I am a firm believer in angels and ghosts, and I had a few experiences myself.  But this one I am about to tell you is about my guardian angel and it's my favorite.

I was married for 1 year when I suddenly fell ill.  I had my first child (a boy) and my first house, a four room.  At first my son could not sleep in the house, he used to cry the whole night right through.  My husband and I had to take turns to sleep.  Then I became very ill, I had yellow painful blisters under my feet and in the palms of my hands.  I could not walk or do anything for myself.

At night I use to pray because it was very painful. My husband did everything for me.  We couldn't afford a bedroom suite, so we bought two second hand single beds. We decide to push the beds together next to the wall the reason being was so that the baby could sleep on the side of the bed where the wall was, my husband was sleeping in the middle and I was sleeping in front because there was a lot of pus coming from my feet and I had to pull the linen away so that it won't get messed.

The beds were standing under the window and across were the bedroom door, open.  We gave the baby calming syrup at night so that he could sleep soundly and my husband could get his night rest because he had to go to work the following morning.

That specific night my husband forgot to bring the teaspoon for baby's medicine in so I reminded him.  I don't know whether I was asleep or still awake but I do remember clearly what happened that night.  As I was waiting for my husband to return from the kitchen with the spoon I saw it moving out from behind the bedroom door.  I was stunned; I couldn't do anything but stare.  There was this huge figure walking straight toward me, he had a white cloak on, I couldn't see his hands but he had a small stick in his hands.  When he turned at the end of the bed towards where my son was sleeping,
I saw his wings, huge white wings, but folded inn.  I suddenly realized that what I was seeing now was an Angel, and he came to fetch me and that it was my time to die and I became afraid, what was to happen with my baby boy and my husband?  The angel moved very slowly toward my son, with his hand moving like he was sprinkling something on my feet and on the bed.  When my husband returned he was
gone.  And I was still alive, and I knew I was going to get well and I did.  I am married now for 27 years and I still believe that what I saw that night was an Angel send from God to come and help me.

Mon Reve Dreamhouse

This is a true story. My grandpas friend lives in a strange home and he said that one night he had a dream saying that he walked down into the living room and saw that instead of his couch was a coffin and some candles besides it and a lady leaned up out of the coffin
pointed at him and said get out of my house. He woke up and looked down stairs and everything was okay so the next morning he told his friend a couple of houses down the road. Later that day an old lady told him that an old lady that was her friend had lived there had her funeral in the living room of the house.

My Experiences with the Supernatural/Paranormal

I have a couple of ghost stories I would like to submit.

~~~~One day, I was walking in the woods with a few friends. We were walking beside this gray stone house that was on the edge of the woods. I was just about to step on the gravel road that was in front of the house when I felt this chill on the back of my neck. We all simultaneously turned around and there, hanging on a tree, was a white thing, shaped like a human being, dripping blood. None of us realized what we'd seen until we had turned back around. We stopped, looked at each other in horror, whipped around, only to find that the ghost wasn't there anymore.

~~~~Then, one day, I was sitting at a lawn table, only 30 feet away from where I'd seen the ghost hanging on the tree. I was sitting with the same people who'd seen the ghost. One of them, Jeremiah, told a joke. I was sitting at the table with my back to the ghost-sighting place (and no one was behind me). When he told the joke, we all started laughing. But behind me, I heard a distant, soft laugh. It sounded like it might have belonged to a young girl. I turned around and caught a glimpse of a small child before it disappeared.

~~~~Just last week, I was out on my back porch, cleaning out my cat litter pan. Out in the woods, I heard a soft singing. It sounded like it might have been a fairy. I looked into the house to make sure it wasn't my cousin, sister, or parents playing the music. They were all in the mudroom (room in which we feed cats, dog, wash clothes, etc.) And there definitely wasn't any music. So I closed the door and sank down against it, and the lady kept on singing. What she was singing, I'd forgotten even as I was listening to it, but I think that was the point. I am positive that there are fairies in my woods.

~~~~One night, I was on my computer. It was about 3 A.M. and I was just surfing the web (I had really bad insomnia back then...nothing I did could get me to sleep, so I'd just get on the computer.) Well, I was in the computer room, which is connected to the kitchen. I looked over at the entrance, and I saw my mom walk in. I didn't think much of it, cause my mom had insomnia too, and I figured she was getting up for a glass of milk or something. But as I watched her cross the room to the sink, I saw her trip and fall behind the island, but it didn't make a sound. I said, "Mom, mom? Are you ok?" She didn't reply. So I got up and went to check on her, but when I looked down at the floor, she wasn't there. I went to check in her bedroom, but she was fast asleep. I went back to the computer, to see if I saw anything else, but nothing else showed up.

The Diboll House
We moved to this house in Diboll in 1994. It is a 1 story, very pretty house. But VERY weird. My mom would wake up every night at 3:30 and, like a reflex, would look into the full length mirror that faced the hallway into my brother's room. We could smell something from  the sewer that was not too far from where we lived that my mom kept saying "It smells like something dead". We had people come out and check the sewer
system, but nothing was wrong. My sister and I had the same nightmare almost every night that had a lady with white hair and black clothes and white eyes that was just standing there. When I would wake up I would tell my mom I dreamt about a witch that had white long hair. My sister said the same. My mom's cat breeding partner had long white hair and bright baby blue eyes!  She was living with us at the time. My mom's friend came down from New Jersey and was going to live with us for awhile and well anyway, one night she got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and she felt someone watching her and turned around and something running away and thought it was her baby because it was so short so she called his name and went around the corner and her baby was still fast asleep and hadn't moved from where he was. She told my mom all this and my mom looked at her because we never said a word to her about what was going on. A couple days later my mom, dad, and my mom's friend were sitting in the living room talking and my dad looked up and saw a little poltergeist running away and laughing and my dad asked my mom if she had seen that and she said no. They had no idea what he was talking about. He described it and My mom's friend said that that's what she saw. We had our priest come to bless the house. That day my dad and the priest and
my dad's buddies went to check the back wood of the house because the "dead" smell was getting stronger and my mom wanted to know if there were graves back there. When they went back there they found a circle with a pentagram (star) in the middle of it. The wrecked the whole thing and checked around for more. It calmed down for awhile then my mom started waking up at 3:30 again and looking in the mirror that faced my brothers room. The night before we decided to leave, my mom woke up looked in the mirror at 3:30 and saw the door was open and heard my brother making noises like he was fight with something and then heard a huge THUD! My mom woke up my dad and they ran to
the room and he was smack-dab in the middle of his room. He had been THROWN from his bed to the exact middle of the room. We packed as fast as we could the next day and left that house after staying there for 9 months. And my mom's ex-cat breeding partner, the one with the long white hair, Said she loved the house and would not leave. So we left her there. We never went back except for when we were driving through about 2 years later and saw the house. We had the worst feeling when we drove by. That was the last time I've ever been there and still wonder what would have happened if we would have stayed. I would like to know what happened there, but I guess I never will.

Vampire Ghost

Hi. Saw your website and felt I should tell you about my experience. I used to live in an old Victorian house in New York where several people had died over the years.

A 'ghost' named Gina (she did speak audibly) was present at times during the night only. But when she was in the bedroom, I became so spiritually and physically drained that I lost weight and almost all energy for daily living. I was glad to move down to a brand new home in Florida. What do you think?
Thanks. Daniel P.

Little Boy Lost

In 1966 I was 12 years old and we had living in house about 4 years. One day my Mother call all of us kids for supper I ran to the bathroom to wash my hands before sitting down to eat. As you walk out of our bathroom you passed a small closet on the left hand side, then you would walk thru the living room then turn into the kitchen. That day as I closed the bathroom door behind me a movement caught I eye; sitting in the corner of the open closet was a small boy about 6 to 7 years old. He was wearing black shorts, a striped shirt and black high top sneakers. Being only 12 and in a hurry to get to the dinner table I smiled at him and said" You better bet to the table or all you'll be eating is my dust" As I rounded the corner into the kitchen My Dad laughed and said  "Looks who last to the table tonight" all of my brother and sister were all ready sitting at the table. I turned and headed back to the closet to find out who or what I had seen in that corner. I closed my eyes and stepped in front of the closet opening I took a breath and opened my eyes. I was hoping that who or what I had seen would be gone, but there he was again he's dark eyes had frozen my feet to the floor and my mouth shut. My heart pounded so hard I hoped my Mom would hear it and come running. Then he smiled at me and I felt something inside of me that to this day I have never felt again. I smiled back and waved him to come out of the corner, before my heart could beat again he was gone.. I went back to the table and picked at my dinner till everyone had got up and left except my Mom.
She knew something was bothering me she asked "Who were you talking to before dinner" Well" I said "I was walking out of the bathroom and I saw a". My Mom stopped me in my track by saying  "a little boy you saw him didn't you". My Mom told me that she had seen him a few month after we had moved in and we were not the only ones in the house to see him either. I lived in that house till I was 18 and had visited my old home for many years until my Mom sold the house after my father death. We never talked about him until 3 or 4 years ago after a family get- together, when I found out he appeared to everyone in the family except my sister. Which don't surprise me at all she is a lot scarier that any ghost.

Disneyland Haunting

Hi. I would like to find out more about the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland.
The "nasty thing" in the crypt presented itself to me when I was 5 years old, back in the summer of "72. Although the description implies that the hair pulling, shoulder tapping, and face touching are from different sources, I experienced them all from the same entity. I say that because I actually saw the entity. It had me in tears, yelling "Stop it!". My mother laughed at me. I remember her saying "What's the matter - we haven't even seen anything yet!". Right after that, we started passing tombstones that ghosts would jump up from behind. But beforehand, I felt something huffing, or sniffing heavily over my back right shoulder, and yanking my pigtail. When I turned around, the face was right behind me, almost IN mine. I screamed. The way I described it to my mother was gorilla-ish. But, I was 5. Anyway, it let us get a little ahead before it started doing it again. That time it tickled my ear before pulling my hair and yanking at my elbow. I turned to see the same entity disappear into the distance as our cart got further away....thank God!!
As for the other ghosts, I'm not sure if I saw them or not. But I DID see two people pretending to throw pies(?) in peoples faces, something my mom doesn't remember. It was an old woman in a rocker who jumped up after pulling a pie out of her blanket on her lap. Weird. Anyway, if you can't help me with this one, could you please forward this e-mail to some who could?? You don't know how shocked I was to read about this very thing all these years later.

I Understand

Hi there,

My girlfriend and I have found your stories interesting, as we both can very much relate to their content.

My girlfriend just showed me this website and usually, I avoid reading this material, as It can be detrimental at times. But in seeing your advice of not inviting spirits in, and using god as your shield, this website looks to be a good thing.

I am from Perth Western Australia and am currently living in Belfast in Northern Ireland.

My father was catholic and my mother Jehovah witness, my father also used to get violent and walk the house tearing up bibles, so I saw my fair share of turmoil growing up. My girlfriend and I don't class ourselves as any religion.

Religious beliefs and philosophies are as different as each day we experience, but I look for the one main thing in people - reliance on god.  I am not saying am the holiest person on the earth, or that I always do the right thing - or that I even go to church. But my girlfriend and I believe in him and read the bible as often as we can.

We try.

I tell you this just to give you some background about me, and to let you know that I too take these thing very seriously.

Ill start with when I was a few years old. I have two brothers ten and eleven years older than me. My eldest brother was walking past my room and noticed the cot was shaking. He thought I was messing about out of my cot.  He walked around my cot and no one was there. The sheets were rippling across the mattress. He ran out of the room.

The first incident that I remember was when I was about 8 years old. I had a reoccurring dream that a tall figure in a black coat and tails suit, with a cane in hand, and a top hat was coming after me in my parents home. He would always make my sit on my mums dresser stool, and the stool would move off into a black void. I was always scared to death of this man.

This happened over a course of months. Now this in itself could easily be written off as a Childs nightmare, except the fact that around the same time, my eldest brother woke up very angry at about 3:00 am one morning and saw a figure in a top hat pass in the form of a shadow from a street light on the his bedroom wall. This is some feat as the street light is about 20 feet tall.

Also at the same time, our cousin was in a place called Dongera, 4 hours north of Perth, where he owns many a square mile of beach property. He was out to get some crabs at about 2:00 am on the beach, just he and his dog.He was out for about 20 minutes when he looked back over toward the sand dunes and saw a glowing figure in a top hat. He panicked and he and his dog jumped into his dune buggy and sped off. Every time he looked over at the dunes, the figure stayed level with him until he got back to his beach house.

The next time anything  major occurred was when I was 14, and my father had kicked my mother out of the house. He had gone out for the night and I decided to sleep in his bed that night because it was a king size. I was watching TV when paper started rustling beside the bed and the sound of water running was also coming from beside the bed. I started to panic and started praying. The next thing I could hear doors opening and closing outside the room and the sound of someone banging on the door to the room. I could also hear the sound of chairs sliding on the tiled kitchen floor. This went on for about an hour and a half. I prayed the whole time until it eventually stopped. This was the start of many happenings.

I would then continue to have dreams (up to the present day) of every day things and suddenly an entity would come and I would be bound, and levitated off the ground. I could not speak but eventually after a struggle, I would utter the word Jehovah (God) and I would awake. A couple of times I have awoke and still been bound for a while.

In my fathers house, I would hear my name being called, the TV and stereo switching on "by itself".  My ex girlfriend would also hear babies crying in the house when she was on her own. These "minor" happening continued for the remaining time I would stay there.

The next major happening was a night when I invited a large group of friends to a have a party at the house. All the guests left to go to a night club (including my ex girlfriend), except myself and three of my friends. One of my friends had taken a mixture of different drugs and alcohol. About 30 minutes after everyone left, my intoxicated friend started to change. His voice changed, his eyes turned bright read, and his shoulder length hair stood on end. At this time one of my friends sat staring wildly at him, while the other one being very drunk, could not handle it and curled up into a ball on the ground. We could also hear footsteps all around us, and the lid of the cooler box started to flip over on the ground.

This intoxicated friend started asking us in  a crackling voice to hit him and kick him in the face. My other two friends went to the park across the road and left me alone with him.  They eventually came back and all this kept happening.

It stopped about 5 minutes before my ex girlfriend got home. All up it probably went for about 2 - 3 hours.

Things were quiet for a few years.

I went to work in IT in 2000 for a large company and met my lovely girlfriend and soul mate whom I am with to this day. Things moved fast and we moved in together within 8 months of meeting each other. We had the same philosophies about life, love and spirituality.

By this time I had been reading the bible regularly.

There were four of us living in the house. My girlfriend, Myself, and two other housemates. After being there a couple of weeks I was told a story of how one of the housemates saw a Buda floating in midair and ran out of the house leaving the front door wide open. He did not come back until the next day.

Things were going well in the house, until one day the house was freezing cold where it was usually a very warm house. It was actually warmer outside the house than in. Because I had had a break from the happenings for so long, I didn't click what was happening.

Unfortunately, the friends of the housemates were into Satanism, where as my girlfriend and I pray together and read the bible.

The house had. been freezing cold for a couple of days when that evening the two Satanists and the rest of the house mates were going to the local bar. They had stopped in the house for a quick drink before the went down

My girlfriend and I don't force our beliefs on anyone, so there was no confrontation between us and them. Yet

My girlfriend came into the bathroom and told me one of the Satanist guys was looking at her with a really strange eerie look on his face. I told her not to worry.  After they left I could hear something like a rug being shaken outside. Curious, I ventured outside and found nothing but my dog acting very strangely. I called him over and heard a growl come from behind him. By this time I had started to realize what was happening.

I took my dog inside and locked the doors, then went back into our bedroom and closed the door. I told my girlfriend what was happening when we could hear clattering and banging coming from the kitchen. I told her to come with me and we opened the door to find that the hallway door that is always open, closed. I opened the door to feel a wave of evil crash over me, and a lighter suspended in midair in the middle of the kitchen. The lighter was then launched into the kitchen window. When my girlfriend saw this she panicked and ran into the bedroom. I could feel rather than see the entity chase her down the hall. I then ran into the bedroom and picked up my bible and started to read to fight off these forces. I must have read and prayed for about two hours. By this time the house mates and their friends returned to the house.

We told them what happened and got varying reactions. The leader of the group also the main Satanist, would become freezing cold whenever she came close to us.  The following day I set about to get rid of everything that could possibly allow things like that to get in. I got rid of the Buda, an American Indian dream catcher (ornament), and American Indian axe, and a book on astral traveling.  Every time I touched one of the items it was as if it gave me a static shock. I could feel the bad energy emanating off it. I could still sense something else so I asked the other room mates had anything in their rooms. It turned out that the room mate across the hall from us had a satanic bible in his room, which he then got rid of.

The next 2 months were a struggle no one would forget.

The following night the same girl came into the house wearing a death metal shirt with a satanic picture of a goat’s head and a pentagram on it.  I asked her not to wear the shirt into the house again, because she was only making things worse. She didn't take it well, but she did not say anything.

The following morning her best friend and one of the housemates came into the house acting strangely. The Satanist girls best friend came into the house and gave me the dirtiest most foul look I have ever received, while the Satanist girl stayed in the drive way. She then left with one of the house mates. Having just woken up I didn't say much, but I thought about the way she looked at me and new something was up. I rang my housemate on his mobile and asked if the Satanist girl had been saying things about me which she had. I asked to speak to her a heard her saying she "didn't want to f*@&~#  talk" to me. I insisted and she started screaming at me down the phone. That was the last time I saw her, but she eventually influenced the other house mate so much that he kicked us out, which he had the right to do as it was his lease.

From when the incident happened to when we left a couple of months later doors would open by themselves, we could feel entities come into the house, and items would go missing. Even one of the house mates car started and stopped with no one in it. Black shadowy apparitions were walking around the house. The occurrences were daily.

The only weapon we had was the bible and prayer. While we had to leave the house I still feel that we won that particular battle, as everyone soon after  moved out of the house. It also brought my girlfriend and I closer to god. There are so many more incidents that happened there and throughout my life.
I could almost keep writing forever.
I hope that your incidents come to an end as mine have seemed to. But I believe you are one of those susceptible individuals that will still feel things even if you don't always see them.

May god always be in your heart.

Rest of the story

I sent a story about a week ago. That story had to do with a friend of mine,  Stephanie, and her experience at Gettysburg, PA. This time I want to talk  about my own experiences.

About 2 weeks ago I was snooping around at a local antiques dealer when I came across a painting I just knew was mine. It was a 19th century portrait of a young woman. She's so beautiful. She's a young Caucasian women  in a lovely full gown of a pale shade. She has brown hair which is swept up to show her features as well as the most incredible eyes of a very deep brown. Well, I saw her and grabbed the portrait. I paid 90 dollars for
it which is a little inexpensive for a portrait as good as this one.  Anyway, I took her home and put her in my room.
As soon as I had bought her home I started feeling uneasy. She was giving me the creeps. I chalked it up to my mind running away with me and tried to ignore it. When I was getting ready for bed I decided I couldn't  stand her and siting that I didn't want my puppy to chew her up, I put her in the guest bedroom. I felt much better as soon as she was gone. I went to bed.

About an hour later I started hearing things. I swear that the door to the guest room kept opening and closing. Sometimes softly, like something was looking out into the hall, sometimes with great force so that I thought the door would be torn form its hinges. I was terrified. I won't lie. I lay in my bed with the covers over my head and reassured myself that my cat, who also slept with me, would notice anything before me.  That’s when the footsteps started. They just seemed to pace the hall. Sometimes they would stop for a minute, but then they would start again.  This went on the whole night. It has happened subsequently every night since.  I still haven't moved her into my bedroom. My nerves just aren't up to it.

I tried to move her in here after the first night but then while I was trying to fall asleep I looked over and I saw a silhouette of a woman on my wall.   She was staring out the window. My cat refused to move. She sat next to me and hissed all night. After that I put her back in the guest room. She's so beautiful, I don't want to return her. There's no signature on the painting though whomever painted it had to have been very good. I have never seen a portrait as well done as my lady.
I'm at a loss as to what to do. I can't take this for too much longer. But I am also not too thrilled to have whoever is unhappy (?) in my home.  What can I do? And is it really the painting that is distressed? My brother and parents have heard the footsteps but they refuse to believe it's anything other than me playing a trick.

A slightly haunted house

Well, It started about 3 years ago--infact it started the day after my Grandmother had Past away--Sept 10, 1999.  Things had started to go missing and reappear in other places. For instance My grandmother had this red old spoon rest that my Mom had gotten from her and she had it on this table and the next day it had disappeared and we looked all over for it and we found it in my mothers Handbag. Zipped in my Mothers hand bag.

I had invited my Physic Friend over to the house and she told me that there were two Ghosts in my house. Two Little Boys named Christopher and Michael were in my house, they were 11 and 9.  You can see them if you stand at the bottom of the stairs with the lights off--they will appear at the top of the stairs.  They look like blobs of white.

Once I was going up the stairs with the lights off and I had actually forgotten that they liked to stay up stairs in the unused Room and in the dark Hallway one of them popped out of the wall at me and I ran down stairs.   lol

At Christmas time--Christmas presents seem to disappear without a trace never to be found. There this one Santa statue that my mother has and they like to turn this one around for some reason last year I had Hurt my hand and I was alone in the house and I had decided that I had wanted to make my self a Pizza. I had gotten the shell out of the
fridge and I had went down and got my self a fresh jar of tomato sauce and I went up stairs and I had put the jar on the kitchen table and I went down again to get some toppings for the pizza and when I had came back the lid off the jar was unscrewed for me. There not bad ghosts--just a Little mischievous.

Once I was the only one awake in the house and I had gone to the Kitchen to drink some milk and I went down stairs to the bathroom to get ready for bed.  When I hear my name being called "Sssssshhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaannnnnnnooooonnnnn"  I closed the bathroom door--like that was going to keep them from coming to me.

Lately right before I fall asleep I feel my arm being picked up and moved or dropped.  Its weird.  As far as I know they don't do this stuff to the rest of my family--its just me.  My mother had seen them as well. Once while she was in the dining room the Cabinet door flew open by its self  and she called my name and I came running and she said what happend and she said that the "wind" did it and I said "Yeah right"

I hope you find this interesting.
have a nice day

Hell's Gates – Bridgeport, TX

 Description of Haunting: i once went there with some friends. We went and parked our cars about 40 yards from an old wooden bridge, which is about 30-40 ft. long. (It was around midnight to 1 in the morning) we walked across the bridge (story goes once you have crossed the bridge you have just gone through hell's gates and entered the demons domain) and went up a small foothill covered with tree branches as soon as we got to level ground we were on a dirt road covered by tall grass about 10-12 ft. high on each side. At the time it was very warm. We walked about 30 ft. and we were past the tall grass. As you walk further down the road it got colder and colder and you could sense a presence. Well I decided to look to my right in an the open field just in front of a wooded area there was a small black figure in the shape of a man about 4 ft. tall with glowing red eyes. As we walked further down the road i could see him keeping up with us in the pasture. Once we got quite a bit a ways from the bridge we came up on a log going across the road. The log was very long and covered the entire road. Even with 10-12 people it was much to heavy to move. (Keep in mind that it was cold enough to wear a heavy jacket at this point, but the strange thing is it was the middle of the summer in Texas) so we left it there. Well me and a couple of friends decided to walk back to the bridge and the others wanted to keep walking. So we turned around and starting heading back for the bridge. I then looked to my left and noticed the figure that was following us earlier started walking with us. And that kind of freaked us out a little. So we started running. But the figure kept up with us the entire time. And as soon as we got to the tall grass it was gone. I then turned around and walked past the tall grass to see if I could see it but it wasn't there. So we went to the bridge and waited for the others. After about 45 minutes they returned. So we all decided to leave. We got in our cars and went driving around some. We turned down this road and that road. Then turned down the same road we were walking on. And all of the sudden we stopped at the place where the log was across the road. It was gone. After that we then drove down to the bridge and got out and decided to go somewhere else. So we turned the cars around and started leaving when all of the sudden we stopped. So I got out of the car and looked ahead and saw that the log was once again blocking the road. I thought we were trapped in. and i got scared. So we turned around once again and drove back to the bridge. We all got out and decided to go back and try to move the log with one of our vehicles cause one was a big 4x4 truck, but when we got to where the log was it was gone. So we left in a hurry. And since then we have returned a few times and seen the log in the road but we never drove our cars down the road ever again.

Capistrano Ave. West Hills, CA

This is a house that I lived in for two years. The house is severely haunted.

There have been apparitions of a woman with long, dark hair, and a hooded figure standing among the dark trees at night with its eyes glowing red. There was an evil presence inside the house. There were noises at night like keys jangling, creaking stairs, heavy footsteps and the like. Things also turned up missing that were never found, even after we left the premises.

I have tried to find some history on this house without luck. Something had to have happened there at one time.

The previous tenant had left with eight months to go on their lease, without explanation. They picked up their piano only after we moved in.  As soon as we started packing, the activity increased and became more frightening.

Any info. On this house and/or its history is welcomed.

Black Oak – Gary, IN

Along an interstate stood an old house where I personally experienced a haunting that still shakes me till this day.  The house was a 2-story house that was once a speakeasy (bar saloon) and a home for ladies of the night.  Often you could hear a car pull in and hear men entering the basement where they would shoot the owner of the saloon and upstairs you could see a woman dressed in red and often was crying and would reach out to touch you and a man would leave the basement and walk upstairs and often push me down them many times in the back yard you could hear the screams of women and children loosing their lives this house has been since destroyed but to this day you can see the woman in the red crying and reaching for you.

The Goodrich House – Strasburg, PA
I believe my house is haunted even though it is not very old.  It was in 1998 when I was 8 after we moved in everything seemed fine until that night when I couldn't move or breathe i was being choked by something but no one was in my room with me. I told my mom the next day she did not believe me nor my father. That night when I went to bed I wrote down something on a piece of paper and waited until morning under my sheets. When I woke up the next morning I looked at the paper nothing was there. Was it my mind playing games on me or was it real? That day I thought about what I was going to do that night so I could see if I wasn't fooling around with the thought of a ghost in my bedroom. I walked around the yard that night with a stuffed animal under my arm with a flashlight in the other. I heard whispering as I walked and something cold as ice I shivered as I looked around wondering who was calling to me. After my mom called me into the house I gulped not knowing what would happen I went up to my room and told myself "everything would be alright".  When I got into my room i saw a white figure standing near my stuffed animals, it was a young teenage girl at the age of 16 staring at me from where she stood I walked near her trying to touch her face to see if she would react but she disappeared. Ever since that day I have seen other ghosts and have heard voices where ever I go.
Colleen Goodrich

Former American Military Housing – Felixstowe, England

It is said that during WW2 it was used as Housing for the Royal Air Force. During this time there was a large storm surge on the North Sea Killing many residents in the complex.

I never took much heed untill I was Stationed at Woodbridge AB while in the US Air Forces in Europe. I was assigned to housing in this complex probably 2 months when weird things started happening. The first was small but weird all the same. First let me add that the doors are triple locked, bolt, chain, and key lock.

Upon awakening too what I  thought was a cat moaning, kind of like one sounds in heat, I went downstairs to get a look see. I did not notice anything immediately. I looked out of the kitchen  door and saw nothing,, it is well lighted, I  turned to go towards the back door when I noticed that the cabinet doors were wide open as well as the drawers. I shut them then continued towards the door, Looked over to my left and  My stereo speakers
were facing the corners in  which they were placed. I then got suspicious and called for my wife to come look. We noticed that The dust surrounding the speakers was undisturbed. Not that we did not clean, the wind blows so hard off the North Sea it constantly blows dust under the doors and around the cracks of the windows. any way we  laughed it off and commented that we must have a prankster ghost.

About a week or  so later I  was watching TV, I still remember the show, "Challenge Anaka"  ???Spelling???,  But  The wind was blowing through the back door especially strong that evening and I asked my wife if she would mind shutting the door, She was mad at me at the time and blurted out Tell the damned ghost to do it. Joking as well as  being sarcastic I  shouted "Hey Ghost would you shut the Door?" Amazingly the door immediately, and slowly shut Let me remind you that these north sea winds are strong and constant and takes force for a man to shut. The door was old and creeked like in the old movies, but we both looked at each other and  my wife said lets go out and eat tonight, I snatched up the keys and we went out and ate tandori that night. This is also where we learned the brief history I mentioned at the beginning. There were other incidents in our place but I will mention only one more that was  not in our place but three doors down.

I was getting ready for work early one morning when one of my neighbors came over and asked if I  could help getting his car started. We tried everything from jump starting it, to ether, but it just turned over and over never starting. He said well lets go in for breakfast, so we did, as wee finished eating, he called his unit to report in and let them know he was going to be late when, while on the  phone, we heard his car start
up, all by itself, I was looking out the kitchen window at the time and no-one was anywhere near his parking spot.

Before these incidents I was a true skeptic, laughing at any mention  of such things.
But now....I  try   to learn all I can on  the subject. Don't they always say he who laughs last, laughs best?  Well I guess there are some spirits out there having a field day on me huh?


Haunted house in Clinton, OK

It started when I was sharing a room with my sister and in the middle of the night the closet light would turn on. A week later I was asking my dad for help on my homework in the living room and a picture fell down and then the blinds on the bedroom windows downstairs fell down. One night I was all alone taking a shower and I heard footsteps going upstairs, I opened the bathroom door and hurried out to see if anyone was home, but no one. My family has a little clock on the VCR on top of the TV with picture frames all around the clock. My sister was standing in front of the TV and all the sudden the clock hits her in the back of her head leaving everything in place on top.

Then one night it was just my uncle, dad, mom and me sitting in the living room talking and my uncle hears a sneeze upstairs and asks if anyone was up there and we answered no. Then the chills; upstairs only would it be really cold, we figured it was just the way the house was built, but it only happened in one room, where it would be just freezing or
downstairs in the kitchen near one spot right beside the laundry door leading into the garage area. My sister was on the computer near the kitchen and she got a chill all her hair was standing up on her arms. Then the voices at night, the sound of children going up the stairs. Then the choking. My sister came downstairs to my room crying and coughing. She told she was asleep and then she woke with somebody choking her and holding her down and all she could hear was the sound of two women whispering in the
background and laughing. She screamed Jesus and it stopped. Now she sleeps in her car or in my room. One night my older sister and her husband spent the night with their newborn son upstairs in our other sister's bedroom where the least happens. The blanket started moving away from her then she started to pray, but then she was being held down and choked all she could do was roll her eyes to her husband, then he prayed and the same happen to him. It felt like forever, but it was only 10 seconds and then they ran downstairs to the couch and now she tells us all she's a believer.
One night my mother got up and twisted her ankle and was rushed to the hospital because she felt pressure against her leg at home which was gone when they got there. The next morning, she was all by her self opening the closet door near the stairs. She put all her pressure on her good toe still holding on her crutches and reaching for something and a picture frame flew from the wall on the side of the staircase and hit her on the head and she fell then she was being what she felt lifted up and thrown to the floor and another picture flew and hit her.

We found out later in the city hall that a preacher lived there and was gone with in days leaving all his furniture. My sister came downstairs one night crying and holding a cross telling me that her door opened and she felt someone watching her reading her bible and she felt that now twentie were watching, she called her friend on the phone and started to pray, but it got worse, but she kept doing it and then on the other line her friend was praying the door opened and she stormed out of there into her car and felt that someone was watching her from the bedroom window laughing. People have been locked in our
bedrooms for no reason. The next day I left for California and my two sisters slept in my room since that is the only one that is safe. I called them telling about what was happening on my vacation and my mom told me they were going to bring a priest into the house to rub oil and bless. Now things have slowed down to where only the music comes on or my door opens or the volume button goes up to where the TV shakes. One time my new brother -in-law went upstairs and heard a little girl's voice talking and opened the bedroom door, but nothing was there.


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