Ghost Story


My name is Samantha and I am from Louisville, KY.  This is my story.
My brother was killed in the vietnam war at age 19 in 1971.  After his death WIERD things starting happening.  This is how the story began. My other brother Steve had a bedroom upstairs.  He would play his music so loud all the time in his room, mom thought it was a teen age thing.  Well one day, mom finally asked him why on earth he plays his music so loud, much to moms amazement this is what he told her "I play the music loud because someone else is in my room".  Well, one day everyone started hearing footsteps up and down the stair way and in the 2 bedrooms upstairs.  You would expect someone to come down any minute, but no one was up there.  One day Steve was packing, he was getting married, moving out.  He said he heard a voice calling out to him "Steve???", as in, are you leaving?  It freaked him out.  A day or so later, he said to the noise maker, "Bobby if that is you give me a sign so I know".  Within seconds the horn on the truck began to blow, Steve looked out the window, no one was out there.......
After Steve left the spirit began getting lonely I guess you could say, it roamed from upstairs to downstairs.  The footsteps got louder and more intense.  My mom says she saw me get up and go into the kitchen, well, when she went to yell at me to get back in bed I was fast asleep.  When I was 5 years old (2 years after his death), I woke up and had to go to the bathroom really bad, Bobby was standing at the foot of my bed, I froze, I couldn't move I was so scared.  One night my friend and I were playing a game, and across the room a pillow flew, grazed the top of my head.  I went in and told my mom that wasn't funny, that she scared me, she didn't know what I was talking about.  She swore til the day she died that she did not throw that pillow at me.  One day, I went down to my friends house to smoke ciggarettes (I was 10 at this time), Steve was in the backyard in the pool.  I locked the front door and went out the back.  When I got home, Steve was outside working on the car again,  I walked in the house to find it different, the rocking chair was moved in the hall way, I moved it over, wondering why Steve did that, went down the hall to my room and my room was trashed, my bedsheets were off the bed in a neat little pile in the corner, my mattress was half way off the bed, my papers were gone through, etc.  I ran outside and asked Steve what he was doing in my room and he said he hasn't been in the house since I left. I told him he had to or someone else was, he said no one could of gone in because he was working on the car most of the time.  He didn't believe me so he went in and was floored at what he saw (needless to say, I have never smoked .  This is only some of the things that went on over the years......
In 1978, my father died, the day of his death it all stopped.  No more footsteps, no more voices, no more shadows.  Was this really my brother?  Was he waiting for someone to go to the light with him, was he lonely?  We have never  found out the answers, now as a grown up myself, I wish I had the chance to talk to him or see him again like I did when I was little.  But I was so scared of ghosts then, now I find them fasinating.

Ghost Haunting


Hello!  I don't know where to begin, so I guess I'll just start with the beginning.
We lived on the second floor of a 2-flat on the Northwest Side of Chicago 14 years ago.  Three nights after moving in, we began hearing heavy foot steps walking through the house.  They only walked at evening/night time.  At first, naturally, we were scared to death.  They would stop right at the doorway of our bedroom.  The footsteps however, did not wake up our 2 year old daughter.
A year later and night after night, we continued to hear the steps.  We began to realize the ghost was not going to hurt us, so life continued on with him in the house.  We know it was a him, because here's the best part of the story:
One night after dinner, I was in the kitchen sitting at the table drinking coffee with my baby in her high chair right next to me.  My 3 year old and her friend from the first floor had been running up and down from apartment to apartment.  Finally, they went down stairs.  A couple minutes later, my friend's little girl came running through the front door, and was heading toward the hallway to the bedrooms.  As she neared the doorway for the hallway, a very strong man's voice spoke.  He told her to be careful.  She answered him!  She said she is.
I grabbed my baby out of the high chair and ran downstairs.  I don't know why I did that.  He was obviously a good ghost.  Even though we were used to him, the voice still scared me.
But let me tell you also, that we had a dog, and so did my friends downstairs.  However, in the middle of the night, my friend's dog would bark in a threatening sound toward their dining room, but she would not step a paw into the dining room.
So we figured the ghost must have been somebody who lived in the building at one time.  He was still there when we moved out.  We did not move out because of him, we just needed more room with a growing family.
I never did any research on the building, but I wished I had.  There were other things he would do in the apartment.  I know for a fact he played a joke on the kitten we had the time.  Except I don't think he meant for it to scare me.
I always believed in ghosts, but actually having the chance to live with one is quite an experience.  Everyone I have told the story to, don't believe it.  So I quit telling it.  However, my friend's daughter who is now 14, still remembers answering that voice that told her to be careful.


Escondido Cemetery



This experience literally caused me to sleep with the lights on for about two weeks; even at the ripe old age of 26 when it happened.

  a.. Cemetery in Escondido, CA. (I cannot remember the name of the cemetery, but I do remember being back in the hills of Escondido).
  b.. An evening in August 1993 (Sorry, can't remember the actual date).
I was at my friend "Deemers" apartment with his friend "John". John said that he knew of a haunted cemetery in Escondido and wanted to know if we all would like to go and see it. He swore that this place  had a reputation in the area for being haunted. Of course, I jumped at the offer and the three of us piled into my car and ventured into Escondido.

When we arrived, the place even looked haunted. The scenery was something out of Stephen King to start with. John and I walked down the dirt road to the cemetery; Deemers chickened out and stayed in the car (maybe he was the smart one).

There were a handful of houses around; very rural area. When we got to the cemetery; neither of  us had the courage to actually go into the cemetery, so we stayed outside the fence and pressed ourselves against it and strained to get a look at everything. We were there maybe 15 minutes tops when the strangest of things began to happen:

  a.. John first noticed small green orbs floating around some of the old above ground tombstones. At first I thought we was making things up; he had a flair for practical jokes. Then I saw these glowing green orbs floating around the tombstones; almost as if they were playing in a childlike manner. They were swaying about and almost skipping around the markers. I must admit it was really fascinating to watch.
  b.. Right about that time these large birds were flying overheard. I couldn't make out what they were, but I could tell they were large. Maybe this was a coincidence, but it was starting to give me the creeps like we shouldn't be there.
  c.. (This part I will swear before the Grand Jury is true; I'm still get the creeps after almost a decade. In fact, I'm getting them now). John and I were beginning to wonder if we should head back to the car, but we had our minds made up for us. Suddenly there was the noise of  someone in the cemetery running towards us at a rapid pace. These footsteps were just running, but actually stomping, as if  someone was really ticked, mad, pissed-off, what ever you want to inject as an adjective. Mind you, it was almost a full moon, so the grounds were pretty well lit by the moonlight and we saw nothing but darkness. These running/stomping noises were getting louder and closer. I turned to John and asked with the big sound of fright, "You think we oughtta leave?". He looked at me and said "Yeah."; I had never seen John scared before, but this time is was petrified and it was not an act. The footsteps were almost upon us; we jumped off the embankment and onto the dirt road. Suddenly, it got cold...I mean a good 40 degree drop in temperature. It was a hot, blamy, August night and suddenly I was cold with goose bumps. This part is hard to believe, unless you  were there, suddenly a strong wind came up and began encircling us. I could actually feel the wind trying to crush me as it wound around me; John was experiencing the same thing too. This wind was blowing hard; however, there was no dirt coming off the road and the bushes on the side of the road were not moving. It was really scary; we literally felt this wind pushing us back up the road. I mentioned the trees weren't moving and John noticed it too. This wind literally followed us up the road, around a bend in the road, and as soon as we got to the car and opened the doors to get in, the wind stopped. About a week later, we toyed with going back to the cemetery with cameras and tape recorders and thought better of it. Maybe this time, we wouldn't get off so easily. So the idea was dropped.
As I stated, I slept with my lights on for almost two weeks. I kept reliving that scene over and over. I still think about it now and get the creeps. I mentioned it too my Mother the next day; she also thinks that   someone or something didn't want us there and was making it very well known.

Dark Figure


I cannot recall why I what I was worried about that made me so restless and sleepless one night. But you know how at night, your eyes adjust and you can see a little bit? Well, for some reason, when I was laying in bed this night, I felt really really cold. I wrapped the covers around me tighter, and tried to sleep. But I was still freezing. So I opened my eyes again, and all I could see was pitch black. But it was blacker than a normal black. And I felt this presence - this figure - standing by my bed. My heart was racing, but I just lay there. Then I felt the presence touch my hand. And I remember not feeling scared anymore. When the presence touched me I felt all warm. And then I feel asleep. It happens again every once in a while. It doesn't matter where I am sleeping. If I am worried so much that I can't sleep at night this spirit visits me and conforts me in a way no one ever has.

Dark Figure Named Herb


Hi, I have been reading your website for a few years now, and just absolutely love it!  I have been intrigued by ghosts and hauntings for as long as I can remember.  I have really never had an experience myself, but have heard lots of stories that I find very interesting, and have started my own log of the stories that I would like to turn into a book.  Anyway, the story I would like to submit is an experience that happened to my boyfriend.  He is a skeptic, and respects my beliefs and never tells me he thinks I’m crazy because I love to read ghost stories.  This is what he told me happened to him about 4 months ago.  He lives in a back room/house behind his parents house in Redondo Beach, CA.  The house is probably about 50 yrs old or so.  Well, one night, he was half awake, half sleeping.  He said he knows he was waking up because he had noticed that he did not fall asleep with the TV on for once in his life!  All of a sudden, he heard someone/something say “Herb” at least that’s the best he could make out of it.  He thought to himself, “did I just hear that?” he went to turn around, and found himself frozen.  He had a similar thing like this happen before, and was determined to turn around and see what/who was there.  Then this “thing” started pounding him on his back, and with all his might, he went to turn around, and for a split second, saw a dark figure hovering over him, and then, and this is the scariest part, the “thing” bit him on the palm of his hand!  He couldn’t wait to call me the next day and tell me all about it.  I went back over a couple days later, and was scared, but was hoping something would happen to me, but it didn’t!  I believe him 100%, because like I said, he’s wasn’t a believer, until “Herb” paid him a visit!  I have other stories that I will submit at another time.  Thanks for taking the time to listen!

Weary Road


I was first introduced to this place about 6 years ago,I haven't been back since. Weary road is in southern wisconsin just outside of Evansville.It is pretty much a deserted road that has some seriously strange things going on there. THe first time that I was there we arrived approx. 1100 p.m. with 5 other people we began to "walk the road" we got about 1/4 of the way down this road when I got the strangest feeling that we were not alone. This fear grew in me to the point of hysteria and I wanted to leave.The group thought that this might be a good idea also so we turned aroud when all of a sudden there was this huge ruckus in the trees and something unseen to any of us flashed past right in front of us.We screamed then ran out of fear but it was like it was following us When we got back to the cars to leave I looked down at my arms that were now burning and noticed that I had 5 finger-like scratches down both arms! This alarmed me a bit since I don't remember getting scratched but then there was the ever distinctful smell of kerasene in the air.With that we High tailed it out of there only to return a few nights later with a new theroy in mind to make it down the road again.I must say that this place scares the hell out of me and the thing is that there is a true story behind the haunting of Weary road.It is funny how mad people from the town get when you bring it up.Oh and the fact that a boy was killed on that road a few years back adds to the mystery.


we have lived on our property in peru ny for 9 years.sence the beginning we have heard things move around in the middle of the night,seen a dark shadow and my dog refused to go in one room stood there and growled at night my 4 year old daugther started to scream there was someone in her room,when i arrived she was shaking out of control,clawing up the front of me trying to escape from the bed room.a few years ago our home burned.Now  we are starting to hear and see more things happening,like the ashtray lifting in the air and the dropping down,my childrens toys that talk and make noise go off for no reason in the middle of the night,visions of two young girls,a little boy and a children have stated there are more that i have not husband did not believe them until one night he saw a young girl in a white dress float acroos down the hall puppy ran from the girls room banging in to the wall growling and refused to go back in the room when i entered the room thing flew off of the stand.they have never hurt of my daugthers talks and plays with them every night.i myself find it to be very fasinating.i have tried to find out the history on my land but have failed.

True Story


i was at this cemetary around 9pm. one night with a
few of my friends.
Whial we were walking around, i all of a sudden
started fellin very sick, not unnormal for me.
   Keep in mind, this is out in the woods near a
hunting lease, it's a full moon, and it's shaped into
a circle. one of those that you can drive all the way
   well, one of my friends helped me to the car, as i
turned around to say thank-you she was gone. it was so
weird, because really she had no time to go anywhere.
i tried not to think about it as i locked all 4 doors.
   but when i looked back into the cemetary, i didn't
see a soul. Nobody, and this is a pretty small
cemetary too.
   well this got me looking. After awhile i started to
notice these two white lights fling around this one
area. i knew right then what i was looking at, no
doubt about it.
   But the thing i still can't figure out is why
couldn't i see anyone inside that cemetary untill they
stepped foot on the road, and why couldn't my friends
see the spirits? They were in there with them.

The House on Hall Ave


This story is about a house that my sister, myself and a girlfriend had rented in 1984.I never knew if ghosts were real or not ,I had just heard of storys before or seen them on tv ,but was never really interested in them like Iam now.My sister and myself had rented the upstairs apartment and my girlfriend and her 2 kids rented the lower apartment downstairs ,This was a nice comforable house in a small town in Wisconsin. We were so excited to rent this house together as we were all close and our kids could play together. At first we started hearing heavy footsteps in the attic in the upstairs apartment as if someone was walking back and forth.These could be heard at different times of the day or night. The water would turn on by itself in the bathroom sink, lights went on and off by them selves.We also would see shadows and my sisters bedroom closet was so cold and erie feeling that we never wanted to go in there. Then there were the dreams we all were having ,The same dreams of being in the house and seeing all these people in white with no faces,and it felt like it was a struggle to wake up like we were drugged, feeling very tired after we had awoken.The worst part of the whole thing is when my sister had been watching tv in her bedroom in the earlier afternoon.When she seen a black figure at the end of her bed.It was pulling her towards it like her soul was leaving her body and her vision was going black,she started to pray to god to please help her and at that moment she was wisked back into her body and the black figure was gone.This scared us to move out and we havent had any problems since.I dont know what was in that house or what the black figure was that appeared to my sister but it was enough to make a believer out of all of us. Something evil was in that house and I often wonder if the new renters have the same problems ,as I pass that house all the time.Iam just glad that I dont live there anymore.



    My aunt Lisa lived in a section of my town called "The Shady Side."  I
remember when I was younger, I used to hear stories about how sting things
happened there.  I never believed it, I was convinced that it was just an
Urban Myth.  When my friends heard I had an aunt who lived on Druid Hill,
they told me that she must have been crazy.
    I believed that it was all just stories until I heard about the strange
things that happened at my Aunt's house.
    It all began when my cousin Michael complained that someone was pulling
the covers off of him at night.  My aunt and uncle both told him that he must
have thrown them off himself in his sleep, but he claimed that he was awake
when they were pulled.
    A few weeks went by, and Michael was hardly getting any sleep.  He began
to complain that he would wake up and see an old lady with a distorted face
sitting on the end of his bed.  She would whisper to him in a language that
he didn't understand.
    Around the same time, my aunt would complain that every morning when she
went to her jewelry box, her favorite necklace would be missing.  She would
find it in strange places in the house.  She blamed it on my cousins, and
they would deny it.  One time her necklace disappeared completely.
    Things began to get very strange after that.  My cousin's dog "Tyson"
refused to go into certain parts of the house.  The two main rooms that he
seemed absolutely terrified to enter were my cousin Michael's room and the
basement.  One time Michael tried to get Tyson to sleep in his room to scare
away what he referred to as "The Weird Face Lady," and Tyson put up a fight.
As soon as Tyson entered the room, he urinated and vomited all over the
floor.  Then he began to have a seizure.  The next day they took him to the
vet, and he said that nothing was physically wrong with the dog, and he
guessed it was due to fright.
    That night things began to get very strange.  All day lights and
appliances were going on and off by themselves.  The blender started working
when it wasn't even plugged in.  After dinner everything seemed to quiet
down, but suddenly all of the lights in the house went out at once.  They
thought maybe it was a blackout or a brown out, but after talking to all of
their neighbors, they found out that their house was the only house without
lights.  My uncle Rich tried to see if it was a problem with the fuse box.
He could not find a problem anywhere.
    My cousin Dave tried screwing the light bulb in the lamp in his bedroom,
and realized that it had been unscrewed.  They discovered that strangely all
of the light bulbs in the house had been unscrewed at once.  When my uncle
screwed in the light bulb on the light in the kitchen, he found my aunt's
necklace in the light fixture.  My aunt was horrified at the knowledge that
none of my cousins could have placed her necklace in the fixture, even if
they tried standing on a chair.
    That night my uncle woke up unable to breathe.  He said that it felt like
a hand was grasping his neck, but no one was there.  He went to get a drink
of water, and he heard footsteps following him into the kitchen.  He looked
back, and saw no one was there.  After he put his cup away, he thought he
heard a voice say "We won't leave."
    The next morning Michael looked as though he were a corpse.  He seemed
very shaken, and was reluctant to talk.  Finally he told my aunt and uncle
that the woman in his room told him to kill himself.
    My aunt and uncle didn't know what to do.  They admitted that strange
things had been occurring, but they didn't believe in ghosts.  They decided
that Michael needed to see a psychiatrist.
    The next night My uncle Rich woke up again, only this time it was because
he heard his closet door open.  Then he heard the closet door close.  He
turned on the light, and saw something that churned his stomach.  He saw a
black mist floating from his closet to his bedroom door.  Then his bedroom
door opened by itself, and he saw the black mist float down the hallway
toward Michael's bedroom.  Then the mist entered Michael's room and the door
to the room slammed shut.
    Uncle Rich rushed to Michael's room, and frantically tried to open the
door, but it would budge.  It wasn't locked, because he could turn the knob,
but something was forcing the door shut.  After a minute of banging on the
door and calling out Michael's name, it opened by itself.  He looked in the
room, and feel to his knees in horror...Michael was standing on his bed
holding his father's gun to his head.  He was speaking in a language that he
didn't understand.
    Uncle Rich drew up the strength to leap from the floor, and tackle his
son, and took the gun from Michael's hand.  Michael stared up at him, and
Uncle Rich swears that Michael had no eyes, they were completely black.  Al
of a sudden the black cleared, and Michael began to cry.  He claimed that the
last thing he remembered was waking up and seeing the "Weird Face Woman" on
the end of his bed, and then he blacked out.
    Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rich decided to get some help.  They asked a priest
from our church to bless their house.  The priest finished the blessing, and
then asked if he could talk to my uncle alone.  Uncle Rich said that the
priest told him that there was one room he wasn't able to bless.  It was the
basement.  He said that something drove him out of the basement.  There was
an overwhelming feeling of devastation that came over him.  He told my uncle
that when he went into the basement, he felt as if he was going to go mad.
He felt a deep depression, and he wanted to commit suicide.  He said that
someone else was going to have to come back to the house and finish the
    The next weekend my cousin Jessica came home from college.  My aunt and
uncle hesitated to tell her about the occurrences at the house, because she
has had a history of personal problems.  She was often depressed because she
was born handicapped.  She had cerebral palsy, and her classmates treated her
poorly. My aunt and uncle prayed that since after the priest blessed the
majority of the house, there have been no occurrences, Jessica’s visit would
be unmolested by the terror that had been haunting them.
    At the dinner table things started off well.  They almost made it through
dinner without any problems, when all of a sudden the black mist appeared.
It floated across the room, and seemed to have gone into the mouth of
Jessica.  Her eyes turned black, and she stood up straight for the first time
in her life.  She leaped across the table and began to choke Uncle Rich.  It
was impossible for Jessica to achieve such a feat of strength.  Finally,
Jessica released her grip from my uncle’s throat and fell to the floor.  Her
eyes cleared up, and she began to cough.  The black mist came out of her
mouth, and floated into the basement.
    My aunt and uncle decided to move from the house.  They left the next
week, and warned the Realter to get the basement blessed before they sold the
house.  The house still stands with no human occupants.  No priest will bless
the basement, and the Realty Company will not sell the house, until it is
deemed safe.  Now the whole town knows of the Horror of Druid Hill, and every
now and then you will hear stories of brave kids who enter the house on a
dare and never come back.

The Brewery Ghost

By: Anonymous

I mentioned in an earlier e-mail that I remain a sceptic when it comes to ghosts,  because I have never knowingly seen one,  although I have had a few strange experiences.  I do find the stories on your site fascinating and you may find my experiences interesting. The decision as to whether they involve ghosts or not I will leave to the reader.
When I was an impoverished  student (back in 1965) I worked during the university summer vacation at a brewery to augment my meagre allowance.  I remember I was paid £10.00 ($28.00) a week so if any overtime (and extra money) was available I would volunteer.
One Thursday evening,  an hour before the usual clocking off time,  the head brewer decided that the next batch of beer was ready and would be emptied from the tun into storage.  This meant that the tun (the vessel in which the beer was fermented) had to be cleaned.  This was always done immediately because if it were left,  the job became much more difficult as the yeast residue would continue rising.  The foreman asked would I like the overtime and I prepared to clean the tun when the last of the beer was out.  By this time the foreman and I were the only ones left in the building.  I was doing the job single handed,  it would normally be done by two,  so it was nearly two hours later before I was finished.  As I  was finishing the work I heard footsteps on the stair,  which then came to the floor where I was working.  Thinking it was the foreman,  I said "Nearly finished - I'll be away soon!"  When I said this,  whoever was there walked away and I heard the footsteps go back down the stairs.  A few minutes later I finished the work,  cleaned up and got ready to go home.  I clocked out and went out by the door,  which I could open from the inside but which locked automatically when I closed it.  Once outside,  I could not get back in without the key and neither could any one else.
The next morning the foreman asked me to confirm the time when I clocked off the previous night,   I told him that the time shown on the time sheet was correct,  "just a few minutes after I spoke to you" I added.  "I left soon after you started" he said "You were in the building on your own.  I've heard it said that there's a ghost in the building but you're the first I've known who's heard it!"
"Someone was here" I persisted,  "who had the key?"
"I did" said the foreman.  "You were in the building on your own."
I still do not know what I heard,  I relate the story as it happened with no embellishments,  and no,   I had not been drinking.

Sleep Paralysis


I have sent in stories not too long ago (maybe a month or so?), but now I am able to get further into the eerie feeling coming from the corner of my room/closet.
I have an old stone fireplace on the one side of my room, it's no longer usable, but it's good decoration (I guess). A walk-in closet takes up some of the old fireplace.... this is the area of my room I don't really like. Every night I am sure to close my closet door tight, because if I don't I just don't feel right.
I have kind of had the feeling that there is a man... an older man watching me late at night. I don't know if he wants to hurt me or not, but I don't want to find out. I just pretend it's not there and hope for the best.
One night after my two basement roomies and I had declared that we were going to be moving into a new apartment we heard a lot of what we were sure was walking around upstairs and banging. This couldn't be happening because our 3 roommates upstairs were home for the weekend and no one else was there and we would have heard someone come in through the front door or side door. I went upstairs to investigate (I'm a little gutsy I guess) and found my one roommates door wide open even though it had been closed.. I searched everywhere, but that was the only odd thing. That kind of freaked us out but we were easily able to brush it off.
So I'm still stuck here with the eerie feeling something is in the corner of my room or in my closet. I recently moved my grandma's dresser from my closet to just beside my bed... and ever since then weird things have been happening.
The need to close the closet door at night is much more intense, but I have had my boyfriend sleeping over a lot now, so I have been keeping calm, but something has been happening to my boyfriend now.
Twice now he has woken to being completely paralyzed. The first time I was with him, the second time I had gone out for a birthday drink (just a few nights ago!).  I came home to him being way more afraid than the first time it happened and he was almost in tears. He told me to close the closet door NOW (he knew of my fear but thought I was being silly!).
He said that he felt an older wrinkled man... greyish... was there in the closet. When he said an old man I was shocked because  that is what I felt!  Maybe it's just a coincidence.
He's been reading about all the things the sleep paralysis could be... but it has only happened to him at my house... and since I moved the dresser out of the closet. I almost think my grandma's spirit was helping to keep the closet man from bugging me... and now that it's out here it can't help as much.
I had also thought that maybe it was my grandfather's spirit doing this to him... that he didn't like my boyfriend sleeping with me, but of course wouldn't punish me for that, but instead my boyfriend. I don't think that would be it though - I don't think grandpa would do something to scare someone I love like that.
I'm kind of afraid as to what to do. If there is a spirit of an old man in my closet, I don't know whether to tell it to go to the other side so to speak, or just hope it leaves me alone for the month and a half I have left here.  I feel bad for it bothering my boyfriend (if it is)... but I'm really glad it's not me!
If anyone has any suggestions... please feel free to email me.

Sleep Over at my Friends


It was about 12 am, matt's mom had just gone to bed. We decided to go upstairs to do something on his computer. Once we got done, we began to search for his little brother who is usually annoying us. We found it strange that he was not, so we figured he was up to something. We searched the downstairs, but nothing was to be found. So we headed to his room upstairs to check there. I figured I'd play a joke on him, so when i came to his door, I could hear a faint noise that told me he was in there. So, following my idea, I jumped in and yelled "boo". Nothing was in there. We both took two more steps in the room, just listening. I said to him, "how did all of those boxes get off the floor onto steve's bed?" It was beyond Matt and I. I also noticed the guinea pigs' cages had been arranged differently. This was from Matt's mom. But what happens next was not. Suddenly, a can just slammed down to the floor, without anyone moving or touching anything. That was the first thing to happen. We both jumped, and were just about to run away in fear, when I tried to calm myself by making sense out of it. "turn on the light" I said, regaining my sanity. We looked around to find some sort of explanation for the can falling. Nothing. Not a single thing that could've done it. No place it could have been set. We just left. Turned out steve was in his mom's bedroom with her. We went back to matt's room to watch a little bit of "Inuyasha, The Movie" (anime) at about 2 am. After that, I was really tired, so we went back downstairs. This was where the second thing happened. I walked into the bathroom (possibly the most haunted room in the house). Right before I started to pee, I heard three little taps on the door, sounding more like little indistinct knocks. I figured it was Matt, but it was not. I finished up, and left as fast as i could. We watched some show on ufo's and started talking about what ghosts are. I said "they aren't a soul, or a soul that has lost it's way, but more like a soul's revebrations from it's past, like ripples in a pond." Then, the third occurence happened. I couldn't help but feel this strange paranoya. I looked over at a stuffed tiger on their couch, and boom, my levels of paranoya and preminition flew through the roof. I could feel its cold, black eyes, peircing into my skin, peering into my soul. I was paralyzed with fear. I got up and walked around trying o approach it so I could cover it with a blanket, but everywhere I went, its cold stare followed. I couldn't get near it, even if I had wanted to. It was just so frightening. It may sound silly, but if you were in my shoes and having the preminitions as I was, you'd be scared shitless too. Matt covered it for me, and shortly after that we went to sleep.
4:00 am: Steve gets up to get some water. He hears a loud crash but thinks nothing of it (leave it to steve). He goes back to sleep.
8:40 am: I wake up and go home. Matt's family discovers that at 4 am, the loud noise steve heard was a from a flowered picture hanging over the toilet in their bathroom. It had crashed to the ground, but strangely enough, away from the toilet, when it had been hanging over the toilet. The physics of it were purely impossible. The same thing had happened before, too.
The story of this house is that one day an old man was walking out to get his mail, and died right there. We thought the hauntings had stopped, but it looks like the revebrations have once again came to us. The ripples in the pond, had once again reached us. My premintions we no longer superstitions.

Ellsworth Airforce Base

I lived on the base at Ellsworth Airforce Base from1987-1992. During this time we would see a large figure of a man go by us in the house. This will sound very strange but will tell you anyway. One night my friend and I was setting on the floor around my coffee table chatting, we both got chill -the cross above my front door feel off, the belongings on my kitchen table were thrown on the floor.-at the same moment my friend anne and me looked into this large mirror-across from the mirror was a old home interior picture( an old mailbox with a bird) and we seen an indians face with white  all over except black around the eyes and mouth, a mowhawk and a breast plate looked like bones, feather in his hair in the back.  From that day on I could feel this presence around me, it was not a scary one but the opposit a warm protective feeling. Our curiosity got the best of us and we called this medicine man and asked him if we were crazy, he told me that I was his white bird and protector and he would always be there protecting me,.- Than to make things even stranger when trouble wad to happen(especially around the time me and my husband were about to divorce in the mirror a face of an old old colonal from way back would appear, long white hair, and white beard with a hat. It got to the point I knew ahead when something was going to happen and to be careful.  My neighbor across from us did not believe in spirits at all and one day she was over and asked me who large man was that just walked up my stairs , I laughed and told her he is my long lost soul mate my warrior, she left and never came over again.     Since than I have had different times in life when I have needed guidiance I have felt the presence, no face to see but feel. well that is all. Truly I am not crazy this was very real.

Rest Haven Nursing Home


Below are a few "TRUE" stories from Rest Haven Nursing Home in Schuylkill
Haven, PA.  You have this place listed on your "Haunted places" Page on your
website.  These stories were told to me by my mother who has been a nurse
there for the past 15 years.  I hope you enjoy them and can get some use out
of them.  I will keep you all posted if I hear of any more.  I know a few
people that work there and everyone has a different story, but all know the
same.  Believe me, there is definitely something in there.  And if your team
is really up for a challenge to make a case of the place.  The old building
where the haunting have occurred is no longer in use.  So if your team
wanted to investigate it.  I am sure they wouldn't mind.
Anyway, the stories are as followed:
Rest Haven Nursing Home in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania is probably one of
the most haunted areas in Schuylkill County, PA.  It was originally an
insane asylum in the 1800's, but was then converted into a nursing home
after the turn of the century.  I have heard several stories that had taken
place within the walls of the old building, but I will tell you only the
freakiest ones.
 One story I have heard happened about 6 years ago.  A nurse was getting
ready to clock out for the night when she had noticed a tall figure standing
in one of the rooms.  When she went to investigate she noticed he was
wearing a top hat and a long dark cloche.  Thinking he was one of the
patience family members she had told the man that visiting hours were over
and that he had to leave.  The figure then started to walk past the foot of
each bed in the room and stopped at the foot of the bed furthest from the
nurse.  One of the patience in the room had said to the nurse that she (the
woman whose bed the figure was standing in front of) could not go to heaven
until you leave.  The nurse had left to clock out and walked back to the
room only to find that the woman who the figure was standing by was dead.
 One night my mother was working second shift and had needed some help from
one of her nurses aids.  She saw a young nurse with blond hair walk down the
hall into a dark room.  My mother had called out for her as she walked down
the hall, but the girl would not respond.  So my mom walked to the room,
turned on the light only to find the girl was not there, and there were no
other exists from that room.
 People would see the ghosts of monks who used to walk to halls of the old
asylum.  They would always walk in groups of three.
 One story was about a huge black hand.  One night a nurse and a guy from
maintenance were talking in front of a dark empty room which earlier that
day a patient had passed away in.  When all of a sudden this huge black hand
can from the shadows of the room a reached out for the maintenance guy.
They both ran away not to return for the rest of the night.
 A friend of mine from High School used to work there, now they had closed
the old section of the building down and added an addition.  The old
building is used for nothing other than storage.  Well, my friend was
walking back to the old building to pick up a few blankets when he heard
music playing and what sounded like a gathering of people talking in the old
entertainment hall.  He said when he opened the door there was nothing in
there except for an old wheel chair.  He too ran out of there not to return
till the next day.
One night during the winter a few of the nurses were going out behind the
building for a smoke break, and they said they saw the face of a man looking
through the window of the back door.  They were frightened and had the
maintenance man go and check out the scene.  Well, from what they said there
was the misty outline of the mans face still pressed against the door window
but absolutely no foot prints in the snow near or around the door or
surrounding area.  There was no other way that they could explain for a
person to have left the marks on the window and get away with out leaving
tracks, unless he was a ghost.
There are several other stories which most I can't recall, but the above
mentioned had really stuck in my head.  So do as you will with them.  I hope
you enjoy them and again they are real!!!!

Overland Park, KS

My Grandmothers home, in Overland, is for surely haunted. The ghosts are
simply "lost souls" as she calls them.  Many spooky accurances have happened
since theyve lived there.  Many of times around 1995 a single candle would
simply fall from her dormant television, as if knocked carelessly by a
child's hand.  Toys and rainboots would disappear
for days. My grandmother would stand in the middle of the living room, and
simply say "You can play with the toys but you must return them"  Shed leave
for an hour or so, and return apon finding them usually in the corner of the
livingroom.  Once, my sister and cousin followed two ghost children up to
the attic.  The children were unaware of their presence and simply played as
if it was a cozy sunday aftertoon.  My grandmothers keys were also playfully
taken by the ghost children, and hidden in an unused corner of the deepest
closet in her home.  The spookiest of all, in our opinions, was definatly
the childlike handprints on the top of the mirror. This are surely could not
of been reached by me, my sister, or my cousin, because simply could not
physically touch up approx. 6 feet up the mirror.   My grandmas house is
very pleasent, and you would never expect ghosts to dwell... but they are
friendly and only want to play.

Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center

Hi my mother used to work at the Anoka metro regional treatment center {anoka mental hospital's full name}I have seen things you would not believe heard things you would not believe and heard things from my Mom about things that happened there they were treated so badly there you would not believe for one. I used to spend the night with my Mom on vail three because my step dad would be out of town and I my Mom didn't want me to be alone well she had me stay in one of the doctors offices at the end of the hall where her nurses station was and about 3am I heard this noise and I looked out the window of the office into the hallway. to my surprise I saw a young man with a razor in one of his hands half of his head shaved walking naked down the hall I used the phone to call my Mom and she came down and said that there was no one there. the second time I was with her bring our used clothes into the hospital for the patients we went into the room and I was helping my Mom sort the clothes and we heard whistling in my ear and my Mom was on the other side of the room. another time I was using the nurses station bathroom and someone started knocking I told them just a minute and they wouldn't stop when I came out there was no one there except for my Mom and I. The only other thing I can think of is the building that burned down and how my said she could hear people upstairs and how those floors were closed because somone died up there and it scared the patients soon after that they closed it and it mysteriously burned down but I never heard her say anything about the tunnels cause she used to walked down there for exercise in the winter but I will have to ask cause they closed those buildings down and built a new hospital I will also attach pictures that place is scary they should have that show fear off of MTV on there.

Quick Trip


This is a short and sweet story. My sister and i who seem to have some sort of extra bond were standing on a bridge near our home waiting for a bus. The day was quite over cast and as usual buses were few and far between. All of a sudden we were standing in what can only be described as a desert. It was so vast, flat and empty and hot. She was there, i was there, standing in the middle of this desolate place. Long enough to look at each other "astonished". In a blink we were back on the bridge. We both said "did you see that". But since, we have not really ever spoken much about it. Almost as though we have no interest in discussing it. The weird part about this is although i want to know more i feel as though for some involuntary, inexplicable reason i cant dwell on this subject. Its hard to explain but it seems to take alot of effort to remember. If it werent that my sister was with me i would think it was a dream.
Thanks again.

Presence at Work


This website is like my second home when i'm on the internet which is quite often.....I submitted
a story a few years back i was 17 then,  i am now 21... what i want to write  about pertains to an occurance that happened at my workplace- i do tech support for an ISP typically i work the graveyard shift- there's two ways you can enter/exit the building - front and back of the building it's a pretty nice size two story building,all employees must enter the main entrance to check in with security ... but for the most part, for the smokers at least we use the back entrance. my cubicle is upstairs, when i decide to take a break i have to walk downstairs the whole back of the building has always given me the creeps i've been working there for almost two years now - and the uneasiness i feel has always felt the same....very strong!  one night it was about 11: 45 i had just gotten off a horrible call and  went out for a break  on my way downstairs i did a quick run to breakroom got some coffee as i was walking towards the stairs i kept re-playing my last call over and over in my head each time making me more mad,as i approached the stairs i got this weird feeling i should take the elevator which is right next to the stairs, the feeling hit me so suddenly it stop me in my tracks i looked around debating what i should do. the elevator is REALLY old and slow not wanting to waste anymore of my 15 min break i dismissed this feeling and started down the stairs i was mid-way down when all the sudden i felt an overwhelming feeling of fear, i felt that if i didn't book it right then and there something awful was going to happen to me,like i was going to be attacked by something. the feeling was so strong i could about invision it happening .. i started running down the stairs i was spilling coffee all over me it didn't even matter all i knew was i needed to get out of there fast.. i jumped the last five or six stairs and bolted for the door,because the back entrance is exit only you have to press a button to let the security guard buzz you out- because i was so scared i had forgotten this,i kept trying to push the door open, i was frantic, i felt like whatever made me so scared was approaching me very quickly .. finally the door opened - as soon as i was outside i almost burst into tears i kept trying to work out what just took place i was trying to convince myself that i was just imaging it. i lit my cigarette and started to the front of the building..the security on duty i saw was walking towards me i figured he was going to give me slack about running out of  the building like a maniac as he got closer he had this look of concern on his face he asked me if i was alright i almost started crying again partly because i was still scared and partly out of embrassment we sat on a bench and he started asking me questions why i was so scared i told him it was just my nerves i pretty much was just trying to come up with a good lie or a rational reason for my actions .. he then proceeded to tell me that he was watching me on the cameras it being late and there not being alot of people there at that time and out of boredom he confessed he said i caught his eye because as i was waiting for the coffee i was doing a little dance.and he found it funny anyway he said he watched me start down the stairs he said about 10 secs after i started down the stairs the camera for the backstairwell started "malfunctioning" and he lost feed for about 30 secs the next thing he knows he said is he sees me running for dear-life towards the exit he couldn't understand why i wasn't buzzing out so he opened the door for me. i stared at him in amazement. it made me feel better in a way to think that there was something actually there in that stairwell, and what he had just told me confirmed i didn't act like a psyco at my employment for no reason. i avoid the back part of the building now.. whatever i disturbed that night wasn't friendly at all... i guess now i'm just curious if it's something i do to make it angry at me or if it's just a mean spirit(what have you) in general..but in any event i'm not about to find out..

Poltergeist in Idaho


First off, I do not believe in ghosts, spirits, or u.f.o.'s. PLEASE
Our people all came from the "pflaz" region of Germany, this in English
is the Palatinate. It is the region around Kaiserslautern and
Trippstadt. We all came here between 1750-1830. All were farm people.
When I was a child, my mother would pour a bowl of hot soup for my twin
and I and we would ask, why our bowls would spin at the table as it
cooled. We were told that it was only a poltergeist and do not worry!
Years later, after we had saw the spinning bowls, every time we had
soup, we asked what is a poltergeist? My mother and father both said,
they are little guys that live in the dirt in-between the shingles on
top of your house. The idea put forth in the article about poltern's is
not the same as we learned as children and later life.
Poltergeist like to visit small kids, as they are fun to play with, easy
to fool and have a limited amout of pre-adult (knowledge), ANY SEX,
until they start to grow up.
When I left home and had married another Palatinate, we hade a baby boy.
When he was just weeks  and months old, we would get up in the night to
find his bedroom light on, crib empty and him playing on the floor. This
happened many several times in the first 3 years or more. My wife and I
saw apples rise out of paper sacks on the dining room floor, up 3 to 4
inches from the top, and roll about. We have saw her purse move off the
back of a chair , about 3 inches, stay in that place for a second, then
drop. My mother had a coffee pot that would cry, moan, scream, groan as
it heated. Ah, yes, it is the poltergeist!!!
My weak minded neighbor came over as the happenings came to a peak. We
told her what was going on in a ,OH WELL, TYPE ATTITUDE. She went
nuts!!! Told us point blank, in our own house to keep them away from
her!!!! That is the worst thing to do in front a poltern, as the next
day she came over crying, off the very deepest end of sanity!!! Darn
thing would not let her out of her garage. Every time she would open the
door, it would close everytime she started to back out!
P.S., these little guys take small items you need at a time you really
need them. I would bet we have 70 pairs of nail clippers, somewhere? We
do not have packrats in this area, lots of very small earthquakes,
(nothing to cause a movement of a purse, etc.)
Poltergeist has moved on in the last couple of years. We kind'a miss
When a door or window,shower curtain moves to you or opens, the correct
greeting is WELCOME, in english or I guess any other???
Poltergeist has left, I think, ever since our kid has become a teen and
I really don't blame IT!! 


Plantation Post Mistress


This story is no where near as interesting as the others here, but it was enough to give me chills as I stood in that room in a moment of realization.
I didn't see the ghost, but here's how it goes:
I mentioned to a co-worker of mine that I was thinking about volunteering at a local living history site as a docent. It's an old plantation house and grounds dating back to the late 1700s. Made into a museum in the 1970s, I believe.
He's about 45 now, and he replied that he had a story about that place and he refuses to ever go back again. He said that when he was a boy, the place was in bad repair and was not a museum as yet.  A friend of his uncle's owned or rented the place, I'm not exactly sure, but used it as a storehouse, for junk, pretty much. He said that he had accompanied his uncle and the friend to this house to get something.  He said they left him downstairs in one of the front rooms while they went upstairs to retrieve whatever it was that they were looking for.  And he said that while he was there, the front window opened a few inches by itself.  He ran from the house screaming and said that later, no one believed him.
I didn't believe him either. Well, I believed he believed what he saw, but I didn't believe in ghosts at the time and figured there was some logical explanation.  For example, there's another old house open to tours in town that has a weight and pulley system on the windows because they're so heavy and the weights make the opening a little easier.  I figured, you never know with these old houses and deterioration if something's going to screw up or just act funny on you or something.  Maybe this house had the same set up on its windows.
Well, a week or so later I went to this house and started training to become a docent.  A little old lady took me through the house before opening hours to teach me what was to be said and pointed out and all.  We started in the front parlour, back to the family room, over to the dining room and then up to the front office room (directly across the hall from the parlour). It was in this office that the old woman told me that this room was used for buisness matters relating to the inner workings of the plantation and later as a post office because the lady of the house served as post mistress for a time. Folks would come up onto the front porch and she would open the window a few inches and hand them their mail through that space.
I stopped her, laughing nervously, apologised, and told her what my co-worker had told me about his visit long ago.  She had no response at all! It was the strangest thing, she smiled, nodded, then turned her back and continued the tour, no comment whatsoever!
Oh, and no, there's no weight and pulley system on these big ol' windows.
When I got back to work the next day I asked my co-worker if he had ever been there since it was made into a museum.  He said no, he didn't ever want to go there again. I asked him which front room had the incident occured in? He said standing on the porch, facing the windows, the room on the left.  Which is the office.  So I told him what I learned on my tour.  Why do I believe him? Two reasons: he's not a history buff, I really can't see him ever wanting to visit a historical site anyway. Also, he's incredibly religous, almost fanatically so. He wouldn't make up a story like that.  So that's that.  I guess the old post mistress is still trying to hand out the mail!

Personal Experience


I grew up in a house that was haunted and most probabally still is.
The only thing I know about the house is it is around 120 years old and was
owned once by an old lady with her son.
We would all feel a presence standing over us at night while we were in bed,
or at certain times are names would be whispered into our ears very fast and
quite suddenly.
The sounds of balls bouncing down the hallway were common or footsteps
accompanied by whistling.
A shadow would pass or flit very quickly past our dinning room door ( while
we had the door closed) we could see this shadow moving past under the crack
of the door.
I actually saw the whole shadow once - and I'm positive it was a man shadow.
It used to imitate my dad walking down the hallway - exactly the same type
of walk, right down to the little shuffle he would do in his slippers!
As I would be getting off to sleep, a small animal, maybe a dog would
suddenly jump up onto my bed right across my legs - but of course nothing
would be there.
Other times it would "hide" objects from us, like hair brushes, toys etc etc
only to find them in the same place where we knew we left them the following
It spoke twice to my mother - but not directly to her.
A woman's voice like an echo sound asked "where are the suitcases? "
and then at another time she asked for "Bob?"
Another time the ghost obviously liked my mothers perfume as my mother was
alone one day and walked into her room and smelled freshly sprayed perfume -
the bottle was completely empty.
I don't feel that this presence ( or however many ) was evil - maybe a
little mischeivous at times, but that's all.
Still, I would be quite pertrified at times - especially in my teens.


Parnormal Experiences


    Hello. My names Jennifer and I live in San Diego, CA.  I have had many
paranormal experiences.  I would take too long to tell all of them, so I'll
just tell a couple.
    One night, when i was little i shared a room with my brother.  My brother
was fast asleep and i couldnt sleep.  I just lied in my bed, because i
couldnt go to sleep without my my little pony stuffed animal.  I got up my
courage and walked up to the closet to get my stuffed animal.  As soon as i
open the closet door... I saw two big red eyes just floating there staring at
me...I screamed and thought it was a nightmare .. but when i jumped on my
brother, he woke up and i realized it wasnt a dream. Soon after that my mom
came in and flicked on the lights and was wondering what happened. I told her
and she said just go back to sleep.
    About a year or two ago, I went to my uncle's funeral.  It was a clear,
sunny day.. and my mom and I were driving to the cemetery.  I was sad but I
was in a normal state of mind.  My mom was talking to me .. and as soon as we
drove past the entrance gate to the cemetery... it was as if someone clapped
their hands over my ears, or like I was under water.. my mom's voice was
slowly drowned out and i heard silence then I heard someone whispering. I was
sooo weird.  The whisper sounded very faint, but the person was whispering a
name that sounded french or something.  The whispering voice had an accent..
not from another country.. but from an earlier era in time..
    Once when i was at the beach at night time with my brother and another
friend, I looked out the car window (which was parked) and i saw  a young
person with long brown hair , a white long sleeve shirt, and long white pants
sitting indian stlye on the floor the dirt facing me .. next to the car.
 I thought that it was strange for him to be facing our car and not the
beautiful ocean .. so i glanced back a milasecond later and he was gone.
Nobody sitting in the position could have got up and ran away that quick and
even if they did .. it was an open space and theyd have nowhere to hide.
    Another time when I was about 10 years old... I opened the kitchen
cabinet and a glass flew out .. hit the floor, and shattered.  I thought that
was strange because it flew out a couple seconds after i already opened the
cabinet and with force.  I didn't feel threatend though.  I searched the
cabinet for an explination.. like mice or roaches, but i found nothing.  Now
that i look back i think i was a spirit trying to give me a message.
    Another time when i was in highschool.  I slept in the living room
because i didnt have a bedroom.  I saw someone that looked like my mom's
fiance (now husband) walk into the kitchen.  I thought that it was him.. but
after a couple of minutes .. i didnt hear any noises from the kitchen..
Usually if someone goes into the kitchen they open the refridgerator or get
water or something...since i didnt hear anything i walk into the kitchen and
it was empty.  We lived in a thrid story apartment at the time and there were
no doors in the kitchen.. so whoever I saw go in the kitchen couldnt have
left the kitchen.  Later i told my mom that and she said that her fiance
looked just like her cousin that was murdered..and that she had a dream about
him around the time before, i saw someone that looked like him, walk into the
    I never felt threatened except for the red eyes.  Usually these
paranormal experiences happen so randomly and so quick you dont have time to
be scared until u think about it after it happens.

Our Max


My name is Amy, and For some reason, spirits and ghosts are drawn to me.I've
lived in atleast three houses that had "special friends" in them. The most
recent was about 5 years ago. My husband, myself and our 14 month old son
found a townhouse in our price range and area. I was 8 months pregnant with
our other son. At first we had no problems, but soon after our son was born,
it all started. We had a stair case that was iron bars, so we could see the
wall behind it. a little boy sat there a lot of the time, staring at the
wall. He would not let us see his face at all. He "told" me that his name
was Max.
  A friend of a friend came over one night, she froze in the door way. She
described Max to the tee. He always wore one of two outfits, both 80's style
clothes. He had a long style bowl cut with sandy blonde hair. But of course
he stared at the wall for her to. She took a tour of our house and she felt
he was hurt in the bathroom, I felt it happened in the master bedroom, for
three reasons. One, the foul smell that came from a corner, but only
sometimes. It smelled of rotting oranges, sweet but rotten. Two was that
when our younger son was about 6-8 weeks old, he went into a panic attack
and would not stop until we left the room. After that, he was not able to
cross the threshhold of the door way. Three was that the friend that saw Max
spent the night in our room, was given a big hug by him, she never spent the
night again.
We all slept in the living room, for obvious reasons. One night my
step-brother slept over. While we talked at 3am my potted ivey next to the
stairs swong back and forth, no windows open or anything.
Max liked to play with the boys toys, and watch tv when we were gone.
Although Max could be annoying, he never hurt us.


Once a Hotel


Okay...I've had several experiences, but his one is the coolest....literally.    In the house that I just moved out of a few days ago, I always felt things around.  A woman (mostly in the kitchen), and a man (in the bathroom).  The woman never got too close, but hung around.  No biggie.  The man on the other hand, scared the crap out of me.   One time, I was hanging my head over the bathtub to wash my hair and I could feel him wandering around.   (This is winter, so take note that no windows are left open).   From the time it took me to get my hair wet and put shampoo in my hands, my hair was ice cold.   And not like there was a small draft in the room either.   Like I had stuck my wet hair in the freezer, cold.   Interesting....     I would also get very uneasy when he got too close.   I called my fiance home from the neighbors house on several occasions because I was terrified.    Last note;   The apartment used to be an old motel.  So think about all the people that have gone through my door.   And think about all the bad things that could have happened in there.   An intimidating man and a sweet shy woman.   Makes me wonder.

 New Platz, NY

I just found your web site and find it fascinating! I lived in the same
house for 44 years in New Paltz, New York. I am convinced there are spirits
in that house. Here are a few stories.
I always had a very uncomfortable feeling about a particular room in the
house. I was less than 3 years old when my grandfather took an overdose of a
diabetes medication, Diabinese. It had just come out. He took about 60 pills
in an hour because he forgot he took them. My mother found him unconscious
in that room. He died a few days later because when they pumped his stomach,
an ulcer ruptured and he bled to death.
My father was ill for 8 years with a neurological disease, Steele-Richardson
Syndrome. The VA provided a hospital bed when he was home. He was in that
room. Several years later, my sister was ill with cancer. She was in that
room and died in that bed.
A year later, my mother, who was also ill with cancer, was in that room. She
died in that bed.
I kept hearing noises in the house. I would be downstairs and the only one
home. I could hear movement upstairs like someone else was there.
My mother and I had a habit of watching the 11:00 news and then going to
bed. One night, I was on one side of the living room and got up to turn off
the tv at 11:30. I saw a small circle of light at the bottom of the tv
stand. When I got to the tv, it was as if an invisible wall went up. I was
only about 2-3 inches from the tv knobs, but until that light went away, I
could not reach them. It must have been my mother. A few days earlier, my
friend and I were sitting in the living room across from each other talking.
All of a sudden he got a strange look on his face. He saw a small ball of
light move just off the floor near the fireplace and other side of the room,
and then disappear.
About 2 years befor my sister died, she went on a Tres Dias weekend and got
a cross. It was on one of her dressers in my brother's room. I had a tennant
in my sister's room. He thought he heard someone come in earlier, but was
not sure. The house was on the market and repairs were being made.  We went
upstairs and I instinctively flipped the switch to turn the light on
in the room. The light went on, so we realized it had been the repairman. My
tenant noticed the cross and suggested we bring it downstairs.
I took his advise and hung it on the mirror on the opposite wall of the
death room. That cross moved for 4 hours non stop that night! Sometimes it
would move up and down like on a heartbeat. Sometimes it would move side to
side, like a pendulum. That cross still moves to this day! I took it with me
when I moved to Colorado three and a half years ago. It has nothing to do
with any kind of draft, open window, etc. I firmly believe my sister is
still with me.
Also ghost related is the story of my father. He died Februry 18, 1981. It
rained the day of his funeral. It rained on the way to the Funeral Home. It
stopped so we could go inside. It rained while we were inside. It stopped so
we could come out. It rained on the way to the Church. It stopped so we
could go inside. It poured like no tomarrow all through Mass. It stopped so
we could come out. It rained on the way to the Cemetary. It stopped when we
got there. It started again when we left. From that day on, till I moved in
1999, if I went to the Cemetary in the rain, it would rain on the way up,
stop while I was there, and start again when I left. My girlfriend witnessed
this one night and it freaked her out. She thought I was joking.
Here is a story about my mother. She always promised me she would come back
and help me if she could after she died. Well, she died on a Wednesday
morning. I had to drive to Northern New Jersey Thursday night to pick up my
brother and sister-in-law for the funeral. I forgot to gas up on the way out
of New Jersey. I looked at my gas gauge after I passed the rest stop between
the Newburgh exit and the New Paltz exit on the New York State Thruway. I
had less than an eighth of a tank of gas. I asked mom to get me home. I hit
empty about 2-3 miles before the exit. I pulled into the gas station across
from the exit on fumes. To this day, I have not run out of gas. I do not
make it a habit of waiting till I am empty to fill up. I believe she is
still with me, and watching over me.
After the death of my sister and my mother, I was devistated. I tried
suicide. I took some pills and put a frozen solid piece of London Broil and
tomato sauce on the gas stove. I checked it after about an hour and found it
had not cooked much. I took some more pills and decided to turn it off in an
hour. I woke up for work 10 hours later. When I lifted the lid, it was
charcoal. The gas was off. The next day, my supervisor told me my mother had
come to her and said she came down and turned off the gas so nothing would
happen to me.

Nashville Apartment

I must say I am very impressed with this website!!  Great work!!
I have an experience (or few) to share.  In November of 1994, I moved into an upstairs apartment of an old house that was built in the 1930s or possibly before in the historic part of Nashville.  My first night in the apartment is actually when I had my first strange experience.  I was waiting for my boyfriend Chris to get home from work.  It was about 9pm when I was in the bedroom with the door closed getting things unpacked and organized.  I heard a slight knock on the door and thought maybe Chris was playing a prank on me.  So I just ignored it hoping that he'd give up the game and enter the bedroom.  Well, he never opened the door so I listened carefully to see if he was walking around in the other rooms.  All of a sudden I heard talking in the living room which was directly across the hall from our bedroom.  I opened the door to find a glow coming out of the dark living room.  As I walked into the room I started feeling really uneasy.  It was the television.  It somehow got turned on. It was not on before as I turned off every form of electricity in the rest of the house but the bedroom light.  So I switched on the living room overhead light in a flash and walked into the room to investigate.  Nothing out of the ordinary...  so I started to walk toward the television to turn it off and before I could touch the knob, it turned off on its own, right before my eyes.  I ran into the bedroom and waited for Chris to come home.  Finally he did and did not believe one word of my experience.
My other experiences came a few years later after Chris and I had broken up and I was living in the apartment by myself.  Every once in a while as I would be almost asleep, something would hit my bedroom door very hard.  It sounded like a gunshot it was so sharp and loud.  Needless to say, I would jolt upright in the bed and sleep with my lights on the rest of the night.  Another night I woke up to my music box on my dresser playing.  Another boyfriend of mine, while I was asleep one night claimed to hear footsteps outside the bedroom door going down the hallway.  He also said he woke up one night and had something (or some force) hovering over him and made it known to him that it was angry and wanted him or us out.  I spent 7 years in that apartment but only had those moments.

  My Parents House is Haunted


This may seem far fetched, but just about every place I've lived in has been haunted. A coworker once told me that I might be a portal for spirts due to the number of experiences I've had.
I'll share my parent's current house with you. Hope I don't make it sound too formal...
  a.. House was originally built in the late 1970's.
  b.. My parents being the second owners; original owners were in their 70's or 80's, but only used the house as a weekend getaway and sold to my parent's in March of 1988.
A few of the instances:

  a.. First instance was in 1991. A friend of mine was staying the night and came running into the bathroom where I was. He was completely agitated and was rattling on about a green light, the size of a dime, come out the north wall, zinged about the room and went back into the wall. We backtracked and repeated our movements of the previous five minutes, but to no prevail.
  b.. One week later, I was in bed and saw the green light dash about the room. I said to the light "About time you showed yourself to me", ironically, I swear on a stack of Bibles, the light flung itself back into the north wall and the window rattled like a fist had hit it.
  c.. For about a month afterward, shadows moved across the room; the verticle blinds would shake,as if someone was standing there shaking them violently; the TV would glow as if being turned on or off (even when I had it unplugged); then the SCARIEST thing happened in that bed which was an old  king size oak  waterbed that was converted to a regular bed lifted off the ground with me in it and slowly swayed. The bed did this three nights in a row. Needless to say, I was too scared to get out of the bed, call out, or anything. The bed didn't lift high, about an inch, but I actually felt it lift and sway.
  d.. Various events happened over the years...way too many to put in an e-mail.
  e.. In Jan 1998, when my mother passed away, our former maid swore she saw my mother on the TV waving goodbye. Our  former maid was a religious lady who would not make this type of stuff  up. Also, after talking to her, I determined that the moment she saw my mother on TV was the precise moment I had the unfortunancy of watching my mother die at the hospital.
  f.. Right after my mother died, I noticed a lot of cold spots when I would visit my father on the weekends. Also, our dog would jump up, perk her ears, cock her head, and just stare into the hallway. It was too weird. Also, I always felt like I was being watched.
  g.. In the few years since my mother passed, I still feel the cold spots, see lights and movement, items have been known to disappear and then reappear in the same place that was previously searched.
  h.. My father's lady friend has had similar experiences.
  i.. My father must have witnessed things too, for I have asked him about it and he quickly changes the topic.
  j.. Ironically, on the one year anniversary of my mother's death, a friend and I were house sitting for my dad. My friend swears that a blue orb about the size of a beach ball came out of the back bedroom closet and hovered over the bed. Also, on the same night, he woke up and saw a small man standing by the bed with a really evil look; ironically, I woke up about that time because the dog was outside the room barking like mad and trying to get into the room.
There's a lot more to this story. Also, this is not the only haunted place I've been in. I've got stories that would fill a library.
Feel free to write, if you would like more of my "adventures".

My Paps White Cat


I have only had two experiences with strange happenings. I have shared one now I would like to share the second.
Growing up, my Pap and I were very close. I spent a lot of weekends with him and grandma. Even tho there were 20 plus grandkids I was always closest to my Pap. Pap worked on a farm and one day he brought home a kitten. He was beautiful!! He was pure white and he had one green eye and one blue. We named him Fluffy and for years he was Paps outside cat. One day he just dissappeared. Now I realize he ran away but at the time I was broken hearted. That was 28 years ago.
Pap passed away 11 years ago, and before he passed he told me that he would always take time to keep an eye on me and my kids. By a  strange twist of fate my husband started working on the same farm the year after Pap passed. It was a job, nothing fancy but it paid the bills for us. The farmer supplied the housing for us and he put us on the same plot of ground that my Pap had lived 28 years ago.
Life went on, and financial problems hit. I was really down one day and looked out the window and on my porch sat a pure white cat. I was thinking to myself that this can't be. So I opened the door and called "Fluffy?" the cat turned there was the one blue and one green eye. I knew right away that it was Pap looking after me. I sat for hours on the porch with Fluffy. Talking to him as if I was talking to a person. Afterwards I felt calm and sure that everything would work out for us. And sure enough I secured a good job and things were going good. Anytime I was feeling blue or down, I would look out the window and the Cat would be sitting at the door waiting for me. This went on for 5 years. Fluffy was never around any other time tho. I would go looking for him, just too see if he was real. But I was never able to find him. But just like Pap I knew he would be there when I needed him. My girls and husband never saw the cat, and they would often joke it was my imagination. But I know what I saw.
We moved from the farm a year ago. My husband took a job that paid him double his pay from there. We took a whole weekend to move, with many to and from trips. On Monday I went to clean the house and make sure all loose ends were tied up. As I pulled in the lane, out of nowhere popped Fluffy to meet me. He sat on the porch while I finished up, and as i closed the door to that chapter of my life, Fluffy rubbed up against my leg.I bent down and patted his head and said a goodbye to him. His tail went up in the air, he meowed real loud and sorta sauntered across the yard. I guess that was his way of saying you will be fine. The last year here has been all good and I still sit and think about Fluffy/Pap. I know it was Pap watching over me during our hard times. And I still wonder what the odds are of me getting down and looking out the window and seeing Fluffy on my deck.

My Haunted House in England

I used to live in a house that was built in the 1600's.  At one time, part of the civil war had occured right behind my house. Now I am not a very strong believer  in ghosts or anything like that, but the things that would happen in my house were very strange. I always heated my house so it was very warm. But one day, I was walking up the stairs, and I all of the sudden felt a cold draft that felt like ice run past me.
I had a very big fireplace in my house. It was so big, that it even had shelves on it! Well, I put things on those shelves and for instance, one time I put a clock on my shelf and  I would go to bed, and the when I woke up I would go and look at the clock and it the back would be facing the other way! Something had to turn it around, because noone else lived in that house with me, and clocks don't just turn around by themselves.
There was also another part of my house which was built in the 1800's. The strange thing is that nothing ever happened in that part of the house. It was only int he part of the house that was there during the civil war. But like I said, I do not believe very much in this whole ghost business, but something had to be there to do that stuff...

My Grandfather's Ring


I'm not sure if this counts as a 'ghost story' or if it was just
coincidence.  This is not my experience, but my father's.
When my grandfather from my father's side died back in the summer of '97, my
dad got his gold and ruby ring.  My dad wore that ring all the time except
when he took a shower and went to bed.  A year or so ago, the ring went
missing.  I vaguely remember my father asking us all if we had seen the
ring.  Needless to say, he was pretty upset that he could not find it.
About two or three weeks ago, my dad came up to us and showed us the ring.
He said to us, "You know how long this ring has been missing?  More than a
year.  Almost two."  We, his children, asked him how and where he found it,
after so long.  He proceeded to tell us the following.
Earlier that morning, while he was still asleep, he had had a dream.  His
father had come to him in the dream.  He asked him where his ring was and my
dad told him that it was gone.  My grandfather said that it was not.  And my
father told him that, yes, unfortunately he had lost it several years ago.
My grandfather reprimanded him for losing the ring, but told him that he (my
father) had, infact, not lost it; that my father knew exactly where it was.
My dad told him that he did not know where it was.  My grandfather told him
that it was in the dresser, way in the bottom, that it had slipped out of
the drawer into the dresser that day that he lost it.
My father awoke from the dream and decided to check the dresser and see.  He
took out the three drawers and there, in the corner of the dresser bottom,
was the gold and ruby ring that belonged to my grandfather.
Coincidence or did my grandfather really visit my father through a dream and
help him find that ring?

MY Fathers Home in the Canyon


Hi, my name is Jess, and from 1998 to 2000, my father lived in a tiny house
at the bottom of a canyon in Crosbyton, Texas. In this canyon, there are two
other houses, but they are both on the other side of the caprock and we
hadn't ever really met them, other than a chat while my fater and I
occasionaly rode our horses past (Crosbyton is an old, run down ranch town
where there aren't a whole lot of people). Anyway, when my father was
showering one morning alone, he claimed he heard someone calling his name.
Thinking it was my aunt who lived down the road about 7 miles, he quickly
dressed and went out to look for her. He called her name, and when there was
no reply, he assumed she had returned home. About 10 minutes, he called my
aunt, and when she picked up the phone, she had been asleep! While in that
house, my sister was less than a year old when they moved in. She would lay
in her crib and smile and laugh when my stepmom would be sewing or
something. When she walked over to see what Emmy (my sister) was excited
about, she saw Emmy watching something dash from one side of the ceiling to
the other. While on my grandparents ranch (also in Crosbyton- the L7 Ranch)
my father took his old horse Dudley out in to an isolated pasture that my
Grandpa didn't use much. As he entered the pasture, Dudley, who by nature is
a very calm horse, went wild. There was absolutely no way that horse was
going to go inside the pasture. Wondering what was wrong with Dudley, my Dad
dismounted and checked his hooves for something that might have hurt him.
There was nothing. He finally got dudley calmed down, but as soon as he
mounted him to try to get him inside the pasture, my father heard the faint
crying of a baby. When he realized there wasn't a living person within a
mile's radius, my father and the quite shaken horse got out of there as fast
as he could. Later on, they discovered many Comanche grave sites that
haven't been touched in over fifty years, as the ranch has owned that land
for quite some time. In those graves, they discovered a chief, a few men,
and, in one grave, a tiny child no older than 3 years. To this day, neither
my father, nor the horses or cattle will enter or graze this sacred pasture.

My Experience with a Ghost


I lived with my sister throughout some of my teenage years and my little
niece who is not little anymore lived there too.  Just a couple of weeks ago
I learned that she has seen the same ghost in the house.  Our descriptions
match perfectly.
One day I was fixing my face in the mirror and I saw the reflection of a
figure float by out in the hallway.  It was a woman, gray haired with a
whitish silvery gown on and she seemed to float and not walk-i did not see
the image of feet taking steps.  My niece described the same thing in the
same area but we are the only family to live in that house.  My
brother-in-law who was at one time my legal guardian built that house.
Every time  I stay in the house alone I sense a presence and I hear noises.
It's kind of scary but not scary enough to want to leave.

More Ghost Stories



 I sent in some stories a couple months ago and thought it was time to send
In more.  Here goes.  My great grandma and grandpa used to live in a little house
Out in the middle of nowhere by a little town in Missouri no other houses were by their
House.  One time my mom, her mom, and two brothers were there and they heard a baby
Crying my uncle was a baby at the time but he was not crying.  Another time I think it was probably around the same time my grandma got up to fix my uncle a bottle when she walked in the kitchen the stove was glowing red ( it was a gas stove not an electric) also there is this light that had a string that you had to pull to turn it on well she was standing under it and something was dangeling in her face the next morning she stood under the light and there was no way the string could of dangled in front of her face.
There is this road in Louisiana, Missouri (it is down on the river front)  well my grandma and her friends would walk down it after going to the movies and they would hear something running down the hill from the cemetery now this is a big hill nothing could run down it well anyways it would follow them until they got to the railroad lights.  I have heard other stories of this same ghost on the internet so if you have heard any contact me.
This is my dads ghost experience it happened last July of ’02.  Well he was working on my uncles heater in his basement (it is a big basement with many rooms) he doesn’t know why exactly but he looked behind him and saw something standing there he just turned back around and started working again because he thought it was a brown cabinate that was standing  against the wall.  Then he started thinking that it couldn’t be the cabinate so he looked back around and it was still there looking at him.  He said that it was an outline of a tall man it was misty in the middle and black around the edges.  He said he didn’t feel a temperature change because it was already cold in the basement but he said his hair stood up on the back of his neck.  After that it dispppeared and he went back to working on the heater because he had to get it fixed.
We used to live in a house with a cemetery in front of it now I don’t know if it had anything to do with our experiences but ya never know.  My mom would stay at home during the day why we were at school well one she heard a music box playing now we had music boxes but they did not play that song that It was playing.  On other days she would be sleeping and something would shake the end of the bed.  She would sleep on the couch and hear something walk through the kitchen.  I remember some nights (I slept on the couch cuz I didn’t like my room) I would also hear something walk through the kitchen.  My mom also heard someone walking in the garage my dad wasn’t home and we were at school we had a small dog in there but these steps sounded like boots on wood but the odd thing was our floor was concrete.
One night at the house I live at now my cousin was sleeping on the floor and I was on the couch it was like 3:30 Am when I felt something peck on my knee constantly I looked up cuz sometimes my cousin sleep walks but it is usually 30 minutes after she goes to sleep well I looked up and she was asleep.  The next morning I wasn’t going to tell my cousin about it but when we were eating breakfast she told me that when she got off the computer that same night she heard someone talking from the hall everyone was asleep by this time it was around 1 Am well anyways she told me that and I was shocked so I decided I better tell her about my experience.  Another time earlier that year I was babysitting my little cousin and my older cousin from the story above was on the computer I was in the bathroom doing my hair when I seen this little girl run by I thought it might be my little cousin so I went in and asked them if she had gotten and they said no and I figured it wasn’t her cuz she never ran back by my cousin didn’t see it and the computer is right by where the bathroom door is.
Well I hope you liked my stories even though it was a little long if you want to ask me a question just email me.

Mammy and Pappy; The Ghost of my House

I live in a very old farmhouse. The house is over 160 years old. I personally never had anything happen to me, but my parents have had things happen to them. My step-dad's great grandparents once lived in the house. He told me that he swore that he saw his pappy at the top of the stairs. My mom also says that she saw mammy walking out of the bathroom. Our sterio also always turns up and down with the volume. Other little things that happened to my mom is that she saw our old cat in the living room and she saw our old dog in the yard. Now to the things that happened to me. My light turned on all by its self and when I was getting in the shower I saw something black float away from the mirror. So I guess you could say that my house is haunted.



    My dad died on December 9, 1999. I was very close to my father so
when I found out that he died I couldn't hold it together. In the year
2002. Two years after his death. I started seeing things. When I go to
bed every night I turn off all of the lights in the house. The only
light that I leave on is the small light above the stove. I woke up
about the morning  to go to the bathroom. As I was walking
downstairs I noticed that all of the lights were on in my house. I was
so scared. I am the only one in my house at night. My husband works at
night and my 2 year old daughter sleeps with me. At first I thought that
my husband may have came home early that night. But I called him at work
and he said that he did not.  That has happened to me about three times.
All sorts of things have happened to me. On night my two year old
daughter woke up crying in the middle of the night for a binky. I got up
out of my bed and went into her room. the binky that I gave her when she
went to bed was under the covers so I gave her that one. Well she wanted
another one to hold. So I looked everywhere in the house for one and I
could not find one. I told her that she had to just sleep with the one
because I could not find another one. I went back up to my bed after
that. When I got in bed I saw a binky laing right in the middle of my
pillow. I have no idea how it got there, I was sleeping in that same
spot before and there was nothing there at all.
    I beleive that my father sometimes comes into my house. Just to let
me know that he is watching me. I don't think that he means to scare me.
I just think that he wants me to know that he is there. So many things
have happened to me. I have photos of what I think is his spirt in them.
I think that he is watching over me.


Hungry for Company


I would like to share another experience with you. This happened about 6 or 7 years ago now. I was in a shopping mall with my mother, two nieces and my daughter who was just a toddler. I had never liked the mall much, right from the time it was first built but had to go there on occaission to pay some bills. My mother was the one on this particualr day that had errands to run. The medicare office there always made me feel claustrophobic to the point of nausea so i avoided having to use it as much as possible. I never gave any thought really to my feelings, just assuming that government deparments made most people feel this way. Not long afterwards whilst in town with my sister she told me her husband would not use that office because he felt like he couldnt breathe in there. I had not told her of my feelings about the place.
Anyway the day in question we had all decided to take a break and have lunch at Mcdonalds with was just across form the medicare office. It was school holidays and jam packed. My mum cared for the children and i stood in line to be served, i was in the middle of 5 lines at least a dozen people deep, it was difficult to move as we were shoulder to shoulder and moving forward slowly. Suddenly a little man whom i had not noticed previously stepped back and put his arm around my waist and offered for me to take his place. I thanked him and said i could not possibly take his palce after he had waited so long. He told me he had all the time in the world to wait. I remember smelling armpit type odour, it wasnt offensive but it was there, he was wearing a crumpled looking cardigan and pants with a tie but he looked very out of place. He told me how he wished the world was the way it used to be when he lived with his mother and that he didnt live far from here. I responded politely and then turned to take another step forward. When i turned back a split second later he was gone. The line was more of a crowd and so tight he just couldnt have got out of sight so quickly. It took me a good few minutes just to get through the line when i had been served. Somehow i think this man was more attracted to company than food, why would you stand all that time in a Maccas line only to disappear. Food for thought(pardon the pun) but if he was a ghost which my every instinct told me and still tells me he was, was i standing in the line of people seemingly talking to myself? Did people think i was Or do we slip into another dimension momentarily. Which reminds me of another incident that was witnessed by my sister and myself. But thats another story.
Thankyou for the opportuntiy to share my experiences.

Haunted Indiana


I live in Indiana and one night me and my now husband was in Tipton In. and we heard some of our friends talking about a haunted house and me and my husband love things like that so we asked them where it was.They said its out in the country and they were to afraid to go out there so they told us how to get there.So me my husband and a few friends went out there and there was 3 places one we found out was nothing the other 2 were very creepy.The first one was a house it was close to midnight and very dark except for a light on the house across the road.We seen a old house that was falling down we also felt like something was watching us.It did'nt feel threating so we stayed and was looking toward the house and we seen a glowing doorbell but there was no doorbell we started to get scared then we seen a very short female in a long flowing white dress almost like a wedding dress she was standing by the door her dress looked like the wind was blowing it but there was'nt enough wind to do it so we left we left that one and went to the next one it was an old church or school close to Elwood In. in the country we stopped in front of it and sit in the car with our lights off and we seen something moving around inside we tryed to just blow it off but it just kept moving around we did'nt feel like we were in any harm so we kept watching and it came to the window and we seen it,it was a male we got really scared and left very quickly,but we can't stay away we have been back several times.The only times we ever felt any danger was one night we went with 2 cars and we had 9people in one cae and 3 in the other a friend of my husbands was driving the car with 3 people in it my husband was driving the other we stoped in front of the first place and sit there for a few minutes and seen the same old woman in the white dress then we left there and went by the school our friend had already passed it we down one and then came back so we could be facing the right way and there was a truck our friend wanted to try and scare them my husband said no I don't like this so we just kept driving and the truck stoped in front of us and our friend went around him and stoped to wait on us but the truck had us blocked and we could'nt go around him and then her turned and started comming toward us outr friend just took off we had to go in reverse to get away when the tuck got close to us we seen that no one was driving it it was just a glow around the shape of a human we finally got turned around and was going very fast and I looked out the back window and it was still there very colse then I looked in the rearview mirror and it was still close I looked out the front window and then out the back window and it was gone there were no houses or roads around just cornfields we had other people tell us the same thing when we got back to town our friend said that the truck was after him at the same time it was after us and we got out of the car and looked at the back of our car and there was hand prints on the bumper and trunk
The second time we felt in danger was one time we went there with our friend and he yelled something out the window and I seen a dark shadow jump through one of the windows and come after us our friend was driving and he was going kind of fast then all of a sudden the car stoped and would'nt go anywhere and he had the gas peddle pushed down he was scared and he don't belive in sprits
The 3rd place is a barn we seen a figure hanging and swinging through the windows and one night we were there with 2 people that had never been and we were sitting in front of the barn and me and one of them seen lights pass across the barn and told my husband to go and the way we were sitting the only way for the lights to pass across the barn that way was if it had passed right beside us and it did'nt that happened 3 times another friend said he heard voices in the field asross from the barn
I just want to know if anyone knows anything about this place

Haunted Experience


Hi my name is Sonya and I live in Ottawa Ontario.
I would like to share with you my experience with the paranormal.
Me and my family had been living in this house for over three years and nothing weird or unusual ever happened.
One night me and my brother were playing in the basement,
a game of checkers i think it was. Anyways at the same time me and my brother got the urge to look at the furnice. When we did we seen someone looking back at us then slowly he dissapaered. We atomaticly thought it was our other brother playing a trick on us. But when we ran up stairs to tell our parents we seen our brother sitting with them doing his homework.We told them what we saw and of course it was nothing they said, our imagination. We knew other wise. This was not the last time we seen this apparation. We learned to live with it until we moved a few years later. After we moved my father told us that he had seen the very same figure once or twice, but he did not tell us then because he didn't want to scare us.
As children my and my brother have always had weird things happen to us both. Same with my father. We all have a gift and our welling to seek out haunted places and study paranormal activities. To see a ghost opens up many doors for a human, it is a wonderful thing

Grandmas Little Girl


When I was at my grandma's for lunch one day with a bunch of my friends, we were all sitting at the kitchen table and all the sudden two of my friends ( Katrina and Nicole) got up out of their seats and asked me and Taneille if we heard that sound, me and Taneille both just looked at them and thought that they were playing joke on us so we just ignored them until like 2 minutes later when  we heard a little girls voice and we couldn't quite make out what she was saying but we didn't care we were to scared so we all got up out of our seats and were all in the corner and then we heard the voice again and realized what it was saying it was saying Hi and it was like a little girls voice so we all screamed. Then Katrina looked at all of us and said lets call Holly (who is my best friend and lives 2 houses down) and so we did and she came over and didn't believe us one bit she thought that we were just trying to scare her, so since she thought that we were lying she walked over to the room in the hallway in which the sounds were coming from and then all you could see was her running around the corner saying you guys weren't kidding were you? Then we all looked at her and said I told you. It was almost time to leave to go back to school when we realized that all of our shoes were at the back door and in order to get them that we would have to go past the room and none of us wanted to go, but finally they got me and Holly to go and when we did we heard like this bell sound coming from the room and we didn't really want to pay attention to this so we tried to ignore it until we heard the voice again, then after we heard the voice we stopped and were to scared to move. While we were standing there we noticed a piece of paper underneath the door and /holly wanted to see what would happen if she pulled it so she did, and she was doing it very gentle and it was coming out fine until we heard a BOOM on the ground and the paper got pulled into the room. We then jumped and by then the other girls were waiting outside in their bare feet so we ran and got the shoes and ran out of that house and to this day I will not stay there by myself.

Grandma's Ashes


In April of 99 my grandmother (Liberty Vincent) passed away in a nursing
home in Alburquque, NM. All her life she did fortune telling for a
living. She was very accurate and would tell you both the good and bad.
We had her creamated and sent to us via Fed Express. After 3 days we did
not recieve her ashes we called the funeral  home and they put a tracer
on her. A month had passed and we finally got her so we could spread her
ashes. The funny thing was she said she always wanted to travel so I
guess this was her chance. We spread her ashes in Poplur Bluffs, MO a
week later. Well...about 2 weeks after that on a Saturday morning my
husband and I were getting ready to run some errands. As we were talking
about what bills needed to be mailed our basement door opened, we just
looked at each other and tried to dismiss it as a draft. However, I had
4 glass canisters on my kitchen counter and on one of the canisters was
a huge spot of ashes!!! Neither one of us smoke and I do not have any
ash trays in my house and we did not open the box of ashes till we
arrived in Poplur Bluffs at her property. I knew it was my grandmother
letting me know she was around. This is just one of the many, many
encounters that I have experienced in life. I sometimes wonder because
of my family's background with clairvoyance, card reading, and etc..if
this is why we experience the unknown?

Grandfather and now Sister

By: bjhoulihan@hotmail

This is not as much as a story but a once of expierence so here is the following of what happened.
I will never forget the night it happened. See I used to sleep upstairs in my current house which is a two story dwelling. My old bedroom is only a few yards from the tiolet. I would have been aged between 6 and 8 when on my usual awaking at night I got up and made my journey to the tiolet which meant crossing the landing. Anyway I usually could do this with my eyes closed or in other words half asleep. But this night I was walking across when I could have sworn I sensed someone coming up the stairs.
So I looked down half expecting to see my father or mother. But who or what I saw wasn't something I recognised. The man was tall about 6 foot 4 and that was when I thought it was my father. I ran into my parents room as I was frightened when who I thought was my father wouldn't reply when I said "hello". When I went into room I seen my father and mother in bed, I quickly woke them but they only said I must have been seeing things.
For years I would close my eyes and never look down the stairs when walking the landing at night. When I was 10 or 11. I was looking at old photos of my mother who had recently passed away, when I seen the man I had seen on the stairs. I asked my father who this person was and he told me it was his father, my grandfather.
I had never seen my grandmother or grandfather as they both died before I was born. It was then it struck me that it was my grandfather who I had seen that night.
I am now sleeping downstairs, I am now 17 living in my sisters room, who also passed away. And I have never seen the figure again. But I am still in fear of this person.
So basically that is my story of how I have seen my grandfather even though he is dead. Even now as I type I can still remember the figure and to be honest at this second of typing I am alone in the house and don't feel like going upstairs.
On another note has anyone else heard the voice of dead family members. As lately I can swear I am hearing my deceased sister saying Brian as I live me room which was originally her's.
Thank you to anyone that has read this, This is my first time telling anyone about my expierences.
Thank you to the shadowlands it has made me feel normal, after these expierences.

Ghost I Have Seen


      Hi i live in new zealand.  I thought i would send in some
      stories of the ghosts i have seen.
      Seven years old
      The first ghost i seen was at my first house it was on a island called stewart island.
      I went to bed and woke up late that night.
      right in front of me was a tansperant bright red spirit it
      was in the shape of a person but you could'nt see its arms or legs and face just its shape it also made         a clicking sound that would go click, click ,click, click and on the forth click it would go away and then come back on the next click, each click was about two seconds apart.  It continued to come each night for a few weeks and then it never came back.
      eight years old
      The next one i seen was just before bed i looked behind me and a lady in dress jumped out of the shadows and as soon as she hit the ground she was gone at first i thought it was my imagination but now im not so sure.
      nine years old
      The next one i seen was at my nana's i woke up and there were four people in a circle looking at each and you could'nt see there legs only there upper body and i just hide under my blankets.
      ten years old
      The next ghost i seen was at my dads i was sitting in the lounge when i felt a real strong force behind i looked behind me and there was nothing there. i would also here whirrling sounds.
      ten years old
      The next was at my dads new house i was in my room getting dressed when i looked up at this glass cuboard and the face of a little boy was in it smiling at me then it was gone and then it opened up. Then i was walking past my room and i saw a seethrough square shape floating above the ground.
      fourteen years old
      The next thing that happened to me was at my mums i woke up one night and i was floating up near my roof and i looked at my door then all of a sudden i was looking through the eyes of something walking towards my door on the outside it then reached up to open my door then i was back in bed and i could'nt move, my eyes were closed and something told me to keep them closed i keep hearing a buzzing then i went to sleep.when i was expereincing this i felt half asleep half awake.
      The last thing that happened was i woke up and felt like i couldnt move but i was able to fight it and get out of bed
      i am now sixteen and i have not seen anything for about 2 years now thankyou for listning to my stories.
      could you please send me back some info on my last two stories



The following is a true account of my ghost experience, thought I would share it with you.
Although I've experienced nothing out of the ordinary recently (although my husband heard whispering in our bedroom a couple of weeks ago) there seemed to be a cluster of strange happenings in my house about two years ago.  It started with an incident in my bathroom, I was completely alone in the house, it was around 10.30am and I was taking a shower.  There was a knock on the bathroom door and a man's voice asking what I was doing. Because of the noise of the running water I assumed it was my husband and so I answered "taking a shower, what does it sound like!".  I then proceeded to carry on the conversation asking him why he was back so soon, he had only left the house ten minutes earlier to take our son swimming,  he again asked what I was doing.  I turned off the shower and opened the bathroom door, there was no sign of my husband or anyone else, I looked out of our bedroom window to see if my husband had returned, he hadn't, I was still alone in the house.
The most disturbing occurences were when I was around six months pregnant with our daughter and lasted for about two months.  I would hear whispering during the night in our bedroom, I put this down to insomnia which is very common during pregnancy.  Sometimes I would be woken with the feeling of somthing heavy on my legs, towards the end of the bed, like a person sitting there, when I looked nothing was there.  The worst thing that was happening, this happened several times, I would get out of bed in the morning to find my stomach, abdomen, and back to be covered in long red marks (not stretch marks) scratches.  It's possible I could have scratched myself in my sleep but I couldn't even reach some of the marks on my back.  The disturbances seemed to reach a peak and one night my husband and I were in bed, he was asleep I was reading, I turned out the lights and the door obruptly opened, there was nobody standing in the doorway, I just sat there staring at the door, I felt a sort of strange feeling, I wasn't scared I can't explain the feeling although it wasn't a negative feeling, I lay down and went to sleep.  I've seen, heard or felt nothing since.
I hope this is of some interest.

Ghost Story


Well, there are many supernatural stories in my life as the veil that separates this world and the next is very thin for the people in my family.  Not just with things of the "spirits."  Such as my Grandmother has an amazing ability to manipulate dice.  Word to the wise, never gamble against her.  And all the women (and a few men) of my family are highly empathic (the ability to sense and project emotions).  In so being we sense the "atmosphere"of places very easily.
This posting will be of my own personal experiences of before I met my soon-to-be husband.
Most of my family have very long memories.  Not long in the sense that we can remember what we had for breakfast March 10th, 1987 or something.  But in the sense that our memories start very early in life.  My earliest memory comes from when I was only four months old, but since the memory is nothing supernatural I will move on.
My first memory of something that I knew for a fact was not my imagination comes from when I had to have been about two-three years old.  During that time my mother and father were not divorced and he worked in the Coast Guard.  We lived on Treasure Island in San Francisco.
I was lying asleep in my bed and it think I had a nightmare or something because I woke up frightened.  That's when I remember looking up above me and seeing two glowing white "comet" looking things spinning in a big circle over my bed.  I remember staring at them too scared to move or cry and wanting my mommy really bad.  Slowly the two lights formed faces.  I know it sounds a bit cheesy and odd but thinking back on it they looked like the classic "spook under a sheet" Only somehow much more frightening.  And the light trailed behind them like aftertrails.
Needless to say as they formed the faces they started to get closer and I screamed as loud as a two year old can and bolted out of the room, down the hall, and into my parents room blubbering about the ghosts in my room.  My Mom and dad chalked it up to me just having a nightmare or something.  And I remember being very pissed at them for not believing me for what I had seen, because I knew I hadn't been dreaming.  Other then that I had no other frightening memory of that house.
Moving up into the future I was now about five, probably closer to six as I was visiting, (or perhaps had already moved in with my grandmother as this was about the time that my mother and father parted ways).  I remember that I was getting really tired.  I was sitting on the end of the couch, resting my head on the arm of the couch with my arm dangling over the side with one of my toys in my hand.  The toy box was right up against the side of the couch and my hand was hanging over it.  I don't remember if I was watching to TV or listening to the adults talk but I was starting to doze as I was being ignored.
Suddenly something jerked my toy out of my hand and drooped it into the toy box.  I was instantly awake and aware, and a little frightened.  I knew it hadn't simply fell out of my hand because I felt a definite tug.  All I could think was that it was my grandfather (who had died a week before my first birthday) putting my things away and letting me know he was about.  That was the only really "noticeable" thing that my grandfather ever did.  But many times I could feel him in the house.  He was a warm spirit, and made me feel safe.
I also seemed to have an uncanny ability to locate where my friend had buried their animals that had died.  It became a game.  I would close my eyes and relax.  And went towards a faint tugging that I could feel against my mind.
We stopped that game because it started to get frightening somehow.  But to this day if I need to find something badly I can feel mental tugs.  Call it intuition if you like.
Also, on rare happy occasions we got to go to the park and play on the playground.  Strangely, though to me at the time it wasn't strange (ah the sweet unveiled innocence of a young child), I would play with kids in the playground that the adults could not see.  I was not the only child that had these playmates that could not be seen.  There were two kids I remember the most.  They were always there to play with me.  One was a young boy.  He had sandy blond hair and was very sweet.  He loved playing in the sand, and I being a tomboy liked to play right along with him.  I don't remember his name but he was fun.  But he always seemed to mysteriously disappear halfway through our play time.  We would be playing, I would turn around and back again and he would be gone.  Though I never felt like this was strange at all.  The other was a little girl.  She had long wavy, almost curly, dark hair.  She was the one I climbed around on all the slides with.  Went to the towers of the play equipment and pretend that we were monsters, and unicorns, and other such child like games.  She too would disappear suddenly.  And none of the adults would see mine, or my brother Ian's playground friends.  But they were always there waiting for us to play when we got there.
Again let us move forward.  I lived in my grandmothers house with little spiritual activity aside from the occasional warm visits from the grandfather I never met.  We lived there, my mother, two brothers, and I, until just before my thirteenth birthday.
We then moved into a simple three bedroom house on an out of the way street.  The house was very nice, and I loved it dearly.  But from the moment we moved in I could "feel" something in the masterbedroom, located in the back of the house.  The "presence" seemed to stay in the front of the closet area just in front of the small bathroom.  It was the first "dark" presence that I had ever truly had to live with.  He, for it had a VERY male "taste" to it did not like anyone in his room.  The house wasn't old so it was not a ghost.  This was an entity or spirit that I'm guessing liked where our house was.
But to move on he did not like us there at all.  I remember trying to avoid having to go into my mothers room at all cost.  It was uncomfortable, and the place where the presence was the heaviest was always darker then the rest of the room.  The best way to describe the feeling is as if your mouth gets suddenly very dry.  Like there's a heavy pressure in the air around your nose and mouth.  A pressure that made it just plain uncomfortable to be there.
After a while I acquired pictures of Christ and had them framed.  Gave them to my mother and we hung a picture of Christ in every room in the house, including the bathrooms.  While my mother could feel that there was "something" there she was never there enough to actually be in the room long enough to dress and sleep before having to go again.
As soon as the pictures were hung the male presence began to slowly fade.  And I mostly forgot about it as it left.  By the time we moved out of the house I couldn't sense it any longer.  But he wasn't the only visitor I had in that house.
I am admittedly a night owl.  I stay up late and night and prefer sleeping during the day.  Because of this I'm up when everyone else is asleep.  I find this the best time to do housework.  No boys to get in the way while your cleaning.
It started after we had been in the house about two years.  It was summer vacation and so I could be up as late as I wanted.  I was doing the dishes when I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  The kitchen was open and it had a clear view of the hallway.  The hallway deadened into a linen closet.  The doorway to my brothers room was to its left, the door for the bathroom next to the closet, and the doorway for my mothers room next to the main bathroom.  Like this.
Bo    Mo
What I saw was a little girl.  About nine I'm guessing.  She had long black hair, strait, coming to just below her shoulderblades.  She was wearing what looked like a long white nightgown.  She was holding in her hands what could have been a doll or a teddybear.  I'm not sure.  But the most about her I remember was the overwealimg sense of sadness and loneliness.  I did not get the sence that she died in the house.  More like she was looking for someone.  She visited me about four or five times.  Always at the same time (2am).  And I could never look at her directly.  If I turned to look at her she would fade out.  As soon as I would look back down at the dishes she would be there again, just sadly and quietly watching before eventually turning and disappearing.
Eventually we had to move and I come to the final tale of my experiences before I got with my fiancé.  The next house we moved into was very warm.  It was a happy place.  I got no sense of something lurking just past regular vision.  But after a while I had a visitor.  I would sit and be watching TV, or doing homework, or something to that nature. And I would feel as if someone were looking over my shoulder and looking at what I was reading.
Mind you I cannot stand the feeling and I would look up and behind me.  I got a mental impression of a man standing behind me.  It wasn't malicious.  But rather warm and loving.  I never got an impression of features, more like a silhouette.  This has happened many times, and not just in that home, but this is not a ghost.  I feel he is rather a curious friend that follows me about and lets me feel him around when I'm trying to do something.
Well, it grows late and this has gotten long.  I shall write again.


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