Ghost Or Demon?


When I was about 14 my family moved to Asuncion,
Paraguay in South America where my parents served as
missionaries.   We rented a house about 5 blocks from
the school my sister and I were to attend.  It was a
pretty cool house, my bedroom especially.  My bedroom
was unique in that it was a two floor room (meaning it
had an upstairs and downstairs).  My bed was on the
bottom floor and my desk and books were on the top
floor.  On the top floor there was also a huge walk in
closet/library recessed in the back wall.  It was
always a bit eerie walking into this area due the
chills you would get approaching the back of the room.
About three or four nights after moving into the house
I was awakened with a start.  Entering my room was a
figure of a man, with his arms stretched out in front
of him, approaching my bed.  He looked normal except
that his eyes were missing leaving only the remaining
sockets.  His hands were focused towards my neck as if
he meant to strangle me.  He was semi-transparent and
had no feet, gliding more than stepping.  There was no
sound.  I freaked as you can imagine, and pulled my
covers over my head.  I peeked out from under my
covers several minutes later and there was nothing
there.  I calmed myself down, blaming a possible
dream, and eventually went back to sleep.
About a week later I was again awakened by the same
figure.  This time it was not alone.  Clinging to the
walls, closets and even the ceiling were black shadows
with yellow eyes that stood about 2 feet tall.  These
“creatures” stared at me as the figure approached me
in the same manner as it had previously.  The room was
ice cold (remember I am in South America close to the
Amazon…it doesn’t get that cold there) and again I
drew the covers up over my head.  Now realizing that I
was wide awake and this was no dream, my heart was
pounding and I peeked out a bit sooner than I had
previously.  I was scared more than I had ever been
before.  The figure had disappeared but the shadowy
creatures were still there staring menacingly at me.
I pulled the covers back over my head and stayed like
that for the remainder of the night.  I don’t remember
falling asleep, but must have at some point that
night, for I remember waking up the next morning
completely freaked out.  I told my sister what had
happened, and she thought I had just had a nightmare.
I assured her that I hadn’t, and she just laughed me
This continued to happen for the next several months,
and after awhile I just learned to sleep with my head
under the covers most of the time.  I tried to talk to
my folks and sister about it and they just told me
that my imagination was getting the best of me.  I
invited a few friends I had made in school over to
spend the night a couple times.  We would sleep in the
upstairs section, and spend half the night watching to
see if anything happened, but nothing showed up while
they were there.  My friends just thought I was crazy.
I decided that I would sleep in the upstairs, in a
sleeping bag, and see what would happen.  Well,
nothing did.  Finally after a few weeks of sleeping on
the floor upstairs, with no episodes, I decided that
whatever it was, it was either over or never really
had occurred.
I was wrong.  The first night I was back in my bed I
was awakened again.  This time there was not just one
figure, but several figures (both male and female)
approaching in the same fashion single file, one
behind the other.  The creatures were back as well,
but this time they didn’t just stare, they laughed.
This time they didn’t stay stationary, they moved as
if they were crawling on the walls, closets and even
up onto the bedposts of my bed.  The figures continued
to approach me and just as one would reach me, it
would disappear allowing for the next to approach me.
It seemed that every disappearance brought the figures
closer and closer to me.  I don’t know how long I was
laying there, gripped with fear, but I eventually was
able to pull the covers over my head as I had done
previously.  This time, however, the covers were
yanked out of my hands and off of my body onto the
floor.  I completely lost it and tried to scream, but
no sound came out of my mouth.  I grabbed my pillow
and threw it at the approaching figures and b-lined it
out of the room fearing they would follow.  I headed
straight for my parents room and woke my father up
yelling that there were demons in my room and he had
to come help me.  He tried to make me go back to bed,
but I refused and just kept pleading with him.  My
mother finally insisted that he go see what all the
fuss was about, probably just to get me out of the
room, and he reluctantly obliged.  I still remember
walking down the hall behind my father, completely
scared out of my mind.
When we reached the bedroom they were all there.  The
creatures and the eyeless feet-less figures (5 in
total) were all standing in the room facing me.  The
shadowy creatures had an angry look on their face and
the “human” figures just stood with their hands and
arms to their sides.  My father literally fell
backwards on me when we entered the cold room.  He
immediately woke completely up and told me that he
sensed a severe “oppression”, as he called it, in the
room.  He had to drag me to the bed and told me that
he would stay and pray with me until the matter was
resolved.  He then got on his knees and started
praying as I just stared back at the imposing figures.
 One by one the figures exited the room through the
door and disappeared as they passed through the door
frame.  The shadowy creatures just disappeared through
the walls and the window.  My dad stayed with me until
I fell asleep that night.
The figures never appeared again but the shadowy
figures often appeared outside my window at night,
scratching at the pane.  I just closed the blinds and
curtains and eventually learned to ignore it.  My
family moved to another house about 6 months later and
the occurrence didn’t follow, however I will always
remember it as vividly as if it had happened
yesterday.  I only wish to know if what I experienced
was actually a haunting or a demonic encounter.

Old House in Oklahoma


Well i have a few stoeies for you one is at my old house that i use to live in in Westville Oklahoma. one night while we were sleeping i a woke to the sink turned on in the kitchen it wasnt no big deal to me cause i thought that one of my family members had turned on the water and just forgot to turn it off so i got up to turn it off and i went back to bed and later on i awole again to the water running and again i got up to turn it off and i checked to see if any of my family was up and they were all asleep in there rooms then i went back to bed but was awoke again by the refigerator being opened and i thought i saw my brother standing at the refrigerator and i tryed talking to himbut got no answer then whatever was standing i front of the refrigerator was gone so i went to close the door to the refigerator and go bach to bed but as i went back to my room i stopped and turned back around to take another look i was knocked       The other story that i want to tell you about is about my neice Deidra in the same house she had to be about 7or 8 yrs old and she was staying the night with my parents and they were all sleeping in the bed and my mom and dad were woke upby Deidra laughing and they asked her what she was laughing at and she pointed and said that that boogie man was making her laugh .but that is just two of the stories i wanteg to share with you thank you

My Very Own Haunted House


I was just visiting your website and I have a few ghost stories of my own.  I am 16 years old and live in Indianapolis, Indiana.  For many years now I have believed that my house is haunted.  My family and friends agree.
We are the first family to live in the house.  Before the neighborhood was built it was just a field. I have wanted to research the history of the land but I haven't found anything to even start. My house is not the only one on my street to experience haunting. My best friend who lives a few house down from me and her family have said they hear moaning and footsteps a lot. Also lights turning on and off. Another neighbor told me about similar things happening in her house. Her dog also is often getting scared when nothing is happening.
My dad has complained since we moved in 15 years ago about hearing a radio playing in the vent  in our downstairs hallway. He says he thinks that one of the people who built our house left it there. But still, 15 years later he still hears it.
My parents room, our living room and my room have been the where most of the strange things happened. My parents sleep with their TV on so it's not uncommon to hear the TV on in their room late at night. Most nights one of the kids (there our four of us) would go in and turn it off for them (waking up my dad once the TV is off) About 5 years ago my sisters and I were going to bed and we heard the TV on. We were joking about it and we got in front of their doorway and could even see the light shinning from it on my parents bed (they were both asleep) When we walked into the room and over to the TV we saw that it was off. Since then we hear the TV on and it's really off and see the light of it and it's off. We have learned to not go in a turn it off.
The most scary thing that I have had happen to me happened a few years ago. The wall to my closet is also the wall to the closet in my sisters room. My sister and I have special knocks to talk to each other or to tell the other to come to the others room. I was in my room one night playing on my computer and I heard the knock for 'Hello' so I went over to my closet and said hello back. Then the knock for 'no' I was confused and asked 'what' back then the knocking became continuous. Like a knocking at the door. I got scared because I didn't know what my sister was doing and stepped away from the closet. The knocking got louder and louder and soon turned into banging. It was then I decided to go yell at sister for scaring me and I ran out of my room. I heard the banging even in the hall as I ran to my sisters room. Once I opened the door the banging stopped and no one was in the room. My parents were downstairs in the kitchen and I asked them where my sister was. They said that she had left about 20 minutes before to go to her friends house. As it turned out it was just my parents and me that night. Both my sisters and brother weren't home.
Another time happened during the day. I was home sick with the flu and was just getting out of bed. It was around 10 am. I looked out my window and saw one of the swings on our old swingset swingging. I looked at the trees thinking it was the wind. It was fall and pretty windy out anyway. There was a very light breeze, not enough to cause the swing to move on it's own. The other swing and the other swing type things on the swingset were still. I went downstairs and into my kitchen and my dog was starring out the window growling and barking. Then he stopped and walked away. I looked out there and the swing was completely still. We recently took the swingset down since we have all gotten older, my younger brother is the baby of the family and he is 12. My dog will still growl and bark at the spot where the swing had been.
My sister once told me that she was watching tv one night and felt the strangest feeling that she wasn't alone.  She asked that if anyone was there to give her a sign. Then the TV turned off on it's own.
We have a old picture of my great-great grandmother in our living room. Most nights when all the lights are off her eyes will glow blue.
2 or 3 years ago my brothers friend, who is obsessed with ghost type things decided to play Ouji board in my room after I told him about the closet thing. We all got on my bed and turned off the lights. He decided to light a candle I had. He was sitting on the corner of my bed and my brother and I sat across from each other and we started asking questions like 'Are there sprits in the room?' like. The room got very cold suddenly when it had been almost hot just seconds before.  The pointer thing spelt out 'scar' and then my brothers friend flew off my bed backwards. The candle, thankfully, blew out on the way down. We ran over to him to see if he was ok and he said it felt like someone had pushed him. I checked him over to make sure he was ok and his shirt was cold. He lifted it up and we felt on his chest, there were two very cold spots in the shape of hands. We also got tape recorder to record any sounds. We eventually ran from the room screaming due to the answers we were getting about a seven year old boy who had died there and was telling us about a mean woman in the house. We went back into the room about five minutes later and got the tape. When we listened to it in my brothers room we heard strange sounds. When my brother's friend fell off the bed we heard a scream from a woman and after we had left the room we heard a little boy saying 'come back mommy' I gave the tape to my brother's friend and I haven't seen it or heard it since then. He says he lost it. I don't think I'd ever want to hear it again truthfully.
A lot of things have happened recently. School just started a few weeks ago and when I came home from my third day I was alone like I always before my brother gets home about 15 minutes later. I got a glass from a down and closed the cabinet door. Then my dog started growling and barked a few times. I bent down and petted him a few times to calm him down. It seemed to work and when I stood back up and the cabinet door was open. I closed it and got my homework out on the kitchen table. I remembered that I left my calculator in the other room and stood up to go get it. The cabinet door was open again. After I closed it again it stayed closed.
A few days after that I was taking my dog out for a walk at night. I was sitting on my front porch and my dog was walking around my yard on his leash. Then he started growling and barking. I went over to where he was to see what it was. I saw a white figure run by and disappeared by the side of my house. I was too scared to see what it was so I grabbed my dog and ran inside.
The latest thing that has happened took place just a two weeks ago. I was changing the sheets on my bed and I folded a blanket I use when I get cold at night and put it on my bed. Then I turned and bent down to get a pillow. When I turned back around my blanket was unfold and was falling off my bed.
My best friend and I also have video of us in my room. We watched it in slow motion after we thought we saw something. There are white orb type thing floating around. Even my parents said it was too big to be dust.
Well that is about all. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me how I could begin to doing research on the area that I live in. It would be greatly appreciated. The ghost, if there is really one, is not mean or even threating. My family actually have gotten very used to it. I would just like a little explanation.

My Supernatural Story


My name is Chipper.  There is this former hotel named Wentworth By The Sea in
New Castle, New Hampshire.  My friend Will, sister Amanda, and one of her
friends Jessica went there one night at about midnight.  No one is allowed
inside because it is being renovated so it may be opened into the hotel it
once was.  Anyway, this one night has been burned into my memory for
    It started like any other night before it.  Warm weather ( about 75-80
degrees, partly cloudy) and we parked the car and got out and did our normal
rounds, looking for anything unusual.  We didn't have to wait long.  Almost
the second we got to the fence, we heard a door slam shut.  We ran down to
the far side of the house where there was a door left open, as usual, but
this time it was shut.  Not knowing if this is what we heard, we waited.
There was a strong breeze blowing that would indicate that any door left
slighty open would remain open because of the wind.  This would not be the
case this night.  Just before we walked toward the other side of the house,
we saw the door swing open and hit the house, like physics would allow.
However, about a minute later, all of us saw the door slam shut faster than
it had opened, while the wind was at its maximum velocity at that point and
time.  This repeated a few more times, with the wind blowing or not.  We knew
something was going on, so my sister and friend went out back to see if they
could see anything, while me and Jessica stayed out front.  About 3 minutes
later, we heard a sound like a flag or a cape blowing in the wind right
behind us, and we turn around and nothing is there.  We began to freak out a
bit.  We my sister and friend returned, we left dropping of Jessica but
picking up my friend's girlfriend, Robyn.  We returned at about 1 o'clock in
the morning, and Will got a briliant idea (sarcasm) He wanted to try to
become a medium for the spirits of the hotel.  He puts his hands on the
fence, but nothing happenend.  We all did the same together and started to
hear a paint can clanking on the ground, but moving around like it was on
someone's foot or it was being banged around out of boredom.  We all took our
hands off the fence, except for Robyn, who couldn't take her right hand off.
Now, Robyn isn't strong at all, and normally Will can pry open her hand
whenever he wants.  This time, however, was differerent.  Will ALL of us
trying to pry open her hands, we failed.  She eventually managed to let go,
and her hand was cold as ice, while the rest of her body was warm.  The fence
was warm too, so it couldn't have been the fence alone to cause her hand to
become cold.  To top it off, it had begun to rain.  So we started to leave
but we we got to the other side of the road, it wasn't raining, just in the
area of the hotel.  We took off at MACH 3 and haven't been back since.

Something on the Ceiling


well one night my sisters were screaming that they thought something was on the ceiling so my mom went up there and asked them what was wrong and they said that they thought something was on the ceiling they said they couldent see it but they knew something was up my mom told them to calm down and to go to sleep.Then she came downstairs and told me what they told her and i told her that they probally had a bad dream.
well a week after this happened they started to yell the same this time i came up and what i saw was the scariest thing i ever saw there was nasty looking creatures that resembled dragons flying around their bedroom.And i asked them if they could see anything and they said no that they could only fell their was something their .So i got two bibles and put them under my sisters pillows and we never saw them again.( oh yeah my mom still doesnt belive i saw them!) if u want to reach me for any reason my email is  and i have had other experiences with ghosts.

My Story

Before I start I'd like to say your site is brilliant, keep up the good work! I am 18 and currently living with my parents in Birmingham (England) and I have had what I think are a few paranormal experiences. About a year ago I was having trouble with my parents so I decided to take a time out from living with them, I decided to move in with my aunt. Now my aunt runs a pub with her boyfriend, and both them and their 2 young children live above this 30 year old public house. This pub has many ghost stories attached to it and although some where very convincing I never really believed there was a presence till I felt it myself.
                  I had only been living there for about a week when things started to happen, Charlie (the name of the ghost whom we think is the last landlord who died there) was a very playful man who seemed to think it was great fun scaring people. He would move my hairdryer around when I was late for work, or throw things around my bedroom when I walked past. lights would go on and off and the microwave would ping when nothing was in it. I got used to these occurrences and in time felt quite comforted when he was around, until one night when Charlie was in a very destructive mood. Charlie sometimes went over the top and broke things, on this particular night he was switching the bathroom light on and off when the bulb blew up. I got very annoyed with this as I was using the mirror and shouted at him to stop, and told him to leave us alone and find someone else to hassle which he did not take kindly to. from that day Charlie became scary, he would throw things at me while I was walking past the bedroom or if downstairs in the pub he would move pictures and throw snooker balls. Finally I had had enough and spoke to my aunt about him, she told me he was annoyed with me for asking him to leave his home and that he had been appearing to her in the cellar looking very angry.
          After about 3 weeks I moved back into my parents house but Charlie still continued to terrorise my aunt and her family, so they recently moved out. Since Charlie I have discovered strange things in this house that I had dismissed as a child, but I'll tell you about that another time. Thank for listening to me as my mother thinks I have an overactive imagination and does not believe me.

My Parents House


My sister and I have been trying to decide whether or not to send in this story and now I think that it is time.
My sister, Candace, & I moved here with my older brother and parents about 12 years ago. WE bought a house in Kennesaw, GA. In case you don't know your history, Kennesaw is one of the major places that the Civil War took place. Anyways, my parents house is about 5 miles from the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefields. So you can just imagine all of the activity around there!
Eversince we moved in, there has always been a feeling of awareness around that house. As though someone is watching you, you know? It didn't get bad until I was about 12 years old...things just disappearing and reappearing and such in other places. The norm for a poltergiest or whatever it is. So then things started appearing to both me and my sister but we were both just too scared to talk about it with anyone. I would see the shadow of  a man walking around the house when no one was there. My sister would feel a presence in the bathroom when she was taking a shower.  Our cats would not and I mean absolutely would not go to a certain cornr in my room. It was always creepy seeing them stare at something that wasn't there and have them get freaked out. Then I started to see a shadow of a man in the shower while I was bathing. It would be steaming hot in the bathroom and I would get a chill that would cut right through me and all the hair on the back of my neck would stand on end. I would tur
My mother was also a witness to these occurences. One day, she was in the kitchen with me and she thought that my father had come down the stairs. She started to call his name and when he didn't answer, we searched the entire downstairs. No one was there! My dad was in the bathroom in their bedroom at the other end of the house. There was no way that he could have made it back upstairs without one of us seeing him! So that made my mother a believer!
I recently got married and moved out of their house. So all of the next occurences have been happening to my sister. My parent recently went on a trip to Savannah and my sister was left to her own devices for about 3 days. She's a capable 19 year old so it was not anything new to be left alone in the house. She started to have the feeling that something was following her around the house. She was feeling watched and then things started to happen. Lights would go on and off by themselves. She woke up to the dishwasher being on(it was empty!) at 3 am and all the kitchen lights being on. She was working out and her dog was pacing the entrance way with his head looking up, like he was watching something pace and was following it. She asked it to go away...and it did. But it moved over to the stereo...and the door to the cabinet that has to be push released by a magnet spring lock opened by itself. She left the house after that.
All in all I have accepted the fact that my parent house is haunted. I actually kind of like it! I know that he is not there to hurt anyone and that he just wants us to know that he is there.
Thanks for your time and if you have any comments feel free to email me back at

My Own Stories
By: Anonymous

After reading almost your entire website, I am convinced of my sanity.  I wanted to share a few haunted happenings from my own past; perhaps I can help others realize they are just as sane as I am!  First let me say that I am a molecular cell biologist - I am a scientist.  I am not prone to fantasy, but in my lifetime I have come to learn that not everything that we experience can be logically explained by our current knowledge system.  Being a scientist, I am not religious.  Even growing up as a Catholic, religion was never forced down my throat by my parents and as I grew I chose to ignore religion altogether.  I believe that as humans, we will always look to some higher power - god or whatever - that is in charge of things we can't control.  The early hunters and gatherers from 80,000 years ago believe in sacrificing to the sun and earth gods, and nothing much has changed till present time other than most religions have decreased their gods to just one.  I refuse to worship some unknown god, although I do believe there are higher powers out there that we don't understand, and may never understand.
My first recollection is from when I was still sleeping in a crib.  The house I grew up in was built in 1863 as a two room home; kitchen and a living room/bedroom.  Two other rooms and a full basement were added in 1902, and an upstairs was added in 1920.  There were no hallways; downstairs was a simple square divided into four small rooms.  In 1924 an upstairs closet was turned into a tiny bathroom.  The house was built by a great grand father, and remained in the family until my father's death in 1983 when we sold it.
I was born in 1953.  My parents' bedroom was off the living room, both rooms facing the street.  My "room" was actually what we used as a dining room, my crib being placed next to the wall adjacent to my parents' bedroom.  My first memories are still vivid.  Being a baby I remember waking frequently during the night, fussing, wet, looking for a bottle.  An elderly woman, very stern face, in a long dress, would come to me.  Sometimes she would change me (yes, I do remember this!), sometimes she would freshen my bottle for me.  Sometimes she would rub my back until I went back to sleep.  I don't ever remember her saying anything though - perhaps this is a result of my not even being able to talk yet, so I wouldn't remember or understand her words anyhow.
I remember finally getting a real bed.  I must have been about three or so.  One morning my mother came in to wake me up early.  I don't know why.  I was wet.  I remember my mother being very upset with me!  I remember trying to tell her that the "lady" didn't come last night.  That was pretty much all I could provide in the way of explanation, but for my entire life thus far, I never remembered my mother coming to me in the middle of the night; just this elderly lady.
I don't remember much for the next few years, but I do remember at age 6 we were planning a vacation to the Catskills.  I had never spent a night away from home.  The elderly lady still visited me occasionally during the night, which I thought was the most normal thing in the world, and my only concern about going away for this vacation was "is the lady coming with us"?   My mother then started to take notice of my frequent mentions of these nocturnal visits.  She asked me what this lady did, and what she looked like.  I remember very matter-of-factly telling her what the woman looked like and explained her dress and what she had done for me - for years!  I remember the next thing my mother did was scream for my father who had started putting suit cases in the car for our departure the next morning.  He came running into the kitchen where we were sitting and my mother said, "Nanna comes to see Marie!"  It wasn't until years later that I learned that Nanna was my mother's stepmother who had died in 1930 in that house.  In what was my bedroom.  The dress I described was one she wore every day and only washed on "washday" when she would dawn a house coat.  My mother found old family photos of Nanna to show me when I was 15.  The thought of a ghost taking care of me as a baby put chills down my spine!
Once I turned perhaps 14 or so, I was given a bedroom upstairs.  There were only two, and my great aunt had moved in with us, sharing the room next to mine.  One piece of furniture in that room had been a 1940 RCA floor model radio that hadn't worked in years my mother said.  It was used really as nothing more than a bureau of sorts for me to put my pictures and lipsticks on.  The electrical cord had long ago been removed.  One evening I was awoken by staticky sounds, and voices.  I woke up enough to realize the voices were coming from this old radio!  I was more intrigued than scared, and listened intently (for 8 minutes according to my bedside clock radio) as "Amos and Andy" played out over the airwaves.  I heard a commercial for Lux Soap, and the announcer talking about a swing band coming to the Coconut Grove in Boston the following Saturday!  Then - it stopped.  It was only then I understood what a strange thing had happened - I had been listening to an old radio show from years before!
I ran downstairs and woke up my parents.  They weren't pleased, but they could see I was almost panicked.  I explained exactly what had just happened.  I asked them what Lux Soap was, and asked about the Coconut Grove.  I told them the old radio in my room had been playing for a while.  I remember my mother saying "Oh my God!"  She turned on her bedside light.  She told me Lux Soap was an old product from radio days and had lots of radio commercials.  She told me Amos and Andy was an old radio show and she and her father used to sit in the living room listening - on that radio! - to this show every week.  She also told me about a huge devastating fire at the Coconut Grove Night Club in Boston in 1942 - where we lived - and how she had been there the night before it burned to ground killing almost everyone inside.  These were things I had no way of knowing about myself.  I could not have somehow heard about these events and then re-invented them in some sort of dream.  My mother then ran up to my bedroom to see this radio for herself.  Even though I couldn't have made any of this up, she didn't really believe me.  She touched the radio and found it very very warm....  the old tubes produced much more heat than the later transistors and then later chips.  She sat in the kitchen for the rest of the night smoking.  My father took the radio to the cellar.
After I moved out and got married, 1972, my husband and I moved into a small apartment near my college campus.  One night after we had gone to bed I heard a loud scratching sound right under our bed.  The apartment had wall to wall carpeting so this made it even more obvious.  I could see my husband was wide awake and I asked if he heard what I did.  He said, yes.  He also refused to get out of bed to look under it!  This went on all night long; neither of us slept a wink.  When the alarm went off in the morning we decided it was safe to get up.  The sun was up and everything looks better in bright daylight!  Even though the last scratching sound was heard only an hour before, we both thought we had dreamed it.  As I showered, however, he decided to actually look under the bed....   My shower curtain was abruptly hurled back, which scared me enough!, and he almost dragged me dripping wet into the bedroom where I saw that he had moved the bed aside to reveal a severely ripped carpet!  The carpet appeared to have been sliced with a sharp object over and over - the entire length of the bed.  We moved the next day - and our landlord kept our security deposit to replace the "damaged" carpeting!
After a divorce a few years later, 1979, a friend of mine invited me to spend the weekend with her in Maine at her beach front cottage.  I gladly accepted.  On Friday afternoon I stopped on the way north to enjoy some delectable fried clams, and continued on to the house, arriving about 6:00 that evening.  There was a message on the answering machine from my friend Meg explaining that her car battery had died and she wouldn't be able to join me until Saturday after it was replaced.  I unpacked the few things I brought and sat down with a glass of wine and a good book.  Within a half hour or so I started to feel awfully nauseous and blamed it on the clams I had eaten a few hours before.  By 9:00 I was lying prostrate on the bathroom floor, barely able to raise my head.  I had the presence of mind, however, to drag the phone into the bathroom with me, silently blessing Meg for equipping that thing with a 50' cord!  I called Meg and explained my plight.  She said she would immediately alert her neighbor, Helen, who was a retired nurse, to come over.  Helen had a key, and I wasn't to worry about a thing.  Meg reassured me of her arrival the following morning.
I must have passed out or fallen asleep because I was awoken by the whistling of the tea kettle in the kitchen, and someone walking around and humming.  I obviously credited this presence to Helen, the neighbor.  I called out to Helen to let her know I was helpless on the floor of the bathroom, and I heard a delicate female voice respond in a slight Scottish accent, "Don't worry, dear, I'm making ya some tea and I'll leave it aside the door for ya..don't want to bother ya.  I'm bringing ya some scones in the morning to put some food into ya tummy.  I'll just keep myself busy here till ya feel like coming oot."
I remember crawling to the bathroom door and there was a wonderful steaming cup of tea laced with honey and a few other herbs I couldn't quite place.  Once I finished this, my tummy actually felt better.  I walked back to my bed and fell asleep, never trying to find or meet Helen.  Once during the night I awoke to the sound of someone walking into the room, only to find more tea on the bedside table, which I happily gulped right down.
I awoke the next morning feeling much better.  I went to the kitchen to find another cup of steaming tea, with a plate of blueberry scones.  I ate all four of them and wanted to walk next door to thank Helen for her kindness, but I didn't know which side to walk to... no houses were visible.  I decided to shower, and I no sooner had gotten dressed than Meg showed up with groceries and medicine for me.  I told her how much better I felt and all the wonderful things Helen had done for me, and how I had finished all the scones she had brought over.  I wanted to go to her house to thank her personally.
I will never forget the look on Meg's face when I finished talking.  She told me she wasn't able to reach Helen last night; she wasn't picking up her phone, so she left Helen a message.  She even drove by Helen's on the way here to find a few days worth of newspapers and mail ---  so Meg went in with her key.  Helen had apparently had a heart attack and died in her sleep a few days before.  The police were there now.
It seemed like Helen was still able to listen to her messages from the beyond, and was still nursing others back to health, although she could do nothing to help herself.
I told Meg everything that had happened.  I still believe the only reason she paid any attention to what I said was the fact that Helen's empty plate remained on the kitchen table - with a few crumbs left from the hot blueberry scones she made me.
I was buying a used car for my daughter in 1992.  We were at a used car lot and she spotted an attractive Mustang that she fell in love with.  Having had one myself, I couldn't deter her from choosing such a tiny sports car.  We asked the salesperson to get the key so we could take it for a test drive.  My daughter followed him to the showroom to use the ladies room and I stood by the car. I remember it was almost 90 degrees outside, yet I suddenly felt ice cold.  I thought perhaps the air conditioning system from the building was blowing on me....or something of that sort.  I turned and saw a man standing on the other side of the car, dripping wet, with grass or something of the sort in his hair.  He was wearing a suit, yet he was soaking wet.  His mouth was moving, yet I couldn't hear him.  He looked very distraught.  This image, however, didn't scare me.  I was mainly trying to figure out why this wet man was standing there, and how did he get so wet?  I was ready to ask him when I heard my daughter's voice.  I turned and realized this wet man had gone.
A voice of some sort inside my head kept repeating "car went off the bridge"... and I couldn't ignore it.  I asked the salesman about the history of the car, and how he had gotten it.  I asked who had turned it in...  He didn't give me a straight answer but alluded to having purchased it from a wholesaler.
I told my daughter we needed to leave, and even told her what had happened in the car.  She didn't question me.  She did however, have a friend who worked for the police department.  After a few days of research we found out that this Mustang had gone head first off a bridge in Georgia, been recovered and restored, and was ultimately purchased by this dealership in Lynn, MA.  If we had bought this car, we would have bought all sorts of trouble.  We also learned that the person driving, a Mr. Henderson, had been coming home from work, and was drowned before help could arrive.

Lifelong Experiences

This might end up being kind of long, since I am going to try to cover a lot of what I have experienced in my life. I will start with the first thing that I remember. I was about 4 or 5 years old. I was sitting in my bedroom getting some coloring books. It was summer and the window was open. I heard this noise, and at first I couldnt tell where it was coming from. I looked towards the window and the sound faded. It sounded sort of like a lawnmower. Well I went back to what I was doing, and the noise just got louder. I realized the noise wasnt coming from my window, but from the other side of my room, where the closet was. I looked over, and saw this black orb hovering over the moulding of the closet. It was moving in this swaying motion, and the noise I was hearing came from the black orb. I screamed and curled up into a ball. I continued to scream until my mom reached my bedroom. She looked terrified, and kept asking me what was wrong. Well my little brain could only assume it was a black bee, which she didnt find amusing. She said she thought someone was trying to kill me Because of how I was screaming.
From that point on I read everything I could get my hands on about ghosts. Nothing happened for many years after the first incident.
My father was in the military, and we were moved from Alaska to Minot North Dakota my sophmore year of high school.  I am not going to get into everything that happened down there, since it was a daily occurance down there, no matter where in town I was. In brief, lets just say the blacker than black negtive things.  Everywhere. Luckily, the people that I normally hung out with saw them too, so I didnt feel like I was going crazy. They ranged in height from 1 foot to over 7 feet. There was one we nicknamed "splittoes." Keep in mind, there were more than one of them. I lived in Minot for just under one year, and I will never step foot there again. On top of the shadows, there were many other things that happened ranging from smells, to noises, to the absolute feeling of being chased, the fear. My sister even saw them, though it traumatized her so badly she shut down and now says she didnt. Now I know this sounds crazy, but I know there are other people out there that have experienced these things. I know that what happened down there was not an overactive imagination. We all from time to time, would wake up with cuts we couldnt explain, or had them appear out of nowhere.  Sometimes singular, sometimes looking like a tiny clawed hand had hit us, and rarely bite marks. We were told by a friends mother to wear sage in little leather bags for protection. I still wear one. even though I am back in Alaska.
After Minot, things slowed down a lot. I had a few more experiences with the shadows, after a while I had enough. I yelled at them and told them if they agreed to leave me alone, I would pretend they didnt exist. And it has been quiet pretty much ever since.
The last time I had an experience like that was out in Cooper Landing, Alaska just a few years ago. I left Minot almost 8 years ago.  My friend invited me and a few other people to her parents cabin for the night. We drove out there ffrom Anchorage at around 8pm, in the winter. I dont know if your familiar with Alaska's seasons and such but in the winter its hardly ever light out, maybe a couple hours a day during the time period we went out there. So anyways we drive out to Cooper Landing in the dark on really icy roads. We finally get out there and at first sight this place made me nervous. I was determined to have a good time, so I forgot my initial feeling on the cabin.  The night went well. The cabin was set up in a very open layout. There was a wall that went halfway across in the middle of the cabin, with the living room on one side and three sets of bunk beds on the other. Come to find out it used to be her grandmothers cabin before she died. Well we all decided to go to sleep. My friend and her boyfriend pulled out the futon in the living room and went to sleep. Me and my boyfriend wer lying on the bunk bed where we could look into the side of the cabin where the living room was.  We were just talking, and all of a sudden we started to hear this noise. It started by the living room, but outside and worked its way around the cabin, but the noise would continue to come from everywhere it had already been. It was sorta like wailing. It reminded me of what a banshee might sound like. I was really freaking out and asked my boyfriend what the hell that was. He said it was a ghost crying. I looked out to where the living room was and this thing started to appear. Starting at the top and kinda whirlwinding down. My boyfriend saw it and leapt to the bunk bed directly across and was freaking out. I started demanding he go and turn on the light and wouldnt stop until he did. Finally he did, and the thing disappeared. My friend woke up and told us things like that always happen out there and we just needed to get used to it. I was really upset she didnt tell me.  Neithor me or my boyfriend could sleep till it got light outside.  Nothing else happened that night, but I have no desire to try my luck again.
Since then, I havent had any encounters with anything that appeared as a shadow. I have seen ghosts, that appear like people look, in color, and they dont scare me at all.  I'm not sure what the black things are, and I am not sure I want to know. I do know that as long as I dont think about them, I dont have any problems with them.
Oh, I almost forgot. Eklutna is another really creepy place up here. Not the cemetary, but the village, or whats left of it. I only got to spend about 15 minuted out there, but that was more than enough to feel it out. Very bad vibes out there. And as we were leaving, I saw something back in the trees. As soon as I looked at it, it darted behind a tree. It was dark out so I dont know what it was, but it dodnt look like a person.  An when we were driving back to Anchorage, on the outbound side of the highway there was an accident and this huge bull moose was on the side of the road dead, but none of the vehicles looked like they had hit it. A moose hitting your car would crumple it like a soda can.
I was supposed to send you guys some pictures back in 1999, and i put them in an envalope on my dresser and when I went back to get them so I could mail them to you the whole envalope was gone, I still havent found the pictures. Weird.
Well, thats all I have for this morning, maybe sometime I'll go more in depth about my experiances in Minot. But not yet, I dont like talking about it when its dark outside.

My Haunting


It all started when I was about 2-3.  There was a thunder storm and i hate
storms, so I went to my parents room across the hall.  After the storm was
over, I decided to go back to my room.  When I got to the doorway, I saw 2
figures sitting in 2 of my chairs.  I had a little table and tea set in the
middle of my room, and they were sitting there.  I wasn't sure if it was
real, so I knocked on my door.  The one who's back was facing me slowly
turned around 2 look at me.  It was white--kinda fuzzy looking(like the way
your tv looks when it gets all snowy in the tv set), and it had 2 balck holes
where the eyes should be, and an outline of the nose and mouth.  I got scared
and ran and told my father I saw my grandpa, even though my grandafther was
deceised.  I later found out that an old couple originally lived in the hosue
before my parents bought it in the 70's.  The original house was small--- 2
bedrooms, a kitchen and a small living room.  It was only one story, and when
my aprents moved in, they said the old man died.  They heard voices a few
times, but didnt think anything of it.  Then when me and my brothers were
born, they built a basement and second story, where the bedrooms are.  My
bedroom and my parents bedroom are right above the original part of the
hosue.  My room used to be the attic until we built the upstairs.  I think
the ghosts were my grandfather and the old man.  But i keep seeing the same
ghost when I go places.  Im never scared though.  Also, we have had things
fly across the room, things shatter out of nowhere, hear noises--and i have
had experineces where I felt a presence in the room and then I saw a creese
in the couch right next to where I was sitting.  Im not scared though because
I just have a feeling they dont itnend on hurting me.  It actually makes me
feel safer at times.

My Ghost Story


Well my mom,dad,brother, and i had just moved into our new home and we went looked at the rooms. The room in the very far back next to my room had 3 bullet holes in the window, and on my moms closet there was red stuff that had been running down the door. We didnt know what it was, but we werent gonna think it was someones blood. It was like a year later my neighbor chris,my mom,dad, brother, and I were playing PS2 and we all turn to see something out the corner of our eyes. We all said it looked like a man in white with a white ball behind him. We were kinda suspicious then. Well nothing happened for a year I think and then something happend much worse. My brother was on the couch and i was in my room. My mom and my brother said they heard something knocking and scratching in that backroom with the bullet holes in the window. My mom went back there and she opend the door and heard it louder. It was coming from the closet. She saw that the door knob started turning and she ran down the hall. She sat in the chair next to my brother and then we heard someone running down the hall and then it stoped and it was over...Its been a while since that but were waiting on something else to happen.

My Ghost


 I have enjoyed your website and wish to share one of my experiences. This is all true and if you have any comments about the ghost or questions, please feel free to email me, as I'd like to know what it might have been
-Debby  at
When I was twelve or so, I had a strange experience.  I was playing with my friend in the woods near the Quabbin Aqueduct.  This is in Wayland, Massachusetts.  We had taken her neighbor's police dog on our adventure, looking for Indian artifacts.  On a hill that was gravelly, I found what I believed to be an arrowhead.  After showing it to my friend, I stuffed it into my pant's  pocket and moved to a new spot, with the dog.  He began to whine towards some bushes about twenty feet away.  I looked in the direction the dog was looking and saw nothing.  Figuring it was a rabbit or squirrel, I let the dog off his leash.  He began barking and ran into the bushes.  My friend joined me and we called the dog back, he came right away, being well trained.  He sat, looking from us to the woods, and panting.  We put his leash back on and both my friend and I had the feeling of being watched.  I reached into my pocket to see the arrowhead, but it was gone.  I checked the other pocket, nothing.  Then we decided to go home, both of us creeped out.
On our walk back the dog stopped at a tree and looked up.  We looked up, and at least thirty feet up we saw a piece of bloody fur stuck to the tree.  We ran back to the neighbor's and returned the dog.  Not wanting to get laughed at, we didn't tell him about the fur.
My friend got her bike and went halfway with me to my house.  When I got in the door the phone rang, it was my friend.  She asked if I was okay.  I was fine, I told her.  Then she explained he'd seen someone lurking in the bushes of the only empty house in my neighborhood, and they seemed to be following me.  I dismissed it and ate dinner.  That night, a storm came, the thunder and lightning woke me up.  During a flash of light, I saw a tall thin figure at the foot of my bed.  I think it was a man.  He wore all black, a long odd jacket, and had very long arms, they reached his knees.  On his head was a stovepipe hat that was too high and had a wide brim so his face was shadowed.  As I looked at him, too terrified to scream, he raised his arm and pointed at me with a long finger.  Another flash of light and he was gone.  In the morning at school before homeroom, I asked my friend to describe the person she had seen the day before in the bushes.  She said he was thin and had a wierd hat, like Lincoln wore.  Of course I was freaked out.
I don't know how much later, maybe a month or more, I was doing homework on my bed, and heard scuffling in my closet.  Thinking it was the cat, I opened the door to scoot him out.  The cat was not there, but the clothes were swaying side to side.  I closed the door and left my room.
The next and last time I saw the ghost, was at summer camp.  I had been put into a room alone having had a panic attack over an incident in which I'd had a dream come true. I'd dreamt a kid got run over by a van, and a storm came and a cabin was hit by lightening and kids burnt up.
That day, we were teamed up and competing for ribbons.  One event was the van pull.  A team of kids were pulling a van, a kid fell under and the van went over him.  He was unhurt, but the license plate made a dirty mark on his back.  I got scared, and then it began raining very hard.  Everyone headed to their cabins.  It began to lightening and I lost my mind.   I'd confided my dream to my friend that morning, and as she tried to tell the counselor, I was crying and trying to warn people about the fire I believed to be about to happen.  The counselor locked me in her room, alone.  A blast of thunder and lightening hit and blew the outside door open, rain poured in, and in the storm stood my ghost looking in at me.  I screamed and slammed the door shut.  Luckily, the fire never happened.
I never saw the ghost again.  I often wonder about it and as scary as it was it never hurt me.

My Feeling


Hi. I think paranormal stuff is real, but I have never actually seen a
ghost or heard any wierd noises, but i just have felt like something
wasn't right in certain rooms. My dad used to be in the military, so
i've lived in a couple of different places, but I only really remember
some things from the last house we lived in before this house. Sometimes
I would wake up during the middle of the night & when I was about 5 or
6& I'd do that, I'd sometimes want to go to my parents room(which was on
the other side of the house)although I don't really remember why I did
want to. So sometimes I'd try to go to my parents bedroom. But I never
did succeed because I didn't like to go down without a flash light & I
didn't have one so I always felt uncomfortable when trying to go through
the living room then kitchen to get to my parents bedroom because at
night without the lights on I felt creeped out in that area& during the
daytime, if I were in my parents bathroom I felt creeped out too. Those
places just didn't feel right. And I didn't find out that my sister &
mom felt just the same too until I was 9 or 10( a year or two ago). I
don't know how my dad felt about the house because I never bothered to
ask him. But I have reason to believe that that house is haunted because
also one time, my sister woke up in the middle of the night & she said
that she saw a ghostly hand close my door. Of course, I was asleep &
even though my sister & I get really mad at each other sometimes, I
honestly think she wasn't lying at all.

My Fathers Ghost

When was 7 years of age my father died of Cancer and my mother was left raising 6 kids.  Soon after his death I started experiencing strage noises when I was home alone.
This contenued until I was 13 when I actualy saw a figure that looked like my father.  He spoke to me.  He said " I'm home"  "I'm home"   then he disapeared.
Since I was 13 I have seen him out of the corner of my eye, but when i turned around No One was there!
I am now 21 and I can still feel his presence!

My Experience at the Flamingo


      I had recently visited Las Vegas last month with my mother,father, and friend.  We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel on the Vegas Strip.  My friend Dave and I stayed in one room and my parents in another, Dave and I were the only ones with keys for this room.  Well, we stayed for 5 days and for the first few days , I kept hearing the faucet in the bathroom go on and off with no one in there.  On the last night , I had a horrible dream of me dying and I woke up. When I awoke I saw two figures in my room. One of the figures was a chubby man and he was standing in front of my friends bed sipping what looked like a martini or atleat in a martini glass.  The other resembled a woman and she was near our luggage.  This is def not the first experience I have had with ghosts and I make sure I know what I am looking at before I make a judgement.  So, after looking at them a minute or so, I turned away and they were still there when I turned back

My Experience


I have had a few encounters with a something, I'm not quite sure what it was, maybe you can make sense out of it. The first time I saw this thing was when I was still living at home with my parents. I was out partying that evening and had had a few cocktails (well maybe more than a few) and I came home and went to bed (passed out). Well after I had been asleep for a while I rolled over and cocked open an eye and I think that I saw somebody (might of been a man) standing over my bed. Now you have to understand that I am not the most responsive person when I'm not really awake. So I remember looking at the person and saying oh, and then I rolled over and went back to sleep. I think that it might have come back a couple of times. But like I said I didn't really take notice of it till the next morning when I was fully awake, and thought did that really happen.
Then when I got married and was pregnant with my first child, I think that thing came back again, but just for a couple of weeks. I had gone to bed early and I was really tired because I was still in my first trimester. My husband was downstairs and I had just fallen asleep when something woke me up, at first I thought it was my husband, trying to talk to me, but it was something standing over my bed. I think that I said something back and looked again and then there was nothing there. I had to turn on the lights to see if there was something really there. The next weekend the same thing happened on Friday night I had just gone to sleep and the thing started talking to me again and woke me up, and then went away. The next night it was like this thing was right in my face yelling and waving hands at me, and I got mad because I was trying to sleep and I said "would you just  F--- off".
Now I haven't seen anything since that episode and we have moved a cross the country, and I haven't seen anything at our new place either,  they never really scared me or anything but I'm kind of happy that I haven't seen anything in a long while, kind of gives you the heebee jeebees when you think about it. But since we have moved I had a second son, David who is 6 months old. When we went back home for a visit I was telling my sister that I think that David sees ghosts, because he'll focus on nothing and all of a sudden just start laughing and smiling, something my first son never did. Well a half hour after I had told her that we went out to get some Sushi, I had to run out the restaurant for a second and my sister was holding David. The Sushi guy was saying how cute he was and then he said, totally out of the blue, does he see angels. I thought that that was really weird, and quite a coincidence.
Well thank you for listening to what I think are my experiences with a spirit. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

My Door Opened when it was Locked


My friend and I were playing down stairs and my door was locked. Then about five minutes after we went upstairs and got some cereal, I heard creak creak! I turned around and my door was opened! I was so frightened that I went upstairs, But before I went, I saw the tabby cat that we have named Kyle was standing about two feet away there he was staring at my door! Thank you for listening!



Thank you for the opportunity to share my "ghostly" experience.
I have had encounters with spirits for most of my life but nothing prepared me for my most intense encounter which occurred about ten  years ago with a spirit who occupies our home, most specifically my daughter's bedroom.
First, a little history.  We moved into our home 16 years ago.  The previous occupants were a sister and brother.  The sister passed away in her bedroom (now my daughter Helene's room).    When I first entered the home before purchasing it, I was struck by the hundreds of knick-nacks in every room of the home.  I could barely walk through the rooms, fearful I would knock something over.  Many of these were plates and statues, all fine china and expensive.  Even more peculiar,  the woman had placed a sticker on each item which contained the date of purchase, the place of purchase, whether it was a gift, and if a gift, who gave her the item.  She obviously was devoted to her possessions.
I did not begin to experience anything unusual until I began redecorating what was to be my daughter's room.  My first encounter occurred while painting her bedroom in 1987.  I would often be distracted by footsteps on the stairs, or the feeling of something brushing against me.  At one point, I heard the front door close and someone walking in the living room.  I called out my wife's name, thinking she was entering the house.  No answer.  I walked downstairs calling for her.  When I reached the kitchen, I heard footsteps going up our stairs.  I walked back into the living room and heard my daughter's bedroom door close.  I stopped, realizing my wife was not home, walked up the stairs to the bedroom, opened the door and as I entered the room I felt someone brush against me.  I realized someone was playing a joke on me and it was not my wife.  As I have often done in the past, I speak to the spirits ( they don't speak back).  I said, "Listen, I'm really busy.  Please leave me alone so I can finish what I have to do."  There were no further incidents that day.  The room was completed.
About three months after the bedroom was completed, I noticed the paint was chipping and the wallpaper was beginning to peel.  Within a year, I had spackled and repainted twice to restore the room.  Always the chipping and peeling would occur.
It is important to note that my daughter was 1 year old when we purchased the home.  Beginning at the age of two, my daughter would complain that there was a woman in her room.  I would reassure her that it was a dream, though I knew she was indeed seeing a woman.   She would awaken in the middle of the night and there would be an elderly woman standing by her bed watching her.  Also she began to complain that  this woman would "pass through" the room, along with other spirits.  Finally, I acknowledged to Helene that I had encounters with this spirit also, and I believed the stories she was relating to me.   Helene began to cover her mirror and her TV with blankets because she would see the reflection of these spirits when she laid in bed.  Interestingly, Helene has never refused to sleep in the room because she says that the woman has never done anything to make her feel threatened.
However, I was about to have a truly frightening experience with Helene's benevolent visitor.
As a young child, Helene would often get out of bed and crawl in bed with us, as most children do.  When she was five years old, one evening she crawled into bed with us in the middle of the night.  I had not gotten much sleep that night because my son Mark was sick and I was in and out of bed to check on him.  I had carried Helene back to her bed twice that night and decided to leave her in our bed and sleep in her bed.
I entered her room and laid down on her bed facing the wall.  I closed my eyes and at that moment heard the bedroom door open.  I felt someone crawl in the bed with me.   I still had my eyes closed, and thinking it was Helene I said, "Helene, daddy needs to go to sleep.  You've got to settle down and go to sleep."  No response.   I felt an arm wrap around my waist and a leg rub against my leg.  The person's hand was caressing my right arm and the leg was moving up and down my leg.  I realized it wasn't my daughter.  Thinking it was my wife, I said, "Terry, you've got be kidding.  The last thing I feel tonight is romantic."  No response.  At that moment, the person's hand gripped my wrist and began lifting my arm into the air.  I opened my eyes, focused on the wallpaper and then realized my arm was suspended in the air and there was nothing holding it.  I knew at that moment who was in bed with me.  I tried to push away but the hand and the leg fastened tighter and I could not pull free.  The force of the spirit was holding me and I was frozen.   As the spirit's caresses intensified, so did my fear.  Searching for a way to get away from the spirit, and in a panic, I screamed out, "In the name of God and the Blessed Mother,  leave me alone and leave this house!"  Suddenly, the spirit lifted away from me and I actually felt it move through the room.  I stumbled out of the bed and ran into my room.  To this day, I have never slept in my daughter's room.
Since that experience we have remodeled Helene's room.  Once again, within a short period of time, her wallpaper began to peel and the paint chipped from her ceiling.  In the next few months I will be once again remodeling her bedroom.  We are going to re-drywall her room in the hope that the fresh walls and ceiling will prevent the room's self-destruction.  Since my plea to God and the Blessed Mother, there have been no physical contacts with the spirit.  However, Helene will still say the woman has been in her room and she continues to cover her TV and her mirror each night.
It is my belief that the woman still believes Helene's room is her room.  She was so meticulous with her belongings, I believe the self-destruction of the walls and ceiling are her way of saying she is displeased with another person occupying her space.   It is interesting to note that no other room in the house suffers from this phenomena.  One would think that this spirit was trying to make love to me.  I did not sense a sexual nature to the spirit's intentions.  In retrospect,  I felt vibrations of sadness and loneliness coming from the spirit and I believe she was searching for physical tenderness.

My Dad's Ghost


Before my Dad died he had said he had said many times he
wanted to go to hs grave knowing his 4 girls were well taken care of.  He had made a will and told me all about the wills contents.  Years later my Dad committed suicide, it happened on a Friday and his ghost came to me the next day. I was in my bed and at my doorway he appeared and came to my bedside he said over and over "don't let them trick you, they are going to trick you, don't let them." I could not figure out what he was talking about.  The appearance was real and there was no mistake about what he said or what he meant, however at the time I was so sick with grief I
had no idea what it meant.  A week later my mother declares "there is no will" and insists all 4 girls sign our share of the inhertence over to her, we of course do, however I am insisting YES there is a will my Daddy told me and he told me what it said....To sum it up --- I investigate for 13 years....I was right there was a will just like my Dad told me,
he had left me a life estate on the family home and my sisiters money equal amounts of money to the value to the family home.  My mother and my Aunt had decided to decieve everyone about the will so my mother could had everything herself.  (My Dad after he died saw them scheming and came to me in my bedroom and told me, "they are going to trick you") This to me is prove of what
everyone wants to know about "what happens after we die?"
It proves that our loved ones can oversee to some extent
what happens to us.  My Dad had always said he wanted to go to his grave "knowing" his girls were taken care of, when my mother destroyed his will she also detroyed his "rest in peace" and he came back to try and make things the way he had intended to leave them.

My Cat


    hi my name is Rachel. i've had a few ghosts visiting me before.
    at school we have a sports shed and 4 people from yr 6 are in charge of it. i just wanted to get a tennis ball oneday and found more than 4 people in the sports shed. they said to me that they would let me in if i didn't tell anyone else about it. and because they were playing murder in the dark, i decided to play aswell. so in the dark, i hid behind a plastic barrel. i wanted to find something to scratch so i could scare the person that was in. i looked around but saw nothing that i could scratch so i looked above me. there i saw a glowing circle with sparks coming out of it. it moved, i screamed and ran out of the sports shed with everyone else following behind me. i never went in there again.
    when you walk up the hallway in my house you see a room in front of you with a window showing the backyard.i was walking up that hallway oneday and just looked out of the window. what i saw was a black shadowy man running into the bushes.
    i was just reading in my bed one night when Quillan my cat jumped on my bed. he had just started purring when he stopped and turned his head to the doorway. then i heard faint footsteps, like those of cats, walking across the carpet. i guessed that it was my cat, Julliet. she died a year ago by getting hit by a car. a day before she visited my room that night, i prayed to God that Julliet visit me cos i hadn't seen her for a year.


My Beautiful Ghost Story


 I have had so many visions and visitations in my life that I can't remember them all. I do know that I tried to tell my mother of these things so many times when I was young that I finally stopped talking about them because as I was told by her "people who see and hear things are called witches and you know what happened to them? They were burnt!" Needless to say, I still have a fear of fire..... .Most sightings were just curious and didn't scare me. In fact I believe my guardian angel showed himself to me many times in my troubled childhood and again only about 10 years ago. I have been saved many times, I have had "someone" help me save my daughter and once when my daughter was sliding down a mountain something held her up in mid air and set her down on firm ground while her husband, a friend and my niece were watching....... None of this has to do with my story I just wanted to make the point that my life has always had ghosts in it. I have had several frightening brushes and a couple darn right scary face to face happenings but this is my beautiful ghost story.......
 I was divorced and in my 30's, still partying but finding it less and less fulfilling. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and had gone out to have a couple of drinks and listen to music. This guy kept hitting on me, I told him nicely that I wasn't interested but he kept it up until I was almost mean about it. I was not attracted to him at all but as the blues music and the couple of drinks added to my sadness, I left with him at closing time. I know this sounds trashy but this is how it happened and this is how I have to tell it... I was kind of surprised at myself but I had this draw to go with him. I followed him to his house and could have turned away at any time and that's what I wanted to do but there was this pull. So I went and shortly after we were in bed, "making love", it was terrible and clumsy and made me wonder again...Why?  We went to sleep. I don't know how long after we fell asleep, that I started to wake with an old but familiar feeling and it unnerved me because when I see things other people can't it always starts with this "feeling" almost like a vibration between seeing and hearing. I open my eyes and I can see two old people coming down the hall, they're floating down the hall and coming toward the bedroom. The women is wearing a long white night gown that buttons up to the neck, with long sleeves and her hair is in a bun on her head. the man is wearing a long white night shirt and a cap on his head, the kind you see in cartoons. They were very pleasant looking, in fact happy. As they came close to the door of the bedroom I had to close my eyes even thought I wanted to look at them. I don't understand why but sometimes in a situation with sprits you, well I, am unable to move and you just go with the flow so to speak.. So my eyes are closed but I feel them come into the room, I felt them sit on my side of the bed and than lay down. Now as I said I have had experiences with spirits all my life but having one in bed with you is strange to say the least. Than they rolled over, into our bodies. I know this sounds too unbelievable too be true, if it didn't happen to me I wouldn't believe it either. As soon as it happened I opened my eyes and so did the man I was with, we made love as if we were in love. As I said I had been married before so I thought I knew what making love to someone really meant but this was truly the best feeling I have ever had and I'm not talking smut, I mean I felt truly in love and loved. His touch made my heart melt, his caress made me feel like I was the center of his world, I fell asleep in his arms and wrapped in love. This happened two more times. The second time they came down the hall they were dressed the same except he didn't have the cap on and her hair was not braided and hanging down on her left shoulder. The third time her hair was in a braid and laying over her left shoulder and each time I had to close my eyes and felt them come into the room over on to my side of the bed ( which was against the wall) sit down and roll over into us. In the morning we were talking before I left and he seemed unaware of anything "strange" happening so I finally came out and asked him who were the two old people that kept coming in here. He looked totally shocked and said "You see them too!!!" I thought that meant he had seen them but it turned out that his ex-girlfriend kept seeing them,freaked and had moved out. He than told me this was his grandparents house and in fact their bed. I did ask about the bed being moved and my side had been the open side of the bed. I had no desire to see him again and never went back but I have never forgotten the feeling of being so in love and only wish I could find it with a "real" person :)  I know this sounds crazy. I've been reading other peoples experiences with spirits and  rarely read of an encounter of a pleasant kind and just wanted to share.


   Message From the Other Side


This incident is not about a haunting, and the story makes me feel very good
when I think about it. It concerns the passing of a family member, and what I
believe is a message from the other side...through television!
My dearest uncle, R.O. Simpson passed away at the University of Cincinnati
Medical Center while in the middle of open heart surgery. Uncle Ray was an
avid hunter who raised Walker treeing hounds commonly used for raccoon
hunting. This was Uncle Ray's favorite sport. He was no longer able to follow
his hounds, so while they ran and bayed on the trail he would sit on the hill
and just listen. When he was finished he would use his hunters horn and call
his dogs back in.
The last thing my Uncle told me was that he would talk to after the operation
"one way or the other" as he put it. Unfortunately, as I mentioned he did not
survive the operation. He was buried in our family plot and his headstone is
adorned with the silhouette of a hound raised up on the trunk of a tree, with
harvest moon in the background.
Life went back to normal for the family except for me. I was very close to my
uncle and was very depressed by his passing. One day, while walking on the
hill behind our farm, I spoke to my uncle. I reminded him that he said that
he would talk to me after his surgery...on way or the other. I told him that
I hoped that he was in "coon hunter heaven" and that if he were...let me know.
Of course, the only answer I received was the sound of the wind in the oak
and hickory trees on the crest of the ridge. I laughed at my silly one sided
conversation and went back home.
That evening, I was unable to fall asleep...which is uncharacteristic for
me...I usually am snoring when I hit the pillow. After a couple of hours, I
gave up and went out to the living room and turned on the television. I was
surfing through the channels when I came across and old episode of the
Twilight Zone. Imagine the shock I received when the episode turned out to be
the tale of an old Ozark coon hunter...who's name in the story was Hadly
In the story, Hadly Simpson, (played by character actor Arthur Hunnicut) and
his hound dog were killed while on a coon hunt! The story line was about the
old hunters dealing with his own death, and the attempts of the devil to
trick him into Hades. Eventually, due to the loyalty to his hound dog who was
not allowed into the nether regions, the old hunter declined the invitation
of Lucifer and continued down the road until he finally arrived in
heaven...where the dog was welcome and where they had a "coon hunt" every
night! I was completely stunned. I woke my wife who came out and watched the
show in tears.
Though it might have been a coincidence...I am convinced that this incident
was a a message from my uncle...who let me know that he was indeed in "coon
hunter heaven" What do you think?




Living Ghosts


Here is one that will make you wonder.  While in Saudi Arabia during the time of Desert Storm my husband and father in law had a mind blowing experience.  The day the ground war broke out  my father in law was sleeping and had not talked to my husband for about 5-10 days.  Bill(fin) woke out of a sound sleep and swears that he saw my husband standing at the end of his bed and he told him "Don't worry dad its not your fault that I died."  Needless to say Bill was extremely worried and did not sleep for 4 days until my husband called to say that he was fine.  The thing that makes me wonder is the fact that my father in law could tell my husband that he had gotten new medals and where they were placed on his uniform.  It really makes you wonder if there is such a thing as ghosts and ones that are still living.  Please contact me at my personal if you plan to us this story.

La Carafe- Houston Texas


My husband and I were on the second floor having drinks with some close friends, when I looked over to the far wall at the stairs., just then a tall black man appeared dressed in old torn clothes.He just vanished. Later that night on our way back up the narrow stairs I got this feeling that somebody was right behind me . There was no one there.Since then I have heard that there were slaves sold in the building years ago. I don't know how much truth there is in that but I am sure of what I saw and the feeling that I had all night. I can't wait to go back.

The Abandoned House


On a very warm, humid summer night, so typical of Florida, I joined three other people to attempt to catch up with a group of paranormal investigators, who were having an overnight camp out. I did not know this other group, but Josh had corresponded with them, and we had our own equipment. At, the time, I had been a member of Nightwolf Paranormal Research for about one year. We were a grass group, who shared a common interest in the paranormal. We had changed members so many times in such a short time, but the core group was still together.
On this night it was two males who were original members, a new female member, and myself. We traveled a great distance, and it was really late and really dark where we ended up. This town was so tiny, that they closed the gas stations, and stores at 11:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. We found ourselves on streets so tiny that, the streets were named after the family who lived on the trailer at the end of it. (I saw a trailer with a satellite disk, and an outhouse. I swear this). Anyway, we could not find this other group.
It turns out later; we were within a few miles of them (the other group) the whole time. But we found this little lane, that took a bend, and wouldn’t you know it, right at the corner where the lane bent there was an old apparently abandoned house. It was a two story, which was common in older houses, as heat rises, and back in the days before Florida had air conditioning, you had to have that second story, to find some relief. Also, since we were in what appeared to be farming country, I imagine they had larger families. On the property proper, next to the big house, was a smaller, single-family type house. Further back was a very large equipment shed for larger farming tools.
Now, Josh noted the name of the lane we were on. I will explain later why that is an important detail. Aside from the above-described buildings, the only other building (s), was a trailer approximately a quarter of a mile up the lane, on the property. We were delighted at this turn of events, and decided to take a walk about, and maybe do a little filming.
Since we had already planned on joining another crew, we had our night scope, our video camera, our digital camera, and our EMF detector. (EMF measures electromagnetic fields; a common tool when you suspect spiritual energy may be present.) We knew we had to be extra careful, because usually we would check out a property during the day, so we could look for any and all possible dangers. (Barbwire, broken tombstones, holes to twist ankles, plus, more important, we did not have permission to enter the property, and we do not trespass.
But we did decide to do some filming, plus I wanted to see if I could pick anything up. I am our group’s “spotter”. Specifically what that means is I am psychic, and very sensitive to spirits. Some of the most dramatic pictures we have ever taken were taken when I felt a presence, and later the spirit appeared on film.
We soon realized we were in for a lot more than we planned on such short notice. Almost as soon as we exited the vehicle, and started to distribute the gear to everyone, we heard a growl. Well, of course there are feral dogs everywhere, not to mention foxes, possums, and who-knows-what-else running around. Now we were careful to examine our surroundings, and we noticed that even though it was dark, there was something, and I do mean a SOMETHING, that was darker than the background. We have seen these before, usually in cemeteries. They look like little black tornados, and they are definitely inhuman, and definitely do not ever have our best interest at heart. In fact they really seem to draw energy from our equipment, and even ourselves, hence the “cold spots” people experience. Well, we filmed “it”, and also took snap shots with both “B’s” camera, as well as our digital camera. It was at that point, we realized a spirit not only had gotten between the car and ourselves, (the car was eloped with a black cloud), but something was behind us too. I started to follow my feelings, and I started to wander up the lane alone, toward the shadow, when Josh’s voice came through my headset telling me to come back. I turned around, started to walk back to the they, when “K”, suddenly said “______, come here quick!”. I asked “Where is it..?”, and as soon as I asked, I knew. K saw, actually saw, a green luminous hand appear, and pull my ponytail. It shook me. Of all the things I have ever seen, and experienced, this was a very evil spirit. And, K, who is a man, found himself under some sort of oppression, started crying. I cannot express how shocking that was. He was simply overwhelmed by something. We all began to smell a strong odor of baby power. Now, at this time I will mention, we female members of the crew, do not wear make-up, hair spray, or perfume during an investigation. Sometimes, spirits make themselves know by bringing about odors, to announce their presence.
We looked to see if there were wild flowers, orange blossoms, or anything that could have possibly explain what we were smelling. No, this was definitely baby powder.
K also was scanning the property, and filming with the video camera, and he called me over to look over his shoulder while he filmed. (He didn’t want to move the camera.) There was two forms, a taller one, and a shorter one DIRECTLY in front video camera, invisible to the naked eye, but the camera was seeing it! The two forms were not the same as the black tornado like creatures.
After what seemed a relatively short period of time, we went back into the car, and discovered hours had passed! We had lost all concept of time. But the story would not end there.
We arrived at our respective homes after the sun had risen, and Josh dropped me off, and I decided a nap was definitely called for. I fell into a very troubled sleep, and had a very vivid dream about the house, and what had happened there.
The dream was disturbing, and there were details I will not discuss at this time, but the most awful part, was I suddenly awoke vomiting, and losing control of my bowels. Now, I had not been sick. Nor, had I been exposed to the flu, or anything else. The dream preceded the sudden onset of my being sick.
When Josh came over later to check on me, I told him how sick I was. But there was more. I needed to take a bath after my onset on sickness, and there was a bruised bite mark on my upper arm! Purple, and black, you could actually see teeth marks! In fact, I showed the mark to a neighbor a day or two later, and she said it looked like someone had bitten me, because you could see teeth marks. Needless to say, no one had bitten me. No one we could see. But whatever spirit had pulled my hair, didn’t seem to have a problem leaving any other marks.
But, that was not the end of this particular story. I had a second, equally vivid dream, once again about the history of this house, and the crime that was committed there. And more importantly, by whom. It explained the larger and smaller spirits seen in the video camera, and the odor of baby powder. It also explained the shadows we saw running by the smaller house.
I have had spirits attempt to communicate with me before. It seems that once spirits figure out your are sensitive to their presence, they really do want to communicate. I would even offer that perhaps the reason spirits get frustrated, and make things “happen”, is because they are trying to communicate, and frankly, no one likes to be ignored. I will also offer at this time, that if someone is a wonderful person in this life, that chances are pretty good, they will be wonderful on the “other” side of the veil that separates us, from our deceased. But, on the other hand, if someone is nasty, and not a nice person, well, death is not the cure-all, to suddenly turn them into really nice people. That only makes sense, after all.
Never before had I dreamed about an investigation and never before, had I become so violently ill for no apparent reason. The dreams were not the same. They were an explanation of the history of the house as told by two different people who knew it’s intimate history.
Now, I explained previously, that this was a very tiny town. And the name of the former inhabitants of the house had come to me twice in two different dreams. So, I decided to check information for a listing on THAT last name on THAT lane. (Remember, the only other building, and the only one that showed any sign of life, was the trailer up the road). My reasoning was, that if the property had stayed in the family, that family would probably have purchased the trailer, instead on taking care of the cost of that huge, old farmhouse. Also, after the dream I had witnessed, I imagine after the violence I believed I saw, the family would not have wanted to live there anyway.
I called information, and asked for a listing for R________ Smith, on F______ Road. The operator checked, and said, “ Oh, I don’t have a R______ Smith on F_____ Road, but I do have an initial R. Smith on that road..”. I thanked her.
Only one other residence on that tiny Lane. The trailer. The telephone listing with the last name, and the first initial of the man I dreamed about, and the crime I witnessed in my dreams.
The same R_____ Smith, who used a ghostly hand to pull my hair, and bite my arm. The same R____ Smith who made a grown man, K, cry.
When the pictures from the cameras were developed, NONE of the pictures turned out. That in itself, and of itself is odd. But watching the videotape, we saw a pair of glowing red eyes, and unmistakably you can hear a voice say “ help me”, in a weak female voice.
The night before I began this book, I was relating the story about the house to two members of Nightwolf Paranormal Research who had been unable to join us on that particular night. The two members, Suzy, and Joe, are a dating couple, and very close to each other. The layout of my house is such that we have added on a back room, a Florida room, where there had once been a sliding glass door going out to a screened in porch. The porch has been enclosed, and now has my dining room table and the Christmas tree out there.
Lying on the dining room table, was Suzy’s purse, and cell phone. I was seated across the table, and at the opposite side from both the purse, and the cell phone.
Suzy was seated just inside the main part of the house, seated next to Joe. I told them the story I have just related to you, when Joe’s cell phone, in his pocket, and on vibrate, went off. By the time he, Joe pulled it out of his pocket, it had stopped its silent ring, and when he checked the caller-ID, it was Suzy’s cell phone, that had dialed Joe’s cell phone, while in full view of all of us, WHILE NO ONE WAS NEAR IT! Talk about a strange thing to have happen. But we have all had strange things happen since our forays into the paranormal. We were not frightened, simply amazed.

Nursing Home GHosts


            I use to work in an nursing home in 82, Well anyway, A good
friend of mine who work with me at the time was making  our arounds of
measuring out put. and as we got down our first hallway, we saw a  ghost
figure. What I saw was a full  figure body but I saw the arms moving like
we do when we are a live. Then a month ago I saw a little boy standing in
my kitchen. So I do belive in the holy spirts.

My Friends Moms Story


 This story was told to me bye a friends mother.
        I heard it about 5 days ago. we were looking at this sight when we started talking about our own experiences. She told us that when she was a little girl her and a friend would play barbies down stairs in her parents basement. But this story goes back before that even there used to be a slow scratching on the cement floor of the basement, and after a while it stopped scaring people because they were just like getting used to it or something. And this went on for years. Well ok, her and a friend were playing barbies down stairs and they heard the "dreaded sound" and she yelled at it to leave them alone because they were just playing barbies and they weren't doing any thing to it. well after a while they put the barbies to bed and went outside to play.
The next day they went down stairs to play. when they got to the barbie house the first weird thing was that her friends doll was out of his bed in the living room. And when she went to pick it up it fell into 3 pieces,like the thing broke it but then partly put it back together. they think it did that because she yelled at it and it got mad at them or something.
  And if you think it was a little kids imagination, you would be wrong because she  heard it again when she was about 14 or 15.

Hay May


  To begin I must tell you all of my life I've been followed , plagued ,whatever by these spirits. And ususally I can tell when their back cause they always mess with me first. This time they didn't.
When I was 13 years old  my mother kept complaining of nightmares. She said it sounded like a million voices were whispering in her ear at this she woluld wake up.Sometimes this would happen several times a night. When my friend jumped out of bed and  said she heard chattering voices in her ear I thought she was making it up or perhaps the power of suggestion from my mother telling us about herself.
   Than one night I was sleeping on the floor next to my bed cause I was more comfortable there. As I was dreaming I kept hearing someone's whispering in my ear I kept telling him to go away he would and than he'd be back leaning on my shoulder like begging for money or something.He or so I thought was annoying me in my dream. Finally it kept whispering in my ear and leaning on my shoulder. I woke up .With a choking pressure on my neck {I was on my side luckily} and whispering of a  thousand demonic voices in my ear saying "Hay May. Hay May. Hay May." My eyes were open I knew I was awake I could see my teddy bear.I was paralyzed . I tryed to scream all I got was a slight beginning of  clearing my throat.
    Which this experience leaves me asking. Who is May?

Haunted Store


                I'm not sure if I should write a short
story or not about the store I worked at that was
haunted. I saw things for about three of five years in
the building while others who had been there ten had
seen nothing. Photos of the white clouds and "smoke"
in the air sent shivers up my spine. I hadn't
associated the ones I saw with the ghost in the
building until now,... I walked right through them
several times and I felt funny then ! I've had fire
doors opening and closing ( spring loaded doors ),
temperature changes , things turning on and off ,
scuff marks on a stairwell wall that would not go away
no matter what I painted it with ( below the beam
where a manager to a previous store had hung himself
), and really feeling like there is some one else in
the room every once and a while. I have never written
any thing before about what I saw and I am only
writing this because a friend said others would want
to here about it. This was the first web site I went
to, I've never gone looking for them before.

Haunted Life


I have been visiting your website for over six years, it is by far the best
site on the internet. I am finally going to write my story, since my
experience last night left me with no sleep and I had to call in to work.
     I Have lived in the western suburbs of Chicago for all of my life save 2
years years in California. I am 21 Years old. My experiences that I can
remember started when I was four years old our dog that died used to run
under my bed every night after my Mom tucked me in. I would call my Mom back
and ask her why the dog ran under my bed, I didn't really understand what
death was back then, and I just figured the dog wanted to hide under my bed.
The next very scary thing that used to happen to me frequently from about the
age of four to the age of six, was a yellow light (just like a light bulb) or
orb used to appear to me at night usually on the door of my room or on the
wall opposite my bed, the orb had a female voice that used to say my name and
i would be terrified, I always felt that she was the devil and very evil,
when I would gather up the courage to run out of my room she would laugh and
say that I couldn't hide from her. I would usually end up sleeping on the
floor in my parents room down the hall. I have read many stories and done
research to try and understand what this talking orb was, I have never really
found anything like it. So if you know what it is or have had a similar
experience please email me and relate! I live in the same house now, but I
have the room that used to be my parents and my brother, the skeptic has that
room. Yet even he at a weak moment reported seeing a women's head floating
above his head when he awoke on several occasions, and having dreams about
the woman. Since then I have seen the ghost of a young girl float in through
my window, a man in my basement, a robed religious figure, and a black haired
woman who used to wake me up in the morning. For a couple years I used to
wake at 2 am to hear the front door slam and hear footsteps, oddly enough my
mother who sleeps in the front of the house has found the front door open.
For one summer What I thought was my Mom walking through the upstairs hall at
about midnight every night to check on us upstairs (the steps made that flip
flop noise like slippers do) I thought nothing of it, one day I questioned
her about it and she said she never walked the hallway. Although I don't have
it as much anymore I used to have precognition nearly every night in my
dreams, It was usually of stupid things, I would dream of a person I didn't
know and the next day they would walk by me. It was always simple unimportant
things. Nowadays I rarely have those dreams, or maybe I just don't remember
them. Most of these strange happenings ceased by the time I was 17. I am 21
now and the strange seems to have come back from vacation. 3 weeks ago my dad
and brother were out of town and it was just my Mom my sister and I. One
night we were coming home early evening, we arrived home (let me make note
that our house is an old farmhouse built in the 1880s, and the garage is not
attached to the house) i walked up to the front door I didn't have any keys
so I waited for my Mom and sis. We have 2 big dogs and I could see them
waiting inside the double doors for us. Next to the porch is window that is
above large thorny bushes. I was still on the porch alone when suddenly there
was a big crash the side of the house shook and there was a shattering of
glass. my first instinct was that an animal had fallen from the roof because
the house shook and the bushes outside the window. We entered the house and
discover the window has shattered and fallen to the ground. Maybe the dogs
had done it, but I had seen them through the windows by the door waiting. We
went through every explanation there was none. The storm window was still
down and it was unharmed the impact had come from inside. The latest episode
happened last night. As I was coming out of Rem sleep a streaming wind hit my
body accompanied by an aaahhhh sound (not human). I opened my eyes it
continued there was nothing there just my dark room. It must have lasted
about a minute, when it was over I was freaked but I rationalized it and told
my self I must have still been dreaming (I don't think it was sleep paralysis
I could move). I rolled over on my side, a chill went up my spine (now I have
had chills go up my spine but never like this) I felt something rub against
my back and then there were little footsteps running over my body and the
side of my bed. Ah it was my kitty, but then it occurred to me that my door
was shut and locked and my kitty was not with me. The little footsteps
continued, I finally got up the courage to say GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, then I
jumped out of bed and switched on the lights. I hit the couch for a while
then returned to my room accompanied by all three of my cats who slept with
me. Yet as I was drifting to sleep again, with the lights on I though I saw
my cat who is black next to my face then I felt fingers scratch the other
side of my head. Yet when I looked around me my black cat was curled up at my
feet. Oddly enough about 2 weeks ago I had a similar experience I was
drifting to sleep and I felt my cat pitpatting on my lap, when I opened my
eyes there was no cat and my cat was not in my room. Now when I think back my
Mom told me when I was little (in this house) that I would refuse to sleep in
my crib because a cat would bother me and it would meow at night. Let me make
note that I have never had a pet of mine die. The last thing I will add is
that in the last few months my sister has told me that she hears me talking
in my sleep, and I have never been a talker, sometimes I wake up still
talking or feeling exhausted from talking. I realize I have always been a bit
psychic, but I thought it had faded away. I don't know if I am going crazy or
what, I have never had anything touch me before and I don't like it, if it
happens again I am going to keep telling it to get out. At first this scares
me but then it makes me angry. If anyone has any similar experiences or
suggestions please email me. Thanks.

Ghost Stories


Hi Sam here, I have apparently spoke to a ghost when I was 2yrs old. To cut a long story short, I moved to Invicta Rd in Sheerness Kent when I was 2yrs old, with my dad, a year or so before we moved in a lonely pregnant woman lived there and commited suicide by hanging herself , because of the pregnancy, in the back bedroom, no one lived there till my dad and I. I slept in the back bedroom, my dad told me that he would often hear me talking to someone at nights in my room, my dad asked me who I was taking to, I said it was the grey lady who sits at the end of my bed. My dad then met my stepmum and she moved in with us. At nights sometimes my stepmum and I would sit alone  and she'd hear walking around upstairs and things being moved about. It was so bad one night that she went over to her parents house to get them, they bought over their dog, the dog started growling and barking for no reason. My dad moved me out of the back bedroom to another bedroom when I started to get upset and not sleepines, dreams and anxiety are my main feelings I get. I can't walk through a graveyard without getting anxiety and I also smell a really musty smell that no one else seems to notice, it's so intoxicating that it makes me feel like I'm suffacating and it makes me feel sick. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether I still have this woman following me.

Ghosts in my Polish School


everyone in cardinal newman know about the ghost of valentines day. The
story is about a tenager that killed herself because she really liked this
guy and he abused her and she killed herself. Then her spirit came out and
killed the guy she really liked. Now every valentines day she comes out in
the school and cryes all day shes freaky but she wont hurt us ... I think.



one night it was just before christmas i was sleeping at my nannas house i
could not get to sleep on the night then i just drifted of and i smelt
peppermint and smoke  i got up and i saw this man sat on the bed looking at
my nanna i know who he waqs it was my granddad i have nevver seen him in real
life becouse he died before i was born he was talking to my nanna i sat up
but he did not look at me but then he turned and looket at me and smiled and
then he waved and then he just went i told my family and they didnt belive me
is it true that my grand dad came to see me and my nanna at christmas


Ghost Warning


I am a 49 yr. old man who had an experience 35 yrs ago. My sister and myself went down to hold no 9? at the Victoria B.C. Canada golf course. There was a story that  a woman threw
herself if a cliff into the sea, because her husband was cheating on her. Anyways there was a bell on the 9th hold that your rang to "PLAY THRU". Well about 150 students from school all went down there to see if we could MATILDA which was the woman's name back in 1850 who killed herself. My sister unfortunately had a broken keg and was in a cast as we all went down to the beach calling out Matilda's name while people rang the bell. A few moments later a mist came out of nowhere and chased 100 young teenagers up the slope from the 9th hole by the cliff up to there cars. I will never forget the mist descending upon myself and my sister as I tried to run while she was in crutches. Her and I have spoken about it over the years and we are both convinced that a ghost warned us off that evening back in 1968.

Ghost Story

I always wondered if the spirit world really could 'break through', and now I've finally had an experience where I have no doubt that it happens.  I was living with my brother in his older rental house where I slept on his couch in the living room.  This night was typical.  I wasn't drinking, and I had to be at work in the morning.  I lay down to sleep this particular night, and his cat jumped onto my lap as usual for the night.  As I began to drift off, I was awakened by a strange creeking noise in the attic above me, which wasn't anything more than unused space.  Then I was taken completely out of sleep by music I couldn't identify.  This music was a tune I couldn't even hum, and I am a singer.  It was clear, but I couldn't make it out.  All I thought at the time was,  "Turn that crap off whoever you are!  I'm trying to sleep, " thinking it was a rude neighbor. It continued for what I thought were minutes, and then I began to hear a voice speaking in the corner of the room, clear as a bell, but I couldn't distinguish a language.  Muffled and clear at the same time, if that makes any sense.  I,of course, thought I was dreaming till I shook my head and felt the cat sit straight up and stare into the same corner.  I looked with her and saw a faint 'tell-tale' whitish cloudy light in the corner, and the sound it made got louder and louder,  then soft again,  then louder, then softer.  I was ticked off, because I thought my brother was watching a movie in his room, so I got up to look and saw he was sound asleep, and the tv was off.  I was shocked!  I went back to the couch, and observed for about another few minutes, until it was quiet again, and I no longer saw the whitish haze.  To my surprise, I was remarkably calm while watching.  I was even able to fall back to sleep.  The next morning I told my brother all about it, and he, being open minded as I, agreed to tape record the following evening with a voice activated mini cassette player.  We couldn't believe the sounds we recorded.  And they had to be loud enough to activate the recorder.  The sounds are like that of an Indian battlefield with horses running.  It starts out soft, then gets louder.  About 4 seconds worth.  We then heard some gutteral voice saying something that sounded Latin.  FREAKY!!  We're both Christians, so we prayed for the demons/spirits to leave that house in the name of Jesus Christ, and we never heard from them after that.  True Story.  We still have the tape.
I had recently submitted a long chapter of my life's haunting's. Unfortunately I had forgotten one of the most significant and current sightings.
Last year in Somerset, MA at a local gas station I had pulled in to get gas.  It was a Monday and it was very snowy outside.  I pulled in around 8:30 (because I had to be to work by 9) to see a familiar face of an elder man, I smiled and he said what can I do for you?  I asked him to put ten dollars in.  He obliged and seemed overly happy that morning.  When I went to pay him I had forgotten my wallet at home and was going to be late for work.  I asked him if I could return the following day to pay him.  He said that that was fine.
The next day, later on that evening, which was a Tuesday I had completely forgotten to stop in and pay him.  So I figured first thing Wednesday morning.
Wednesday morning came and I drove down to the station to bring the money.  I pulled in and did not see the elder gentleman. I got out of the car and asked where he was.  The gas attendant told me that unfortunately the elder man had passed away on Monday..  I said “well I am here to pay a bill that I owed him from Monday”.  They brought me into the stations office to get the bill.  I asked them of when did he pass away?  They said you could not have been here Monday morning because he passed away around 8am of a massive heart attack.  I said there is no way! He pumped my gas, I know it was 8:30 because I was at work by 9. They looked at the slip and it did not have the date on it. They assumed that I had my days confused. I insisted that how would Mon-Wed get confused?
They passed it off. I believe that I saw this man in a surrounding that he had always been comfortable with and it was his last car to be pumped.

Ghost Clown


Hi!! luv your web page! it so cool. I would like to tell a story that reeeall y happened and scared my pants off! I was with Michell, and Simoney, two friends, in my grandmothers house. We were like 7-8 at that time, playing without a care in front of my granmom's room. I remember a clown. I was huge, very coloful and i remember it had white gloves, and open hands, smiling the hugest smile, and backed up on the door. i wanst afraid. without taking my eyes off the clown, i called my friends to see it. they looked it too, one off them screamed! i got startled and looked at simoney and michell did the same, we looked at each other, and then i think the 3 of us remembered the clown and looked at the door. It doesnt sound very scary but remembering it makes me think about how did it get there why did.........


My Grandmas' Rental House

By: zshazsha

My grandma had a house she rented out. I moved in it for awhile and had many strange experiences. One night I came home with my dog and as soon as I opened the door my dog took off barking like crazy towards the bedroom closet. This really surprised me because my dog hardly ever barked and wasn't much of a watch dog. She stood right in front of the closet and barked wildly for a long time. I was afraid that somebody was in that closet but I opened the door and saw nothing. My dog continued to bark at it and all of a sudden there was this awful smell that filled the rotting meat. The phone rang real late in the evening that night when I answered it nobody said anything for awhile but I could hear alot of static, like the connection wasn't very good. Finally in a very slow, deep voice that had a kind of echo to it, someone said, "Help me, please help me." The voice sounded like my Grandpa who had been dead a few years. I actually asked,"Grandpa is that you?' But the voice only kept saying,"help me" until the connection seemed to fade away. Another night my son was sleeping with me, he was about 4yrs. old. He woke me up in the middle of the night gently shaking me & whispering to me to please wake up because there was something standing at the side of the bed staring at him with big red eyes. I was facing the side of the bed where he said it was and my son was on the other side of me to my back. While he kept trying to wake me up... I heard him but I was trying to get the courage to open my eyes. If I opened my eyes & something was there I was gonna see it & I was afraid. Finally I opened my eyes but I didn't see anything and about that same time my son said that it was gone. He couldn't see me, he didn't know that I had just opened my eyes. I will always wonder what I would have seen. Another evening I was cleaning up the kitchen after supper. I had just cleared the dishes & sat all the chairs around the table. I had my back to the table as I was washing dishes at the sink, suddenly I heard a chair scoot loudly across the floor. I turned immediatly around to see nobody there and a chair sitting in the middle of the floor facing me as if someone was sitting in it looking right at me! I've had alot of strange things happen to me in my life but that was the creepiest feeling I've ever had. Lots of things happened in that house. My kids 6 & 4 were scared to death one day because they said thier little rocking chair started rocking real fast all by itself. My 6 yr. old used to say she saw scarecrows looking in the windows all the time. She is 24 now and hates scarecrows to this day. A few times I saw a dark outline of a big man at the end of my bed at night. There was always unexplainable noises and things going on. The house just gave you an eerie feeling, even during the day. After I moved out my Grandma told me that a long time ago a lady killed her husband in that house...right by the bedroom closet!!! After my Grandma died my parents inherited the house. My Dad told me never to say anything about what happened to me in that house 'cause if word got around they'd never be able to rent it. A few close friends know, but that's it. Well my parents rented it out to this newlywed couple. I didn't know them when they first moved in it but I ended up getting a job where the husband worked and knew him casually. After they lived there for maybe 3 months they told my Dad they were moving out immediatly and wouldn't tell him why. My Dad was a little mad about it (and i was curious myself, for obvious reasons), so I mentioned it to the husband at work. I asked him why they were moving out so suddenly. He said he didn't have a choice because his wife had already left and said she was never stepping foot in that house again. He didn't want to tell me anything, he just said there were strange things going on in that house that scared his wife. When I pressed for details, i could tell he was embarressed to say much more, but he did say it was things like the t.v. coming on and going off by itself,noises and stuff moving around.

Family Haunts


When I was pregnant with my son and was in the hospital for bleeding and pain.I saw my Grandfather sitting in the chair in my room to tell me that the baby and I were going to be ok.My Grandfather died when I was a young girl,we were very close.
One of my wedding pictures that was taken at the church has a long stream of white light coming down on me.I like to think it was Grandfather there with me in sprit



I first want to say I enjoy your site a lot. I found it today and have been reading as much of the material as I could in two sittings. I was drawn to the sight by the article about the Defeo book. Having read the personal experiences I thought I could be comfortable about asking a few questions and sharing a few 'experiences' myself.
I have been brought up like most people in society to believe these are all just tales and that ghosts do not really exist. However, some things in life are too unexplainable to pass off as coincidence or explainable. My first question is can people have more than one kind of experience with different ghosts in their lifetime? I am not asking in regard to someone who goes looking for them like a paranormal, I mean in everyday life can certain people be more sensitive to them than others and actually experience occurrences many times in their lives?
Okay I will now explain... It would seem in my life there have been many strange things that have happened in which none of them really appear connected. Some are stories I have been told by family, some are things I experienced myself, others there were more witnesses besides myself.
Before, I describe the occurrences, I would like to say I have nothing to gain by making them up. It's not my purpose to try to entertain. Yet, your story has made me feel like I can very openly share what has also happened to me.
Okay now the experiences:
My mom told me a story once that my dad told her about. He was working as a police officer for the town I was born in. He and his partner had been driving around policing the streets during a snowstorm. They happened to see an old lady walking barefoot along a sidewalk and she wasn't even wearing a coat. They pulled over and asked her if she needed a ride somewhere. The lady looked at my dad and replied, "No dear, I have been walking these streets now for centuries, I am doing well." With that they just let her go on her way and left. Half-way down the road it hit them what she said. They went back and she was gone, there was no footprints or any sign she had passed along there.
Another story concerning my Dad; He once told me when he was a child his uncle lived upstairs on the second floor of their house. Well, after he died, my dad would hear his uncle walking above on the second floor and hear his cane tapping as he walked. After he died nobody else was up there! A friend of my dad's once saw the uncle standing at the top of the stairs and he got so scared he bolted from the house and never went back.
Okay, now stories on my mom's side... that she has told me about. My great grandmother one time was very sick and feverish, she awoke one night to see a wisp of 'smoke' hovering above her bed and like a waving hand calling her to follow. She got up and was looking at this mist and following it. My great grandfather then awoke and saw it too. He got up and made it to my great grandmother before she would have falling down a flight of stairs.
Two weeks after she died, my mom was out on the back porch hanging laundry. This was also on a second floor so a view of the street was pretty good. While she was out there she noticed a woman walking down the street on the other side. When she got the where our house was, she turned and looked up toward my mother. My mom swears it was her grandmother! The woman smiled, waved then resumed her path.
My sister as a child has seen a kitchen light turn off and on by itself. She would check and everyone would be sleeping. When she returned to bed the light would flick on and off again repeatedly.
Being I didn't see these things I cannot confirm or deny them. So I will just let be speculation. Now a few experiences I have had. Which in any case isn't speculation as I know what I saw, or felt.
When I was two or maybe three, I recall my room at night with a nightlight on that gave sort of a pink glow to the room. In my mind's eye I can see that room now. Where my bed against a south wall facing north. On the north wall was a doorway to the left leading to the kitchen. the longer part of the room extended east. On the far east of the room was a window with heavy curtains on it. I use to awaken in the middle of the night and be screaming in terror that a black lady was in my room near that window. The scary thing about this lady was, she was decapitated! And she was holding her head in both hands near her waist. I barely remember what she looked like. I remember seeing her but forget the details. She wasn't opaque, or gray or a wisp or anything like that, just a solid looking woman with the grotesque details. There was one occurrence when I remember her actually tossing the head at/toward me. I don't remember anything after that. However, it was recurring so much it was starting to even scare my parents. As they were actually starting to believe what I was seeing was there even though they never saw it. We eventually moved and those occurrences stopped. Never happened again. I believe what I was seeing was really there. At that age, I was too younger to understand the concept of horror in that way, my mind hadn't developed and imagination that bazaar, and also I was still too young to recognize racial differences. Why wouldn't I "imagine" a woman of my same race? If she was real, why would she be intentionally trying to horrify me to death? Throwing a head at someone doesn't usually gain a response like "thanks, let me know if you need it back!" :)
Later on I would have dreams, recurring ones. Only twice in my life have I had recurring dreams. This first one would show me a lady in my dream. She would always be in our house and would be a trusted friend. Yet whenever nobody was looking she would turn toward me and her face would distort horizontally. In fact when I would awaken and tell my mother of these dreams I would refer to her as the woman with the "stretchy-face." I don't know where dreams like that can come from especially in a pre-school child. I had those dreams, I don't know how many times. But sometimes they would even be months apart. Yet always the same woman, always the same... distortions. It seems now like it may have been sort of a message, but until now... I don't understand what it would be.
The second recurring dream that I had which still now occasionally I have; I would be in a house. Mine I think. And in the basement is a door in which every time I get close to it, I feel fire, and hear a hideous growling from behind it. It is loud enough to scare me from the door. Yet if I don't awaken then curiosity keeps drawing me toward that door! But every time I get braver and close enough I get scared from it and no matter how I adapt to what happens, it's scarier each time. I have never once been able to open the door and see what is there on the other side. In the real waking world the few I have told this dream to have told me to never open that door. Another message?! Not sure.
When I was around 9 or 10, I use to have feelings of being watched when I went to bed. I would roll over as I slept on my side, to the other side and would have an intense feeling of icy run through me but whatever I thought was there would not be there. So I would roll back over and fall asleep. This happened to me a lot. One night when I rolled over I caught just the most brief fraction of a second of what I feel had always been what was causing this feeling. On the edge of my bed I saw a woman's head! Just the head sitting there looking at me, then it was gone before I could know for certain I had really seen it.
This was the last time I had any experiences with anything relating to woman or something about a head or face. I am not certain why seeing it actually made it never happen again. I don't even know if this even made a difference. Yet it's never happened again.
Nothing else had happened to me since until I was 14. A boy who was once a neighbor of mine (we had since moved) in my early childhood had been killed on a motorcycle at age 14. All I remembered of him was he was not really very brilliant (a child's opinion) He was the kid we all made fun of in school. Well after his death I start having sensations on my paper route like he was in one of the homes I delivered the paper to. It was only this one certain house. I would not even be thinking of him, yet when I came to this certain house, he would rush into my imagination and I would 'sense' him being in that second floor hallway. It got to the point where I would bring my little brother with me for company... and to deliver the paper to that one house! :)
I got married at 19 years old. In our first apartment, the first night we were there, I was awakened by my wife who was in terror and crying her eyes out! I soon discovered why! We heard this loud pounding that sounded like someone was trying to kick our front door in!!! Immediately I got the cold chill and the raised hairs. I got up and we both left the bedroom. The light outside shown bright enough we could see in the apartment without having to turn on a light. Well. We got to the hallway that separated our rooms and also had the front door leading to the main hall for the apartment house. The door wasn't being kicked in. Instead it started again right above that door! The sound was... weird! The best I can describe it was, it was like someone picking a heavy object like a refrigerator and then dropping it repeatedly every two seconds or so. Then I was really scared! Nothing could make the sound we heard not without two or more people being involved in the weight of this noise! Yet there was no physical damage that we could see at all. What we were hearing sounded like it should have come through the floor after three or four repetitions.
Anyway we dismissed it later on even though we never learned what it was. Some months later a friend of ours needed a place to stay and we let her stay with us for some time. We had a spare room. Maybe five feet away from what we heard that night. We had until that time been using it for junk and storage. The door always closed. Now the strange thing about this room was, it was at the front of the house and got the sun all day. Yet when we were to go in there for something it was always very cool in there. Having dismissed everything up to this point as imagination and skepticism it was also ignored. One night the friend who was staying in that room knocked on our bedroom door and asked us to please go in her room for a few minutes. She wouldn't tell us why. So we just got up to see what she wanted. Well all went in there without again turning on light. But it was obvious to both my wife and I what she wanted us to witness! All three of us heard a man breathing in that room!!! There was no man in that room except me. I even held my breath to make sure it wasn't me. It was a heavy breathing in which you almost hear part of the voice involved. Like a deep breathing. After that night nothing ever happened in there again. That I know of, we later switch apartments with neighbors in the same house. (For other reasons of course!)
Later we had problems and ended up separating for awhile. Once we reconciled, we moved into this second floor apartment that also had a room on the third floor and an attic that went the space of the whole house with the exception of that one room and the stair well. I use to go up in the attic to practice playing guitar so the amplifier wouldn't bother anyone else present in the house. This attic was bare unfinished walls, a sloping ceiling on each side also unfinished. The floor was the length of the house but half as wide, while the rest was unfinished and filled with insulation. Other than that there was nothing else except the chimney that ran straight down to the basement. So I would have a metal folding chair, my guitar and amp. I would sit there playing and be completely focused on my playing and be completely lost to the outside world around me. But... then I would feel that familiar icy finger up the spine, the neck hair standing... I would turn around and nobody is there. So I would dismiss it until it would happen so much I would feel too uneasy and leave. By that point I was too scared to look back! I kept that to myself. I was a married man had a new baby and I wasn't going to tell people about spooky ghost! I want to add before I forget, I didn't like to use the small room instead because it was very small and hot in there. Okay on to the rest.
My brother lived in the apartment on the first floor. He would often come up so he could also practice playing in the attic. He often told me that it was very creepy up there and he felt like he was being watched! Interesting! I never told anyone. But when he mentioned it, I told him I felt like that too. After awhile neither of us would go up there much. Well, life has a way of sucking sometimes and the marriage didn't work. It got to the point where I would either sleep in a spare room on the second floor, or the wife would sleep in the room next to the attic! (Her choice!) The relationship got worse and worse all the time. I worked third shift and would sleep most of the day hours. One day I woke up and heard a man and woman talking. I was still half asleep and when I heard the voices, I felt I knew who they were and there was no reason to be alarmed. So I went back to sleep instantly. When I woke up, my wife was upset she had come home to find our front door wide open. We only used the back door and the front was always locked! Our TV was on the floor facing with the screen side down, my guitar up in the attic was gone! So we basically felt someone broke in yet there was no forced entry. I even wonder if my then wife was involved in what happened. Yet it wasn't her voice I heard. When I think about it, I don't know who the man and woman voices were! Anyhow we divorced and she left. I was alone there with my cat. One night I am watching TV and my very mellow cat comes seemingly out of nowhere, racing down the stairs leading to the third floor! She come through the room so fast, she got caught on the electrical cord to the TV and actually twisted the TV on the stand so it was at a 45 degree angle from it's original position! When I caught up with her at first I was upset thinking she was 'whacking out' or something. Then I noticed her fur was standing thick and on end! Her heart was pounding like she had been running for miles! This cat was obviously terrified! Of what?! I was the only one there in the house. I later moved out of that house too. For other reasons as I couldn't afford to live there anymore. Anyhow that house is right down the street from where I live at this moment and whenever I walk by, even though it has been 14 years, I still feel a presence at that house... almost like I am being watched from the window of that third floor little room next to the attic.
One other time I feel like I got a message from 'beyond.' I was seeing this girl whom I was getting very close to. I loved her father dearly as we had a lot in common, and he liked me a lot too! Anyhow the first year (I forget the actually year) that "Earth Day" was made an official holiday I had a bad feeling about it two months early. From the moment I heard about it, I knew something didn't feel right. My girlfriend didn't understand why, I didn't either. (yet)  Anyhow those two months passed and on Earth day we my girlfriend and her father went to visit her mom's house. So we went to the cookout and were having a good time. Yet the whole time her dad was seemingly down. He decided to leave. And her mom would bring us back when it was over. Well a half hour passed, and then emergency vehicles went racing by the house. That feeling came back again about Earth Day and I finally convinced my girlfriend we should check it out. So while we were getting ready her mom's boyfriend was ahead of us and left two minutes before we did. On our way up the road he was returning on the other side and told my girlfriend it was her dad. We got to the scene and saw he had crashed into an on-coming car. Luckily both people were okay. Later that day at the hospital we learned her dad had cancer and he died the following Christmas morning.
Anyway, since then nothing has occurred in my life which couldn't be easily explained. Until this week. I am newly married and my wife is in another country. We are waiting for the government red tape to go forth so she can come here. Anyhow this week she sent me a greeting card. She kept asking me in chat and on the phone if I got it. I did last Tuesday. It came in the mail. I could also feel something else in it that was thick maybe a costume necklace or bracelet. I brought it in and set it on my computer. I had been up all night so just left it there and went to sleep. When I awoke I had become involved in something... and had forgotten about the card. Thursday night I was chatting with my wife again and she asked if I had received anything yet. I told her I did and remembered I hadn't opened it! I looked over to open it then and it was gone! Of course she was sort of upset that I lost it and felt that it hadn't been important to me. So I tossed my whole room upside down looking for it. Cleaned my desk, looked behind the computer, under it, everywhere so to speak. I never found it. Today, Saturday the mailman came and my sister brought my mail in. In that mail was the card with the two bracelets inside! So now I think my wife sent me two cards. I wrote her email today and asked her if she had. She called me up and told me she sent only one card. She asked if I liked the card and the bracelets. Of course I did! But... I am still dumbfounded over what happened last Tuesday! Where did that card come from and where did it go?!
I look back on all of this and wonder, is something following me through my life? Are they separate incidents in which I am very sensitive and receptive to them? It's strange because I never saw lights, or mists or anything like the other stories that have a lot in common, yet I wonder what else can be at work regarding these things that seem unexplainable to me? Sometimes when I am in a place where I cannot hear what's going on around me, I often hear someone calling me. A few times in the shower, while all I could hear is water running I would think I hear my dead grandmother calling me from outside the bathroom. Even now whenever I listen to music on the headphones, I will take them off and ask whoever is nearby. "What?!" They would tell me that hadn't spoken. These are all little things that can be easily dismissed sometimes, but I still wonder if the little things ever add up to something else.
Anyway those are my experiences and I told them to the best of my ability. The way I remember experiencing them. Like most people I can be skeptical yet, I am willing to believe also there is more than what we understand. I welcome your opinions or explanations. I don't know much about why I have experienced these things, but something inside tells me whatever it was in that attic in my old apartment is still there even now. I feel it whenever I pass that house and always look up to that third floor window.
Anyhow, Thank you for your time!

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