behind all of us. Britt told us to run because for some reason she could only see it but all of us knew it was there. So we ran to Brittís apartment and we told her mom about it and she didnít believe us. Well Britt has a cat named Patches and it was walking down the hallway in here apartment and she  stopped and stared at the door, then her hair just got all puffed on her back and I just saw it come through the door right after us. It scared me so badly. We all grabbed our shoes and ran to my apartment and we all just were out of breath. We stayed there for awhile and it never came over there. That same spirit still follows Britt and Katie around but they are not as afraid of it as we all were when it followed us for the first time. I moved away from there so I never see it anymore.

Mountain Station Cemetery


      There is a cemetery out near Higgins,OK called Mountain Station.  It sits on a stretch of road that was once said to be a passage on an old mail route back in the 1800's.  Rumor has it that a witch is buried there.  supposedly there is a curse written on her grave stone and bad things happen to anyone who reads it and they will be cursed.  I have been there several times and have never seen it.  However...there is a covered pavilion that sits in the middle of the cemetery.  Late at night if you park in the road and turn your car off you can see strange pink, red, and white lights dancing around in the grass by the pavilion.  When we went my car wouldnt start when the lites appeared.  There is an old indian grave on the lower front side of the hill.  It is just a mound of earth surrounded by a wall of stones.  My friend tripped while standing inside this wall and when she got up her wrists were covered in what appeared to be claw marks.  To get there head east on highway 270. go past hartshorne,ok and keep driving.  you will be in the middle of nowhere.  probably 12-15 miles past hartshorne, or 35-45 minutes east of mcalester. you will turn left on damon valley road.  when the road forks, bear left.  you'll find it.  you cant miss the huge white gates. it's in the middle of the wilderness. happy hunting!!!!

  My Fathers Tale


        Hi my name is Ian and i wrote here quite a few times before i have my latest story posted on page 255 called  My Experinces Continue
I  first have a story to tell that is not mine but my fathers.
i heard this story when i was younger and remembered it but not to all well so i was telling my sister about it then she told my mom and dad when theyy were at the kitchen table and my mom made him tell us the story because he was hesataint too it's not really a long story but it kinda spooked me.
when my mom's mother died. My parents went to go see her and stuff you know, it was in Guyana a country in South America because that is where they are from. Anyways The day my Grandmothers dead body was out on the varanda that the house has probally waiting to be shipped off somewhere else i don't really know.
But anyways my mom said my dad was nowhere to be seen that day and she needed help since i was over there too and was little and she had to also take care of my little cousins and evrything , whiles he was out somewhere drinking.
Anyways he eventually came home it was night time and lots of people were in the house my mom, my grandfather, my, aunts , my uncles , and myself of course. i don't know how many people to be exact but my mom has 4 brothers and 3 sisters i don't know if anyone besides who i metioned was there,
Evryone was downstairs in the house, he decided to go upstairs and sleep because he was drunk and it wasn't that noisy upstairs he went out to the varanda to sleep , now the varanda doesn't have any rails or bars to hold anything.
He says as he was lying down something pushed him off the edge of the varanda my mom said it was really high that he could of that he said somehow he managed to grab on to the edge of it and letting himself fall in a safer way. my mom said that he came trough the front door and evryone was bewildered because they saw him go up to bed. i could just picture the look on their faces when he told them what happend.
He says he didn't get a view of the person because it was dark , evryone in the house was downstairs except for him my mom said and no one would try to kill him that was in the house..
My mom and him believe that it was my Grandmother , my mom said becuase my dad and mom had an argument that day and my grandmother wanted to kill him hoping that my mom would stay in Guyana and not come back to Canada.
Jokingly my mom was asking him you think maybe you were too drunk and fell off yourself and he said No he felt someone push him off and he isn't the type of person who believes in those kinda things (ghosts)  but i believe he knows what happened to him and will hold on to his story because something or someone tried to take his life that night........
Now for My recent stories it is now the 24th of Jan and the 25 of last yr something came for me im really wondering if it will happen again because lately i have been hearing frequent noises in my house .
One morning i was alone in the house my parents work and my sister was at skool i work with an agency so i don't have work evryday some days im at home but anyways getting back to the story i was at home in bed just about to drift off when i heard from the room im sitting in now which has the comp a noise i knew what the noise was my my keyboard has a rest im sure evryone knows what im talking about the thing the keyboard rests on well mine is a sliding one , and if i were to push it back and forth it would make a noise if i were to push it with force all the way back or to the front it would make a louder distinctive noise,  well as i started drifting off i heard it like some one pushed it with force and i know the exact sound my bed is right next to my window and it didn't sound at all like the noise came from outside it sounded like that noise came right from where i am typing right now.
Anyways my first thought was that somebody broke in the house.  So i got up to check but no body had broken in the house and no one was there to be seen. anyways at that point i started thinking maybe the noise did come from somewhere else but part of me thought differently in the sense of
( i know what i heard )  anyways im out of bed now i decide to brush my theeth and eat and go watch some tv about 2 hours pass then i feel tired and want to go back to bed so i do and believe it or not i totally forgot about the noise i heard that got me out of bed in the first place anyways this time im awake tired but awake i had my eyes closed and then i heard the noise again. this time louder. at that point i knew it was "something" but i was too tired to bother with it so i just went to sleep.
this one happened over the recent holidays it was night time i was in bed my parents in their room and bed and my younger sister downstairs watching tv now i had just waken up from a dream and was just lying their then a heard a big huge bang sound like someone banged the wall in the next room which was my sisters room so i got up to check and she wasn't in their i checked she was downstairs watching tv and she isn't a person who walks around in the dark so i know that couldn't of been her i still asked her if she was there though and she said no and my parent were both in their bed sleeping.
it was about 4am .
also recentley i have been seeing lots of stuff out the corners of my eyes more than before not the regular stuff you sometimes see something out the corner and be suprised by it but this happens alot so i know for a fact something is once again trying to communicate with me but im just wandering what or who it could be.
Anyways thanx for listening to my stories i hope you guys post this , thanx
It's good to know there is a place where you can come and let it all out.......


My mother has a house that we moved into in 1998 when I was 14. This is in Olathe, KS,  When we moved in the real estate agent said that the house was 97 years old, so now in 2004 it would be 103 years old. My room was downstairs, the very first bedroom to the left when you walked in the front door. Neither I nor anyone in my family had experienced anything before I did.
This happened the very first time in the summer of  1999 when  I was lying down in my room trying to fall asleep. All of the lights were off except for a blacklight that i always kept on when in bed.  I dont know why I even decided to look, but my ceiling fan in my room had a string on it to switch it on and off and it was swinging back and forth. No windows or doors were open to let in any drafts at all. I closed my eyes again trying to let myself believe it was only my imagination, but i opened them again, and there was a boy standing at the foot of my bed, leaning over the railings and trying to put something in my mouth. I got scared and swiped my hand at him and he disappeared.  He looked like a regular teenage boy with blond hair, although he was transparent. He was wearing a striped t shirt.
After that incident i didnt see him again until the next summer in my brothers room where i was sleeping at the time. i was on a couch and he was standing at the foot of it just looking at me. i closed my eyes and when i opened them he was gone.
The third and last encounter with the boy wasnt until september of 2001. i suppose i didnt see him during the summer of that year, like the last two, because i had been moved out of my mothers house at that time. I was just staying the nite when the last encounter occured.
I was sleeping on the couch downstairs in the living room and woke up to see him sitting on the foot of the couch just staring at me. this time i didnt get scared, just rolled over and went back to sleep. i knew that if he had wanted to hurt me (if he even can, i dunno) he would have done so already.
I dont know if this has anything to do with the ghost, but during the summer of 2001 my boyfriend and i were at my mothers alone and i left him downstairs by himself for a minute. i ran upstairs to grab something and i heard him yelling up the stairs to me to stop messing with him. i asked him what he was talking about and he said he heard some growling coming from the kitchen and thought it was me playing a trick.   Weird, huh?

They would be Together


on october 15 1997 my father diedfrom two types of cancer. So i was upset so a friend came to stay with me.
Around 2:15 in the morning i heard a noise coming from the bath room like a shower running.
my dad use to get up that early because he had to work in northern california.
my friend also woke up and was scared because everyone was asleep.
when we went to my bedroom door my dad walked out of the bathroom and looked in on my mom. I pinced myself and i was awake he later came to my room and told me everthing was going to be all right. two days later i was staying with my grandmother and we both seen him he told her they will be together in two monts and he was right my grandmoter passed away from emphizima sorry if i missed spelled it but nothing happened after that


Harrisburg - The Fire Woman

An older woman died in a fire during the 1950's and has been there in spirit ever since. Her name remains a mystery but her actions tell the story. An unknown cause of a fire caused extensive damage to most of the building at 517 Briggs St. near the State Capital Building. In time, the historic building roughly 100 years old was remodeled and others lived in the place. A recent fire took place on the third floor which could be attributed to The Fire Woman. It was said the tenant was cooking early one morning and left the room for a moment. Flames soon engulfed the kitchen and most of their apartment. Smoke damage affected most of the other building. I was chatting with my neighbor in the first floor corner apartment while wiping down the walls of smoke stain. He related the facts included in this posting and told of many objects which had moved about the room untouched since living there. One could research the name of the active spirit by way of Harrisburg Fire Department Records dating back to that time.

Hardware Store

 Two years ago I received a call from my buddy from back home in
Oshkosh, Wisconsin; he had been employed by one of the large chain hardware
stores as a custodian working late at night.  This particular store was
brand new barely open a few months when he got the job, well while on the
phone he proceeded to tell me that he had heard and seen unexplainable
things late during the night and he began to believe that the store was
A couple months later I took leave to go home to visit my family and
friends, I later ran into my buddy and curiously asking how his new job is
going and if he's figured out what's going on ghost wise at his job.  Well
he still had no explanation on what's going on only that things have
escalated, he began telling me stories of doors rattling and voices being
heard after store hours.  Me being intrigued I could not pass up such and
opportunity, I asked him to allow me to accompany him to work, he agreed but
I had to make myself useful and help out.
A couple nights later I had met him outside his apartment it was about 08:30
at night, we both jumped into his car and left, on the way there we stopped
by his parents house to pick up his dad, who also worked the same job soon
after that we pulled up into the parking lot.
At 09:00 we were locked in the store alone and to save money the store cut
half of the usual lights so it appeared really dark.  I, being curious
ventured off by myself with nothing more than a floor scrapper, scrapping
off stickers and any gum that found.  As I walked around the semi dark store
nothing happened, I was quiet and I did not feel anything and I was
beginning to get bummed out.  A few hours had passed and I still hadn't seen
or heard a thing, until we decided to take a break.  I was sitting in the
customer/employee break area, which happened to be in the middle of the
store.  My buddy and his father were reading the newspaper and I was
drinking coffee, when I looked over to see someone standing at the window
toward the back of the store.  I said to my buddy, "Hay there's someone at
the window" he turned around and turned back saying "that's not a window"
only it was window but on display, sitting on a pallet and behind it was the
back of the store wall.  Surprised I sat there staring at this reflection as
my buddy and his father went back to reading the paper.  We decided we sat
around long enough and it was time to get back to work.
I had finished up scrapping up all the gunk off the floor so I had moved to
sweeping with a dust mop, I started sweeping at the front of the store and
made my way back to the far back left corner, which happened to be the
darkest part of the store.  Off in the distance I heard a commotion; I just
played it off thinking it was one of the two guys I was working with until I
saw them passing a couple isles to my right.  I continued to sweep until I
got close enough to hear up in the rafters, which was a storage area for
boxes, it sounded like someone was kicking and pounding on the boxes.  I
stopped to listen when the television sitting on one of the display counters
turned on, and the volume turned way up, I walked over to the display to see
if anyone was there but there was no one, so I turned the television off by
that time all the noise in the rafters stopped.  I finally finished sweeping
the floor when we decided to take another break, hoping to see the
reflection again I walked over to the break area and nothing was there
whatever it was gone, I asked my buddy what other things that had happened
to him, he went on saying he had heard a baby cry and a woman's voice, and
something in a certain isle of the wood department doesn't like the sound of
the floor buffer and when he goes by it chucks wood at the buffer and also
they go into a isle and there will be Tupperware covers piled roughly six
feet high and if they don't put them away whatever it is will come around
and knock the stack over .
Later on during the night I started vacuuming the carpeted area toward the
front of the store when I had the eeriest feeling like someone was watching
me, and also in another area of the store I had the same feeling only It was
a really bad one.  Couple hours before we left to go home my buddy and I
stopped at the men and women's restroom, we cleaned the woman's first and
before we left he pointed out that the lights were motion sensor.  We left
the bathroom and saw the light turn off, thought the crack on the bottom
door.  We started to clean the men's room and heard pounding on the other
side of the wall, I quickly ran out the bathroom and sure enough the light
was on shining through the bottom of the door, as I peeked in the room
nobody was there.  After that the manager came and unlocked the door from
the outside and we all left.   I had a good experience because nothing
happened to me and I was really fun and I would do it again if I get the




Let me begin by saying that this story is about my parents experience when
they were living together before they had me!
They were renting a house at the top of a street, about 16 -18 years ago.
They said that the house wasnít a friendly house, and something was wrong
about it, and it didnít feel right. The atmosphere was uninviting and they
felt like they were being watched. It was never warm inside either. The
first few days went alright, but they had a strange feeling about the house.
They went to sleep on night, and they heard sounds, but thought nothing of
it, the house was rather run down, so it could have been birds in the
ceiling, or mice on the floor.
Then footsteps started, little kids footsteps down the hallway. They
footsteps were short paced, and quick, so it had to be a Childs, the
footsteps got closer to their bedroom door, and then stopped. They thought
nothing of it, and thought they had imagined it. This carried on for days,
night after night. Until they decided to do something about it, and find a
logical explanation. He got the shovel from behind his bed, and when he
heard the footsteps close to his door, he jumped out and tried to scare the
intruder off, as you have probably guessed, there was no one there, no
animals, no anything, and it wasnít from inside the walls, I mean where can
u move inside the walls, it would be strange hearing footsteps in the walls.
This carried on for more nights, and my parents went searching around the
house, looking for evidence. They found nothing whatsoever. So they went
back to bed. The footsteps always stopped outside their room that they were
sleeping in, and they felt as if the ďthingĒ was observing them, like a
child does when it sees someone new. Dad tried to scare it away. They had to
shift later due to the land owner wanted to live there. So they shifted to a
nicer house, in a nicer location. When they moved, they asked the land owner
if he had experience anything unusual in that house, he said that nothing
had happened to him. Later a couple that mum and dad were friends with, new
the previous owners of the house, and they informed them that a child had
Now, We go past the house frequently, because our cousins live about 5
houses down the road.
The always looks deserted, and has the haunted look about it.
The landlord moved out a long time ago, and never returned, he had probably
had the same experience.
Even today, some people live in the house, but move out quickly. My cousin
lately informed me that the most recent owners of the house moved in a month
or two ago, and a couple of days ago they moved out due to a strange feeling
in the house.
I think itís obvious to say that that house is hauntedÖ
I have lots more stories from myself, and my parentís trip to London ALL
TRUE. Ill add them in later.

Ghosts enjoy the Drums too


I began playing drums around age 13. I played all the time and always
thought I saw some thing, or some one out of the corner of my eye for years
upon end. My basement is large, it goes deep and long and then up more
towards the upper right of the room is a long walk way (washer / dryer /
dads work bench) and some other stuff. For years I knew I've seen shadow's.
I feared not, I told myself, 'hes just enjoying the music.' One time when my
parents were gone to a hockey game, my sister was out, I was home alone, no
biggie right ? So I was in the drumming mood, went down stairs and began to
jam hard. I was jammim very hard, the music was flowing that night. I look
up and saw a shadow walk directly across about 5 feet from my drums. Top
hat, long coat, all shadow. I was shaken but defyed the odds and played
louder, faster, and harder. Goosebumps erupted upon my skin. In my head I
said...'i saw that, i saw that, this time i saw it' That was years on end
ago; 3 to 4 years ago. Embedded in my mind. I've never seen the figure
again. He was only there when I played drums, thats it, never anyother time.
I believe he's a true lover of music, enjoying the brutal metal double bass
drumming sounds of an excellent drum kit. He has since left my basement,
I've never seen him again. Shadows gone but not forgotten.....

Fulford Mansion : Brockville, Ont. Canada


Back in my last year of high school I had to do a documentary on hauntings in my hometown as my final study project. The first place I went to film of course was the Fulford Home just off of Highway 29.
I went with my best friend who was to do the filming while I spoke. I had called the mansion a few days prior and was given permission by the friendly employees of the mansion to film. Upon arrival everything was a disaster from the beginning. The lady [who shall remain anonymous] that led us through the tour gave us leeway to venture where we pleased but informed us that we could not go to the third floor or past the velvet ropes.
As we started to film, our opening scene was to take place in the front foyer. My friend commented that the battery light kept flashing during our opening scene and the camera would flicker. This was strange as I fully charged the battery for 24 hrs prior to filming. We ended up replacing that battery with another we had with us and it did the same thing. In the end I decided to keep going on and would just have to edit the film later. When we moved to a different room the battery light didnt turn on and we had no further problems with the battery.
For our second scene we moved to the study room which contained a bookcase that had a level without books. A few years prior an employee was giving a tour of the mansion when suddenly the books from the shelf flew off of it and onto the ground. It shocked everyone so much they decided not to place books there ever again. The filming from this scene went along fine until I got back to school and started to edit. The light fixture in the study had small fringes that dangled from the light and appeared to be moving back and forth in a slow and menancing way. I asked my camera friend later if she had noticed it during filming and she commented that she hadn't.
In another shot I decided I wanted to take it from the stairs where there were 2 seperate reports of orbs that floated from the stairs. Everything went well and we moved on. But once again during editing when I got to that scene the entire screen was blocked by a fuzzy white light. You could hear me speak perfectly ok but you couldn't see me past the light. My friend said that there was nothing wrong with the camera during that time and she did not have it covered or her hand over the lens.
Finally as we were going to film the last shot we moved to Mary Fulfords bedroom and I was closing up the film when an item from the shelf fell onto the floor. The employee entered and asked me if I stepped past the velvet rope which I hadn't and the item happened to be at the opposite end of the room. Needless to say we finished up the rest of the filming at various cemetaries.
I got an A+ on my assignment.



Hi...Love ya site and cant stop reading the true stories. I am a 30 year old wife and mother of two sons from the UK. At the age of 10 I had a dream that my grandfather had "fallen asleep" at the dinner table and we were unable to wake him. My aunts black labrador was also there (he had died about 2 years before). The dream was so real and it played on my mind for the whole day. I went about my daily school routine but the dream kept coming back to me. I told my best friend (she is still my best friend today and remembers this). That night before bed I told my parents because I could not get it off my mind (Mum always said if you talk about a bad dream then it wont come back...and has always worked for me even now) Although it hadn't been a scary dream and nothing bad happened, I knew I didn't want it to return. We laughed about it and that was it. I slept peacefully and the dream never returned. 3 days later I came in from school and my Mum was sitting on the sofa crying, she hugged me and told me that my Grandfather had died. Although he had previously had a stroke this wasn't expected as he was getting better. It wasn't until later on when my Aunt and Uncle came round that we found out that he died while sitting at the dinner table and they thought he had fallen asleep. It was spoken about and we all put it down to coincidence and forgot about it.It turned out to be the start of many strange dreams, "feelings"  and unexplained experiences and have learned to follow my "intuition" rather than my head (and there has been times when they have been in serious conflict) When my sis was in hospital having her baby, I woke my husband at 2am to tell him that my sis had had a little girl and they were both fine. 10 minutes later my mum called from the hospital to tell us..I just knew. The night my father died, my son and I woke up at the same time and we both knew what had happened about 5 minutes before we got the call from my brother (I had even gone downstairs and started to get dressed). One of my most recent experiences was at my Mum's house, she had taken me upstairs to show me her newly decorated bedroom, we were laughing and joking . My 2 boys (7 and 11) were there and my niece(8) all of a sudden I felt like someone was standing behind me with their arms around my shoulders. I didn't see anything, just "felt" my Dad giving me a hug. For a couple of seconds I could feel his presense. My logic kicked in and i became afraid because my head told me that this was not right. I got out of the room as quick as I could, the minute I did I was struck by an overwhelming feeling of grief and loss and began to cry really hard. My mum and kids followed me out and asked what was wrong. I dint want to tell them because i think it sounded insane but my mum said that she knew something had happened because of the look on my face(she said I had gone white) I was shaking and no one was used to me bursting into tears like that(I couldn't seem to stop sobbing!). I told her what I had felt and she believed me and then went on to tell me about openeing and closing door in the same room.  I am lucky to have a very supportive family (althought they are not all believers) they too have been puzzled by certain things(involving my "feelings") and know me well enough to know that I am level headed and would not make this up. There is more to this and I have had so many other unexplained experiences. If you would like to know more then just email me. I didn't add them all here cos I think this is long enough and I dont wanna bore ya!! Thank You for Listening :o)



Hi. My name is Amy. I'm 12 years old. When I was 10 I was at my friends sleepover birthday party. One of my friends didn't feel well so she went to the bedroom. She didn't come down for a while, so we all went up to check on her except for my friend Hannah. Once we got upstairs Hannah came running all pale and screaming "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh." She told us she had seen this big white blob run across the windowsil outside. My friend Jenny ,the birthday girl, said "Oh my gosh that was Dread." She explained to us that when she was little she would always see Dread running across her lawn. We all got scared and went downstairs. Then we looked out the window and he was on the driveway laughing at us. A couple of days later, Hannah and I were having a sleepover and she has four sky windows in her living room. We were watching "Fear Factor" and we got scared and looked up and there he was in one of the sky windows, laughing. We got so scared and ran upstairs to her Mom. The next day after I got home I was about to tell my sister, Rachel and my friend Julie from up the street about Dread. But, my sister wanted to look out the window (I have no idea why, and she doesnt remember) and she says "OH MY GOSH WHY IS THERE A BIG WHITE LOG RUNNING DOWN OUR STREET?" I got to a quick look of it and saw Dread. No one that we know of has seen him since ,we don't know why he stopped coming, but we are glad he isn't coming back.

Old Man Rapp


Hereís the first of a series of hauntings that Iíve head to deal with in my times. None of them were Ďbadí experiences, just odd, unusual, or damn silly.
To start off Iím unsure what I had in the old house that my Grandmother owned. Some say that the signs could either be a ghost or a poltergeist by the things that have happened. Frankly since Iíve never bothered to look into it in great detail I donít know. All I know is that there is something there. Itís nothing disturbing or creepy for that matter, but Old Man Rapp does wander that house. Donít know if thatís the entityís real name or not, but itís what weíve been calling him for the past thirty years.
Old Man Rapp made his first Ďappearanceí known to my Grandmother the very day they moved in. The furniture was brought in, moved to where she wanted them to go and then the carpets were vacuumed. Later that night she heard the sounds of the furniture being dragged around. Not being the kind of person that is bothered by much of anything Grandma just hollered out that when whomever was screwing with the dressers was done that they had better be back where she had put them and then she went back to sleep. The sounds went on for a little while and then stopped. The next morning everything was where she left it but there was fresh drag marks in the carpet (remember the vacuum would have erased the previous set of marks).
Since then he has made himself known by the usual tricks. Walking up and down the stairs was a favorite of his. Even to the point where my Mom and Dad were going to yell at me for wandering around late at night until the remembered that I was at a sleepover 5 miles away. Smells were also something we came across frequently. In a house of non-smokers we would on occasion smell fine pipe tobacco (the good stuff and not the cheap crap they sell at Dept. Stores). Later on in my time at that house we figured that he found a girlfriend. The new smells were from a rather expensive smelling perfume. Neither my Mom nor my Grandmother wore fragrances so the source was a mystery unless you figured in the supernatural. Salt frequently vanished from the shakers. The list goes on and on.
Old Man Rapp was our resident house entity and we were fond of him. >From the current theories concerning spirits we figure that if he was a poltergeist he was tempered by the sense of love and affection that permeated the house and if he was a ghost he was included and attracted by it. That has been sold when my grandparents passed away and now I only hope that heís not being too hard on the new owners.

Elfis has left the Building


My second and current haunting
My second haunting is at the place where I live now. We have an Ďethereal fuzzyí living in our house. Yes, we have a ghost cat and heís a playful little jokester. We have since named him Elfis (being into fantasy as we are in that house).
Elfis made his first appearance to us the one day I was trying to get a little afternoon nap. I felt the bed shake as if a cat had landed on it. Since one of our cats has a bit of a hormonal imbalance and is prone to lash out without any warning it is prudent to open oneís eyes and see which of the four cats it is. So I open up and look at the spot that I feel the moggie walking. Not a blessed thing there. I look around and there is one of the cats looking at the spot where I felt the cat walking with her eyes wide. Twink (our psycho cat) wasnít in a defensive posture, just keenly interested in the spot where I last felt the cat walking.
We have a Florida Room (which is a porch completely walled in and airtight so we can use it in the colder days. Since it gets too cold to use the room in deep winter we close the door. The cats which donít mind the cold have learned how to use the balls we hand on either side of the door to let us know when itís time to go in or out. Elfis has learned this as well. Iím at the computer and I, my mother and my father all hear the bell on the outside ring. Iím the closest and so I get up and open the door. No cat on the porch at all. I take stock and I see Rainbow crashed out on the sofa, Chester is sprawled out on the entertainment center, Jen is playing dead cat in the middle of the kitchen floor (lying on her back looking like roadkill) and Twink is gorked on the bed. As I said, the porch is airtight and so no wind would have moved the bell and there was none outside anyway, no sonic booms or rumbling trucks that might have otherwise explained it.
As it is, weíre now used to the presence of Elfis. He/She/It is our fifth cat

Hippy House Haunts

My best friends in the world got a house about two years ago. It was trashed when they got it and the last resisidents were drug dealers. They aften have police coming to the door looking for the former owner. Well we took this drug house and made it into our own hippy frat house. If a house is haunted I usually pick up on it right away but here I felt not a thing. However the girl living there at the time said the place was haunted which is strange because she believes in nothing of the sort. Well the girl moved out recently and I moved in, I didn't have a bed yet so I had to sleep on the couch. The first thing that happend was that I was awakend one night by somebody bumping around the living room in back of the couch where I was. Someone was shuffling papers pushing keys on the computer but the night light was on and I could clearly see there was nobody there. then i saw those gleaming eyes, just eyes hovering there in the darkness. Flash forward, I have a bed upstairs now but things just get stranger. In this room I have terrible dreams even one about a recently deceased friend who gave me a cryptic warning or two. I dreamed that I got out of bed and walked past the bathroom, in the bathroom was a Mexican guy sitting on the toilet lid talking on a cell phone and paying me no mind. When I awoke I realized the man in the bathroom was the man in the house. Could he have been killed by the drug dealers in this very house? I would say mystery solved.

Lebanon, Missouri

I live in a small town in southwest Missouri.  Not long after moving here in the summer of 1995 I heard on the police scanner the following.   I don't remember the exact month, but I'm sure it was in the fall because it was a Sunday night, around 8:30PM and was almost dark outside.  The police received more than one call about two small boys playing on the railroad  tracks which runs thru the town.   The police were told the boys were dressed in very old fashion clothing.   By the time the police arrived, there was so sight of the boys.
Again, I heard this on the police scanner.   This took place this last summer of 2003.   Again, it was a Sunday night, but it was around  11pm at night.   A lady walked in the police station to tell them that she saw a small girl, around 5-6 years old, blonde, carrying a paper bag and a teddybear walking toward the same railroad tracks but further down the tracks from where the boys were spotted.   The lady said she stopped and ask the little girl if she needed help, and all the little girl would say is "I'm trying to get home".   The little girl wouldn't even stop walking, just kept repeating that.  The police searched for this little girl for hours, knocking on every door asking if they had a small child  who was missing.   The lady who spotted this little girl even went back to the scene to help search.  The Missouri Highway Patrol was called in to search.   They never did find a child missing or find her.  The Lebanon police called the railroad company telling them to be on the lookout for a child when coming thru Lebanon.

Unknown Discovery

Im gonna first start out by saying that this is happened to me and my sister just so everyone knows. well we use to live in new hampshire because thats where we were born. my moms family was really close then until we moved away. but anyways bac to the story we were stayin at my aunts house and her house was known to be haunted but she never thought that it was cause she didnt want to believe it, she wasnt that kinda person to believe sorts lik that. i was about 5 and my sister was about 6. We were all havin a good time there that day then it became night time. my mom put me and my sister to bed and turned out the light. we slept for a few hours when my sister suddenly awoke she woke me up as well. and she asked me if i hear the noise downstairs and i was little that i didnt think it was anything cause i didnt think of much things but my sister was always a superstitious person. she made me listen to what was a crying sound it was a very loud sound that was just odd unlike no other cryin sound. we decided to get up and go see what it was as we went downstairs we searched around for the noise. the noise was comin from the living room so we went into the living room and we saw this very distant figure it was a white little see threw frigure. my sister looked at me and was very surprised but instead of being scared and runni away she just sat there and of course i was scared so i ran into my moms i ran up there i woke my mom up and told her about it but of course she thought that it was a dream so i slept with her for the rest of the night. my sister of course told me her encounters after i had ran in fright. but as of wut she remembers of the whole thing well the rest of it is that she jsut stood there lookin at the figure. it wasnt facing her but all she saw was its bac. but then as my sister took a step bac it turned around and she remember that it was white as a angel thats wut she calls it to this day. the ghost looked at her and spoke very softly! "help me, help me." my sister just looked at her and said help with wut? then the ghost spoke again, "help me im cold" ur cold my sister said bac! "yes im cold" it said again. then my sister remembers askin her if she wanted a coat, of course she didnt know that it cant take hold on to a coat and stuff but she asked it and she remembers goin upstairs and gettin one. after a few minutes she went downstairs an the ghost vanished out of thin air. but she remember seein little wet puddles in the livin room on the wood tiles but my sister couldnt understand wut had happened. so she left the coat right next to where she was standing in the living room and went upstairs. to this day she has dreams about the girls face and the encounters that she had with her. in her dreams she remembers wut had happened and shes told me many of times about the story hopin that i remember but i do i remember bits and pieces but of course i was younger then her. shes also tried to write stories about her but something always stops her she would write the story half way to the end then she would stop its lik something holds her bac. but after that night we left the next mornin and then a few years later my aunt moved out of the house and nothing has ever happened. but the coat that my sister left where the girl was standin was gone. my sister knows that she was good cause she never ried to hurt her or anything lik that but all we can do now is to hope that shes at piece... if anyone has any similar storys like this then email me...




in 1999 me and my boyfriend were 16 and 17 at the time and had our own townhouse in bolingbrook, il. one day he punched a hole in the wall underneath a set of stairs... i looked in there with a flashlight for some reason and saw a womens wallet... so we fished it out. there was a student id, paycheck stubs, and pictures that seemed to belong to a "judith elsner". the checkstubs were from like 1976... the pictures appeared to be of friends taken in our same house... so anyway we thought nothing of it....
but since then strange things began. we would constantly hear footsteps coming from an upstairs bedroom. so distinct, that a few times we armed ourselves with baseball bats to check the upstairs, thinking someone had broken in. they were always from the same room. and all the windows were locked, there was no draft, no tree branch on the roof- nothing that could possibly suggest ANY noise made from up there. but yeah, so there were footsteps, and then weird creaking noises...
one day me and my friend were sitting on the couch in the livingroom.[ it was chrismastime so we had decorations and lights up] i told him about the footsteps and creaking and he said, "fine, if there's a ghost in here, give us a sign. make something fall. knock something over make something move..." so i lit a smoke and waited. 5 minutes and nothing. we were about to stop holding our breaths and then a whole like 8 foot strand of christmas lights fell. they were taped up horizontally across the ceiling separating the liv from the din. rm. and they fell...-not fell because the tape came loose somewhere and it pulled the whole thing down, but fell like they were pulled down because the tape was still on the ceiling and it was just ripped in the center... so that freaked me out, becasue i never seen anything, only heard...
this other day we were on our way in.[ the garage is on the far side of the house]
we pull in the driveway and as we drove by the front of the house i notice the stairway light on... oh well no big deal. but my boyfriend and i walk in and i had to go to the bathroom upstairs which was across from "the room", and i was too scared to go alone so i would have him come up there with me and stand outside the door... but anyway, we walk in and i tell him, "come upstairs with me, i have to pee" so we turn to run upstairs and stopped a step or two up,  because i said, "oh wait, could you get the light?" and  right after i said that we looked at each other and thought someone was in the house. so once again, we check everywhere in the house. nothing. everything was locked, and there was no explanation. the light was working fine. so in that 1 min or so it takes to walk from the driveway to the door, the light was turned off... so after checking the two bedrooms, we shut the door, just in case, so we would hear them open if anyone or anything had to get out... but when he shut the door of "the room", we just turned to walk down the steps located right next to the bedroom door, and somehthing pushed on the door; he was shutting it, then something pushed it shut harder. i just about jumped down the stairs and we left. i didnt think twice. we stayed the night at my mothers house... so after that, we kinda got used to it, and when i was home alone i would kinda just "talk" to whoever was listening. and i even decorated a poster for that room labeled " judy's room". and we still heard footsteps and creaking and all, but it didnt bother us anymore.  =)

The Marching Soldiers


Here is a story about what happened to me and my freind just after we were walking through a field. We were only 12 years old at the time so it seemed quite weird cos we didn't know much about ghosts.
We got to a path, and it was right near a church, we heard a thudding sound but it was in rhythm like a beat. We then just ran because we didn't have a clue what was going on.When we got to the end of the path we looked back and the path seemed to be moving like swinging, back and forth, we ran again.
A while later I had to do homework about ghost, and I did it about this story. I did a bit of research and I found out that near to where it happened there used to be a church right next to where the sound was coming from. In the English civil war that church was used by one of the "rebels", I think he was called James but I can't remember what his surname was. He and his army were killed in the church and the church was destroyed. But he said before he died that he and his army would "never die because they had to finish what needed to be done and end the royal family heretage."

The Doll


Iv heard a lot of different ghosts stories, and they all seemed to be about a bunch of phyco people just looking for attention. That is untill I came to realize that there was potential spirital acitivity in my own home.
My house isn't relly all that old. It was built by my father and my grandfather in 1987 aorund the time i was born. Well I didn't really pay any attention to it but everytime anyone came down into my basement with me (wither it be friends of family) they always wanted to be quick to get back upstairs and they would complain about how cold it was down stairs. This is a very true point no matter how high we have the fire place turned up it's freezing. But I just thought that they were all whimps, since i had gotton used to the cold.
Around the time I was in grade eight I had my best friend over for a sleep over. Since my bed wasn't all that big we decided that we would spend our night down in the basement. This would also allow us some privacy, to do....girl stuff.
My mother has this doll it was very old and almost looks like Cinderella after the fairygod mother gets her ready for the ball. When we went down to set up our beds for the night it was laying in the middle of the floor. This was nothing strange since My brother was very careless and just tossed stuff wherever. Well being in a little bit of a hurry I picked up the doll and threw it arcross the room. My friend laughed when it landed on it's head. After the beds were set up we went up stairs for some supper. We decided to go back down stairs and eat there so we could start our movie. My little borther was leaving for the night and we would have to whole basement to our selfs. When we got down there the doll that i had thrown was sitting on top of my blanket. At first it freaked me out but like I said I never really believed in ghosts. Than i thought that maybe my mom had gone down there and seen what I had done to it. So we put it off and began our girls night. After a few movies and a lot of pop couldn't hold it in anymore and had to go relieve myself. My friend not wanting to stay in the basement alone came with me. When we went back downstairs the doll was again sitting on the blanket facing the stairs. My friend was the first to notice it and this really freaked me out now because my mom was sleeping upstairs and my little brother wasn't home. We ended up spending the night upstairs in my room. Of course when I tried to tell my mom the next day she didn't believe me. She said "It's just your imagination....overactive."
Every time that I go down there I notice that the doll is always in a different place. Most of the time im home alone and there is no explanation to why the doll continues to move but everytime it does it is always facing the staircase.

 A Brownie


My name is Olga and I'm from Belarus/Europe
I've never really experienced any contacts with ghosts and dead spirits, and I cast doubts on their existence. So does my father. But I do not presume to assert it.
Anyway, my father keeps ensuring me that he had this strange experiment a year ago with what they call 'a brownie'.
Most families here in Belarus live in blocks of flats. As my parents are divorced, my father has to rent a flat of his own on the 4th floor of an apartment building. The windows face the local avenue and a shopping centre. One late evening when it was already dark outside he went out to do some shopping. As he was walking back towards the building, he glanced at the windows of his apartment mechanically and saw that strange dim yellow light that was coming from inside the house. He was sure that it wasn't the chandelier. It seemed like the spotlight was placed on the floor or somewhere under the table, and the rooms were illuminated only partially.
He rushed home, thinking that someone was robbing the house. When he walked in, it was total darkness. There was no light, no presence of people. All the things and treasures were in their places. No singns of burglars. He lives alone and he swears that back then he had switched off the lights before he went out.
He still doesn't know what it was.
By the way, it is common that little things vanish at his place - it may be a book, a knife, a watch or even a pot. My father has never been absent-minded, he always remembers where he had left certain things. But things keep disappearing and a few days later he finds them in unusual places. For example, he found his watch in a strange box which he had never seen and opened before. He thought the box was left by the previous tenants of the apartment, but how did his watch get into the box then? He has no answer.

Crockett VA Tarter House


This house really is haunted. My aunt and uncle used to live in this house and every time I would stay with them the room that my cousins and I would sleep in always stayed cold no matter how hot the rest of the house was. One day the ghost asked my cousin if she could come upstairs and play. and on another day we were outside and we looked up to see a woman pulling back the curtain of our room. And no one has lived in that house since.

A 2004 Cadillac Ghost


Me and my teenage sons went to a car lot to trade our 1985 Cadillac Deville for another car.
I went to do the trading while the boys set in the car listening to the radio.
When I came back to get some paprs for the salesman, they'd told me a dingy looking guy came up to the car soaking wet and said to them, "Hey, that's a nice car. I had a car like that once. I drove it off a bridge." He laughed."
They looked puzzled as he walked off.
One of my sons turned his attention away to talk with his brother and he quickly turned to look for where he'd went and he was nowhere in sight. The way the intersection is made, there is no way that he could have been out of sight so quickly.
He was a ghost, my son said, He drove the car off a bridge and I'm surwe he's dead then

Utica NY


Hello again, I have written previously regarding where I live and have also submitted pics of the Willard Library Cam that are pretty freaky.  Now I would like to submit a story about a house i lived in briefly twice in Utica NY.  Both times I moved in there it was a no choice situation.  I knew the house anyway because my son's father had owned it a long time and lived there with his first wife "D" when they were married.  My X had told me long before we had too move there that it was haunted.  Hearing this come from X was odd because he is a no nonsense type of guy.
The house is large, consisting of a big upstairs/downstairs main house with two apartments attached in the back.  When they first got the place they had to go in and clean and fix things.
During the first visit in the giant attic of the whole place, they found a trunk with religious items inside it.
They believe along with the other weird items found it was used for satanism type stuff.  Ironically right in view of the home is a big beautiful catholic church.  One night as they were eating at the dining room table, out of nowhere and for no reason, their wedding glasses came FLYING of the shelf they were on and smashed all over.  When I lived in the main house, I also had the usual being watched and a feeling of "get the hell out of dodge".  At the time i did not know if it was not just paranoia due to hearing peoples stories.  The one strange area though was where my washing machine was upstairs.  i was always freaking out.  I'll bet I can load and unload a washing machine in record time easy. The feeling in there was so intense but yet so mixed, till this day I feel its the spirit of a teen age girl. Typing this now 10 years later i can almost see what she looks like, and that is very weird. I dont think I ever thought about that either until reading stories here and having it dawn on me. (fianlly, duhh).  It was always a mix of utter fear and hate watching me.  Another guy i know had a experience in the upstairs apart
nt.  He was sitting on the couch when he felt and saw the indent of someone sitting down and putting their hand on his leg.  Needless too say this 200 plus pound man wigged. I can't say as I blame him, I still would not be over it.  The final thing that happened that I know of his with my son.  He was only 4 and would lay in his bed in the mostly dark room and swear up and down that "the purple guy keeps walking across the wall".  Now i was freaking too and the kid slept with me on the sofa bed all of the time, both our choices.  After reading stories here, I know those faceless dark shadow people are just plain trouble.  My son still remembers that guy till this day.  Needless to say, I was happier than hell too get out of there.  Where I live now can be a little freaky too but never threatening.  thanks.

Here's a Ghost Experience


I was surfing the web and found your web site.  I began reading some
of your ghost occurances and it reminded me of an experience I had
years ago.  I moved into a house my friend had bought.  It was built
around 1895.  His intention was to rehab (fix it up) and sell it for
a tidy profit.  The house was south of Minneapolis in what is refered
to as the PowderHorn Park area.  The house was in pretty bad shape,
having been a rental property for a number of years.  I moved in
because the rent was cheap and I could pay off part of the rent by
helping him work on the house.  He torn everything out to the studs.
New insulation, sheet rock, the works.  It was during this time of
demolition that most of the occurances took place.  We would hear
footsteps pacing the second floor.  The Shower in the second floor
bathroom would come on by itself.  The Butler's door to the kitchen
would suddenly swing open and close by itself.  One of my favorites
was the kitchen.  We vaulted the ceiling, and put a small stained
glass window in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  You could then open
the window from the bedroom and look out over the kitchen.  We also
lined the kitchen with new kitchen cabinets that had spring loaded
doors.  When you opened them and let go they would close by
themselves with a very distinctive -whump- sound.  On several
occasions I would be upstairs in my room reading when I would hear -
whump, whump, whump, like someone opening and closing all the
cabinets in the kitchen.  I would go to the window to peer into the
kitchen thinking my room mate was home from work, only to find the
kitchen dark and empty.  The funny thing was these things never
frightened either of us.  We always felt perfectly at home in that
house.  One day we were up in the attic patching holes under the
eaves.  We had developed a squirrel problem and the little beggers
were getting into the attic.  While up there we found an old picture
of an elderly couple.  I would say the picture was from the late
1940's era.  The man in the picture appeared to be quite tall, thin,
balding with wire rim glasses.  About six months later, I got married
and moved out into a new apartment with my new bride.  After the
wedding reception, my room mate who was also my best man in the
wedding went back to his house with a group of guys and girls from
the wedding reception.  They were all sitting around in the living
room later that night when everyone noticed one of the girls was
staring intently at the top of the staircase which went from the
livingroom to the second floor.  She was asked what she was staring
at.  She said she could see a tall old man standing at the top of the
stairs.  He was bald with wire rimmed glasses and he was very
unhappy.  This was his house and he wanted everyone to leave.
Everyone laughed about it, but my room mate, remembering the picture
we had found, didn't think it was so funny.  The last little tidbit
of information is the area the house was in was also known as 'Cobweb
Corners'  because the whole area was kind of run down and neglected.
So how's that! The haunting from Cobweb Corners.
My second experience happened a couple of years later.  I was
visiting a friend.  There was a large and beautiful old house across
the street. The elderly couple that lived there had passed away and
there was an estate sale going on.  I was told that there was quite a
collection of antique photographic equipment available.  I went to
the sale with my buddy in tow, thinking I could possible make a good
deal on some nice old equipment there.  We walked through the first
floor seeing the usual old clothes and kitchen items one see's at
these sales.  We then proceeded upstairs.  The second floor was much
more interesting.  It was half finished.  It had two bedrooms on one
side and the other side was just bare attic space.  I went through
the attic space first, as they had laid out all the photographic
equipment on tables in this large open area.  On the way back to the
stairs I stepped into one of the bedrooms to see what was availble.
I could see a small twin bed with some costume jewelry laid out on it
and an old pine dresser against the wall.  Started across the floor
toward the bed when several things happened at once.  First, and I
don't know why I noticed this but, I immediatly noticed that the room
had no electricity.  No lights, wall sockets, fixtures, anything.  I
commented over my shoulder to my buddy who was standing in the
doorway.  He immediatly concurred but also recognized it was kinda
weird that I would pick up on this fact having been in the room only
1 second.  Next I had an incredibly oppressive feeling descend on
me.  It was like someone had thrown a blanket over me, or I had
suddenly found myself in 10 feet of water.  I felt completely
smothered.  I couldn't move.  I froze instantly in the middle of the
floor.  I said to my friend, 'This is a bad room, I need to get
out.'  Unblinking, he said, O  K  , the way you say it to a small
child.  As I turned to leave the room he said 'Look at this'.  He had
been standing in the doorway watching me, he noticed large holes in
the door and door frame where a very heavy lock and latch had been
secured to the frame of the door at one point.  He mentioned that
locks are usually on the inside to keep things out, not on the
outside to keep things in.
We both looked at the one small window and noticed very similiar
holes where a large latch had at one time been attached to the window
and frame.  Funny to have such a large and secure lock on a window 15
feet off the ground.  That was all we needed to see.  We left that
house right away.

Gardner State Park



Experience with a Little Girl


Okay, I used to live in a old house built into apartments.  The house was
the third house built in Brownsburg Indiana, therefore making it very old.
I always had a weird feeling of not being alone in the apartment when nobody
else was there.  One night while I was sleeping I "woke up," (don't know if
I really woke up or not) to find a little girl at the end of my bed.  Her
hair was dark brown and cut in a style you would never see today.  In fact,
I am unsure if it was a little girl or boy, because I could not see her
face.  There was a "shadow" covering her face.  Anyways, she was at the end
of my bed on her knees with her hands together like she was praying.  I
personally think she was praying for me and my babies.  I was pregnant with
my twin boys at the time.  They were born early and both 3.4lbs.  I never
saw her again, but I could always feel her.  Not a great story, but I will
never forget the experience.

A Little Ghost Experience I had


I came across your site while I was surfing.  I would like to share an experience I had 2 years ago, about this time.
I have to strat off before the experience.  I had a long time friend named Rich.  Rich and I lived together for awhile (as roomates).  We would always have what we called "radio-wars".  In this, one of us would turn the volume way up (usually him-I'm not into loud noise) and the other would turn the radio down.  back and forth, you get the idea.
Two Chistmas's ago, Rich commited suicide on Christmas Morning.  He was supposed to have moved up North with me (I am in Canada) a week later.  I still moved of course - in fact, there was a lake across the street.  When I asked what the lake was called, I was informed I lived across the street from "Richard Lake".
Occasionally, I would hear him say my name - not only at home, but work as well.  I would feel someone touch my arm or back sometimes, when no-one else was home.  The usual.
I was cleaning in the living room one day.  I was listening to music at the time, polishing the table.  I had my back to the radio - which, by the way, was a panasonic tower with digital screens.  The volume was shown in decibals.  It sis my father's stereo and he has owned it since I was about 13, and I was turning 20 when this happened, and it never did this before.  As I cleaned, I thought the music seemed to get louder.  I stopped what I was doing to pay more attention, but the radio was increasing in volume.  I figured it was in my head.  I went back to polishing, and seconds later, the music started to go up again.  This time I whirled around just in time to catch the decibals change back to "CD" .  I watched the radio for a minute.  Nothing.  I went back to cleaning.
The radio definatly started to go up this time.  I turned around and sure enough, the volume was going way up.  I could see the decibals in numbers changing, and also, the big knob that you turned to increase/decrease volume was turning.  I ran over and turned it back down, and didn;t take my eyes off the screen for awhile.  Nothing.
I should note here that the remote was on top of the radio, and nothing was touching it.
I went back to cleaning.  No sooner had I touched the rag to the table, did the volume start to increase again.  Faster this time.  I ran over and turned it down, starting to worry about blowing the speakers.  I watched the radio for at least 5 minutes.  I didn;t want to move.  But eventually, I went back to cleaning.  Same story again, except this time, when I turned the knob down, the volume kept going up and p and up - so fast I couldn;t make out the changing numbers.  I have no idea how high exactly it got, but I thought for sure I was replacing my father's speakers.  The house was shaking.  In desperation I hit the power button, and thankfully, it shut off.
I didnt touch that radio for about a week, but not out of fear.  I know who was responsible.  Who else ever played radio wars with me? I dind;t turn it on because I couldn;t afford the speakers if they blew.  I freaked out the next time someone used it, telling them what happened.  But by that time, they had been using it a few hours, no problem.  I doubt they believed two words of my story.  And you know what? My father still has that stereo.  It has never once done anything out of the ordinary since then.  I've had many ghost experiences, but this is definatly my most memorable - because I knew then and there he was ok.  He was still playing around like he always did, and I cherish that day.

Upstairs Apartment


Hi, my name is James  about four years ago my wife and I was going through a seperation, and I was living alone in my grandparents furnished upstairs apartment above them. I only would go upstairs to take a bath, or go to bed..Not that I was scared, but because all the sudden not having my little boy and girl with me anymore just weighed to heavy on my mind when I got alone! One night while sitting up in the bed reading a magazine, I heard a woman's voice come from the kitchen..."Hello?" it said very clearly..I Knew it couldn't be grandmother, because I would always lock the door coming from downstairs every night before bed..I thought It might have been someone next door, because I did have the kitchen window open (nights in St. Louis get hot in  the inner city during summer!) about a minute or two later, the voice came again, but this time from the hallway leading from the kitchen to the bedroom... It was closer.."Hello?" So I scooted to the edge of the foot of the bed where I could see down the hall...nobody!  All the sudden while I'm sitting there listening intently for whoever was in my apartment, the voice came again, but this time it was like it was inside both of my ears..."help me" the voice said..Talk about scared...The next morning grandmother asked me if everything was alright last night..I then told her about the womans voice and what it said...She then told me that that was the very reason she quit going up there was because she felt very uncomfortable like someone was there !..My grandmother and grandfather are both pentecostal ministers, and would never lie to anyone...Needless to say, "I moved out!" ever since then you can't tell me there are not ghosts!!!  I've never seen one, and hope I never do, but I know for a fact that hearing one will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck....Thanks...James...Zephyrhills Fl.
Happy is the man who Loves only things Living, breathing, not made by mortal hands!
For all other things are just a passing fancy that will neither satisfy nor stand the test of time!

Update on Vanishing Cat


I just had to send you this story. I couldn't believe it happened let alone keep it to myself.
The vanishing cat
I had been invited for a Thanksgiving lunch at the retirement home where I used to work. It was a buffet and there was a variety of food to select from. I chose a roasted whole chicken leg together with other food stuff and turkey, of course. Having finished, I went into the kitchen to dispose of my trash. The place for this was a covered plastic can in a small storage closet in a corner. Inside the closet facing the door was a little immaculate folding leaf table in deep reddish brown shiny finish I was walking towards this closet when I was met by a large cat with black and white fur. It got in my way, almost getting stepped on, rubbing and wrapping its black tail on my legs, looking up at the plate of trash and meowing as it walked with me just like a pet cat would do. It looked like it was very hungry. I understood what it wanted so I picked the chicken leg bone out of the plate and not having the proper cat dish on which to put it I laid it on the table. In a flash the cat jumped on the table and began attacking the chicken bone. To get a good grip on the bone, it laid low with its right ear on the surface of the table as it grabbed on the hip joint. It chewed on it for a little bit and then began shoving the whole piece into its mouth. It made a mess on the immaculate table and I was already thinking how to clean it up when the cat stood up, leg bone in its mouth. Then it jumped down from the table. Now this was when the unbelievable occurred.
On jumping down, the cat vanished in mid air and never landed on the floor. I saw the chicken leg bone, hazy as if it were behind a sheet of thin waxed paper for may be a couple of seconds in the same air space where the cat had disappeared then it too vanished into thin air! Not expecting anything ghostly or paranormal at a time and place like this, I was just so puzzled I even tried to look for the possible places where the cat could have run into. From where I was standing I would have seen the cat run away in any direction. But it didn't run away. It just vanished in its air space a little above the floor and the chicken leg bone with it!
All hair raised, I did not forget to clean up the mess left by the vanishing cat. On my way out the kitchen I asked one of the helps who was busy filling up some glasses with juices if she had seen a cat. She said she hasn't seen one now but yes, black and white tom sitting right by the closet door early that morning. I thought, my gosh, that was even before I had come to lunch! I asked if the cat was a pet here. She said she has never seen the cat before and thought it belonged to one of the residents. I couldn't say anything more. I already knew I had a secret to keep.
I went back to the gathering and never said a word about what I had just witnessed. I did not want to cause a scare neither be looked at as one of those possessed with a dented brain.
If anyone has any credible explanation to or knows what this occurrence is, please email me right away.

The Window


Hi i came across your website today its the best one ive seen in a long time on the subject of hauntings and unexplained things I want to relate a story of mine about what i think was a paranormal experiance I had when i was 12. I remember the incident well I was sleeping in my bed late one night when all of a  sudden my bedroom window opened up by its self this wasent a gradully opening by any means this shot up  very fast. And scared me senceless I didnt now really anything  about the house what kid does at age 12. My bedroom was on the second story of a two story house. I never told my parents about what happened that night  i love my parents but im sure they would have said it was just emgination.  Thanks for  taking the time to read this  as one beliver to another

The Hair Strand


The hair strand
This paranormal episode occurred in 2002.  It is not a very long story, but very extraordinary and challenges every sort of explanation.  I do not know of any reason for the occurrence except the circumstance during the time frame that it happened.
I had a favorite reference book which I occasionally would read during spare time. I had pulled it out from the shelf one night and opened it to the page that I wanted. To my surprise, a long strand of thin dark brown, presumably woman's hair was on the page. I picked it up and held it between my fingers, wondering whose hair it was. I was intently examining it when it suddenly disintegrated slowly like hair being burned by a match beginning from its tip.  But unlike burning hair which produces smoke, this hair strand disintegrated into extremely fine particles which formed a thin streak in mid air.  The very minute particles were lustrous bluish black flakes or scales resembling very finely ground mica or graphite.  They reflected light while flipping and turning in mid air.  The streak that was formed diffused into and vanished in the atmosphere.  The closest thing similar to this streak is a thin line of smoke from a cigarette.  I laid the hair strand down on the page and saw it continue to disintegrate all the way to the very end of the strand. No trace of it was left on the page. It was also during these days that I had been on the internet, reading the apparitions at Lourdes, the life of Saint Bernadette and looking at her pictures.
I submitted this true paranormal occurrence with the purpose of describing a substance that was probably sent from a life beyond.  Your views, specifically on the purpose for sending the substance and the occurrence itself, are certainly welcome.

Ghostly Guardians

My grandmother lives on a farm and I visited every summer up until about a year ago.  When my mother was a little girl, they tore the house down and rebuilt it.  Animals come and go quiet frequently, many die within two or three years.  There has always been a rule, prohibiting any animal from entering her house, except for my uncle's hunting dog, none have stepped foot in the house.  Not that this is strange on a farm.
But here's where the story gets really weird.  When I was younger, I used to sleep in the corner bedroom, with my younger sister.  I had this paranoia that anything could just jump out at me, so every night, before going to bed, I'd check the closet, under the bed, and out the windows.  The bedroom would be clear.  But out one window, a dog-shaped shadow would go running out to stand by one entrance to the farm, while another one would go running out to the other.  Normally this wouldn't be all that scary on a farm, but many of the times, my grandmother had one to no dogs on the farm, much less two.  Another thing that freaked me, the "dogs" would bark every time some drove down the backroad or turn around in the driveway, as if protecting us.  I was terribly afraid of dogs and woke up the second one would start barking.  When I woke there seemed to be something sleeping in the bed next to me, something that was not my little sister.  It would soon become solid, looking very much like a cat my mother described having as a child.  This also scared me, but the cat would purr and snuggle against me, making me feel safe like when I was around my own cat, since they were about the same size.  I'd hold the cat and pet it, falling asleep.  In the morning, it'd be gone.  There was night's when no one would turn or drive down the backroad and it was deadly silent.  This scared me the most.  I'd wake, just before dawn, terrified.  The "cat" would be there, curled up on my pillow and the "dogs" would jump up through the wall, which was two and a half stories up, and sit there, watching me.
No one else sleeping in that room has ever reported seeing anything unusual, or any old pets, so I have marked them as my personal guardians.  To this day, I haven't yet identified the "dogs" but the cat was my aunt's as a young girl, appropriately named "Fat Cat."


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